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hi! can I request bts' reactions to their girlfriend having rly cold hands? thank you sm! <3

BTS: Reaction to you having cold hands

Jin: It was a special moment. Walking in the rain and catching it with your tongues. When he went to grab your hand, he pulled it right back towards his chest,

“(Y/n)! Are you dead? You’re hands are so cold!”

Yoongi: He heard you complaining about being really cold, so he took your hands into his own and realized, shit, you really were cold. Without a word, he took off his jacket that he was wearing. When he heard you protesting, she shoved it to your chest.

“Shut up. Just, take my jacket…”

Namjoon: You were watching a romantic movie together. He took your hands out from in between your legs and held them in his own hands, attempting to be romantic until he felt how cold your hands were. He Held your wrists away from him.

“Where you diggin around the freezer for ice cream again? “Holy fuck.”

Hoseok: Romantic date night. When you were giving each other the serious talk about how much you loved and appreciated each other, he grabbed your hands. In the blink of an eye, he pulled them back.

“Don’t touch me or I’ll freeze!” “Aww baby no don’t be mad.” “Come back!”

Jimin: He knew you were cold so he tried his best to keep you as close to him as possible. Rubbing your back and breathing his hot breath onto your neck to make you giggle. He grabbed your hands and instantly breathed hot breath into them too.

“Are you cold? Do you need another jacket?” “You already have 5 on…”

Taehyung: He would hug your body to his in bed, kissing you all over and teasing your body. When he pins your hands above your head, he shivers. He rubs your freezing hands against his hot cheeks.

“Aww my poor baby is so cold, let’s go warm you up, yeah?” Suggestive eyebrow wiggling.

Jungkook: He’d go to hold your hand, smiling but his expression changed quickly when you nearly froze him. Glaring at you, he’d take off his jacket and toss it over you.

“Aish if you’re this cold why didn’t you just say so?”

And Peggy!

this is a prequel fanfic I made when I first joined tumblr and never learned how to submit things

It was the first day back to kindergarten. Angelica and Eliza were walking to class to start the day. They passed by The office where Mrs. Washington works, but she wasn’t there.
“Angelica, Mrs Washington isn’t in the office, we always say hi to her on the way to class, where could she be?” Eliza exclaimed.
“I don’t know, why don’t we put our stuff away and then come back to look for her okay” Angelica suggested<br>
“Okay” Eliza replied. They walked to the classroom, put their backpacks in their cubbies and walked out again. They walked down the hall, but stopped at the nursery. Angelica peeked through the window and saw Mrs. Washington sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby wrapped in a yellow blanket.
“Eliza, look, Mrs. Washington is in the nursery before class, I wonder why?” Angelica told her “It looks like she’s holding a baby, but it doesn’t look like Hercules’ baby brother, or John’s little sister, who could it be?” 

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Sweets - Finn Shelby

23 , finn

From this prompt list:

23)  “Do you really need all that candy?” (*changed to  “Do you really need all those sweets?” because, you know, they’re Brummies)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three 

There’s a little spot up the cut that no one seems to use. It’s peaceful and sheltered, and it’s where Finn and I have taken to meeting. We’ve both agreed that it’s best to keep things quiet for the time being; his family have a lot going on -although I don’t ask too many questions- and mine, well, my family would flip their lids if they found out I was seeing a Shelby boy.

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Your babies are precious I look at them when I miss my pup back home!!!❤

Aww thank you I’m sorry you’re away from your pup that’s rough!!!

Take care! Hugs and kisses from the woofs!

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How bout a pretends-to-be-dating fic? It's pretty self explanatory but just a little fic where they're only pretending at first but then they fall in love.

A new state, a new crappy house, a new school. Its a chance to start over and Sam is relieved.

“Ready for a new school, Sam?” Dean smiles bright, green eyes watching him.

Dean’s gotten more muscular, his chest so strong and shoulders broad. Sam wishes he would fill out like that.

All he’s got is floppy brown hair and ever changing eyes. He barely passes Dean’s waist.

“I guess, Dean,” Sam mumbles as they stand in front of the school. Dean’s arm slung prospectively around him as he leads him up the steps.

He already sees the way the girls eye his brother, hungry eyes and the licking of lips is familiar.

“Look, if you need anything you know I’m around, Sammy,” Dean smiles.

A couple girls behind them ‘aww’ and Dean winks back at them. They giggle and walk up ahead and Sam watches them.

“They are so cute together,” one of the girls say.
“I know, gosh, the older boy is so brave. He doesn’t even care that the guys here will kick his ass if they find out he’s gay. The boy is so gorgeous too,” a blonde girl says
“I kinda feel bad for the smaller one. Look how tiny he is compared to his boyfriend,” a dark haired girl smirks, looking back at him. The girls look back and smile at Sam too.

“Wonder how he takes it, the older boy is huge. Can’t be easy when–”
“Oh my gosh, Jane! Shut up, he’s right there,” the blonde girl gasps.

Sam blushes at Jane’s words. He knows just what she’s talking about and she smiles wickedly at him.

“Yeah, you’re right. Besides, bet he takes his big boy just fine,” Jane smirks and Sam chokes on his own spit.

The girls take a right into a classroom. Dean pats him on the back hard.

“You alright?” Dean asks.
“Yeah, I just–let’s go,” Sam huffs.
“My class is right here, baby boy,” Dean smiles, stopping at the same class the girls did.

A couple of boys look at Dean weirdly as they walk in but as Sam looks up, he’s watching the blonde girl. Sam just nudges at Dean before walking down the hall.

Throughout class Sam thinks about those girls. He thinks about Jane. She was pretty with a dirty smirk. He can’t imagine what they were talking about, he’s only kissed one girl and it wasn’t all that great. How could they think that he and Dean–God.

“Hey,” its a kid with black and glasses. His energy screams ‘nerd’.
“Uh, hi,” Sam answers as he pushes through the crowd to get to lunch. To get to Dean.

The boy follows him through the crowd but its like the people are never ending.
“There’s something wrong,” the boys says over the noise.
“Why do you–” Sam is interrupted by the sound of Deans voice.

“Come on then, bitch!” Dean growls.

Sam pushes through the last line of people, breaking into the formed circle.
Dean stands there, bloodied and righteous. His green eyes are wild and his knuckles split open.
There are four boys on the floor and Sam can’t help but be amazed. He steps over to Dean, tugging at his leather jacket.

“Look, its his little faggot boyfriend,” a boy in the crowd says.

Dean just drags Sam out the lunch room and into a boys bathroom. Sam doesn’t say much, just helps clean the blood from Deans nose and off his knuckles.

“Sam?” Dean sighs.

Dean turns to look at him with all the seriousness and walks into Sam’s personal space.

“As far as everyone out there is concerned, you’re mine, baby boy,” Dean says.

Sam just nods quickly up at his brother. Deans eyes glint in the dull bulb light.

A week later, when the Impala drives off from where it drops them off, Dean’s arm slips from his shoulder to his waist, tight and possessive. It makes Sam blush hard and put his small arm around Deans waist, too, as they walk up to the school.

Sam sees Jane, her smirk knowing and her eyes bright. Sam just keeps walking as people watch.
As they walk down the hall he feels big, can feel the jealousy off the girls in waves and the anger of boys. He knows they won’t touch him, not in front of Dean.

When he’s about to stop at Deans first period class, Dean tugs him along, all the way down to the end where Sam’s class is located. The way Dean pushes him against the wall beside the class is scandalous. The girls squeak and walk past while the boys stare in awe.

“See you later?” Dean breathes against his lips.
“Dean, you-we–” he gets cut off when Dean presses those sinful lips to his, steals his innocent from his lungs, his soul. Sam whimpers and presses up against his brother and its so wrong. No one knows they’re brothers, but they do and they’re eating each others faces in the hallway.

“Excuse me,” Sam’s teacher clears her throat and Dean separates from him.
Sam is left gasping for air and clinging to Deans jacket.

“Sorry, ma'am,” Dean smiles, boyish charm. Even his teacher sees it, Sam can see it in her face.

Dean kisses him softly once more before swaggering off down the empty hall. Sam smiles sheepishly and steps into the classroom. Sam feels good. He’s the girl’s god for dating a hot senior and the boys damnation for tainting what could have been their idol. He’s welcomed in with girls, but the boys are plotting.

He doesn’t care, his boyfriend is still hot.

Another week later, he sits out on the field alone, the bleachers cold under his ass. He figures Dean is off with a girl who hasn’t heard Dean is “gay”. Maybe Dean made it clear he was bisexual.

Sam waits and takes out his English homework, figures Dean will come up and call him a nerd or something when he finds him.

But the first person to block the path of the sun on his paper is a boy named Blake. Three other boys stand behind him.

“So, you’ve got a boyfriend, huh, Winchester?” Blake taunts. His friends laugh too.

“Well, we’re going to beat you straight,” Blake hisses, cracking his knuckles.

Sam just closes his book and stands.

Sam just happens to whoops their asses. Sam just happens to break Blake’s teeth in when he thinks of Dean and the way he kissed Sam dirty and deep as he fingered him open last night. Sam just happens to smile at the way Dean looks at him when he’s got busted knuckles from defending himself, just happens to love the way Dean kisses him as they walk away.

Sam just happens to love his brother too much.

That night, Dad leaves out to drink. He won’t be back till real late and its only ten.

“We got a couple hours, sweetie,” Dean breathes in his ear as fucks Sam slowly.

Dean doesn’t know how they got to this in so little time. Doesn’t know when he began to get hard over the dimples in Sam’s cheeks or the blush he gets, or Sam’s pretty eyes.

Dean can only look at Sam as he speeds up and listens to Sam’s breath hitch beautifully and cry out as he creams himself on Deans cock.

Dean covers the rush of emotion he gets with a hard kiss to Sam’s lips, he doesn’t know he’s still telling Sam he’s in love with him.

Their last day there, a senior girl tells Dean he’s a sick fuck when she notices that he and Sam have the same last name.

“I was helping the office with attendance and it turns out you’re his brother!” The blonde and blue eyed girl hisses in his face.

“I’m a hero! I save lives!” He yells at her as she storms down the hall.

Her friends glare at him for a second till their eyes snap down beside him.

He looks down when he feels Sam’s arms curl around him, his baby boy sneering at the girls.

The girls don’t see the way the brothers look at one another in the middle of the crowded hall.

When the Impala is roaring down another highway at three a.m. and the boys are in the back, curled up with one another, Dean tells Sam he’s in love with him. Not with his mouth, but with his eyes.

Music blades out the speakers and their Dad sings with it.

Sam smiles, dimples deep. That’s how he tells Dean he feels the same.


I’m sorry anon, I was so busy today. I hope this is good.


I was wandering around Red Rocket, doing some maintenance on all our power armor suits when Danse walked up to me and did his “I like when you’re this close” in that awkward trying-to-be sexy voice of his. (his power armor senses were probably going off and came over to stare at me while I modded them)

I turned back to sort of ‘aww’ at laugh at him at the same time


“Need to get in some more target practice.”

X6: ‘stares at Danse’

Danse: ‘sweats and pretends not to notice X6′

I was laughing too hard to get the take screenshots with the subtitles on.

X6 is like an over-protective big brother. Either that or he’s really pissed about Danse’s coat.

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Ok yo the ask where s/o tries to breakup Tom and Tord's fite but instead is like "take your bullshit outside" while dragging the two out by their ears before locking the two outta the house. How would our bois react to that (have an alt idea if you wanna hear it)

Yeah sure tell me the alternate idea

Edd: a bit shocked that you did that but he is very amused by it he tells you good job before going to the window to peak out at the two and sees them both standing there like lost children rubbing at their ears and then glaring at each other. He taps on the glass to get their attention and then starts laughing at them pointing to his girlfriend with a wide smile on his face embarrassing the boys further.

Matt: he starts clapping the second you grab them by their ears, you show them baby girl. The second you turn back to him he goes for a high five “that’s my girlfriend !! Yes girlfriend!” He gloat about you while Edd makes fun of the boys threw the window. Matt is very proud.

Tom: “ow ow ow owowow” he groans out while being pulled outside, when put outside he flitches when the door closes and grabs at his ear to rub the pain away “did she re…” Lock clicks “yes she locked us out” he’s a bit embarrassed but also kinda swooned by what you did, like wow she really just threw my ass out without hesitation, what a girl~ he looks over at Tord who’s grumbling with a red face. He looks over and glares so tom glades back then he hears tapping at the window. Smug bastard.

Tord: Completely quiet and completely red in the face while being thrown out of the house, he can’t believe you just did that. How embarrassing and demeaning he’s so upset, You really put your foot down, a woman with power that’s perfect queen material. He’s not sure if he should be infuriated or infatuated, yea he’s a bit turned on. He turns to Tom mad about being lock out with him until Edd distracts him.

Tom runs to the door trying to pull it open while making faces back at Edd while Tord sit down in the grass with his back turned to them pouting to himself


#Subtle Stony

But I'm A Cheerleader! - Chapter 2 (Aja x Farrah) - Millie

A/N: I’m trying to apply their roles from the cheer challenge to their characters in this, so I apologise if it seems cheesy or anything. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated! Also to all the actual cheerleaders out there, I do apologise if I’m not using the correct terms for everything, I literally don’t know the first thing about it lmao

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May I request a reaction of IM, Hyungwon, Shownu, and Minhyuk when their wife tells them the news that she is pregnant with their firstborn. P.S. I love your blog very much! I look forward your posts everday ^-^

You tell them you are pregnant with your firstborn (I.M, Hyungwon, Shownu & Minhyuk)

I.M; He’d be the one to be the least excited (though he’d be happy about it nonetheless, don’t worry). He’d just be thinking about the future and everything changing and stuff, but he would soon start to smile while thinking about the good things about having a warm family and taking your child to arcades when it grows up a little. 

Jagi, i promise to be by your side as much as i can through this.

Originally posted by tochangkyun

Hyungwon; He’d be less lowkey about it but still really happy. Like he wouldn’t freak out, he’d be more speechless. When you told him that you were pregnant, he’d raise his eyebrows and soon a grin would appear on his face, 

Pregnant? For real?” 

He’d ask and pull you into a gentle hug, kissing your cheek and down to your neck, rubbing your back. “We need to call our parents and tell them~.

Originally posted by wonho-shin

Shownu; Aww Hyunwoo would be so excited. He’d be the member that would want to create a family and have kids the most, so when you told him you were pregnant, he’d grin and pull you onto his lap. 

This is amazing. I can’t wait till it’s born.

He’d kiss your forehead and then talk to you about what he would do if it was a girl, like treating her like a princess and protecting her, and if it’s a boy he’ll teach him to dance and teach him how to respect girls. 

Originally posted by madtwn

Minhyuk; He’d be really excited and he’d smile non-stop. Since you and Minhyuk have been trying to have a baby for a while, when you finally told him you were pregnant, he’d widen his eyes and gasp.

What? Really? You’re pregnant? Oh my God!

He’d hug you and pick you up, excitement and happiness rushing through his whole body as he held you close to him, “I’m so happy.. Jagi, what will we call it? If it’s a boy or girl? We need to tell the members about this, let me call them!” 

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Tbh he was hanging around the house hoping to see a teary eyed Zero lingering around so he could act like he doesn’t notice him.. but Fenix kicked him out just in time.

Twice Reaction: You accidentally turn them on and leave them hanging


Just think of something that’s not Y/N. Like a puppy. Aww they’re such cute little babies

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I’ll get back at them later for that

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How dare they walk away like they didn’t do anything to me

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*follows you so she can show you that she’s very turned on*

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“You’re so mean”

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What do they think they’re doing? Just walking away after what they just did!!

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They’ll come back, and then I can get my revenge

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“How dare you”

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It's Your Turn Now

I received a prompt asking for sub!Maka and dom!Soul from an anon, and this is what I came up with. It may seem familiar because I did post it and then deleted it for personal reasons. 

This is part of my butler AU that I’ve been talking to eisschirmchen about which will come into full play later on. Also, thanks to lucyrne for looking this thing over.

Warning: NSFW

His teeth were always her favorite part when it came to kissing. The way he used them to nibble on her bottom lip, tugging and pulling at the flesh until she couldn’t handle it anymore, drove her wild. Her skin was heated and her core clenched; she had to constantly rub her thighs together to satisfy it even a little bit. She wiggled her body slightly under the pressure of his abdomen, trying to find a more comfortable spot as she threaded her fingers through his hair. His white locks were thick and fluffy, allowing her fingers to run through them smoothly. Soul contently hummed into her mouth as she dug her nails into his scalp, and his hand gripped her rear making her moan in pleasure.

All of her senses were going wild; she felt every single move he made no matter how small it was. His erection pressed against her when he hips slightly bucked downward, and the heat in her abdomen ignited, touching every last bit of her. They were only in their boxers and panties, and she was getting desperate. She wasn’t entirely sure how much longer she could go on with the teasing and nipping, and she felt like she would combust any minute. She wanted him — all of him. She wanted to feel him moving inside her, his hot seed filling every last bit of her.

He broke away from her, and she was going to berate him for it but his hands were sliding up her sides. They were highly distracting as they grazed over her skin, his thumbs making sure to pay special attention to the underside of her breast. However, much to her dismay, he didn’t spend long on her chest. He gently wrapped his hands around her arms, moving them upward until they were grasping her wrists. He then positioned them above her head so that they were practically hugging one of the bars. The smirk he gave her should have left her questioning his motives, but her brain was too sex crazed to think beyond the surface.

It took her several seconds to realize that he was only gripping her wrists with one hand while the other searched through her nightstand. Maka side eyed his actions before throwing him a quizzical look. His smirk only grew wider and more devilish; her stomach churned in both excitement and worry. She should have been familiar with his actions by now, but she wasn’t. Her butler liked to keep his emotions under wraps unless she just happened to pull his dick out of his pants and tease his head with the small flick of her tongue. That was the only time he let his guard down, among other times.

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