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Reminder: we’re still looking for a composer and sound designer!

We’re still looking for a new composer and sound designer. Our previous one left on good terms and we’re looking for a replacement.

- Please have played UNDERTALE and have an understanding of its story.

- Please understand this is a PASSION project, which means we DO NOT have thousands, or even hundreds of dollars to spend. Most of our team doesn’t take payment, as they understand this is NOT a funded project. This has to be something you want to help bring to life with our team members. We make absolutely NO profit off of this game WHATSOEVER. If you’re only in it for a big paycheck, get lost - we’re doing this for the community.

- This has to be something you’re willing to stick with in the long-haul. This game could be in-development for quite a while.

- Please have some samples online for us to review!

You can send me an ask with some of your included samples and I’ll get back to you ASAP if I’m interested!

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In addition to this.. Lance will probably get frustrated with "Shiro" as he keeps dismissing him. That never happened with Keith. Yes, he had to get through to him but in the end Keith listened. He also apologized and from then on they were a team. Unlike now, where "Shiro" does what he wants without giving a thought about Lances decisions. Shipping aside, the Keith-Lance Leader-right hand man situation is just the best, in my opinion. soo.. KEITH COME BACK ASAP.



The team has grown since Shiro went away, none of them are used to getting ignored now. Least of all Lance. Keith values his opinion and input a lot and worked hard to get past his issues to make that clear. And this Shiro just… assumes that they are going to follow them no matter what. He doesn’t even justify his decisions, he just states them and expects the team to agree.

Lance won’t like that, even if he might not speak up. But he has made it pretty clear that he supports Keith as the leader, so I’d love it if in one of the future conflicts he took Keith’s side. The klance leader/right hand (sometimes it’s even more of a co-leadership lmao) situation was honestly great and helped Keith with opening up and Lance with feeling valued.


Well…since Bamon didn’t happen, and Lorenzo is dead. And I definitely don’t want Bonnie to go back to Jeremy. What I need to see is Bonnie finding her way in NOLA during her travels, and maybe hook up with Kol, Marcel, Klaus, or even Vincent. (Someone please write this fanfic ASAP!)

My girl don’t deserve to be traveling alone and given such an unsatisfying ending. Bonnie Freaking Bad@*$ Bennett saved Mystic Falls from hell-fire with her witchy powers; and have saved countless lives in previous seasons at the expense of her own life… but she never got any true just rewards for it.  

#BonnieDeservesBetter #BonnieTrueHappilyEverAfter 


Happy International Women’s Day! For the beginning American Girls, cause there are more of them than one and amazing Sarah.^^

Individual pics from the top and the left:

Nina Lussi began ski jumping at the age of 8 years old.

Abby Hughes got into ski jumping after watching her older bro Blake take to the hill.

Alissa Johnson could get the chance to complete in the Olympics after cheering on her bro Anders at to past winter games.

Sarah Hendrickson is the first WC winner in history and 2013 World Champion.

Jessica Jerome is a ten time American national champion in ski jumping.

Group pic from the left:

Hendrickson, Hughes, Jerome, Unknown, Van, Johnson.

#Ladies’ Ski Jumping Spam For The International Women’s Day

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Hey here's a question for ya do you guys actually do any kind of customer service? Or is it just screw you if the package never shows up?

No, believe it or not, we actually do have a real customer service team who will help you. Email us if you haven’t yet:

And if you already have emailed us and we haven’t gotten back to you, please be patient–we’re understaffed at the moment and have two people getting through about 900 emails. We’ll get you all sorted out ASAP.

Splatoon Doodle Comic

✿ Join the teams as they go through their little adventures in Inkopolis! Whether the good times or bad, funny or serious moments, or just playing turf, they all have a story to share!
Come join the fun!

Here are the chapters so far!
Yes I do recommend reading the side stories

✿ Introduction (SUPER old)  
✿ Chapter 1  (another oldy!)
✿ Chapter 2
✿ Chapter 3
✿ Chapter 4
✿ Cherry’s Room (side story)
✿ Chapter 5 (oh look! i improved my art!)
✿ Sick Loopy (side story)
✿ Chapter 6
✿ She’s Back (side story)
✿ Chapter 7
✿ The Meeting (side story)
✿ Chapter 8
✿ The Fair (side story)

✿ Introduction II
✿ Team Sleepover (side story)
✿ Chapter 9
✿ Chapter 10
✿ Sweet Surprises (side story)
✿ Chapter 11
✿ Chapter 12
✿ Storm’s Mask (side story)
✿ Chapter 13
✿ Chapter 14
✿ The Tournament (side story)
✿ Chapter 15
✿ Chapter 16 
✿ Chapter 17 
✿ Chapter 18
✿ Chapter 19
✿ Chapter 20 (final)
✿ Epilogue 


✿ Roller & Storm
✿ Zel & Frost


Other stories

✿ Halloween Special
✿ Pocky Day
✿ Christmas Special
✿ Arts Intro Comic (remastered; 1 Year Anniversary) 

… … … 

I’ve spotted a mistake/typo/grammar error(/etc.)…
Please tell me asap! ; ; my english isn’t the best, and no matter how many times i reread the chapters, there’s always a mistake somewhere! I do sincerely apologize!  

Why a doodle comic?
I really wanted to make a doodle comic because 1) This is the first time I’ve ever made an official comic, but I really wanted to practice with it, so I thought a doodle comic would be fine; 2) I was really inspired by another pixiv artist who does these some-what of a doodle comic ;v;

Why don’t you post the pages on tumblr?
I post my comic with the complete chapter, which is about 30-40 pages. It’ll be a long post if I put all the pages or if I post them separately. It’s easier for me to just give the link.

Why don’t you do a page every week/day? Won’t that be easier?
Honestly, yeah, that would be easier. But because this is a doodle comic, I think it’d be better to post the whole chapter instead of a daily comic.

When will the next chapter/side story come out?
Series is over! But i’ll probably add random comics to the list whenever i feel like it. They usually take 1-2 weeks.

Where do you post the comics?
Pixiv, splatoon amino, and google doc.

so basically the brooklyn 99 season 2 finale was incredible and i have a lot of thoughts and feelings that i still haven’t processed yet but here is a run down of my overwhelmed brain’s reactions:

- roSA AND BOYLE ARE FRIENDS AND THEY HAVE COME SO FAR FROM THE PILOT. LOOK AT ALL OF THAT DEVELOPMENT. honestly so refreshing to see a twist on the whole guy crushes on girl but gets rejected trope. like he did all of that for her birthday without wanting anything in exchange, go boyle. you are a wonderful human and you deserve love in season 3.

- raY HOLT YOU BEAUTIFUL SOUL. the fact that holt gave up the precinct to let the rest of the team stay together says so much about him and his wonderful leadership skills. and his speech to the precinct basically broke me. but then giNA LEFT TOO???? LIKE HER RESPECT FOR HIM IS SO LOVELY. she obviously loves the rest of the team but i really appreciate how she just has this respect and understanding of holt, and she basically follows him blindly wherever he goes. his opinion is so important to her, so of course she follows him. but i neED THEM BOTH BACK ASAP PLEASE. 

- jake and amy sO MUCH COMMUNICATION WOW. another refreshing take on tv couples and it was amazing to watch. i love how jake didn’t beat around the bush, he just straight up admitted that he wanted to ask her out but he respected her enough to back off. i’m glad he told her about it though because he also knew he owed her that explanation. and loOK HOW FAR THEY CAME IN ONE EPISODE. TWO DORKS FINALLY UNITED. 

- honestly i can rant about jake and amy forever but fav scene hands down was their dinner table confessions about why they fell for each other, casually going from johnny and dora into jake and amy with zero chill. also i love that amy was the one to turn the tables because she is realising that she actually has fallen for him. anD HIS FACE. AND HER FACE. HEART EYES ALL AROUND.


!!!!! It’s done !!!!! In a great team effort, @burningfairytales​, @hisshissmotherfxcker​, and I organized and translated the conversations spoken in French throughout the trilogy. I have looked over this document countless times, so please message me if/when you see a mistake, and I will fix it asap! This was my first time translating like this, and though I’m not a native speaker, Lou (@hisshissmotherfxcker​) who IS a native speaker, was VERY kind and patient and helpful!! Thank you @burningfairytales​ for facilitating the translation process. Without further ado, the fruit of our efforts:

Keep reading

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Stop making Carol into a saint when she is the problem. This Is Rick and Daryl show and she's been playing them like puppets. I don't get how you can't see how pointless she us. Rick banished her once and now she wants to kill again but Rick has to do it. She is horribly pragmatic and all of them have seen she is ruthless. Nobody asked for her help. I can't forgive her for keeping Beths knife away from Daryl and I hope beth brings it up on her return. She can tell good people, remember. Tool

Hi there “friendly”,

You know for someone who claims that Carol is “pointless” to TWD, you seem to be giving her “pointless” self a whole lot of power and influence that you, yourself said, she doesn’t deserve! 

I mean if she is “playing” two of the supposed “alpha male” leads and has been manipulating the group all this time, doesn’t that actually mean that Carol is more than a little significant to the TWD story? I mean I could be wrong but to me a character that is having all this cause-and-effect throughout the series and by your own description pulling the strings on the dynamic being set up, is anything but pointless to the narrative of the story being told. 

Just to be safe, I decided to look up the definition of “pointless” (having little or no sense, use, or purpose) for myself, only to find out that…gasp…you are, well WRONG!
While I am sure it wasn’t your intention to do so, your very own description of Carol, made Carol sound like the most important character of the TWD, because if your assertion of her manipulation of both Rick and Daryl is TRUE, then at the moment she is the one running the place. Yeah…you kind of messed up! 

Luckily for you I am a reasonable, balanced and optimistically realistic kind of person AND that means that I will have to disagree with you by presenting a little less of a misogynistic view of what’s really going on here. 

The problem I have with your “overview” is not so much about your negative opinion of Carol’s actions but more about the fact that your scenarios don’t actually give her character a chance to “please you” or fullfill your “requirements” to pass the Rick test in any sort of way. 

She’s damned either way and regardless of what she does or doesn’t do, she ends up condemned.
You criticize her for killing for Karen & David without “checking in” with Rick and thereby undermining his self-imposed “authority” AND now you turn around and say that her coming to Rick about Pete’s violence is a form of mental manipulation. 

“She should just do it herself” 

You mean like when she killed Karen and David and didn’t engage in this “manipulation”…only to end up banished?! 

What you are saying is that she should undermine Rick this time around but not before, because…

See what I mean - you can’t have it both ways! 

The fact that you are setting her up to “fail” regardless tells me that there’s a lot more to your Carol hate that meets the eye!

Oh yes, Daryl and Beth! How the heck did I miss that one! Ugh!

Carol is obviously awful, mean and playing mind games with Rick by wanting to “solve” the “Pete problem” and make sure his violent physical, emotional and mental abuse of his wife and children STOPS before he kills one of them or someone else.
I mean how ridiculous is it that SHE, a domestic abuse survivor, goes to the Alexandria Police to reveal that a man is beating his wife unconscious and terrorizing his family so much, that his own son feels safer with a woman who threatened to let the “monsters eat him alive”, than his own house…

Its not like she doesn’t have experience with that kind of men or anything?
It’s not like she sees Sophia in Sam or anything personally devastating like that…
It’s not like she has to be emotionally invested in a person to want to help them…you know like Rick does…
Carol really is way out of line here now isn’t she!

Which brings me to a few other definitions you are throwing around so haphazardly that you might want to brush up on before writing yet another oh-so “wrong” description of Carol;

*Ruthless - having or showing no pity or compassion for others

I am obviously going to disagree with you on the “ruthless” here, because what Carol is doing and what she is motivated by, is exactly the opposite of what “ruthless” actually means. 

She doesn’t know Jesse - they haven’t had a single conversation together and Carol has gone out of her way to try and prevent any kind of “bonding” with Sam (epic fail), which means that her wanting to help this family is COMPASSIONATE!!!
This is a family that she has no ties with whatsoever and just glancing at them probably invokes all kinds of painful memories of her own BUT she is compelled to help anyways. 

Rick on the other hand left me speechless with his assertion that he wouldn’t help just “anyone” in Jesse’s situation…but because he has “feelings” or “urges” if you will, Jesse was, the damsel in distress, that he wanted to SAVE…sort of. 

To muddy the waters even more Rick was going after Jesse after he knew Pete “the husband” existed AND before he knew Pete “the husband” was abusing her…while Carol didn’t turn her animosity towards Pete until after she suspected he was torturing his family. 

If anyone has an agenda here, it’s Rick and not Carol. 

After all if Carol is so “cold”, helping others emotionally would go against her wanting to remain “detached” BUT seeing how she’s been in tears over Sam a few times now, I think her icy heart might be a lot less guarded than you think.  

Now I am no psychologist here but I can’t help but feel that Carol’s motivation is waaaayyy higher on the morality scale than Rick’s here….but I am assuming her lack of certain parts of the male anatomy make this an uneven fight! 

Ricks actions are not on Carol and by saying they are you are actually undermining Rick “the leader” you claim to be so much better than Carol. I mean if we were to assume that was true, then what you are saying is that Carol is the one leading Rickand let’s face it, we both know that’s not what you want to say?! 

Not to mention that if Rick does kill Pete, that would hardly be his first murder, so unless you are willing to admit that Carol’s been successfully telling Rick what to do since Season 1…I think that argument needs to be dropped.

You chose to use the word “pragmatic” but I am gonna go on a limb and say that you’ll change your mind after you see the definition;
*Pragmatic - dealing with things sensibly and realistically, in a way that’s based on practical, rather than theoretical considerations.

Carol’s solution to “Pete” is pragmatic in a sense that it really is the only way to deal with him realistically in the world they are living in and prevent him from killing or hurting someone else. 

If he is to be exiled, he very well could come back with a bunch of other exiled “Pete’s” and hurt the community out of revenge or simply because the liquor becomes hard to find and he gets thirsty for Alexandria beer…Who knows!?
Being pragmatic doesn’t mean evil or cold or ruthless…it means realistic AND that’s most definitely a Carol label through and through….so um thank you for the compliment!

Lastly let’s address this Daryl and Beth issue…again! 

Carol has not been emotionally manipulating Daryl for all this time and her not giving him Beths knife earlier is not exactly a problem because she had no reason to think she should give it to him. 

The knife was left with Beths things and she obviously didn’t leave a will or anything to ascertain that Daryl should get the knife or that he would even want the knife. In fact he didn’t even talk that much about Beth before or after Grady BUT Carol “KNOWS HIM”, so seeing how close they are, she realized that Daryl made a connection with Beth in the wilderness (no romance here - let’s not get this twisted) and thought he would want a keepsake from a fallen family member.
She didn’t have to do it - Daryl or the others didn’t even know she had anything - BUT she wanted to help Daryl grieve and this was breaking the ice - a conversation starter of sorts!

Not everything is Carol’s fault, you know! Sheesh 

I recommend a course in woman studies for you ASAP!
Try to have a less hateful day tomorrow PLEASE!

Sanja - The Unrepentant Carol & CARYL Stan

P.S. Umm Beth is not coming back…I am more hopeful about things than most people but…NOPE, I’d let that go right away!

Jennifer Cruisie Keep on Going on the Love Triangle - Hits the nail on the head repeatedly

Then there’s Oliver who, after five years on the island and a year back in the city where he’s seen how hurt Laurel is from his betrayal and the loss of Tommy, still sleeps with her sister even though he can’t be with anybody he can care about. Hell, Oliver, call Isabel, she delivers. So now I’m annoyed with all three of them, which is bad because one of them is the protagonist of the story and I’m supposed to root for him and instead, I’m hoping all the hell that’s unleashed falls on his head. The dumbass.

Someone get her on the Arrow writing team ASAP please.

Because everyone is talking about their hopes for S03, lemme do this to!

  • Sara coming back every 5 episodes with Nyssa and kicking a lot of asses, plus we see her in a relationship with the Heir of the Demon.
  • Lyla, lots of Lyla in the Foundry. She knows, so she should become part of the team. Plus, after she had the baby, she should train Felicity.
  • Diggle/Lyla, their past and present.
  • Thea getting away from Malcolm and basically becoming Artemis to Oliver.
  • Thea and Felicity finally interacting? It has been two fucking years show! 
  • Roy and Felicity. They need to become friends ASAP, especially after the finale.
  • Waller and Felicity, please. I really want Felicity to accept a job in ARGUS, being the intel in that organization. Waller is aware of that and she plays along, it’s like double espionage, although Waller is aware where Felicity’s loyalty lies. 
  • Oliver doing domestic things, if it’s as Felicity’s roommate, only better :P We can wish, ok?
  • I actually want to see the Oliver is a daddy plot? I need it, gimme. 
  • Felicity and her backstory or just doing normal things? It seems like we’ll get her dating, so I hope we’ll see her hanging out in her own house, etc.
  • More Diggle judging Oliver’s life choices cause we never have enough of that.
  • More Diggle and Felicity hanging out and talking about feelings and family.
  • Quentin and Felicity having that lunch that Paul B mentioned. Papa Lance feels.
  • More Papa Lance to be honest.
  • Plus Walter. We need to keep Walter. Maybe he’ll give Oliver a job or maybe he’ll become mayor.
  • Better yet, Oliver actually becomes Mayor.
  • Forgot to add!!! Roy, Thea and Sin becoming Team Arrow Jr.