back to the stone age


Back to the Stone Age

Here it is, the complete story that is my contribution to the latest Cloudscape Comics anthology, MEGA FAUNA. MEGA FAUNA is a 200+ page full-colour book of awesome all-ages comics with stories about pets, wild animals, and monsters galore. I’m really happy this book is nearly ready to go to press. Comics for kids is something I want to do a whole lot more of, and my only regret is that I didn’t have time to do more than five pages while MEGA FAUNA was in production (I was busy teaching kindergarten at the time). So I packed as much awesome into those five pages as I possibly could!

MEGA FAUNA is up on Kickstarter right now. You should check it out! There are so many good comics crammed into this book!

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Back To The Stone Age By Stone 

   Roope latvala’s (of children of bodem) first band, One of the founding bands of the finnish metal movement, he was only 15 when he was in a fully formed and recognised band he is also the inspiration of his current band leader alexi.

Enjoy the metal and never put down the little guy, they just might make it bigger then you realize.

A love story

Last week i was incapacitated, the charger for my tablet would no longer charge, and that meant I could not work, the tablet is my work station, i saved my work, the readings, notes, emails everything and i lost my connection with the world outside.

It is incredible the effect it had on me, in disbelief i tried and tried to make it work, i tried other plugs, i tried holding the cable in different positions even though on the inside i knew it was hopeless.

After work i went to town thinking I might be able to get a new one (here that means secondhand) that turned out to be an impossible mission.

Shop after shop “yes yes i can help you, yes yes i have it” but they never did. And no one would fix it (had I only bought a Samsung or an apple product).

I was led around through small alleys into small dark malls, and the shops seemed more and more dodgy. I gave up i was picturing myself sitting with pen and paper (the horror!).
I went back to where I started and saw a Nokia shop, i went in still feeling defeated, i walked over to the booth where the repair guy sat and i had to pinch myself an exact copy of my tablet was on the table even had the same colour!  2 hours later (yes 2 hours) i had my beloved charger in hand, he managed to fix it!

To me it didn’t matter that it looked horrible and kind of hazardous, Because I had my baby back!

anonymous asked:

So your profile says no dm from non mutual men, how does that work if you thirst followed me, but i never followed back, 😎

1. Its highly unlikely i thirst followed you and even if i had, u wouldn’t know lmao
2. Idk why u assume just coz i find someone attractive im gunna talk to them lool im shy uno
3. Wyd on my account if you haven’t followed me back😂

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NI are horrible for family planning. If they stay in the UK, the DUP, with a misogynist homophobic party line that fight very hard to take away rights of women and LGBT+, will have free reign to bring us even further back into the stone age. Another reason is that cultural heritage groups and sites in NI, eg the mummers and volunteers that upkeep neolithic sites, as well as environmental protection groups, were getting grants from the EU and are in a bucketload of trouble at the minute.

Would the DUP not still exist in NI if we united or how would that work at all?
I mean personally I’d like to maroon them on a very small island with nothing but a Monopoly board game and enough food for two people for a week, but ye’know.

Really half tempted to write a Gr//uvia Stone Age drabble when I get back, since I was somewhat disappointed in the manga omake with Na//Lu. Like, it wouldn’t be exactly based off of the manga, but have similarities in setting and the boys and girls were separate tribes kinda thing??

Any thoughts, babehz??