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Routine (Part 3)

(Camboy AU Parts 1 and 2)

Pairing: Kagehina (NSFW)
Show: Haikyuu!! 

“—it’s three o’clock,” Kageyama says, “on a Thursday. I don’t want beer, I don’t want juice. I want to know why you’re—” he gestures vaguely to Hinata’s whole, squirming torso, “—doing that. What, you got worms? Do you—did you catch something? Have you given me crabs because I swear to god—”

Hinata balks, waving his hands in the space between them to shut Kageyama up.

No, oh my god. I don’t—I don’t have worms, or crabs, or any other…parasites. I’ve just got this, and I’m super excited about it.”

This, as it turns out, is a rumpled piece of paper. Hinata holds it flat on his palm, flicking his eyes between it and Kageyama’s face. He hops a little on his toes, and pushes his hand right up under kageyama’s nose.

“It’s a list!” He goes on. “I thought about it all after our first time, but there was just so much stuff I didn’t wanna forget, so last night, I finally wrote it all down!”

Kageyama blinks down at the wad of paper.

“A…list,” he says slowly. Hinata nods, frantic. “A list of what?”

“Things we can try! Like, you know, sex stuff.”

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What's a day in the life of juju look like? I'm curious about tegus I hope to one day own one but I'm curious what a normal day looks like. Also how did you come by juju and what made you decide you wanted a tegu?

A typical day for Kaiju goes like this!

8:00 AM: The cage lights come on. I’ve got them on a timer- I am rarely awake at 8 AM. I usually start to get up around 9. I am lazy.

Around 9:30, I finally drag my ass out of bed. By that time, Juju’s dug herself up and is basking. She usually basks and gets nice and warm. I go clean up and then by the time I’m done with that, I usually have about an hour before I have to leave. That’s when I go back and get her and put her in the bathtub. I run the shower for a little bit- she’ll usually go to the bathroom then. I’ll pull her out of there, towel her off, and let her hang out with me until I have to leave. Usually she likes to sit on the rug in the sunbeam. I’ll make breakfast and if I’m having scrambled eggs that day, I might make her one, too.

Then I go put her back in her cage and go to school. She does regular lizard stuff during the day- digs holes, soaks in her tub, climbs on her log- and then I get home and I go in and say hi to her. Usually she rears up on her hind legs and flicks her tongue at me and I’ll get her out of the cage. Sometimes she’ll be napping, so I’ll reach in, give her a good scratch, and come check on her later. Sometimes she’ll be buried and then I leave her alone. This part of the day is always Kaiju-directed; if she wants to stay home, I never force interaction.

But if she wants to come out, she gets some playtime. She likes to roam around the apartment and I’ll usually work with her a little. Right now I’m working on target training, but sometimes it’ll be harness training/acclimation or a feeder puzzle or just a “do what you want” day, depending on how cooperative she’s being. I also usually offer her a little snack around then, too- a small whole prey item, like a fuzzy or pinkie, or a little bit of fruit or fish. Nothing too big, just something little. She doesn’t get a meal every single day- adult tegus shouldn’t have a meal every single day. But on days where she does get a meal, I usually her either f/t whole prey or reptilinks. Sometimes I’ll offer fish or shrimp or scrambled eggs- I vary it a lot. I’ll also offer veggies and greens and sometimes a little bit more fruit- she gets these every time she’s offered food. 

After that, she goes back in the cage while I get work done. It’s important that she’s warm while digesting! It’s also important that she’s in the cage for most of the day- it’s nice and humid in there. She’ll be in there for a while and she’ll usually take a nap in her basking spot. Afterwards, I’ll go in and check on her- sometimes she’s down for the night by then, but other times she’ll be up and about. If I’m gonna watch a movie or something, I’ll just pull her out and we’ll go snuggle. Or I might put her in the bathtub to have a shower or swim. Then I’ll put her away for the night, she tucks herself in, her lights go out, and that’s her day!

As for “why a tegu,” that’s a long story- I wrote it up here!


𝕊𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕨𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖 𝕟𝕖𝕒𝕣 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔸𝕣𝕚𝕫𝕠𝕟𝕒/ℕ𝕖𝕨 𝕄𝕖𝕩𝕚𝕔𝕠 𝕓𝕠𝕣𝕕𝕖𝕣…

Austrian ball, my participation for the @menons-la-danse-zine it was a great project. Now this blog is going on hiatus for the rest of the month, because of my vacation. (I will not be able to post regular updates/art/stuff)

But i’ll come back soon, fresh and ready. Thanks !

My love for the Austrian ball was really influenced by the anime Nadja applefield / Ashita no Nadja  when I was a kid


“If this is really all happening in some other dimension.. shouldn’t we er- I dunno maybe send something to help them? Ya’know, so you don’t end up having to murder me at the end of all this?”

“Y-you kidding me Lee? You been w-watching this shii-urrrp-shit? I ain’t going anywhere near Rick Q-327!”

It started out as Rick finding a dimension where his life is directed by Quentin Tarantino on the multiverse goggles. Then they found the directors cut on inter-dimensional cable. The rest of the family walks in and out of the room at random intervals, really not wanting to ask why they’re watching and most of the time either laughing or crying over a movie where Rick appears to be killing everyone.

Handwriting Tag 😖

I was tagged by @furiouslydecaffinated @lovelychooser @lovesizzlingcollectioncupcake @lavender-dreams-sims for this. It took me a long time to do because my handwriting is actually horrible. I actually get work-related stuff sent back to me on the regular because of it, including my signature! I actually tried really hard to be legible so this is actually 1000x better than what it usually looks like lol.

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Iwatobi and Samezuka Swim teams: Naughty, or nice in bed?

Haruka: 50/50

Makoto: Nice

Nagisa: Naughty

Rei: 50/50

Rin: Nice

Sousuke: Naughty

Aiichirou: Nice

Seijuurou: Naughty

Momotarou: 50/50


Holiday Matsuri spam. I went Saturday and Sunday as Keith (brief appearance from Garrison Keith) with my fiance as Shiro, friends Moira and Deisha as Pidge and Matt for Saturday, then my daughter and I walked around a bit on Sunday as Keith and Pidge. What a fun weekend!

The meetup too though.. xD In the giant group shot, my fiance is the Shiro in the back “Praising the Sun” and I’m the centred Keith giving up on the human race while everyone else is dabbing. :’D

(Also, shout out to that one Lance that hid in the side during all the other character shoots. He’s the best. Hahaha!)

One more con for the year then a decent break. Also, back to regular updates on here! I missed out on so much stuff!

The aftermath of being sick when you’re a full-time writer; it took Friday, Saturday and Monday to catch up on all the little stuff that piled up, just to get back on track with the regular day-to-day stuff. Of course, this means there was no catching up on the big project. And my plan to go hardcore on catching up with that this week is pretty much dead from the get-go. It just isn’t plausible. People have a productivity limit, and I’m already pushing mine (past the limit you don’t actually accomplish more work, you just make yourself miserable).

So there’s no way I’m getting Life is But a Dream edited by the end of May. Such is life. But as long as it’s finished by the end of June - which should be easily achievable - I still have room in my schedule for one more big project (and possibly half of another one) before the end of the year.

Sometimes you just have one chapter that you want to murder, and for me that chapter this edit was Sixteen. I started editing it the day I got sick and it was easy to put it off in favor of other things because it was a battle scene and I hate them to begin with. So it was like pulling teeth to get through it today, even though a lot of the edits weren’t that drastic compared to some of the other battles in this book (which have had to be entirely rewritten). But I did it and now it’s done and I can move on with exactly one chapter before I’m back to more battle sequences (*sobs softly*).

In other news, I finally made the plunge and decided to enroll the Mystical Island Triolgy in Kindle Unlimited to see if it helps me find readers more easily. I’ve seen evidence that page reads add up to more than what I currently make pretty quickly, so it’s worth a try. Especially if it helps me see better return on my next round of Amazon ads (the first round was unimpressive, to say the least). I updated the Island of Lost Forevers cover today to the tweaked version (mostly just a font color and size change), fiddled with my keywords (still experimenting with THOSE) and got everything prettied up for KU enrollment. It looks like the books have already come down from most major online retailers, so I should be able to set that up this weekend.