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Just Because ….

I post over 300-450 post everyday.  That’s 21-31,000 every week.  Tons of energy, 6 hrs a day to unite everyone & all I get is issues with one topic/graphic that triggered you.

Just because 1 graphic doesn’t have all shades of races in them doesn’t make me a “White Feminist” & I deserve your bashing.

If you bothered to get to know me I clearly state that racism in ahead of curve in mobilizing & effecting change.  “No Justice, No Peace”.  Learn from their tactics, copy their successes & then I’m attacked for stealing. 

Just because 1 post supports Gloria Steinem, doesn’t make me a “White Feminist” & I deserve your bashing. 

I also support BeyonceNicki, Johnnie Tillmon, Iyanla Vanzant, Alice Walker, Angela Davis and have included Asian (s), Middle Eastern (s), Latina (s)Undocumented & Native.  I bash Disney for Pocahontas just as much as Sleeping Beauty.

Just because a post bashes 50 Shades of Grey, doesn’t mean I am anti-BSDM.

It means I am acknowledging this woman’s feelings that her abuse is being minimizing and she is finding her voice against the rape culture.  I also post 4 pro drama therapy which is safe-word BDSM & explain the Bad-Boy Syndrome.

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