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Could you do a companions(da:o) react to the warden sneaking up on them to give them a bear hug? Also I'm loving your in general, hope your doing well😄


Leliana (Unromanced):

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Leliana (Romanced):

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Morrigan (Unromanced):

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Morrigan (Romanced):

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Alistair (Unromanced):

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Alistair (Romanced):

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Zevran (Unromanced):

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Zevran (Romanced):

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This is unrelated but,,

Anyone calling out Markiplier, Pewdiepie, and now some members of Game Grumps for being “Nazis” or “Nazi Sympathetics” are absolute fucking retards. Felix was making a joke, and I’m sorry you’re so far up your own ass that you can’t see anything besides your own flaming rectum at all times. Unfucking believable. And I know this isn’t AOS Related, but I’m so tired of seeing this pure unadulterated garbage on my dash for the past week. Get over yourselves. You don’t need to always have some righteous “regime” you gotta stand up against on the internet, especially when the one you’re choosing to currently battle isn’t even fucking real. You’re all children, and you’re all insignificant. The fact that for even a second you believed that making a 5 paragraphed text post on the internet, and tumblr to boot, was gonna be enough to topple down “media giants” like fucking pewdiepie is laughable. I’m sure Felix could give less of a shit about your opinions. While you’re here crusading against what you believe is “Nazism”, Felix has already apologized, helped out everyone in this situation as best he could, made sure shit on their ends were resolved justly and swiftly, and now he’s chilling in his million dollar home surrounded by dogs, money, and his sweet gf. Some hobgoblin looking Tumblr girl who looks like her eyeballs are sink holes for dollar store mascara and who showers 2 times a week if not less isn’t a problem for him. He doesn’t care about your opinions. He still makes money off of all of you. He’s still rich and famous and will be for a while. &He’s not a fucking Nazi.

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This Time Around AU

Character A is technically immortal, but each new regeneration has its own set of rules. Character A has to trade a part of themself to come back from the dead, and every time it changes – for example, in one regeneration Character A may be a paraplegic, in another regeneration they may have the use of their legs but be colorblind, in the next regeneration they may have 20/20 vision but incredible amounts of OCD and anxiety, etc.

In their current regeneration, Character A is trying to live a quiet, less adventurous life than their previous ones and has opted to work at a coffee shop in a quiet college community. Everything is going fairly well, until an ominous figure is reported to be stalking students around campus and Character A has the sinking suspicion that something – or someone – is coming after Character A.

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★ Grima

★ - sad headcanon

This involves Chrobin. Turn back now if you don’t like that ship.

Grima takes over Robin after murdering Chrom, but he can’t erase Robin entirely. Eventually their personalities and memories and thoughts become one and it is hard for Grima to differentiate his original opinions versus Grima and Robin’s combined combinations.

Eventually, Grima begins to mourn Chrom as if he has lost a loved one. Soon after, he begins to hate himself for his actions against Chrom.

Grima then realizes this is Robin’s doings and Robin’s feelings, so he begins to hide away all his feelings and deny whatever thoughts about Chrom he has to be real.

Deep down he knows if he has to kill Chrom again, he will feel lost, but his pride keeps him going. When sealed/defeated at the end of Awakening, he would never admit it, but he is glad.

A Way Out

TITLE: A Way Out

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter 3 of 5

AUTHOR: MaliceManaged

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being kidnapped and meeting Loki, who is trapped in a network of mirrors. Bored and with nothing better to do, he decides to help you escape, figuring he’ll never see you again after you’re gone. But as soon as you’re able, you return intending to rescue him…



    As soon as her feet were back on solid ground, Ayrialenne looked around her to try and figure out where she was; the orb was meant to take her to a destination of her choosing, but there was always a certain margin of error, plus she’d been in a bit of a rush and so had perhaps not concentrated as well as she should have. She was off by a few miles from where she’d intended but her surroundings were definitely familiar; the small forest that surrounded the mountain range her mother had settled in, though much bigger than she remembered, was still a much welcome sight.

    Running, she decided, was not as efficient as flying, but it got the job done. She could have done without the branches snagging on her dress slowing her down even more, though. Finally, she made it through the woods, only to find a new obstacle in the unforgiving rock that made up the mountain face. Climbing, she found, was worse than running; the rocks were rough and sharp and her skin was, well, skin.

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Just want to thanks all the amazing ladies here.. when I saw the photo in Jess's tumblr I was sick, really sick, and I wanted to cry so much, but I find the original post of just wrenched and I read all of your comment and I could take a step Back and really saw the pic.. my life is a mess actually and beliving in SC love help me so much.. its kind of ridiculous I know.. so thanks again to all of you, I could face the day by day thanks to your humour, irony and more ❤💙💛💜💚

Oh anon, this makes me want to cry more than the photo. This group of women (maybe we have some men) are the most resilient and loving group. How could we not be, we were brought together by love and the friendships that have grown are amazing! I appreciate the candor and camaraderie that we have here everyday.

Long Days

I have never had the illusion, which so many men have, that the presence of and care of children in some way ennobles a man. That the radiant innocence within children acts as a spirited tonic of redemption for the man who sups at the cup of family is a notion which should have remained servants’ chatter and idleness at the women’s table.

But then I see the Count and his little children, and to describe the beauty of the man separate from those children would be to make the Count a cathedral of windows with no sunlight shining through it.

The way his little one responds to the curl of his hair, the locks he brushes aside and out of his eyes and that she pulls down over his face like a great dark curtain. She parts the curtain and finds her father making a face and she giggles, when she lets slip his bangs again and again reveals his face, this time it is sillier still.

He laughs from his belly, tugs her into the air and lets his hair fall back upon his shoulder. The Count takes his youngest son by one hand and swings him up in the air. The boy has soot rubbed into his cheeks to invoke his father’s rich beard.

I have been, in the world, a force for whom there can be no innocence and no true and trustworthy desire for anything which will grant me favor when I meet my maker—all of my life is such as this: to look upon the face of the Count and study his presence, to breathe in his laugh and delight in his gaze and to feel the aberration in my core as a joy. Children have not ennobled me, or any many. They do not pour an innocence into the soul that burns it clean.

But the Count pours something into his children and does not wait to receive at all—he is so unlike other men. I know nothing of the man except that he is the architecture of perfect beauty, grace and noble form of sunlight through colored glass. And I know he is different—not as I am different—but yet… if he can lavish such love on those from whom all men expect so much, can he yet render aberrant love in holy ways?


Do you know what kind of bit/bridle is on this horse I saw at an art museum the other day? At first I thought it was a pelham, which doesn’t seem to have been historically possible, but now I’m looking at it and it might just be an awkwardly painted double bridle? The snaffle ring (if that’s what it is) seems to be outside of the curb shank and the cheekpiece is weirdly loose, though. Thoughts?


My first thought is that this is following the convention of starting a horse in the snaffle and moving them up into the full bridle (you can definitely see this horse ‘packing’ the bit or holding it up in its mouth which is a sign of an educated horse, tho who knows how much is artistic license). But I have no clue where that tradition originated or whether it applies to this time period. Since this is only about 200 years back I wouldn’t be surprised if it was part of the cavalryish tradition of graduating a horse from the snaffle to the curb. But yeah my guess is double bridle. @sandetiger​ you know a bit more about time periods, you have any opinions? this is NOT my area of historical knowledge lol