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This summer was so unbearably hot that I was only able to walk my dogs at like 3 in the morning when it would finally dip below 80 degrees. My sleep schedule eventually adjusted to that, so now I’m used to going to bed at 4 to 5 a.m.

Now when it’s finally cool? It’s the sleep schedule from hell. I end up sleeping until like 4 p.m. most days. I have become a vampire. I am the night.

I’ve been forcing myself to wake up early so I can get back on a normal schedule, but that isn’t working out. I’m groggy all day and then the next day I’m back to my “get up at 4 p.m.” schedule.


In my searches for THE TRUTH, I’ve done a lot of listening.  I’ve listened to haunted houses to hear ghosts from other dimensions.  I’ve listened to radio signals from the cosmos for signs of alien life.  But on my most recent quest to help the Crystal Gems, I forgot to listen to someone very important: the Crystal Gems.  If you wanna help someone else, you can’t make it all about you - no matter how sweet your KATANA BLADES may be!  You gotta listen and help spread their words.

I’ve also learned that HUMANS NEED TO SLEEP.  I didn’t sleep for 48 hours and I PASSED OUT FOR DAYS.  I woke up on the floor in the foyer of my house.  My dad said that’s as far as he could drag me with his bad back.  From now on, I’m sticking to my normal schedule of 16 hours of sleep a night.

Anyway, if you’re in Beach City, come grab a Ronalphlet and learn how you can help the Crystal Gems!

my youth is yours - chapter XI

my youth is yours 

Supergirl, Kara/Lena, I hope you all didn’t forget what this fic is about or that it exists. 

Sorry it’s been a century, friends.


Hey, blossoms! There are times when we get ill, which is perfectly natural. To be honest, I am currently sick, so this is kind of a refined version of my thoughts from a few days ago. I was worried about missing school, and I thought that some ideas I have could help you!


 The most important thing to do when you’re sick is to take care of yourself and get better. This may mean putting your studies aside, but health always comes first. Here’s some tips:

- Certain types of tea, like chamomile and ones with lemon, can soothe sore throats.

- (Side note: I’ve heard that marshmallows are also able to help sore throats because of the gelatin they contain, but that may not be true and I don’t have a credible source for it.) 

- Make sure you drink lots of fluids, like juice, milk, and most importantly, water! One of my personal faves is Tang, which is this orange powder that you dissolve in water. It used to be really big in America a while ago but I don’t know widespread it is elsewhere. 

- Try to shower regularly if you’re congested because the steam will clear out your sinuses. 

 - If you can’t shower regularly, nasal rinses will work just fine too! You can get a  system for that at your local pharmacy. (There’s also this thing you can do where you fill a sink with hot water, put a towel over it, and stick your head underneath the towel. This allows the steam to build up, which means you can decongest a little.)

- Medicate regularly!! Check the directions on whatever type of medication you’re taking to see when it wears off and set a timer so you can stay on top of it. This will help your recovery process along a bit faster. However, DO NOT ABUSE MEDICATION. Take only as much as is prescribed because taking too much can actually be worse for your health. 

- If you’re on antibiotics, make sure to eat well because antibiotics are designed to take out all types of bacteria within the body, even the good ones in your digestive system. (I’d personally recommend eating foods with fiber and protein and staying away from dairy if you can. That’s just my personal experience! It may be different for other people.)

- Get some rest!! You may want to catch up on your studies but you’ll be able to catch up quicker and understand material better if you’re well rested. 

catching up 

So, you’re feeling alright and ready to begin making up work. Where do you begin? 

- Here’s some posts on catching up after being away for a while (note some of these are travel based, but there’s still some good information in there) 

- Email your teachers! Text your classmates! Ask for notes, for homework, and for additional help if you’re unclear about what’s going on. 

- If you’re feeling well enough, you could run in to your classes in order to get the homework and briefly conference with your teachers, but it’s always best to make sure you’re not contagious or feeling poorly before doing so. Email is pretty much just as effective. 

- Start small. Trying to catch up on all your work in one day is never good. Try to do the work for maybe one class, and if you’re feeling well enough, do another.

- Do what’s most important first. If you’re in a group project and they’re waiting for your input on a presentation or something else, get that in ASAP. Don’t affect the grades of others with your illness.

returning to class 

As you return to your usual schedule, here are some things to note:

 - Before going back to class, ensure you’re in a good place mentally and physically. For example, if you’re still running a fever or you still feel very ill, take some more time and wait. 

- Make sure your study space is functional so that you can begin to return back to your normal schedule. The desk reflects the mind. 

- Keep up on your fluids! If you’re still a little under the weather or you haven’t finished that course of antibiotics, keep taking those meds! 

- Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t understand something. Being gone is hard. Ask for help and self-advocate.

- If you’re on a sports team or doing some other strenuous activity, it’s okay to take a couple more days away from that to let your body recover completely. 

- The most important thing is to take it easy, even after you’re well enough to come back to class. If you overwork yourself while still recovering, that can lead to backslide, so please be careful!!

I hope this will be useful, darlings!! Take care of yourselves and remember that so many people are rooting for you to do well, including me :]

All the love,

elle (@etudesthetics)

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Was capturing some footage from DS9′s pilot for a project and an errant thought entered my head. Wow, so glad they decided to go with a different nose for Quark after this. He’s much more handsome that way. After which I realised my brain put the words “Quark” and “handsome” in the same sequence. Do I just turn myself in to the cops now? Can one volunteer for jail?

Guess Who’s Back

Me. It’s me. 

I’m finally back. I’m really sorry for the long hiatus friends - I’ve been extremely sick for a while (and in the hospital), and for the past week and a half I’ve been working 14hr days to catch up with my work. 

I promise I haven’t abandoned you (like everyone seems to be speculating) and I never would. I’m not ‘procrastinating’ either. I’m also sorry if it’s been ‘annoying’ that I haven’t posted. I’m trying my best, I swear. 

((I’ve had a lot of chapter 25 finished for a while now, but haven’t posted it because I’ve been getting messages this last month telling me that I should just not post chapters if they’re ‘too short’?))


I’m planning to get chapter 25 out either Thursday or Friday, and then we’ll be back to a normal schedule. I should be able to get you a preview tomorrow as well. (I’m hoping there’s still some interest in YCPfE.)

I will also do my best to catch up with messages and everything else. Thanks for sticking with me. ❤️💕 

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A day in a life of christine in school?

Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, August 7 to Sunday, August 13.

Well would you look at that.

Teen Titans reruns are back. For the first time (consistently) on Cartoon Network since 2010. (2 episodes aired in 2012 during CN’s 20th anniversary)

Did Trouble in Tokyo do well last Sunday? Is this their apology for last week? Who knows.

If you’re mad its airing only in the 6am hour keep this stuff in mind:

  1. It’s a 14 year old show that ended 11 years ago. The fact it’s even airing on the main network instead of Boomerang is impressive as is. Especially considering the CN schedule recently.
  2. School’s almost back for the kiddos, and kids usually wake up around 6am or so. At least, I did. They could turn the telly on when eating biscuits and jelly for breakfast and watch this show.
  3. What this guy said. Be glad it’s even happening. Support it regardless. Or it’ll be gone and you guys will be complaining again.

Anyways, the schedule goes back to normal-ish. We Bare Bears is back for new episodes and OK K.O. has a month long premiere bomb.

Here’s what’s new new new new this week:

  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - Mon-Thurs at 6:30p
  • We Bare Bears - Mon-Fri at 7:00p
  • Transformers: Robots in Disguise - 2 new episodes Saturday at 6:00a
  • Justice League Action - New (and even worse!) timeslot: Saturday at 7:00a

Top 3:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 173 - 48%
  2. The Amazing World of Gumball - 86 - 24%
  3. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes - 44 - 12%

Imagine if during a mission the team gets hit by a spell but manage to get away.
Afterwards Shiro asks everyone if their ok and everyone but Lance answers.
They start to get worried so Shiro asks for if Lance is ok.
They get an answer but it’s from Keith.
Turns out that the spell fused the two together and they now share the same body.
While Allura is trying to figure out how to get them back to normal, they have to share and have a schedule for when who’s in control.
However as time passes the twos personalities seem to become one and no longer refer to themselves as anything other then a single entity.
Allura finds that the spell was meant to join soulmates together and the two could of parted whenever they wanted to.
After hearing this the two split apart.
However being separated makes them
Both anxious and jumpy.
Eventually they refuse and the team finds them together again.
They explain that they feel like this is right and that when their not doing Paladin work they want to be fused.
Everyone’s pretty accepting with Pidge even naming him Klance.

Joly: Oh thank you! I love it too, it’s my favorite.

Joly: Jehan made it for me. He makes sweaters for everyone, and of the few he’s made me, this is my favorite.

Bossuet: See, I think its fitting because Joly is already so joli.

Joly: Aww, Boss

Night Walks - Part 1

Summary: You like to take late night walks to de-stress, you meeet a stranger named Bucky who does the same.

Prompt(s): Okay I’m combining two: pandarosita: 93 and 94… but Reader being upset rather than Bucky? and an anon request for 64.

93.“I’m telling you. I’m haunted.”
94. “I had a bad dream again.”
Bonus: 64 “Here, take my blanket.”

Warnings: angsty reader

Word Count: 3093

Author’s Note: Ah fuck. I sort of hate this but I just need to post it to get it out of my head, so here you go. Enjoy the angst. I’ll post part 2 tonight when I get to my next hotel. 

Side note, please do not interpret this as me advising taking careless late night walks. Be safe, know your surroundings if you must.

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You’d always been a night owl, preferring the quiet dark when everyone was asleep over the busy days in too small a home with too many people. You liked the calm stillness that fell at night when everything finally just… stopped.

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