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MMA fighter Justin Wren left the octagon and for the past 5 years has been fighting slavery and oppression in Africa. Wren has helped dig wells for clean water, grow & harvest food, and buy back land that was taken from the Pygmy people. He’s also working to replant trees in the areas deforested by companies seeking to exploit minerals there. He stopped fighting people to start fighting for the people. A true hero, indeed. source

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The Skeljaskrímsli (Shell Monster) is a creature that hails from Iceland. It is often described as having a stocky build, much like a bear, with brown or black fur. What makes it unique is the scales that act almost like armor along its back. The creature is said to be happy both on land and water and makes a unique rattling sound as it comes on shore.


It’s quiet isn’t it ? Well, perhaps quiet isn’t quite the right word.

That thing will soon come from the woods, as it always had. With the sun sinking into the forest horizon, one could already see the creature stalking out from its den. Soon it would be at the door, soon it’s growls and scratches and whines and howls would be echoing throughout the night, it’s pacing around the apartment buildings never ceasing until the door went down ( it wouldn’t last the night. )

The slams and creaks of the apartment door would shudder, it’s last hinge would give, it would fall and the massive dog would have free entrance to what lay within.

But not yet, the wolf had not arrived just yet. And this evening it was not alone. 
No, there’s another presence within the area this time.
Something unsettling, flitting back and forth within the sky.

Landing aloft atop the apartment’s roof, talons audibly scraping against the shingles above, agitating the any below for daring to come so close within it’s presence, but not coming close enough to disturb.

No, it’s simply there to watch. To see how it all would end.
( As if it didn’t already know - it saw the wolf get robbed of it’s meal, it already knew how the outcome would come to be. )

The setting sun gives some form of reveal -
the glint off it’s feathers just enough to show some proof of it’s presence within the sky. Eerie in shadows, mingles between being trapped between the last light of the sun and the darkness which was now consuming it.

A shape vague in species ( or at least, vague in the inky darkness of the shadows ), but familiar enough to even the untrained eye - a bird as dark as the night, and as large as a man. ( no, larger - large enough to carry a man off with little to no trouble at all. )

Is it the boss, perhaps ? Of that odd swarm of shrieking birds heard the night before ? No, the twilight is silent, this bird as silent as it - making no noise as it flies from rooftop to rooftop, hoovering back and forth within full view of those who may spot it’s form above.

And those who dared to get a good look, at the bird’s perched form ?
They’d find that it’s red eyes would stare right back in return - as unsettling as the atmosphere the bird had brought, the bright shine standing out against the darkness it shrouded itself in. No noise, and barely a movement.

Just a stare, before it would spread it’s wings, and flew back towards the forest from which it came.

Does it want to be seen ? How odd.

It’s not as if those inside need to be any more terrified, what with the - oh, was that the SCREAMS OF A MAN ? Oh dear, now whoever could that be from ?



Comic N-032: “Frisk drops an F-bomb”

A second comic??

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  • Kanan: *changes his whole name, wears different clothes, uses a blaster if the lightsaber isn't necessary*
  • Ahsoka: *also wears new clothes, goes by a super secret codename does stuff anonymously*
  • Obi-wan: *only changes his first name, wears his same jedi robes every day for 19 years, openly uses lightsaber on some random dude in a bar*

like this wouldn’t happen after Jumin got back home~

baby girl spends part of her day thoroughly confused.

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My favorite thing about Solas is that in the Hissing Wastes, he says things like, “The stars will guide us out of here, I hope.” and “A forest used to tower here, until sand ate away the roots.” The total embodiment of a sad, eloquent traveler lost to time, viewing a beautiful vista with poetic longing.

And then the fucker says something dumb like, 

“Well, it doesn’t want for sand.”

you snarky little nerd why are you so stupidly cute

a little montage of stan calling mabel sweetie, pumpkin, etc. requested here by angelictactics!