back to the jersey shore

Back to School

1. Waiting on the bell to ring 

2. Getting a look at the cafeteria food

3. “Guy’s this is a fun class” 

4. “Don’t worry, I won’t assign much homework” 

5. When you see you’re first day outfit on for the first time

6. Seeing you’re crush…

7.  Day dreaming of sleep, Tumblr, and Netflix 

8. Getting reprimanded by a teacher 

9. Forgetting to do summer reading 

10. Reuniting with all you’re friends 

When my girlfriend and I started dating, one of her prerequisites for moving in with me was that I had to get cable so that we could watch Bravo. At first I was very judgmental about it, but the truth is that I’ve really enjoyed getting back into reality TV. I got into Teen Mom and Laguna Beach. Jersey Shore, big time. I wasn’t that into the Housewives shows – but then Vanderpump Rules got me into it. I find it much more reflective of the world I know in L.A.: They’re all struggling, and they’re musicians, and they have dogs that get groomed by someone I know. I really like them. I’m laughing at and with them. When I told people what I was doing tonight, there was a wide spectrum of responses. From “What is that?” to “Oh, I watch that, too” to “I love that!” to “That is the stupidest show.” I love participating in things that aren’t just universally loved or hated.

Dear useless diary,

After just a passing glimpse of Kara (the new wardrobe appears permanent, my attention span is falling to critical levels) I had to endure a three-hour slog through the financial ineptitude of my Acquisitions team. Most of whom will be acquiring new jobs, at best.

I returned to my own office, and the Jersey Shore reject with a decent phone manner didn’t even look up. I assumed he’d forgotten my lunch, but there it was. Not the bánh mì I requested, but arancini so delicious I could swear I was back in Sicily at that tiny restaurant Kara found for me.

I almost gave Jersey Shore credit for finding a decent imitation, until I noticed the tiramisu off to the side. He wouldn’t dare, but I know exactly who would. 

I know when I am being toyed with.

It probably was from that darling little place in Palermo. Which means that dessert was far too delicious to be enjoyed in public. I retired to my private office in back, settling down with the teasing combination of espresso-dipped sponge and the creamiest mascarpone on the planet.

I may have been vocal in my appreciation. God knows by three bites in I needed to catch my breath (and possibly a cigarette). All I know is that when a tiny little moan passed my lips on the last bite, a certain Kara Danvers came stumbling through the previously-closed door. 

She had the decency to blush.


im sick of all these stupid reality shows and singers corrupting our youth. keeping up with the kardashains. jersey shore. nicki minajesty. taylor quick. we need to go back to the good old days of REAL entertainment…… you know what????? lets start now. everyone come to my house. get a lion, and pit him against a innocent man with a gladiator helmet and watch them fight to the death. and then if he wins we’ll kill him anyway. real, organic, old fashioned entertainment without these facebooks and twitters. 

at the club: ch

A/N: this one was requested, for a tense scene at a club, so hopefully you like what I’ve done with it!

“Alright, there you go miss, enjoy.” You nodded at the security guard outside of the club and followed your friend inside. 

You didn’t really want to be here: you failed your last midterm, you were late for your lab, and your credit card got declined at the grocery store. The last thing you wanted to do was go to a sweaty club on a Friday night with the zero dollars you now had. But your friend Lena insisted you go with her, as well as helping her finish the vodka that she had left in her apartment and paying your cover at the door. So here you were in your nicest…well most appropriate outfit for a club. You had on a black dress with long sleeves and high cut neckline, but it was skin tight and fit you like a glove, which left little to the imagination. Stopping mid-thigh it was long enough to not expose your entire ass, but also short enough to show enough leg. With 4 inch nude heels your feet were already killing, but Oh my god it’s so worth it you look hot!!! in the wise words of Lena. The club was packed and the line at the bar was wicked long, so you ditched your coat at the coat check and yelled in Lena’s ear that you were going to explore a bit and that you’d find her later. You wandered around the club, squeezing through people and getting knocked about a fair bit. It was dark and the music was loud, and it seemed like there was a commotion starting in the corner of the club. Of course, typical drunk partygoers causing a scene, you thought rolling your eyes. Making your way to the dance floor you began to swing your hips to the music. Feeling the bass reverberate through the floor, you closed your eyes and swung your head back, not thinking of your shitty day anymore, only feeling the music and letting yourself enjoy the night. 

Feeling a pair on hands on your waist from behind caused you to open your eyes, but you just shrugged and went along with it, allowing whoever was behind you to press themselves into your back. After grinding for a while, their hands gripped your waist harshly, so much so that you were sure there would be light bruises there in the morning, so you managed to shake them off and lose yourself in the crowd. You decided to find Lena, but could spot her anywhere. Probably with some guy in the bathroom, smirking at your friend’s well known habits. You sighed and headed towards the bar, taking a seat as someone left and waited for the bartender to make their way down to where you were. You took note of the other people around you: a couple making out against the wall (make that several coupes), a group of girls doings shots, a very attractive stranger sitting beside you, and a few singles here and there. A person slid up beside you. 

“Hey there sexy, let me buy you a drink.” You turned and saw a tall guy with sandy hair tied into a pitiful bun at the nape of his thick neck. He had on a blue button down with the collar popped. Oh good god, you though, internally screaming, who is this clown? “It’s the least I could do after you danced with me, a sexy thing like you has got some moves.” Your eyes widened, now realizing in horror that this buffoon was the one behind you. You tried to turn away and focus on something else but that only made him lean in closer to you. “So,” he said, still cockily trying to strike a conversation, “where’d you learn to dance like that sweetheart?” You rolled your eyes before turning to him. “Listen, I’m not really in the mood right now, so thank you for the compliment of coming over, but I’m not interested.” 

You turned swiftly and prayed that that would be the end of the conversation. But he wasn’t finished. “Who broke your heart so badly for you to shut down this way, let me show you how a man can treat a woman, honey.” This made you laugh, who does this guy think he is? 

“Okay, you’re clearly not listening here. I am not interested in you” you said slowly, talking to him in slow motion. “And just because I find your mere presence off-putting does not mean that I am broken in any way shape or form. Now I suggest you crawl back to the Jersey Shore or whatever sewer you came from before I make things really difficult for you, okay?” His mouth hung open while he stood there stunned. “And a real man accepts when the answer is no, so why don’t you find me after your balls drop, okay honey? Have a nice night.” And with that you turned around for the last time, and breathed a visible sigh of relief when he left. The guy beside you chuckled and shook his head, and you heard him mutter unbelievable. You turned to him and glared, oh if looks could kill, you thought, with your patience worn down to nothing. He caught your eye and looked surprised at your unimpressed expression, but you turned away before he could say anything annoying. 

Thankfully the bartender had made her way down by now, so you put your request for a shot of the strongest thing you have. Nodding understandingly, she turned to get the order of the guy beside you before getting your drinks. You didn’t notice him pull up his seat beside you until he loudly cleared his throat. “What” you said, not even looking at him. “Nice to meet you as well, I’m Calum,” he said sarcastically, taking note of your sour tone. “Well excuse me for not being over the moon when the asshole that called me unbelievable decides to chat me up,” you bit back, turning to glare at him again. When you did you saw a very kind looking face. Dark coffee coloured hair that was short on the sides but the longer section at the top looked effortlessly tousled. When he heard you his expression immediately softened, “I’m really sorry,” he said shaking his head slightly, “I wasn’t calling you unbelievable, I was referring to the guy you were telling off.” He was so sincere in his apology that you softened, and offered an apologetic smile. “Which was quite spectacular by the way, you sure have a creative way with words” he laughed. 

“I’m sorry for being so quick to make assumptions” you said, reaching out your hand, “And I’m sorry for calling you an asshole….I’m Y/N.” Calum took your hand and shook it, and as the bartender put your drinks in front of you he was quick to cover them both, “I got them, thank you” he said to her. You raised your eyebrows at him. “What? Clearly you’ve had a rough night, the least I can do is buy you a drink.” he said, explaining himself. Smiling you raised your glass and waited until he did the same, “Here’s to you, thank you for turning my shitty night around!” With that you both downed your drinks. He looked at you a moment before reaching out his hand, “You wanna dance?” 

“Yes,” you said coyly, giving him a smile, “I really do!”

A/N: I hope that was okay! request stuff here

Until Forever's Gone

Until Forever’s Gone

Chapter Twenty Two

Selena’s POV

“I’m so tired,” I complained as we walked through the doors of the beautiful beach home. I had my heels in my hands and my hair was pulled up into a bun.

Chelsea nodded in agreement as she dug her head into my shoulder. “I feel sick.” She commented and I tightened my hold on her. Justin looked up from the couch where he was watching another game. He, Ryker, and the two girls left about an hour earlier then us and I was surprised not to see a sight of their dates.

“I’ll take her upstairs,” Demi said as she took her arm and put it around her shoulder. “Do you mind getting her some water?”

“Of course,” I nodded as they began walking up the steps and I moved to the kitchen. It took me a few seconds to finally find a glass. “Ah-ha.” I smiled in triumph when I grabbed one.

“You’re home late,” a voice said from behind me almost causing me to drop the cup. I looked over my shoulder to see Justin leaning on the wall. He had a pair of baggy sweatpants on but kept the V-neck. “Did you have fun with your college boy?”

I rolled my eyes. I never got a chance to yell at him for interrupting us at the bar or for embarrassing me. After he had left we only talked for about an before he got a call from his mother telling him that she needed him home to help her back. We exchanged numbers and he told me he’d call by tomorrow but I wasn’t about to tell him that or anything else. “I did.”

When I turned around I noticed that he was no longer against the wall but now pretty much standing beside him. “I bet.”

I raised my eyebrows at his words, “What does that mean?”

Before he could answer Demi’s voice shouted from the top of the steps, “Selena, did you find the glass?”

I hurriedly answered with a ‘yes’ and filled the cup with water. Before I was out of sight, I pointed a finger at the boy. “Don’t move.”

I heard him chuckle before I dashed up the steps and handed the glass over to Chelsea who was tucked into bed. “How you feeling?” I asked gently as I took a seat by her feet.

“I’m never drinking again.” She groaned and I gave her a sympathetic smile as I rubbed her leg beneath the sheet.

Demi shook her head with a small laugh. “You say that every time, Chelsea.”

The red head frowned at that as she rolled over onto her side. “Well this time I mean it.”

“I hear someone’s feeling pretty lousy,” We each turned to see Ryker standing by the door frame with a frown. “Anything I could help with?”

I looked back at Chelsea who had a weak smile on her face so I took that as my cue to leave. Both Demi and I made the excuse that we were tired and needed to get to bed before leaving the clueless couple alone. Demi had actually decided that she needed some sleep where I went back downstairs to find Justin back on the couch.

“I thought I told you not to move,” I said as I reached the last step.

He looked over his shoulder with a small smirk. “You’re so hot when you’re demanding.”

I sighed with another eye roll as I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. I only had a half a beer but I still didn’t want to take any chances of turning a Chelsea colored green tomorrow and joined him on the plush white sofa. I made sure to keep my distance though.

He noticed right away because he said, “Are you afraid I’m going to bite you or something?”

“You’re lucky I’m not strangling you right now,” I informed him as I took a sip of the refreshing drink. His smirk never left his lips and his eyes never drifted from my face.

“Why’s that?”

I turned my head and narrowed my eyes, “You know why,” I told him. “You totally embarrassed me in front of the guy I was with.”

“I was just messing with you,” he replied innocently. “Come on, he still seemed interested when I left.”

“That’s not the point.”

He drew closer to me but we still had more than a few inches between us. “So it did go well?” He guessed. “Tell me about it. Did he kiss you?”

I kinked my eyebrows at his curiosity. “I thought you weren’t one to gossip,” I said quoting his words from the time we hung out after the cheerleading competition in North Carolina. He shrugged as his answer. “You’re speaking to a lady, I don’t kiss and tell.”

“You just did.”

I took another long sip as he continued to watch me, “Why do you care?” I questioned before my own smirk I learned so well from him formed on my face. “Are you jealous?”

He scoffed as if it was the most ridiculous thing in the world. His eyes went back to the television set that played a rerun of Jersey Shore. “You wish I was jealous.”

“Please,” I mimicked his scoff. “You wish that I wished you were jealous.”

At that, I stood from my seat and started walking towards the stairs again. My eyelids were starting to feel heavy and who knows what was planned for tomorrow.

“Going to call your boyfriend?” He shouted when I reached the middle of the steps.

I stopped abruptly and grinned to myself and sung, “Jealouuuus.”


I stirred when I felt the mattress of the bed heave downwards. The motion didn’t stop and I had to peel my eyes open and look over at the person disrupting my slumber.

“Shouldn’t you be puking?” I asked as I rubbed the sleep from my eyes to see the perky strawberry blonde that was pretty much bouncing beside me. I glanced over at the clock and read that it was five AM. I groaned before pulling the pillow over my head. “This is supposed to be vacation.”

“Guess what,” She beamed as she tugged the covers off my body.

“Chelsea!” I scolded as I tried to get them back but she just grabbed my hand and pulled me to sit up. “I really hate you right now.”

“He kissed me.”

My eyes widened and at her vigorous nodding I couldn’t help but forget about the tiredness I was feeling previously. “Shut up.”

“I will not,” she squeezed my hand and I giggled at her gleefulness. “It was perfect. He stayed by me the whole night and we talked and I totally forgot about how terrible I was feeling. Then I brought up Jasmine,” she rolled her eyes when she said her name. “He said how he wasn’t expecting her till Justin told him about her and then he said all she talked about was herself,

“Then I told him that he deserved better and he agreed,” she was smiling so much I was pretty sure her face was going to crack. “Then he said the same thing to me which was weird because I’m not dating anybody – I mean I haven’t dated anyone since like Toby and that didn’t end well, he had the nerve-“

“’Chelsea,” I interrupted. “You’re rambling.”

“Oh right,” her face was flushed as she continued. “Well long story short, he told me he wished he could have spent the night with me instead but I was busy with Richard – or was it Jeff?” She was lost in thought and I rolled my eyes playfully. “Whatever,” she dismissed with a wave of her hand. “After that he just kissed me.”

Hmm, Go Ryker. “I’m really happy for you, Chels,” I said. “I told you it would work out.”

She laid her head on my shoulder and draped her arm around my waist. “I never asked about the boy you were with at the club,” she said as she lifted her head upwards to catch my gaze. “He was really cute and you guys looked real hot and heavy when I saw you.”

I chuckled at her words. “He is really cute,” I agreed. “We just danced…made out a little but he wanted to take it back to his place and…” I blushed slightly in embarrassment.

“Hey,” she leaned upwards and tugged me closer. “I think it’s great that you’re saving yourself from the right person.”

I smiled at her, “Thanks, Chelsea.”

“No problem,” she gave me one last reassuring squeeze before getting up. “But I better be the first person you tell when you finally do it and I want all the details.” She winked before escaping out of the room and closing the lights in the process. I smiled to myself and shook my head as I placed my head against the pillow and hoped for sleep to come.


The next time I awoke it was past one in the afternoon and my eyes almost bulged out of my head when I saw what time it was. I haven’t slept in that late in – Well I couldn’t even remember. The curtains on the window were fully closed and the house was once again quiet. Sighing to myself I threw my legs over the bedside and grabbed the robe that draped over the edge of the bed and placed it over my body.

I checked my phone to see a message from Chelsea who told her she was heading to the beach with Ryker and Demi was at the store. I made my way out of the room and down the steps to get myself a cup of coffee. At the club Demi decided that we would stay at the beach house till Thursday and spend the last few days of vacation in Vegas. I found my way to the kitchen and grabbed a mug from the cupboard and pushed it under the coffee maker.

“Hey, Pocahontas,” Justin greeted as he stepped onto the tile floor with his clothes he was wearing when I got home last night. “I have yet to meet someone to sleep past me until now.”

I yawned and took a seat on the stool. “It was a long night.”

“Or you just don’t want to admit you’re lazy,” he smirked as he sat on the stool opposite me.

“I am not lazy!”

The appliance beeped and I stood to grab the warm mug. I brought it to my lips and inhaled the sweet smell but after taking a sip I noticed that it wasn’t as good as the one I had yesterday morning that Justin made.

“Lazy,” he mumbled and I rolled my eyes as I moved back to my seat and moved my fingers through my thick hair. I noticed his eyes were on me and I started to feel slightly self-conscience. I was well aware I wasn’t the nicest sight to see right when I wake up.

“Stop staring at me.” I demanded in a soft tone as my finger circled the rim of my cup and he smirked.


What kind of question was that?  “Because,” I responded lamely just making his grin broaden.

 “Cause I make you nervous?”

“You don’t make me nervous,” I corrected as I took another sip and avoided his gaze. “We’re friends, why would you make me nervous?”

He shrugged and lifted himself onto his feet and moved around the island so he was right beside me. Knowing Justin had the tendency of surprising me, I didn’t know what to expect. His smirk was no longer evident on his features and his hands rested on each side of me and onto the stool. He turned the chair so that I was facing him and I could feel my breathing go irregular but I wasn’t going to pull away. He had a hold on me and I didn’t mind.

He removed his hand from the chair and gently reached out and tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear. Everything about the moment felt slow and elating. Finally after a moment of his hazel orbs staring into mine, he whispered, “Because you make me nervous.” Then as if he hadn’t done anything at all, he walked away.

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