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ultimate dragon age meme || one non-companion NPC [½] ¤ Scout Harding

Sleiter was ambushed and overwhelmed by bandits and might have died if not for the timely intervention of Lace Harding, who rescued Sleiter with two well-aimed stones from a sling. Her family mabari ran off the remaining three bandits. Harding and Contessa (the mabari) escorted Sleiter back to the forward camp, followed at a distance by the small herd of ambling sheep that belonged to a neighbor of the Harding family. Once there, she requested a map, which she proceeded to fill out with helpful details, most notably known bandit hideouts and ambush points. Map completed, Lace Harding took her sheep and returned home.

Actually, Grog

Can we take a moment to appreciate the hell out of Grog’s character development every since they fought Craven Edge for his soul? Because since then, 

  • he’s stood up to someone who was essentially his abuser for a chunk of his life; 
  • he’s given some hell-a impressive speeches on the nature of leadership and what makes a person worthy of respect (I’m looking at you, Kevdak arc); 
  • he’s given comfort to Keyleth about her grudge against Raishan, and pledged to stand with her and to be there for her; 
  • he’s reflected on the nature and value of family and he’s internalized the worth of those around him; 
  • he’s also taken steps to try to better himself and to learn as much as he could (in the cutest and most heartbreaking scene that Critical Role has given us in a while)

Short version: Grog is growing and maturing and it’s lovely to watch. It’s almost like a combination of Craven Edge and his fear of being accepted back into his Herd and what it means to be a Goliath were holding him back from being the best person he could be. Now that he’s been accepted back, now that he’s been given clear examples of how brains are totally a good thing and can compliment brawn (Zanror), he feels confident enough to let it show and to get more.

Short short version: I love my goliath son and just want him to be happy. And learn how to spell his name. 

Have some baby dinosaurs.

liatai answered your question “Yup, we have officially hit springtime here in Finland. There’s still…”

Who are the youngest members of the Herd, both two-legged and four-?

A baby portrait of the herd’s two youngest members couple years back. Small Dot still a fuzzy little hatchling and Spring Brook, who’s slightly older, but still adorably fluffy. By the time of the actual project, Small Dot has lost (at least most of) her baby fluff, but I just wanted to draw a fluffy baby ceratopsian.

Bus drive

Ok so we came back from our school skiing trip, we had to drive about 4 hours (🇨🇭) So I am a person… That has to pee very often… So I had to pee.. At about ½ of the way. 2 hours ahead, I couldn’t hold it in for that long. So I asked the teacher. (OH AND IT WAS IN 6th GRADE MIDDLESCHOOL, I WAS ONLY 11 YEARS OLD!!) He just said: “Hah!! I knew it! I tould everyone to use the bathroom before we leave!” Me: “But… I did that…” Asshole Teacher: “Well then, you don’t need to use it.” THE BUS HAD A FUCKING TOILET OKAY?! I got really mad and got back to my place. Everyone herd our conversation.. and you know, children can be assholes. So they started mocking me and laughing at me. Then I went to the teacher again and asked him again, if I could use the toilet in the bus. He got mad (He was very old for a teacher, about 59, he only had one class until he could be retired) So he started talking VERY loudly and said things like: “You’re just like a monkey, go back to the zoo you monkey! (???!) ” Or things like: “Maybe you can be a little princess at home, where your parents spoil you.” (!?!? 11Years old!?) So i sar bak down and .. started crying. Of course everyone made fun of me and for the rest of the year i was the girl: Peepeemonkeyprincess.
Later, I asked AGAIN. He started shouting at me and said if I didn’t stop, he would just kick me out of the bus right here. (I was 11 years old I didn’t have a phone with me and of course I didn’t know how to come home.) So later, we arrived, I ran to my mother crying and told her everything (the parents were waiting for us) The father of my best friend heard it, he was a kickboxer. He got so mad, that he went up to that teacher… And literally boxed him into his face.
He got a lot of trouble later on.
So a few days later, the rector of the school got me out of class. Apparently that teacher was the main and most important teacher. I didn’t give a fuck. The teacher was punished and I got 50 bucks.

astro trimming the christmas tree


  • loves tinsel too much
  • spends more time “fixing” ornaments other people hung than hanging his own
  • when they went to get the tree he tried to convince them to get one that was 12 feet tall
  • “hyung that won’t fit in our dorm”
  • “shut up it would look great”
  • skimps out on decorating as soon as he runs out of tinsel to throw
  • says he’s gonna make hot chocolate for everyone, scalds the milk and has to let eunwoo come rescue it


  • ends up being the one lugging the tree from the lot to the car and from the car up to the dorm
  • somehow ends up in charge of the lights
  • gets them more tangled than they were when they pulled them out of the box
  • but the time he gets the lights straightened out all the members have gotten distracted and he has to herd them back to the living room
  • really careful when he puts ornaments on the tree and positions them just so
  • suggests doing popcorn strings, gives up on putting the popcorn on the strings after trying for like two minutes and it being harder than anticipated


  • puts the star on top of the tree at the very end
  • is in charge of putting ornaments on the top part of the tree bc he can reach and isn’t gonna break the ornaments on accident
  • sits in the living room on the floor and strings popcorn while jinjin untangles lights
  • sings english christmas carols to himself, tries to teach the others the words but eventually just lets them make noises as backing while he sings the right words
  • splits ornaments into piles so all the members have a relatively even amount to put up
  • the only one that can remember where they put the decorations from the year before, has to be the one to dig them out in order for the decorating to start


  • sits with eunwoo while jinjin’s untangling lights, eats more popcorn than he strings
  • makes comments about jinjin and mj’s heights when they start hanging ornaments, gets swiped at by both of them
  • has ornaments that are His and His Alone and if anyone else tries to hang them they will face his wrath
  • the one that actually turns on music so that they have more than just their weird noises and eunwoo’s words
  • spends a lot of the time sitting on the couch, complains that there are no good spots left for his ornaments when he finally gets up to hang his
  • secretly just enjoyed watching the members have fun decorating


  • started helping jinjin untangle lights, got distracted by helping sanha find a pair of scissors and never returned
  • climbs on bin’s shoulders to hang ornaments on the top of the tree
  • gets distracted by dancing to the christmas music
  • isn’t allowed to have tinsel bc he had more fun throwing it on people instead of the tree
  • a decorations snob, will relocated ornaments if there are too many of one color in one section of the tree
  • puts the completed strings of popcorn on the tree
  • the Most Extra when mouthing the words to mariah carey’s ‘all i want for christmas’


  • accidentally breaks at least two ornaments
  • is safely distracted by being tasked with making paper snowflakes
  • makes so many snowflakes. so many. tapes them everywhere in the dorm. everywhere
  • (also tapes them to members, times how long it takes them to notice)
  • gets fussed at for eating the popcorn they’re supposed to string (points out that bin is also eating it, gets ignored)
  • is more excited about decorating cookies later in the day than he is putting things on the tree
A Collection of Superstitions

***Please note some of these directly contradict one another, as is the way of folklore and superstition.***

Denotes or causes good luck…

  • Getting pooped on by a bird.
  • Finding a horseshoe.
  • Finding a four-leaf clover.
  • Treading in cowpat.
  • Wearing clothes inside-out, but you can’t change it until you would normally remove the item, or the good luck is nullified.
  • Finding a cricket in the house.
  • Meeting a black cat, especially one you know. (Only path-crossing black cats cause bad luck.)
  • Touching wood, especially to protect good fortune that has been mentioned from being ruined. For example, touching wood whilst/after saying “The whole family is healthy,” or “If he gets the job”. 
  • Nailing a horseshoe above the door, though the points must face up or the luck will “run out”. 
  • Seeing three butterflies together.
  • Seeing a ladybird. The richer the red and greater number of spots, the better the luck.
  • Carrying an acorn.
  • Wearing clothes back-to-front.
  • Meeting a herd of cows on the road.
  • Pictures of elephants that face the door. 
  • Leaving an open pair of scissors beneath a pillow (please be careful).
  • Seeing a hearse.
  • Catching falling autumn leaves.
  • Meeting a chimney sweep by chance.
  • Saying “white rabbit” 3 times as your first words of the month.
  • An itchy right eye.
  • Keeping clover in the house.
  • Breaking a glass or dish.
  • A frog entering the house.
  • Lifting your feet whilst driving over railway lines.
  • Sneezing at the same time as someone else.
  • Wearing new clothes on Easter.
  • A black cat walking towards you. 
  • “Find a penny that lays heads up, all day long you’ll have good luck.”
  • Using a new broom to sweep into the house before you do anything else with it, will also sweep luck in. 
  • If the first butterfly you see in the year is white, the whole year will be lucky.

Denotes or causes bad luck…

  • Friday the 13th.
  • A black cat crossing your path.
  • Opening an umbrella indoors.
  • Rocking an empty rocking chair.
  • Peacock feathers indoors.
  • Walking under a ladder. Reversing back through it undoes the bad luck. 
  • Empty bottles on the table.
  • Putting new shoes on the table.
  • Spilling salt. Throw a pinch over the left shoulder to dispel this bad luck.
  • Breaking a mirror gets seven years. To dispel it bury the pieces outside, or run them under a stream.
  • An itchy left eye. 
  • Killing a ladybird.
  • A single jackdaw perching on a house.
  • Seeing a hearse, hold your collar until you see a 4 legged animal to undo the bad luck.
  • Entering a building left foot first.
  • A black cat walking away from you. 
  • Passing someone on the stairs.
  • Starting a task on a Friday you can’t finish by the end of the week. 
  • Getting out of bed on a different side than the one you got in on will make you unlucky until you return to bed the next evening. 
  • Lighting three cigarettes with the same match.
  • If you have been given a container of food (plate, tub etc) it must not be returned home without some new food in it.
  • Patching clothes whilst wearing them.
  • If you borrow salt, it should be paid back with sugar, or bad luck will follow you. 
  • Bees should always be told before they are moved, not doing so may cause bad luck. 
  • New money containers, like wallets or purses, that are given as gifts should always have a little money in when they’re given. A penny is traditional. Not doing so would give both giver and recipient bad luck. 

Ward off evil or bad luck by…

  • Crossing fingers.
  • Spinning seven times in a circle, clockwise.
  • Touching wood, as above. 
  • Spitting three times over your shoulder. Some people just say “spit-spit-spit”.

To get a wish…

  • Blow out all birthday candles with the first attempted breath.
  • Hold your breath all the way through a tunnel.
  • Catch a clock at 11:11.
  • Kiss a necklace clasp that has fallen round to the front before moving it back to its proper place.
  • See a chimney sweep, but you must have met by chance. Arranged encounters are cheating!
  • Make it in a bed that has never been slept in. 
  • Two people wrap their little fingers around opposite ends of a wishbone. Each should silently wish, and pull it apart; whoever gets the larger piece should get their wish. 
  • Swallow a whole chicken heart.
  • The first robin you see in spring can be wished on, but you must finish the wish before the robin flies away. 
  • Burn onions whilst you wish.
  • Do it on a shooting star: “Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight.”
  • Sneeze, but only once!

Death and The Dead

  • Crows carry the souls of the dead. If one perches near you, take the chance to say goodbye to someone who came before. 
  • Out of respect, hold your breath if you are passing through a graveyard.

Health and Wellness.

  • Don’t turn a new loaf upside down after cutting the first slice, someone in the house will fall ill. 
  • “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 
  • Carrying an acorn will ensure longevity. 
  • If you are interrupted making the bed, all sleeps between those sheets will be restless. 
  • “If you wish to live and thrive, let the spider run alive.” 
  • Cross yourself if an ambulance passes you, saying ‘God between harm and me and mine’ to protect yourselves and your family.

Dreams and Nightmares

  • A horseshoe in the bedroom keeps away nightmare.
  • If one has a realistic dream, it will come true if mentioned before breakfast. Use this as you will. 
  • Share a pillow with a dog and you will have the same dreams.

Marriage and Romance

  • If you start making a bedspread or quilt, you will not find a successful romantic relationship until it is finished. 
  • Having your feet sept with a broom will prevent you from ever marrying.
  • Sewing a swans feather into a husbands pillow ensures fidelity.
  • A single woman who sits with the corner of the table pointing at her will never marry.
  • A bride who goes to the altar with salt in their pocket will always be happy. 
  • If you don’t sweep the house properly, you will have a bald husband.

Friends and Conversations

  • Don’t say goodbye to a friend on a bridge, or you will not see each other again. 
  • Running into a spider’s web means you’ll meet a new friend.
  • Crossing knives or spilt pepper causes arguments.
  • “Stir with a knife, stir up strife.”
  • If walking as a pair, splitting to walk around opposite sides of a pole will cause an argument, unless you both say “bread and butter” afterwards.
  • If your ear itches or burns, it means someone is talking about you.
  • Biting your tongue when eating means you’ve recently lied.
  • If a knife is given as a gift, it will sever the relationship between giver and recipient. To prevent this, the knife can be bought with any small coin. You can even give the person the money to give back to you!

Money and Material Things

  • Itchy right palms predicts coming money, whereas itching on the left palm suggests you’ll lose some. 
  • Ants building a nest near your door means financial security is in our future. 
  • Seeing a spider spinning a web means you will get new clothes soon. 
  • A bee landing on the hand fortells coming money. 
  • Several jackdaws landing on a house means money is coming. 
  • A small spider dropping onto you means your finances will improve.
  • Keeping black-eyed peas and change in your pocket on New Years Day will mean all your needs will be met during the coming year. 
  • Wearing clothes inside out means you will get beaten up, it’s viewed as easiest to let a friend lightly hit you to see the prediction as met. However, if the friend who swats you is younger than you, they must then pull on your shirt or skirt 3 times, or you will never marry.

House and Home

  • Bringing an old broom to a new home will bring any strife and all limitations of the old home with you. Always throw them out and buy a new one. 
  • Growing ivy on a house or placing salt on the doorstep prevents evil from entering it. 
  • If you break a glass or dish, you will inevitably break a second by the end of the day. It’s often seen as best to break something small or unimportant to fulfil the superstition.


  • Knitting one of your own hairs into a project binds the recipient to you.
  • Sewing left unfinished on New Year’s will stay that way all year. 
  • An unfinished project brings bad luck to the intended recipient.  
  • When making items in pairs (like socks or gloves) the second must be started immediately after the first is finished. 
  • If you break a needle making a garment, you will live to wear the garment out. 
  • If you pause a project during the first step, like the cast-on row of knitting, you will never be able to finish it.

Messages, Travel and Visitors

  • Itches on the sole of the foot mean a journey approaches.
  • A bee, hen or rooster entering the home is a sign there’ll be a visitor. 
  • A bird flying into the house means an important message is coming.
  • To prevent an unwelcome guest from returning, immediately after they leave sweep the room, sweeping everything out of the door. 
  • Seeing a spider run down a web in the afternoon means you’ll take a trip. 

Knowledge and Tests

  • If you find a spider in your home, collect and carefully release it, you may ask it one question. Expect an answer to come in a week. 
  • If you use the same pencil to study and take the test, the pencil will remember the answers.

Fae Folk

  • Clover will protect a person from faeries. 
  • Keeping iron or silver on your person will stop you being taken by the faeries. 
  • A lone tree in the middle of a field is a faery tree. You should bow to show respect to the tree and the Folk, especially if you wish to shelter beneath it.
  • If you run anti-clockwise around a church 3 times, you will be taken by the Folk.


  • As per the children’s rhyme, magpies indicate certain things coming into the life. “One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, never to be told. Eight for a wish, Nine for a kiss, Ten for a bird you must not miss.” This tune does have variations.
  • Following on from the above, there are several ways to nullify the sorrow that lone magpies predict: Salute them, doff your hat, blow a kiss, say “Hello Mr Magpie, how’s your wife?/how’s the wife and kids?”, “Hurry, run away and find your mate, Mr Magpie.”
  • Crows also have a counting rhyme, “One’s bad, Two’s luck, Three’s health, Four’s wealth, Five’s sickness, Six is death.”
  • Sneezing also indicates things; “Once for a wish, Twice for a kiss, Thrice for a letter, Four for something better.”
  • The day you find the fist flower of Spring also has meaning! “Monday means good fortune, Tuesday means greatest attempts will be successful, Wednesday means marriage, Thursday means warning of small profits, Friday means wealth, Saturday means misfortune, Sunday means excellent luck for weeks.”
  • A bee landing on the head means the person will rise to greatness. 
  • Dropping a comb whilst using it indicates future disappointment. 
  • 13 should never dine together, or the first to rise will be the first to die.


you know in anime where there’s the one, “this guy was mean but then I saw him help a kitten and now he seems so nice” pretty boy?

that’s fucking mako

except instead of helping a stray kitten it’s him breaking into a slaughterhouse and herding pigs into the back of a rescue van before punching the owner out


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“Let him go.  Please, if you let him go I - I’ll.”  You paused, tears clearing a path through the dirt that was caked to your face.  “I’ll be your wife.  If you just let him go.”  There was the sound of a scuffle behind you as Daryl shoved against Dwight, trying to get to you only to be pushed backwards once again.

Negan broke out into a wide grin, a deep chuckle raising from his chest.  Slowly he stalked towards you; gloved hand reaching out to caress the curve of your face.  You were vaguely aware of Daryl yelling something before Dwight lashed out at him.

“Pack him up.  Ship him back to Alexandria.”  Dwight started herding a struggling Daryl back into the hallway, pressing the cool barrel of his gun into Daryl’s temple when he tried too hard to break away.  “You and I, little lady, are going to have some fun.”

Requested by @lucky-rick

Torterra practically has a whole ecosystem on its back. It grows trees, moss, and bushes; small pokémon build nests and sometimes spend their whole lifetimes on Torterra’s back. According to the pokédex, herds of Torterra are mistaken for “moving forests”, and that’s fairly accurate.

So how, and why, does Torterra do this? A close relationship between species, like the organisms thriving on Torterra’s back, is known as symbiosis. This kind of relationship benefits at least one of the species involved. 

Sloths in our world have a relationship similar to Torterra’s. Sloth fur is long, thick, coarse, and slow-moving, making it an ideal environment for species to live. Algae, fungi, moths, beetles, and cockroaches all commonly make their homes in the fur of a sloth. 

The sloth gains the benefit of camouflage: the green color of the algae and fungus help it hide among the trees that it lives in. The small organisms get shelter, water, and safety. 

The interesting thing is that the type of algae that grows on sloths, Trichophilus welckeri, only grows on sloths. This algae is not found anywhere else in nature besides on sloths’ backs. Biologists theorize that this is because this algae needed that kind of environment to evolve and grow: the sloth and the algae evolved together.

This fits Torterra rather well; the plants on his back grow starting on young Turtwigs. It may very well be that the plants and trees on Torterra’s back are only found on Torterra’s back. They have a co-evolutionary relationship like the sloth and the algae.

The tree benefits by getting nutrients and water from Torterra, and it also no doubt helps transport the tree’s seeds around, particularly to other turtwig. The fact that Torterra moves also might be beneficial to the plants: it doesn’t have to worry about dry seasons or cold seasons, since Torterra would migrate to avoid those, too. 

Torterra, in turn, gains camouflage. It also gains an easy food source: tortoises are herbivores, and so if they can’t find food elsewhere there’s always a supply on their backs.

The small pokémon that live on Torterra gain shelter, protection, and food from the small ecosystem. They might help Torterra by eating pests or parasites, or by helping the natural processes that make the tree grow well.

In any case, it seems to be a good situation for most if not all of the pokémon involved. The giant Torterra hosts a variety of plants and animals on its back.

Torterra has symbiotic relationships with all of the plants and animals that live on its back. Torterra benefits from camouflage and food, and the rest gain shelter and protection.

So Matt said that it would take about a month of downtime for Grog to learn how to read/write like a kindergartner, yeah?

So imagine after the Conclave falls, they finally get some rest. They pop between Whitestone and Emon, spending a week or so in each city before returning to their other home. 

A primary school has been established in Emon, and one day Grog is walking along on his way to one of the dozens of construction sites. He passes by the school, and sees a little boy crying while walking home. He asks the kid what’s wrong and the kid says he was being bullied by the bigger boys for not wanting to kick a cat that passed through the playground that day. 

Grog of course flashes back to being kicked out of the herd for not wanting to kill Wilhand, so he tells the kid to describe the ones bullying him. The next day, he rolls into the playground in his finest badassery and finds the bullies. He gathers all the kids around - some of the teachers are concerned but the head teacher recognizes Grog and lets it happen - and makes the bullies stand in the middle.

The bullies are of course scared shitless, and the kid is worried about what he just started, but Grog doesn’t do anything. Instead, he gives a long lecture about mercy. He tells them about how, after all the hurt of the dragons, the most important thing is to be kind to one another and help each other up. He tells them not to emulate the dragons, but to emulate Lady Cassandra of Whitestone, who took in refugees when her own city was hurting, or Kerr the Blacksmith, who rose up to lead a community of peace, or Wilhand the Gnome, who all but adopted a young man he logically should have feared. He tells them that life needs things to live, and that those things are brotherhood and kindness. 

The bullies are suitably shamed, and after the lecture Grog lets the kids rope him in to playing with them. At some point, the Grog gets to talking with the teachers, and somehow ends up revealing that he doesn’t know how to read. “What with all the adventuring and world-saving, didn’t have much time to keep up with my studies,” he explains.

And that’s how, much to everyone’s amusement, Grog comes in the next day as the very biggest new student in the classroom, and learns how to read along with his new lil buddies.


30 Days of Deity Devotion: Day 1: A Basic Introduction of the Deity

Cailleach Bheur

The Hag, as she is also known has taken a number of forms in Welsh, Manx, Scottish and Irish mythos. In Ireland she is the creatrix, the mother of the Fomorians and the being who laid the great stones at the hearts of the mountains in Eire. She strode across the country, a giantess with her basket of rocks, dropping them as she passed. She holds sway over the winter and the wilds, ageless and ancient, calling forth the storms to bring the cold as the seasons change.

Some say she does her washing in the great tidal whirlpools, and this is how she stirs up the air to bring the cold to the land. She has been seen astride the back of a giant wolf, or in the midst of a herd of deer. She has led hunters from their paths in the form of a rabbit in order to punish them for hunting without honor. She appears to the fires of such arrogant men to order them to leave her forests. Deer are her special creatures to protect.

It is said that it was she who taught Man how to harvest wheat, challenging them to best their skills in feats of harvest, always defeating them and cutting off their legs at their knees for the audacity of challenging her. This, until her daughter fell in love and aided a challenger into defeating her, for which she laughed and honored him. For this, during the harvests of Lughnasadh, the first man to finish his fields would make a poppet of the leftover stalks and toss it into his neighbors field. And so it would go, until the last man to finish his harvest would take the goddess of Winter home with him to host for the long cold.

The Hag is not a particularly beautiful or benevolent goddess, she aids what she sees fit. She abandons what she sees as useless. She is Wild and cold, cruel as ice and stolid as stone. She cares little for the worlds of men, though she keeps the wild places whole.

Dauntless: I Can't Stop (Part 2)

Eric x OC

Warnings: language, violence 

“So that’s it?” Peter whined as he followed me down the hallway, right on my ass. “We’re just going to herd some factionless back into their holes?”

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Funny Faces

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

As requested by anonymous: Reader has a wide range of powers and one of them is the ability to shield herself. On a mission somebody shoots at her and she shields herself but has the most startled expression on her face reader wasn’t expecting that and Bucky should be angry at the shooter but reader’s expression is too cute and funny. Reader gets grumpy because isn’t her big bad assassin winter soldier boyfriend supposed to be helping out on this mission instead he’s laughing his ass off

“Got your back, Cap!” You yelled as Steve ran towards the herd of Hydra agents. You metal bent the guns of the Hydra agents that were coming towards you. You then used your powers to lift the guns in the air and throw them to the side. You then used your teleportation powers to pop in and out from the agents’ point of view enabling you to knock them on their asses. 

An agent jumps two yards in front of you and shoots you. Startled, you immediately enchant a transparent shield to appear. Bucky comes from behind and shoots the agent down. You still have the started expression on your voice and Bucky can’t help but laugh. Your shoulder’s are pushed up thus forming a double chin and your eyes are wide. Bucky is cracking up.

“You look too cute, doll. Your expression is so funny!” He gripped his stomach as he bent over laughing.

Your shield disintegrated and you frowned, “Go do what you’re supposed to being doing, Barnes!” You shouted grumpily as you stomped past him. 

He followed you still giggling, “Aaaww.  Is my little troll doll upset I’m making fun of her?”

“No! I’m upset because you’re supposed to be helping me! Instead, you’re just laughing your ass off!”

You saw three Hydra agents coming your way. Bucky was ready to shoot at them, but you used your metal bending powers and made the railing come to life and tie them down. You continue to stomp away.

Bucky continues to follow you, “Looks like you can handle yourself, Y/N. I don’t need to be here.”

“Then why are you still here?” You asked harshly.

Bucky smirked, “Cause I’m hoping I get to see that silly face of yours again.”

You rolled your eyes and groaned, “You’re infuriating.” 

“And you’re adorable.” Bucky kissed your cheek and ran foward toward the five agents headed your way. God, why did you bad ass assassin boyfriend have to be such a dork?

I Thought You Loved Me

I set the plates down on the dinner table. I was making an anniversary meal for my boyfriend and me. We’ve been together for 2 years and it’s been wonderful. My boyfriend is Justin and he is the best thing that has happened to me.

I made sure I looked breathe taking just for him. I wore my favourite burgundy dress that was backless and came past my feet and hung onto the floor elegantly. My hair was up in a beautiful bun and my makeup was done to perfection. I’ve never felt this good about myself.

I set the last bit of food on the plates and lit the candles in the middle of the table. I stepped back and admired my work. I hope he likes it. I soon herd the door open and them slam shut. My nerves increasing to 100.

I walked into the living room to see it empty. I saw his shoes by the stairs so I made my way up and into the bedroom. I opened the door and saw Justin packing his stuff into a suitcase.

“What’re you doing?” I asked, standing in the doorway. My heart plummeting to the ground.

“I’m leaving” he replied, with no expression in his voice. “Why are you leaving?” I asked, my lip quivering slightly.

“Ok, listen. I just don’t like being in this relationship anymore. It’s boring. We don’t do anything. We don’t kiss. We don’t touch each other all because you to frigid to do anything with me” he spat, glaring at me.

“I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but just because I don’t let you kiss me or hug me, that doesn’t mean I am frigid. I am glad I didn’t let someone like you take that away from me because that would be the biggest mistake of my life. You want to leave, Fine!” I shouted, chucking his things at him.

“The fuck do you mean, it would be a mistake and stop throwing things at me!” he shouted back. I stopped but kept on glaring at him. “It would have been a mistake because you’re a dick. You’re leaving me because I don’t want to have sex with you. You’re pathetic. I hope your new girlfriend gives you everything you want.” I said, smiling sarcastically at him and slamming the door behind me as I walked away.

I sat on the couch in the living room, covering myself up with a blanket and watching my favourite show ‘The Vampire Diaries’. I was engrossed into the episode that I didn’t hear Justin’s footsteps walking down the stairs. I didn’t turn to look at him but I did hear him pick up his car keys.

“You’re not going to stop me then?” he asked. I turned my head to look at him. “Am I supposed too?” I asked, looking back at the television, my concentration elsewhere.

“I thought you loved me” he said, picking up his suitcase and walking out the front door.

“I thought you loved me too” I said before he closed the door fully.

Word Count: 544

Hey. I hope you like this imagine. I don’t know if I’ll write a part two but we’ll see. Enjoy:) p.s Sorry it’s short.


super fabulous ya lit meme (1/3)
three endings: a court of mist and fury by @sjmaas

Lucien’s metal eye narrowed, as if he could sense the lie.
But I looked up at Tamlin, and brushed my hand over his mouth. My bare, empty skin. “You’re real,” I said. “You freed me.”
It was an effort not to turn my hands into claws and rip out his eyes.
Traitor—liar. Murderer.

“You freed yourself,” Tamlin breathed. He gestured to the house.
“Rest—and then we’ll talk. I … need to find Ianthe.
And make some things very, very clear.”

“I—I want to be a part of it this time,” I said, halting when he tried to herd me back into that beautiful prison. “No more … No more shutting me out. No more guards. Please. I have so much to tell you about them—bit and pieces, but … I can help. We can get my sisters back. Let me help.”

Help lead you in the wrong direction. Help bring you and your court to your knees, and take down Jurian and those conniving, traitorous queens. And then tear Ianthe into tiny, tiny pieces and bury them in a pit no one can find.