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From a parallel universe: Footage of Eric Stoltz, the actor originally slated play Marty McFly in “Back to the Future” (1985).

Inside the baggy sweatshirt, Korey’s fingers gripped his future husband’s back desperately as they remained locked in a passionate kiss. Elliot moaned softly against his full lips as he grabbed the vampire’s hips & pulled his body in against his own. The commander had always served as such a huge distraction. He hardly remembered where they were or what they were there to do as the heat between them rose. 

Suddenly Korey pulled away, instincts taking over. He peered over the side, trying to confirm what he had heard down the dusty street. 

There’s two of them, Elliot pointed in the direction of the footsteps, keeping his voice low. Korey turned towards him with a proud smirk. What’s the look for?

Your senses are very sharp. You’ll be a quick learn, Korey chuckled quietly. I should’ve known you would be, honestly.

A look of confusion crossed the blond’s face. Why do you say that?

The commander shrugged as he considered how to answer the question. In his century of Wraith, he’d had a lot of time with new recruits. There were just things that he had learned through those experiences. You tend to follow your body before your mind, he finally responded. 

That didn’t seem to offer any sense of understanding to the new vampire. I do? he muttered. And you already knew that?

Of course, my love. Our own relationship is a prime example, he explained. When we met, you reacted immediately to the chemistry that you felt between us. Though you knew the risks, you followed your heart & allowed our love to grow. The way you felt for me kept you away from home the other night even though you were sure Otto would figure out why.

That’s a good thing?

It is, Korey laughed softly. It means you will follow your instincts & listen to your body. Everything else you can be taught but those? They’re invaluable tools, love.

Feeling flattered now by the commander’s words, Elliot couldn’t help but smile. I’m glad I have a good teacher.

Baby, I’m the best there is.


727. Back to the Future (1985)

Two of my favourite movies on two consecutive days? That’s the way to go!

Maty Macfly (Michael J. Fox) travels to the past thanks to a time-machine/car invented by his friend Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd). There he meets his parents before they know each other causing an alteration that could erase him from existence.

It’s hard to analyse a movie you’ve seen hundreds of times and that you know by heart. I think one of the main reasons it’s so appealing (to me, at least) is because the script works as a Swiss watch. Each line of dialogue, every little detail in each scene, however trivial, has a well-defined purpose. This may not be obvious the first or the second time you watch it but it allows you to watch the picture many times and always find new things - small details that went unnoticed but that give an incredible depth to the film (for example, it was not until a couple of years ago that I realised the thing with the two pines, that is after having been watching it regularly for over 20 years).

Another attractive aspect is the contrast between the American culture of the 50’s and the 80’s (music, clothing, cars). It also dismantles some myths about the young people’s change of habits. Ironically, it was a film that originally banked on the nostalgia for the 1950s but has ended up becoming an icon of the nostalgia for the eighties. In any case, it is a valuable time capsule of both eras.

And finally, there is the fascination that provokes the journey in time itself. I think we all have moments in our life that we would have liked to change and others we would have liked to witness. I guess the question “how were our parents when they were our age?” is a recurring universal doubt.

As I say, I never get tired of seeing this.

24th February 2017

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Word of advise from a fandom aunt (not old enough to be a mom, not young enough to be a sister), when you get anons that aren't nice, just delete them. It drives them crazy because they have to keep checking back to see if you answered.

Thanks fandom aunt! I will in the future, it was just something about my first anon hate that got me upset/angry and I just had to respond. This is super sweet of you ♥♥♥

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But have y'all seen Sana blow her fuse on Sixteen?! Poor Dahyun. She didn't mean to be late for rehearsal. Maybe that's why Sana is so loving towards her. She never got over yelling at her.

That was a wild ride honestly, that’s why I’m always saying that you shouldn’t cross Sana because when she gets mad, it’s frightening. I was really proud of her for standing up like that though, because by skipping rehearsal Dahyun and Tzuyu were jeopardising not only themselves but also Sana’s future, so she set them back in line and then their group went on to win that particular mission. What a Queen

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