back to the future tattoo


remember when i said that i wanted to design a back tattoo for Daren? Welp i finally did after all this months. He really likes black work tattoos so he got a huge one on his back lol He might have more tattoos in the future, for sure they will be back work, but i’m still thinking on them

Honestly it makes me feel so much better when I see staff and shops and restaurants with piercings and tattoos or other body mods because I know that the higher-ups and managers and such are less likely to be snotty twats who force their employees to cover up or take out something they love and paid for to express themselves in the name of so-called ‘professionalism’ and it makes me way more likely to go back there in future.

I had this oversized t-shirt with this awesome theme. I couldn’t just throw it away, cause I love it so much. So I cut its sleeves, its neck and made a knot. I think it works pretty well

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“Never allow anyone to define you” one of my favourite quotes. One I got tattooed after I started working as an apprentice hairdresser at the age of 19 cause my mum told me I couldn’t do it when I was 15 as it was a “women’s job” and only “gay men” wanted to be hairstylists and told me she would disown me if I did. You can try stop people from doing what they want or who they want to be… But in the end they’ll eventually find their path if that’s what they want!

Never allow anyone to define you!