back to the future drink

I can imagine woozi sitting in his studio with all the lights off binge watching 80’s sci-fi movies like back to the future and drinking a slurpee

Like a Movie || Junhui || Oneshot

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Genre: Oneshot, fluff, angsty-beginning

Word Count: 2404

Summary: What kind of boyfriend cheats on you with your friend? A shitty one, according to Junhui. 

Your phone rang for the thousandth time since you had started to sit on the park bench. You turned it around and glared at the glowing screen, cursing it for being so bright. Why was everything so bright in the world and you were the only one feeling like you were being swallowed by the dark? You turned your phone off and shoved it into your purse. You felt another wave of tears come up as you drowned further in your self-pity. This type of situation only happens in movies! This type of ridiculous, nonsense situation. Whenever you saw it in the theaters or at home, you’d always laugh and say “that’s dumb. It isn’t real. It would never happen to me.” But then it did. You blamed it on doubting. You decided, at that moment as you opened the second can of beer, that you wouldn’t doubt anything for fear it would come back and bite you in the butt.

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Pulling an Easy A

Title: Pulling an Easy A

Pairing: Simon/Reader + JJ, Josh and Vikk.

Word Count: 1,079

Warning: I guess PG 13 for sexual themes even though there’s actually no sex involved? Eh. (+ Swears.)

Summary: In the Sidemen house, a lot goes down. Pranks, pain - and just pure laughs. But this definitely takes the cake.

Author’s Note: I would like to thank whoever sent this in because I had so much fun writing it - like I was dying xD. Enjoy!

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I got tagged! ♡

So I got tagged by both @pixel-cat-1 and @loriloudblog!

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Name: Bot
Four letter word: Book
Boy’s name:  Bob (?)
Occupation: Baker
Something you can wear: Bodysuit
A food: Bread (I did just say I’m a baker, after all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Something you find in a bathroom: Bathtub
A place: Belgium
A reason for being late: Being too busy doing my make-up!
Something you shout: Be right there!
A movie title: Back to the future
Something you drink: Banana milkshake
An animal: Booby (It’s a bird species.)
A type of car: Blue car (?)
Title of a song: Be my guest - Gaitana

I don’t really have people to tag, so just do this when you see this passing and wanna do so! It’s real fun, so go ahead! ♡

Soulmate Number

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Suddenly, a number was the most important thing in everybody’s life.
It defined whether you would be happy or not, and there was a certain age where everybody wanted to find their soulmates and get married and have their happily ever after.
The only bad thing, was when you couldn’t find it.
And, unfortunately that’s exactly what happened to you.
25 candles in your cake and a couple shots later, you were nearly crying and feeling so emotional about your yet not-founded soulmate.
C'mon Y/N, it can’t be that bad” Lila shouted above the music.
Sure, you said that because you already have yours” Words left your mouth and you could barely feel anything. The number in your wrist became blurry but there was no way you could forget it. 20MB.
You had tried so much, but no one would have the same birthmark. And your happily ever after was nowhere to be seen.
All your friends were already married and/or expecting babies. Except for Lila, but she was nearly there.
Well, yeah but I’m not married either!
Lila, we both know Ashton totally wants to marry you, he’s just waiting.” You argued and Lila had nothing to do but blush.
Ashton came back, drinks in hand and smiling brightly to his future fiancee and best friend.
You knew Ashton since always, and admired him so much. The way he was so passionate about the things he loved and liked everything that had to do with nature. There was a moment where you had wished so hard that he was your soulmate. But we don’t always get what we want. You thought about him and your best friend Lila and you were right. They were meant to be together.
What’s going on, girls?
Oh, nothing Ash, we were just-
I’m just trying to convince Y/N that someday she’ll find her megabyte, so she doesn’t have to worry”  
A fake laugh came out of your lips, You were so tired of that joke. When you finally started to care about your numbers, everyone realised yours was just a way to shorten megabyte, and you couldn’t be more bothered about it.
“Aw Y/N. You don’t have to worry sweetie. You’ll find yours soon. ”
Shut up guys.
You felt a familiar touch and turned around to see your boyfriend Luke.
Hey baby” He placed a soft kiss on your forehead. You gave him a small smile. You knew you loved him but didn’t want to dream about it. Besides, there was no chance between you two.
When you met, everything seemed so perfect, you joked and had fun. But when you saw your numbers, everything broke. You thought he was the one and so did he, but while your wrist had a 20MB, he had a 25LB, after that, you always joked about how close it could have been.
But being in the lonely world it was, it was decided that you should stick together and ’date’ while you found your soulmates.
And the fact that one day he would find his and you would end up alone had you dying of fear.
Luke? Can we go?
A look of confusion was evident on Luke’s face but as soon as he saw how drunk you were, he didn’t think about it twice.
He took you to the hotel as fast as he could, because he said “C'mon Y/N, the party’s just getting started!”
You were trying to walk to the lift, but walking with heels while drunk was not a good idea. But you somehow managed to get into..
Unfortunately, a couple got in too. And they were kissing and touching like if their lives depended on it. You stood awkwardly on the corner waiting for her floor to appear, but something caught your attention. The blue-haired guy pulled his hand away from the girl and pressed the number of his floor. And that was enough.
His shirt showed his wrist and besides your blurry memories and headache, you saw the number.
Your breath itched and your heart sped up. You were about to say something when the doors opened and the couple quickly got out.
But even in your bed, with terrible hangover and Luke besides you, you couldn’t forget the boy and his number.
Because it was the same number you had memorized your whole life.

Dealing with Past Relationships

October 22, 2015

Honestly I’ve been having such a hard time, but it’s nice to have my thoughts written down.

Number One: Don’t “get over someone”, come to an understanding that you parted ways.

The thing about break ups that people don’t understand is that you never get “over” someone. Honestly I think saying “getting over someone” is selfish and a lie. When someone says they want to get over someone, they want to forget everything because they’re in so much pain. 

Number Two: Appreciate the memories because they were and still are beautiful.

In my opinion no experience should be regretted; no matter how bad or painful. Relationships are beautiful because of the moments. The moments you shared with that person should be treasured because at some point, those moments were the most important. Experiences shape the person you are today and I’m a huge believer on accepting one’s self.

Number Three: Also appreciate your ex.

I know that I have no idea what happened between couples, how they ended or what they went through, but like memories, your ex was important to you before and still should be in a way. If you’re in a relationship, you should be with a person who makes you grow into a better person and strive to be better. That person (whether you address them as the one that got away or that asshole that took you for granted) made you who you are; and you should love yourself before thinking about anyone else.

Number Four: LOVE yourself!

This is so important and I don’t think I can stress that anymore. You don’t need a relationship to be happy. No matter how sad you are, never forget that the only person you need is yourself. I know it’s hard to just suddenly lose someone who was a big part of your life, and that you can’t suddenly adjust to a new routine. Take time and remember that you only need yourself and soon enough coping with being single will be a lot easier.

Number Five: It does take time.

You or your ex could meet so many new people and maybe even a new partner but no matter what anyone says time is the only thing that will heal you, (kind of like when you’re trying to sober up). Let’s say you’re getting drunk off this one drink but you stop because you realize you’re going way over your limit. When you stop drinking, you don’t think, “Oh my god, I wonder if someone else is drinking the same drink i had”, no, you worry about yourself and try to heal yourself. 

Number Six: It’s okay to miss them.

If I continue with my drinking analogy, it’s okay to miss the drink, but you know you shouldn’t go back and keep drinking with the state you’re in. However, sometime in the future you may go back and drink that same drink again.

Number Seven: If you do rekindle.

Lastly, there are times when you and your ex get back together and it works out. People usually say that if it didn’t work out the first time most likely it won’t work out again. But there’s also the saying of meeting the right person at the wrong time. The only thing that I have to emphasize on is, don’t get back together after you just broke up. The reason is because after a break up you’re emotions are going crazy and you’re not thinking right, take some time before you get back into another serious relationship. Dating isn’t just to date; it’s looking for the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

So I hope this helped… even though no one’s going to read this. But basically what I’m trying to say is,breaking up is like getting drunk, it sucks but when you think about it, you were having fun and you might do it again sometime.