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~ SPN 12x11 coda ~

Dean’s head still throbbed by the time the [Lebanon - 13 miles] sign gleamed in the Impala’s headlights. The three cups of coffee at dinner had not helped to ease the pain, and neither had the four Ibuprofen Sam gave him once they got back to the car. Sleep – that’s what he needed now.

He rubbed his hand over his face, grimacing at the stabbing ache behind his eyes. “Want me to take over?” Sam asked, Dean dropping his hand to the wheel. He sounded concerned and rightly so. If Dean was being honest with himself, Sam should have been the one to drive.

But since when was he honest, especially with himself?

“Nah, I’m good.” He tightened his grip on the steering wheel when Sam scoffed. “Besides, we’re almost home.”

Dean could almost feel Sam roll his eyes. He scanned the shadowed turnoffs for the one that would lead them home. His inner autopilot told him that it was coming up soon, but the actual location was escaping him right now. Panic fluttered in his chest and he bit the inside of his cheek to keep from voicing his concerns. He could figure this out; he could remember this…there was no need to worry Sam.

“Dean.” Sam pointed off to the left side of the road. “Did you forget our turn?” He recognized it then, his anxiety decreasing a little as he slowed down and turned onto the gravel road.

It was not too long before they reached the bunker. Dean was relieved, if not a little overwhelmed, by the rush of memories flooding. Everything would be back to normal in the morning, probably…He just needed to sleep off the lingering remains of the spell.

“Go inside,” Sam said once Dean parked the Impala. “I’ll be there in a minute.”

“So bossy.” Dean slipped out of his seat and grinned back at Sam. He closed the car door and trudged to the front door, his keys jingling in his hand.

The muted sounds of a far-off TV greeted Dean once he was inside the bunker. He squinted, the florescent lights grating against his headache. The high-pitched ring of the TV led him to the study where he found Cas. He glanced over to the doorway when Dean cleared his throat. “Hey, Cas.”

“You’re back.” His brow furrowed as Dean staggered into the room. Little specks of light danced around the edges of his vision as Cas sat up on the couch. “Are you okay? Dean?” Dean nodded, his temples throbbing in protest at the quick movement. He must have winced, judging by the concerned tch of Cas’ tongue. Dean sat on the edge of the couch next to him and met his eyes. “What happened?”

“Witch. Lost my memory for a while. Now all I’ve got is this headache.”

Cas extended his hand, placing his fore and middle fingertips on Dean’s temple. The vice-like pressure vanished in a blink of an eye. Cas’ gentle touch lingered for a few seconds before he dropped his hand to the space between them on the couch. “Better?”

Dean moved to stand, happy to find that the world was no longer topsy-turvy. “Much. Thanks, buddy.”

“It’s what I’m here for.” 

Dean looked down at Cas who had gone back to watching TV, anxiety tightening around his chest. The mantra he had chanted to himself all day sprang unbidden to his mind once again. My name is Dean Winchester. Sam is my brother. Mary Winchester is my mom. And Casti – 

“You’re my best friend.” He blurted before the panic he felt earlier could settle in again. “You know that, right?” A tiny smile curved the corner of Cas’ lips as he nodded. “Promise me you won’t forget that.”

Cas glanced over, looking like he was about to make some sort of sarcastic remark. His smirk, slight as it was, dropped when he took in Dean’s solemn expression. “I promise.”

A sigh of relief loosened the anxious tension constricting his chest. Dean smiled as he headed for the door. “Night, Cas.” He paused when he reached the doorway, glancing over his shoulder to find Cas watching him. “See you tomorrow?”

“Of course.”

12.16 coda

“NO! Where are you?!”
“Cas, please listen-”

Finally, the other end of the line crackles with silence for the first time since Dean mentioned that Claire had been bitten by a werewolf. Looking back, he should have opened the conversation with ‘Claire is fine now but’. The silence lasts so long that he thinks maybe Cas just hung up, even though there was no beep.


From the other side, he can hear a weak sound and he pushes closer to the phone, as if that would somehow help.

“Dean, please tell me she’s okay… I can’t- I…”

“She’s okay. She’s okay, Cas. Fuck, I… Sorry, should’ve started with that. Turns out there’s a cure. She was back on her feet in no time, asked me to tell you not to worry so much and to stop texting her so many smileys. She was grinning and happy at the end. Still rebellious as hell, though. Skipped out on Jody to hunt secretly, told her she was seeing universities. Can you believe the lip on the kid? She’s worst than I was at that age. And I was pretty bad.”

At last, Cas laughs a little. It’s a small, wet sound but Dean grins slow, closes his eyes until Cas speaks again.

“She’s really okay?” The angel asks one more time, as if still unsure. Dean nods to no one at all.

“Yeah. ‘Course. I wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Cas, I… I wouldn’t have killed her. Yanno that, right? We’d have found a way.”

There’s a small sound, a sigh, Dean thinks. He wonders if Cas is doing the look - the one he gets when Dean says something degrading about himself, the one Dean knows he doesn’t deserve but makes his heart beat a little faster all the same. When the angel speaks again, Dean is sure his suspicions are true.

“Yes. I know. You are a good man, Dean. I apologize for my reaction, I was…”

“It’s okay,” Dean hurries to intervene, shaking it off, “you were worried. But Claire is fine.”

Another stretch of silence. Dean is used to it by now. This is always what it’s like talking to Cas, even in person. It’s a little weirder on the phone, since he can’t see all the little shifts on the angel’s expression, can’t read him - see a frown or softened eyes. But he’s gotten used to it so much that the pauses have become a sort of small comfort where he can amuse himself wondering what particular expression Cas is wearing while they speak.

“And how are you, Dean?”
Dean, somewhat already expecting the question, smiles softly. “I’m good.”
Another pause. He knows this one just as much as the previous one. Cas is waiting for more, probably tilting his head, phone and all. Dean smiles a little wider.
“We slept in a three stars hotel. Three stars!! It was practically the Hilton. They had bacon and eggs for breakfast. And even croissants. Croissants, Cas.”
“I fail to see the importance of that particular food item.”
“Of course you do. But trust me - if it has croissants for breakfast, that’s the kind of place you wanna be in.”
“I see. This might be useful in the future. Thank you, Dean.”
Dean chuckles, rolls around in his bed and buries his head against the pillow. He stays like that for a bit before he turns his head to speak again.
“I swam in the pool. Naked.”
“Was it an enjoyable experience?”
“You betcha.”

Cas chuckles on the other side and Dean grins before hiding his face again. Then, he hesitates, biting his lip. When he finally speaks, his voice is too low, too muffled by the pillow for Cas to understand.

“What? I’m sorry Dean, I didn’t get that.”

He is sure the angel is frowning confusedly and he picks at the sheets, hands worrying over them before he grunts and gives up trying to be cool about this. Finally he moves his head again, pushes the phone back tight against him.

“When are you coming back home, Cas?”
God, he sounds whiny and needy. This was a bad idea.
“I can’t. Not yet, Dean.”

Dean huffs, frowns, hits the button to end the call and rolls his face back into the pillow. His phone bleeps a moment later and he opens it to find a couple of messages and Castiel’s usual flood of seemingly random emoticons.

“🌻🌄 Dean ☀🌞”
“I’ll 🐝 there as soon as I can 😇❤”

As he reads, the phone beeps one more time, another message dropping in.

“Miss you 😥🌘☔”

Dean huffs, slightly angry for some reason but he types back anyway.

“Miss u too. Hurry back already.”

12.16 coda

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It feels wrong for some reason not telling Castiel that Claire shows up on their case in Wisconsin, but he’s been swallowing that bullshit about “giving people space” for months now and he’s trying to do right by her at least. Let her make her own choices. Besides, it’s kind of nice having her tag along. She’s a pretty cool kid.

He should have called the minute he figured out what Mick was up to. He knows he should have. But it all happens so fast with the bite and the cure and he’s too busy blaming everyone in that room for what’s happening to his - to Claire. His hand, his hand shoved that poisonous needle into Claire’s skin, he as good as killed her himself. “I need some air.” He yanks on the doorknob like he wants to rip Mick’s head off his body and and steps out into the cold night air.

For a minute all he can do is stand on the threshold, chest heaving. He’s frozen to the front step, a terrible ringing in his ears.

And then he hears another high-pitched, agonized scream. It scares him into moving.

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Telling Cas

Dean never says them back. The words.

He doesn’t whisper them when he’s got his forehead pressed against Cas’ after a long kiss he knows, he knows, he needed more than air.

He doesn’t pant them out when his face is buried in his pillow, Cas’ hand between his shoulder blades keeping him there, while the angel slowly draws his hips away only to thrust back in deep and hard, exactly how he knows Dean likes it. How Dean needs it. He does it like he wants to give Dean everything.

When Dean trails kisses, wet, sloppy, meaningful kisses up Cas’ thigh, he doesn’t murmur the words against the soft skin beneath him.

Dean doesn’t even say them when they part ways for a while because he’s got a case to work or Cas has a lead to follow.

But just because Dean never says the words doesn’t mean he never tells Cas how he feels.

Whenever they kiss passionately, after they’ve touched foreheads long enough that Dean has caught his breath, he gives Cas this look and it’s nothing but adoration.

Dean sends Cas pictures of cute animals- no, of the cutest animals- which means he regularly takes the time to riffle through what the internet has to offer, curating a string of photos just for Cas.

When Cas fucks Dean from behind, Dean chants, You’re everything. You’re everything. Cas, please. You’re everything.

There’s a tab for the American Bee Association on Dean’s computer that’s perpetually open. He still hasn’t figured out if it’s even feasible to raise bees in the bunker.

When Dean spends so long kissing his body, every inch he can get his lips on, cheeks flushed prettily and lashes fluttering, that Cas feels like the rain to Dean’s drought, the message is loud and clear.

Dean’s grin is wider than Cas has ever seen in it the first time he makes peanut butter cookies. He grumpily states that chocolate chip is the right way to go but well, whatever. His smile lingers as long as the aroma of the baking does.

When they part ways temporarily, either because Dean needs to work a case, or Cas needs to work a lead, Dean’s hand, wherever it is on Cas, linger and squeezes. Pads of fingertips brush against exposed flesh, before pulling away.

And Cas knows he is loved.

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12.17 coda

Cas hasn’t been picking up.

It’s not the first time something like this happened but Dean thought they were past this. They’ve been texting almost every day, talking at least twice a week. Now that he knows this version of Cas, he can’t take the radio silence.

It spooks him more than he lets on.

He tries again late at night, dials the number he knows by heart. Straight to voicemail. He knows it would happen, he tried just a minute ago, but the sound of Cas’ voice washes over him and he relaxes as much as his nervousness increases. At the beep, he sighs.

“Cas, buddy… where are you?”
His mouth is an ugly grimace, the lines on his face etched with concern even after he rubs his hand over his face. It’s not the first message and it won’t be the last. He should stop. He should. Still, his voice breaks.

“I need you.”

We need you, he should add - because plural is safer, less full of weight. Yet, for some reason, he doesn’t. Instead, he just swallows, calls Castiel’s name softly against the speaker as if the sound of it could summon the angel. But, just like the other times before, the line clicks dead. Cas doesn’t magically appear just because Dean is wishing it with every fiber of his being. So the hunter closes his eyes, puts the phone by the nightstand - as he always does when Cas is away. Just in case.

He’s drowning, deeper and deeper, pulled into the water by dark claws. He can’t fight it. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to anymore. All of the sudden, he’s pulled up, fast and hard and then all the water is gone. He’s dry, standing on his childhood bedroom, bright blue “I Wuv Hugz” shirt on. Cas. Cas is standing right in front of him. The angel looks down at his shirt quizzically, the twitch of his brow too accurate to be just a memory. Then, he looks back up, smiles, all soft and gentle before he steals Dean’s space and wraps tight arms around broad shoulders.

Dean doesn’t know what to do. He hugs back, closed fists against Cas’ back, but none of this makes sense and the realization hits him like a truck doing nighty on a freeway. He pulls back, eyes moist and full of hurt.

“I’m dreaming, aren’t I? You’re just a dream.”

The angel hesitates, his expression odd. He looks as if he’s considering the answer and it makes Dean think for a moment that maybe it’s really Cas, sneaking into his dreams. But then the angel nods, confirms his suspicions and Dean believes it - maybe because Cas needs him to. He wraps his arms around the angel again, anyway. Fictional or not, this Cas feels real.

“Come back to me,” he pleads to the phantom because if it’s just a dream he can’t be at fault for his own words. Cas frowns, he looks sad - like angel statues over cold stone graves. Too sad. Dean’s hand cradles his jaw and he presses closer, leans in until his lips brush Cas’ in a gentle kiss.

“I’ll wait,” he assures, “just… come back.”

At last, Cas smiles again and Dean can’t help but smile back. The angel pulls him in for another kiss but he licks it out of Dean’s mouth, all demanding and pushy, hard and bossy in that way he knows always has the hunter going a little crazy. So Dean melts into it, all soft, pleased noises, moaning into chapped pink lips, trembling fingertips dancing over Castiel’s nape.

He should be angry. He knows Cas is lying. His imagination, no matter how good, could never recreate Cas this perfectly. This is the real deal, probably neck deep into some new stupid ass decision. But Dean doesn’t say anything, just shakes his head and smirks into the kiss, pulling the blue-eyed little nerd closer still.

When he wakes up, hours later, the other side of the bed remains empty. Still, he feels a little better. Cas will come back.

He always does.


In the season finale, TPTB aired four flashbacks to the last scene in 5x10, the scene where Maggie and Sasha watch the sunrise. This scene is important as in the scene’s entirety, Maggie and Sasha witness the music box come back to life, as a symbolic stand-in for Beth. TPTB were careful in filming the second version of this scene, using the same setting and costumes.

Except TPTB weren’t subtle at all about Maggie having a different haircut, when they could have easily used a wig. This show is attentive to detail, so this can’t be an oversight or cheapness. They wanted the audience to notice that these scenes were filmed this season, specifically for this episode, rather than just pure flashbacks.

Furthermore, Maggie and Sasha’s friendship goes back to season 4. There were plenty of scenes to use, and it would have been more powerful to show a series of moments between them. It would make sense to use it as the last flashback, as it’s a peaceful moment, but four times is excessive. It definitely is our coda. Again we see Beth come back but only symbolically. To quote @bethgreenewarriorprincess: It’s not about then… It’s about now.

(Clips and screenshots below.)

(Maggie and Sasha at 3:08.)

(Maggie and Sasha at the beginning of the video).

(Maggie and Sasha at 2:36.)

(Maggie and Sasha at 3:16.)
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Were you taken from my rib? You must have been, or maybe I was made from yours. And God damn, I want it. I want back inside you.

[Coda to Not Easily Conquered.]


~ SPN 12x12 coda ~

Streetlights gleamed on the hood of the Impala and shone on the windshield as Dean drove past. He listened to the familiar purr and rattle of the old engine. Maybe he should tune the old girl up sometime in the next couple of days. 

You know…when he had the time.

Sam shifted in his sleep and Dean glanced at the rearview mirror to see if he was all right. As they passed under another streetlight, Dean caught a glimpse of Sam curling into the backseat like he used to when they were kids. 

His grip tightened around the steering wheel as his eyes found the road again. Cas let out a long sigh, distracting him for a second. Dean glanced over to find him staring out the window at the passing night.

“Everything all right?” Of course, it would not be, but… 

“No,” Cas said in an irritated sort of huff. Dean’s hands jerked on the wheel, swerving the Impala off to the shoulder. “Dean, no.” He corrected his turn and glared at the asphalt before them. “I’m fine. I feel fine.” 

Dean pursed his lips, looking back in the rearview mirror to check if Sam was still asleep. He was. “Don’t scare me like that, man.”


The only sound in the Impala for a couple of minutes was Sam’s quiet snoring. Dean tapped his thumb on the underside of the steering wheel, searching for the right words. “I…I thought I was gonna lose you.“ Again. He could not go through that again. He cleared his throat when he felt Cas’ eyes on him. “We, I mean.”

“I heard your prayer,” Cas said, softly enough that Dean thought he might have imagined it.

He had prayed – a desperate plea sent out to anyone who would listen. Dean did not remember what he had said. Rather, he remembered the feeling of Cas’ blood and sweat slick against his hand as he held him steady. He remembered the shuddered way Cas struggled for each breath. So yeah, he prayed.

“It was just your voice in my head. I couldn’t understand you exactly, though, since I was a little preoccupied.” Dean sniffed a laugh. “It was…comforting.”

“Yeah, well,” Dean’s eyes darted to the rearview mirror and back to the road, “you said you love – “

Dean’s voice caught and he gulped. He could not just say it outright. What if Cas had not meant it like that? Of course, he did not. Sam and Mom had been there as well and Cas had obviously been talking to them, too. It might have been different had it only been the two of them. Why…why would he… 

“You said you loved us,” he said, cringing at his repeated words. 

“And you called me devastatingly handsome.” 

Dean’s eyebrows arched at the smile in Cas’ voice. “That I did,” he said with an amused snort. He took his eyes off the road for a second to glance over at Cas, catching a glimmer of a smile in his reflection.

Smiling, Dean turned his attention back to the road.

As I get more actual sleep and decompress more and more from Hell Months at work the writing is slowly coming back to me! Slow and steady wins the race, right? I got another page done on Coda tonight. Aiming for a Sunday update, probably.

In depth analysis of Coda scene & Beth’s bullet theory

This may not be an original theory (TD is very thorough so I’m sure someone has discussed this before but I haven’t seen one post in particular that encapsulates all my thoughts/ideas) but these are my particular thoughts on the scene where Beth is shot in Coda. I may elaborate on this when I do a full rewatch in a few weeks, but I just wanted to go back to this particular scene. 

So today I rewatched the scene in Coda where Beth was shot, and as always when I watch it, there’s just something off about it. I focused my attention around the theories saying that Dawn was not the one who shot Beth. 

Obviously when watching this scene the first thing you notice are the angles. Plenty of people have discussed them in depth (and I won’t try to because I don’t know much about film, but I believe there is a use of dutch angles). I think the angles are important for two reasons: 1. because it distorts the view of the audience, especially since it takes play in a narrow hallway already, and 2. because it brings up the concept of angles in general, which I will get to in a little bit. When Beth approaches Dawn after she hugs Noah, you can see the Grady folks in the background behind Dawn, as well as Dawn’s gun IN her holster.  As Beth is about to talk it zooms in on her, she says “I get it now”, and it goes back to a view of Dawn and the Grady people in the background (where you can see some shoulder and arm movements in Dr.Edwards), then it goes back to Beth’s face where she then stabs Dawn, and then it goes to the view of Dawn, not being able to see any of the face or much at all of the Grady people, where her shoulder/arm moves (I would say disproportionately to the shot) and we only see her gun AFTER Beth has been shot. It’s made VERY clear where the wound on Beth’s head is, entrance and exit. Dawn’s face is in pure shock, she even blinks when Beth is shot as if she wasn’t expecting it, which would be odd if she was the one firing the bullet you think she would be prepared for it. After the camera focuses in on Rick, Noah, Sasha, and then Shepard (interesting?) Dawn shakes her head at Rick/Daryl and mouths “I didn’t mean -” and she is then shot by Daryl. After everyone grabs their guns Officer Shepard says “No, hold your fire. It’s over. It was just about her. Stand down”. I would like to note you can see a clearly effected Dr.Edwards enter in the background. 

My theory is that Dawn is not the one who shot Beth, and that the bullet was not intended for Beth at all. First let’s start with Beth’s wound. It just does not make sense that Dawn was the one who shot her because it enters near the top of her forehead and out the back of her head. There are TONS of theories on this so I won’t go into it much further, but I think this is where the angles comes into play. Because the scene is filmed at a distorted angle, not only are we confused as to what happens, but I think, as I mentioned earlier, it brings a focus on angles in general and how important they are. It’s not coincidence that this scene is heavily focused on angles. As the scene progresses, as I described above, in a short amount of time you see less and less of the Grady folks in the background in every shot we get of Dawn. If someone on the Grady side shot Beth, with the camera angles, there would have been no way we would have seen it. It also makes more sense that someone from the Grady side shot her, opposed to Dawn doing it, because of the gunshot wound entrance (it seems the angle of Dawn’s gone would have entered through her chin or at least not nearly as high as her forehead. GN KNOWS his stuff and I believe has too much talent to look over something like that. As for Dawn saying “I didn’t mean -”, many people probably assume she as going to say “I didn’t mean to/it” which would be her placing guilt on herself, but she didn’t finish what she said because she was shot so it truly could have been a plethora of things she was going to say, adding on to the fact that she seemed completely in shock, who knows what she meant. 

That leaves us with the question of WHO fired the shot. I’m going to do with the two people I personally think to be the most likely by what I saw. First, I think it could have been Officer Shepard. After Beth is shot there is a focus on three faces: Rick, Noah, Sasha, and Shepard. I think she was in interesting choice to focus on because if anyone you’d think they’d show Dr. Edwards because of his interactions with Beth. But they chose Shepard and the (in my opinion: guilty) expression she had. After Dawn has been shot and everyone’s guns are up she’s the one who speaks first, and I think it’s interesting that she said “It’s over. It was just about her”. I think many people would assume this means it was only about Dawn for Beth. I’m not so sure though. I think this could be a more personal statement. Maybe she meant, this was only about Dawn for her, and it’s sad that Beth was the one who got shot but ultimately Dawn is dead and that’s what she (and perhaps others in Grady) wanted, thus meaning she was the one who shot the first bullet. 

Another person I think it could have been was Dr.Edwards. Although he seems to be a relatively weak man in my opinion, his action and the random focuses on him in this scene are what makes me think it could have been him. During one of the times the shot was on Dawn right before she was stabbed, you can see his right arm moving - almost reaching back. It’s a movement that to me seems he could be reaching in his pocket for a gun (at approx 36:23). If he thought this moment was going to get dangerous, or if he simply wanted Dawn dead, this would make a lot of sense.

This is my take on the scene and me analyzing it from my eyes. Although there are other theories like this, I wanted to make one that encompassed my views on the it. What do you guys think about this? Please tell me your theories, ideas, and questions! @twdmusicboxmystery @bethgreenewarriorprincess @bethgreeneishopeunseen @bethgreeneprevails

Billie’s body disintegrated mere moments after Castiel’s speech, a small plume of smoke eradicating any idea that Death 2.0 was even there to begin with. No one said a word after that, too busy fully realizing the implications of what just happened in front of them. Cas basically killed death to save all of their lives… because he couldn’t bare losing them. It spoke volumes to Dean.

The past two months have been hell. The agent was right; isolation is one of the most surefire ways to get information out of someone. He’s been in this exact situation more than once, but that didn’t make it any easier. Not a day went by that he didn’t think about Castiel, Sam on the other side of the wall, or his mother, but as the days turned into weeks Dean found himself focusing more and more on the angel that he knew was feeling the same isolation he was. His words after breaking Sam and Dean out of their deal only cemented that.

They piled into the car silently, Mary and Sam in the front and Dean and Castiel in the back. That was when Dean finally decompressed the one thought that was going through his head after he’d made the deal with Billie to begin with. He’d gotten ‘till midnight to get out and to find Cas before he’d bite it for good, to tell him the truth, especially after knowing how Cas feels now. 

Slowly, Dean found himself sliding across the seat. He sucked with words, always had; actions counted better when it came to him. 

For his part, Castiel seemed to be thinking the same thing. He said nothing as Dean moved his hand to have Cas turn inwards, his back half resting on the backseat and half resting on the car door, his chest now facing Dean’s direction. Dean made sure to look into the blue eyes, conveying all he could in the looks’ they’d been trading for years. He’d just gone through nearly two months without someone else to hold on to. He’ll be damned to let that chance go now.

The car continued moving as Mary focused on the car, but in the back of the car, Dean positioned himself so that his back was to Castiel’s chest, one foot on the now vacated seat as Dean shifted his weight so that it connected with Castiel’s, Dean’s head finding it’s spot near Castiel’s neck. Neither said a word, instead each took in what the other was trying to say, what the other has been trying to say for the last nine years.

They stayed that way the entire seven hours it took to drive back to Kansas, but not before Dean felt Castiel’s arm wrap around Dean’s body: an acceptance.

Dean sighed quietly and closed his eyes. Sam and he had made it out. He’d made it back to Cas. 

He was home.

12.06 coda

Next time Cas is back for real!

Tim Hortons is no Biggerson’s. But the menu promises that the breakfast sandwiches are hot and that they come with bacon and that’s about all Dean can ask for right now. 

He does almost have a heart attack when Sam leans over to whisper, “Make sure it’s not Canadian bacon. We’re in Canada.”

He flags down the waitress and explains, in explicit detail, how he would like his bacon cooked.

Jody and Mary are still waiting in the car. The four of them decide to eat there, away from the noise and civilians. The somber mood of the funeral has still carried over somewhat, and admittedly Dean’s finding it a little hard to choke down bacon after smelling burning flesh all morning.

“So, I got there kind of late,” Mary says through a mouthful of biscuit - apparently not plagued by the same loss of appetite that Dean is. “What were the other hunters like, anyway?”

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Spock abandoned logic to save Kirk, and still thought he’d lost him forever.  When he gets Kirk back he’s a little…intense about it.

TOS Coda fic taking place right after The Tholian Web  

By Phyona (ao3

Kirk was just changing into his nightclothes when he heard his door slide open from an override.  He tugged a fresh black undershirt over his head, and stepped out of his bedroom with a scowl.

He wondered if Bones had come to check on him, as if he hadn’t spent enough time being injected and inspected within an inch of his life in sickbay.

“Who’s there?” The words were barely out of his mouth when he caught sight of his first officer, striding towards him with his head tilted down like a predator.  “Spock, what—“

His words were lost when Spock collided with his chest, gripping his shirt and forcing him backwards until he hit a wall. He grunted with the impact, the breath punching out of him.

Spock panted against his lips, his eyes dark and probing.  The Vulcan’s whole body was vibrating like he was under the “blood fever” again.  

He held Spock’s elbows and moved his thumbs back and forth in what he hoped was a soothing manner.

“Hey, hey…what’s the matter?”

“Captain,” Spock growled.


“You died.”  

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anonymous asked:

Hey! Just wondering the status of "Broken"? And I really hope this doesn't come off as demanding! Take your time please! Just wondering if it's been abandoned, as Coda got updated last Sunday and Broken didn't. Hope the work stress has improved and sending good vibes!

Hi, Anon, and no worries, it doesn’t come off that way at all! Thanks for writing, and I know my schedule has been out of whack. The short answer is no, Broken has not been abandoned! I’m also going to give you the long answer as a general writing update for my readers.

I recently took a few weeks off from writing due to work stress (and thank you, I am feeling better!) and got back into it a couple of weeks ago, starting with Coda as it’s the girlfriend’s Christmas present. 

Normally Coda and Broken alternate weeks because I don’t work on them at the same time (it’s too tonally jarring for me as a writer to try to shift my thinking back and forth between, for example, Broken’s Koh and Coda’s Anakin on a daily basis). So Coda gets worked on for one week and posted and then Broken gets worked on for one week and posted. 

Because of work and life it’s not always Sunday on the nose, but I try to get that week’s story posted within two or three days of Sunday.

Ideally, Broken would have gone up yesterday but it’s still in progress because last week the muse for my Vaderkin fic “A Walking Shadow” unexpectedly sauntered in with Starbucks in hand and said “Hey, are we finishing this thing?”. 

While I’ve had A Walking Shadow plotted out for a long time (it started last April and was supposed to get wrapped up last fall, to give you an idea), the sitting down and writing of the end stretch proved much harder than I thought it would and I haven’t updated since early January despite only having one chapter to go.

So when the rare unicorn muse for that fic showed up last week I knew not to argue and have almost 9500 words to show for it and an END to that story. Finally! (For Walking Shadow readers, it’s in the editing stage and will probably get posted sometime in the next week. Thank you SO MUCH for your patience!)

Getting back to Broken, I’m aiming to update this Wednesday night.

With Walking Shadow done, I should be able to get back into my routine of alternating weeks of Coda and Broken until they’re done. Then, if all goes well, I’ll sit down to plan and this summer I’ll start up with the modern Obikin Surgeon Ben/Veteran Anakin AU and canon-compliant “Obi-Wan and Ahsoka’s Wild West Adventures on Tatooine Protecting Luke Because I Want An Obi-Wan Movie Even If I Have To Write It Myself Dammit” story set between RotS and ANH.


So lately I had been thinking of this theory ‘Dawn didn’t shoot Beth’. And I admit it, I hadn’t believed it immediately. But today I watched this picture of Coda’s behind the scene, and everything make sense.

I’ve read a lot of post about how Greg Nicotero didn’t make mistake about make up and special effet, because he’s a professional. And it’s true ! 

Dawn “shoot” Beth from below. So if Dawn really shoot Beth we should see on this pictures, blood on her shirt and her neck. But all the blood is on her forehead and behind her head.

And this is why we didn’t saw Beth face after she getting shot. 

They just didn’t expect us to notice these details, especially in a few seconds of behind the scene. 

10 phone calls

1. “Jemma, I know we didn’t leave on the best terms, but I’m sorry and I love you. Call me back?”’

2. “Jems, it’s really unlike you to not answer calls. I hope you’re not too mad at me. Please call back, love.”

3. “Simmons, I know you always hated it when your boyfriends were clingy, and this might fall under the category of clingy, but please call back.”

4. “Jemma, I’m getting slightly panicked, because no one seems to know where you are. I’m working the director’s bloody rainbow system, but maybe you could just tell me yourself? Love you.”

5. “Darling, this is getting ridiculous. If you’re avoiding me, then that’s really quite immature, Simmons. Can we at least talk?”

6. I know it was wrong not to tell you about AIDA, but I technically couldn’t. If you want to be mad, can you verbalize that? I haven’t gone so long without speaking to you since… you know.”

7. “Jem, I nearly died at the hands of a man on fire, who says he got his powers from the devil, if you can believe that. So just in case you actually have any concern about my well being, you could pick up your bloody phone and tell me?”

8. “The director has me on a mission in a few, if you want to know. I’ll see you tonight, if you can get over your anger long enough to sleep in our bunk.”

9. “I love you Jems. Just wanted you to know. We’re dealing with forces we know nothing about, and I can hear you nagging me to be safe. Well, I’d like it better if you bothered to nag me over the phone instead.”

10. “Jemma, this is more dangerous than we thought. But I’ll come back, don’t worry, dear. I love you. More than anything.”

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