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CLEVELAND, Ohio – Amelie Dietrich loves the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” so much, she had a “Hamilton”-themed birthday party. The 12-year-old from Wickcliffe wrote creator Lin-Manuel Miranda a letter, telling him his work helped her get through middle school.

Miranda wrote back.

“I was super excited and basically in shock,” Amelie said. “He’s a really busy person.”

She spent a couple days writing her letter, prompted by the news that Miranda was leaving the show.

She talked about what the musical meant to her, why she idolized Miranda and how much she appreciated the message the musical sends. She accompanied her letter with pictures of her birthday party, including the cake with “A.Ham” underneath a star.

Amelie, part of Cleveland’s Singing Angels, said that her dream is to be on Broadway, and Miranda is a role model for her.

“(The show is) hip hop and rap and show tunes all combined,” she said. “Anybody from any race and background can connect with it … It’s amazing. I can just escape from the real world into that world.”

Elise said her daughter was overjoyed at the response, and that “Hamilton” teaches children about history in a way that lets them feel a lot more connected to being American and see the founding fathers as more relatable.

She added Miranda seems like a “joyful” person, talking about a story the family had seen about how he had received a cartoon from “Garfield” creator Jim Davis and how much that excited him.

“He’s somebody who puts a lot of love out into the world,” she said. “I think he knows how much something like that can affect a kid.”

“Hamilton” is coming to Cleveland’s Playhouse Square as part of the 2017-18 KeyBank Broadway Series. (x)

Here’s some happy news from Cleveland for you

(eta: yeah it is normal for him to answer fanmail, this is just so sweet and i need it right now. also. he answers his fanmail. responds personally. to all of it, afa i can tell. how amazing is that.)

Thank you so much, anon, @awinterborn and @fishyskeleton! <3 I try my best drawing her.

On another note: I apologize for the hiatus but it seems summer (especially July) always takes a toll on my mental health. It’s hot, humid and the subway tunnels are closed so the remaining forms of transportation are crowded like hell (and crowds easily stress me out if I’m on my own). Not to mention it takes noticably longer to get to work and home. At work it’s loud because the office beneath us is renovating… things just keep stacking. This picture took me a week to make (with reference, derp) because I couldn’t get myself to draw.

I had hoped it won’t last very long but my energy level is still pretty low. So I will take a few weeks off and try to relax as much as I can. I will only draw basic stuff, get back to the roots and practice what I had long neglected to (hopefully) get a bit better. If you want to see these studies I will gladly post them - otherwise I hope to return in August or September, whenever the weather decides summer is over, to draw more fanart, answer your messages and continue my own stuff.

I’m really sorry :(

Have a wonderful time, guys <3

He said he likes curvy girls!!

Hello, I’m Charly and from Jamaica. One fateful night I found your blog and you’ve nourished me with so much hope ever since. 

Today I got back from a Korean camp, basically what that is is a three-days cultural exchange program, where we learn dance, language, Taekwondo, try Korean cuisine, and play games. 

When I got there, I was shaking SO MUCH. Literally. I couldn’t even write my name and information properly at the registration desk because I was so excited (didn’t even eat this morning). The girl at the table was so concerned for my well-being. She said, “You’re shaking! Are you okay?”

Anyway, I registered and went into the room and was at the front of the class during the language session and from I got in, the guy who was leading that session wouldn’t stop looking at me. And I looked right back - such an attentive pupil I was. He was such a cutie too with like a bob hairstyle and he picked me when he wanted a volunteer to try saying “I like you”. Whenever he needed examples, he looked at me and picked the water bottle I had or the color of my blouse. That was cute.

So anyway, get to the dancing part and I was feeling the dance so much. The three persons they had leading that session are SUCH GOOD DANCERS, especially the boy. I caught him idly doing an EXO choreography (his name is Luke and we took pictures, exchanged Facebook names plus he loves the Jamaican dialect so we actually had a conversation in patois SO AMAZING).

Then one of the guys came up to me during the dance break and was like “You dance so well.” and he looked me up and down and we talked for a bit. Don’t remember his name but he was nice. 

Then came Ben. He is really a looker and my friend that went the first two days told me a lot about him and also told him about me so I told him and he just latched on to me. 

He asked me if I had a boyfriend and when I said no, he was surprised like “What! Why??” So when I wouldn’t answer (cause my answer to that question isn’t some simple reason) he was like “You don’t like guys?” So I said, “Yes of course I do! I love them!” and he laughed. 

Then I found out he had a girlfriend, which really didn’t matter cause he went straight into “I like Jamaican girls.“ 

"Pause…pause…say what now???”

And he gave me this really cute smile, “Yes I like them. Jamaican girls are so curvy. Korean women are so flat!” And he made the gesture too like a sharp hand drop. I almost died!

We continued talking for awhile about a BUNCH of stuff, he made me try on his glasses and even made me drink from his water bottle. It was almost too much. After that, he was just shadowing me and watching me wherever I went, although he continued doing his duties as the photographer. But whenever I went to sit with some of the Koreans, he flew right over to get in on the conversation and took more pictures with me and the group. 

We made a heart in one of the pictures and he was like “Please, please don’t upload this to facebook.” But I don’t post pictures anyway, I hardly even use facebook lol.

At the end I gave him and this girl a bracelet each from the bunch I had on my wrist because I really liked them.He was disappointed when I had to go and hugged me.

Wonder what he’s gonna tell his girlfriend about the bracelet when he gets back to Korea…if he still has it anyway LOL.

anonymous asked:

could you sum up comic con for us?


  • Yeah, so Joseph is precious as ever, always smiles so big when Klaroline is mentioned.
  • JP said at the TO panel that she has love plans for Klaus that she hasn’t told anyone yet, and that it may or may not include Caroline. But that either way, people were gonna be pissed, and others thrilled.
  • TVD’s trashiness is finally setting us all free, final season, with KW back in the writers room.
  • According to JP SC are best friends, and that he needs her to get through looking for Damon, or whatever.
  • PW said that it’s back to the original dynamic of the brothers.
  • Julie said the finale is for the most part figured out.
  • And then when asked about Nina said that she’s hoping to hold Nina to her promise about coming back for the final season.
  • So they know the end, but Nina’s basically a maybe? Defan is endgame, bye.
  • Julie also said faces will stick around bc she’s hopeful TVD ppl will show up on TO.

And that’s all i can remember, so it’s likely all I’ve deemed relevant to the cause, lmao.

Supernatural: Rick Springfield to Play Lucifer's Rock Star Vessel in Season 12

The devil you say! Rick Springfield has been tapped to raise hell in multiple episodes of Supernatural’s Season 12, as Lucifer’s latest vessel.

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After taking possession of Castiel’s body in Season 11, the fallen angel is “going to try out a few different vessels” next season, executive producer Robert Singer said during the show’s San Diego Comic-Con panel Sunday. “You need a really strong vessel like Sam, like Castiel… ”

Like the erstwhile Dr. Noah Drake. “The first vessel that [Lucifer] feels comfortable with,” Singer went on, “is a rock star who’s a little bit on the down side who’s trying to come back.”

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As an added bonus, if the vessel isn’t a snug fit, maybe Lucifer can sing “I’ve Done Everything for You” to his host — in his host’s hit-making voice.

Supernatural’s Season 12 premieres Thursday, Oct. 13, at 9/8c, leading out of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

What do you think of Springfield’s casting? Will you be tuning in expecting a hell of a good time? Hit the comments.

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Today on Pokemon Go:

Nothing too amazing or else I would have taken screen captures, but:

-Caught a few new pokemon: Staryu, Cubone, Poliwag and Omanyte (It was inside my house!).

-’Took back’ 1 gym. Basically both my gyms were taken over, but 1 of them was taken back by Team Mystic (which I am), so I put a pokemon to defend it and got my gym credit back. The other gym that I was defeated by was taken over by Team Instinct and their pokemon is too strong (1100 CP vs my best pokemon at 600CP). I’ll take over that gym soon enough.


I don’t mean to keep drama going, I really don’t. But, @thelayinlaycool I can’t believe you’re acting like this. You have done so much for the WWE, and you actually are talking so much trash about Nicole, and all the NXT kids. And I will be damned if I let you insult my work, or anything I have done. I worked by myself, traveled by myself, I have had my own back throughout the WWE. Same goes for Nicole, basically implying she only got to where she was by sucking dick, please. LETS NOT FORGET ALL YOUR LAP DANCES ON LIVE TV. Nikki got into the WWE without Cena, Brie got in without Bryan. John Cena didn’t win the Divas Championship, neither did Bryan. They got that on their own, because they are smart, sexy, and powerful. Please look in the mirror before you would like to judge someone and start silly things and rumors, because at the end of the day, although we all fight, being in the WWE with these women, it’s a sisterhood, it’s a bond. We celebrate each other. How you must have been retired for so long and forget all this is beyond me, but just do yourself a favor and shut up.

I’ve been following BBreddit this season and

They all really hate Da’ for some reason?? Someone made a post insulting everyone with Da’Vonne flairs and it got a lot of upvotes and it made me feel bad and not want to post there anymore. There was a thread about Da’ a few days back and it basically boiled down to:
A) She was mean to Tiffany in the goodbye video etc.
B) Her gameplay is overrated.

#1 her DR wasn’t that mean. it just wasn’t. it was kind of gloaty and extra, which is the worst you could say about it. there was no personal attack toward Tiff. She got a bit personal that one DR where she called Tiff a “cheap knock-off” and, sure, it wasn’t nice. But it was pretty tame for an insult and production probably encouraged her to be a little more scathing for entertainment.

#2 who cares? I mean it’s clear she’s not Vanessa nor Dan but she has some strategy and she’s playing to win. If I were to compare her to past players I would put her around the level of Mitch/Kaysar/Danielle Donato - she’s really not that bad.

anyways my point is I like Da’ despite her faults and also reddit is a negative place.

alright I’m coming back online. and my basic response to all the messages in my inbox: those celebrities were very wrong in their comments, but I don’t feel like it’s productive to immediately vilify them and I’m going to continue to be a fan of both Kate McKinnon and Aubrey Plaza.

please don’t message me any further asking me to explain what happened or whatever. I’m not gonna comment on what I don’t know about and any messages relating to anything are already posted. :)


I wanted to write something quick, but fun. So, here it is, a Zombie Apocalypse (short) story. Basically, it’s just an OC meme. I needed to pick out ten sims and you guys picked out the first four. The rest of the characters I chose were those I’ve been wanting to explore more of and haven’t had the chance to, or new characters all together. So, here are our unlucky victims this time around:

  1. Graham Hollis
  2. Zane Kohler [Made by @cawthorntales]
  3. Star Upton
  4. Caleb Gray
  5. Rain Arias
  6. Ikeda Mamori
  7. Tripp Cortez
  8. Talon Cortez
  9. Belle Azure [Human version of Snowbelle]
  10. Vera Gentry

This isn’t an official story, just something small and fun for me to do. Think back to clue, kind of like that. Basically, I’m following the directions of a meme (which I’ll link at the end so there won’t be any spoilers), so characters that act a certain way and events that happen are because of that :D

In the pictures, the sims are as follows:

Pic 1:

Caleb Gray [Pink Hair], Tripp [Making the face], Star

Pic 2:

Ikeda [Black hair], Belle [Green dress], Rain  [Blue hair], Vera [Red hair]

Pic 3:

Graham [Pink hair], Talon [Brown hair], Zane [Teal Hair]