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Back when music videos meant something…

The Runaways - Waitin’ For The Night


me: stares @ my 40 drafts

me: thinks of my starter call

me: s w e a t s


some pieces from my ap art concentration, color in winter landscapes

anonymous asked:

How would Aizen and Byakuya show their affection to their girlfriend?

Aizen Sousuke: 

Aizen can show his affection in many different ways, he is fine with PDA, only engaging when he feels like his lover is uncomfortable, or when he wants to tease them a little. In private he is reasonable, he doesn’t hang over his lover like a puppy, he gives them space, all the space in the world, but when he knows they are longing for his touch, or just want to talk about anything he is always there.

Byakuya Kuchiki:

Relationships are not new to Byakuya, he knows how to show great affection for the one he loves the most, his sweet and caring and will do anything to make them happy. In public is a different situation, PDA to him is look down upon, hand holding sometimes would be a problem for him, he finds himself slapping their hands away, which is pretty harash, but he apologizes deeply.


I did it. I’ve wanted to do a reaction video since 20 fricking 11. 

Can you tell this was recorded at 1 AM while I was half awake and delirious? Expect knee-jerk reactions and lots of sleepy muttering instead of…oh I dunno, coherent thoughts and analysis? 

Oh well. Maybe It’s more amusing that way? Whatever! This is what you are getting, in any case.

Thanks for the memories, guys. It’s been hella rad. 


Before Sunrise
pairing: Malira

There are two ways to tell the story of that night.

Malia starts when she was at Julia’s Coffee House and got the phone call from Braedan saying that she had to cancel on being Malia’s plus one to Peter’s music festival. Sure, Malia would know a lot of people there, but there’s nothing like standing around with your best friend while watching a bunch of men and women dancing to her dad’s music at a festival that he and Aunt Talia started back in the 90’s.

When Kira recounts her trip to Beacon Hills for “A Night in Hale” music festival, she starts with the guy who spilled coffee down the front of Kira’s vintage Halefire shirt. He didn’t even say, “Sorry.” She recounts mopping up the mess on the front of her shirt when she bumped into a girl who was talking angrily on her phone.

Malia remembers ending her call with Braedan abruptly at the sight of the shorter, tattooed woman looking up at her apologetically, saying something that seemed to be an apology. But Malia wasn’t really paying attention to her words.

The girl smirked as Kira stumbled over her apology. And then the girl took one look at her Halefire shirt and began to laugh loudly.

It was all Malia could do not to double over laughing at the sight of coffee staining her father’s face on the shirt of the beautiful girl in front of her. But damn. And then the girl started to go off on how great Halefire is, and that Peter Hale is underappreciated and the music industry yada yada yada.

It had been three minutes before Kira realized that she was still defending Halefire to this girl standing in front of her. The more she talked, however, the more she realized that the girl standing in front of her was not only attractive, but she hadn’t told Kira to shut up yet.

Malia thought it was a pity that the girl shut up. It was kind of interesting to hear a positive perspective on Peter (although if she got to know him, her perspective would probably change). But mainly, Malia realized that she missed the sound of the girl’s voice.

“You going to the festival?” the girl asked a few moments after Kira shut up. Kira explained that she was waiting on passes from her friend Scott, the lead singer of–

“Omega House,” Malia finished for her. “Are they frat boys or are they punk? The world will never know.” The girl laughed at that, and Malia felt something like pride swell up at the sight of the girl blushing.

“I’m Malia.”


She surprised Kira with an offer to go with her to the festival. She said she had an extra VIP pass and handed it to Kira.

Malia was slightly startled when the girl accepted the offer, no hesitation. Not even a question about whether or not Malia was a serial killer. “Do I stay with you the whole night?” she asked Malia.

“If you want.” Kira smiled at the answer. She definitely wanted.

When Kira tells the story of that night, she talks about the girl who convinced her to skip out on the festival early to explore Beacon Hills. She recounts the adventure, the fun, the randomness, the passion. It’s the night that she felt like she really began living.

When Malia tells the story of that night, she tells the story about the girl who made her fall in love with living, who showed her how to appreciate the small things. She talks about the sweetness, the innocence, the liveliness in simplicity, the feeling of acceptance for something other than her father’s last name. It was a night of self-discovery.

There are two ways that Malia and Kira tell the story, but both versions end with them waking up in each other’s arms an hour before Malia waved goodbye to Kira at the airport.

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