back to the 70's

Although most of you lost yours, we made some wonderful new memories together, didn’t we?

Thank you for the memories RuneFa! 

Happy 10th anniversary~

remember when i was afraid i might not enjoy his route that much when i had to active M A X I M U M T H I R S T and say the most embarrassing things as the correct answers at first?

now i wish it wasn’t over haha…. ha…haaaa…… _(:’3」∠)_

used one of the other default MC looks since u know how i feel about short hair/bobs <3

damn Mufasa, back at it again with the laying as close to my face as he can get away with

IS  THIS  A  STARTER  CALL ????  yes  it  is ,    &    i’m  capping  it  at  5 .  length  will  vary ,  open  to  mutuals  only .

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As someone who makes said rec lists, let me assure you, @star-aniseand @bomberqueen17, that I have read and love you both.

oh, this wasn’t meant to be any kind of, like, grasping for reassurance or whatever! I just was so glad to see a post go by that encapsulated so well how I feel. 

I hate being jealous about stuff. I hate it, it’s counterproductive. Every time a rec list goes by and I’m not on it, even if it’s using criteria I don’t quite fill (I still remember being so bummed when the list in question was explicitly for completed works and like, all of my shit is WIPs), I still twist myself all up inside. 

It’s so counterproductive. It sucks away any sense of perspective. The more hits you get, the more kudos you get, the worse it seems to get, paradoxically enough. Back when literally nobody read my shit, I didn’t care. Now that some people do, I want it all. I get so green that I can’t enjoy certain authors (many of whom are not, in fact, more popular than me, but I perceive them as being so). And i get so that I don’t notice the rec lists I am on. I get so that I can’t appreciate the comments I do get and all I can do is be bitter there aren’t more. It’s nonsensical and it’s stupid.

But. Just knowing that I’m not the only person who has this kind of problem makes me at least feel like I’m not a freak. It’s still a thing to work on. It’s still really important for me to settle down and notice that people do care.  But at least I’m not some kind of lunatic monster for having this problem in the first place. It’s just human nature. 

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The sheith fanmix you want but are too embarassed to make yourself (Featuring a lot of tracks no longer considered cool)

Tracklist: 01.Evertime we touch Cascada / 02.Love You Like A Love Song Selena Gomez / 03.Only GirlKeith(In The World) Rihanna / 04.Die Young Ke$ha  / 05.Final Song MØ / 06.Make me Fade Vanic x F.Klay / 07.Into you Ariana Grande / 08.Tongue Twister Cash Cash / 09.Your body Christina Aguilera / 10.High Vanic x Zella Day / 11.The Great Escape Girls Generation / 12.Heaven Dj Sammy / 13.Hit the lights Selena Gomez 

anonymous asked:

Hi hello I'm sorry I know you have many things to write but what do you think of Spidey's social media accounts? Does he post a lot, how famous is he, what things does he post, what rumours he started accidentally by an unfortunate tweet, etc?

Social media stuff are my favourite, anon. 

  • The Spidey comics confirm that Peter - as Spider-Man - has an Instagram account because he’s 15yo. And his publicity is shit. Peter confirms that they’re SUPER popular.
  • It’s also been confirmed that people ask heroes for selfies and that Peter says yes. In Spidey he’s often seen in the background taking selfies with people. In TASM, while Peter is screaming at Gwen on the phone, you can hear people losing their shit in the background and wondering if they should go ask the hero for a photo or not. Peter Parker can and will take photos with you. He’s a tourist attraction smh
  • Tourist, casually: “So here’s a photo of me in front of the Statue of Liberty, here’s me in Times Square, here’s me with Spider-Man-”
  • He also ends up with a twitter account. He kept stealing Tony’s phone - because he’s a 15 year old shit - and logging into the billionaire’s twitter account and posting random shit (the tweet: “spider-man is so handsome!!!! and cool!!!! and the best hero in nyc!!!!!!” and the subsequent tweet, minutes later: “No, he’s not.” is reposted on a bunch of sites. Everyone thinks its super cute). So Tony gets fed up and just makes the teenager his own account. He gets him verified and everything.
  • Peter’s account is REALLY popular, not just because he’s a hero (and all heroes have stupidly popular accounts) but because he’s witty and cute and everyone kind of loves him?
  • Yes, his bio is “your friendly neighbourhood well crawler”, he is proud and not taking that down
  • As I mentioned in this post, Johnny and Peter are Menances online. Johnny live-tweets and snapchats their shenanigans (everything from pranking Ben, to the time they were almost killed by pirate-ninjas, to photos of a masked Peter fast asleep in front of gaming consoles, surrounded by junk food, mid-sleepover). They’re everyone’s favourite goobers. Buzzfeed makes an article about them - “Ten Times Human Torch and Spider-Man Were Our Favourite Super-Friends” - and call them ‘too cute to handle’ at one point.
  • He once got into a twitter argument with Jameson that lasted hours. There were caps and emojis and Peter rickrolled him at one stage. It was performative art
  • Listen, the Daily Bugle has no creditability online. Everyone hates Fox News on here. The Bugle is pretty much the same. Its slanderous garbage get made fun of a lot. There’s a lot of posts with the front pages of the Bugle about the ‘’’’Spider-Menace’’’’’’ and how ‘threatening and dangerous’ he is posted side-by-side with a photo of Spider-Man smooching a puppy. Spider-Man high-fiving kids. Spider-Man helping an old lady across the street. The internet is (mostly) on Peter’s side.
  • That being said there are a lot of posts like, “Is… Spider-Man okay? This is awful and he works so hard and I’m worried about this guy.”
  • Listen, Peter’s tweets do not always make sense. He gets tired. He forgets people need context. He posts things such as, “you win this round, tree” and, “clothes not gender. i’m going to fight Gender for you internet. i’m gonna” and, “why are things so Much” 
  • On a related note: Peter should not be allowed to tweet while concussed.
  • Tony tweets, “Are you okay? Are you concussed? You sound concussed. I’ll be right there. Stay put.” And #IronDad trends for the rest of the day

I blame @y-annah because of the pastel lance and grunge keith thing

I s2g I wanted to do better with this like the colours but none of the edits got saved lmao technology hates me

Anyway I hope it is not rlly shitty bad, digital ain’t my thing, traditional is more like my thing so this was very lazy colouring n stuff but bleh. I still hope you like my attempt of not fucking up Lance :’v

btw the background isn’t mine, I just found it lol

Back To School (with Clara aka me)

Hello friends!!! The most joyous time of the year is about to begin and let me tell you, I`m nervous as heck but also more than ready. This is my 11th year and the first of two that count for my “Abi”. It`s also the one where I start my advanced courses: Politics/Economy and English.

So here`s a little (let`s be honest this is going to be long) summary of what I need to start school:

1. Planner & Bullet Journal

I`m using a paperblanks planner for school stuff, my bullet journal for the more creative things and a plain notebook from IKEA for a sort of diary.

2. (several) Cases With Pens & Other Supplies

I carry around four cases (ridiculous, I know) and my ‘main’ one contains: 10 stabilo point 88 fineliners, 6 staedtler crayons, several ball point pens (including 2 pilots), a gold and a black pen, a pencil, my  calculator, a triangle ruler, eraser & sharpener, Tipp-ex, some pictures and my USB-stick.

And then there`s my “additional supplies” case (glue, refills, washi tape, page markers, eraser), my “everything you might need” case (pads, tissues, sweets, hair tie, hand creme, health stuff…) and my “pens you might also need” case (ball point pens, pencils, neon fineliners and stabilo greenpoints).

Oh, and I`ll get some midliners tomorrow!

3. Folders & Books

Here we have my DIY-ed ring binders: One for paper (all kinds), two small ones for German and Math and my favourites; two big ones for my advanced course, Politics/Economy and English.

This green, big one is for the other classes, as you can see I made files for each one. The ‘books’ are of course not all, I`ll get about 8 more once school starts.

4. A Comfortable & Organised Desk

I`m not pretending it will stay this clean, but I really like the way it turned out. 

5. Apps

I got a memory card so I could download more apps and these are the once I think relate to my studyblr-life: Hydro-Coach (this really helps me to drink enough!), Sudoku (I`m a nerd), Clue (Period tracker, very useful), Picsart (where I edit every picture ever), Evernote (just great for note taking & organizing), Word (self-explanatory), Dropbox (essential) and Spotify (I need music).

6. Some Kind Of Preparation

To kind of ‘stay in shape’ I did a bit of research and notes for Politics, revised some stuff for Physics and had a look at the curricula for this year as well as reading some good literature for English.


I enjoyed my holidays, I`m very relaxed and looking forward to this year. Whatever it brings, I know that my mental health is far more important than grades. I`ll try my best to have fun and to get good results. Roll on Monday!

I wish all of you good luck, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Stay positive!