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i’m not dead but like i said i’m placing gladio on a hiatus until my confidence on him returns which idk when it will be so expect 0 activity on my behalf. if you guys don’t want to have me around because of that you can unfollow. i’m not obligating any of you to stick around and wait for my lame ass. i’ll be focusing on my other blogs for the time being so if you wanna keep contact on with me hmu on d.iscord. i promise i’ll be back but i can’t say for sure when. anyways i hope you all have a nice day/evening/night and have fun.

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Watching Nancy and Normani on Monday makes me think Nancy will adopt her lol. She was so cute and kept holding her hand. I love a mother/daughter bond

The mutual respect is palpable. I think Mani got the awestruck of the legendary skating Olympian sickness that was going around lol One and probably the only reason I liked that Normani danced first on the premiere night was that once she was finished she had the opportunity to just hang out for the rest of the show. My future five got so much screen time because she was practically just chilling backstage. We got many glimpses into her personality Monday, it was cute for sure

So I watched all the clips and I watched the tail end of the full show and a horrible, horrible thought struck me

Dr. Phil told Kendall that he intended to move her somewhere safe where no one could find her, and contextually we audience members and viewers infer he means something like witness protection, or hiding her from the elites she is exposing, or hiding her from her “owner” to protect her from retribution.  This was applauded, and my immediate reaction was supportive as well.

But I’m willing to bet Kendall has heard that exact same line before, from her owner.  And if she is being hidden away for her own protection, how can we actually good people verify her safety and security and health?  I mean, there’s ongoing controversy over whether Julian Assange was black-bagged back in what, October?

This train of thought leads to a really atrocious conclusion: what if Dr. Phil is in fact part of the same elitist ring he is exposing?  He’d gain popular standing by throwing a few less popular or disruptive members of the ring under the bus for public crucifixion in order to protect the key members of the ring.  He’d do his nominal civic duty in following up on the leads he was given but secretly he would isolate Kendall–purportedly for her own protection–and eventually, once the conversation moves out of the public eye, allow the owner to exact his revenge upon her.

While the crimes committed against Kendall and all slaves are atrocious, I think the most insidious thing about this revelation is the realization that we can’t trust anyone.  We’re being made mistrustful of each other even when we are innocent and that will destroy us far faster and more thoroughly than any foreign invader.

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Papillion: Prince Jin, I understand that you are of royal blood. And I understand royals have a higher standard of living... But dear gods, how can you spend so freely?! The amount you spend in a WEEK could feed the WHOLE army a decently balanced meal with variations for a month! Where do you get all this money? Is your kingdom just made of GOLD? Or are you just emptying out your kingdom's poor reserves like some mad man?! Also... Where did you get that headband piece? It's quite lovely~


“My kingdom works hard for it’s wealth, and while we’re not nearly as mighty as Hoshido, we’re definitely rich compared to Nohr. Buying a feast a day isn’t much of a challenge.”

“Though we’re not nearly as large or influential… I’m hoping to change that by gaining favour with at least one of the kingdoms.”

“As for my tag clip, it’s actually charmed. If I don’t take care of it properly then I…”

“… I… Well, let’s just hope you never have to find out.”

tag yourself original trilogy edition~
i’m 100% herder of nerfs

tbh the only evidence i need that harry’s a gryffindor is the fact that he kept going back to the forbidden forest after voldemort tried to kill him, aragog tried to eat him, lupin turned into a wolf and attacked him, the dementors tried to kiss him, barty crouch was murdered and turned into a bone, umbridge was kidnapped by centaurs,, boy had to die in that forest before he stopped going back

“don’t look down, just keep your eyes ahead of you”

victuri howl’s moving castle au gives me life….man…..


Hello! Sorry I’ve been inactive for the past week – I’ve been coming home tired and feeling sluggish and I don’t know why ;;v;; I think I should try getting some proper sleep this weekend (usually I only get 3-5 hours a night) ;;v;;

I’ve received recent asks about the Zen Feels Train – please know that it will be updated after the holidays ^o^ Thank you for your interest ♥ I’m also working on some holiday artworks that I hope to finish before the month ends :D ((It’s super fun I hope you guys will like it ^__^))

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