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come mr. dj won’t you turn the music up

Alex is…unenthused with her current situation.

She doesn’t particularly have anywhere else to be on an early Saturday night, apart from sifting through paperwork at the DEO, but this is. Spectacularly worse than her previous evening plans.

She really needs to work on saying ‘no’ to Kara.

Because in all honesty, it’s that inability, and nothing else, that’s led Alex to standing in the corner of a middle school gym, nursing a bottle of Coke and watching over seventy plus thirteen year olds run around in flashing lights and cheap suits.

(Does she hate Kara? No. Is she mad at Kara? Unequivocally yes.)

Found on Ao3

Or: I poked at @ultranos for a three word prompt (thanks again for humoring me!), got the words “coffee”, “bottlecap”, and “music”, and went in a very strange direction.