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i’ve been waiting to draw this for weeks now

under $5 masterpost

i see yall buying cute stuff with like $$ and i cry bc u can buy the exact same product for like 99 cents. However, these are really hard to find. So, here’s a masterpost of lots of stuff that u can buy for way less than $5! This is also useful if youre living on a tight budget like me but you still want these cute shit like me. or if u wanna move out like me.

+ most of these are free shipping but u should check your country for some.
+ some of these are on sale so if you comeback to it months later the price might change. so hurry up!

Stationery/office supplies/school supplies:

candy & cats (?) 
furry ball 
grass pens 
these are just v cute
giraffe pens
ice cream pens
pastel af
star shaped highlighters?? so cute??
really pretty
i was legit about to buy this for $6 but then i saw this
these just look so fancy idk
bones lmao
a cute pen that is also a fan??

pencil cases/cosmetics bags:
ill just put this pencil case here
this is the cutest omg
c u t e
my pencils case

Sticky notes/sticky bookmarks/stickers:
butterfly bookmark
rabbit sticky notes
hello hello
washi tape (cute +  dolls + colors + dots)
super cute cats
dolphin (?)
very cute much pastel
hilarious fingers
rabbits & cats
v cute
adorable cats
fucking cute man

pencil sharpeners:

these are so aesthetic omg buy it for me
these too
fast food
lipsticks again
cute colors 


drawstring backpacks
id wallets 
bow wallets
why is this bag so cheap??
the cutest coins bags/wallets
adorable wallets (id use these as a pencils case tbh)
cute shirts (this & this & this & this & this)
cute bras
very cute socks
emoticon face masks
literally the cutest pins
chokers!! ( xxx + xxx + xxx + xxx + xxx + xxx)
super cute hair thingies 
i have this necklace its v nice
these socks are cuter than me
Pokemon socks
emoticon underwear
cats underwear lol


peeling lip gloss
cute af lip balms 
these are like $7 in other places
bath salts
face masks!!! (xxx + xxx + xxx + i bough this the other day + xxx + xxx + xxx )
hand masks (?)
nose masks (?)
magic lipsticks
water based lipsticks
kissing lips
color changing nail polishes
etude eye patch 
etude chin masks
v v cute mirrors 
mirror + comb = oreo?
more cute mirrors yes
triple lipsticks
bb creams
yet another set of lipsticks
and another
aaaand another
wtf another??
lmao yes another
yup another 

Home & kitchen:  

heart egg thingy
fancy ass spoons
cloud egg thingy
dumpling thingy
rabbit egg thingy
skull egg thingy
u use these things to make freezies or whatever tf u call them
sandwich thingy
microwavable lunch box
very cute aprons

ok that’s about it i guess. damn that took forever. 
please tell me if any of these links aren’t working or if u have any questions!
+ if u wanna check out more pretty things that aren’t exactly $5 but still considerably cheap, or if these products aren’t available anymore, check out this tag
+ last thing! if its not a bother please check this post and help me out if u can!

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Top 5 Fall Closet Essentials

1. Bomber Jacket

An easy, throw-on-and-go kind of outerwear that I find myself gravitating towards. Can be paired with anything (even those free college t-shirts!) and add an understated edginess.

2. Striped Shirt

I don’t know what I would do without some sort of striped item.  With a striped shirt, you can easily make an outfit sophisticated or casual by swapping out accessories/outerwear/hairstyle.  I usually choose thin stripes rather than thicker ones, as well as a more oversized fit as opposed to a snug fit.

3. Sweaters

A slightly cropped, neutral colored sweater can be very versatile.  Layer it over a simple patterned button-up for a cute and cozy outfit.  Although I love the look, I personally stray away from yarn-knitted sweaters as they are heavier and tend to hang on the body and make me look like a sad potato.

4. Plaid Shirt

I have this exact color combination and it looks amazing with a messy bun, black pants, and ankle boots. Leave it open and layer over a gray tee for a more casual, care-free look.  Also looks great layered the aforementioned sweater!

5. Black Pants

A great choice for a base to make a statement with your tops.  Not only is it slimming, but it gives all my outfits a very effortless vibe.  I always cuff the bottom of my black pants to make my shoes stand out!

And all the kids cried out, please stop you’re scaring me
I can’t help this awful energy
God damn right you should be scared of me
Who is in control?