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Which member would probably like a girl with a very strong personality (but gets all blushy and flustered if she says things like "I miss you" or "I love you" etc...) ? Thank you :)

I think all the members would except for Mark. I like to think that they’d probably think it was cute that you were so flustered and blushy saying soft things like that, probably treating you like a little baby LOL. I say except for Mark because idk I just got this ~vibe~ that he might want a girl who’s confident in that field since he may be a little bit shy himself. :-) (but obvs I might be wrong lol) 


TT: omg what

CT: D—> why are we floating !

TT: oh wow were back to normal

((mun: sorry to that one person whos question didint get answered but i sort of already answered it so yea ITS FINALLY OVER please send in some asks I want some new interesting creative ones .. long or short dosint matter))

(New Exclusive Interview) Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School Event

(New Exclusive Interview) Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School Event

(New Exclusive Interview) Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School Event

Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School Event

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Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School EventAfter reading this blog post, make sure you comment and rate this article by using the 5 star system that is in the upper right…

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This year we’re celebrating Back-to-School Saturday from sea to shining sea!

Get the details on all things BTSS (including events from Alaska to Florda!), plus exclusive deals, and news.

Beauty favorite Bella Thorne and fab foursome Little Mix are even getting in on the fun!

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temporary requests (kind of)

As you guys probably know, I normally don’t take requests unless it’s for special occasions. But, because I start school in about a week now and I’m running a little low on scenarios, for TWO DAYS ONLY (starting today) (ask box closed by August 27th), I’m going to be taking suggestions/requests (mostly suggestions). I’m calling this my ~BACK TO SCHOOL EVENT~ (lol) 

You CAN send in: 

  • What member would scenarios 
  • Suggestions for babbles (basically PROMPTS. check out this master list for examples) 
  • any inspiration ideas (outfits, scenes, movies, songs, etc.) 

*** You CAN NOT send in: *** 

  • NO ONE SHOT REQUESTS! NONE OF THOSE! (example: can you write a scenario where Jackson falls in love with me on a plane). 
  • I don’t write one shots because they take waaaaayy too long.

Rules for this mini-event: 

  1. Regular rules for the blog apply. Read them here. 
  2. Ask box will be CLOSED for requests at 3:00PM EST August 27th, 2014 You can know if it’s open or closed by reading the description on my sidebar or the message above the ask box. I’m very diligent about it! 
  3. NO ONE SHOT REQUESTS! Any requests for one shots will automatically be deleted! 
  4. TRY to be as vague as possible. I like to be a little free with what I’m writing, so if you could just give like a one liner or something like that, I would love it. 
  5. I can’t guarantee that I’ll do EVERYONE’s suggestions/requests, although I’ll try to. Please follow these guidelines for a better chance of me posting them, though! :-)


  • I will still be posting my own regular scenarios and finishing my got7 song title series (I know, I’m behind on those..) while this is going on. 
  • I’ll answer them as asks, but anything where I’ve written a babble, I’ll number accordingly. 

That’s it! I’m sorry, I know this is kind of a confusing concept, so if there are any questions, PLEASE not hesitate to ask them 


Update: Okay, so originally I had the ask box open a bit longer, but because of the volume of all the requests, I have decided to close it early. Apologies for that! 

Hosted this “Back To School” event for A.A Productions at B-Side Collective, Makati.

It was fun and the bands were awesome. They were all Rockin’ and Rollin’

I got to meet some interesting people who rocked out their guitars and busted their drums. This night was chill even though not a lot of people came out. It was still a success for all the bands to perform and I got free food and drinks at the end. wooot.

Thanking Alen Alano for this opportunity.


Wonder how a huge event like Back-to-School Saturday comes together?

Watch our latest video for a behind-the-scenes look (featuring Bella Thorne and Little Mix!) to see the work that went into #BTSS » 

Today is @hogglife101 “Slim Thug” Day and on today we will celebrate and have a good time acknowledging the times thru out the year feeding the homeless, back to school supply events, Christmas bike giveaways and more. Its not his birthday… It’s just the day we celebrate his great service the community and to the city of Houston (Spread the Word) Do something positive to help someone today.