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Which member would probably like a girl with a very strong personality (but gets all blushy and flustered if she says things like "I miss you" or "I love you" etc...) ? Thank you :)

I think all the members would except for Mark. I like to think that they’d probably think it was cute that you were so flustered and blushy saying soft things like that, probably treating you like a little baby LOL. I say except for Mark because idk I just got this ~vibe~ that he might want a girl who’s confident in that field since he may be a little bit shy himself. :-) (but obvs I might be wrong lol) 

Back to school event
The city of Nashua and the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce is getting a jump on the area’s back to school push with an event on August 27 at the Nashua Public Library. The Chamber is hop­ing to offset the cost of traditional back-to-school supplies to families who may be feeling pinched by the cost. But Chamber president and CEO Tracey Hatch said the event really serves a dual purpose. “Meeting that need one of the things we want to do. Also, celebrating the start of school builds enthusiasm that we hope carries over into the class­room,” she said. The Chamber is looking for monetary donations they can use to purchase necessary items from sources already partnered with the organization. However, people interest­ed in making donations of items can call the contact the Chamber. The event is free and starts at 5:30 at the Nashua Public Library. Volunteers will help guide attendees through the process of obtaining materials.
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Back to school event
(New Exclusive Interview) Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School Event

(New Exclusive Interview) Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School Event

(New Exclusive Interview) Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School Event

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Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School Event

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Celebrity Barber Lisa Buford From LA Hair Talks Back To School EventAfter reading this blog post, make sure you comment and rate this article by using the 5 star system that is in the upper right…

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Hosted this “Back To School” event for A.A Productions at B-Side Collective, Makati.

It was fun and the bands were awesome. They were all Rockin’ and Rollin’

I got to meet some interesting people who rocked out their guitars and busted their drums. This night was chill even though not a lot of people came out. It was still a success for all the bands to perform and I got free food and drinks at the end. wooot.

Thanking Alen Alano for this opportunity.

temporary requests (kind of)

As you guys probably know, I normally don’t take requests unless it’s for special occasions. But, because I start school in about a week now and I’m running a little low on scenarios, for TWO DAYS ONLY (starting today) (ask box closed by August 27th), I’m going to be taking suggestions/requests (mostly suggestions). I’m calling this my ~BACK TO SCHOOL EVENT~ (lol) 

You CAN send in: 

  • What member would scenarios 
  • Suggestions for babbles (basically PROMPTS. check out this master list for examples) 
  • any inspiration ideas (outfits, scenes, movies, songs, etc.) 

*** You CAN NOT send in: *** 

  • NO ONE SHOT REQUESTS! NONE OF THOSE! (example: can you write a scenario where Jackson falls in love with me on a plane). 
  • I don’t write one shots because they take waaaaayy too long.

Rules for this mini-event: 

  1. Regular rules for the blog apply. Read them here. 
  2. Ask box will be CLOSED for requests at 3:00PM EST August 27th, 2014 You can know if it’s open or closed by reading the description on my sidebar or the message above the ask box. I’m very diligent about it! 
  3. NO ONE SHOT REQUESTS! Any requests for one shots will automatically be deleted! 
  4. TRY to be as vague as possible. I like to be a little free with what I’m writing, so if you could just give like a one liner or something like that, I would love it. 
  5. I can’t guarantee that I’ll do EVERYONE’s suggestions/requests, although I’ll try to. Please follow these guidelines for a better chance of me posting them, though! :-)


  • I will still be posting my own regular scenarios and finishing my got7 song title series (I know, I’m behind on those..) while this is going on. 
  • I’ll answer them as asks, but anything where I’ve written a babble, I’ll number accordingly. 

That’s it! I’m sorry, I know this is kind of a confusing concept, so if there are any questions, PLEASE not hesitate to ask them 


Update: Okay, so originally I had the ask box open a bit longer, but because of the volume of all the requests, I have decided to close it early. Apologies for that! 

Monthly Favorites (January)

Another Month has ended that means only one thing: Monthly Favorites! I stopped doing this blog series for 5 months and now it’s making its comeback! This is gonna be a Life Lately x Monthly Favorites post. Hitting two bird with one stone. 

January was a good month so far. Not bad at all. 1.)  I’m starting to save money for my wants and needs. Hehe. 2.) Survived Midterms. 

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I’m Back

Hello my lovelies! :3 I have been gone for quite some time and I apologize but I am back!

I am really really sorry to those of you have sent in requests I will get started on those tomorrow I will also be answering ships as well :) 

It feels likes its been ages since I have updated this blog, once again I apologize, but a lot started happening in my life and I just didn’t have time to get online in general. Holidays came up, i was job hunting, going back to school was difficult, some family events occurred and somewhere int her I just sort of lost motivation to do things. I spent a lot of time in bed just watching tv or reading and sleeping. Now with school kicking back in and a few other things it hasn’t gotten better. Along with that my anxiety has been a little worse so yeah a lot of things were going on and that’s why I have been gone.

However I am back and I am definitely going to start writing imagines again! Anyway thanks for reading this and I hope you all have a wonderful evening or day :3

Upcycled Old Rake to Utensil Holder - an easy DIY craft for home decor in the kitchen . Love these colors!

Upcycled Old Rake to Utensil Holder – an easy DIY craft for home decor in the kitchen . Love these colors!

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Do you love this?
Home Decor Wood Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinet 40 Smart Tricks To Keep Your Kids Organized 12 Budget Friendly DIY Remodeling Projects For Your Bathroom
Great DIY backpack wall for organizing kids back to school stuff. Love the chalkboard wall for featuring the family events!

A couple of old windows, wooden letters, and family photos are all you need to make this amazing home decor…

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"Mini Backpack" Hemp & Organic Cotton Backpack - by Sativa - Fair Go Trading

“Mini Backpack” Hemp & Organic Cotton Backpack – by Sativa – Fair Go Trading

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Slazenger > Aksesuar > Çanta > Sırt > LUFENG BACKPACK Boreas Lagunitas Backpack – 25L, Internal Frame – Save 42% Top Green Back to School Backpacks for a Sustainable Academic Year … Osprey Talon 22 Backpack – Onyx Black | Free UK Delivery* and Returns Cheap Wholesale Backpacks for Back to School Kids & Charity Events …

Held Waterproof Backpack PVC 30-40L Black Bags · Backpacks; Dawson Backpack…

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It’s All One Thing #117: Labyrinth Magic

It’s All One Thing #117: Labyrinth Magic

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When we put our hands on our hearts and said the pledge of allegiance to the flag
just like we did back in grade school at the 50th high school reunion at the event center
way out in Hampton Township where I once picked tomatoes for 50 cents/hour and
swam in the pool when Mrs. Maxson’s field became the Elks Club and my Dad actually
had a membership I remember Grand Ledge, Michigan and Saturday…

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Upcoming Events | Health Careers Fair | Career Services

Fantastic, amazing, wonderful news for nursing students in KCMO and the surrounding area!!! @umkcgoingplaces is having a Health Career Fair on Tuesday, February 9 from 10am-2pm and we, CareStaf, are going to be there!

Come by our table for more information about starting YOUR career with us!

We cannot wait to meet you all!

Day 29:

The reason why I didn’t post a picture yesterday was this.

I was prepping for live painting at Nature Nocturne @NatureNocturne last night because of @chinatownremixed and @gloriaguns - Thank you so much!

It was a fun experience painting with only natural materials on raw muslin that I previously soaked in vinegar the other day, while dancing to music by Gloria Guns.

Holding my sanity down was @sabrinajadedesigns - thank you for being present with me and for all your help.

This event kinda brought me back to high school/college days when you’d see people puking in bathroom stalls and making out in corners…

I did appreciate all the kind words from the few and the ones who took home a piece of art from me.
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