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Pan-Net Back To School Event!

A lot of you have already started school! For some of you, school is just around the corner! Nonetheless the Back To School Pan Net Event is here for everyone! ANYONE CAN PARTICIPATE! 

This net event is designed so everyone can participate! All you have to do is make either a Moodboard, Drawing, One-Shot, Fic, etc. using your favorite Characters from any fandom of your choosing! 

 Theme is, you guessed it: Back to School! 

All you have to do is follow these few steps! 

  • before you post! Reblog this post so that any other wonderful peeps out there can participate! 

  • Then, once you’re ready to post, don’t forget to  tag the Network @pan-network and use the #PanNetEvent tag so I can see your lovely creativity and Reblog it! 

I hope to see all your wonderful works of art soon! Have Fun! 

it’s gotten to the point again where i’m always checking in on other people and putting everyone else before me that i don’t even realize i’m falling apart and i’m too paranoid and self-conscious to say anything because i’m not about to be a burden again :)))))))) and like everyone just assumes i don’t know how bad it can get :)))) and they all assume that they know everything about me :)) so i just need a break :))))))) so basically if you’ve messaged me in the last couple weeks and i haven’t responded don’t take it personally i just honestly don’t have the energy to hold a conversation with anyone

Helloooo there!! First of all, I apologize today for not being able to post anything for the 100 days of productivity (idk if it breaks the challenge but I shall do it my way and resume tomorrow). 

The reason why I am not going to post anything today is because *points at the photo above* Yes this is the *unofficial* lineup of the “Back to School Marathon” I will be doing for the whole month of August! Yaay~

Here is the lineup for the back to school marathon~ (ps: * mean that the event is undecided):

08.01: august-december monthly calendar printables

08.03: motivational quote #1

08.05: back to school: tips and advice masterpost

08.07: motivational quote #2

08.09: mental preparation for school masterpost

08.11:  free hand-drawn icons for study accounts pt 1

08.13: motivational quote #3

08.15:  free hand-drawn icons for study acounts pt 2

08.17: how to organize your study space masterpost

08.19: motivational quote #4

08.21: free hand-drawn icons for study accounts pt 3

08.23: motivational quote #5

08.25: advice for transfer students (from a certified transfer student!)

08.27: motivational quote #6

08.29: organization tips for school masterpost

08.31: Q&A for students 12th grade and below*

Whew, that was reaaally long. Though it may give me a lot of work, I hope you look forward to this as much as I do, because I would really appreciate it!~ 

Oh, and also, if you have any suggestions for any additional event i should reconsider and change, pleaaase do so!! I’d be very happy!

Have a nice day everyone!

utter genius

rivals au & high school au | 2,766 words | fluff, comedy; warnings: none.
↳ to say the least, having you and kihyun debate against each other might not have been the best idea… or maybe it was?

author’s note: would it really be that big of a surprise if i said this was inspired by real life events? this was back when i was in high school. i still freshly remember how royally pissed this one particular guy was to lose against me in our history debate. i just re-vamped it with this joyous piece ahahah.

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AskDescendants has received an important message from King Ben, It reads…

“I’m so excited to announce that this school year will bring changes. I want this year to be different, especially with us welcoming so many new students. I look forward to building a stronger bond and begin uniting our people. Although the specifics will not be announced at this time, I will say that things are going to be different and I look forward to working and meeting with all of you.” - @askauradonsking 

Be My Valentine

Some Valentine’s Day fluff for the OTP that tops all.

“I’m not doing it.” Satoshi hated Valentine’s Day. All the girls would give him embarrassing gifts like stuffed bears or roses and he couldn’t just throw them away, not after his mother got wind of it when she got a call from one girl’s parents. Now he was forced to accept them. But he still got rid of them in the politest way possible; he’d give them to the little kids in the class down the hall when no one was looking.

Suffice to say he didn’t like the holiday and this year was worse; he had to do something more humiliating.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at his son. “I’ll increase your allowance.”

“Nope,” Satoshi replied with just as much firmness. “Besides I can just ask uncle Itachi if I really want something.”

He cursed his brother for spoiling his son and tapped his fingers against the steering wheel. Sasuke was parked in front of the school and had turned on the child lock to keep Satoshi from running out. Sitting beside the grumpy child was a bouquet of roses, chocolates, and a small bag of his infamous cookies. “You know, I’m not asking for a lot. All you have to do is give it to Hinata.”

“First of all, I’m not in Ms. Hyuuga’s class so it’d be weird going to her class. Secondly, I don’t want anyone to think I have a crush on her.” Satoshi blushed as he thought of the teacher everyone liked. To be fair, there were many times he wished he was in her class instead since she was much nicer than Mr. Sabaku. “Thirdly, she’s too nice for you. You’ll scare her off.”

Sasuke’s eyebrow twitched. “Name your price.”

The older Uchiha had met the kind and stunning beauty while at a back to school event at his son’s school. His ex-wife was at a work conference so he went in her place. At first he thought she was another parent but quickly realized his mistake when he saw her name tag. She was easy to talk to and he was disappointed that his son wasn’t in her class but rather his old high school rival’s. However that didn’t deter Sasuke from coming around more often which Satoshi found embarrassing.

The young boy liked how balanced things were before; his mother usually helped with fundraisers while his father would take any field trip chaperone duties. Now he felt smothered by Sasuke’s presence. His father was taking part in everything which unfortunately his mother happily accepted. Satoshi cringed as he remembered the so called sugar cookies he made for the bake sale. No one could stomach finishing one but Ms. Hyuuga offered to buy them all. He suspected she did it to spare his feelings but his father fell even more enamored. The only other person who looked displeased by their interaction was his teacher.

“A two night sleepover with Shikadai and Inoichi at your house. We’ll have pizza, ice cream, and soda, watch scary movies all night and go to the arcade the next day.” Satoshi sat back, confidently smirking at Sasuke. Irritated by the mirror image of him tauntingly smirking, Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

“No scary movies and I’ll let you camp outside,” he offered. “And you can’t tell your mother.”

“One scary movie and you have a deal,” Satoshi countered.

“Fine,” Sasuke. “But if I find out you didn’t do it, I’ll tell your grandmother you’d love to join her for tea with all her friends.”

Satoshi shuddered. It wasn’t that he didn’t like his grandmother; it was her friends he disliked, they would pull at his cheeks and tell him all about their granddaughters that had crushes on him. He grabbed Sasuke’s gifts after he turned off the child lock and slammed the door close. “Careful with those!” Sasuke shouted.



Satoshi stomped towards the car and threw his backpack full of valentines inside before getting in. He hadn’t had a chance to drop them off so he was stuck with them. Sasuke looked at him expectably, contributing his foul mood to all the fangirls he had to deal with. “Well?”

He huffed and looked at him. “You forgot to sign your name on the card,” he said slowly. “So she thought it was from me. Ms. Hyuuga thanked me for them but said that I should’ve given it to someone my own age.”

“What?!” Sasuke asked. He couldn’t believe that he had forgotten something so simple. Groaning, he slumped over the steering wheel.

“And Mr. Sabaku wanted me to give you this.” He handed him the sealed note and Sasuke opened it. As he read the contents, his face darkened. Crumpling it and throwing it out the window, he felt more determined than ever.

“What did it say?”

“Don’t worry about it,” Sasuke replied quickly. “When’s your next bake sale?”

“We’re not doing them anymore. People got food poisoning from the last one.” Satoshi had discarded the baked ‘goods’ as soon as he entered the building. He liked Ms. Hyuuga too much to let her suffer.

They both stared at each other for a few seconds. “It must’ve been Lee’s blueberry muffins,” Sasuke surmised. Satoshi felt like banging his head against the car window. “Well, keep me updated on any events they need parents. I think you have a field trip to the zoo next month for all the third graders.”

“Yeah…” Satoshi sighed. “But I think we have enough parents signed up so you don’t have to-”

“Well it doesn’t hurt to make sure,” he replied as he started the car.

While waiting behind the school bus to move, Sasuke turned his eyes to the right and saw Hinata laughing alongside another teacher. They locked eyes and she waved at him. Captured by her smile, Sasuke hadn’t noticed that the bus had driven off. It took the honk of the car behind him to shake him from his trance.

Sasuke waved blissfully at Hinata before driving off with goofy smile on his face. Satoshi crouched down in his seat, his skin crawling at the thought of his father acting like such a dork.

What was in the note? Eh, you decide.

Back to You

Super belated prompt request I received forever and a year ago. Inspiration came and went, but here it is. Finally!

“Caroline, come on!”

She hears them calling her name but in that moment, she’s too entranced by the dancer on the television to look away. Her eyes eagerly take in the lithe and graceful movements of the young woman as she spins around, her beautiful skirt flowing around her in a way she aims to imitate whenever she’s at her own dance class when she envisions herself older and up on that stage looking as beautiful and graceful as the dancer on the screen.

She hears a bike break behind her but she doesn’t turn. It’s probably one of her friends getting impatient.

“That’s going to be me one day,” the blonde bubbly six year-old breathes out excitedly when the dancer bows after finishing her number.

The response that follows her comment has her snapping her head around in surprise and she’s met by dimples and blue eyes that echo his words.

“Again from the top. Caroline, you need to watch your timing. You almost came in late there. Pay more attention, hm?”

She apologizes with a sheepish smile and absentmindedly pushes back some of the hair that had come undone from her bun as she went to resume her place.

“You okay?” she hears her partner ask quietly as he moves to take his place too.

She turns to find him regarding her almost curiously.

“Yeah,” she smiles. “I’m fine.”

She can tell he doesn’t quite believe her but thankfully they get started again, putting an end to that conversation as soon he’s moving along with the other dancers while she stands back and waits for her cue.

As she stands there, watching the other dancers moving so beautifully and gracefully, it’s hard for her not to be reminded of the dancer on the screen and his words from that day that had somehow remained with her throughout the years.

“That’s going to be me one day.”

“I know.”

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Dance With Me - College!AU

Originally posted by httpsung

[ dowoon ]

*not requested 

word count; 1.9k

genre; fluff

summary - A college!au in which Dowoon, a music student, crosses paths with a fashion major and they immediately get along, despite their opposite personalities. Dowoon is encouraged to dance at a gig in a local venue, instead of shying away and standing reluctantly by the sidelines. 

Going back to college was never something I dreaded. I was just about to begin my third year at the country’s most prestigious arts school. There was never a tedious, boring day being a fashion major; the subject was something I was passionate and inspired about. Third year would be just as fun and interesting as the previous two years, however it would be tougher with more detailed assignments and numerous of deadlines to meet. Last year I was fortunate to study abroad, appreciating my adoration for fashion even more.

After packing up and saying goodbye to my family for another few weeks, I got on the train, ready for a three hour journey back to campus. After I arrived, I followed the routine which I had grown accustomed to; dropping my bags off at my student apartment (which I shared with four other students) and greeting the students that had already arrived before leaving to collect this terms curriculum and timetable. I was delighted to see that for this term I had mostly morning classes, finishing early afternoon most days. I liked this since it meant no night classes, plus the campus and library were usually more quiet and less packed in the mornings. After I collected my information from the students office, I turned around to see the campus swarming with students, old and new. Something that I loved about attending an arts school was the fact that it was far from ordinary. The place was bustling with students chatting amongst each other, holding large portfolios, boxes of art supplies or cases for musical instruments such as guitars, violins, cellos et cetera. A sigh of contentment escaped my lips as I smiled, I was happy to be back and let another year begin.

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#3 of 100wtsily; dino

#3; “no, no, it’s my treat.”

pairing; dino | reader

genre; fluuuuff!

word count; 460 words

author’s note; first one! this one is a cutie, because who doesn’t like some kid!dino.

100wtsily prompts + masterlist

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Every year, on the first Friday back at Hogwarts, the Brat Pack threw an epic party. They hijacked the idea of a back to school party from James and Fred and turned it into an event unlike any other Hogwarts had ever seen. It came to be known as Fall Festival, and it took lots of planning, and magic, to remain a secret. 

Sixth year Rose at FallFest.

Taken by Scorpius before the pair snuck out together.

Outlining: Another Method

Well, November and NaNoWriMo start on Saturday and I am busily procrastinating from writing my outline by writing this post… about outlining.

For yeaaaars and yeeeeeaaars, if you had asked me to write an outline, I would have looked at you with unveiled horror and slight nausea, with tears springing to my eyes. I would have offered to clean your entire kitchen as a more preferable alternative. That’s because my concept of an outline was the kind that you learn in third grade:

I. Introductory paragraph.
      A. First Point
      B. Second Point.
              a. Supporting evidence

…and so on. Great for academic essays, utter shit for novels. I had tried to force a novel into this format a few times before. It was like trying to force one’s feet into really painful shoes. Hated every second of it, felt in nigh-physical pain, cried a lot, decided that outlines were The Worst Thing That Ever Were Invented. But my mama didn’t raise me to give up after the first try, so I did some research and experimented with other outline methods, NONE of which jived with my brain, none of which made the job easier – and that’s what they’re allegedly supposed to do. If a method didn’t make me cry, then it killed all the enthusiasm and interest I had in the idea and left me high and dry with a soggy, cold idea-corpse. Not sexy.

So for years I accepted that I simply did not have a brain that played nice with outlines. Seat-of-the-pants discovery-writing was what worked for me (within a limited definition of the word “worked”). Then one day I found myself with a half-written novel on my hands and no idea of what was going to happen next. I *needed* an outline – when you’re lost in the wilderness, what you want is a map and a compass (or, y'know, a smartphone with GoogleMaps on it). So I came up with a very cunning plan – a plan to trick my outline-hating brain.

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Mother Superior

lady-metroland submitted:

My high school is a frightening place, not only due to the uniforms and preparatory schooling, but the building itself has its own unsettling qualities. Built before the Civil War it is huge and fortress-like, standing atop a hill in the woods. Its grounds boast acres of forest, sports fields and a nun cemetery that dates from before the building’s completion. Rumors of tunnels that go into the forest are substantiated by strange underground storage structures amongst the trees, the purpose of which is not known in living memory. 

Only one nun now works at the school as its principal, and she does not wear a habit or live there as her forebears did. Girls would talk about disembodied voices in the piano room and doors would sometimes shake during class time, but as the place is old and drafty we often just shrugged it off. Even the extreme cold we felt all the time can be explained by the harsh New England weather and the insulating quality of its granite walls. 

The top floor was once the dormitories, but has since been converted into classrooms. At the end of the hall is the Senior Lounge, where my strange experience took place. These rooms were the nun’s dormitories; there is one large room containing couches and some tables, with two small study rooms (former bedrooms) branching from it. There is also a large locked closet in the room and when my graduating class painted that wall, some girls claimed that there had been handprints on the drying paint. No one had been in the school overnight, and the prints looked as though they were pushing out from inside the wall. There was no evidence of it after they repainted, and again most of us thought nothing of it. 

The lounge was comfortable enough for a nap, and once during a deserted study period I took the opportunity for such a break. My friend, let’s call her Amy, was the only other girl in the room during that study block. We both fell asleep on sofas that were placed facing each other with a coffee table in between. 

For awhile I dozed but as soon as I drifted off, Amy began to scream. I lay on the sofa with the door to one of the nun’s old rooms behind my head, where Amy was looking as she continued to shriek. Suddenly I found that my arms or legs wouldn’t move, and it felt like I was having a seizure. Teeth clenched, I arched my back to look into the doorway where a tall figure was silhouetted against the bright light of the room’s only small window. I made out the hood and sleeves of a nun’s habit before flopping back down onto the sofa. 

I awoke again, only to find Amy sleeping soundly opposite me and the doorway empty. My legs had regained mobility and I jumped up to check the study rooms/bedrooms, both were unoccupied. The closet door was locked, as always. Amy’s screams should have brought people running from the classrooms nearby, but no one came. Still dazed, I looked at the clock just as the bell rang to switch classes. Though this experience could have only lasted ten minutes, the day’s first hour-and-a-half class period was over and I had slept all the way through it. 

To this day, I’m still not sure what happened in the Senior Lounge. Amy does not have any memory of the event. I haven’t been back to that school since my graduation years ago, during which my aunt still swears that she saw a nun watching the ceremony from the same bedroom window on the top floor.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 8/10 Nice.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

I’m closing another year of my life. Tomorrow, I’ll turn 24, a year shy of a quarter life. I’m thankful for everything that I have achieved so far, and for the people who made me who I am today.

My 23rd year hasn’t been the best, but it’s not the worst either. It was just a good amount of okay, which ended up to such a point where everything in my life is going well.

I got to be a part of a new event production team, hosted tons of events, got to meet new people, went back to school to finish my degree, got new clients for work and just recently, had my own radio show for my school’s radio organization.

I feel great. Life has been kind to me lately.

I’m looking forward to the year ahead of me, and to finally apply the lessons I have learned from the past. I’m hoping to find the balance in my life, in order for me to make right decisions and help me connect with healthy relationships.

Cheers to 24.


-They remember the day war was officially declared
-The teacher’s all looked sadly at the students, knowing that in a few years many of them would be dead
-Sirius cried all night because he knew which side Regulas would choose
-James would frantically look in the newspapers everyday, praying that he wouldn’t see his parents’ names in the obituary column
-Peter got so nevous that he stooped eating and became very small
-Remus researched places to hide incase someone found out about his condition
-James tried to keep everyone going with daily pranks at breakfast
-One day there were no fireworks or teachers turning purple
-Lily found James in the astronomy tower, sobbing his heart out over a letter
-The Marauders and Lily all went to the Potter’s funeral
-Sirius stayed strong for James throughout the whole event but when they got back to school he broke down in front of Remus
-Halfway through the careers interviews Mcgonagall had to excuse herself after Peter Pettigrew shakily told her he wanted to be an auror to protect his friends
-On the last day of school Lily made a speech about the dark days ahead
-After they all jumped into the lake and started a water fight
-Mcgonagall and Dumbledore exchanged sad looks because oh god they all looked so very young
-They all joined the order straight away
-When Lily found our she was pregnant she told Peter first because he was the first one she saw
-He held her for hours while she cried
-When James came home form a mission, exhausted,  they told him the news together
-Sirius held James when he cried that night because ‘Sirius what if we don’t win?’
-Lily never knew about her husband’s breakdown
-Everything was just about okay until the rumours about a spy started
-Then there was the prophecy
-Sirius begged James to make Peter the secret keeper
-Peter was reluctant but agreed because he wanted to help, but he was so afraid
-James got so restless in the house
-He was itching to be on the battlefield but he stayed with Lily and Harry

-Until the end

A Little Something About Rules

First off, I’d like to send a little welcome to anyone who’s started following me recently. I hope you enjoy your stay. Second, I really really like how this turned out and I’d love to know if you liked it too. Finally, this is the longest piece I’ve written so far; this idea started out very vague and each time I sat down to write I got a new idea for it and that’s why it’s taken a little longer to post.

I hope you enjoy! 


As long as you can remember, you’ve always had one rule for yourself. When you were five and your dad walked out on you and your mum, you made a rule that you would never be friends with boys because they were mean. When you told your mum about your new rule, she chuckled and told you to make sure you steered clear of boys because the ones that weren’t mean probably had cooties.

So there you were, on your first day of primary school, skipping up the path while your mum held your hand. Your rules were locked and loaded in your brain; no boy was going to come near you today. Only you weren’t so lucky.

When the bell rang and your mum had to leave, your teacher, Miss Lily, told everyone to sit in the chair that had the tag with their name on the back. You quickly found yours and took your seat. No one else had sat next to you yet and you thought maybe no one would. But then a boy named Tommy Morris sat next to you and you were furious. How dare Miss Lily make you sit next to a boy! However, there was no one to your right, so maybe if you were lucky, you could switch the unoccupied chair with yours.

Just as you were about to stand up to switch the chairs, a boy ran in and apologized for being late. Looking around the room for someplace to plop himself, he made his way over to the last available chair - the one next to you. Your eyes practically popped out of your head and you were sure steam was coming out of your ears at this point. You had to sit next to two boys and if this arrangement didn’t change soon, you were telling your mum you needed to change schools.

Unfortunately, you never got to change seats and your mum told you that there was no other school around and you just had to deal with it. She said you didn’t have to talk to Tommy the Tantrum Thrower or Ben the Booger Picker but as long as you ignored them, they’d probably ignore you. To your surprise, your mum was right; Tommy and Ben left you alone for a majority of the time. The only time they got on your nerves was when you were trying to read quietly at your desk and they kept making faces at each other, clearly trying to distract you.

Tommy and Ben ended up being in your class every year, and without fail you were in between them. You didn’t know what you did to deserve this, but it was cruel and unusual punishment. Tommy eventually stopped throwing a fit about everything that didn’t go his way and Ben quit picking his nose, but it still didn’t decrease your distaste about the fact that two boys sat next to you.

Year 8 is when you felt like your life was getting back in order. Tommy left your school and moved away; Ben was in a different classroom. Now, you were sat next to two girls and the three of you quickly became friends; you informed them of the rule that you’d stuck by since your academic career began and they were quick to agree that no boys would come between you all. By now though, boys didn’t have cooties; they were just gross and annoying and you avoided them at all costs.

Years 12 and 13 brought along thoughts of what you wanted to major in at uni. You’d passed your GCSEs with flying colors and now you were working on your A Levels. Personally, you dreaded the thought of having to stay in the town you grew up in. Having been to London only a handful of times throughout your life and falling in love with it each time, you knew that that’s where you wanted to go. Talking it over with your two best friends, the three of you planned to move down to London seeing as there were ample opportunities for work and education; plus your “no woman left behind” mantra meant that if one person left at least one would have to follow which in turn led to the three of you never being far apart.

Now, your rule about boys still somewhat applied. There had been a guy that had taken an interest in you when you were sixteen but after politely declining his request to go on a date with you three times, he took the hint and let it go. He’d still try to talk to you in passing and you were polite but you made sure there were no mixed signals and that he knew you wouldn’t become interested. When your mum brought up boys with you one night as you were helping her prepare dinner, you told her there was no one that you really fancied. But she pressed you about it until she got the answer she knew you were keeping from her.

“I know there’s something you’re not telling me, peaches,” your mum sighed.

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