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OK OK OK… my nine year old son is the most amazing drummer ever. No, seriously. I just got back from the school concert where he was the drummer for the entire show, did everything from pop to jazz to reggae (Also they did “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” and I shed a little Destiel tear, but anyway). Just found out he’s playing at the HIGH SCHOOL next week. Like, he’s in fourth grade, and they were like, “we need a drummer. Let’s get Tricky.” I can’t even describe how proud I am. 

He’s SO AMAZING I CAN’T EVEN. When I listen to him I feel like every dream I ever had of being a musician… he could do it. Like, for real. God, I wish we had the money to send him to The School of Rock this summer. Damn it, he’s so good. 

Sorry, gushing mom moment over. I shall now return to Dirty Drabbles. ;) 

On the subject of Disney Princess Katherine

Basically I needed a backing track for Watch What Happens from iTunes for a school concert. I found one but guess what the album was called?

Mermaids and Princesses

So that got me a-thinking. Why ISN’T Katherine a Disney princess yet???

Each Official Disney Princess must meet the following requirements: A) has a primary role in a Disney animated feature film, B) is human or mostly human-like (e.g. Ariel), and C) does not appear primarily in a sequel. The actual title of Princess (or equivalent) is not necessary, but certainly helps. They are also known for their inner and outer beauty, as well as having beautiful singing voices.

So, I was thinking. All we need is an animated Newsies and we’re set!

teacher: so class, what did you guys do this summer?

me: i went to a concert which i lost my virginity at

teacher: uh.. excuse yo-


teacher: go to the office.

Monsta X as High School Students (includes quotes and how they’d act if they liked you)

Requested by anonymous
A/N: This was so fun to write. Did not expect it to get this much detail put into it. Hope you like it ^^

Swim team captain. Student Government Class Representative. Friendly and well known guy. Athletic in the water and just alright on ground but does better than others because of his height and athletic build. Someone accidentally signed him up for the Class Rep election and he beat the person without even campaigning, just by sheer popularity. Volunteers as the lifeguard for the community pool during the weekends. When it’s club sign up week, the team just has him stand in front of the booth and let the sign ups happen on their own. In regards to his duty as his class representation at the Student Gov meetings, he’ll propose the most daring/big ideas and end up pleasing his fellow classmates with he managed to get approved (e.g. pool day, beach day, spa day).

If you’re ever drowning, you can always call me … Well, I guess you really can’t if you’re drowning.

If he likes you, he will …
stop what he’s doing to smile at you even if you’re afar (can be dangerous if he’s training for a swim meet and he prolongs his time just to wave at you). If he sees you at school between classes, he’ll jog up to you just so he can walk with you and chat for a bit before he has to race back in the direction of his own class.

Well known football player and quite the charmer. Flirts without even trying. Fairs well with his school work without stressing too much about it. On the football field, he’s one to watch out for. University coaches scout for him and are waiting until he graduates. Off the field, he’s a pretty friendly guy. If you happen to trip and drop your books, he won’t point and laugh like the others; instead, he’ll help you out and make sure you’re okay. Against bullying and will stare/talk down those that he catches in the act. Gets bored easily in class, so he’s always up to mischief with his little pranks. Teacher catches him at least once a week, and he’s forced to clean the class after school ends that day. Lingers in the hallway between classes and knows admirers are ogling at him (he thoroughly enjoys it).

Repeat after me: ‘Wonho oppa’.

If he likes you, he will …
be a lot more touchy with you, like arm over shoulders and pulling you away from bumping into anything. He’ll prioritize talking and hanging out with you whenever he sees you, even if he’s surrounded by a group of his own friends. Would also tend to show more skin/muscles when you’re around.

That heartwarming, friendly, welcoming events Committee Leader in student government. Always thinks about new ideas to make new students welcome and to get the student body closer together. Helps out the lost freshmen. Voices for the little guys. Hands are always full with things for events and school. Always running late to class because he was busy guiding others or talking with fellow Student Gov members about events. All administrators know him, in a good way. His smile is all that’s needed to waive that tardy streak. Horrible in P.E. Avoids the ball at all costs. Somehow always ends up with Jooheon on school projects and is the only one who can calm the younger one from all the stress. Knows everyone and everything that goes on at school. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with him.

Hello! Don’t have anything to do this weekend? Be sure to come back to school to check out our benefit concert!

If he likes you, he will …
get you the best servings of lunch and helps you carry things. Uses his student government/event committee benefits to get you discounted tickets and the best seats. If you can’t make it to an event he’s hosting, he’ll pass on the Day Of responsibility to someone else just so he can spend time with you.

Student Gov President and damn proud of it. He earned it though. Well liked amongst all the faculty and students. Thinks progressively of what to improve with the school and events. Advocates educational field trips. Partakes in numerous after school activities to amp up his ()resume. Works part-time at a nearby Bardot. Studious too. Pretty well balanced with his hectic schedule. First to arrive at school and last to leave. Ensured valedictorian … If it weren’t for Hyungwon’s smarts rivaling his. Does morning announcements with that honey voice of his. Whenever he hosts the school’s talent show, the crowd cheers him on to perform a song for them. Although he is a model student for all universities for any major, he secretly wants to be a singer. Lacks the courage to actually audition to be one.

Yes, peasant? I mean, yes, I’m President.

If he likes you, he will …
share his notes with you and let’s you into the student government room just so you have a place to study where he can easily check up on you. Everyone in the student government knows who you are because he’ll always have you around even at events exclusive for them. Gets you to events with free admission.

An innate genius. Prefers sleep over class and pays little attention when in class. Doesn’t study and does the minimal work on all assignments, yet gets the top rank in each class. Doesn’t know where the library is or that there’s such thing as a ‘study hall’. Sits beside I.M. and I.M. nudges him awake whenever the teacher’s looking or walking close. You know how there are like small fish that accompany/help out a whale? Yeah, well, Hyungwon is the whale and IM is the small fish. Oblivious to just about everything. Even his ranking, but isn’t surprised that he’s no. 1. Profound in sports. Like with all the sports. Casually shoots three-pointers. Casually scores goals from afar. Casually brushes off the coaches’ and athletes’ recruitment. Generally quiet yet is always chilling with the popular ones.

” (No words because he’s either ignoring you or sleeping.)

If he likes you, he will …
find the energy to stay awake during class just so he can talk with you and always wants you to be his partner for projects (and will actually partake in the work). Will actively make sure you’re okay with the class material and helps you with your studies, somehow making you get in the top five ranks for each class.

Dude who works hard in all his classes, yet just barely makes the top ten ranking for each. Self proclaimed rival to Hyungwon when it comes to studies and sports. He’s pretty good at basketball. Music enthusiast and is like student number one in music class with how diverse he is with the instruments. Static performer at talent shows. Sometimes spotted doing street performances over long weekends and holidays. Super focused in class and tries his best to participate, but gets distracted from time-to-time with Wonho’s antics and sometimes joining in on the fun. Some dub him the class clown only because of his clever quips when another student has already begun fooling around or has asked a stupid question. Stresses easily with his studies and projects. Always antsy about things being due, tries to finish things in advance.

No words can ever explain how I feel about spending the last sixteen hours reading over my history textbook … only to find that I read the wrong textbook for today’s test. No words.

If he likes you, he will …
always find a chance to make music with whatever is around him and sing a short song for you. Study buddy. Late night study sessions are always cozy and fun with him. Brings you coffee the morning after a late night. If you weren’t able to get what you wanted at the cafeteria because it was all taken, he’ll somehow acquire it for you.

That one guy everyone knows of and has good thoughts of. Passes out flyers for a new club he makes every semester. Ends up finding a home in the poetry club. Poetry skill amazes the performing arts teacher and ends up being the teacher’s favorite that he sits beside him during play auditions and rehearsals and makes comments when the Director doesn’t. Somehow ends up getting free lunch because of his great acquaintanceship with the lunch workers. Somehow skips out on P.E. because he managed to confuse the counsellors in enrolling him in different classes in different periods. Has anything and everything in his bag (quietly slips them to Hyungwon, Wonho, Shownu, andJooheon when they grumble about not having something). Distracts the teacher when any of mentioned dudes forget to do an assignment while they copy off another person’s.

Come join the Intergalactic Space Food Appreciation Club! Where we eat and discuss about food we think other worldly beings eat!

If he likes you, he will …
slip notes to you during class and leaves special/affectionate ones on your desk for you to see when you return. Would have a ton of inside jokes with you and just beam whenever he sees you. Disregards what he was doing in order to talk with you, even if it’s only for a minute or two.

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Secret Holder - Jinyoung

Finally, you made it to one of his concerts. Back when you both were classmates in high school, you remembered he casually told you to attend at least one when he debuts. Now, the time has come. Three years later and you held onto his offer. It’s not like he’d recall telling you since you were sure you weren’t the only classmate he’d ever told. You weren’t his friend. You didn’t even know him beyond his name, occupation, and good looks. Other than those, he was foreign. Anyways, you were curious of how the idol life worked out for him so you bought a single ticket to his group’s concert in Seoul.

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Story time for you Band Geeks

Back in high school our concert band was playing a piece with a few movements of star wars music, the first movement being the rather dramatic Duel of Fates (its that choral piece that plays whenever shit gets intense in the movies.) Well of course its one big build up to a very loud ending. Being the only flute who enjoyed playing piccolo in the group, I of course wound up with the part that had me in a register that was ungodly even on flute. The final notes of the piece were truthfully more high pitched squeeling than actual music. Well, the final rhythm bit is just that same note repeated twice, then a break, and repeat that three times. Right after that is the big timpani solo when everyone else goes quiet. Our first actual run through of the piece, our timpani player didn’t come in, though it hadn’t been an issue before then. While our band director was doing his typical “omgwtfbbq” freak out, the kid was apologizing saying he thought the fire alarm was going off and was very confused why weren’t getting ready to leave for a fire drill. Except there was no fire alarm. There hadn’t been any fire alarm. Now the band director was confused and the poor kid thought he was crazy.

And it kind of dawned on me.

I slowly raised my hand and the entire freaking band (and orchestra since we were combined for the piece) turns to look at me.

That is how my piccolo came to be known as the fire alarm.

Dissonance from the Third Chair AU

Third chair violinist Person A is only in the string orchestra because they don’t care enough to take on the responsibilities of being in chamber (or so they say). Along with a fellow third chair Person B, who was unable to practice their cello for several months, the duo complain about the favoritism their conductor plays towards the first row, the level of music they’re given, and how painfully tone-deaf the back row is.

Over the Garden Wall: Greg [ESFP]

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Greg thoroughly enjoys his time in the Unknown because he perceives it as one huge opportunity for having fun. He’s absorbed in his own playful world of candy trails and frog-naming, constantly interacting with his environment and playing with whatever he can find. He’s observant and uses whatever’s at hand to deal with a situation—sticks, drums, a jug of molasses. Danger doesn’t faze him: when about to be attacked by a savage dog, his first remark is to inform the creature that it has “beautiful eyes.” Where Wirt panics, Greg acts, calmly insisting that the most dangerous adventures are “amazing.” He prefers to take the fun option—running around outdoors rather than enter the Langtree school, though he’s eager enough to join in the students’ mealtime. He asks questions about sensory things and composes songs about what they’re doing, where they’re going, and the joys of potatoes and molasses. He tends to be rather literal.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Greg believes that “We need to do our part to make the world a better place!” and he endeavors to act on this code whenever possible—helping the Langtree school and his “uncle” Quincy Endicott and looking after his frog. He is saddened when his efforts don’t work out and critical of himself whenever he feels he fails to live up to his standards. When Endicott gives him money, Greg throws it away because he thinks he was “pegged all wrong. I’ve got no sense at all.” Despite his cheerful demeanor, he can be hard on himself, berating himself for “goofing off like always” and allowing his brother to grow into a tree. Even when he himself is suffering the same fate, he’s more worried about having stolen a rock from a neighbor and needing to return it. Although Wirt isn’t always kind to him, he’s certain of his brother’s unspoken affection and is willing to make great sacrifices to try to save Wirt’s life.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Greg is considerably more decisive and action-prone than Wirt. He suggests obvious solutions to problems that Wirt complicates—why not take the tape to Sara himself if his brother is too nervous to do it? He’s level-headed in times of danger, and though he may not always have a plan, he’s always ready to do something about a problem (“spanking” an attacking dog, or stealing back the students’ instruments and holding a benefit concert for the school) and save the day. He can be pragmatic, setting aside scruples if they get in the way of getting something done, though he sometimes regrets it later (such as stealing Old Lady Daniel’s rock). Although he’s a bit nervous about having to lead when Wirt tells him he can do anything he like (“Anything? That’s a lot of power.”), he’s sure he’ll be a good leader; he’s no stranger to organizing games for him and his friends. He believes in the importance of proof, informing Enoch that they can’t be convicted without it—though his “rock facts” are of questionable truth. He quotes principles learned from his elderly neighbor, whom he considers an authority. “You can do anything if you set your mind to it,” he insists, and he refuses to give up on anything—especially not the bargain for his brother’s life…

Introverted Intuition (Ni): …and once he’s established that goal, he’s determined to make it happen at any cost. Although Greg’s not much focused on the future and tends to be quite concrete, he has his moments of intuition, such as being able to tell that something weird is going on at Lorna’s house and his belief that he can dream up a way to bring himself and Wirt home.


Carnivores Tour - Chicago. 8/29/14.

Pretty sure you could hear a pin drop as all 20,000 of us waited with bated breath for the grab & tug. Clutching our pearls as well as other things. Like, that move has become a legitimate component to the history of this song.

The evolution of EOAD as it’s been toured & tested, is very interesting and complex. It didn’t start on tour with the rolling hips, the flexing, the dick grab, the dramatic lighting leaving Leto looking ghostlike, sullen, almost empty. More recently, he’s even removed the aviators which he usually wore within the song. Maybe, as he’s grown into the roll and rhythm of the moment, he’s realized he no longer needs the shades.

It’s become idolized as a highly-sexualized song, but the lyrics are devastating and incredibly dark and not-sexy, really. They’re full of apocalyptic longing and the words are sung like a man who’s been so broken down by a bad love and that shit that comes cycloning along with it - where you are literally so-dickmatized by one of the most terrible persons you know and you cannot stand how they make you feel - yet you crawl back for more because when it’s there it feels so good. So absolutely fulfilling. Like nothing else you know. You worry you’ll never know that feeling again. It’s cyclical. It’s addiction.

Overall, when he is up there, under the light, it seems like he completely transforms. It’s sort of a role he inhabits. His stature changes - he seems less lithe and yoga-toned - he seems tougher, grittier. It’s probably more the lighting too than anything else, but his face changes in a way. He looks angry, older, rougher. Masculine. Brando-esq. However, just moments after the song ends and he jumps down into an Acoustic set, he is glowing, Bambi-like. Adorable. Like he’s rebuilt himself.

The LETODICK grasp has become a climax in many ways - to the verse, to the song, to the show - one we’ve photographed, scrutinized, magnified, gifed, passed around with panting breaths.

His moves during this song are fascinating. They’re not like any other moves in any other songs of the night. In fact, they, for the most part are there to entice, but honestly the act of grabbing your enormous dick and tugging it roughly in front of crowds 10,000-20,000 in size, isn’t really all done for show. Or bragging. Despite it making a huuuge portion of the crowd wet (I mean, we’re goddamn human, alright), ultimately it comes down to being, at it’s core, a vulgar move.

I think the roughness in which it’s done is not to intended to be like, “oh yea, ladies & gentlemen, you like what you see?” I mean….we do. OBVS. But it feels like it’s more of a statement to the person (or persons) who fucked his heart over - a sort of - “you wanted me for this, and maybe that’s all you wanted me for. Well I still have this and you don’t have me. Fuck off.”

The man is a first class tease and he knows exactly what he’s doing. However, the song, after the pull, almost always rolls down into a softer, sultrier, heartwrenching moment - Leto, seeming completely lost in the moment allows his hands to travel freely across his body, trailing his structure from collarbone to hips, sometimes back to the dick but moreso in a protective cupping fashion (yea, I’ve been watching this shit closely), and more often than not caressing the softest part of his person - his belly.

Yes, he’s trimmed within an inch of his life and most certainly has like at most 3% body fat (all of which is Mast Brothers Chocolate), if that…but  most animals we come to realize, their most sensitive, most detrimental, most-at-risk part of their bodies, is their belly. It’s the part we’re taught to brace the most upon impact, the part we look to protect when we feel afraid (curling into the fetal position).

It is an incredibly sensual part of our person - and to watch him delicately caress his tumtum following the roughness we watched him put himself thru earlier, it’s stunning. I mean… just thinking about it gives me the goddamn chills. His presence changes again and he is almost femme, reeling in his sensuality in a way that makes him immediately more vulnerable.

It’s a very I kinda wanna write a thesis paper on it moment within the concerts. If I was back in school. And the class was “LETODICK, DRAMA & STUNTQUEENING: beards, big hands, and blue eyes in the time of Carnivores” or, “Necessary Roughness: How I learned to quit worrying and love the tug”.