school starts in about a month for me and i thought it’d be helpful to compile everything i’ve collected in the span of a year into one giant masterpost ! :]

back to school tips!!

get organized!!

notetaking methods

gr8 study methods !

essay writing

optimize your productivity

manage your time! 

web resources

put yourself first !


i hope this helps ! & check out my studygram for studyspo pics + my bts blog for me fangirling tbh :] good luck! x

hello there! here are a few tips to help keep your backpack nice and tidy!

don’t just shove things in randomly.

put things in your backpack carefully. i like to tuck my papers and handouts in a folder to prevent them from crumpling up and tearing. you could also put your papers in a binder or an accordion file. don’t just throw things in your backpack and shove it all down. you’ll keep your items safe and in good condition while keeping your backpack tidy! it’s a win-win :)

keep loose things together

i keep my pens and pencils and things in a pencil case, things like pads and bandaids in a pouch, and money / loose change in a wallet. this way, loose things won’t be rolling around in your backpack to get crushed / lost. you could use plastic ziploc bags to keep things together too!

use hair ties / rubber bands / twist ties to keep cords together

this way, your chargers and headphones and whatever else won’t get all tangled up! they’ll also be easier to take out of your backpack.

clean out your backpack every week

sometimes, you’ll just inevitably accumulate small trash inside your backpack. don’t wait until trash piles up. it’s much easier to clean a small bit of trash every week rather than cleaning out a whole bunch of trashy bits in one go. i personally like to throw out bits of trash i find when i pack my bag at night :)

pack your bag at night.

you’ll have a lower chance of forgetting things, and you’ll be in less of a rush in the morning. also, you’ll have the time to put things in neatly without any cramming or shoving.

don’t overload your backpack

try not to push your backpack over its maximum capacity. your zippers may break and your backpack might rip, and that’s never a good thing ;;

wash your backpack every now and then

just use some lukewarm water, a damp cloth, and a mild detergent. loosen up some of the dirt and streaks with a soft-bristle brush or an old toothbrush, and then wipe down both the interior and exterior with the water + detergent + cloth. some backpacks are good to go in the washer while others are better off hand-washed. let it dry in the sun.

hope this helped and good luck! if you’d like to request a post, go here and if you’d like to see more helpful posts, go here!! thanks :)

hi everyone! i’m currently going into my junior year of high school, and i remember how scary the first day of freshman year was! so i decided to make a masterpost to help those going into their freshman year make a smoother transition! i’ve compiled a list of tips for all aspects of your life in high school (health, homework, extracurriculars). i hope this is helpful for you all and most importantly i hope you have a great school year, class of 2020!
also, a word to the wise, take freshman year seriously! even if you think it doesn’t matter in regards to college.


  • begin your homework as soon as you get home! start a routine, that way it will become second nature.
  • don’t slack on your homework, especially in maths!
  • make sure that you keep homework from one class stored separately from another (maths with maths, english with english).
  • do not procrastinate!
  • don’t know the answer? sparknotes.
  • sparknotes doesn’t explain? google.
  • but don’t just copy things down! especially in maths, make sure you understand the explanation.
  • don’t copy from others, as tempting as it may be. especially in subjects like history or english.
  • do not pull all-nighters! it isn’t a good idea.
  • absorb what you’re doing!

in class

  • here is a great masterpost by about notes.
  • always stay engaged in class, and i recommend always taking notes.
  • anything written on the board? copy it down!
  • don’t worry as much about notes being pretty over functional, and it is more important to pay attention.
  • it’s okay to sit with friends, but just be mindful of who you will work the best with when it comes to things such as lab partners.
  • do not disrespect your teachers (this includes talking over them). these are the people who will be signing your recommendation letters!
  • ask questions!! participating in class will earn you a great reputation, and it will really benefit your studies.


  • make summary foldables for vocab
  • if you have a big test/final coming up, study a little bit every day a few weeks in advance
  • use practice tests when available! (SAT, ACT, AP classes)
  • mind map! this is especially great for humanities in my opinion
  • too lazy to write flashcards? quizlet probably already has a set.
  • don’t like quizlet? anki is a great, picture-friendly alternative.
  • do practice problems for maths, don’t just stare at your notes! the best way to learn math skills is to repeat them over and over!
  • if your textbook has answers in the back, utilise them!


  • start using a bullet journal! (official bullet journal website here)
  • if your school gives you a planner, use it!
  • if not (or if you don’t like the one provided) buy one!
  • always write down assignments.
  • keep a separate folder and notebook for each class. if you like, colour code them so it’s easier to find at your locker in between classes!
  • clean your folder out after big chapter tests or, if you have year-long classes, after midterms. but don’t throw it out!
  • instead, keep everything in an expandable file folder! this is the one i use, and i dedicate one pocket for each class.
  • use highlighters and coloured pens.
  • if you own the book you’re reading in english class, or any textbooks that you can keep, write in the margins while you’re reading so that you absorb the material!
  • here is a cool masterpost on organisation.

health tips

  • try to stay as active as possible during the school year. exercise releases endorphins!
  • it’s also great for relieving stress!
  • here is a nice food masterpost for back to school.
  • never skip lunch (for any reason).
  • drink lots of water, and if your school allows, carry a bottle with you everywhere.

everything else

  • join that sports/debate team or marching band! i’ve met my closest friends through extracurriculars
  • it also looks great for college.
  • try your best to make new friends even though it’s scary.
  • if your school has an orientation day, go!
  • here is another great back to school masterpost
  • here are masterposts for everything
  • here is one of my favourite studytubes..
  • and another one..
  • … and another studytube!

i really hope that this was helpful for everyone stressing out about freshman year! above all else, enjoy your time in high school because it goes by fast!

~elizabeth <3

Came back from Korea today!! Honestly this was the best summer ever; I had so much fun and I loved spending time with my relatives there♡
Shopping was definitely a must. I spent way too much money on school supplies, clothes, and makeup. But soooo worth it :+)
Schools coming up soon and im trying to scramble in summer assignments on my last week of vacation..junior year hasn’t even started yet but its already so stressfulㅠㅠ any advice for Junior year? Pls :o


IT’S FRIDAYYY ! Sending happy vibes sweeties  📚 ✨

26 Reminders for Going to School Like a Badass

1. Your attitude dictates your experience, so start finding things to get psyched about.

2. Stock up on healthy snacks in your house!!! You’ll be glad you did when the study-munchies roll around (and they always do).

3. Invest in a good planner. Especially if you take part in multiple extra-curriculars, I can’t stress how helpful it is having a place to check back on deadlines and big events.

4. Write down all your teachers’ names and emails as soon as you get them, so you’re not searching for them when you’re absent.

5. No one is having as much fun as their snapchat story makes it seem.

6. Don’t believe what your peers tell you about tests they take before you, study how much YOU need to.

7. Be nice to your math teacher. Partial credit on math problems might save your grade.

8. Don’t throw out syllabuses/first day handouts!!!! Theres a good chance they have information on the late policy and a gazillion other helpful things.

9. In fact, try to hold on to as many papers as you can for when finals inevitably attack.

10. No one knows you wore those jeans yesterday.

11. Be conscious of how you smell. Don’t be B.O. kid, but also try not to suffocate your lab partner with the scent of artificial fruit/flowers.

12. That cookie in the cafeteria is probably not worth 95 cents. Pack snacks from home to resist overpriced school treats.

13. If you’re carrying around a travel mug of coffee, people will usually leave you alone. 

14. Don’t spend more time planning your study schedule than actually studying. Just get your books out and do it.

15. Never underestimate the amount of motivation you can get from watching Legally Blonde (movie or musical). 

16. Try to attend at least one school sporting event per season, even if thats not really your scene. Some teachers even offer extra credit for going to big games!

17. Don’t be that kid that asks the teacher when you’re getting your tests back. They have like a gazillion to grade. You’ll get them when they’re done.

18. Have a pump-up playlist for the ride to school and the walk to your first class. Nothing feels more badass than walking through crowded hallways while listening to Halsey’s “New Americana”.

19. Set up a back-up study zone for when you need a change of pace.

20. Don’t put off creative projects because you think they’ll be less time consuming. There’s nothing worse than glitter gluing a scale model of the U.S. Senate at 3 AM because you thought it would be quick and easy.

21. That extra 10 minutes of sleep is not worth the risk of oversleeping completely. Get up, splash your face with some cold water, and get this show on the road.

22. Find a school inspiration, whether it be a really hardworking friend or a studyblr you follow. Check their progress whenever you need motivation.

23. If someone only ever talks to you when they need to copy the homework, they’re using. Don’t indulge them.

24. Doing your own work is so SO important. Plagiarism can destroy careers.

25. Creative outlets can be so refreshing, like a diary, a private tumblr, a sketchbook, whatever floats your boat.

26. When all else fails, remember how lucky you are to be getting an education. School isn’t a punishment, its an opportunity for you to create a kick-ass foundation for the rest of your life.