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It’s really terrible, but it’s gonna bug me if I don’t write it down. Y'all prepared for a long-as-hell post?

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It’s me, Slowly Reading Through All Of Homestuck, back at it again with the fanart. Just finished Act 6 Intermission 5 Intermission 5 and I cried actual tears when I read “You are now Spades Slick.” IT’S…BEEN A THOUSAND YEARS…..

Homestuck is the best webcomic ever made.

This is because Homestuck took full advantage of its medium. It’s a webcomic, it doesn’t have the same limitations as a normal comic. It was more like an event than a book. Even when people go back, read all of homestuck years after today, it won’t be the same. Homestuck is and always was about the community. The frantic fanart drawing, discussions, theory crafting, all of it.

For me, the ending felt off because Homestuck’s thing was that it was always ongoing. There was always another twist waiting around the corner, always some hidden meaning.

This time there isn’t anything. We did it. They did it. The game is over.

We won

Why John is Japanese in the HSETAU

Back when I read Homestuck for the first time as a child I always thought John was Japanese from the moment I saw this:

This immediately reminded me of a similar shrine I saw in the home of a Japanese friend of mine from Middle School, including photo and urn. This immediately put the thought “Oh! John’s Japanese!” in my head, and after that the things I saw only seemed to make it more obvious.

To me, Dad seemed to very obviously be an archetypal Salaryman, with his Serious Business PDA, his white collar uniform, and hints that Dad had been teaching John how to be a gentleman. With things like


These things, after I already had the idea in my head that John was Japanese from the urn-and-photo earlier on in the story, only served to convince me even further that John and his Dad were a pair of supremely goofy Japanese men living in America. That they lived on the West Coast just made it seem even more likely, because most Japanese people live on the West Coast.

Also, one last thing.

Dad also reminded me a lot of Professor Utonium, whom I have always believed to be Japanese as well. With all of that, I’ve slotted John in my head as Japanese for pretty much the entire time I’ve known about Homestuck’s existence.

That’s why John and his family are Japanese in the HSETAU :>

this upd8 really brought back the feeling of reading homestuck you know? like seeing something so grand and monumental. something so existential going down on your screen and you can only watch in awe like the whole universe is coming together at last. hearing something so relatable from a character and realize that character is just like us. theve had experiences we could never fathom yet when it boils down theyre still just kids. you get waves of nostalgia from callbacks to something that occured so long ago yet they make you feel so happy for closure about what you felt 3 or so years ago. upd8s like this remind you that these arent normal kids, this isnt a conventional storyline, and you arent just any reader. homestucks a lot of bullshit sometimes but times like these make it so worthwhile.

You may know that I listen to music (and watch films and read books) with Homestuck in the back of my mind at all times - but seriously Dynamite Shovel by the Wonder Years is such a Signless song:

…These small town minds stay small
The world evolved so stay in your shithole
We’re moving on
Someone should burn this place to the ground
I’ll see you motherfuckers in hell

It’s so furious and indignant and ugh look just listen and tell me you can’t see Signless passionately (and angrily, oh so angrily) preaching this.