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'Your love of strawberry shortcake really doesn’t match your appearance but i still think that’s really cute’

Frequently, Credence would end up with a smudge of flour on his cheek, and he’d get Newt coming in around lunch time pointing it out, but that day he’d been so busy, overwhelmed with a breakfast rush and a lunch rush he barely had time to say hello to the ginger haired man, and went straight on into preparing for the mid-afternoon/everyone’s getting off work and coming to pick something up for their sweetheart rush.

The bell above the door jangled for about the millionth time and Credence glanced over to say he’d be just a minute, when he realized he didn’t recognize the man strolling around the bakery.

He certainly didn’t look the type, all business suit starch and flared sleeves with a high collar. Something black and emerald sparkled at his neck and he guessed they were some kind of fancy pin.

“Can I help you sir?”

The man walked over to the counter and his eyes glazed over the shelves of treats before landing on him, and he didn’t even think about how messy he must look until he could almost feel the flour itching on his face.

“Yes, I was wondering if you had anything in the market of Strawberry Shortcake?”

Credence was already mentally flipping through the catalog of wares, and he knew he didn’t, but he could easily recommend his closest friend’s place, as they dealt with more cakes and less smaller treats.

But he didn’t want to just send the man away.

There was probably enough ingredients to throw something together.

“How soon did you need it?”

“Well I was hoping to take it home tonight, but if you don’t have anything ready, I could come back tomorrow…”

Credence nodded,

“It could be ready when we open, eight am sharp.”

“Wonderful. Here’s my card. Just give me a call when you get it done. I can stop by before work in the morning.”

Credence accepted the card, and ran a thumb over the print, bright silver on a stark black background, and he was about to say yes of course, when there was a hand on his face, and he jerked his eyes back up to the man.

“You’ve got a little something… there.”

He withdrew his hand quickly enough, fingers brushing against each other to disperse the flour, and Credence gulped.


“See you later.”

The man quipped, and Credence was left staring after him, the ghost of his touch tingling on his cheek.


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“One of the best things while high as shit, is just being with nature. Looking at everything just go with the flow. Its trippy to think about too. Like everything has its own course. Like it does its thing. I love it. I found a super nice spot, super secluded, totally off the trails as well. Sits by a really nice river. It feels like I discovered this little world on my own. ”

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“No we’re fine” random says… i never thought i would hear random say something like a normal person and not well be random. jeez its so weird hearing his voice like that.

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