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I’m in Japan for spring break and went to the Diabolik Lovers cafe with my sister! ^^ It was Kanato’s birthday so I made sure to leave a message from America :>

Being out of the loop for so long, I actually had no idea it was going on but luckily saw an ad for it at an arcade on my trip to the animate store and really wanted to go! That was my first time going to an anime cafe, the food was really pretty and actually tasted pretty good haha! They had episodes one and two of more blood on loop and gave you a random card for each food item you ordered and a paper place mat that you can choose at the end.

I went on the last day so they only had the mukami bros placemat left and the anime version of the sakamaki bros so I chose the former cuz I didn’t like the anime art as much. Bought vandead carnival, lunatic parade, gonna buy dark fate today and finally start playing more blood again once I get back or on the plane +_+ I’ve only played the prologue so far from hella years ago when it was out so I’ll probably start a new game but as you can see I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! I gotta listen to all the drama CDs I’ve missed too >>;

Hopefully I can get back to translating random Dialovers stuff like I used to before school starts. Been pretty busy so I haven’t been on tumblr for a while but thanks for all the new follows and continuing to follow me after all this time! Or being too lazy to unfollow my lazy bum heh.

I’m currently translating a short story for code realize (slowly) so please look forward to it when it’s out~

anonymous asked:

Heyo, may I ask what games you started but never finished cause of reasons? Based on your posts, you only seem to be active with slbp, dtl, and midcin, have you tried others but got dissapointed halfway?

Welcome back, Precious Anon!

I only play three otome games: SLBP, MidCin and DtL. I also have Okita’s full route in ORN, and may purchase Alec after I read his freebie. You know I can’t resist a tsun! 

Out of all of the otome games I’ve played, those are the ones that best represent what I look for when choosing an otome game.

I have tried quite a few otome games:

  • Rental Boyfriends
  • Shall We Date?: Oz, Guard Me, Sherlock!, Blood In Roses, Ninja Shadow, Scarlet Fate, Demon’s Bond, Destiny Ninja 2
  • Lust In Terror Manor
  • Sleepless Cinderella Party
  • Royal Midnight Kiss
  • The Cinderella Contract
  • Magic Sword
  • Seven Hotties, All My Husbands
  • My Forged Wedding
  • Ninja Love
  • Kissed By the Baddest Bidder

The only one that I’ve kept out of all of those is Destiny Ninja 2, although I haven’t logged in in awhile. The game throws free items at you constantly, which is really helpful, but I just don’t like banter. My favorite character is Ran, though. Love him.

Hi! 💕

So whilst I’ve been away, I’ve finally finished Final Fantasy XV. I didn’t really want to finish it because I hate finishing games ;-; I feel like it’ll just last even longer if I don’t 🙈 I’ve also been playing Horizon too, as well as getting back into Otome games…but I think I’ll play some Sims tomorrow. I have Sunday to Wednesday off yay!