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Even though Ukyo is forever my amnesia bae, Kent was adorable as his awkward fumbling self too! Just a small compilation of some of my favourite lines from Kent. That text message near the beginning of his route hooked me right away XD


I’m in Japan for spring break and went to the Diabolik Lovers cafe with my sister! ^^ It was Kanato’s birthday so I made sure to leave a message from America :>

Being out of the loop for so long, I actually had no idea it was going on but luckily saw an ad for it at an arcade on my trip to the animate store and really wanted to go! That was my first time going to an anime cafe, the food was really pretty and actually tasted pretty good haha! They had episodes one and two of more blood on loop and gave you a random card for each food item you ordered and a paper place mat that you can choose at the end.

I went on the last day so they only had the mukami bros placemat left and the anime version of the sakamaki bros so I chose the former cuz I didn’t like the anime art as much. Bought vandead carnival, lunatic parade, gonna buy dark fate today and finally start playing more blood again once I get back or on the plane +_+ I’ve only played the prologue so far from hella years ago when it was out so I’ll probably start a new game but as you can see I’ve got a lot of catching up to do! I gotta listen to all the drama CDs I’ve missed too >>;

Hopefully I can get back to translating random Dialovers stuff like I used to before school starts. Been pretty busy so I haven’t been on tumblr for a while but thanks for all the new follows and continuing to follow me after all this time! Or being too lazy to unfollow my lazy bum heh.

I’m currently translating a short story for code realize (slowly) so please look forward to it when it’s out~

anonymous asked:

Why are you playing otome games? Anything special bout them?

(Oh another ask!)

Hello there Anon-chan! (Mind if I? ^^) 

Hmm, a bit of a story. Ever since my rl friend asked if I played Mystic Messenger, I was in a boredom phase in September. When I decided to try it out, Mystic Messenger hit me with so many emotions. 

And I started making MysMes MMDs cuz they were a meme at the time, and @ameri-lie ‘s videos really fired me up in a way XD. She really puts a lot of effort into them, and I thought I’d try to improve as well.

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I swear it was a freaking thrill ride of emotions during those 55+ days I was playing MysMes. Damn Cheritz, you’re good at doing these kinds of things.

Then I wondered if there were other games like this, so I swung by the App Store and looked for some. That’s when I found Cybird’s Ikémen series.

I mean, how can you not go (✨O✨) over Iriasu-sensei’s art???

At the time, I started MMDing and making models, and I kinda made a challenge for myself to see if I could assemble similar looking characters in PMX editor using materials that I can find on the internet, and possibly release those models.

And that’s how I stepped into MidCin.

I’m literally screenshoting all art I see in the game (but my storage is suffering 😂)

I was also trying to get the hang of Tumblr at the time I started playing MidCin, and before I knew it, I stepped into the MidCin community on Tumblr. 

I remember how I first got to know some people in the community when I was scrolling through Cybird’s Tumblr, and I saw some fanart by Kaki-senpai, and was intrigued immensely (bless her godly art). Before I knew it, I was scrolling through her blog until I came across a post about “Midnight Valentine”. I decided to join in the festivities because of what I challenged myself to do when I got MidCin. ^v^ Everyone was really supportive, and they offered me help when I needed references and stuff to make the MMD models. Yes, Midnight Valentine commmitee, I’m talking about y’all ;) . 

@oh-my-otome was my writing partner during the event(holy her writing is 👌👌👌), and she does a really amazing blog, I learn a lot from reading her research and theories on stuff, and she really does help me out a tremendous bunch! She even did this entire suitor modern outfit post that blew me away!!

So I decided to base the models off of her ideas and the ones from 100DaysPrincess that @lustfullyleocrawford told me about.

(Casually saves 100DP pics for future referencing lol)

It was a really joyful experience to be with the Midnight Valentine Committee! I want to do another event with everyone tbh XD.

Then at one point I got stuck in the game because I didn’t have enough bells for an item and I had to raise up the bells I got through Princess Lessons XD.

So in the meantime I downloaded another Cybird game that I’ve been wanting to check out for a while, Destined to Love.

Christ, I was feeling Gintama vibes when I saw the suitors’ names.

Decided to play the game, screenshotted the art (😂), and I’m wanting to draw up a comic that I’ve wanted to do for a while ever since I started on a route.

I really liked how much Cybird did their research on the Bakumatsu Era, and I found myself mesmerized and inspired just after playing the prolougue. (Currently putting together a Bakumatsu inspired vid now lol)

Come to think of it I still need to check the app once in a while because I get busy at my workplace and I haven’t really checked the games that often ;-;. I still have to check up on how many bells I need left before I purchase whatever item I need to get to the next chapter.

Funny thing is I enjoy the game more without the kink, -casually skips through all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)- cuz I just cry everytime when MC plays bottom. (Don’t uke, be seme MC XD)

So what’s special bout otome games? I met a lot of really nice people, made friends with them, got inspired, rode on a roller coaster of emotions, got new art senpais :3, andtheres just so much more. 

Anon-chan, I’m so happy you asked! It was really nice to look back at my experience playing otome games! I hope my speech answered your question lol.

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