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finally have time to work on my piece for the @notwithoutyoufanbook anthology!!! the kickstarter is here and you should definitely consider chipping in because a shitload of amazing artists and writers are contributing! i’m still not sure why i was picked. but i’m going to try not to embarrass myself!! 

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I just got back from buying a 12-pack of alcohol and now I'm just pacing around my apartment. How are you holding up?

i just showered and put on fancy lingerie. i’m ready for the vindication 

11/01/2017, January Restart Challenge Day 3

Well, it’s the first post for me, but that’s because I spent both Monday and yesterday at uni/at my office (see the picture above), and never really managed to get online. 

It’s not the beginning of a new semester for me, but rather the middle of one - and it’s a nightmare. I wanted to work a little over Christmas, but that never happened (I blame hormones + SAD + general exhaustion from three jam-packed weeks right after coming back from Peru), and now I need to catch up on a lot of things. Bonus: I’m still confused about my priorities thanks to even more looming deadlines… 

Work-wise, there are a lot of work group meetings in the next couple of weeks, a paper deadline in early February, a three-day workshop the week before, a conference and the usual PhD work. And I also really, really need a couple of health checkups done, including mental health stuff because, frankly, those depressive and/or anxious episodes are getting annoying. 

Proof of how much I don’t have my schedule under control right now: it is now 7.45pm, I’ve had this post open for four hours, and I still haven’t written those emails. (I hate emails which are likely to produce even more appointments and follow-up tasks.)

Goals for today: 

  • make a plan! and schedule actual PhD work and not just urgent work-group stuff (high priority) (sort of. I didn’t schedule much actual PhD work for today…)
  • read 2-3 papers for my work group meeting next week (medium priority) (I managed one and a half pretty theory heavy, dense ones)
  • work emails: workshop, advisor, student assistants (high priority)
  • conference scheduling/tentative dates for archive work (medium priority) (not finished, but progess was made)
  • order thesis material at home (low priority) 
  • two loads of laundry (medium priority) 
  • look up doctors’ contacts (high priority) 
  • look up yoga classes + book tryout lesson (medium priority) 
  • file payslips, insurance info, etc (low priority)
  • three proper meals - and prepare breakfast for tomorrow (high priority) (this is still in progress)

I think I’ll put on an episode of Endeavour now and see how much progress I can still make with the paper mountains on my desk. 

Void!Stiles- "Pathetic Old Stiles"

Prompt: Void!Stiles x Reader fluff?

Pairing: Reader x Stiles

Warning: None

Summary: You and the pack are trying to get the kitsuna out of Stiles but the Kitsuna is now telling all of Stiles’ secret about everyone, including you.

Half the plan so far has gone perfectly. You got Stiles to Scotts house, though it was not easy. Your pretty sure you’ll get a couple scars but it was worth it. Because It was for Stiles, he would do the same for you anyway. He was your best friend. The first time you heard that your best friend was gone you cried for hours until you realized crying was not going to help. So you and the pack came together to get your Stiles back. Now all you needed was Lydia’s banshee powers to call Stiles from his mind. You just had to wait for her to get here.

Right now it was you, Scott, Malia and Stiles- well the kitsune were here. You sat on the couch massaging your bruised arm while Malia paced the hall and Scott stared out the window impatiently. Everyone was quite, you were all tired and ready to get this over and done with. You had already lost Alison to this you couldn’t lose anymore people. All of a sudden you heard a creepy laugh that came from the tied up and duck taped Stiles. Everyone turned to look at him then at each other. You all were scared though you wouldn’t admit it. The laugh came again then again and again. Mola growled at him. She ran over before Scott could grab her, she pulled the tape off his mouth. You watch in fear from the couch. At first he stood still then Malia said, “ Why the hell are you laugh, you creep!” She was just as frustrated as the rest of you. She just couldn’t keep it hidden.

Stiles was looking at the floor with much interest. You held your breath to hear your best friend’s voice again. He finally looked up but at Scott. He had a crooked smile on his face. He said, “ I just think it’s funny how pathetic Stiles is, don’t you agree Scott?” You and Malia turned to Scott he was frozen, his face angry but frozen. He continued “Stiles, forever the sidekick, the robin all his life. Never getting the girl, the power. It’s sad really.” He laughed as he said that as if he just told the best joke ever told. Malia growled again but this time Scott was fast enough to catch her. “Lia’ it’s not him, it’s not Stiles!” “Isn’t it though, the kitsune said, ” Im just saying what Stiles has been thinking ALL HIS PATHETIC LIFE. How does it feel, Scott, to know you make your best friend feel like NOTHING?“

Scott seemed unfazed but you can see his body trembling. He was holding back everything he had to not fight back. But you had enough, you knew Stiles loved Scott like a brother. ” SHUT THE FUCK UP, you yelled, YOUR PSYCHOTIC. Stiles loved him he knows Scott has done everything to save everyone’s lives!“ Stiles’ pale faced turned to you for the first time. “Ah, (Y/N) how poetic. The girl he can never have, comes to his rescue. Do you know how he feels about you?” You knew he was going to try to turn you against Stiles, and you weren’t going to let him. “I don’t care and I wouldn’t believe anything you tell me.” “But there’s much to tell. That little blue skirt you wear is his favorite. He watches every move you make. Every word you have ever said, he has

You stood there staring at this pale version of what use to be your best friend. Your mouthwide open yet no words formed. Finally you came to your scenes, “ W-what?” “He’s. In. Love. With. You. And yet you never even paid attention.”

Part 2??

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I don’t know why I want Isaac, Jackson, Ethan and Danny to come back now.

Imagine their faces at the new pack and just looking so uncomfortable.

Imagine them asking where’s Derek?

Imagine Jackson, Ethan and maybe Isaac backing up Stiles with the whole “I don’t trust Theo” thing. -Danny would totally be into the pretty face and maybe take Mason under his wing-

Imagine Jackson and Stiles broTP.

Imagine Isaac looking offended that this potato is trying to take his spot as Scott’s second best friend.

Imagine Theo being a lil shit and trying to charm them all only to piss off Jackson, have Isaac throw him into a wall, and Danny to look at him with… not Danny emotions -because Danny is a good guy-

Idk man.

i decided to dye my hair brown and it looks black currently, with the dye in. i also dyed my entire chest and back, my arms, the floor and the sink and probably missed my hair

an Eevee: *appears*
me, no matter what, in the same delighted high-pitched voice: Eevee!

Tagged by the ever beautiful @bailci <3 Six things I love… 

1. Songs → We Are, One Ok Rock  •  M.I.N.E (End This Way), Five Finger Death Punch  •  What If I Was Nothing, All That Remains  •  The Beginning, One Ok Rock  •  Absolute Zero, Stone Sour  •  La La Latch, Pentatonix

2. Movies → Jurassic Park  •  Jaws  •  Amelie  •  Hot Fuzz  •  Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2  •  The Boondock Saints

3. TV shows → Bobs Burger`s  •  Merlin  •  Archer  •  The IT Crowd  •  Chopped  •  Futurama

4. People → My Australian  •  My mother  •  My father  •  Archie (he`s a people to me)  • My cousins’ children   •  My hippie/witchy co-worker/soulmate

5. Food → Watermelon  •  Any fruit ever  •  Pho  •  Pierogi  •  Ginger  •  Potatoes (any shape, any form)

6. People to tag@damnyoumoffattttt   •  @captainfrostedcherry   •  @lightwoodsalexander  •  @somewhere-l-o-s-t  •  @victorofangels  •  @gatesofember

classic jung ilhoon lines
  • my love for you is like extreme obesity
  • option like potato
  • i have everything but height
  • i saw it in a book yesterday, ‘100 ways to captivate older women’
  • when you get on the bus, you’ll get a little sleepy
  • the weather was so good back then, better than me
  • hit me if you wanna hit me
  • can’t explain this with science
  • i want to taste that alley way kiss once more
  • again tonight, my mouth can’t stay still
  • i’ll tell you everything i couldn’t say in bed
  • if you’re a hotel, you’d be five stars
  • feels like you’ll have a boyfriend who’s in the army
  • you ask why a guy like me has flowers on his phone background
  • i don’t know if i still have feelings
  • our old emotions smell of breakup
  • now we back, pack your bags
  • i know all the rules of being single so take me away, i’ll give you my address
  • maybe I’m hitting puberty late
  • movin’ mountain
  • it’s like wanting to have kids but not knowing if i’d be a good dad
  • what I can’t understand is how I used to want to be an adult so bad, but that little boy suddenly grew up and now I want to be that little boy again
  • don’t even do sns because you could be a fb star
  • get rid of all your unwanted followers
  • she is flyer than beyonce
  • it’s just staring at a pie in the sky
  • sometimes, i wanna love myself like i love you baby
  • avoid your parents asking when you’re coming home
  • i ain’t no casanova 
  • when I walked you back home, it was the house of another guy 
  • bitches and marijuana
  • the reason I hate winter, the couples on the streets in the annoyingly cold weather
  • when I stand in a crowd, smile to the cloud
  • i always live in anxiety
  • cover me with the blanket of explanations
  • i become like bland kimbap
  • there are a million unemployed people, i don’t really know much about that, but I just wish that number was in my bank account