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So I need to share something with you guys as I’m giggling like a moron right now okay??

The Prodigy. Good band, love their music. One of their more famous albums, which had Firestarter on it (big fave of mine), was Fat of the Land. I’m guessing they just went to the artist for the album art and the artist was like I KNOW JUST WHAT YOUR ALBUM ART NEEDS.


So fast forward fifteen years, and the Prodigy decides to release an anniversary album for Fat of the Land with some remixes and extras. They apparently went back to that same artist and they just looked at them all, cracked their knuckles, and screamed to the heavens:


So it’s 2AM and I’m reading some fics and suddenly my mind is spinning


You know how one of the mysteries of Inuyasha is how chill Mama Higurashi is about her 15 year old daughter time-traveling through an enchanted well to go back a few centuries into an extremely dangerous world with a half-youkai she (Mama) barely knows and some other strangers she’s never met to repair a broken magic jewel and fight monsters, not to mention missing weeks upon weeks of school in the process? Kind of weird, right?

but…but guys…

what if she knows

What if Kagome, after returning to the feudal era to live there at the end of the series (regardless of your opinion on whether or not the well stayed open)…what if she kept some kind of journal or other record? Wrote down all her experiences, her story, how things ended…and what if that record made its way down the generations into Mama Higurashi’s hands?

And she knew, even before Kagome fell down the well the first time, she knew.

She wouldn’t tell Kagome directly, of course, for fear of disrupting the flow of time, but it sure helped her to stay calm when her daughter came home with stories of jewels and bandits and monsters and frustrating hanyou. 

She knew that, as dangerous as it was, that Kagome and her friends would win their battle in the end, and that her little girl would be safe, and that that gruff, dog-eared stranger would grow into a good man who her daughter would love and would protect her and give her a good life. She knew that it was ok if she wasn’t all over her schoolwork, because there was no use for a diploma in the feudal era.

She knew, and as such understood that she didn’t need to stop her daughter from taking this scary, dangerous journey. She just needed to support her, and it would all work out–because it already had, nearly 500 years ago.

I just… 



Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
Words: 693
Warnings: Angst, some smut
Summary: Steve is reunited with his lover and they try to make up for the time they were apart. 
A/N: Hey look! I’m back. I promised I will get back to writing as soon as I find some free time. Looks like now’s the time. I honestly don’t know what happened. I was listening to Muse and some angsty feeling took over and I just had to get up in the middle of the night and write this down. There’s no real plot I guess. Just one scene. Like usual, if you want to be tagged in my fanfics, let me know! 

Oh and you can blame @dreamingintheimpalawithdean for the fact that this one is about Steve Rogers, her writing made me love the Marvel universe even more and I decided to try it myself. 

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His usually calm, blue eyes suddenly became uneasy, jumping from one point to another, as if he wasn’t able to focus. I knew what he was doing. From the moment he’d taken my hand in his and our fingers interlocked, a question’s been hovering in the air between us, silent and yet so resounding. Using words to answer it seemed remarkably hollow and out-of-place, so he had to find another way to get rid of the doubts messing with his heart.

Luckily, something in my behavior or expression must have helped him, because the next thing I knew his hungry mouth were pressed against my own. His lips seemed to be devouring me with every breath he took, reminding me of someone who hasn’t eaten in weeks and was suddenly offered a proper meal.

I entangled my fingers in his hair and he gently placed his hands on the column of my throat; the sensation coming from under his touch was so different from the kiss. The world around faded away, everything and everyone lost their meaning. I could swear that even the air itself lost its life-giving power because we seemed to be lacking in it, and yet the fact went unnoticed.

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okay i’m not one to rant but i’m sO UPSET RIGHT NOW. so the story is that i ordered block b tickets to see shawn, my idol for literally 2+ years, right near the front. by the time my dad had money for vip it was all sold out but i guess i pushed past that as i was lucky enough to get tickets close to the stage. we have emails and stuff from the company (called get me in) that we bought the tickets off saying that we definitely have these block b tickets, however it is now literally 3 days before the show and we get informed that theY SOLD MY TICKETS TO SOMEONE ELSE?! THEY CHARGED US TOO! so we rang the company up like wtf this is unacceptable and unfair and they were like “we’ll give you whatever we find” so me and my dad were like okay sure. today some other person’s tickets came in the mail and they’re in bLOCK J. not to sound ungrateful or anything but my dad paid lots of money for our tickets when they came out and i was so excited as it is meant to be a treat for my birthday. they expect us to sit in the back? yes they sent me an extra ticket but that still doesn’t make up for the fact that i’ve been messed about like this, i’ve been completely sTRESSED about it and honestly if i get anyone saying stuff like “shut up and be grateful” i’m going to flip because for days i’ve been on edge because of this. probs no one has read this all but note: BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ORDER TICKETS ONLINE FROM!!! on the day of the concert (28th of april) I’m literally just going to sit where I ordered my tickets and if anyone starts i’m just gonna whip the emails out because it’s ridiculous!

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Yuuri collapsed like a dead log to the ground.

The air around them fell deathly silent.

It took a moment before Victor let out a shaky breath. Victor couldn’t believe it. The beastly prince had saved both him and Makkachin from a dangerous pack of wolves.

Makkachin whined and immediately ran over to where Yuuri is, nudging the beast gently with her nose. Victor rushed by his side immediately and tossed his cloak over Yuuri’s furry back, being mindful of the cut bleeding on his shoulder.

“Why…why did you save me?” Viktor whispered.

The beast smiled, and Victor could almost see the human face behind it.

“I guess I’m just a fool,” Yuuri grunted before passing out.

Victor couldn’t leave him here. The wolves might come back. They had to get back to the safety of the castle.

Yuuri was heavier than Victor, but with some effort he managed to sling one of Yuuri’s arms around his shoulder. He half carried half dragged Yuuri back to the castle. Upon arriving at the gates the enchanted servants immediately rushed forward to help, guiding Victor to the master’s bedroom where Yuuri could be mended and rest.

By morning, Yuuri opened his eyes and groaned awake but alive.

“Good morning sleeping beauty,” Victor sang, bringing in a towel and water basin.

“How did I get here-ow!” Yuuri roared when Victor slapped a hot towel on his wound,

“I carried you. I admit it wasn’t easy and it left me with a few sore cramps, but we both made it back safe and sound! Makkachin too!” 

The poodle nearly jumped on the bed if it wasn’t for Yuuri being injured. Instead Makkachin rested her head on the edge of the mattress, her nose brushing against Yuuri’s claws.

“Thank you for saving me,” Victor genuinely expressed, staring deeply into Yuuri’s eyes.

Yuuri didn’t have any words for this feeling. But he felt something change in his heart.

“…You’re welcome,” Yuuri mumbled before sleeping some more.

(beauty and the beast AU prompt tag)

Shivers taught me a new linework technique a little while back that I decided to put into practice. So I did some design work for the BFG for my ZScript test project.

You ever have one of those moments where, like, you like the design and the idea behind the design but you don’t like how you drew it and it looks completely different from what you had in mind, and then you started second-guessing how to continue on and whether it’d be better to fix it or to start over again?


         ❝ hey gabe, come on.
                 i need you to watch my back on this one. ❞
                        ❝ yeah, okay.
                                i guess somebody needs to be a lookout. ❞

                                                      written by jay && geo

Also fun fact Amren decided she’s Feyre’s…. if not mother than begrudging cool aunt who plays it chill but is literally that “if anything happened to her I would kill everyone and then myself” puppy photoset cop lady


a) ms firedrake gives feyre one of her necklaces. and then has her KEEP it

b) although feyre was all “I didn’t get to say goodbye to amren” before going to hyburn and [amren says someything coldish like don’t get yourselves killed] “I guess that was all the send off we were getting] amren FLIPS HER DAMN SHIT WITH THE “WHERE IS SHE” when they get back

c) both are unique in their universe

d) feyre frequently feeds amren

ok maybe they’re mates

potstato  asked:

Hello! Sorry to bother you..Not really a request or anything but can you imagine what chaos would occur if the teams for the Cavalry Battle were based on their Obstacle Race rankings? Which means Deku, Todoroki & Kacchan (and possibly Shiozaki) in ONE TEAM. I just thought about it since watching the latest ep and thought it would be pretty funny. Thanks for taking time to read this!

That would have been a freaking massacre… uh, I mean, rather… interesting… None of them would have backed down and let one of the other two take charge - Izuku because he promised to prove his worth as a successor, Shouto because he wants to challenge Izuku, and Bakugou… well he’s Bakugou.

Thinking about it, though, I see why they didn’t do it like that. I guess who ever thought up the games wanted to get as much competition between the children as possible. Putting the highest ranked ones in a team together would probably have made it unfair for the other teams – seeing as that team would most likely consist of very strong people – and it would also have prevented the highest ranked kids from competing with each other.


But I’m very sure that this scenario would either have been hilarious to see, or absolutely terrifying. X’D It’s an interesting idea for sure!

Okay so I know that season 2 has been an all-around cluster fuck in terms of character development and plot, so I shouldn’t be surprised when the writers fuck up little details as well but can we talk about how the writers, in an attempt to show Kara is a serious journalist, had her ask the CEO of a multibillion dollar, well established, industry leading, medical tech firm, which without a doubt has an entire department dedicated to regulatory compliance, if he was following FDA regulations. Like was that supposed to be a scoop? Was she expecting Jack to be like “oh crap I completely forgot about the FDA, aw shucks guess its back to the drawing board”. I know im probably getting irked over something really small but that whole scene felt like a disservice, not only to Kara, who for sure could have come up with a better question, but also to fans of the show who are all smart enough to spot a bs softball question when they see one.

And thus the porno has begun. I didn’t write much tonight (mostly because I’m still trying to figure out how this’ll work???) but I’ve begun to write the ultimate kingsman porn– Eggsy x Tequila x Jack x Harry x Merlin.

Here’s a sneak peek (unedited):

How Eggsy landed in this situation, he still wasn’t sure. When he thinks back through his day—through his whole life—he wouldn’t have guessed that things were leading to this, yet here he was, surrounded by not one, not two, not three, gorgeous men—but four. Count it, four drop-dead-walking-sex-tall-glasses-of-water handsome men that all wanted him.

Granted they also wanted each other, but their focus majorly was on him.

He’d had a dream like this once, but it ended when one of the guys removed his face like a mask and in its place was the head of The Great British Bake-Off judge, Mary Berry.

These men were real. None of them, as far as Eggsy knew, would be removing their faces to reveal a gentile baker.

Eggsy supposed he owed Roxy a great big thank you, because if it hadn’t been for her bet, Eggsy wouldn’t have become the sole focus of Agent Tequila, Agent Jack, Harry, and Merlin.

If he’d known wearing lady’s knickers would’ve gotten them all to stop fighting, he’d have donned a pair a long time ago.

A Strange Request

Pairings: Doctor Strange x Reader

Warnings: Minimal swearing, Injured animal (not graphic)

A/N: Guess who’s back guys! Sorry I haven’t been super active on the blog lately. School got pretty intense and I had a lot of trouble getting this fic started (But I finally did it!) There probably will be a second part too this fic (no more than three) because I feel like I should work on the whole fluff aspect a little more. ~A

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You walked along a dimly lit corridor, nodding as you crossed paths with one of the other initiates in your portals and dimensional manipulation class. You looked through one of the stone arches, the sky was darker than pitch. You’d managed to get caught up in you’re reading again. This time, it was the pages of the Tao Te Ching that had captured your attention. You knew that Wong would want his book back as soon as possible, and you’d already been on his bad side for the past month after he caught you with a cup of tea in the library. You stopped in front of the library doors, waiting for them to open and close with their usual muted thud. You walked over to Wong’s desk, but the librarian was nowhere to be found.

“Wong, I really need to see that book,” You could hear Stephen Strange’s annoyed voice coming from somewhere in the back of the library. His and Wong’s footsteps echoed throughout the library, and you ran to hide behind one of the many bookcases. Wong raced right past your hiding spot with a stack of books in his arms, Dr. Strange following in hot pursuit.

“If you want the original copy of the Tao Te Ching, you must wait until it’s returned,” Wong grumbled, plunking his books in the table for emphasis. “Or, you could use one of our transcribed copies to-”

“You don’t understand! I need to see the original copy.”

“And you don’t seem to understand how a library works,” Wong retorted. “Go ask the girl if it’s so important to you.”

“I can’t just go up to y/n and demand that she gives me her book.”

My book,” Wong corrected. “If you don’t want to ask her, then I guess you’ll just have to wait until she’s done with it.”

“You’re not helping at all,” Strange huffed.

“Being your personal assistant isn’t part of my job description,” Wong said primly. He sat down in his desk chair and picked up a heavy, leather-bound book, signaling the end of their conversation. Strange stormed from the room, a scowl etched deep into his face. You waited for a moment and tried to escape the room without Wong noticing, your heart pounding in your chest. You were halfway out the door before Wong said anything.

“Make sure to keep those neon monstrosities away from my book, y/n,” Wong called.

“It was just Starbucks!”

“It doesn’t matter,” Wong called. “You ruin that book and Strange will be the least of your worries.”

“Dr. Strange? Why would he-”

“Don’t play dumb. Bookcases don’t make good hiding places, and you clearly haven’t mastered the art of invisibility yet,” Wong said flatly.

“Oh,” you said sheepishly. You stood there for a moment, waiting to see what punishment awaited you.

Wong turned a page in his book, “You can go, just don’t let me catch you sneaking around here again.”

You turned and fled the room, making it halfway down the hall before you realized you’d forgotten to turn in your book. Well, at least you could expect a visit from Strange.


“Y/n, could I talk to you?” Strange said, putting his hand on your arm to get your attention.

“Sure,” you said, waving goodbye to your friend, Jasmine. She raised an eyebrow, you’d been raving to her about your crush on him for weeks.

“Catch you later?” She called.

“You know it, Jaz.”

You turned back to Strange who gave you a strained smile before turning on his heels and leading you to the nearby courtyard.

“So…that book you have,” he nodded to the book you had tucked under your arm, “I was wondering when you’d be done with it, because I really need it for one of my classes.”

You stood there for a moment, unable to speak, your cheeks slowly turning bright red.

“Are you okay?” Strange asked, noting your odd behavior.

“Y-yeah,” you managed to squeak. “H-here, don’t forget to bring it back in a week or Wong’ll kill you,” you giggled nervously, nearly shoving the book into his hands.

“Okay. Thanks I guess,” Strange looked down at the book in confusion. “Listen, I’ve got to get going so…”

“Okay. Bye,” you squeaked. He turned and walked across the courtyard, waving at you lazily behind his back. You waited until he disappeared into the building before collapsing against the trunk of an old cherry blossom tree, covering your face with your hands. That was a disaster.


“So, how’d it go?” Jaz called from her spot she’d claimed next to your door.

“Not now,” you sighed, throwing the door open and collapsing onto your bed.

Jaz scrambled to her feet and followed you into your room, “That bad, huh?”

“I could barely speak to him,” you sighed, burying your face into your pillow.

“What did he want to talk about?” Jaz said. You could almost feel her impatience from across the room.

“Books. He wanted to talk about books,” you sighed, flopping over onto your back. “I had the only copy of the book he wanted. That’s the only reason he wanted to talk to me.”

“Y/n, I’m so sorry!” Jaz sighed. She knelt in front of the bed and dragged you into a hug.

You shrugged her off and curled up into a ball, “If I hadn’t frozen up, maybe I could’ve turned things around…he probably thinks I’m crazy.”

“C’mon, don’t say that!” Jaz begged. You turned to face the wall, trying to ignore her. “You know what,” Jaz said, “I did overhear him talking the Ancient One about learning to scry. I mean, if you’re really desperate, you could check out all the beginner level books from the library.”

You turned back to her, “Jaz, I know you’re trying to help, but that’s insane!”

“Hey, it was just an idea,” she shrugged.

“Well I’m not doing it,” you replied, “I still have standards.”


“Wong, I’m going to need all of your beginner-level books on scrying,” you said impatiently after waiting for the librarian to take his head out of his book.

“All of them?” Wong raised an eyebrow. “You need 23 books on scrying?”


Wong shrugged and got up, putting a slip of scrap paper in his book, “Okay.”

“Wait, you’re not going to ask me why I need all those books?” You were more than a little disappointed that you wouldn’t get to use your carefully concocted lie.

“As long as you get those books back to me in good condition, I really don’t care why you need them,” Wong said. He rushed off to the back of the library, stopping occasionally to pick up a book or two. Clutching a large stack of books, Wong returned to his desk in under five minutes.

“Thank you so much-” you began before he stopped you.

“This is only about half of them,” Wong interrupted. He walked off again, this time returning with an even larger stack of books.

That’s all of them,” Wong said, setting the books down on the counter.

“Thanks, Wong,” you said weakly, grabbing some of the books and trudging off to your room. A few trips later, every surface in your room was dominated by leather bound books. You picked up a random book and settled down in your bed, might as read some of these books if they’re gonna be taking up space in my room. The familiar smell of old leather and paper filled the room, and you smiled. Hell, I might even learn something.


You holed yourself up in your room for the next week, working your way through three or four of the books. On the rare occasions that you did leave your room for food or classes, Strange barely even looked at you. Still, you held onto the hope that he would eventually approach you about the books. Between sessions of obsessing about your crush, you found the time to practice scrying. You tried using mirrors, fire, oil, and water, but nothing seemed to work. The most you ever managed to see was the occasional patch of sky or piece of tree bark. After your latest failure, you decided to take a short walk in the courtyard to clear your head. While there, you stumbled upon a small crow with a broken wing.

“Hey there bud,” you cooed to the bird, cupping him gently in your hands. He snapped his beak at you weakly, “C’mon bud I’m trying to help you.” He let out a strangled squawk and closed his eyes tightly, his chest heaving with every breath. You brought him down to Jaz’s room, tapping the door quietly with your foot. The bird’s eyes popped open at the sudden noise.

Jaz opened the door and gave you a confused look, “Y/n, aren’t you supposed to be in class right now?”

You looked at the antique clock she had in the corner of her room. You’d managed to forget about your martial arts class. “I know,” you said, “but I found this little guy out in the courtyard.” You held up the bird who made a small whimpering sound. “I think his wing’s broken. Do you think you can fix him?”

“Come put him on the table,” Jaz said, opening the door and moving from the doorway. “You know, you should probably be doing this type of thing on your own.”

“Yeah, but you’re way better at healing magic than I am,” you said as you put the crow on the table. The bird shuffled around a bit, his claws making small clicking noises as they tapped against the wooden table. Jaz knelt in front of the table and corralled the bird between her hands, murmuring a few words under her breath. You could feel a small thrum of energy resonate in the room, and the bird squawked indignantly and took flight. He flew in a few panicked circles before landing on your shoulder, digging his claws into your skin.

“Hey, watch the claws,” you hissed in pain. The bird loosened his iron grip just a tiny bit, chirping in apology.

“I think he likes you,” Jaz laughed. “You can take him back outside. He should be good to fly now.”

“Alright. See you later Jaz.”

“Bye, y/n.”

“Say goodbye birdy.”

The bird squawked in response, flapping his wings to keep his balance as you left the room.


After your lesson with your martial arts teacher, you took a quick shower and headed back to your room, the bird still in tow. You’d tried to release him in the courtyard but he had refused to leave your shoulder. Back at the dojo, he had waited for you in a nearby tree until the end of your lesson. Now he sat at one end of your desk, pecking at a few crackers you’d managed to find for him.

“What am I supposed to do with you?” You sighed. The bird seemed to sense your gaze and looked up, letting out a small, pitiful chirp. “Well, if you’re not going to leave me alone, I should at least give you a name. How about Raven?” You grinned. The bird squawked and narrowed his eyes at you, Really? He seemed to say. “Okay, fine! How about Korra?” The bird shook his head and made a sneezing noise. “Oh! Are you a boy?” The bird bobbed his head up and down. “How about…Huginn?” The crow cocked his head to the side for a moment, as if he were thinking. Finally, he chirped in assent. “Okay, Huginn it is! Do you want to help me out with my scrying buddy?” The bird chirped and latched onto your shoulder. You grabbed a shiny bronze bowl and filled it halfway with cold water. You let it sit for a moment, waiting for the ripples to settle. Gazing into the bowl, you thought about the courtyard, trying to get an image to appear in the water. For half a second, you thought you could see the outline of the old cherry blossom tree, but your concentration was broken when Huginn decided to perch on the edge of the bowl and dip his beak in the water.

“Sweetie, you’re not supposed to drink the water!” You sighed, “Look, I have to start all over again.” Huggin squawked and looked from you to the bowl. “What, are you happy now?” He pecked at your hand and gestured to the water with his head, “Hey-” you began, your voice dying in your throat when you looked into the water. Your face and the wall behind you seemed to be projected into the water, everything was covered in a strange iridescent sheen. “Wha-” Huginn squawked impatiently and flew back to his crackers. The image in the water lurched suddenly, and all you could see was the pile of crackers. “Oh! So I can only see what you see?” The bird bobbed his head impatiently, Finally! He seemed to say. “I’m a little new to this whole magic thing bud, cut me some slack.” The bird shook out his feathers and hopped toward the window, staring at you expectantly. “Do you want to go out?” The bird turned and pecked at the shutters. “Okay, I’m getting there! Keep it in your pants!” You reached around the bird and gently pushed out the shutters, and before you could even move your arm out of the way, the bird burst into the open skies. You looked back into the bronze bowl and a literal bird’s eye view of the compound appeared in the mirrored surface. Huginn banked on a sudden gust of wind and you could see Strange and Wong arguing in the library through one of the barred windows. You willed Huginn to get a little closer, and he did, wriggling through a gap in one of the filigree covered windows. He hopped onto on of the book shelves and scurried a little closer to the two men. You could hear their voices now, but the sound was muffled, like you had a layer of cotton stuffed in your ears.

“How do you not have a single book on scrying?” Strange shouted, banging his fist on the table in front of him.

“Y/n came in, she wanted the books, I gave them to her,” Wong said calmly, reshelving a book that looked like it was bound in snakeskin. “We’ve been through this before haven’t we? If you want the books you wait your turn.”

“She needed all of them?” Strange asked incredulously.

“I’ve seen stranger things,” Wong shrugged.

“What am I supposed to do know?” Strange sighed.

“Why don’t you just ask her to bring a few of them back? Or are you afraid of her?” Wong smirked.

“No! She’s a really sweet girl,” Strange began, blushing when he noticed the teasing look Wong had on his face. “I don’t have a crush on her okay!”

“I didn’t say that,” Wong said, raising an eyebrow. Strange turned an even darker shade of red. 

“I can’t believe you have a crush on that one,” Wong snorted, turning back to his re-shelving. Huginn squawked in indignation, responding to your sudden flash of indignation. Wong looked up, spotting Huginn almost immediately. It felt as though he was staring at you through the water. As Huginn tried to make his escape, Wong grabbed him from the air, trapping him in his hands. The bird squawked and struggled tremendously, but Wong stroked his head gently, calming him. He brought Huginn over to the window and released him, “Fly back to your master little one,” he said quietly.


Surprisingly, Wong didn’t kill you in your sleep over your latest misadventure, but he did ban you from the library for the next week and put new warding spells up around the library. You were a little disappointed that you’d been caught so easily, but you had learned something from this whole fiasco. Strange had a crush on you.


A/N: Thanks for reading, and thanks to G for proofreading. Also, thanks to the Anon who sent in that awesome request! Again, there probably will be another part to this fic (with a lot more fluff). Hopefully that will be out in about a week or so. I hope you guys enjoyed the fic. ~A

there’s a tradition at the Boise Poetry Slam’s slam of steel that when the host comes back up to the performing area after someone’s finished a poem, they say the poem is about something that it was definitely not about. i had some pretty good ones last night:

  • “that was a poem about how one time when Matt Damon went to a Prince concert, then went backstage after and asked Prince if he still lived in Minnesota and Prince replied with ‘i live inside my own heart, Matt Damon’.”
  • “that was a poem about how this past winter i started watch Friends all the way through for the first time, but then i decided to take a break from it to watch The People vs. OJ Simpson, and i discovered that David Schwimmer plays Robert Kardashian in it and it was the weirdest TV experience of my life.” 
  • “that was a poem about when cats come up to you and you scratch their chins and they make that cute little happy smile.” (while i was saying this i was scratching my own chin) 
  • and then in the second round a kid did a poem that he had prefaced with “this was going to be for a friend but she didn’t show up”, and it turned out to be a promposal and i was legit tearing up so all i could say was “i have absolutely no idea what that poem was about”. 

queenssaviour  asked:

i know this may come as a surprise but... someone has already claimed that username & 2, 4, 9, 11 (can i ask this many??? idk!!)

What scene did you first put down? I can’t say for sure but!! I went back through my tweets when I first came up with it and I found this screencap as its first reference omg.

What’s your favorite line of dialogue? Um!!! I guess the convo they have in Neverland where they’re mimicking each other with the “sh*t [whoever] says” meme.

Were there any alternate versions of this fic? JUST THE ONE. Though I joked about a sequel where Zelena started watching genre tv and joined fandom and became a Swan Queen shipper lmAO.

What do you like best about this fic? I guess that it was such a ridiculous premise and it still came together in a way that’s pretty coherent and canon-compliant! I was surprised at how easily it wrote itself omg, it’s rare that a fic is that cooperative.

body talks, body dreams, i don’t say a word

i.) hey, remember that scraped knee that never healed? the one you got when you were 9 & it didn’t end up saying goodbye for another two years? that’s the one you looked at when you couldn’t tell the difference between right and left. if you didn’t pick at it so much it would’ve left sooner. well, i guess that’s how all wounds go out, right? see, body remembers. it’s the one before your parents ever thought about leaving.

                                     a.) how things clear up to make room for a new hurt.

                                     b.) will there be enough room?

ii.) you trying to hide me won’t make me disappear. skin peeled back like fox fur. when you’re dead, everything around you still moves. what i mean is, i was there when you weren’t. when you thought about leaving me too, i was there in that bed.

                                     a.) body will die for you just say when & body will jump                                           off that cliff right into your arms.

                                     b.) will i ever stop picking at my skin i don’t want to                                                 make any fuss

iii.) body is silent, we have been for awhile. no more passing notes in secret. body sits like a dead thing. body clears its throat for the first time in years like see this is why i never bother talking to you you’re a disease inside me girl i was fine before you i was fine before

                                     a.) how long before skin turns into a fire mouth?

                                     b.) how big can a wound get, do you think, before they                                           start calling it by name? 

- a.m.

anonymous asked:

Hi! what do you mean by his "team's discourse has ceased??"

hiii, it’s just this age old tactic.

whenever the fandom is talking about the boy’s teams, and raising valid points about why we’re dissatisfied about certain things, and putting the responsibility back on them (where it should be), something will happen to distract the fandom so we stop talking about it. it’s happened plenty of times. it’ll happen again. it’s just funny because either they’re not slick & are obvious, or the timing is hella coincidental lol

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