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Frost (Chapter Three)

So I feel like this chapter is maybe a little boring… but it’s the first real interaction between Tony and Loki and the first stepping stone into their relationship, so I didn’t want to leave it out! Let me know what you guys think :)

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Enjoy :)

“Forgive me.” Loki stopped in his tracks a few steps into the library and bowed stiffly. “I was not aware that you were in here.”

“No it’s fine.” Tony waved him in, barely looking up from his book. “Come in. It’s a big library, you won’t even notice I’m here.”

“I highly doubt that.” Loki bared his teeth in something resembling a smile and started backing away. “I’ll leave you to your reading.”

“No, seriously.” Tony put his book down, frowning over Loki’s odd comment. “This is your library, not mine so–”

“As the consort of the King, it is in fact your library. I have plenty of books in my room to read.” Loki raised his eyebrows. “I will not intrude on your quiet. Good day, Sir Anthony.”

“Do you not like me?” Tony asked, sounding irritated and Loki’s eyes snapped shut, trying to hide the panic that filled them.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.” he said through clenched teeth.

“No?” Tony challenged. “Because the other day in my room you said that I reacted to you the same way I react to my–” his throat moved as he swallowed uncomfortably. “–to the team. And at first that made me mad but then I sort of– well I don’t like that. I don’t like that I still react that way. I thought I was over all of it and it turns out I’m not. Not completely anyway, and I don’t like that. But it’s not that I equate you with them, I just– we have a weird past, you know?”

“Yes, I was told it took months for you to even be comfortable around Thor, much less comfortable around your Avengers. However, I’m sure whatever I said can be ignored as I actually have no opinion either way about how you act around me or any other person on Asgard. I was simply trying to get a rise out of you, and it has worked perfectly.” Loki kept his tone cool, his posture relaxed even though he felt like screaming.

Why was the mortal so upfront about everything? Why did he seem to take to heart everything Loki said? And more than that, why did it seem as if he was upset that Loki thought he was uncomfortable when they were together?

“Look.” Tony sighed. “Look. All I’m saying is, I don’t like that you said that. I don’t look at you like I look at my team. If anything, I don’t understand why I want to—”

No no no no no. Loki did start to panic then. The last thing he needed was this mortal bringing up the odd draw between the two of them, the way they couldn’t seem to not look at each other. He did not need a question about the Hjartslattur bond and he did not need to be standing here talking about anything even remotely related to it.

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Copy pasta

Please read this. It is SO important.

From an actual resident of Charlottesville:

“There seems to be a perception from people outside of Charlottesville that what is going on here is two opposing groups coming to town and fighting some ideological battle that has gotten messy. That is not what is happening here. What is happening here is that several hate groups from the extreme right have come together under the "unite the right” banner here in our town and basically started acting as terrorists. This may seem like an exaggeration but it’s not.

A church service was held over because they had surrounded the building and police had to disperse them. People had to be escorted to their cars. My friend was there with her daughter. Everywhere they meet, businesses close. We had drive by shootings yesterday from a van marked kkk.

A car plowed into a huge group of people. I’m sure you saw that on the newsfeeds. What you probably didn’t see is that some of those people were on their way back from helping to repel a white supremacist march to predominately black housing development a few blocks away where they were attempting home invasions. I guess they were unfamiliar with the neighborhood. The residents repelled that one before antifa got there but there is some video of the alt-right folks getting run off on the daily progress twitter feed, if you’re interested.

So, basically, what I’d like you to understand is, this IS NOT two side egging eachother on to unavoidable violence for more attention. This is one side of terrorists declaring that they can and will hold a town hostage (they’ve been saying it for over a month now, actually) and the town responding to that threat. The car that killed and injured people yesterday? Ohio tags. The medic tents (which treated both sides… turns out the alt right erst didn’t bring any medics. Guess they planned on doing all the injuring), water bottles, snacks, shade tents (all volunteer, donations, none shut down by police… all manned by that radical left you keep hearing about) yeah, we all live here. I saw a lot of people I knew yesterday, none of them were speaking for unite the right. None of them were escalating violence, most of them were offering some kind of aid and defending.“

A Flight to Remember

Wow guess who’s back with another Tom Holland x Reader bc i love him and can’t stop. Also couldn’t think of a better title but its fine.

Fandom: Once again, Marvel-ish bc Tom is Spiderman

Ship: Tom x Reader

Setting: Airport (not specified)

Word Count: 1,060

Warnings: None? Idk 

Rating: Lol probably K

Quick background: Reader lives in suburbs near a small regional airport and is coming home, meets Tom Holland and crew™️ at said airport on his way to an event in the city

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Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader- Hi?

Warning: None that I can think of?

The first time he noticed something appear on his arm, Jason was in awe of the beautiful markings his soulmate would draw or paint onto his skin.  The somewhat meaningless doodles meant the world to him.  He would tune out whatever was around him and watch as the marker or paint appeared on his skin, but that was a long time ago.  Jason wasn’t a kid anymore, refusing to think about the unlucky person who was destined to be with him.  Now he was Red Hood, the ruthless gun slinging vigilante and drug lord.  He killed without hesitation, and that was something that he didn’t want his soulmate to think of him.

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Ballerina Bun

Harry is sitting in his studio when he hears the door creak open and little feet running towards him. Putting down his pen, he looks up to see his little girl, her blonde curls bouncing up and down as she makes her way to one of her favorite people. Harry was struggling with a song, and welcomed the unexpected surprise. “Hi my Gracie bug! Whatcha up to?”

“Daddy? Can you come to my room and play? Please??” Grace pleaded with a down turned lip and well practiced puppy eyes. If there was one thing Grace did well, it was giving her mum and daddy puppy eyes. Her blue eyes would get nice and big, and look oh so sad to the point Harry would immediately melt into a puddle and give her exactly what she wants.

“I can take a break for a little. Let’s go!” Harry closes his laptop, leans over to grab Grace by the hips and lifts her up and over his shoulder.  "Has anyone seen my Gracie bug?? I can’t find her, but this sack of potatoes is nice" Harry says loud as if he was talking to a room full of people. Walking up the stairs and turning into his daughters room he hears a giggle in his ear.

“Daddy” Grace giggles “’m not a sack of potatoes, ’m Gracie.”

“Oh tha’s right” throwing Gracie on her bed and kissing her forehead. Harry plops down on the floor and gives his girl that deep dimpled grin. “Alright love, wha’ do ya wan’ ta play? Dolls? A game? Dress up?”

“Ballet class daddy” Grace looks at her father like he should already know what she wants to play. She bounces off her bed and runs to her closet and pulls out two tutu’s. “One for you, one for me! You can have pink because it’s your favorite. I have purple. See?” Holding out the pink skirt to her father to put on his waist. Smiling, Harry thanks his daughter and puts on the pink tutu over his tight black jeans. Grace hands her father the brush and a hair elastic “Do my hair daddy?” Harry smiles “in a ballerina bun?” Grace nods as Harry continues “I can do that! Come sit on daddy’s lap” Harry sits back on the floor in his light pink tutu and pats his leg for her to sit. Running a brush through her blonde curls and pulling them into a tight bun he hears Grace sigh.

“Daddy? Can you grow your ballerina bun back?” Asking in a very serious tone. “Why do ya ask bug?” Harry chuckles, not expecting her to ask about his beloved man bun, that had been gone for over a year. “So you can look pretty like me!” Grace said this with such a sweet tone, it melted Harry’s heart. “Have you been talkin’ to your mum? She said the same thing to me yesterday.” he chuckles recalling the conversation with his wife the night before. Wrapping the elastic around her bun one last time Harry pats her head and says “Alright, all done”

Grace stands up and walks over to nightstand where her music player sat. She pushes play to begin some classical music and grins as bright as the sun.  "Welcome to ballet class!“ Harry smiles at his daughter and try’s really hard not to laugh because he knows she means business.  His acting lessons were coming in handy at the moment. “My name is Gracie, and I am your teacher” she continued. “Time to stretch” Grace starts walking Harry through the stretches she does at her ballet lessons. “High to the sky! Reach higher daddy! Now down to your toes!” Gracie was making sure Harry completed each stretch correctly and exactly how she wanted. After 5 minuets of stretching Grace felt it was time to dance.

“First position daddy” Harry pretends to know what Grace is talking about and puts his body is a “ballerina” pose. His arms were placed above his head in a circle and he had a massive smile placed on his face.  "That’s not first position daddy” Grace giggles. Harry’s smile immediately disappears.  "It’s like this" she shows her frowning daddy and he copies her arms and legs to be in the correct position.

“Let me see your dance. I will count you in”  Grace says “5..6..9..10.. go” Harry begins prancing around the room. Twirling and leaping, spinning and waving his arms about. Harry lifts his baby girl high in the air and spins in a circle when a voice comes into the room.

“What are you silly kids up to?” You say as you walk into Grace’s bedroom. Giggling at what you just witnessed you look at Harry and your curly headed toddler.

“Playing dance class mum” Grace says stating the obvious

“Looks like fun, may I join?” You ask with a smirk on your face.

“Only if you have ballerina hair” Harry states. “And a tutu” Grace adds. “All ballerina’s need a tutu I’ll get one” She says as she runs to the closet and pulls out a bright yellow tutu just for you!

Pulling the elastic off your wrist you put your hair into a bun as Grace asks “mum? Can daddy grow a ballerina bun so he can be pretty like us?”

You giggle as you look at harry “I do miss that beautiful man bun of yours” harry smiles back, knowing you have missed that bun since the day he cut it off.

“I guess it’s decided then. I’ll see what I can do” Harry says as he turns around in a circle and continues dancing.

Special thanks to @whoopsharrystyles, @sing-me-a-song-harry, @chrissy22787 and @redsweatertom for their advice and help! I love you all!!

One of Sam's many hidden talents

A super short Sam drabble where Sam plays the guitar for the reader

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: fluff

Word count: 450ish

Originally posted by idjitlovespie

“Wait, you can play the freaking guitar and you never thought about letting me know” you threw a pillow at Sam, hitting him right in the face “Dick move Sammy” you laughed out.

“Hey, hey i didn’t know you would care much about it” he said, throwing the pillow back at you “Its just one of my many hidden talents i guess” Sam winked at you jokingly and you giggled.

“Okay, but you know you will have to play it for me, like right now and like everyday for the rest of my life” you got closer to him,wraping your arms around his neck “Pretty please”

“Where the hell am i suposed to find a guitar?”Sam asked

“Well i have great news" you said “When i was searching up my new room in the bunker i found one” You smiled enthusiastically “I thought i will never need it but i kept it in my room anyways, and i’m so happy i did”

“I will be right back” you jumped of your bed and kissed him quickly before running out of the room

Couple seconds later you ran back into your room with a guitar in your hands.

“Im sorry if it doesn’t sound that good, i haven’t played one in years” Sam smiled at you taking the instrument from your hands as you sat on the bed next to him.

He spent the whole night playing all the songs you could think of for you. After hours and hours of listening to him play the guitar, by the morning you couldn’t keep your eyes open anymore and you slowly drifted away.

When you woke up couple hours later, you found Sam laying next to you, the guitar still in his hands. You pulled it out of his tight grip before curling up closer to him.

“I love you Sammy” you whispered out.

You were sure he was sleeping, until he pulled you closer to him, your chest now resting onto his, before whispering “I love you too” back at you

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Over 50 hours?! Make sure to rest as often as you need to and drink lots of water, idk what your job is but it's still good to take breaks when you can

The secret is having two jobs!!

Guess where I took my inspi for Keith having two as well in the comic ayy


homecoming {II} (series / peter parker x reader)

welcome back!

so, the last part got a ton of notes so guess who’s backkk.

okay, i’ll stop.



Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

Peter Parker’s point of view

i looked at my reflection in the mirror. tonight was the night of homecoming, the night i actually got a date with one of the prettiest girls in school.

“you ready, Peter?” my aunt had asked me and i turned around to meet her. she smiled and i could tell she was trying not to cry. i nodded as she handed me y/n’s corsage. we walked out to the car and got in before May drove off to y/n’s house.

we finally pulled up in front of her very nice house. i gulped as i looked out my window.

“remember the game plan?” she asked and i nodded.

“tell her she looks nice, but not too many times, put the corsage on her wrist, and lastly my arms go around her waist when we dance.”

she smiled,”i think you’re ready. don’t you?”

i looked back at her before kissing her cheek,”thank you, Aunt May.. for everything.”

“of course, Peter.” she smiled,”now, go get that girl.”

i smiled at her before getting out of the car and shutting the door. i walked up to the front of her house. before taking a deep breath, i pressed the button on her doorbell.

it soon opened to reveal a woman, who kindly greeted me with a smile.

“ah, you must be Peter, come in, come in.” she smiled and i gave her a smile in return before stepping into the open house. i shook her hand as she introduced herself. just then, i heard heels stepping down the wooden stairs and my attention snapped up to y/n. she looked absolutely gorgeous. the way her hair curled and her makeup wasn’t too much. her simple, maroon dress coming just above her ankles that showed off her strappy high heels.

she looked gorgeous.

she finally reached where her mom and i were and she smiled and hugged me.

“hi Peter, you look incredible.” she said and i felt heat rush up to my cheeks.

“t-thank you. you look gorgeous as well.” i said nervously as her mom went off to grab the camera. she came back and took pictures of me slipping the corsage on her wrist, we posed for some pictures until we were off to homecoming.


we walked inside, the music was getting louder with every step we took. my arm linked with her as we walked into the gymnasium, stars scattered along the floor. it looked incredible. 

“wow. they did an amazing job while i was gone.” she admired and i smiled down at her.

soon into the night, the dj played a slow song. she smiled up at me as she wrapped her arms around my neck, mine went nervously around her waist.

“thank you for bringing me, Peter.” she smiled and i smiled back down at her. the more i was with her, my nervousness thinned, although it was as clear as day that i was worried.

“no problem. thank you for making me not be at home on a Friday night.” 

she laughed. the way her eyes twinkled, it made me fall for her even harder. i spun her around (something May taught me) and she laughed more, the noise sounding like angels singing. she came back to me and her smile widened.

“i think you’re my favorite person to dance with.” she said and i felt my heart race quicken. 

“well, you’re certainly a fun time, also.”

she smiled,”you know, you’re different from everyone else i’ve ever dated. you actually have a sense of humor that doesn’t involve bullying, you’re not arrogant, you’re also pretty adorable.”

i blushed at the compliment before speaking up myself,”well i can say the same for you. you’re naturally beautiful, you make everyone smile whenever they’re having a bad day, and you just know how to make people like you.”

she smiled,”so, you like me?”

i immediately became flustered,”what, no. no, that’s not what i-”

“Peter.” she said as giggled,”it’s okay. i like you too.”

i blushed really hard as my heart race quickened. i smiled softly.

“you should kiss me before the clock strikes twelve and this beautiful dress turns back into a raggedy dress.”

i laughed as my heart leaped into my throat. i leaned down slowly and closed the gap between us. she smiled into the kiss, making me smile.

there was a loud bang from outside, making everyone look around. i pulled away quickly. i looked around before looking back down at y/n.

“i gotta go, i’ll be right back.”

“Peter, i don’t think-”

“i promise, i’ll be back.” i said and kissed her forehead before running out the gym. i ran down the hallway as i undid my bowtie, tossing it to the floor. i reached the lockers where i kept my extra spider-man things before taking off again.

parts: I II

thefloatingstone replied to your post “Modem: you need to login again to use the internet, what’s the…”

Do you have a custom password? If you’re using the default it’s usually on the back of the wifi router :)

yeah, looks like it’s a custom one because none of the default ones i’ve tried are working. guess whose dumb ass never thought to actually write that password down anywhere, though? ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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Bruce's dick game is A one if batmom keeps running back and he's breaking headboards 😂

For some reasons, this made me laugh way more than it should. I’m not even gonna answer, this says everything, I’m just gonna post it and leave it here.

PS : Though my main “Batmom” and Bruce have been married for years, they know each other’s body by heart, what they like and don’t like etc etc…and who says it’s Batmom who keeps running back ? There’s a reason, after all, Bruce keeps breaking headboards. 

Talk to Me, Chap. 3

This will be the last chapter of this story.  In putting this story together, I was struck by how much Delphine missed out on in season 4 and the beginning of season 5.  I’m assuming here that she didn’t have the chance to learn much from Felix in Geneva, since Adele said she was “all business.”  

You can read all three chapters here:

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the prisioner, s10e22

i was like, ok, today i’ll be productive, i refuse to spend my day thinking about destiel, let the queue do his thing and go get a life…

but then i decided to shuffle some old music and guess what!!! they all bring me back here. worse, they all link me back to them.

right now i’m hearing mine by beyoncé, which in normal circumstances would make no sense. bare with me. it’ll.

so, of course, i saw a gifset of the destiel scene in 10x22, the prisioner. you know the one, right?

they’re in the bunker, dean’s got the mark. he’s trying his damn best to make everyone leave him (again), to make everyone give up on him, to prove that he’s a lost cause. no saving this time, he knows his destiny, his coming to accept it. he needs to flee. and he’s doing a damn good job of it. he has this mask? one that could fool someone, anyone, but cas.

the acting skills on that boy.

enter cas, used to all that bullshit, refusing to let dean give up. refusing to leave, period. promising an eternity by his side. evil dean, good dean, it doesn’t matter. he knows that, deep down, dean is scared. he’s scared of the future, of being alone.

cas gives him what he needs the most in that moment. he gives himself completely. he says he’ll be there. a decade or a century from now, he’ll be there. that’s the biggest declaration of love we got in this entire goddamm tv show.

and it takes dean by surprise too. he shallows, hard. the facade slowly decays. he loses himself for just a second on that new piece of information and you can see it! he still doesn’t believe that this ancient being would chose him, over anything, over everything. that he’d stay. that cas lost minutes or even hours thinking about the situation they are in. about how much he cannot lose dean.

everyone you love, everyone, except me., is also the moment cas lets himself recognize that yes, he’s loved. by this imperfect human being, platonic or not. and no matter how hurt (or ready to hurt) dean is, he doesn’t correct cas.

because cas is a part of dean. his best friend. because romantically or not, cas is dean’s. he can’t see an eternity without dean. he can’t even imagine what would be like to spend a day knowing dean is no longer breathing.

he’ll be there, mark or no mark. he’ll take another punch, he’ll fight for dean, for them.

because aside from sam, nobody understands dean so much, cares for him so much, gives up so much of himself time and time again. because aside from sam, cas is dean’s soulmate too. the same way dean is cas’s.

they promise each other forever.

mic drop.

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Just listened to your episode on FD. Very interesting and entertaining! I wanted to ask, what season is your favorite? :)

[this question is re: the Fathoms Deep podcast, which i just realized i forgot to share on tumblr! @elizabethminkel & I did a guest episode on this Black Sails fandom podcast last week.]

gotta say this question is VERY HARD TO ANSWER!!! obviously season 1 is subpar compared to s2-4, although i’ve found that s1 is way better when rewatched after seeing the whole show.

tbh i think i’ll have to come back to this question after rewatching the whole show, but one of Black Sails’ many strengths is that it offers something fresh with each season. s2 is really romantic and revelatory for so many of the main characters, but in a different way, so is season 4! and season 3 leans heavily into the show’s political themes, which build progressively throughout the series. so i guess my answer is that i find it impossible to pick a favorite season, altho s3 & 4 are probably the most stressful to watch. i’m very much looking forward to rewatching s2 so i can focus my full attention on the flashbacks! 

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What if this character exit that Robert facilitates is Aaron's new boyfriend? We'd have Rob trying to outdo 'knobhead' new boyfriend (Robert's nickname for him) and win back the love of his life? The type of scheming I am here for!

😂😂😂 i mean, i guess that’s a possibility with a random they eventually introduce but like

ok i have questions

1. why is everyone so obsessed with this random doctor being aaron’s bf
2. like… am i just missing something
3. i guess liv having a breakdown about how horribly aaron is coping without rob and feeling like she needs to be a carer is a real sign to aaron that he needs to get laid
4. he couldn’t possibly be a counsellor for one or both of them that would make no sense
5. he’s recurring so i doubt he’ll be sticking around until next year for it to be his exit - or at least, they won’t have plans for him to be around for that long or he’d be on contract (bc the danger with recurring actors is that they can find other work so u can’t rely on them for a full blown storyline)
6. no but honestly is this actually based on fact bc people keep talking about it as if it’s happening lmao
7. danny ain’t even following the doctor dude on twitter
8. im hungover someone pls explain this to me in soothing tones and soft words ty