back to my healthy weight

I finally broke out of the 200’s! 🎉
Farewell to thee!

Sometime in late 2015, early 2016 - I weighed in at 228 at the doctor’s office. I call that my highest weight because that’s the biggest number I’d heard or seen in reference to me.

When my husband deployed for his second time in April 2016, I weighed around 220 and made a commitment to change. I started this blog in June 2016 for motivation; I was 217 then. When he came back in October of that year, I had lost some but was still trying to figure out what worked for me. He was and has been super supportive.

Now here I am today, July 2017, finally breaking out of a plateau I’ve been on since May and weighing in at 199.9! I can’t believe I’m finally here ☺ I haven’t seen a weight this low in years. I remember being 145 my freshman year of high school, 165 at my graduation, and 180 in college. Then I was in a really bad accident which lifted me to my HW.

But I’m back!!

201.5->199.9 👏🏻

Story time. I look AWFUL in this photo. I’m sweaty and gross and I’m in desperate need of a shower. BUT I honestly feel better than I have in a long time. I made it my goal this year to treat myself better. That means eating healthier, going to the gym, taking the occasional bubble bath, listening to new music, and so many more little changes.

While it’s only been a month, I’m seeing major differences. I’m sleeping through the night without sleeping pills for the first time in two years. I have more energy during the day and am overall more relaxed. And best of all, I’ve already lost 8 pounds! I know this doesn’t seem like a lot, but it means the world to me. As a girl who has always been bigger, it feels good to see a physical change.

I want to make 2017 my best year and I’m going to do everything I can to make it happen. Sometimes life hits hard, but this year I’m fighting back.

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Hi, Kalyn!! I have a question for you because you seem to know about this stuff. So, I'm wondering if you know how I could lose like 100 pounds? I've sadly gained a hell of a lot of weight & i want to get healthy again to be back to my normal weight and get into shape. But I don't even know where to start & i can't afford to go to a gym, unfortunately. And can't go running, there's nowhere to run where i live. I do walk my dog, a lot though. So I'm praying that you could help me. Thanks!!

My advice to you would be to try not to focus on the numbers or the weight.  Despite how much you think you may have gained, instead take a moment to anchor in on how you FEEL as opposed to how you look!  Do you feel tired, unmotivated, insecure, not confident? Do you lack self-love because of the way you’ve been blaming and shaming yourself for gaining any sort of weight? Start there.  There is no secret formula to fitness and health motivation because the trick to anything in life is balance.  You can’t be crazy motivated to workout and treat your body right if you’re feeling low on self love or not giving yourself enough time to do things you love too.  
Here’s my absolute advice when it comes to getting fit and healthy, and I’ve learned this over the years through the yo-yo of obsession and lack of motivation, don’t focus on the aesthetic.  Focus on the feeling.  When I stopped thinking about how I wanted to look and started focusing on how I wanted to feel, I started going to bed earlier, waking up more well rested, going for walks to clear my mind that turned into runs, spending sunday afternoons treating myself with music and hibernation because it healed my soul and from that I had time to research and watch documentaries I felt drawn to which then translated to me being inspired to go vegan and wanting to fill my body with nourishing healthy foods.  I had more time to cook and enjoy the food I was actually eating because I gave myself the acceptance to say I LOVE FOOD.  And once I started cooking healthy meals that I loved and taking care of not only my body but my soul, I had so much energy I couldn’t not get moving somehow.  I tried at home yoga videos from Youtube for days I wanted to move but in a peaceful way, I ran around any neighbourhood I could or would do at home strength training if going to the gym wasn’t an option.  
We live in a world that is so obsessed with image that it can become easy to forget the souls in that image.  Take care of your soul, love yourself, accept yourself for exactly where you are in your journey and let go of your need to control yourself or shame yourself.  Get inspired, give yourself room and space to move and breathe and trust me, this balance will bring on a natural sense of health that will feel SO GOOD, one day you’ll wake up and realize you’re exactly where you want to be.  


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Okay but that’s not at all what it’s about. I’m not saying it’s the same experience of oppression that POC or LGBTQ+ or other groups experience. But it’s certainly not just about clothes.

I gained a bunch of weight (like 70 lbs) from SSRIs. 5 years later, I’m back at my normal, healthy weight. But I gained AND lost that weight with zero effort, thanks to different medications, and in the meantime spent about 4 years being fat. The whole experience absolutely has forced me to confront some of my deeply held views and prejudices regarding weight, and to look honestly at the way I was thinking about myself and the way other people were treating me.

Thin privilege is a thing. People are nicer to me now. They like me more, and they like me faster. They are more likely to give me the benefit of the doubt. Oh, and getting a job when I was heavier? So much harder. I’m talking part-time, unskilled work. I mean, my resume would get me interviews but I’d never hear back. Before gaining weight, I got similar jobs (me having no experience) just by walking in and seeing if they were hiring. Employers just assumed me to be more competent. And here’s the worst part. I do it too. I know exactly where that prejudice comes from, even though I’ve been there. In a conversation the other day, I realized that I (and society, with me) automatically assume thin women are smarter. Why? Because we all know how to be thin, and we all know that it’s important. And so if a woman is still fat, despite that, then it must be because she’s just not smart enough or capable enough not to be. Like, I had minor surgery recently, and I was terrified, but my surgeon was a young woman and I felt totally confident in her skills. She was also thin. If she had been fat, I’m almost positive my instinctive response would have been less trusting. It’s fucked up, definitely, and I’m working on it. But mostly people aren’t. And that’s why fat women are less likely to be hired in the medical (or business, or legal) professions.

The problem is that Western society puts so much value on body weight as an indicator of value as a person. If someone is fat (particularly a woman) (s)he must be less interesting, less smart, and less capable than someone who is thin. If you’ve always been thin, maybe you’re blind to all this because not only does it not hurt you but it benefits you. But maybe have some empathy and consider another point of view? Literally the fact that these blogs (with posts like these) exist is evidence that this is a problem–because somehow it is your struggles as a thin person being oppressed by skinny shaming that are valid but not any fat person’s experiences because they deserve it for being fat. So here’s the thing. Someone’s weight is just that. It’s how much their body weighs. You don’t have to like it; it’s not your weight. But you do need to understand that it doesn’t void or override any of their good/valuable traits. And spreading this bullshit around is contributing to the perpetuation of the idea that weight/body = value. We are so much more than that, and no one deserves to be shamed, humiliated, or discriminated against because of their body.


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This has been a hard year. After breaking up with my ex I gained about 15lbs back from my lowest weight in recent years. I’m back on healthy track, losing 4lbs so far this month. I’m not my lowest weight. I’m not where I want to get. But I’m proud of where I’ve gone and excited to see where I’m gonna go!

I tag @smashley-lifts @mr-rubberleg and @runsforredvelvet


Who is this Queen over here who lost some weight this week, why hello that would be me!

I am down 3lbs, and working my way back down down down!!

So, this was my first week of being 100% dedicated to my, myself, and I with getting back on track with my weight loss and healthy life goals!

Now while I wasn’t a 100% with reaching my weekly goals, I put in some damn effort to keep at it. Trust me when I say there were some days I just wanted to order a pizza, or snack snack snack. But I pushed on, and wooo results!!!

I can’t wait to show this second week of October who is boss! :D

Sorry to post out of character, but I am very happy right now.

Talk for weight and disordered eating ahead. Scroll past if that upsets you (I can’t apply read mores, I’m on a tablet. Sorry.)

For about a couple of years and a half, maybe a little more, I have been struggling with disordered eating (I’m still grappling with it now, but I have better control over it) and my weight (the lowest I got was to 93lbs and that’s when I realised I actually did have a problem. I wasn’t taking it seriously before).

As a result, I had to see a dietician and some counsellors for a while. But I’ve got my weight back up to a healthy one and I’ve kept it up for a few months now. They finally feel confident enough to officially discharge me.

I got the letter confirming that today and I am so thrilled to have it. I am so pleased and proud of myself and to have the physical evidence in front of me is just so awesome.

One Month Gone

As I have written at the beginning of this month, I wanted to walked three miles 3 times a day. I had a little slip up when I only did two days due to my eating habits that brought me down. But I am proud to say that I got back on that god damn wagon and finished what I started. Since this was my last day with my goal I pushed harder than I had before. Hitting those inclines and walking hard. I was around the speed when I jogged a couple weeks ago and I had to add more speed to jog again which was a great confidence booster.In the end I shaved off 8 minutes from the first week I started to the last week. It feels great to see my progression in speed and inclines over the month. I don’t know if I said before but I have three goals for the month of October.

1. Stay on the program and DO NOT BINGE!! Whole foods only

2. Weight lift once a week, can do two if I’m feeling good and progressed

3. Go to 10 boxing classes, which this will be some fun cardio.

I bought a pre work out snack on Amazon (god I love Amazon) which are these individual packets of raw unsalted almonds so I can hit the gym hard. I had a pre workout snack today and it was a huge difference in my performance. Its weird they say don’t have nuts on the program but they offer trail mix that has added sugar, high protein, but the almonds I bought have a lower cal and lower carb, but I need something for these workouts. Ill give it a shot for a month and if my weight loss stalls then I know I need to cut them out. All in all, I am proud of myself, I feel like my body and mind are finally becoming friends. My mental health is way better especially going back onto my meds. Thanks for reading!!


I’ve been pretty much Underweight my entire life, slender, seeing my ribs and hips when I lay down..

I’ve never been too bothered about my body. I mean, I don’t like it sometimes but It’s eh.

So imagine my surprise getting my BMI back today to know I’m of healthy weight!

(Pretty much just average across the board with a few still under the norm)


Yesterday I weighed in at 164.2 lbs. 

619 days ago I weighed in at 300 lbs. 

In 1 year, 8 months and 11 days I have shed 135.8 lbs from my body. 

At my meeting I didn’t realize I had reached goal until my leader walked in, looking at me. The room got quiet and as she continued to stare, and asked, “Do you realize what you’ve done today? You’ve done it.” After our meeting she handed me a “Welcome to Maintenance” booklet, which I’ve finished reading through this morning. It’s taken me a few days to decide how/when to post this, so I’m doing it now before I lose the hype to do it. 

Back in July my doctor and I agreed at 165 lbs as a healthy weight for my age/body type. Weight Watchers recommends a window of 125 - 155. My doctors note allowed me to chose a higher number to maintain. My leader told me that it was my decision to stay here/lose/gain. Whichever I was comfortable with. She told me with a little smile, “Today start’s the very first day of the hard part.” 


165 is only a number. 

Now I feel is my time to switch my focus. Reaching a “ultimate goal weight” somehow felt lifting. My shoulders feel lighter, because of this strange title. Like I’m more capable of accomplishing everything else because I’ve reached this point. These two years have taught me so much more than I ever imagined. About how I think, about how change effects me. That my peace of mind really does come from within, and not a number on the scale. I knew this journey was going to be difficult but I didn’t understand just how staggering this difficulty was.

I’ve been ingrained to believe a number on a scale means so much more than it does. Now begins to journey to unlearn that. Practice and preach appreciation for who I am, for what I’ve accomplished and never, ever correlate my worth with the scale. 

Now begins the hard part.

And goddamn I’m going to do it.

One of the things I absolutely hate about myself is my weight. I have been in control of my weight before but life and depression and anxiety stepped in and took over for a while. Well, it is time for me to be back in control. I am not healthy or happy at my current weight. I used to run and now I can barely walk at work without back problems. I miss running. Running was freedom for me.

I have decided to go back to Weight watchers because it works for me. I lost 75 lbs several years ago using WW and running. Weight watchers allows me to eat what I want but teaches the value of the food I am choosing.

I am also in counseling to deal with life and depression and anxiety. I need to change my relationship with food or I will never keep weight off no matter how much I lose.

I am currently at 330lbs. And yes I did just say my weight online. Why?!?!? Because I am not defined by that number. That number does not hold my worth or value to my family or friends.

My goal weight is 150 which is healthy for my height of 5’4”. This means I need to lose 180lbs. That’s a big number and overwhelming to even think about.

I am a very visual person so I wanted a way to see my progress when I did not feel I was making any. I tried moving beads from one jar to another but that did not work for me. So, I created the weight wall. That is the picture above. There are 180 sticky notes each marked with a 1. As I lose the weight I will move them to the other side of the line. Eventually I will have to move the line which will be a great day! The chalk board says “Another lb bites the dust” and then has the date and my current weight. I will be weighing in on Mondays starting next week.

Some people may see all those and think it is too much but for me it is a reminder of where I am headed and I am hoping it will also help me make better choices - I am an emotional and boredom eater.

I will post here how I am doing and what my progress is for the week. I would love your encouragement and support.

I hope that my progress and posts may encourage any of you that are struggling.

So I’m 2 and a half months eating disorder behavior free. I’m very proud of myself because I’m finally gaining my weight back and eating healthy, regularly and not over exercising. I’m 5lbs away from a healthy weight for my age and height and then I can start going to the gym with my friends again! I never thought that I’d be able to say that I recovered. It feels great.

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Hey! I’m 22, 5’10, 165lbs. Don’t really have a weight goal but thinking of purchasing your omnivore plan and make it vegetarian/flexitarian. I know my BMI is healthy but would like to tone up a little around my stomach and back area and my thighs, and get some endurance back! What would be a healthy weight to get to and how long would it take me? Thank you!

Heck yes babe I think that’s a great idea 😄🙌🏻 here is a good chart for weight goals ➡️ :) give yourself a good ~4 months on the programs 💪🏻

Two years ago, I was 172 pounds. I was overweight, unhealthy, unhappy, lethargic, and suffered from extreme depression. I binged on grossly unhealthy foods on a regular - usually daily - basis. When I became clinically depressed and anxious upon moving away from home and starting my freshman year of college, I turned to food for comfort without even realizing it. I spent all my money on fast food, take-out food, and unhealthy snacks. In the privacy of my single dorm room, I gorged on to-go boxes from my school cafeteria and unhealthy food I had previously stocked up on. I went from a size 4 to a size 10 in just over a year without changing my eating or exercise habits. 

The thing is, in high school, I ate the exact same way. I was constantly eating unhealthy food in startlingly large quantities. My freshman year of college was just when my poor eating habits starting catching up with me. It wasn’t until I saw a particular picture of me posted on Facebook that I realized just how out of hand it had gotten. When I saw myself as I truly was (instead of ignoring and denying the growing problem), it felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach. I came to the realization that I needed to change my habits and lose weight. 

Although I desperately wanted to change, I continued backsliding into my old ways for the remainder of the summer (June, July, August, and even some of September). I sat in my classes at the beginning of my sophomore year of college, feeling fat and extremely uncomfortable in my own skin. Fellow classmates tried to befriend me, but I couldn’t even bring myself to even look them in the eye because I was so ashamed of my weight and how I looked. 

Finally, I decided enough was enough. I was sick of living life on the sidelines - afraid to participate in certain activities, interact with certain people, seize certain opportunities, etc because of my weight and lack of self esteem. I decided - right then and there - that I was going to make it a priority to change my unhealthy habits once and for all and lose the excess weight. I tried a few different ways of eating and finally found one that works for me (a wheat-free, sugar-free, low-carb lifestyle with moderately high protein and high fat consumption). Through months of dedication to nutrition, endless hours of research, and making my health a priority, I lost over 25 pounds. By losing the weight, I regained my self-confidence, health, and happiness. 

Going low-carb and cutting out wheat and sugar is what I’ve found works best for me. In just the first month and a half of starting that way of eating, I lost over 10 pounds. I was thrilled to have finally found something that worked so effectively. However, I was put on Accutane shortly after losing the 25 pounds (and steadily making my way to a 30-pound loss) - and developed a thyroid condition as a result. For almost my entire course of Accutane, I was so confused as to why what had worked so well for me had suddenly stopped working. Losing weight was impossible, and I actually began to gain weight (one of the main symptoms of an thyroid condition). 

I haven’t had a cheat day since April 2013 (even during a month-long trip to Europe in summer 2013), avoid carbs/wheat/sugar/overly processed foods like the plague, and I even incorporated some exercise - yet I still put on 10 pounds. Needless to say, I was confused, depressed, and discouraged. I didn’t understand why, in spite of doing everything right, I was not only unable to lose weight but also was gaining weight. When I stumbled upon an article listing the symptoms of hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disorder, it was a Godsend. I had every single symptom on the list (and then some), so I went to a doctor, voiced my concerns, got a blood test, etc. My test came up as only borderline for hypothyroidism, but I am not allowing that to deter me. I am convinced I have either that or Hashimoto’s (in conjunction with high corisol levels as well), so I am going to insist on being given additional, more in-depth tests in order to get to the bottom of this undeserved weight gain and host of other health issues. 

I have been fully dedicated to my weight loss journey since October 2012, and I am beyond ready to reach the goal I’ve been striving towards for so long. All the odds have been stacked up against me and my weight loss goals, but I refuse to give up and give in to temptation. I can only imagine how much more weight I would have put on as a result of this condition if I had allowed the discouragement to get to me, just thrown in the towel, and started eating unhealthily again. 

I’ve had my slip-ups way back in the past, but long ago, I came to the realization that that slice of pizza, piece of cake, bag of chips, etc just aren’t worth it. The 10-15 minutes of satisfaction derived from eating that unhealthy food doesn’t even come close to the satisfaction of making healthy food choices on a daily basis that nourish my body, rather than destroy it, and being comfortable in my own skin. I’ve made a lot of progress and my hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s/corisol levels (or whatever it is I have) undid some of it, but I am not giving up. 

I still have a long way to go, but I have made it a priority to focus on the progress I’ve made so far rather than all the progress I have yet to make. My diet and nutrition are so much better than they used to be, my will-power is stronger than it ever has been before (I even refuse to “cheat” on vacations and weekends), and I make my diet a priority - dedicating hours to preparation, cooking, and making/packing snacks for on-the-go healthy eating. I hope that, by continuing my way of eating, getting diagnosed with/getting treatment for my condition, and making exercise much more of a priority, I will finally reach my goal. 

The way I see it is, this is a lifestyle change. I have a lifetime to perfect my exercise regime, diet, and self-image. For me, it’s not about losing a ton of weight in a short period of time - only to return to my old habits and gain it all back. It’s about losing weight at a healthy rate, getting my health to an optimal level, increasing my thyroid function, and never again allowing my weight to drag down my general happiness and self-confidence levels - and maintaining that progress (in all aspects) for life. 

I can’t wait for the day when I can finally just maintain my weight instead of working to lose the weight! Although I’m only about halfway there right now, I’m happy with my progress thus far and am looking forward to slowly but surely making my way to my ultimate goal weight and body.

(Oh, and PS - I’m 5'6 and weighed 172 lbs at my highest weight, and I currently weigh 148 pounds. My goal weight is 125 pounds.)


My transformation to remind myself to stay safe and healthy no matter what happens and who says what to me. 

The first photo is of me choosing my prom dress. During this process, I was in the middle of dealing with a serious bout of anorexia, the first time it had ever come up in my life.  It came about after the first boy I loved had cheated on me.  I thought that it was because I wasn’t pretty enough, and that I needed to lose weight, then maybe he’d love me again.  I am 5 foot 7 inches tall, I lost 20 pounds in under a month, and more after that.  I weighed 115 pounds when the first photo was taken.  The average weight for my height is about 135. The sad thing is, I had actually gained weight back when that picture was taken, I weighed less than 115 pounds at some point during my depression.  I also worked out viciously every day, I did crunches, squats, I ran, and did weight exercises every night instead of schoolwork.  It got to the point where I did around 200 squats in one night and felt nothing the next morning. I would work out until I felt ill every night.  In the first picture, the dress I’m wearing didn’t fit me.  It was a size 4, the smallest size available in the store, and the dress hung on me, pulled back to fit my bosom, there were about 4 inches of extra fabric in the back.  The strap on the side would need to be altered up 2 inches in order to fit me, and the corset part needed to be pulled back 2 inches to mold to my waist.  My cup size dropped and my clothes didn’t fit me anymore.

It got to the point where I would walk through school, and my legs would wobble and I would walk almost bow-legged because I was so mal-nourished. 

When I saw my ex again, he picked me up and spun me, saying “you still weigh nothing!” I had a wake up call when my immediate thought in response to that was ‘I want to weigh less than nothing’  

I started to slowly eat regular meals again, I decreased my workouts to a healthy level, and after about two months, I was back to a healthy weight for my height. 

The second picture is of me on my prom day (with my prom date and best friend Anthony) in the same exact dress I was wearing in the first one.  No alterations were made to the dress besides the length.  My weight returned to a healthy 135-140 pounds where it stays (I hope) to the present.  

This post is a reminder to me as my current boyfriend says some things that break my heart that no guy is worth my health.  Losing 20 pounds won’t bring them back, and if it does then they don’t deserve me.

I am not worthless, I don’t need to lose weight to earn love. I am who I am, and nothing anyone says to me, no one who breaks my heart will make me revert back to illness. 

Yup, this happened this morning. Apparently it’s “World Nutella Day” so the cafeteria at my work is making all of their specials with Nutella! I eat clean, but in moderation. I don’t deny myself or restrict any foods. The only thing I do not eat is beef and that is due to high cholesterol, not because of fear or anything. So I decided I could allow myself this Nutella French toast with bananas this morning! Not good for the heart, but was certainly good for the soul. Now back to my usual healthy eating 👍☺️

Height: 6'1.5"

Weight: Before - 276.6lbs (October 2009)
During - 248.2 lbs (March 2014)

So, during my senior year (shown on the left) I won Homecoming King! I was really excited that my peers voted for me and super excited to accept my crown. Weeks later, I was delivered the pictures from that night and I stared down at them in utter disappointment. The person I saw in the pictures was not the happy guy that I knew was inside. I saw a man on the outside who was scared and hopeless for a life that didn’t revolve around his weight and his appearance. I decided to make a change in my life to shed some pounds and gain some confidence!

Between January 2010 and May 2010, with the help of WeightWatchers and a little dancing, I was able to lose 43 pounds before my high school graduation. I went from 276.6lbs to 233lbs. I did it by dancing in the co-ed dance doing dance lifts and cardio as well as portioned my meals so I would not overeat. I did it for myself and I felt that I was the happiest that I had ever been.

The problem was that I became too comfortable with myself and began to slip back into my old ways. In February of 2013, I weighed 265.5lbs. My motivation came from looking back at old pictures of the life I had when I felt good about my appearance. I lacked confidence in what I was wearing and who I was. 

It was around this time that I found tumblr and the fitblr community. Everyone here is so supportive and always willing to answer any questions that I might have, as well as provide me with motivation to continue my journey towards being healthy. I got back down to my lowest weight in a very long time last year with the help of all of you. I weighed 231.4lbs at the time and had significantly more muscle definition than when I weighed that in high school. 

Within the past year, I have studied abroad, traveled through England, Milan, Venice, and Paris and gained back some of the weight. I want this off and I want it to stay that way. I have started my journey again on my blog as well as tracked my progress on my youtube channel It would mean so much to me to have all of your support on these two platforms. I hope to inspire some of you in my journey through my weight loss as well as share my adventure to find happiness. I am happy now, but I know that if I lost weight, I would gain a tremendous amount of confidence and live an overall happier and healthier lifestyle. 

First day back at the gym and smashed it!

40 mins of cardio followed by my 1 hour personal training session… Great first one of the year!

Can’t wait to head back tomorrow and get back into the weights :)

And of course I wear black, if I want to kill that last 10kg it will be a funeral for my fat! Sharee is an amazing inspiration! There is no turning back!