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story time: so as a kid my bff and I were absolutely obsessed with her ouija board. honestly like we were already the weird kids who could spout mythology and urban myths on cue and stuff (which isn’t very weird, I know, but for our very small whitebread town it was) and she dug this old 80s glow-in-the-dark ouija board out of her basement one day and for like a month that is all we did 

I know for a fact we annoyed the bajeebus out of her parents with it since we would set up and just ask all these dead people really boring questions because hey, we were like twelve, and didn’t really put much thought into it

highlights include (but are not limited to): getting Merlin pissed off at us, having two different gods tell us blatantly contradicting prophecies, annoying several dead relatives by temporarily bedazzling our planchette, and completely misreading everything the devil told us because it was the ass crack of dawn and we refused to turn a light on because the ouija board glows in the dark!!

moral of the story is that being dead, a god, and/or the devil will not save you from the horror that is two preteen girls

How isn’t Merlin considered a villain? He stood and watched as his kind got slaughtered. He did nothing to bring magic back, Morgana did though. Morgana did way more for magic users than Merlin has in his lifetime. Not only did Merlin oppose his own kind, he tried killing his own kind more than once and yet, Morgana is still the bad one? No. Gwen & Arthur aren’t as innocent as you say. They never legalised magic, they let so many people die because it was the absolute law, they had every ability to change that and stop war, instead, they created a massive one, which caused thousands upon thousands of knights to perish. Morgana was alone in that royal castle, no one understood her. The only person who saw even a glimpse of her, was Merlin and guess what? He rejected her. She went to Morgause next and she welcomed her with open arms. So, Morgana thought, if Merlin, her best friend, was going to reject her, whilst a stranger, who is actually her sister, welcomes her, that means every one else in Camelot will reject her the same way Merlin did. Her fear made her stronger than all of them. She had to make a stance and stand up for all magic users, no matter their alignments because in her world, everyone is equal. All she wanted was to live in a world that was fair and just but all Gwen & Arthur did was lower their magical citizens’ worth and rights. They are the real villains and no amount of persuading can change my mind.

Kingsman 3
  • eggsy: wow i was a lil bitch last year, sorry harry and co.
  • harry: i miraculously have emotions and i'm going to actually tell people that i love them and that they mean something to me.
  • merlin: *swearing and screaming in gaelic* *translation: you assholes left me in fucking cambodia for FIVE MONTHS BEFORE YOU REALIZED I COULD HAVE BEEN ALIVE. HOLY SHIT I AM DEMOTING ALL OF YOU. I'M ARTHUR NOW.*
  • harry: i love you too, merlin.
  • roxy: *beams back to hq* hey what's up merlin beamed me up before the explosion, took him a fucking year to beam me back, though.
  • merlin: *apologetic gaelic murmuring*

Fandom: Kingsman

Pairing: Merlin x reader

Characters: Merlin, (y/n), Eggsy, mention of Harry

Summary: (y/n) is an agent but has always been terrified of water. What happens when she has to swim away from her enemies? 

Author´s note: I hate water, okay? I don´t know if I represented the shock after accurately, but I tried… Oh, and sorry, I can´t write accents, so I don´t. But anyway, enjoy

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Merlahad “I hate it. I despise it. I loathe it. I have so many synonyms for how much I don’t like this.” also can i just say how much i love your writings and how creative you get with those prompts? you're so great, srsly

You can say it, but I’ll blush and not believe you :) I’m glad you like them, though, and I hope you enjoy this one.

“I hate it. I despise it. I loathe it. I have so many synonyms for how much I don’t like this.”

“Stop being so bloody dramatic,” Merlin says cheerfully, straightening the collar of Harry’s flannel.

“I have more. I abhor it. I anathematize it.”

“Well now you’re just trying to show off.”

“I exe-“

Merlin cuts him off, “I get it, you’re a bitter old man.”

Harry stiffens, drawing up to his full height, which would be a bit more threatening if Merlin isn’t the exact same height as him. “I am not old,” he says. “Thirty-two is not old.”

“In our profession? Thirty-two is ancient. At least if you’re still doing fieldwork.” Merlin steps back, critically eyeing his handiwork. Tailors though they may be, at least to the outside world, Kingsman’s wardrobe department is absolutely incredible. Most of what Harry’s wearing comes from them, cobbled together with design features of their more professional attire (i.e., it’s still largely bulletproof. Also flame-resistant). The exception is the flannel Harry keeps fussing with the sleeves of. That’s a leftover from Merlin’s teenage years, hidden away in the bottom of his closet for laundry days and the like. Still. It looks rather good on Harry. Or maybe Merlin just likes to see his partner in his clothes. Yeah. It could be that.

“You look good.”

“I look like a punk,” Harry complains.

Merlin raises an eyebrow, “First of all, I think a leather jacket is in order for that to be true. Second, there was a time where you would have taken that as a compliment.”

“Yes. When I was ten years younger. Now I look like an old man trying to be cool and relieve his glory days.”

“I thought you just said you weren’t old.”

Harry glares at him. “You know what I mean.”

“Not all of your missions are going to be glamorous, Harry. It’s not all pretending to be a millionaire, wining and dining with the upper class. Sometimes it means infiltrating underground fight clubs because some of the participants are selling weapons on the side.” Merlin curls his fingers around the back of Harry’s neck in the way that always makes him shiver, then smooths his hand down, stopping in the middle of his chest. Like this, he can feel the rise and fall of Harry’s chest through the thin white t-shirt, and he’s acutely aware that Harry has stopped breathing. “Besides. You’ll actually get a bit of fighting this way. We both know those posh dinners bore you. This will get your adrenaline right up.”

Harry swallows hard, “I suppose that’s true.”

Merlin grins, and leans in to kiss him. He keeps it chaste, blocking Harry’s attempts to deepen the kiss or pull him closer. “Be careful,” he murmurs when they pull away. “No glasses means I won’t be in your ear.”

“But you’ll be watching?”

Merlin nods. He thumbs one of the buttons on the flannel, “Replaced it with a camera. There’ll be another one in your kit, so try and plant that somewhere I can get a good view. I doubt there’s much filming going on, but if there’s anything I can hack into, I’ll find it.”

Harry gives him one last kiss. “I’d better go. Don’t want to miss my flight.”

“I’ll see you when you get back. Don’t take too long.”

“Believe me, the sooner I get out of this outfit, the better.”

“Come home to me in one piece, and we’ll see what I can do about that.” Merlin grins at Harry, who coughs.

“Right. Well, then.” He turns to go, but Merlin catches his arm, “Harry?”


“I love you.”

Harry rolls his eyes, “It’s hardly the end of the world, Merlin. I’ll be home before you know it.” But he comes back for one last last kiss. “I love you too.”

Keeping a Close Watch

Fandom: Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)
Pairing: Harry/Merlin
Word Count: 4328
AO3: [x]
Summary: If there’s one thing that exasperates Merlin, it’s tardiness. Oh, and people touching his belongings without consent. Not surprisingly, Harry Hart—the newest Knight, Galahad’s replacement, and the bane of Merlin’s existence—fits the bill on both accounts. 

Almost one month after the original deadline, I’m finally done ha. @rafaelafranzen thank you for your patience, and I am so, so sorry. I hope you enjoy this :) 

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Overheard Love - A Fred Weasley Imagine

Request: I was wondering if I could get an imagine where Y/N is dating Fred and is staying at the burrow for Christmas, and one night she overheard Fred talking to Molly and/or George about how much he loves her, and it’s really cute and fluffy?

A/N: I know this is very far down on the list but a sad anon was crying about Fred’s death and I wanted to give her some fluffy goodness to make her feel better :)

You had been invited by Molly to spend the Christmas holidays at the Burrow, this worked out great seeing as your parents were actually going to be going abroad for the holidays so you would have been stuck at home on your own. You had gone upstairs to change into your pyjamas because it was nearly 12:00p.m and you left Fred with his mother and twin talking in the kitchen about their store but as you came downstairs you could hear that the conversation had changed direction and they were now talking about a different topic, you. You paused on the bottom step and found yourself listening to the hushed voice of Fred as he spoke, you had to strain your ear to hear him because despite the door being slightly ajar he was still talking very quietly,

“I really love her Mum,” You heard Fred say “I don’t know what it is I- I find myself missing her when she’s gone even if I know she’s going to be back soon, and she’s so beautiful - Merlin, she is beautiful even though she says that she’s not I can see that she is and her laugh, I swear it’s almost musical - she hates it but I swear if I could choose a sound to listen to for the rest of my life it would be her laugh; she so strong, so much has tried to knock her down but she always picks herself up and doesn’t let herself give up and she’s so kind hearted and sweet and gentle” By now your eyes had filled with tears, you were on the cusp of crying and all you wanted to do was run and give Fred a tight hug and kiss him but you wanted to hear what he was saying. “I feel like everything is going to be okay when she’s there, you know? She just brightens up my life, I couldn’t imagine it without her in it, she makes me so happy. I’m going to marry her, Mum. I don’t know when but I promise you I will one day”

From the small crack in the door you could see Molly envelop her son in a hug, she too was crying, overwhelmed by her son’s very honest declaration of love. You smiled when you saw George frown as he quickly wiped away a stray tear before pulling both his mother and twin into a small group hug while you turned around and made your way back upstairs into Fred’s room. You sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the picture on the cupboard on the side and smiled fondly, it was from your first anniversary where you had gone to dinner with Fred and you were both smiling widely with your hand intertwined on the table, the picture had been taken by George who had been hiding a few tables away from the two of you.

You looked at the door as it creaked open and Fred tip-toed in but stopped short when he saw you “I thought you were sleeping love,” He sat beside you and peered at you with a small frown and a look of concern “Have you been crying? Your eyes a red” 

You didn’t say anything as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close, he immediately responded with his own arms going around your waist pulling you ever closer as he placed a kiss in your hair, “What’s wrong, love?”

“I heard what you said downstairs Fred” You said and you felt him stiffen slightly but he quickly relaxed when you kissed his cheek and pulled away, “I love you, I love you so much Fred that it scares me to think what I would be without you. I love you even though you sometimes turn my hair weird colours and you’re abnormally loud and you’re freakishly tall and you have so many freckles that they’re impossible to count. I love you because you make me happy and you make me feel loved and nobody had ever been able to do that before and you- you’re my soul mate Fred”

Fred leaned in, his lips capturing yours and you kissed back; it was a soft kiss but it seemed to communicate how much love the two of you felt for each other. Fred pulled away first, way to fast for your liking and got up from the bed before dropping to his knee, your hand flew to your mouth as he dug out a small blue velvet box that revealed a small diamond ring.

“I had a whole speech prepared Y/n but,” He smirked “I think you’ve already heard all that I have to say so, would you do me the greatest honour of becoming my wife?”

You nodded speechlessly with your left hand outstretched and he slid the small ring onto your finger before pulling you in for another deep kiss.

“I love you Future Mrs Weasley”

“I love you too Mr Weasey”

abespokesuitalwaysfits  asked:

♟: Patching up a wound - Merlahad

“This is not the order events are supposed to happen,” Harry remarks pleasantly, as if his shirt isn’t soaked up to his elbows in Merlin’s blood.  “I was supposed to save you.  Heroically, I might add, and you were supposed to swoon over said heroics, as we disappeared into the sunset, after which, you’d dote over my every need until I was well again.”

“Your stitches are shit,” Merlin remarks in return, unsure if Harry is making less sense than usual, or if he’s half delirious from both the blood loss, and whatever Harry gave him for the pain.  His head drops back against the wall, rather than watch Harry make another stitch through the ragged wound in his side.  Christ, shoot him any day, but he fucking hated getting stabbed.  “I’m telling Bedivere.”

Harry scoffs up at him, before turning his attention back to his work.  “Well, at least I know you’re not dying if you still have the energy to snark at me.”

The tone is as dry as Merlin’s own, but there’s something there that makes Merlin’s brow furrow.  He reaches up, and strokes his thumb over Harry’s cheek, leaving a bloody trail behind, that for some reason, Merlin can’t seem to pull his eyes from.  It’s something that should be out of place, but well, Merlin is comfortable enough with himself to admit, that drenched in blood has always been a good look for Harry.

Merlin would just prefer that blood not be his own.

He’s drawn out of his musings by a touch to his own cheek.  He blinks at Harry, who, sometime in the past thirty seconds has actually begun to look worried.  Merlin huffs at him.  “I could be on my death bed and still have the energy to snark at you.”

“That’s not as comforting a statement as I believe you think it is.”  Harry gives him a long look, then sighs, as he pats what’s left of Merlin’s jumper back into place.  “All done.  I suppose I’ll be the one doing the swooning later, after, we have the conversation about acceptable risks that’s apparently overdue.”

“That’s my job.”

“Tough shit,” Harry bites back, though his touch is gentle as he pulls Merlin back to his feet.  They still have distance to cover, if they want to reach the extraction point.  “You decided to be the hero, you get the full experience, including the dressing down.”

“And the undressing?”

“That too.”

Merlin groans through their first few steps, and is unsteady on his feet, but Harry grips him tight about the shoulders, and pulls him along, clearly, not about to let Merlin go.

“Now, come along,” he hums, between staggered steps.  “The sooner this hell-mission is over, the sooner I get to start kissing it better.”

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holy shit that Harry/Merlin/Eggsy little bit of writing was so fucking hot, any chance of you writing more. I love that they got scared that they push too hard and now they should apologize by making Eggsy feel real good :)



Well, I was thinking about another scenario: Eggsy jerking off and fingering himself in the showers one night when there is no one else in the dorm room, Merlin watching him from behind the mirror. Once Eggsy finds out it was a two-way mirror, he flushes all over every time he catches Merlin’s eye, even though he can’t be sure that Merlin saw him.

And Merlin initiates a gradual seduction process—starts casually touching Eggsy more often than strictly necessary, quietly praising him when he does something well, lingering closely behind Eggsy during one of the written exams the candidates have to take (watching the blush crawl up Eggsy’s neck from under his shirt collar). At some point they’re having a chat in the corridor and Merlin wrecks Eggsy’s attention span by leaning in and talking to him in a low voice, his hand braced on the wall right next to Eggsy’s head, Eggsy completely distracted by his body heat, the smell of his aftershave.

That night Eggsy has a wet dream about Merlin and he just can’t deal with all of this any longer.

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kittyorleans  asked:

"I'm not cut out for this." Merlin.

The darkness in his small room was a physical thing, pressing against his skin. Not even a sliver of moon was visible out his window, the clouds suffocating the starlight. 

Merlin lay on his back, staring at the blackness above him. Though the night was cool, his thoughts were stifling. He couldn’t breathe. The weight of his destiny crushed his lungs. It was too much, he couldn’t carry all of it alone.

I can’t do this, Merlin thought. Sudden desperation flooded his limbs, and without a conscious decision, Merlin was tumbling out of his bed and out of his chambers, seeking air, a breath, a reprieve. Someone to take this from him. 

“Merlin!” A voice rang out, “You’re up late. Where are your shoes, mate?” 

Head spinning, Merlin turned to find the speaker. Gwaine watched him, the jovial grin slowly slipping from his face. 

“Merlin?” Gwaine asked, stepping forward and gripping Merlin’s arm. The touch was constricting and he weakly pulled his arm back until Gwaine let go. “Not running away from Arthur, are you?” He said, the joke falling flat.

“I’m–,” Merlin whispered, gulping in air like a man half-drowned, “I’m not–”

Gwaine reached out again, and this time Merlin let him, shaking fingers clutching at Gwaine’s sleeves in return, his head bowing until he addressed the floor.

“I’m not cut out for this. It’s too heavy.” 

“That’s why I’m here,” Gwaine said. “I’m Strength, remember? I’ll help you lift it.” 

This sort of turned into an almost-AU in which Gwaine knows, or at least suspects, Merlin’s magic. Thanks for the prompt!

glimmerice  asked:

"That was rude." for Arthur/Merlin, please? Thank you :D

Send me a pairing and a quote and I’ll write you a ficlet about one person saying the quote to the other person

“That was rude”

Merlin stared at him, his mouth fallen open. Arthur raised a brow in return, as if he expected Merlin to challenge his statement.

“Seriously?” Merlin asked.

“Was it not?” Arthur had a faint smile on his lips as he turned back to the parchment on his desk.

“Of all the insolent and crude things I have ever spoken to you- King of Camelot- now you’re calling me out because I called your precious Hendrogen a demon spawn.” Merlin looked down at the papers on his own side of the desk, but he decided against reading grain reports and leaned back in his chair so that it rested on two legs.

Arthur was definitely smiling now, “He’s only a baby.”

Demon” Merlin hissed back, though he knew it lacked any fervor.

Arthur looked up at Merlin and rested his chin on his knuckles. “You’re just cross because there’s a dragon out there that likes me more than you.”

Merlin scoffed, “I am not a self-centered arse, unlike some people.”

“No you’re not.”

Merlin groaned, “See! I just insulted you and you didn’t even bat an eye!” The honeymoon phase was definitely over. Merlin might as well just move up to the Court Sorcerer’s tower and call himself forgotten.

Arthur stood up and cross the desk so that he leaned against it. He put his boot on the edge of Merlin’s chair, making slam back down on all four legs. “If I didn’t know better Merlin, I would think you were jealous of a little red dragon pup.”

Merlin scoffed again.

“You’re blushing.” Arthur said, leaning in closer.

“Am not” Merlin crossed his arms.

“Merlin.” Arthur rested the palms of his hands on the armrests of Merlin’s chair so he could look into Merlin’s face. “Hengroen is barely two months old. He needs constant attention. You and Aithusa can look after the others fine, but Hengroen likes me.”

Merlin knew that. Hengroen wouldn’t go to anyone but Arthur. Anyone. It wasn’t that Merlin wanted Hengroen to like him, because plenty of the dragon pups preferred Aithusa, or Gwen, or Morgana more than Merlin. But Arthur adored that excitable, chaotic, and too-bite-friendly, demon.

“I know with the delegations with the other kingdoms of Albion all of us have been busy.” Arthur said, moving even closer so that his nose skimmed Merlin’s cheek. “But as soon as there is an open moment, I’ll take you on a ride through the woods. We’ll go to that stream you like.” Arthur kissed his jaw.

“I’m not a dog that needs a walk.” Merlin said, although he was already feeling pacified by Arthur’s promise.

“Is that a yes?” Arthur asked and pulled away.

Merlin sighed, “He’s still a demon. And he can’t come.”

Arthur smiled and pecked his lips, sealing the deal.

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can you just imagine though when Percival and Eggsy have a fight and Eggsy ends up moping on Merlin and Harry's couch. And Harry wraps him in a blanket and gives him tea and just gives Merlin this look. Merlin knows it is just easier to obey that look and goes off to find Percival. He wonders when exactly he became the guy who had to threaten the boyfriend. And then wonders if an assault rifle in hand would be too much. If he has to do this, might as well do it right.

(I’m supposed to be doing homework Madame, not being inspired to write this! XD but I couldn’t help it)

Harry sighed heavily as he looked down at Eggsy. The lad stood on his doorstep, hunkered down in his wool coat, scarf pulled up tight, and hair damp from the snow that had just recently stopped. While his eyes were red and glistening, he seemed to have passed over the crying stage, and reverted to an angry bulldog pup.

“In you go, then,” Harry said, stepping aside to let Eggsy into the flat.

Eggsy stumbled in, shaking off the snow, and looked around the dimly lit home. Coming from the living room was cool smooth jazz. Eggsy glanced back at Harry, who shut the door and smiled fondly.

“Am I interrupting sumfin?” Eggsy asked, not removing his coat and scarf.

Harry took it upon himself to rid Eggsy of the items, not wanting the boy to get in his head to go back out into the cold. “Nothing that can’t be pushed back. Go sit on the couch, I’ll fix us a cuppa and you can tell me what’s wrong.”

“Everything alright?” Merlin called.

“Fetch the biscuits, please,” Harry requested, ushering Eggsy into the living room with a shooing motion.

Eggsy wandered in, flopping unceremoniously onto the cream couch, and stared at the two glasses of wine on the coffee table. A few minutes later Merlin appeared with a plate of chocolate digestives, Harry behind him with a tray of tea.

“Now tell us what’s wrong, lad,” Merlin asked, taking a seat on the wing back, while Harry sat next to Eggsy. He tugged the quilt from the back of the couch and wrapped it around Eggsy’s shoulders.

“We got in a fight,” Eggsy mumbled as he picked up his tea cup and wrapped both hands around the steaming mug. “I… It’s my fault.” Eggsy’s voice cracked, a tremor lacing through the last word. “I fucked up, I… ‘e’s going to leave, I know.”

“Come now, none of that,” Harry said, immediately wrapping an arm around Eggsy.

He still saw the boy as his ward, someone to protect, to shelter from all that was bad in the world. Seeing that distraught look on Eggsy’s face, hearing the anguish lilting in his usually so confident voice, sent Harry’s blood boiling. He had told Percival when this whole dating business started that, should anything happen to Eggsy, and it was Percival’s fault, he’d see to it that no one ever found his body. And while Percival was the best sniper Kingsman had seen in the last fifty years, Harry put more stock in his own and Merlin’s skills.

“Why don’t you start from the beginning?” Merlin suggested.

“We was talking about the holiday. And I asked about his family, about how comes I’d never met them, even though I know he’s still in contact with him. Talked to his sister the other day. Sounded like she’d been asking if they’d see him,” Eggsy said. “I shouldn’t have pushed… but I just, he never tells me anything. We’ve been living together for months, Harry, and sometimes it feels like I don’t know nuffin about him.”

The words wobbled. Eggsy slurped down some tea, and Harry grimaced.

“And then you fought?” Harry prompted gently.

“Yeah. I yelled, he did that calm yelling thing, told me to stop pushing, things were said, and I didn’t mean none of them, I-I… I don’t want to lose him. I don’t care if he’s ashamed of me, if he don’t want me to meet his family. I get it, I guess. Not much took look at, and it ain’t like I come from a background like y’ guys. I… I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Eggsy set his tea cup down and hid his face in both his hands, shoulders slumped up in defeat. Harry clenched his jaw, coiling his arm tighter around Eggsy’s shoulder and tugging the boy against his chest. He looked sharply at Merlin, who blew out a long sigh, and shoved to his feet.

“I’ll be right back, gentlemen,” Merlin said, though Eggsy didn’t seem to notice. His small frame shook in Harry’s arms.

Merlin went and fetched something from upstairs, stopped in the archway and held up an assault rifle, which Harry nodded minutely to. Merlin didn’t really plan on using it. He knew this whole mess could be sorted out once Percival and Eggsy had a chance to cool down and talk, but he wasn’t about to explain that to Harry, who saw Eggsy as his surrogate son. The day Eggsy had come to Harry, announcing his relationship with Agent Percival, Harry had tried to ship Percival off to Siberia on a three month mission in the mountains. Harry was a tad biased when it came to matters with his precious egg.

Eggsy didn’t lift his head when the door closed behind Merlin. An hour later, after Eggsy had himself a good cry, Harry had coddled him, and they both had settled down on the couch to watch My Fair Lady with a fresh pot of tea and biscuits, Merlin returned, Percival in tow.

Percival, looking equally distraught, glanced around the flat, gaze briefly lingering on Harry, who glared coldly at him, before snapping to Eggsy, who hunkered down in the corner of the couch, blanket tugged tight around him, as if it could shield him from Percival’s rejection. Percival sucked in a sharp breath and crossed the room to Eggsy, whispering, “Darling.”

Eggsy hesitated, body tensing up as he fought every instinct to launch into Percival’s arms. Merlin tugged at Harry’s arm, jerking his head towards the door. Harry opened his mouth to argue, but Merlin just pulled him along, leaving Percival and Eggsy alone.

“I’m sorry,” Percival whispered as he crouched next to the couch and gathered Eggsy’s hands in his. “I meant none of it.”

Eggsy bit his bottom lip, then asked, “Just… just be honest with me. Are y’ ashamed of me?”

Percival’s eyes widened. “W-what… no, darling.” He sighed, head dropped. “It isn’t you I’m ashamed of.”

Eggsy knit his brows together, confused. “Then wot is it?”

“It’s my family,” Percival said, kissing each of Eggsy’s knuckles. “They’re dreadful, sweetling. They see anyone that isn’t one of them an outsider, beneath them. I would never want you to be subjected to them. They care far too much for themselves to realize how madly in love I am with you. And I would rather never see them again, then ever do anything to hurt you.”

“Robyn…” Eggsy whispered.

Harry peeked around the corners five minutes later, when the soft murmurs of conversation had grown quiet. He flushed, not surprised to see Percival and Eggsy embraced.

ALTERNATE CANON STORY where Harry reluctantly drags himself to the fitness centre at HQ, but only because Merlin threatened to confiscate his umbrella and his favourite suit if he wouldn’t go in for an assessment (“that’s the third time you’ve blown out your knee in as many months, Galahad, goddamnit, when will you get it through your thick head that you’re not thirty years old anymore”—hurtful). There, Harry meets PHYSIOTHERAPIST AND PERSONAL TRAINER EGGSY, who smiles sweetly at him and then asks him to lie down on the table and proceeds to put him through hellish pain.

The exact diagnosis doesn’t quite register with Harry; he’s far too preoccupied with trying to figure out Eggsy’s eye colour. Also with the mesmerising cadence of Eggsy’s voice, rather than the meaning of the words he is uttering. Whatever the diagnosis is, it requires a month or two, three of at least biweekly sessions. With Eggsy. Eggsy, who walks around in polo shirts with the Kingsman logo embroidered on the breast pocket and perfectly tailored tracksuit bottoms that are a lovely soft-looking shade of grey; Eggsy whose sweet smile and mesmerising voice could lull lesser men than Harry into a false sense of security, into failing to notice that Eggsy has a temper that cracks like a whip when provoked and hands strong and skilled enough to kill.

Harry never skips a single PT session. He’s never even more than five to ten minutes late.

Merlin grows very suspicious.

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every time I rewatch merlin I cry a little more because watching arthur come to love him is so fucking emotional to me. and I can pinpoint the exact moment he started really appreciating merlin - when merlin came with him to fight kilgarrah. and you really see it in s04 when morgana captures merlin to try to make him her assassin and arthur won't stop searching. at one point arthur tells merlin he wouldn't look if merlin went missing, but really he would be like uther when morgana disappeared.

@ the last sentence; yes, oui, si, da. The prospect of it means so incredibly much to me, you have no idea. In the show when Merlin goes “missing” or is away for a days Arthur loses his mind but it’s more the physical aspects of his life & the every day thing. I don’t think he really gets worried because it happens so often & Merlin comes back (usually) in one piece, though one we get past a day he does become unsettled & start worrying (5x08). Anyway, as I was saying the first thing Arthur thinks about is the fact there’s nobody to dress him & every day mundane chores that he has to figure out for himself that Merlin usually takes care of.

What’s missing is the emotional factor, I think this would come more gradually with the length of time Merlin is missing. It would start of with the tavern jokes, then we would move on to searches & I think Arthur would go to a place of almost acceptance or denial about Merlin being missing then something would shake his world emotionally & THEN we would get the final impact where Arthur realises how much Merlin impacts his life emotionally. How it’s Merlin & only Merlin he confides in (because he has trust issues but he trusts Merlin unconditionally), how Merlin is his emotional strength & rock - building up his self esteem, encouragement & just pushing him to do his best. He’ll probably also notice how a lot of his court decisions were also made by Merlin, he might notice this a lot earlier on actually, how Merlin’s guidance shaped his Kingdom - whether you personally agree to this being a positive or not, it happened & I think Arthur would see it as a positive. Of course that’s when the interesting bit comes in because how does Arthur react to this? When this is the exact sort of situation that Merlin would help him get through. 

Anyway.. This probably isn’t what you expected but there we are, hahaa. By the way I talk about this AU a lot ‘cause it’s my favourite “headcanon” but I made an au based on this; The Savage King; x  I just want to see Arthur Pendragon suffer. 

I’d like to think that when Eggsy is home from a mission, he would be all fluffy and relaxed. For an example, he would wear a giant shirt/sweatshirt with boxers on or pj pants, holding a steaming cup of tea or coffee, and have his feet slipped in a pair of big and fluffy socks or in some form of slipper (sometimes, wear his pug slippers), with his hair sticking up in every angle. In his would, there would be warm colors, that would reflect the color of the couches and simple decorations and accents. On some walls of his home, there would be some form of painting that he’s brought home from his missions. Even little trinkets, would appear on shelves and tables. In one corner of his home, the would be a place for JB to sleep. A little space for his precious,  pug. A big, fluffy and warm bed, to a shelf full of dog toys. A little living space for JB.

Sometimes, Roxy would come over and spend the day and night at Eggsy’s home. There’s something about Eggsy and his home that makes her relax and be herself. When they spend the night with a sleep over, Eggsy and her would spend the night painting each other’s toenails and gossip about their crush and about everything. Sometime, even share a secret or two, then have a good and giggly laugh about it. The next day, they would spend it at café/bakery and enjoy the little delights of the pastries, then they would head to go shop, and come back to Eggsy’s home with bag full of things.

There are times, when Merlin comes over for Eggsy and him to talk about new technologies. Merlin would comee visit for a few hours with a luggage full of tech stuff. Eggsy and him will test the new tech, with Eggsy getting all excited and make happy noises, as Merlin sits back with a warm cup of tea. Though, the man may look cold and stiff, he would melt into the couch, with a warm cup of tea, smiling behind the cup, as he watches the younger agent ask him questions.

And, when Harry comes over and spends the night, all snuggled up against Eggsy, with both of them wrapped in a giant and warm blanket. Then, the next day, they would wake up together, with a few kisses here and there, then they would go make breakfast together. JB would greet them, occasionally bringing a toy for them so they can play with him until he’s satisfied. And, when the time hits for Harry to go into HQ to work as Arthur, Eggsy would give him a kiss and fix his tie, say his goodbye, then enjoy the rest of the day relaxing in his home with JB. When their free days are in the same timeline, Harry and Eggsy will spend it doing simple little pleasures, like taking a walk, going to the theaters to watch a movie or go to a play, and sometimes, take little Daisy to a park or to a shop that sells dolls or teddy bears.

Then, when Eggsy is back in his home, the warmth and coziness seeping into his body, making him melt into a puddle of goo, wearing his favorite giant shirt/sweater and slippers, with JB snuggling up against him. There would be tea, a drink of whisky or scotch, and sometimes, a movie will be played on the TV, or a book being open to be read, and sometimes, soft music would be heard throughout the house, as Eggsy enjoys his simple little pleasures of being cozied up and relaxed at home, from a mission.