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kumirei and takihashi restaurant scene that i have a terrible idea for in mah fic

*while waiting for Reina to get back from the washroom*

Hashi: “So, Oumae-chan. Now that you two are official, we feel the need to make this clear. If you break Reina-chan’s heart, you know she’s technically got two of… what are we now, Taki-kun? Dads?”

Taki: “Yes. Take good care of her, please. Or you might just lose your euphonium solo to Nakagawa-san.”

Hashi: “We’ll throw you into a trash can.”

Taki: “You could be kicked out of the competition band.”

Hashi: “We’ll stuff your head into your euphonium and you’ll never get it off. You’ll look just like Tuba-kun. Forever.”

Taki: “And we will laugh at you.”

Hashi: “If you get Reina-chan pregnant there’ll be a shotgun wedding.”

Before Kumiko could ask how on earth she was going to get Reina pregnant, Taki interjected.

“We’re just kidding,” said Taki hurriedly, glancing around surreptitiously customers started to look their way.

“Mostly,” said Hashimoto.

Taki: “No, Hashi-kun, we are kidding.”

“But not entirely.”

Taki: *picks up chopstick* *whispers threateningly* “Hashimoto Masahiro, so help me, if you don’t cut the chatter you will soon find this chopstick where you really don’t want it.”

Reina: *shows up* “Taki-sensei… why are you holding a chopstick like that?”

Meanwhile Kumiko saw Hashimoto wearing an incredibly lewd expression, and decided it was wisest to just ignore him.

Taki: “Nothing. Just practicing my conducting. Anyway… Kumiko-chan, what do you want to eat?“