back to life with

hi lovely,

today is the dayyyy~~

after 2 years of fighting for this, it’s finally happening! 

i need to check in at 7am

so hopefully everything will be done and i’ll be in the recovery ward by lunch time. 

i have to spend the night to make sure that everything’s okay. 

fingers crossed i have a nice nurse that will like my terrible nervous jokes and will understand i need 3 hours of sleep to get by. 

please take care of yourself!  ♡ ♡ ♡

i hope to see you on thursday! 



unicornduke replied to your post “i’m just gonna sit here in my own house with my own wifi and refresh…”

sometimes it feels really nice to just scroll and look at stupid memes

There’s a particular kind of relaxation that comes from not concentrating on anything in particular. And something like a Livejournal friendspage or a Tumblr dashboard is just perfect, because it’s curated content– people you know have chosen to write or amplify it– but it’s not organized in any fashion. You could make something like it, yourself, on the old RSS readers, I know Dude used to– subscribe to several sites with special interests that captivated you, and then just read whatever they put up every day or two– and it’s not entirely a different animal than newspapers used to be, with their news and features sections, but. 

It’s a kind of low-key passive social engagement, and I just feel like it’s really important to the mind to just– take in information like that. I prefer online to the older types of this media; TV is too passive entirely, and you can’t readily skip to more interesting things when something you don’t care about is being harped on over and over. Newspapers are too finite; most of what’s in them is boring or ads. Online lets you simultaneously broaden your horizons and exclude shit you’re bored by.

And it’s really really important sometimes to just– take in new things without focusing on anything, laugh at stupid pictures of cats, skim depressing articles about societal issues just enough to keep tabs on trends and have reasonable background knowledge, and once in a while dig deep into an article on an obscure topic that just takes you away. 

It’s hard to do that offline, you know?

What we learned

  • Neither of them can speak or read
  • Every time Dan has an eyelash fall, Phil gets it and tells him to make a wish
  • Whenever one of them trips over their words the other makes fun of them
  • Phil frequently speaks without thinking
  • Phil basically just cares for Dan whenever Dan needs anything
  • Phil thinks he can ward away sneeze germs with his hands
  • They both fix their hair incessantly
  • Phil’s voice is substantially deeper when he’s just talking to Dan and not to the camera
  • Phil wears shorts when they film

Thinking you can’t do it yourself is one thing, but having someone else tell you that you can’t is irritating. —09.27; Happy Birthday Tsukishima Kei

Every time I see a post where someone criticizes Taylor unfairly, I click on the notes, and without fail, so many of you have already beat me to it with the fact-checking and the well-articulated explanations & feminist rants. Honestly, long live the Taylor Swift Defense Squad. still all over it in 2017.