back to land

I am a woman of Balnain, the folk have stolen me over again

I stood upon the hill, and wind did rise, 
and the sound of thunder rolled across the land

I placed my hands upon the tallest stone and traveled to a far, distant land,

where I lived for a time among strangers 

who became lovers and friends 

But one day, I saw the moon came out and the wind rose once more, 

so I touched the stones and traveled back to my own land 

and took up again with the man I had left behind

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little folklore things

in some english folklore there is a belief that the first soul buried in a new burying ground will be tasked to haunt the cemetery forever helping souls move on to heaven and help them to avoid the devil and witches, to avoid this fate there is some customs of burying a dog or some other animal in a new cemetery, it is called a church grim, and unlike other black dogs, which are often harbingers of death, it is a benevolent spirit meanwhile in scottish folklore there is the belief that a person will haunt a cemetery until another is buried there to take their place and so on

in breton folklore it’s believed that if you find yourself on the sea on halloween or all soul’s day that the spirits of the dead lost at sea will try and call your name  to get you to carry them back to land so they can be put to rest properly

among the numerous beliefs of the origins of the selkies, one in shetland and orcadian tradtion is that selkies are the souls of drowned sailors who can return to human form once a year to visit their families

it is believed that the seventh son of a seventh son (or seventh daughter of a seventh daughter) who has red hair will be born with the sight to see the fairies

it is believed unwise to wear too much green as it is a fairy colour and might attract them to you

that’s all i got for now, feel free to add ur own fave little folklore things

anonymous asked:

It's been one day without Noodle. I refresh her page every few minutes in hopes that she'll pop up again and make me feel joy again. I need her so I can laugh, I need her wit and her charm. 24 hours feel so....long when ever she goes. And then I read her tags and found her blog, her personal blog! And the joy returned, so even if she isn't over in her fandom blog she's with me. And I'm with her.

This will be the first thing you see when you refresh my page.

I only answered this because it made me feel all sparkly, like I have people missing my being here bahaha *back into freedom land*

Comic N-032: “Frisk drops an F-bomb”

A second comic??

EDIT: Added word bubble, changed undyne’s face, and fixed some coloring issues!

  • Kanan: *changes his whole name, wears different clothes, uses a blaster if the lightsaber isn't necessary*
  • Ahsoka: *also wears new clothes, goes by a super secret codename does stuff anonymously*
  • Obi-wan: *only changes his first name, wears his same jedi robes every day for 19 years, openly uses lightsaber on some random dude in a bar*

My favorite thing about Solas is that in the Hissing Wastes, he says things like, “The stars will guide us out of here, I hope.” and “A forest used to tower here, until sand ate away the roots.” The total embodiment of a sad, eloquent traveler lost to time, viewing a beautiful vista with poetic longing.

And then the fucker says something dumb like, 

“Well, it doesn’t want for sand.”

you snarky little nerd why are you so stupidly cute

DM: In a panic to get the amulet off of his ankle, the ogre panics and jumps hundreds of feet in the air before landing back on the ground.

*Everyone rolls for arcana check. No one rolls high enough to get any information except for the gnome*

Gnome OOC: 17.

DM: *passes gnome a note* So that’s the information you gathered.

Gnome (OOC): *reads the note*….Hey this just says that ogres are not known to jump hundreds of feet into the air, like no shit.


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[Y/N] wasn’t a morning person. Everybody knew that. When she was younger she would’t listen to her mother telling her what she has to do after school, she’d rather contemplate about her plate being strangely similar to her comfortable pillow. So as you can guess, she definitely would’t listen to Jerome saying some rubbish to her. He was trying to get her attention. He loved attention but attention from [Y/N] was very special to him. She sat on a chair, slowly chewing a toast, her eyes half-closed, Jerome’s babbling somewhere in the background.

“Shut up Jerome, can’t you see she’s basically sleeping on this chair?” Barbara said breaking her conversation with Tabitha and giving him a death glare. 

 She glanced back at [Y/N] and put her pretty hair behide her ear, it landing back on her face. 

Jerome glared back at Barbara, his wide smile disappearing as he looked at the blonde. 

“Nobody asked you, Barbie.” He said with satisfaction, smile brought back on his face.

  He knew Barbara hated that nickname, especially spoken by him. His cheerful personality annoyed her, but deep down she had a sweet spot for the Ginger, he was aware.

“I told you… don’t ever call me that.” She hissed and turned her back at him, returning to her previous conversation. 

“I need to take a shower and get dressed..”  a mumbling from the [H/C] girl made Jerome look from his pale, freckled hands back at her. 

“Of course, Doll Face, I’ll be right here waiting for you and if you need me just yell.” He said, his gaze filled with love and adoration.

“Okay, thank you.” said [Y/N] smilling at him gently.

Little did she know, she slowly started to grow her feelings for a ginger maniac. 


Happy 266th Birthday, Abraham Woodhull!

What happened in Junmyeon’s VLive:

  • he said he is in Switzerland and he is filming/shooting something
  • he showed the land behind him and said all that you see up to the mountain in the back is his father’s land, he is owning the resort lol
  • Let it go was playing as background music while he was doing the live
  • He asked us to support his song Curtain that will be released today and also to watch his web drama lots
  • He looked hot as hell in that salmon sweater and with his hair styled up
  • His voice was angel like