back to her roots

Only a glance was needed to incite the smirk upon the Xaela that was ever at home upon his visage. Leaning forward, an incline of his horn allowed him to gaze down at her newly acquired form. A soft laugh unable to stifle itself down deep within it’s chest where it burst forth from the guttural origin. “I don’t need a closer inspection to see how much more ravishing you are as a Xaela, Kali. Welcome back to the darker side of things, where you may actually enjoy yourself a bit more without an immature chain around your ankle, dragging you down.” 

( @rottingxiv has rejoined the ranks of Xaela after her liberation from stupidity today. While it is a transition period, this beauty is ever at home amidst the edgelords and has come back to her roots. Besides, the men here look better anyway. Give her something better to look at than what she has been used to as of late. Why go for a pale scale when you can watch a true dragon at play?)

crossover idea: mayonnaise smell is in danger because every supergirl fan with a common sense wants him dead so the machine sends shaw and root to help him. After he says two sentences shaw already has a gun to his head and root is trying to hold her back because ‘shaw you can’t just shoot the numbers sweety what if he is a victim?’ After macaroni bleh makes another unnecessary comment root has a change of heart, lets go of shaw, the machine kindly tells her he is allergic to lead and shaw fucking shoots him. the end.


#these two scenes imo show exactly why shaw considers root her safe place #let me explain why #so the first gif is just the most serene and content i’ve ever seen shaw #like ever #she’s in eternal bliss and all root is doing is rubbing her back #look at her lip bite #she couldn’t be more of a cat purring in this moment #and then onto the second gif #shaw would legit be on her death bed swearing she’s ok or that nothing is wrong #that’s just how stubborn she is #but in the second gif she actually admitted that she didn’t know if she was ok #the only person she felt comfortable enough to admit that to was root #she’s never been this vulnerable with anyone else #but she loves root and she trusts her so it was just easy for her #what i’m saying is… #they will never not fuck me up

2B (hopefully)
  • Malec: adopt Madzie, move in together, buy a home, take up gardening and homecraft diys, live a peaceful life, have lots of sex, are left alone and are allowed to be happy together, have lots of wonderful healthy communicative moments
  • Simon: comes to his senses and begs his way back into the clans good graces, shamelessly pursues Raphael and embarasses him with declarations of love in front of the clan until Raphael says yes just to shut him up. is totally ok with Raph's asexuality. is free from CCs terrible fuckboi arc for him
  • Raphael: finally gets the goddamn selfrespecting dignified story arc he deserves, leads the clan to greatness and happiness, pretends to be grumpy about Simon wooing him but really loves it, gets to live his good Catholic life without people abusing and using him
  • Izzy: overcomes her addiction, becomes an advocate for other shadowhunters/downworlders/people who have gone through struggles like hers, has a heart to heart and apologizes to Raphael, goes back to her badass bitch roots, takes up cooking classes, tears it up at the gay clubs at night, revolutionizes shadowhunter fashion, babysits Madzie on the reg, is loved and adored as she deserves
  • Jace: gets a hug and a nice long nap, decides to go on vacation and comes back with a septum piercing and green hair, hits up the gay bars with Izzy and is everyones favorite token Straight™ friend
  • Clary: gets over herself

Day 16 and I’m still miserable and bitter without Glenn Rhee.

I  C A N ‘ T

‘I told Amy 6741 was my favorite episode, the whole park scene and the pillow talk scene with Shaw. She said in the pillow talk they kept giggling together after every kiss (took a lot of takes) but she loved that scene because it was just lying in bed most of the time and they needed the rest. :)
She also mentioned they filmed more scenes like Shoot feeding Bear and Shaw asking Bear if he has been looking out for Root but it was cut because of time.
Amy signed my picture with ‘4 Alarm Fire’. Gave it to me then she hurriedly took it back and said she forgot something then i saw that she added and wrote ‘Stay with me, you are my safe place.’ ’

- A fan, after her meeting with Amy Acker at Dallas Fan Expo, June 4.

Taylor Swift never changed, our expectations did

Some will say Taylor Swift is back to her Nashville roots since it was revealed this morning that Little Big Town’s lead single, “Better Man,” from their upcoming album, The Breaker, was in fact penned by Swift. However, I would argue she never left her Nashville roots. Instead, most of us, namely the media, chose to forget her roots and put her on a pedestal so high there was nothing to do but fall.

I’ll admit, I have a more idealistic mindset when it comes to Swift than most people. I understand why the “journalists” for outlets like Star magazine have no problem turning Swift’s breakups into punchlines. They haven’t had a relationship with Swift for 10 years like I have. They didn’t sit on their bedroom floor and highlight articles about Swift to write a column about Swift’s first ACM Entertainer of the Year win for their high school newspaper. They didn’t stand outside in the Colorado cold for a chance to get floor seats to one of her concerts. They didn’t drive to Target the day of every album release and physically grab a copy from the shelf and buy it with their own money. And they did not sit in Swift’s living room as she played 1989 a month early after handpicking them to thank them for their support.

Yes, I’m idealistic about Swift, but I firmly believe we have failed her in recent years.

People always say your favorite Saturday Night Live cast is the one you grew up with in high school. For me, this is true for SNL and also true for music. I grew up with Taylor Swift during high school. I grew up with her as she went from winning country music awards to Grammy awards. I grew up with her as she sold out Madison Square Garden and became the first solo female to ever sell out Gillette Stadium. And I grew up with her as she released albums like Fearless and Speak Now that mirrored the feelings I was feeling as a high-schooler.

Today, selling out stadiums and being on the cover of Vogue is expected of Swift. In 2008, being the musical guest (no interview, no games, no skits) on a talk show was a big deal in itself. Being on the cover of CosmoGirl (when that was still a thing) was an accomplishment. It was fun watching her go from a small segment on a talk show to having an interview and performance slot, and it was fun watching her go from CosmoGirl to actual Cosmopolitan.
It was new and it was fun and then all of a sudden it became a bad thing to be that popular. Seemingly overnight it became the most told (and tired) joke to say Swift only wrote about one thing — her ex-boyfriends.

Obviously, this wasn’t true at all. If you need examples of Swift songs that aren’t about relationships, I’ll give you just a few — “Long Live,” “Change,” “The Best Day,” and “Mean.” But when Taylor outgrew country music and became the biggest pop star in the world it wasn’t interesting anymore to ask her about the songs she had created/was creating for her upcoming album. It instead became enough to speculate on the subjects of these songs and standard practice to report on her relationships, Instagram posts and breakups.

Our expectations of Swift became so heightened and unrealistic she had nowhere to go but down. The human factor went out the window and people began to use her songs as clues about famous ex-boyfriends rather than talk about the real emotions and feelings these songs were written with and for.
Eventually, I learned to filter my Taylor Swift news. I stopped following the blogs and media outlets I used to because they became all paparazzi pictures and soon enough Taylor Swift music news was overshadowed by Taylor Swift relationship news.

I hyper-focused on Taylor in high school (2006–2010) and learned enough to last me a lifetime, but that is when it truly felt real. Learning about how she grew up, how she started playing guitar, how her family moved from a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania to Nashville, how she landed a record deal and how she wrote songs was fascinating to me. Watching the video blogs Taylor filmed and posted to engage with fans was real and unfiltered. Now we don’t need Taylor’s perspective through her own video blogs because the whole world is already filming her 24/7, posting updates to Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

More or less, we have access to Taylor Swift every minute she is not inside her own home. We know her friendships, relationships and life — or at least we like to think we do. Access takes away the human factor of people — she’s starring in some weird version of The Truman Show now.

This access has heightened our expectations to a place where she can never fully satisfy us. However, lucky for Swift most of her fans are the ones who grew up with her, like me, during the early years. We still understand her core is being a singer-songwriter — not this celebrity figure or person with a “squad.”
The media, and general public as a whole, have taken away Taylor’s privacy and relationships, but they can’t take away her talent. Nobody but Taylor can claim songs like “Dear John,” “Love Story” and “Our Song” as their own.

To some, Taylor Swift penning a single for the Nashville-based country group Little Big Town is seen as a return to her roots. But what it really does is challenge our expectations of her. In recent years we’ve grown accustom to the “Taylor Swift machine” — new single, press and promo, new album, new world tour. Rinse and repeat. We’ve forgotten why we’re all really fans of Taylor — the music. Taylor never left her roots as a singer-songwriter, we just stopped caring that those were her roots.

Even OneRepublic singer and 1989 collaborator, Ryan Tedder, sees Taylor as the most talented artist we have in music today saying, “Taylor is the only artist that I’ve worked with that has the complete skillset. If she weren’t an artist, she’d be the number one songwriter in the world. If she weren’t a songwriter, she’d be the number one artist in the world.”

I’m lucky enough to have been able to hug Taylor, look her in the eyes and thank her. And at the same time she has looked me in the eyes and said, “No, thank you.” No gossip column or heightened expectations due to fame will change how I feel about Taylor Swift. Taylor is a bright light in the music industry. She might be taking a longer break from her own music right now, but I will gladly take her writing songs for other artists as a consolation prize. I love Taylor Swift for the person she is, the songwriter she is and the singer she is. I couldn’t care less about the celebrity of it all.

Writing a song like “Better Man” for Little Big Town isn’t a return to her roots, it’s a reminder she never left them.

Guys, guys, guys

Yang having to pick a destination

On Bumblebee (her bike, not the ship)

Is kinda like in her trailer when she’s looking for her Mom, which, for a long time, everyone assumed was actually her looking for Blake.

So, picture this: Yang is going back to her roots, to the start of her trailer, on her bike, back to Junior. She’s gonna show him a picture again, and it’s gonna actually be Blake this time. She’s gonna look for her and confront her.

This could be what the next season will be about for her. Back to the roots.


Root + Shaw existing

Positive 2x02 Parts To Focus On

if you’re having a slight mental breakdown over that episode, then enjoy my list of trying to put together all the good things.

  • shirtless Alec in bed 
  • Raphael being back and perfect
  • Magnus looking flawless as always
  • Simon and Magnus bromance 
  • parabatai feels
  • Izzy and Alec on the mission together, being badass Lightwoods
  • Alec being a protective big brother + Izzy kicking an asshole’s ass
  • papa wolf bear Luke 
  • Magnus walking around with his little bag taking his stuff back
  • Jace being hawt
  • Clizzy feels
  • Simon learning to embrace his vampire-ness
  • Clary going back to her roots and painting while she rocks out
  • Dot saving Clace
  • Jace finally escaping that damn boat from hell
  • Clary’s hair porn cuz dayum she was flawless af
  • everyone is so goddamn attractive 

my mom has always been someone i considered a Complacent Democrat for SO many reasons but she’s so upset over this election.. she’s furious…. before she was a democrat she was radical, she was a protester, she talked to me as a child about native rights, antiblackness, fascism, nazism, nixon’s draft, the power of the people to stand up against their government… she’s going back to her roots now. she knows the system is broken. it’s heartbreaking, but it’s powerful. she feels betrayed by other democrats and betrayed by obama for accepting a crypto-fascist into office. she is not okay with this, and i am so glad.

shaw’s not a fan of her decor but she is a fan of root, so it all works out 

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