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  • On Thursday, unnamed sources told news site Axios that Trump gave his female campaign staffers a note: They need to “dress like women." 
  • According to the report, "women who worked in Trump’s campaign field offices — folks who spend more time knocking on doors than attending glitzy events — felt pressure to wear dresses to impress Trump.”
  • Women who heard reports of Trump’s sartorial demands were not exactly thrilled with Trump’s desire to make womenswear great again and they fire back with the hashtag #DressLikeAWoman. Read more
Maybe - WinWin {Sicheng} (M)

Requested: Hi! Do you take requests? ^^ I really love how you write your stories. And, I was wondering if you can do a WinWin smut since I didn’t saw anything about him in the masterlist (correct me if I’m wrong😂) I really like him. Can you write something about him being so shy in public but actually in bed he’s sexy & rough, that would be amazing. He’s a 97’ liner so it’s okay right? 😂 Take your time ;)

A/N: I think I use the word “supple” wrong but idc tbh… Also I was so bent on it being floor sex, but when I was writing it was heading toward wall sex so I had to make a pretty sharp turn to get it back on track- I’m spouting so much. Anyway, I haven’t written in some time, so I may be a little rusty, but I hope you like my very first WinWin smut!


Word Count: 1,292

His soft brown eyes met yours briefly before darting back to Mark’s animated figure. You studied your boyfriend’s handsome face quietly, watching with adoration as his eyes widened, an endearing expression of confusion crossing his features as he stared at Mark.
Jaehyun snapped his fingers in front of you, your view of Sicheng vanishing. You looked to Jaehyun, frowning when you saw his smirk.

“Lovebirds” he cooed, looking from you to Sicheng all while continuing to smirk.

Sicheng became flustered, shying away from the prying eyes of his members. You felt your own cheeks heat up, avoiding the curious glances of the other boys.

“Don’t tease them” Taeil chided.

Mark took the awkward opportunity to continue with his story, gesturing wildly in excitement.

You glanced at your phone, feigning surprise.

“My boss called me back to work” you murmured quietly, catching the attention of the other boys.

Sicheng watched you get up with wide eyes, your sudden announcement catching him off-guard. Your eyes met his, giving him a stern look. He got up quickly, smiling awkwardly.

“I’ll take her” he declared, casting a worried gaze at the other boys.

In return they all nodded while grinning before turning back to listen to Mark, who looked exasperated from being interrupted.

“I wanted you to stay” Sicheng admitted, sighing to himself.

“I’m not going to work-”

His eyebrows knit together in puzzlement. You smiled at his cute reaction, looping your arm with his own. He looked around quickly, wary of any watchful eyes.

“When you invited me over I thought it would be just us” you admitted in a hushed, coy tone.

He raised his eyebrows before relaxing, smiling gently.

“You wanted it to be just us?”

He already knew the answer, but looked to you expectantly. You nodded, walking closer to him, hugging his arm.


His voice deepened as he clenched his jaw. His mind began turn hazy, erotic thoughts of you capturing his attention. You left his question unanswered.

As the atmosphere developed in privacy Sicheng became more and more intimate; peppering kisses over your shoulder as he held you close in the elevator, his hands wandering aimlessly.
Once inside your apartment he let out a hum of approval, his hands gripping your waist possessively, holding you in place.


He cut you off, pulling you closer to him.

“Right here” he murmured, confusing you.

You felt his protruding erection against your ass, placing your hands over his own as he ground into you. You pushed at his hands lightly; he took the hint and let go of you. Quickly, you turned around, wrapping your arms around his neck and placing a light kiss on his chin. His long arms wove around you lazily as you trailed your lips down to his neck. His lithe hands moved down to your ass, cupping it softly as he coaxed you closer. He let out a hushed moan, swallowing thickly as he closed his eyes. His hands moved to the waistband of your shorts, pushing them down; his thumb hooking in your underwear.

Your clothes piled at your ankles, causing you to look down. The tent in his sweatpants caught your immediate attention. Carefully you removed your hands from around his neck, intent on removing his clothing. However, his hand caught your own, causing you to stop.
He began to move, making you stumble back as he cornered you against the wall. His grip on your hand tightened as he guided your small hand to his bulge. You held your breath, cupping his stiff erection through his thick sweatpants.

“Do you want it?” he whispered, a slight edge to his voice.

You nodded feverishly, desperate for him. He pushed your hand away gently.

“Show me” he ordered.

You swallowed thickly, a thrilling rush of excitement coursing through you at his words.
With care you began to touch yourself, your delicate fingers running over your slick folds in anticipation. He watched you keenly before removing his shirt. You arched off the cold wall as you slid two fingers inside yourself, your breath catching in your throat. He smirked at you, enjoying how easily you got lost in yourself. Your eyes met his briefly, the warm chocolate orbs from earlier replaced by a dark and sultry gaze. His eyes flitted down to his pants before he looked back, signaling you. You removed your fingers from yourself and he caught your wrist. With a steady gaze he took your glossy fingers into his warm mouth, a shaky exhale leaving you as his hot tongue teased you. He pulled your fingers from his mouth, releasing your wrist. You quickly pushed down his heavy sweatpants, slowly kissing the burning skin of his chest.
He pushed you away, his hand roughly shoving your shoulder into the wall. His lips met your own in a sensual kiss; time seemed to slow. You threaded your fingers through his soft hair, your lust temporarily replaced by pure love as you got lost in each other. The pressure on your shoulder eased as he instead gently caressed the soft skin. His stiff length pressed against your own warm skin. He pulled away, his sharp eyes meeting your own instantly. He pulled you from the wall, his tender actions causing your heart to swell. He lowered to the ground, causing you to follow in haste. His large, agile hands swept across your body, coaxing you to straddle him. His member stood tall before you, your slick womanhood throbbing on his thigh, your hands gripping his shoulders as he shifted. You felt powerful, having never been on top before. You lifted yourself, gently grasping his member and sliding down. His hands immediately went to your hips, wanting to take control. His nails dug into your soft skin, a soft moan leaving his lips. You ground your hips into his own. He bucked into you, his hands quickly finding your wrists. He collected your small wrists into one of his hands, his tight grip causing you to writhe. His other arm embraced you, your chest pressing against his own. He thrust into you slowly, his hot breath hitting your ear. You tried to ride his rhythm, in return he gave your wrists a sharp yank, pulling you from his length. You whined, struggling against him. His lips brushed against your ear as he scolded you, his words harsh. You dropped your head onto his shoulder, even on top he seized control. His hold on your wrists relaxed and he helped you ease back onto his length. He snapped his hips, a muffled cry leaving your lips as you buried your face into his warm skin. He repeated, his hips bucking into you at a rapid pace. His embrace of you faltered, his hand sliding down to grope the supple skin of your ass. A pathetic string of cries and gasps left you. He let go of your wrists, quickly moving to caress your jaw, drawing your lips to meet his own. He groaned against your soft lips, relishing the moment. You broke away first, needing to breath as your chest heaved against his own, only broken gasps leaving you as he fastened his pace. You called his name, your voice failing you as you felt your release approaching. You chanted encouragement breathily before moaning loudly, your cries rising an octave as you came. Sicheng cursed below you, before bucking one last time, burying himself up to his hilt in you, a tremor going through his thighs as he ejaculated. He slowly rocked into you, worn out.
You chuckled to yourself.

“What is it?” Sicheng asked, suddenly worried.

“Will I ever be in control?”

He relaxed, holding you close.

“Do you want to be?”


Blake Belladonna and why RWBY Canon isn’t Canon Anymore

In Volume One, Blake Belladonna spends literally all day arguing with Weiss Schnee - a person who was being very prejudiced towards a group of people that Blake was born into. During this time, they barely raised their voices, and even though Weiss said some awful (understandable considering her background, but objectively awful) things …

… in the end, after spending some time apart from each other, Blake apologized to her. In my biased opinion, she shouldn’t have - but she did, because she cares about other people so, so very much, and herself so, so very little.

Blake has always been about caring about people - even the people who hurt her and destroy her, day after day. She’s never wanted conflict; she’s always wanted equality. More than anything.

She believed Yang was innocent, despite her past, when she had no reason to. She went days without sleep in order to attempt (wrongheadedly, but goodheartedly) to make up for her past. When literal abusive ex and head of a terrorist organization and all-around terrible human being Adam Taurus was bearing down on her, trying to not just kill but hurt her in the worst ways imaginable, she did not strike out in anger.

She did not strike out in anger.

She struck out in defense. She struck out with argument - “I wanted equality!” And when that didn’t work, she ran away not because she was scared (well maybe because of that maybe even mostly that but also because) she wanted to keep the White Fang’s focus on her and not on the people she cared about most (”I’m sorry.”)

Blake Belladonna would never slap Sun Wukong - or anybody else - for being mildly creepy and/or irritating.

This person - this, frankly, abusive and toxic individual we are seeing onscreen - is not Blake Belladonna. This Yang is not Yang Xiao Long, and I don’t mean because Yang can’t be depressed; I mean because Yang wouldn’t laugh at a boy wearing a skirt. This Jaune hasn’t been Jaune since maybe the last episodes of Volume One. Weiss’s character has been all over the place for ages. What is Ozpin even trying to do????

I understand the backlash towards Blake after this episode - and if this were a relatively well-written series, I would have to, disappointed, agree. But not in this scenario.

I am still Team Blake Belladonna, because Blake is not abusive, she does not hit people, and I do not accept any canon in which she does. I am not Team RWBY Writers, because hitting people and boys in skirts and abusive tendencies are not comedic moments, a la the worst harem anime imaginable, for the audience to laugh at.

What garbage. What garbage.