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Kana has much to learn and Nina will later have consequences to face

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Ink (M)

Genre: Smut, angst, badboy!Tae (kinda)
Word count: 7470
Description: Kim Taehyung is nothing less than a storm, contained in a human body, ready to lash out if you get too close. But you have been careful for way too long already.
Warnings: Mature content, mentions of depression
Author’s note: So I had a dream about Tae having tattoos and started writing this, trying to make him a bad boy but it turned out a bit more emotional than I intended it to… :D Also I’ve been struggling with finishing this for much longer than usually so I don’t know how it came out… (Not to mention it came out way longer than I intended)

You barged into Taehyung’s room ready to question the man what was taking him so long, but stopped in your tracks at the view of his bare back, tattoos eating up at his skin from his right shoulder blade, as if threatening to devour the rest of his milky skin soon enough. With the tempo Taehyung was going at, you wouldn’t doubt that actually.

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In the Likely Event of a Trump Presidency, Break Glass

It is important to remember; he is the president, not the king. We need to keep pushing back against what eats into our voice. Take that STATE’S RIGHTS dog whistle and turn it back on the ones who wield it.

We can do something if we can move past the emotional validation of being Right and embrace compromise and progress. We allowed the perfect to become the enemy of the good.

Next time you tear someone down for their minor disagreement with your politics - next time you dogpile your allies - remember this.

Remember 2016.

It’s 2017. Three years have passed.

But three years are nothing compared to the one before it. Time has a different meaning now.

Another year, another interview, and again they ask you. Are we going to see Neal again? Is he alive? Is he coming back? Henry mentioned his name and he wouldn’t have done that if he wasn’t coming back, right?

Someone eats a bagel on-screen. This must be significant. Is he coming back?

You feel like you have been here before. You can’t shake the feeling. You say no, he is dead.

Time passes. The show goes on. The story progresses. The fandom clamours for scoop. They want scoop. They need scoop. #nospoilers, you say in desperation, but you can’t stem the tide. Scoop, they chant. Give us scoop. Give us spoilers.

Are we going to see Neal again?

No, you say, he is dead.

He said no, they say. That must mean something. He must be hiding something. There are clues hidden in Emma’s blouse, or maybe her boots, or her hair, or her eyelashes. There must be a reason why she wore a cream-coloured top. Cream cheese is a popular topping for bagels. This must be significant.

They want to ask you a question. You agree, and forget to brace yourself, because three years have passed.

But time has a different meaning now. Your words have different meanings now. They are no longer your words. They fall on deaf ears. They fall and trip and become something else along the way. They must mean something.

Are we going to see Neal again?

You want to say no. You hesitate. You are no longer sure that the word means what you think it means. You are no longer sure who Neal is. You are no longer sure that we will not see him again. He is persistent. His ghost is everywhere. You no longer control your words.

You say no anyway. Nobody seems to hear you. They ask again. Are we going to see Neal? Is he really dead?

You hope that you will not see Neal again.

But you check behind the couch every night, just in case.

TFS: DBZ Abridged Quotes Starter Sentences

{Change pronouns where needed} 
{Add more quotes if you’d like}

  • “So do you just ignore all of your problems?”
  • “I don’t know what a ’[Name]’ is but it sounds disappointing”
  • “….How do you function?”
  • “When you fall off the horse, you get right back up, and you Eat. That. Horse. Come eat that horse with me.”
  • “Your FACE is forbidden!” 
  • “Oh sorry, it’s a, little hobby of mine. I hear these heroic speeches so wearily often. So I started making a mental list of how many times I’ve heard certain lines.” 
  • “Every party needs a pooper thats why we invited you. Party pooper, party pooper…” 
  • “You know what the difference between you and I is? You can punch a board and it will break in half. I can punch a board and wipe out it’s entire race.”
  • “You’re NOT meditating you’re NAPPING, I know the difference!” 
  • “[Name]! Stop making out with your boyfriend! I can here it from here! It sounds like… -disgusting tongue sounds- “
  • “Ah crap I find the only other living thing for miles and he’s so broken he can’t even talk right”
  • “Hi there, my name is [Name], and we’re a traveling improv group. Here let me give you a demonstration. My men will play a bunch of drunken sailors, and you’re a bunch of baby seals…”
  • “Thank you sir may I have another?”
  • “Call me that again and I’ll snap your neck.”
  • “Hey [Name]? What’s the opposite of Christopher Walkins? CHRISTOPHER  REEVES!!”
  • “If you’re ever going to listen to anything I ever say, do it now.” 
  • “I think he’s looking for you.”
  • “Do NOT tell him I’m here.”
  • “Last time I did this he found five corpses. He laughed when I said five…”
  • “That’s just [Name]. If you ignore it, it’ll go away.”
  • “Oh wow, I’m just fucking with you, my god who doesn’t know what marriage is?”
  • “Listen I don’t know where you come from who you are, I will not put up with such disrespect-”
  • “I’m about to misuse my hand upside your head!”
  • “Pretty big talk coming from a bipedal slug”
  • “Pretty big talk coming from a bipedal bitch”
  • “So, for the first century I’ll go easy on them, lull them into a false sense of security. And then when they think I’m not so bad- bam! I’ll go full tyrant on them in the second century. After that I’ll disappear for a millennia and make them wonder if I ever existed to begin with. Just to come back and kill them all.”
  • “All these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle, all these squares make a circle….”
855. When one student bullied another student, the bully would find themselves more prone to accidents involving dodgy staircases or floorboards, particularly in front of large crowds, because the castle doesn't put up with bullying.

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  • me @ Matt on talks machina every tuesday until Scanlan comes back: what's he doing right now? is he happy? did he eat? how's Kaylie doing? what did they talk about today? where are they? did they play any music? what song? are they-


Jungkook: If you can’t eat it right the first time don’t eat it at all, hyung

Suga: I bet he hears that a lot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Falling off the wagon happens to the best of us,

Stuck in a rut. Taking an extended break. Whatever you’d like to call it, it happens to us all.

For the past few months I’ve been flip flopping between being on track and doing the complete opposite of what I know I should. Not only has it taken it’s emotional toll on me, but physically I don’t feel like myself. 

My legs get tired quicker, I don’t have as much energy, and I have this constant cloud of “I can be doing better” floating over my head. Every ounce of me knows that I will be happier if I get back into eating right and exercising, but getting there is just so hard. 

Despite being stuck in this rut, I know that these things happen to the best of us. Sometimes for days, weeks, months, or even years. Yet, we all somehow get back onto our feet and end up okay. That’s why I’m not nervous to talk about any hardships I have or any weight gain I experience. I know that we have all been here.

It would be easy to type away here behind a screen and hide any hardships I have, but I feel as if I get more out of speaking out about my struggles. 


SOLVING THE FOLLOWING riddle will reveal the awful secret behind the universe, assuming you do not go utterly mad in the attempt. If you already happen to know the awful secret behind the universe, feel free to skip ahead.

Let’s say you have an ax. Just a cheap one, from Home Depot. On one bitter winter day, you use said ax to behead a man. Don’t worry, the man was already dead. Or maybe you should worry, because you’re the one who shot him.

He had been a big, twitchy guy with veiny skin stretched over swollen biceps, a tattoo of a swastika on his tongue. Teeth filed into razor-sharp fangs—you know the type. And you’re chopping off his head because, even with eight bullet holes in him, you’re pretty sure he’s about to spring back to his feet and eat the look of terror right off your face.

On the follow-through of the last swing, though, the handle of the ax snaps in a spray of splinters. You now have a broken ax. So, after a long night of looking for a place to dump the man and his head, you take a trip into town with your ax. You go to the hardware store, explaining away the dark reddish stains on the broken handle as barbecue sauce. You walk out with a brand-new handle for your ax.

The repaired ax sits undisturbed in your garage until the spring when, on one rainy morning, you find in your kitchen a creature that appears to be a foot-long slug with a bulging egg sac on its tail. Its jaws bite one of your forks in half with what seems like very little effort. You grab your trusty ax and chop the thing into several pieces. On the last blow, however, the ax strikes a metal leg of the overturned kitchen table and chips out a notch right in the middle of the blade.

Of course, a chipped head means yet another trip to the hardware store. They sell you a brand-new head for your ax. As soon as you get home, you meet the reanimated body of the guy you beheaded earlier. He’s also got a new head, stitched on with what looks like plastic weed-trimmer line, and it’s wearing that unique expression of “you’re the man who killed me last winter” resentment that one so rarely encounters in everyday life.

You brandish your ax. The guy takes a long look at the weapon with his squishy, rotting eyes and in a gargly voice he screams, “That’s the same ax that beheaded me!”


—  David Wong, John Dies at the End

“When you fall off that horse, you get right back up, and you eat that horse.”

  • me: i love trying new things!
  • other person: ooh, here, try this new thing!
  • me: oh.... no thanks.... *goes back to my favorite thing*