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Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 5)

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“Calum!” you call after walking into the kitchen, spraying cleaner on the counter and drying it down with a rag. “It’s your turn to take the garbage out.”

“One second,” he says back, followed shortly with an unrelated, “Oh, shit.”

A moment later you glance up to see him emerge from his bedroom, shirtless, and holding in his hand a toothbrush with bristles coated in white paste.

Your arm continues to circle the counter with the rag, using slightly less elbow grease now that you’ve been distracted. “What?”

“Water’s out in my room,” he answers casually, as if it’s a reoccurring inconvenience that he’s come to expect over time. He reaches across the counter to dampen his toothbrush with the kitchen’s faucet, then proceeds to scrub his morning breath away.

“How does it just go out in one room?” you question, turning to use the same cleaner on the front of the refrigerator.

“Dunno,” Calum mutters with a mouth full of foam. Your ears catch the sound of him spitting into the sink.

“I just cleaned that.”

“And you did a great job.”

You cast an annoyed glare over your shoulder.

“Anyway, cool if I use your shower?” Calum asks, smiling at the silent threat.

The ownership you have over anything in the apartment still sounds odd to you when put into words, almost always forcing you to pause with the need to correct Calum before remembering he’s making sense. You guess you haven’t quite settled in to your newest living arangment yet, still in the habit of referring to it as Calum and Ashton’s place. You only unpacked your last box a few weeks ago, a short while after Ashton left for Las Vegas to pursue the boxing training Dennis Serrant had to offer.

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Annabeth Hair Headcannons

When I was 12 I loved Annabeth because like…she didn’t really give a shit about what she looked like, and there would be moments where Rick would say “She woke up with a rat’s nest” or “She didn’t have time to brush it” and yeah. That meant a lot to little me. So here are some headcannons based on my own blonde, thick, curly hair experiences.

  • When she was living on the streets with Luke and Thalia, she wouldn’t really brush her hair. Sometimes she would, but she would only comb through the top later bcuz she was young and in a rush, so there was this giant hidden knot of tangles at the base of her neck.
  • (Thalia eventually had to cut off the clump because it was so gnarly. Annabeth named it “George”)
  • Back when she was still living at home, her stepmom would force her to sit down every morning so she could comb through the bed-head. She would rip the brush through Annabeth’s hair, and roll her eyes when she started crying. “Stop being dramatic. It’s not that bad.”
  • Because of that ^^, Annabeth’s head is basically numb now??? Like, you could tear out a clump of hair and she would hardly react.
  • She can’t fit all her hair under a hat. Even when it’s in a bun. It’s fucking impossible.
  • She gets tons of questions like “What shampoo/conditioner do you use?” and she’s like “…uh, whatever’s in the shower?? Department store shit?” and they nod like she’s just given them sage haircare advice.
  • Annabeth doesn’t cut her hair short. She can’t make herself, even though she knows it would be more practical to have short hair but…she can’t. It’s not a vanity thing. Her hair is unique, she knows this, and it’s sort of become a part of her. Like a calling card.
  • She feels the same way with dying her hair. Sometimes, she really hates being blonde, because there’s always some fuckboy who’s like “lol ur blonde u must be a dumb whore” which is stupid and doesn’t even make sense, but some ppl actually slut-shame her about it. So she keeps the color because fuck those people.
  • People are always asking to braid her hair. All the time. It’s fucking annoying.
  • (The only person she lets braid her hair is Piper because she actually knows what the fuck she’s doing.)
  • Some people just…touch her hair. Like, random strangers. In the grocery store, at the movies, in school. OMFG all the time in school, the kid sitting behind her will reach out and pat her hair, and she’ll turn around to glare and they’ll just be like “what?”
  • She plays with it when she’s hyper-focusing, twirling and twisting it around her fingers. Once when she was 13 a group of girls started teasing her about it. “Why do you always play with your hair? Do you think your special? Are you trying to flirt? You’re so weird and gross.” She stopped playing with it in public after that.  
  • She ALWAYS has hair-ties. ALWAYS. She’s that girl with, like, four hair-ties on her left wrist at all times. You need a hair-tie? Go to Annabeth, she’s gotchu.
  • All of her hair-ties break, though. Like, they just snap. She has to buy the super durable ones.
  • The only people who are allowed to play with her hair without asking for express permission are: Percy, Piper, Hazel (although she always asks anyways), and Rachel.
  • OMFG Rachel and Annabeth and Hazel bond over their curly hair. Like, they each have different kinds of curly hair, but they can all bond together over it.
  • Like, someone says “you can’t comb your hair in the shower” or “do you ever brush your hair?” and Annabeth, Rachel, and Hazel share a Look.
  • Annabeth went through a phase where whenever someone would say something like “OMG i would do anything to have your hair you’re so lucky,” she would respond with “ok i can shave it off and glue it to your head if you want” with a complete straight face. 
  • She gets headaches when she wears high ponytails.
  • Her hair gets REALLY poofy when she brushes it out. Like, just a cloud of poof. It’s such a relief when she does this sometimes, because it sort of takes off a lot of its weight.
  • If she ever does cut her hair, she’s going to donate it. All of it. 
  • She hates it when ppl call her “blondie”. Even Percy.
  • She’s actually broken a few hairbrushes before. But now she knows what kinds to buy.
  • For the last time, no. She doesn’t like straightening her hair. It takes forever, it’s really hot and uncomfortable, and it never stays. It’s stupid.
  • She can totally hide things in her hair. Sometimes ppl will stick pencils and pens in it. Percy and Piper have a game where they try to see how many things they can fit in her hair without her noticing.
  • She has to braid it when she swims. Like, none of that majestic hair-flowing-underwater crap. If her hair gets wet, it will tangle, and brushing that shit out is a pain in the ass.
  • She’s recognizable in a crowd. She sort of likes that.
  • Sometimes, Percy will refer to her hair as a lion’s mane. She sort of likes that.
  • Generally, she doesn’t really care about how it looks. It poofs up when it’s summer, it turns dark when it’s winter, and it will get tangles no matter how many times she brushes it. She doesn’t have the time or energy to care.
  • She doesn’t shave her legs, because who gives a shit? (also she’s blonde so the hair doesn’t really show up, so if she did care that wouldn’t be too much of a problem.)

Just….Annabeth dealing with her hair like only Annabeth would.

i can promise you that.

Word Count: 1,798

Pairing(s): Tom Holland x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: mentions of death, slight swearing

Summary: Reader is an actress who is cast in the second Spiderman film. While filming, Reader’s boyfriend admits some harsh news right before an emotional scene between Peter and Reader’s character. Tom notices that something is wrong and eventually comforts and cheers her up. This is somewhat platonic but can really be taken any way. Mostly angst but some really cute fluff

Notes: In light of the new Spiderman movie that is coming out in like, two days, here’s a little thing that I’ve been thinking of. I might do a small follow up one shot if you guys want! Feedback is super appreciated, too. Enjoyyy! 


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the bright side

When Jeremy gets into Michael’s car on a freezing grey Friday afternoon following play rehearsal, he doesn’t think anything will be different - but his hands are shaking.

“What’s up, buddy?” Michael says cheerfully, reaching over to clasp Jeremy’s shoulder. His touch lingers for just a moment longer than normal; ever since the SQUIP incident a few months previously, Michael’s been a lot more physical (read: clingy) than he used to be, almost as though he’s afraid of Jeremy disappearing again. But Jeremy has no room to talk. He’s been the same way, and he finds himself mourning the loss of Michael’s warm touch.

Jeremy leans his head back and takes a deep breath, trying to allow himself to actually relax for the first time all day. “Not much, I guess,” he says lightly, hoping to play off his anxiety. “How was your day?”

“It was fine.” Michael shrugs. “How about yours, though? How are things with Christine?”

“Uh…” Jeremy winces. “Not great.”

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Little Prince ~ Woozi Pt.1

Word count: 2.2k
Genre: College!au, Elite!au, fluff, comedy, romance, slice of life
A/N: I just thought Woozi would be a better character in scenario. Enjoy reading~

Pt.1 || Pt.2 final

Originally posted by cutiepatoodie

“Just kidding.”

The first time you ever saw him was around two years ago. He was the attention of the school, although he didn’t really do much as a new freshman. In fact he didn’t do anything. It was the other students who actually took notice of him and it eventually spread to everyone at the university and that included you. Two years have passed, and he got the title of- the Little Prince. 

Woozi, or his birth name- Jihoon, to everyone he was cute and fluffy. All adored him because of his eye smile, his laughs- just everything about him triggered everyone, including the other clubs.

Other than himself, he was part of the elites, along with twelve boys. They formed a club and it was approved just seconds after they gave the form. It cracked you up though, seeing him stand at front most of the time because he was short compared to his friends.

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Should’ve taken the A1

a ‘we’re both stuck in stand still traffic and i’m bored as all hell, please entertain me’ au 

for @letthepeoplesay-oh love ya, girl <3 
(follower milestone thingy, send me rebelcaptain + a trope/au!

She should have taken the bloody A1.

“There’s not much traffic this weekend, it’ll be fine if I just take the M6!” Jyn practically growled at the traffic around her. “When are you going to learn, Jyn, never trust the bloody M6!”

Of course, the M6 was currently failing her. Only a few miles out of Birmingham, the northbound traffic had naturally come to a complete and utter standstill. Unfortunately, there weren’t any of the slow stops and starts of usual traffic congestion, which meant it was probably an event that was causing this particular jam. Sure enough, a quick Google search was able to tell her that there had apparently been an accident and that traffic was currently backed up for miles. 


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Headcannon ~ Dean losing his patient, and accidentally hitting his sister. How Sam and Dean would react.

Imagine Dean being MOC!Dean or around that time. A bit unstable. Also I’m sorry about the language, but I just think it looks so silly sometimes when I write “friggin’” or something instead. Just, imagine them being furious haha. 

Originally posted by ijensenackles

- You and Dean are fighting and hardly notice as Sam enters the room, fear in his eyes.

- “Damn it, Dean. I won’t fucking let you distance yourself from me and Sam anymore! We’re trying to help, dammit! In case you forgot we’re a family. We deal with shit like this together. And put away the whisky you’re going to drink yourself to death.”

- Dean’s on the edge, you can tell. But you are calling him out on all his shit - he hasn’t been very nice these past days - and it feels good to finally say what you feel.

- And when you reach for the bottle of alcohol, he snaps. Just like that.He’s so fast and suddenly your aware of the hot pain across your face. Dean freaking hit you in the face.

- You clutching your cheek as you stumble back, staring at Dean with round eyes. You want to remain angry, but can’t help but to feel a little scared. You never imagined Dean ever hitting you.

- Sam not believing what he just saw. He runs up to you to check on you, but you push him away slightly. “I’m fine.”

- Dean stares back at you, and some of his anger melts away.

- “Shit, I’m sorry.” He gets out through gritted teeth.

- “Save it.” And then you leave the room.

- Sam follows you, making sure you’re okay. You tell him that you are, you just want to be alone.

- Dean tries to leave the bunker but Sam finds him and stops him, telling him that he has to fix this, not chicken out.

- Sam basically acting peacemaker. He gets you two to sit down by the table of the living room.

- You apologize for pushing Dean, and that you get that he’s under a lot of pressure.

- Dean apologizing for hitting you, while he looks sincerely sorry. Saying that he gets that you’re just trying to help.

- You telling him that you forgive him, and that he shouldn’t be to hard on himself.

- Him thanking you and says he won’t, but you really doubt that.

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Kai+mafia+ "Just stay with me" Please!

➸ word count: 968

➸ it’s not completely angst or fluff i guess it’s in between, idk lOL

➸ a/n: i think i like this one, not sure. could be better, but i hope you enjoy it none the less. thanks for the request. pls excuse any typos/misspellings.

Jongin was pissed. He was livid. 

Beyond that though, he had to get out of the burning building as quickly as possible. 

He slumps against a wooden container, wincing slightly at the immense pain in his ribs. His thigh is wounded, shot by one of the rats that double crossed him. With a deep and strained breath, he pushes himself back up and tries to find a way out. 

With a limp, he drags his body until he finds an old closed off exit. There’s a bunch of cardboard boxes and pieces of wood piled up against it.

Making a quick work of knocking them all down, he pushes the door open and makes his escape. 

He’s not quite sure how far he’s walked, but he knows he’s far away enough from the dealers that double crossed him and the building they set on fire to get rid of him. 

Jongin groans out in pain stopping to catch his breath while leaning against a brick wall. His chest heaves with the shallow breaths he takes, his ribs constricting painfully with the struggle to get air into his lungs. 

Looking up and scanning the street he’s been walking down, he realizes why it all seemed very familiar. ________ lived in an apartment building near this street. 

Jongin thought long and hard before deciding what to do next. 

“She’s going to be so pissed” he muses pushing himself up. He carries on limping for a few more blocks before he reaches ________’s. 

With a sigh of relief, he makes his way in. 

The boy at the front desk is completely engrossed with some kind of handheld game, headphones on securely while some rock music blares out of them. 

Withstanding all the pain, Jongin crouches down and begins to make his way across the front desk towards the elevators. He could only hope they were working, he doesn’t think he could make it up four flights of stairs. 

_________ sits on her couch with her legs crossed under her, a fuzzy blanket wrapped around her body. 

It’s a quarter past ten pm, and she’s watching Guardians of the Galaxy when there’s a thump against her door followed by three soft knocks. 

Frowning, she wonders who could possibly be visiting her at this time on a Sunday night. 

She slips on her slippers and makes her way towards the door, peeping through the small hole above. 

“________” comes a muffled voice, and she gasps in surprise. 

“Jongin?” she wonders before opening the door. 

Upon it being swung open, Jongin’s bloody and bruised body topples in, slumping against ________. 

“Please” he calls out in pain, “I need your help”. He passes out in ________’s arms, leaving her shocked and frightened while struggling to hold him up. 

Gathering all her strength, she hoists him up, and as gently as she can, pulls him inside her apartment kicking the door closed. 

She’s not sure how, but she somehow gets him to her couch, and as gently as possible lays him down. 

“Fuck you’re one heavy dude Jongin, what the fuck” she huffs lifting his feet up. She makes a quick work of taking off his shoes, then places them on the ground and goes to look for her first aid kit. 

“You have quite the explaining to do once you wake up” ________ mutters under her breath. She’s found the first aid kit, and is now kneeling on the ground, wiping the dirt from his face with a wet cloth and cleaning the cuts on his face. 

She checks his body for more wounds, and finds that he might have a few broken ribs. She’s not even shocked when she finds the gun wound on his thigh. 

With some scissors, she cuts a hole on his pants–not really feeling comfortable with taking them completely off of his body while he laid half dead and unconscious on her couch. She makes the whole bigger, then basically rips off the leg sleeve leaving with half pants half shorts. 

She cleans up the wound before stitching him up and patching up his leg. 

________ sighs looking down at Jongin’s face. He looks so calm, and for a second she thinks he could be dead, but he groans out in pain before settling back down. 

She touches her hand to his sweaty forehead and sighs. He’s got a high fever. She gets up and heads to the bathroom once more placing a cloth under the cold water. She wrings it and quickly heads back to her living room. 

Jongin comes to, his eyes fluttering open. He cries out in pain when he tries to get up. 

“I suggest you don’t move much, you have a broken rib. Mind clueing me in?” ________ asks placing the wet cloth on his forehead. 

“I was supposed to be buying some new weapons tonight, but it was so sketch, you have no idea. So these assholes tried to double cross me thinking I wouldn’t figure out” he explains, “and well here I am now”

“I could kill you” ________ says. 

“I know, I’m sorry. I know you told me to stay away, but I had nowhere else to go” he tells her softly. 

“It’s fine, I would never turn you away or deny you help if I could give it” she tells him patting his hand.

They stay in silence for a few minutes before ________ is making a move to get up telling him to rest up. 

“Wait, don’t–don’t go. Just stay with me” Jongin whispers. Not being able to say no, ________ kisses him lightly before nodding. 


Jongin closes his eyes and sighs contently. Well, as contently as he can with a broken rib. 

Tomorrow is a new day. He was going to fix things between him and ________, and the assholes that tried to play him would pay for this. 

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Could the fact that in Campbell's old summer house there is both a hidden room of highly morally questionable experiments as well as a torture room have something to do with hwy the government is after him?

Oh, definitely. 

I was honestly going to mention it in this ask talking about Campbell’s crimes, but I wanted a separate place to talk about this. Okay, so basically, my thought process was that maybe the whole operation was pretty under-wraps until one of the bigger experiments managed to break out of the lab. The creatures following wave of destruction - which could have not only been what murdered Jasper, but if was able to live long enough, also could have even been what sent Chucky to the hospital with life threatening injuries -  was enough to spark government attention.

I have no idea how the government would trace the monster back to Campbell, but once they made the connection, it’d certainly be a good motivation to hunt down the con-artist for questioning.

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PDA and private-DA headcanons for Bob ships (golden five and maybe some rare pair?): who is more handsy? what's their favorite cuddling and sleeping position? favourite types of kisses? how they make each other blush (if it's even possible)? who gives the best hugs? who likes to play with the other hair/hand? who is first/most likely to put hand on the other knee/thigh? do they hold hands in cinema? do they do the staring that can count for intense PDA? who's the little spoon?


who is more handsy?:  nix, especially when he’s drunk. he’s the more tactile of the two, more prone to putting his hands on dick’s body and leaving them there. dick is less free with physical contact. nix passes it out liberally, almost thoughtlessly sometimes – more than once his hand has found dick’s ass in a public place, just out of sight.

what’s their favorite cuddling and sleeping position?: they’re usually Loosely Tethered.

favourite types of kisses?: nix likes to use tongue a lot. dick prefers slow kisses, cupping nix’s face with both hands and gradually exploring his mouth bit by bit.

how they make each other blush (if it’s even possible)?: nix is an irreproachable tease, but very few things can really get through to dick. dick’s got a poker face to rival a brick wall, so only nix’s best efforts – usually involving some actual touching, because that’s the best way to get dick riled up – can manage it. nix, however, blushes when dick compliments him. it’s a source of endless embarassment for him, just because he knows everything dick says is so genuine, so it’s not like he’s lying. he genuinely thinks nix is “the greatest man i’ve ever known” and it thrill nix but also makes him want to dIE a bit.

who gives the best hugs?: dick gives dad hugs. he’s been giving dad hugs since he was young enough to be receiving dad hugs. his hugs make nix feel like a better person. meanwhile, nix gives bear hugs, that are kind of sloppy and just… all over you.

who likes to play with the other hair/hand?: dick loves nix’s hair. it’s just so… smooth, and nice. especially when he’s disheveled, like if he’s a little drunk or has bedhead. dick loves his bedhead. he can spend hours just playing with nix’s hair absentmindedly, and it soothes them both.

who is first/most likely to put hand on the other knee/thigh?: it definitely depends on the situation, but once again nix is the more touchy of the two. he loves to try to rile dick up in public, especially at official functions. dick’s is far too polite to do anything like that, but is’s embarrassing how easily nix is able to get him worked up. he’ll sometimes touch nix’s knee or thigh first, but only if nix is upset and needs to be comforted.

do they hold hands in cinema?: they both actually dislike this! their hands get sweaty and  it starts to feel awkward after a little while, so they don’t do this. (during scary movies or jumpscares, nix will grab hold of dick’s arm. he’ll act like it never happened later, but they both know.) 

do they do the staring that can count for intense PDA?: nix has eyes that can rival black holes when he’s really into something. dick always knows when nix wants to move somewhere more private, just by the force of his stare. dick can give as good as he gets, however. he doesn’t have nix’s bedroom eyes, but he’s got a way of looking at you like he understands you. it always makes nix feel like he’s being stripped bare, and it’s intensely intimate.

who’s the little spoon?: nix is the little spoon. sometimes he just really needs to be held close by someone, and dick is always more than happy to oblige. when dick’s having a rough night, however, he’ll be reluctant to say anything about it, so nix will have to figure out other ways to comfort him. on these nights, he’s more than happy to hold dick – and usually dick allows it.

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TravelTale (or AdventureTale) is an AU where no war ever took place and humans and monsters continue to live together in peace. Thanks to this, their world has developed much faster (with the combination of technology and magic), creating world full of interesting cities (such as the underwater city of Aquara and the sky city of Angela). Goldenheart stands as the world’s capital which symbolizes the unity of human and monster-kind. Its palace is also ruled by humans and monsters.

Here in TravelTale, you are almost never bored. There are lots of things to do and places to explore. And though this world is all happy and joyful on the surface, it’s not without its dark history and mysterious folklore, so far buried in the past and slowly about to resurface…

Name: Frisk

Race: Human

Age: 19

Date of birth: November 6

Relatives/Siblings: Orphan

Home (currently): Driwood Point

Job: Explorer, Royal Guard, Alphys’ Assistant


   ·         Swimming

   ·         Rock Climbing

   ·         Reading

   ·         Reggae, Electro, and Alt. Rock

   ·         S’mores (preferably ones where you make them outside at night with friends)

   ·         Undertale and Underswap


   ·         Being Bored

   ·         Moments when no one wants to do anything

   ·         Raisins

   ·         Anyone who so much as scratches her moped

   ·         Short dresses/skirts


Frisk is a young teen who constantly craves adventure. With her trusty ride, her mission is to seek out what the world has to offer. She is a member of the Royal Guard and is Alphys’s lab assistant.  

One day, Alphys makes a discovery from old blueprints Frisk found. From the blueprints, they create a portal machine which traverses to… somewhere. Testing it out, Frisk goes through the portal (also given a wrist device that’ll allow her to travel back) and is amazed to find other alternate worlds. This then becomes the biggest project they ever made, where Alphys studies the nature of AUs while Frisk ventures out to discover more (while also making new friends along the way).

Frisk is (to put it simply) a ball of endless energy. Because of this, she is often hard to keep up with. She also tends to get herself into trouble, sometimes with the authorities (DO NOT ENTER signs will often compel her to enter lol). She is outspoken and optimistic and is always there if a person is in need of help.


Frisk was brought as an infant child, after her parents’ unfortunate deaths, to an orphanage where for years she has lived behind steel walls with stingy adults and almost no friends. She always wanted to venture outside, had dreams from old, worn, and torn storybooks of joining the Royal Guard, exploring the world, and becoming a hero. But children were never allowed to leave the orphanage until they got adopted. Fed up, Frisk decided to break free from her oppressive home at the age of eight and start her long journey to the city of Goldenheart, the great royal capital that symbolizes the unity of Humans and Monsters and where she could finally live out her dream.

Not only was the journey long, but it was a harsh and lonely one too. As wondrous as it was exploring new places, not every place is bright and not every person is kind, as Frisk found out the hard way growing up. However through determined will, Frisk was able to power through every obstacle and managed to survive on her own.

Later, in a shady part of town, she (age ten at the time) was caught stealing food and tried to escape from the violent vendors. She was rescued by a cloaked person, a unique fire skeleton monster, who easily scared the vendors away. Intrigued by him and not wanting to be alone (sensing the monster also seemed pretty lonely) Frisk began following him. In time, she successfully won him over and he became the closest thing to a guardian she’s ever had. Not knowing what to call himself, she named him Pyre and the two became inseparable. For a while.

Finding this sort of attachment hurtful, when Pyre helped her reach Goldenheart, and after requesting Queen Toriel to look after her, he erased Frisk’s memories of ever meeting him and disappeared. Frisk then lived with the Royal Family for years, training under Undyne and assisting Alphys with projects that require exploration. Basically, she was living the dream she had always wanted. She was happy, but every so often felt like she was missing something important. Soon, the memories came back to her and feeling hurt, she set out to track down Pyre and reunite with him.

Finding him was surprisingly easy. Stories have spread from Driwood Point, a small town not too far from Goldenheart, about a fire demon haunting people inside an abandoned building. Frisk was able to find him there, but that was as easy as things went. Pyre had changed for reasons not even he could understand himself, from nightmares to random mood swings that went beyond his control. It only got worse the longer he was with Frisk and he didn’t want her to have to deal with his problems. The heated argument lasted until Frisk swore that no matter what he says, no matter what pain he puts her through, he’ll never get her to leave his side; that they needed each other more than he’s willing to accept. The amount of determination she had in her rendered Pyre hopeless of ever getting rid of her and gave in.

Things soon stabilized after that. Frisk currently lives with Pyre at Driwood while also carrying on her duties in Goldenheart. Meanwhile, Pyre had opened his own bar business, which soon grew popular overtime.

Trivia Facts

   ·         The katana was a gift from Undyne. Frisk can use it as a catalyst to call fourth her magic and summon multiple swords like Undyne. She has yet to master summoning magical swords without it.

   ·         Her pouch contains batteries made from magic to power her wrist device. When hopping from one AU to another, the device drains                     magic quickly and when used too much, can heat up and malfunction.

   ·         Frisk also carries a stun gun to get out of sticky situations where AU monsters want to fight/capture her.

   ·         Frisk is bigender (a person who identifies themselves as both male and female to put it simply).

   ·         The back of Frisk’s jacket reads ‘BAD MAN’, a song title from the Ragga Twins.

{LOL I hope this project goes well because I legitimately want to practice drawing comics with backgrounds and all that pro shit, but I need to focus on doing more concepts first. And if someone already has this idea… sorry??}

Lee Family

        “No, princess." 

        "But, dad—” Lee Seunghee, your fifteen years old daughter whined. She looked like Gray as if God was copy Gray and paste on Seunghee, her pointy nose snorted as she looked at Gray’s in disappointment.

         "No.“ Gray shook his head and said firmly. His eyes darted on his daughter, if his eyes could have laser, Seunghee would probably already burn from his intense glare.

         Seunghee was Gray’s favorite and she knew how to melt her dad’s heart, she gave Gray her adorable puppy eyes, “Daddy, please..”

         But Gray didn’t fall for it, not this time. He didn’t want to let his daughter slip away, so he didn’t say anything and just shook his head, continued to dig his food.

         "What’s wrong, dad?” Seunghyun asked when he entered the kitchen, finding his dad and his little sister having a heat discussion. Seunghyun, your oldest son which look like nothing but Gray, you didn’t know why but Gray’s genes ran out really well in your family, making you sometimes upset because no one of them inherited your genes.

         "This little girl asked me to let her go on date.“ Gray replied curtly, very displeased.

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anonymous asked:

I know that Rob is ultimately a giant fuck and doesn't deserve Aaron in any way, shape or form but do you honestly think there is hopes do that they could show he could make Aaron happy?

i mean lbr, they can show whatever they want, they’re the ones writing it

but i guess… do you mean in a convincing way? or do i think that they will ultimately show us that robert can make aaron happy - and that they’re not forever doomed to go through the cycle of unhappiness they’ve taken themselves around since the moment they got back together last year?

oh, anon, you know the progression of their relationship is my favourite thing to waffle needlessly on about

i think… consistently their biggest problem has always been that robert does stupid things - even the stupid things aaron has done have been in reaction to robert’s stupidity/eternal struggle to consider the consequences of his actions before jumping straight in - as well as his tendency to get himself mixed up in trouble (to put it lightly jfc).

and also his very real desire for money and power, which, even though it ultimately took a backseat to his love of aaron, definitely never went away

and his horrible moral code


ultimately, it’s led him down this terrible path and into the life he always thought he wanted, before aaron - with the whites, accepted by the family, getting a stake in the business - but in this terrible, funhouse mirror way that is nowhere near what he actually wants and certainly doesn’t make him any happier. 

rob is… so god damn miserable right now. he’s been falling apart at the seams for months but just barrelling on, refusing to look at his own actions and how he’s brought this upon himself, ploughing through bad decision after bad decision, literally destroying the lives of a family through this sheer minded idea that money and power are going to replace the happiness he’s lost

and he basically did it all to himself

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New Neighbors

Requested:No, Just feeling inspired.
Pairing: Reader x punk!Gerard
Warning: Smut
Side note: AU so time lines a little different but not anything noticeable

  You strolled down the leaf-strewn sidewalk looking at the autumn colored trees. You were walking home from school on a nice Friday afternoon. It also happened to be the last day before fall break and you wanted to get home as fast as possible to take a nap. You turned the street corner and saw your house in the near distance. About 4 houses away you noticed moving trucks and boxes on the lawn of the house next to yours. You cocked your eyebrow and got a closer look as you pasted. There was a boy maybe 20 or so with glasses hugging his black coat close to his body sitting on the steps leading up to the house. You stopped just in front of the gate and waved. He gave you a shy smile and got up and walked in your direction.
  “Hi. I’m your new neighbor Mikey.” He said opening the gate to shake your hand.
   “Nice to meet you, Mikey, I’m y/n.” You said smiling warmly.
  “Do you want to meet everyone else?” He said looking over his shoulder at the open front door.
  “Oh no, I’ll let you guys settle in. I’ll come back later if you want.” You said shoving your hands in your coat pockets. You felt a pair of eyes watching you and you looked up to see a man a bit older than you watching you from the highest window of the house. From what you could see he had jet black hair and fair skin. Mikey followed your gaze and noticed the boy too.
  “Oh, that’s my brother Gerard.” He said turning back to you. You looked back at him and smiled.
  “Well, it was nice to meet you, Mikey. I’ll be back later with like cookies or something and meet the rest of you guys. Wait what time should I come?” You said adjusting your backpack strap.
   “You don’t have to bring anything. But I can just get you if you want.” He offered.
   “That sounds good. I’ll see you later then.” You said backing up and heading to your own house.
  “Bye y/n!” He said closing the gate and heading back to the steps. You headed into your house and shut the door. Mikey raced into the house, weaving through the boxes in the hallway and up the stairs. He rapped his knuckles against the wooden door at the end of the hall and waited impatiently for it to open. Just as he brought his hand back up to the door it swung open to reveal his brother. 
   “Hey kid, who was that?” He said stepping aside and letting Mikey in. 
   “That’s what I came to talk to you about! That’s our neighbor y/n! I’m gonna bring her back here later to meet you! And maybe she can meet the guys too!” Mikey said sitting on his brother’s bed in the corner of the room. 
   “What time? The guys won’t be here until tomorrow to help unpack.” Gerard said running his hands through his hair. He turned around and began putting comic books and vinyl on a wooden shelf against the wall of the room. 
   “Probably in an hour. Is that okay with you?” Mikey said getting up and helping his brother fill the shelves. 
   “Um. It’s only 4 now to maybe two hours instead so we can get at least one room clean enough to entertain.” He replied stacking empty boxes near the door. 
   “Ok. Wait why don’t we call the guys and tell them to help. I mean they’re gonna live here too. It’s not like they’re actually doing anything.” Mikey said putting a box of art supplies next to the desk that sat in front of the window. 
   “I guess. Call Ray, he’ll answer. Tell them to hurry.” Gerard said unpacking the bedding.
   “Okay! I’ll do the kitchen then.” Mikey said happily leaving the room. Gerard laughed and made his bed.
   Meanwhile you unlocked your door and dropped your bag in the living room. 
   “Y/n is that you?” Your housemate Parker yelled from the kitchen. 
   “Yeah. Did you meet the new neighbors?” You asked making your way to the kitchen. He was cooking something on the stove for dinner. 
   “Not really I saw them earlier but we didn’t talk or anything.” He said shrugging. 
   “Oh. Well I’m going to their place later. You should at least say hi sometime. But anyways, I’m gonna go take a nap. Wake me up when you hear a knock on the door.” You said heading out of the kitchen and up the stairs. You entered your bedroom and kicked off your shoes. You threw yourself down and snuggled into the blankets. You quickly drifted off thinking about how nice it would be to have a few new friends next door. 
   Gerard had completely finished his room within an hour. And since then the rest of the guys had shown up and were unpacking their own rooms. Mikey put the finishing touches on the kitchen, putting away the last few plates. He checked the clock and saw he still had about an hour before he had to get you. He moved onto the living room and rolled out the rug in front of the worn couch. He opened a box full of towels and headed to the hall closet to put them all away. He heard the door behind him open and turned around to see Gerard exiting the basement. 
   “I just set up our instruments and shit down there. And upstairs is basically done. We got alot done faster than we thought.” He said helping Mikey with the last few towels. 
   “Great. The only thing left is the living room. I did the kitchen and the dining room. We can put the boxes in that big back room.” Mikey said picking up the empty boxes in the hallway and carrying to the door under the stairs that lead to a storage room. Gerard helped him clean up the downstairs and get every box put away. Soon the downstairs was squared away and they headed up the stairs to check on the progress of the other guys. Just as they reached the landing Frank and Ray left Bob’s room. 
   “Oh hey we we’re just about to take off.” Bob said closing his door behind them. 
   “Oh. Okay. I’ll walk you guys out I have to get y/n.” Mikey said following them down the stairs. Gerard said his goodbyes and headed to his room. Mikey and the rest all left out the front door and parted ways just outside the gate. Mikey headed to your door while the rest headed to Franks van. Mikey nervously rang the doorbell and fiddled with his jacket sleeves. Parker opened the door and shook his hand. 
   “Nice to meet you. I’m Parker. I’ll go wake her up. You can come in and sit if you want.” Parker said letting him in and started up the stairs. He knocked on your door and waited. When you didn’t open it he opened it softly and went in. He smiled when he saw you curled up in your blanket. He placed a hand on your shoulder and shook you gently.
   “Kid get up. That guy’s here.” He said pulling the blanket away from you. You groaned and opened your eyes.
   “I’ll be down in a second.” You said sitting up. Parker left quietly and closed the door behind him. You got up quickly and changed into a fresh Blink-182 tank top, a black skirt and thigh-high black socks. You grabbed your keys and phone and ran down the stairs. You saw Mikey standing by the door awkwardly staring at his feet.
   “You could have sat on the couch you know?” You said smiling and grabbing your platform creepers by the door. He laughed and waited for you to put your shoes on.
   “I’ll make a note of that. Now the others just left so it’ll just be us and Gee. Sorry.” He said.
   “Oh don’t worry. There will be plenty of time to meet them. Bye Park! I’ll be back later!” You yelled over your shoulder as you opened the door. 
   “Text me if plans change and you’re spending the night! And use a condom!” He yelled from somewhere upstairs.You scoffed and ushered 
Mikey out. You locked the door and followed him the short distance to his house. He opened the door and you both went inside. You both kicked off your shoes by the door and continued on.
   “Come on I think Gee’s still in his room.” Mikey said taking your hand and leading up the stairs and down the hall. You stopped at the door on the end of the hall and Mikey opened it. It was a well-lit room full of vinyl and posters. There sat a man maybe 2 years older than you drawing at a desk near the window. His raven black hair fell in front of his face and you noticed how his pale skin contrasted against his black clothes and hair. 
   “Y/n’s here.” Mikey said.
   “Well, what’re you doing letting her stand come on in.” He replied. Mikey closed the door behind you and sat on the bed. 
   “Sit, please. I’m Gerard, Mikey’s older brother. It’s nice to meet you.” Gerard said setting his pencil down and standing up. He brushed his hands on his jeans and pulled his desk chair to the foot of the bed and sat down. You smiled and sat next to Mikey and in front of Gerard. 
   “Nice to meet you too. So how are you guys? Settling in okay?” You said crossing your legs. 
   “Um yeah. I’m doing good. I’m surprised we got in here so fast.” Mikey said.
   “I’m just glad we’ve had the pleasure of meeting our beautiful neighbor so soon.” Gerard said studying you. You smiled. 
   “Oh shut up Gee. You just met her.” Mikey said kicking the seat of his brother’s chair.
   “It’s fine. I think it’s sweet. Surprising however, don’t see what a good looking guy like you would want to hit on me for.” You said laughing. Gerard gave you a lopsided smirk gave Mikey a know it all look. 
   “So where’d you move from?” You asked before Mikey could start an argument. 
   “Actually, we lived just outside of the city but now that we’re in a band we decided to move inwards so we could be closer for gigs.” Mikey said turning his attention to you. 
   “You’re in a band?” You asked piping up. You loved supporting local bands. 
   “Oh yeah. We’re not big or anything just a few dive bar shows here and there.” Gerard said casually. 
   “Cool. What’s your name?” You said leaning forward. 
   “My Chemical Romance.” Mikey said excitedly. 
   “That’s a sick name. How’d you come up with that?” You asked. 
   “Hah. That part’s not that interesting. I just saw this book when I was working at a Barnes and Noble and I saw a book title. Caught my eye.” Mikey said proudly. 
   “Cool. Are either of you in school?” You asked.
   “Not me I graduated 2 years ago. Mikey here dropped out.” Gerard said leaning back in his chair. Mikey blushed and looked down at his lap.
   “Hah don’t worry ‘bout it. School sucks. I have less than a year left and then I’m outta there.” You said squeezing his thigh gently. He smiled. “And since we’re neighbors do I get the joy of seeing you guys practice?” You asked.
   “Anything for a friend.” Mikey said. 
   “Oh, so we’re friends now?” You said cocking an eyebrow. 
   “Sorry I didn’t mean to be so-” Mikey began bumbling.
   “Kid I’m joking. You guys are cool.” You said laughing and nudging his shoulder. He laughed and apologized profusely for being awkward. Then the phone rang downstairs causing you to jump. 
   “I’ll get that.” Mikey said getting up and leaving the room and closing the door behind him. You and Gerard make eye contact for a few moments before Gerard spoke. 
   “So, you’re single I take it.” He said scooting his chair closing. 
   “That I am.” You said uncrossing your legs. He put his hand just under your skirt and stood up. He leaned down so that you were nose to nose and smirked. 
   “Good because I don’t think I would have been able to contain myself for much longer.” He mumbled before leaning in and kissing you delicately. He tasted like cigarettes and coffee. You grabbed the front of his t-shirt and pulled him down with you onto the bed. He moved his hand up your skirt and pulled your panties down and you slipped them off your legs and onto the floor below. You moaned as he ran two fingers up your heat. You both heard the echoing sounds of Mikey’s sneakers coming up the stairs and Gerard pulled away and sat back in his chair casually. You reluctantly sat upright and straighten out your skirt and wiped your mouth. Mikey opened the door and gave you a small smile. You kicked your panties under the bed quickly.
   “Sorry. That was our friend Bob. He and the rest of the guys want to bring us to a party.” Mikey said giving you an apologetic smile. 
   “Well, I don’t want to go. But y/n here can accompany you if she chooses.” Gerard said smirking at you. You gave him a mocking smiling.
   “Actually, I’d rather stay and talk about the band.” You said shifting.
   “Oh well, I’ll stay then too.” Mikey said.
   “Oh no! You don’t have to. If you want to go to the party you can. We’ll be fine.” You said trying not to sound too eager. 
   “Yeah I’m sure we’ll be fine by ourselves,” Gerard said. 
   “Oh. Okay. Then we’ll be back around 11 or so. It was great meeting you y/n. I’ll see you around. Don’t get weird Gee.” Mikey said leaving and closing the door again. You and Gerard both stared at the door until you heard the front door open, close and lock. Immediately Gerard pushed you back on your back again and stood between your legs. He put his hand back under your skirt and quickly slipped two fingers into your soaking wet core. 
   “Sweetheart you’re so wet.” He purred in your ear. You moaned in response as he attached his lips to your neck. 
    “Gee!” You whined as he found your sweet spot. He smirked against your skin and relentlessly nipped and sucked at the sensitive skin. He slipped a third finger in and you arched your back.
   “Please fuck me.” You whined. He pulled away and looked down at you with a devilish grin.
   “Oh but y/n love, I love seeing you so vulnerable. If you really want me to fuck you then you’ll beg for it.” He said cockily. You moaned as his fingers brushed your g-spot.
   “Please please fuck me.” You whined bringing your hand down to the button of his jeans. You quickly undid them and pulled them down enough so that you could palm his erection through his briefs. He groaned and stood up leaving you breathing heavily. You sat up and pulled off your shirt. You pulled off your socks and skirt and put your phone on his bedside table. You watched as he took off his briefs and connected lips with you. You groaned as you felt his erection rubbing against your inner thigh. You wrapped your legs around his waist and grinded down on his dick.
   “Y/n dear, don’t tease me like that.” He mumbled against your lips. He rubbed his tip up and down your slit causing you to shiver. He slipped in with ease and you arched your back pressing your bodies together. He thrusted agonizingly slow making you whine.
   “Please go faster I can’t take this.” You cried out. He smiled against your lips and pulled away to look down at you.
   “Of course lovely.” Gerard said putting one hand on your hip and the other on the bed to hold himself up. He started to thrust harder and faster making you scream. 
   “I’m so glad you decided to come over.” He grunted. You laughed and smiled. He slammed into your g-spot repeatedly and you started to shake.  
   “Gee I’m gonna cum.” You screamed raking your nails down his back. He just nodded. It took one last brush of your g-spot to throw you over the edge. Your legs loosened around his waist and you placed your hands on his shoulders. 
   “Fuck, y/n.” He moaned twitching inside of you. He pulled out quickly and came on your stomach. He stayed still for a moment panting heavily. You took a hand off his shoulder too run it through his hair. He smiled and stood up straight. 
   “Do you wanna shower? If not we can just lay down. Unless of course you want to go home?” He said heading to his drawers and getting out a new pair of boxers. 
   “Well Mikey said they won’t be back till 11 so can I stay here?” You asked picking up your shirt and wiping your stomach clean with it. 
   “Did you just use your shirt as a cum rag?” Gerard said giggling. 
   “Sorry. I just didn’t want to use anything of yours. And I can wash it when I get home.” You said picking up your bra and putting it on. 
   “Sweetheart I wouldn’t have minded. Here you can wear these and I’ll wash your stuff if you want.” He said shaking his head and tossing you an oversized misfits t-shirt and a pair of boxers. 
   “Thank you. You don’t have to by the way.” You said sliding on the boxers and pulling the shirt over your head. 
   “Well are you going to go home in my boxers and t shirt carrying your cum-stained clothes?” He said jokingly. 
   “I guess if I have to.” You said shrugging and smiling. You collected the rest of your clothes and piled them next to the bed. 
   “I’m so tired.” He said getting under the cover and laying down. You yawned in agreement and got in with him. He wrapped an arm around you and pulled you close. 
   “Do you smoke?” He asked opening his bedside table drawer.
   “Sometimes.” You said looking over at him. 
   “You mind if I smoke?” He said placing a cigarette between his lips. 
   “No, be my guest.” You said covering your eyes with your arm. You heard the sound of a lighter and the sound of the cigarette being lit. “Can you hand me my phone I should probably call Park.” You said. Gerard put your phone on your chest and you picked it up. You peeked under your arm and called Parker putting him on speaker phone.
   “Hey kid what’s up?” Parker said answering the phone.
   “Um, I just wanted to tell you that I won’t be home till later.”
   “Did you use a condom?” He asked laughing.
   “Shut up dork.” You said looking and Gerard who gave you a small smile.
   “That didn’t answer my question y/n. Did you or did you not because you know I hate kids. Was it the guy that came to the house?” Parker asked making you laugh. 
   “Oh my god. I hate you. And to answer your questions are no and no. But I’m sure I’m not gonna get pregnant.” You said rolling your eyes. 
   “Ohh. Well, hope you don’t. See you later. Or tomorrow.” Parker said hanging up. You put your phone under the pillow and turned over to face Gee.
   “Sorry about that. He’s a nice guy I swear.” You said. 
   “It’s fine. I look forward to meeting him.” He said shrugging and holding the cigarette to your lips. You parted them and took a drag and blew it away from you. 
   “I’m sleepy. Can I take a nap here?” You said snuggling into his chest. 
   “Of course sweetie.” He said putting the cigarette back in his mouth. You smiled and closed your eyes. Gerard put out his cigarette in the ash trash nearby and wrapped his other arm around you. You both drifted off peacefully without another word. 

Surprise - Part 5

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader
Word Count: 5,732
Warnings: cussing, sexual content (no sex though), anxiety
Authors: Sam and @crowley-you-sinnamon-rolle (Caitlyn)
A/N: Sorry that these parts are coming out slow! With grad school picking up for me (Sam), it’s going to be harder for me to take the time to write! I will try to get anything out when I can! Please be patient I love you guys! :)

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Cry Baby

Genre- Angst

Plot- It was his job to make your life a living hell. Constantly calling you names, pulling your hair, trashing things around the house and blaming you. It was only natural instinct ever since your parents wed. He was nothing special, despite his stupid good looks, he would forever be an asshole. A beautiful asshole who happens to be your new step-brother. 

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9 ||


“Don’t you dare.” You hissed at the red haired man-child in front of you, a growl escaping his lips as he hovers your phone over the balcony of the stairs, a smug look on his face. You felt your heart drop when he pretended to drop it, a laugh escaping his lips when he saw the flash of panic that flashed through your eyes. 

“Jiyong, just give me the phone.” You pleaded, raising your arms in defense as he rose an eyebrow at you, running a hand through his red hair. “You see, the problem with that (Y/N), is that you ruined a very big night for me.” He said as he tapped his chin in thought. “Let’s see, you prevented me from going out with my friends, my girlfriend is mad at me because I couldn’t leave, and here I am, stuck in a stupid house with you.”

“It’s not my fault that you can’t go out just for a temporary booty call.” You hissed, narrowing your eyes at him. He returned the stare, a smirk making it’s way onto his lips as he let the phone go right as you reached out for it. Both of you flinching at the crash as it landed on the bottom floor, a snicker erupting from his mouth. “Ouch, that’s got to hurt.” He said with a series of laughs, wiping a stray tear as you pushed past him. 

“Aw, is (Y/N) mad?” He patronized with a little pout, mocking you as you flicked him off. 

“It’s not my fault your mom married my dad.” You spat, clenching your fists as you turned to him, biting your lip in anger. “I don’t care how happy my dad is with you, I just wish your mom never met my dad. Then I didn’t have to deal with you every fucking day.” Jiyong smirked and rolled his eyes, leaning against the banister and shrugged his shoulder lazily. “Ditto, princess.”


“He’s so irritating.” You hissed, slamming your locker closed as you ranted to your friend, who looked at you in amusement as he got his things from his locker. “You’d think he’s all cute and cuddly because he has that stupid attractive face, but no!” You exclaimed, earning a few glances as you threw your arms over your head. “He has to be a total asshole.” You groaned.

“Speaking of assholes.” Your friend smirked, nudging his head behind you. “What are you-”

“Hey sis.” You heard behind you, causing you to throw your head back in annoyance. “What could you possibly need now Jiyong?” You asked him, narrowing your eyes over your shoulder, seeing him lean against your locker. 

“Well you see princess.” He said teasingly, wrapping an arm around your shoulders and leading you away from your friend, who watched you both in confusion. “I need you to cover for me tonight.” He said with a fake smile, tapping your nose. “Glad we cleared that up, I’ll see you later.” He said and thumped your forehead, walking away. 

“Yah! Damn you Kwon!” You yelled from across the halls, his laugh echoing around as you lost him from your sight. “Fucking dick.” You mumbled under your breath as you walked to your class, unfortunately, one that you shared with him. 

He walked in after the bell, late as usual as you saw him with his little eye candy, cursing to yourself as he bumped your desk on purpose, causing you to mess up your writing. You turned to look at him from over your shoulder. “Go to hell.” You mouthed to him, causing him to laugh and wink at you. “After you princess.” He mouthed back.


“I still don’t get how you agreed to marry her after she gave birth to that thing.” You mumbled to your father, gesturing to Jiyong, who was seated on the couch, mindlessly chatting with his mom as you both went to get snacks for your movie night. 

Your dad let out a laugh as he looked at Jiyong, raising an eyebrow. “Jiyong? He’s a good kid.” He said and nudged you. “You guys aren’t related you know, it can happen.” He said with a playful wink, almost making you drop the bowl of popcorn. “That’s disgusting.” You said and peeked at the red hair, watching him laugh at something his mother said, him turning to you briefly and sending you a wink. 

“Never going to happen.”


“Oh stop it.” His girlfriend’s whiney voice echoed from the living room, causing you to huff under your breath from the kitchen table. “Do you guys mind keeping it down?” You hissed, burying your hands in your hair as you continued to study. 

“Do you mind? You’re crowding us.” She snottily said back, making you roll your eyes. “I’m crowding? This is my house, if anything I can just kick you out of here.” You retorted in anger, glaring at her as she basically sat in Jiyong’s lap. She scoffed, tracing a finger on Jiyong’s chest, leaning over so that he can practically see the inside of her shirt. 

“Are you going to let her talk to me like that Ji-Ji?” She whined, making you scoff. 

“Seriously (Y/N), just shut up. No one wants to hear your annoying voice.” Jiyong yelled at you, your eyes widening as you clenched your fists. “Aw, is the baby going to cry?” He mocked, pouting at you as you collected your things, taking a deep breath as you headed upstairs, his laugh along with his little girfriend’s echoing around, taunting you.

“That’s all you’ll ever be, a stupid little cry baby.” 

ello~ my name’s nellie, and here is lee jieun, a girl who is like a 100 year old tortoise: full of wisdom with a tough shell to break and lives life very slowly. 

this is her basic profile, but some tl;dr info is under the cut! i’m rushing to get her started before i head back work, so like this post if you’d like to plot with us, and i’ll get back to you when i have some more down time :) you can also reach me via message or my discord is nellie#0067!

edit: her plots page is also up!

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BTS as YOUTUBERS {Requested}

“BTS as Youtubers?”

Here you go anon! :) 

Jin: Runs a beauty blog. Specializes in contouring his shoulders. Calls himself Jin the Gem. Subscribers don’t know that he’s basically broke from all the money he spent on makeup.

Suga: Live streams himself 24 hours a day. Spends 22 of those hours sleeping. Has 3 loyal subscribers. Their his grandma, his mom, and the weird girl who lives down the street.

Rap Monster: Records himself Playing Video games while talking about world issues. Lives in his parents basement. Pretends to go to work everyday. Sneaks back in and continues playing games.

J-Hope: Brony for life. Reviews the latest episodes of “My Little Pony”. Most of is friends are under the age of 6.

Jimin: Runs a life hacks vlog. Tells his subscribers to have respect for themselves. Channel gets shut down when he gets arrested for stalking the local prank king and exposing him when he doesn’t return his love. Gets out and resumes stalking him online.

Taehyung: Has a Conspiracy Channel where he questions everything. Wants to know if the Pyramids were built by dinosaurs. Obsessed in his thinking that the government is trying to shut him down and that they watch him through his head phones.

Jungkook: Prank King. Pranks “unsuspecting” people on the street. Becomes highly successful. Gets exposed by some nutty fan as a fake with hired actors. Starts a second prank channel with a new name.

Magcon 1: They're Ticklish

Cameron: Cameron pushed you up against the wall kissing down your neck. You slid your hands up his shirt in an attempt to take it off but instead a slight giggle escaped his lips. You looked at him raising an eyebrow. He cleared his throat trying to play it off.
“Wait,” you started putting two and two together, “are you-”
“No, now where were we,” he said attempting to kiss you again. You put your hands on his chest and smirked, an idea popping into your head.
You quickly ran your fingers up and down his sides watching him squirm and laugh, making you laugh and giggle. Soon enough he fell to the floor laughing and coughing as you stopped tickling him. You giggled and walked off into the kitchen feeling hungry after all that laughing.
“WAIT, CAN WE STILL MAKE OUT!” You heard Cameron yell from the floor as you looked in the fridge.

Nash: “Got the food!” You looked up to see your boyfriend, Nash, walking back to the car with a bag of In&Out in his hands. You put your phone down as you took the bag of food from him as he put his seat belt on and started the car. As you went on your way you guys sang along to the radio and ate your fries. You heard your phone ring and attempted to look for it.
“Hey, did you see were my phone we-” as you brushed your hand against his side unconsciously, you saw him twitch. “Are you okay?” You asked slowly.
“Yeah, but I’d prefer if you didn’t tickle me,” he responded smiling.
“Wait your ticklish?” You said with excitement.
“Yea but why are you so happy about that?”
“Because I can tickle you and have all the power in my hands!” You said in a ‘duh’ voice.
“Girl, I am driving so don’t you even dare,” he sassily told you.
You laughed at his sassiness and you guys kept talking in sassy voices until you got home. Sadly, Nash had no idea you planned on attack-tickling (don’t even think that’s a word) him once you got home and making him plead for mercy.

Hayes: You and your boyfriend were just sitting in his living room watching tv with his hands on your legs as you were payed down and he was sitting. “Hayes,”
“What?” He turned to look at you.
“Are you ticklish?” You straight out asked him. He furrowed his eyebrows wondering whether or not to answer that.
“No…?” He decided on responding but it came out more as a question than an actual answer.
“You’re a horrible liar” you scoffed and sat up. He threw his hands up in an attempt to cover himself up.
“Don’t you dare,” his muffled voice came out.
“What?” You asked looking offended.
“I know what you’re up to and it’s not gonna work,”
“I have no idea what your talking about,” you smiled.
“There it is!”
“The smile you get when your about to hurt me,”
“I have never hurt you!”
“Mhm, sure now go to the other end of the couch,” he demanded.
“But babe,” you said as you got closer to him.
“Y/N” he said strictly yet in a playful manner. You got closer to him until you guys were shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. He looked at you for about 30 seconds before slowly putting his hands down. Before he could put them back up, you quickly pounced on him tickling his sides, under his arms, basically anywhere someone could be ticklish. You both were laughing so hard you had to stop to try and attempt to catch your breath. Hayes looked at you and smiled.
“Your lucky I love you.”

Matt: “Maaatttt” you said walking into the living room and plopping yourself next to Matt on the couch. He was on his phone and hadn’t even noticed you. You began to poke him in an attempt to get his attention. As you kept poking him he began to squirm and let out little laughs followed by a cough in an attempt to hide the giggles. As soon as you noticed this a light bulb shined on top of your head and you began to poke him everywhere. You both ended up falling off the couch and you kept tickling him while straddling his waist.
“Y/N,- please - stop - I can’t - breathe-” he said in between laughs. You giggled getting off of him and stopped tickling him. He got up on his elbows and looked at you in the eyes with a smile on both your faces. Both of you began to lean in and touched lips.
“God, I love you,” he said as he connected your lips again.

Jack J: You woke up and looked at the clock on your bedside table.
4:37 a.m.
You looked to your right and realized Jack wasn’t in bed. You got up and put on one of his shirts making your way downstairs.
You saw Jack sitting on a stool in the kitchen counter and went up behind him. You put your arms around his waist but he jerked up and twitched in a way with a smile. He looked at you and you looked back. Both of you stayed there just looking at each other thinking about what had just happened until you broke the silence.
“That was really cute and I really wanna tickle you again,” you admitted as you smiled to yourself.
“Um, why don’t we just head upstairs and cuddle instead of tickling me to death,” Jack suggested as he laughed at you and dragged you back upstairs.
“Fiiiiiine,” you said still thinking about whether or not you should tickle him.

Jack G: You and Jack were making out in your room when out of nowhere he decided to tickle you. You giggled and separated your lips. 'Two can play at that game’ you thought to yourself as you ran your fingers down his torso making him jump up and begin laughing and trying to catch his breath. You laughed because his laugh was so contagious and both of you ended up laying on the ground looking at the ceiling trying to breath like a normal human would.
“Don’t ever tickle me again babe,” he said from beside you.
“No promises,” you smiled at him.

Shawn: Shawn was sitting on a stool on the middle of the stage practicing for his show in two nights. You quietly snuck up behind him like a ninja. As you were making your way to him, one of the security guards saw you and you put your finger to your mouth so he wouldn’t say anything. He gave you a smile and walked off. You took a breath and you kept tip toeing your way to him.
“And now that I’m without your kisses, I’ll be needing sti- ghyaa,” he sang/ said as you grabbed him by the sides. He tried to escape but you pinned him to the ground.
“Surprise!” You said as you continued to tickle him.
“Please- stop-” he said as he continued laughing.
“What’s the magic word?” You asked still tickling him.
“Muffins?” He asked out of breath.
“Sure, why not?” You said getting off of him.
“Oh my god,” he said laying flat on the ground his guitar somewhere left on the stage, “I think I forgot how to breath.” He said struggling to get up.
“Wow, did I tickle you that hard?” You asked smirking.
“No, you just take my breath away,” he said as you smiled to yourself.

Aaron: Aaron was filming a video outside while you lounged around his house. After a while of catching up on Teen Wolf and drooling over Stiles, you decided to go on Twitter. After Twitter you went on Instagram and after Instagram you finally came to the conclusion that you were bored. You heard Aaron talking outside and looked through the glass door to see what he was doing. His back was to you and you decided to scare him a little bit. You grabbed your feather pen and slowly made your way outside.
'I could totally be a spy’ (Totally Spies! Eh eh eh, no? Okay.) you said to yourself as you crept behind Aaron.
As he talked you lightly dabbed the pen on his neck and he tried swatting it away. You covered your mouth so you wouldn’t laugh and blow your cover. You then ran the feather up his side and he giggled. You stopped what you were doing and quickly changed your plan from scarring him to tickling him. You basically jumped him and began tickling his sides as he tried stopping you. You eventually ended up tipping over the camera and it fell on the grass unharmed.
“You’re so lucky that didn’t break,” he said with a smirk.
“I’m so lucky got to hear your giggle,” you said trying not to laugh at the memory.
“Don’t you dare tell anyone, babe,” he said blushing.
“Me? Never,” you said getting up and grabbing the camera,“ I just hope it was caught on tape so YouTube can show people, not me,” you said smiling and running into the house. Aaron ran after you chasing you around the house trying to get the camera back as you both laughed like maniacs. But you were two maniacs in love.


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