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Could the fact that in Campbell's old summer house there is both a hidden room of highly morally questionable experiments as well as a torture room have something to do with hwy the government is after him?

Oh, definitely. 

I was honestly going to mention it in this ask talking about Campbell’s crimes, but I wanted a separate place to talk about this. Okay, so basically, my thought process was that maybe the whole operation was pretty under-wraps until one of the bigger experiments managed to break out of the lab. The creatures following wave of destruction - which could have not only been what murdered Jasper, but if was able to live long enough, also could have even been what sent Chucky to the hospital with life threatening injuries -  was enough to spark government attention.

I have no idea how the government would trace the monster back to Campbell, but once they made the connection, it’d certainly be a good motivation to hunt down the con-artist for questioning.

Knuckles : Boxer!Ashton (Part 5)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six

“Calum!” you call after walking into the kitchen, spraying cleaner on the counter and drying it down with a rag. “It’s your turn to take the garbage out.”

“One second,” he says back, followed shortly with an unrelated, “Oh, shit.”

A moment later you glance up to see him emerge from his bedroom, shirtless, and holding in his hand a toothbrush with bristles coated in white paste.

Your arm continues to circle the counter with the rag, using slightly less elbow grease now that you’ve been distracted. “What?”

“Water’s out in my room,” he answers casually, as if it’s a reoccurring inconvenience that he’s come to expect over time. He reaches across the counter to dampen his toothbrush with the kitchen’s faucet, then proceeds to scrub his morning breath away.

“How does it just go out in one room?” you question, turning to use the same cleaner on the front of the refrigerator.

“Dunno,” Calum mutters with a mouth full of foam. Your ears catch the sound of him spitting into the sink.

“I just cleaned that.”

“And you did a great job.”

You cast an annoyed glare over your shoulder.

“Anyway, cool if I use your shower?” Calum asks, smiling at the silent threat.

The ownership you have over anything in the apartment still sounds odd to you when put into words, almost always forcing you to pause with the need to correct Calum before remembering he’s making sense. You guess you haven’t quite settled in to your newest living arangment yet, still in the habit of referring to it as Calum and Ashton’s place. You only unpacked your last box a few weeks ago, a short while after Ashton left for Las Vegas to pursue the boxing training Dennis Serrant had to offer.

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Annabeth Hair Headcannons

When I was 12 I loved Annabeth because like…she didn’t really give a shit about what she looked like, and there would be moments where Rick would say “She woke up with a rat’s nest” or “She didn’t have time to brush it” and yeah. That meant a lot to little me. So here are some headcannons based on my own blonde, thick, curly hair experiences.

  • When she was living on the streets with Luke and Thalia, she wouldn’t really brush her hair. Sometimes she would, but she would only comb through the top later bcuz she was young and in a rush, so there was this giant hidden knot of tangles at the base of her neck.
  • (Thalia eventually had to cut off the clump because it was so gnarly. Annabeth named it “George”)
  • Back when she was still living at home, her stepmom would force her to sit down every morning so she could comb through the bed-head. She would rip the brush through Annabeth’s hair, and roll her eyes when she started crying. “Stop being dramatic. It’s not that bad.”
  • Because of that ^^, Annabeth’s head is basically numb now??? Like, you could tear out a clump of hair and she would hardly react.
  • She can’t fit all her hair under a hat. Even when it’s in a bun. It’s fucking impossible.
  • She gets tons of questions like “What shampoo/conditioner do you use?” and she’s like “…uh, whatever’s in the shower?? Department store shit?” and they nod like she’s just given them sage haircare advice.
  • Annabeth doesn’t cut her hair short. She can’t make herself, even though she knows it would be more practical to have short hair but…she can’t. It’s not a vanity thing. Her hair is unique, she knows this, and it’s sort of become a part of her. Like a calling card.
  • She feels the same way with dying her hair. Sometimes, she really hates being blonde, because there’s always some fuckboy who’s like “lol ur blonde u must be a dumb whore” which is stupid and doesn’t even make sense, but some ppl actually slut-shame her about it. So she keeps the color because fuck those people.
  • People are always asking to braid her hair. All the time. It’s fucking annoying.
  • (The only person she lets braid her hair is Piper because she actually knows what the fuck she’s doing.)
  • Some people just…touch her hair. Like, random strangers. In the grocery store, at the movies, in school. OMFG all the time in school, the kid sitting behind her will reach out and pat her hair, and she’ll turn around to glare and they’ll just be like “what?”
  • She plays with it when she’s hyper-focusing, twirling and twisting it around her fingers. Once when she was 13 a group of girls started teasing her about it. “Why do you always play with your hair? Do you think your special? Are you trying to flirt? You’re so weird and gross.” She stopped playing with it in public after that.  
  • She ALWAYS has hair-ties. ALWAYS. She’s that girl with, like, four hair-ties on her left wrist at all times. You need a hair-tie? Go to Annabeth, she’s gotchu.
  • All of her hair-ties break, though. Like, they just snap. She has to buy the super durable ones.
  • The only people who are allowed to play with her hair without asking for express permission are: Percy, Piper, Hazel (although she always asks anyways), and Rachel.
  • OMFG Rachel and Annabeth and Hazel bond over their curly hair. Like, they each have different kinds of curly hair, but they can all bond together over it.
  • Like, someone says “you can’t comb your hair in the shower” or “do you ever brush your hair?” and Annabeth, Rachel, and Hazel share a Look.
  • Annabeth went through a phase where whenever someone would say something like “OMG i would do anything to have your hair you’re so lucky,” she would respond with “ok i can shave it off and glue it to your head if you want” with a complete straight face. 
  • She gets headaches when she wears high ponytails.
  • Her hair gets REALLY poofy when she brushes it out. Like, just a cloud of poof. It’s such a relief when she does this sometimes, because it sort of takes off a lot of its weight.
  • If she ever does cut her hair, she’s going to donate it. All of it. 
  • She hates it when ppl call her “blondie”. Even Percy.
  • She’s actually broken a few hairbrushes before. But now she knows what kinds to buy.
  • For the last time, no. She doesn’t like straightening her hair. It takes forever, it’s really hot and uncomfortable, and it never stays. It’s stupid.
  • She can totally hide things in her hair. Sometimes ppl will stick pencils and pens in it. Percy and Piper have a game where they try to see how many things they can fit in her hair without her noticing.
  • She has to braid it when she swims. Like, none of that majestic hair-flowing-underwater crap. If her hair gets wet, it will tangle, and brushing that shit out is a pain in the ass.
  • She’s recognizable in a crowd. She sort of likes that.
  • Sometimes, Percy will refer to her hair as a lion’s mane. She sort of likes that.
  • Generally, she doesn’t really care about how it looks. It poofs up when it’s summer, it turns dark when it’s winter, and it will get tangles no matter how many times she brushes it. She doesn’t have the time or energy to care.
  • She doesn’t shave her legs, because who gives a shit? (also she’s blonde so the hair doesn’t really show up, so if she did care that wouldn’t be too much of a problem.)

Just….Annabeth dealing with her hair like only Annabeth would.

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Headcannon ~ Dean losing his patient, and accidentally hitting his sister. How Sam and Dean would react.

Imagine Dean being MOC!Dean or around that time. A bit unstable. Also I’m sorry about the language, but I just think it looks so silly sometimes when I write “friggin’” or something instead. Just, imagine them being furious haha. 

Originally posted by ijensenackles

- You and Dean are fighting and hardly notice as Sam enters the room, fear in his eyes.

- “Damn it, Dean. I won’t fucking let you distance yourself from me and Sam anymore! We’re trying to help, dammit! In case you forgot we’re a family. We deal with shit like this together. And put away the whisky you’re going to drink yourself to death.”

- Dean’s on the edge, you can tell. But you are calling him out on all his shit - he hasn’t been very nice these past days - and it feels good to finally say what you feel.

- And when you reach for the bottle of alcohol, he snaps. Just like that.He’s so fast and suddenly your aware of the hot pain across your face. Dean freaking hit you in the face.

- You clutching your cheek as you stumble back, staring at Dean with round eyes. You want to remain angry, but can’t help but to feel a little scared. You never imagined Dean ever hitting you.

- Sam not believing what he just saw. He runs up to you to check on you, but you push him away slightly. “I’m fine.”

- Dean stares back at you, and some of his anger melts away.

- “Shit, I’m sorry.” He gets out through gritted teeth.

- “Save it.” And then you leave the room.

- Sam follows you, making sure you’re okay. You tell him that you are, you just want to be alone.

- Dean tries to leave the bunker but Sam finds him and stops him, telling him that he has to fix this, not chicken out.

- Sam basically acting peacemaker. He gets you two to sit down by the table of the living room.

- You apologize for pushing Dean, and that you get that he’s under a lot of pressure.

- Dean apologizing for hitting you, while he looks sincerely sorry. Saying that he gets that you’re just trying to help.

- You telling him that you forgive him, and that he shouldn’t be to hard on himself.

- Him thanking you and says he won’t, but you really doubt that.

Lee Family

        “No, princess." 

        "But, dad—” Lee Seunghee, your fifteen years old daughter whined. She looked like Gray as if God was copy Gray and paste on Seunghee, her pointy nose snorted as she looked at Gray’s in disappointment.

         "No.“ Gray shook his head and said firmly. His eyes darted on his daughter, if his eyes could have laser, Seunghee would probably already burn from his intense glare.

         Seunghee was Gray’s favorite and she knew how to melt her dad’s heart, she gave Gray her adorable puppy eyes, “Daddy, please..”

         But Gray didn’t fall for it, not this time. He didn’t want to let his daughter slip away, so he didn’t say anything and just shook his head, continued to dig his food.

         "What’s wrong, dad?” Seunghyun asked when he entered the kitchen, finding his dad and his little sister having a heat discussion. Seunghyun, your oldest son which look like nothing but Gray, you didn’t know why but Gray’s genes ran out really well in your family, making you sometimes upset because no one of them inherited your genes.

         "This little girl asked me to let her go on date.“ Gray replied curtly, very displeased.

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Surprise - Part 5

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader
Word Count: 5,732
Warnings: cussing, sexual content (no sex though), anxiety
Authors: Sam and @crowley-you-sinnamon-rolle (Caitlyn)
A/N: Sorry that these parts are coming out slow! With grad school picking up for me (Sam), it’s going to be harder for me to take the time to write! I will try to get anything out when I can! Please be patient I love you guys! :)

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so I haven’t been on to post much so I thought I’d make a post about it 

since early this year I have had a plan to move in with my longtime girlfriend (who lives in texas) which also requires me to move out of my parents house and out of state (FL). 

so I’ve been setting up a budget for myself so that I could do it responsibly and minimize stress and etc WELP the company I work for down here recent came under new management and they are more less your typical corporate douche bags 

everyone’s hours got cut and they hired a whole bunch of people, forcing a whole bunch of changes on us etc. I work part time, I would say i basically live off of part time and I realize thats not ideal but until I figure out what I want to do with my life (going back to college) thats what it is. I normally get 25 - 32 hours a week and this works out pretty well for me in terms of paying my various bills and what not BUT new company decided instead of working a couple of us long time workers 30 hours a week they’d rather just hire more people and cut everyone down to 15 a week. 

now If I had not been planning on moving soon I would say “well it’s time to either find a new job or a second job” but since I had planned to move in 3 months why not just move early and spend the time I’d spend looking for a new job here doing it there.  

so that was my thought process on this and most of my close friends and my mother share my thoughts on that and even tho I have about half of what I wanted to have saved up I can still make the move in moderate comfort. 

but none the less the fast forward of my budget and timeline has put a lot of stress onto and I have not been handling it very well at all. I’ve been doing a lot of yard work and working with my dad in his business he runs as a way to make extra money, going over my moving expenses. I have a senior cat and am very worried about how he will take the 17 hour drive. I am leaving a state I’ve lived in 95% of my life and all my friends and my parents and the stress of finding a new job in a state I know next to nothing about and knowing no one but my girlfriends family has just been a lot for me to take in. 

so no I’m not planning on quiting my posting here just going through some stuff. In about a month when i actually make the move I probbaly won’t be on for a while as I settle into my new home. and yeah. thats about it.

10 reasons to love Christina Aguilera

She is beautiful. She has to be the mostgorgeous women alive. I mean her blonde hair and blue eyes are perf.

She is comfortable whatever weight she is. Getting called “fat” doesn’t seem to faze her and she is amazing because of that.

She can act. Her role in Burlesque was magnificent.

She’s not afraid to change. From bubble-gum pop to dirty pop to Spanish to soul to electric pop to musical sounds.

She is a brilliant mum to both Max and Summer. They are also adorable kids.

She has amazing stage presence and she can own a live performance. Especially during Back to Basics: Down Under Tour.

Her, Britney and Justin when they were younger were so adorable and they are all still friends now which is epic.

She is the best talent show coach on any of The Voices because she believes in everyone she sees.

She and Jacquie Lee have an amazing relationship both professional and personal. She helped her finish second on The Voice and she also sang a duet of We Remain with her which was outstanding.


Magcon 1: They're Ticklish

Cameron: Cameron pushed you up against the wall kissing down your neck. You slid your hands up his shirt in an attempt to take it off but instead a slight giggle escaped his lips. You looked at him raising an eyebrow. He cleared his throat trying to play it off.
“Wait,” you started putting two and two together, “are you-”
“No, now where were we,” he said attempting to kiss you again. You put your hands on his chest and smirked, an idea popping into your head.
You quickly ran your fingers up and down his sides watching him squirm and laugh, making you laugh and giggle. Soon enough he fell to the floor laughing and coughing as you stopped tickling him. You giggled and walked off into the kitchen feeling hungry after all that laughing.
“WAIT, CAN WE STILL MAKE OUT!” You heard Cameron yell from the floor as you looked in the fridge.

Nash: “Got the food!” You looked up to see your boyfriend, Nash, walking back to the car with a bag of In&Out in his hands. You put your phone down as you took the bag of food from him as he put his seat belt on and started the car. As you went on your way you guys sang along to the radio and ate your fries. You heard your phone ring and attempted to look for it.
“Hey, did you see were my phone we-” as you brushed your hand against his side unconsciously, you saw him twitch. “Are you okay?” You asked slowly.
“Yeah, but I’d prefer if you didn’t tickle me,” he responded smiling.
“Wait your ticklish?” You said with excitement.
“Yea but why are you so happy about that?”
“Because I can tickle you and have all the power in my hands!” You said in a ‘duh’ voice.
“Girl, I am driving so don’t you even dare,” he sassily told you.
You laughed at his sassiness and you guys kept talking in sassy voices until you got home. Sadly, Nash had no idea you planned on attack-tickling (don’t even think that’s a word) him once you got home and making him plead for mercy.

Hayes: You and your boyfriend were just sitting in his living room watching tv with his hands on your legs as you were payed down and he was sitting. “Hayes,”
“What?” He turned to look at you.
“Are you ticklish?” You straight out asked him. He furrowed his eyebrows wondering whether or not to answer that.
“No…?” He decided on responding but it came out more as a question than an actual answer.
“You’re a horrible liar” you scoffed and sat up. He threw his hands up in an attempt to cover himself up.
“Don’t you dare,” his muffled voice came out.
“What?” You asked looking offended.
“I know what you’re up to and it’s not gonna work,”
“I have no idea what your talking about,” you smiled.
“There it is!”
“The smile you get when your about to hurt me,”
“I have never hurt you!”
“Mhm, sure now go to the other end of the couch,” he demanded.
“But babe,” you said as you got closer to him.
“Y/N” he said strictly yet in a playful manner. You got closer to him until you guys were shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, thigh to thigh. He looked at you for about 30 seconds before slowly putting his hands down. Before he could put them back up, you quickly pounced on him tickling his sides, under his arms, basically anywhere someone could be ticklish. You both were laughing so hard you had to stop to try and attempt to catch your breath. Hayes looked at you and smiled.
“Your lucky I love you.”

Matt: “Maaatttt” you said walking into the living room and plopping yourself next to Matt on the couch. He was on his phone and hadn’t even noticed you. You began to poke him in an attempt to get his attention. As you kept poking him he began to squirm and let out little laughs followed by a cough in an attempt to hide the giggles. As soon as you noticed this a light bulb shined on top of your head and you began to poke him everywhere. You both ended up falling off the couch and you kept tickling him while straddling his waist.
“Y/N,- please - stop - I can’t - breathe-” he said in between laughs. You giggled getting off of him and stopped tickling him. He got up on his elbows and looked at you in the eyes with a smile on both your faces. Both of you began to lean in and touched lips.
“God, I love you,” he said as he connected your lips again.

Jack J: You woke up and looked at the clock on your bedside table.
4:37 a.m.
You looked to your right and realized Jack wasn’t in bed. You got up and put on one of his shirts making your way downstairs.
You saw Jack sitting on a stool in the kitchen counter and went up behind him. You put your arms around his waist but he jerked up and twitched in a way with a smile. He looked at you and you looked back. Both of you stayed there just looking at each other thinking about what had just happened until you broke the silence.
“That was really cute and I really wanna tickle you again,” you admitted as you smiled to yourself.
“Um, why don’t we just head upstairs and cuddle instead of tickling me to death,” Jack suggested as he laughed at you and dragged you back upstairs.
“Fiiiiiine,” you said still thinking about whether or not you should tickle him.

Jack G: You and Jack were making out in your room when out of nowhere he decided to tickle you. You giggled and separated your lips. 'Two can play at that game’ you thought to yourself as you ran your fingers down his torso making him jump up and begin laughing and trying to catch his breath. You laughed because his laugh was so contagious and both of you ended up laying on the ground looking at the ceiling trying to breath like a normal human would.
“Don’t ever tickle me again babe,” he said from beside you.
“No promises,” you smiled at him.

Shawn: Shawn was sitting on a stool on the middle of the stage practicing for his show in two nights. You quietly snuck up behind him like a ninja. As you were making your way to him, one of the security guards saw you and you put your finger to your mouth so he wouldn’t say anything. He gave you a smile and walked off. You took a breath and you kept tip toeing your way to him.
“And now that I’m without your kisses, I’ll be needing sti- ghyaa,” he sang/ said as you grabbed him by the sides. He tried to escape but you pinned him to the ground.
“Surprise!” You said as you continued to tickle him.
“Please- stop-” he said as he continued laughing.
“What’s the magic word?” You asked still tickling him.
“Muffins?” He asked out of breath.
“Sure, why not?” You said getting off of him.
“Oh my god,” he said laying flat on the ground his guitar somewhere left on the stage, “I think I forgot how to breath.” He said struggling to get up.
“Wow, did I tickle you that hard?” You asked smirking.
“No, you just take my breath away,” he said as you smiled to yourself.

Aaron: Aaron was filming a video outside while you lounged around his house. After a while of catching up on Teen Wolf and drooling over Stiles, you decided to go on Twitter. After Twitter you went on Instagram and after Instagram you finally came to the conclusion that you were bored. You heard Aaron talking outside and looked through the glass door to see what he was doing. His back was to you and you decided to scare him a little bit. You grabbed your feather pen and slowly made your way outside.
'I could totally be a spy’ (Totally Spies! Eh eh eh, no? Okay.) you said to yourself as you crept behind Aaron.
As he talked you lightly dabbed the pen on his neck and he tried swatting it away. You covered your mouth so you wouldn’t laugh and blow your cover. You then ran the feather up his side and he giggled. You stopped what you were doing and quickly changed your plan from scarring him to tickling him. You basically jumped him and began tickling his sides as he tried stopping you. You eventually ended up tipping over the camera and it fell on the grass unharmed.
“You’re so lucky that didn’t break,” he said with a smirk.
“I’m so lucky got to hear your giggle,” you said trying not to laugh at the memory.
“Don’t you dare tell anyone, babe,” he said blushing.
“Me? Never,” you said getting up and grabbing the camera,“ I just hope it was caught on tape so YouTube can show people, not me,” you said smiling and running into the house. Aaron ran after you chasing you around the house trying to get the camera back as you both laughed like maniacs. But you were two maniacs in love.


Hey guys! So here’s my first preference and I hope you guys like it! If you guys want me to add any of the other guys like Carter or Taylor or anyone just let me know and I’ll include them next time!

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Brett, your comic-con commissions are amazing! How do you approach live drawing with subject or character requests that you may not be familiar with or do not remember particular costume or facial details? Is some on the spot reference involved?

Well thank you!

If it’s someone I am familiar with I just have at it and try to make a pose and composition worthy of being put on a wall.  

For the characters I don’t know very well, I look up a few pics online while I sit.  (thanks smartphones) I’ll look at the generalities of personalities and such.  I’ll draw up a basic blueprint then go back to reference to find better details of costuming etc.  

The cool thing is that “my people” are looking for “Brett’s Version” of the characters so I get to play with it a bit.  

So I get lots of leeway and fun things to do.  I love that my fans know that about me and appreciate it.  It makes the hard work of drawing live and under pressure a bit easier for sure ;)

I also created the Creature Creation Station.  Fans come by and grab the sheet, mark down what they’d like in their creature design, and order like a sandwich.   The commission is finished and you get a one of a kind and original creation done by us! 

BTS as YOUTUBERS {Requested}

“BTS as Youtubers?”

Here you go anon! :) 

Jin: Runs a beauty blog. Specializes in contouring his shoulders. Calls himself Jin the Gem. Subscribers don’t know that he’s basically broke from all the money he spent on makeup.

Suga: Live streams himself 24 hours a day. Spends 22 of those hours sleeping. Has 3 loyal subscribers. Their his grandma, his mom, and the weird girl who lives down the street.

Rap Monster: Records himself Playing Video games while talking about world issues. Lives in his parents basement. Pretends to go to work everyday. Sneaks back in and continues playing games.

J-Hope: Brony for life. Reviews the latest episodes of “My Little Pony”. Most of is friends are under the age of 6.

Jimin: Runs a life hacks vlog. Tells his subscribers to have respect for themselves. Channel gets shut down when he gets arrested for stalking the local prank king and exposing him when he doesn’t return his love. Gets out and resumes stalking him online.

Taehyung: Has a Conspiracy Channel where he questions everything. Wants to know if the Pyramids were built by dinosaurs. Obsessed in his thinking that the government is trying to shut him down and that they watch him through his head phones.

Jungkook: Prank King. Pranks “unsuspecting” people on the street. Becomes highly successful. Gets exposed by some nutty fan as a fake with hired actors. Starts a second prank channel with a new name.

hello petals !! i’m jessica, one of the admins of this roleplay and i love each and everyone of you guys already, okay ?? so this is sally and she’s freaking adorable and from the tv show, being human us ( which i definitely rec if you haven’t seen it yet. all 4 seasons are on netflix. ) i’ve written a little about her under the cut. spoilers under cut && tw: death

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Only You [Part 3]

Jungkook X Reader

A/N: There were so many notes on the part one that I didn’t expect at all! So thank you sososo much! 

I have so many ideas but I can only write one at a time ;-; Maybe after I finish this one, I’ll let you guys choose which one you would rather read next ^^


Genre: Fluff | Maybe Angst | Smut [In the future]

AU: Royal!Jungkook, College!Jungkook

Word Count: 1988

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]

A lost prince who ran away from home.

He attended a University in which he was able to meet you, a breadwinner for your family.
Having never been outside of his kingdom before, he has never experienced love before. That was, until you came into his life.
His family hated yours for being poor and thrown away and signed Jungkook up for an arranged marriage that he wasn’t aware of.

Will you let him accept the arranged marriage and let him leave? Or will you fight together for your own love?

The first day of school came faster than ever and you still bugged his mind. He couldn’t get you out of his head no matter what. Day and night he would think of you, and what made it even worse was that he didn’t even know anything about you.

His roommate was late to show but it relieved Jungkook from the pressure of having to talk to someone every time he entered the room.
He was nervous for his first class. He wanted to make friends and get to know the people around him. He wanted to talk to people and converse. But he was too shy to approach.

When he entered the class, there were already a few people sitting there, looking at their phones. He sat in the middle, at the very end of the row, right beside the window. He sat down and rested his bag beside him as he squinted, looking outside the glass. And of course, there you were. He stood up in his chair and went right up to the window, nose practically touching it. His heart beat quickened as he watched you enter the school.

What class did you have?
Would he be able to see you?
Oh how much he wished you were in his class…

But Why?

He adjusted his shirt and calmed himself down, clearing his throat before sitting back in his chair. More and more students started piling into the room, each one making him more and more nervous.
As he noticed a bunch of girls walking in, he grew even more nervous. All of them were beautiful but they had no chance when compared against you. In Jungkook’s opinion of course.

He glanced down at his phone, playing a game he downloaded earlier. Then the sound of a moving chair beside him caught his attention. He glanced away from his phone and looked at who chose to sit beside him. And oh how the irony played out when he saw your face.  

He felt his stomach drop and his heart beat quicken, his face quickly turning a bright red. Did you remember who he was? Because he sure as hell remembered you. He watched you with wide eyes as you sat down, placing your bag down, facing it towards him. You glanced up at him and by the look you gave him, it seemed like you did in fact remember him too. You smiled brightly at him and he felt like his heart stopped. He even stopped breathing for a second.
“H-Hi” he said shyly, looking away, his hands nervously moving up and down his legs.
“Hi” you said, “My name is Y/N. I believe we’ve met already?” you giggled. Jungkook felt like he was going to die at how absolutely adorable you were. He thought only babies and animals were supposed to be like that. But it seemed like you, were breaking that myth.
“I-I’m Jungkook” he said as he shook your hand, amazed at how soft it was, wishing he could hold it more.
“I hope we can get to know each other better. I still want to apologize for what happened the other time” you said, brushing your hair back.
“N-No! There’s no need to do that, it wasn’t your fault!” He exclaimed before quieting down. You giggled again and it was like music to his ears.
“Well, I hope we can get to know each other better” You smiled.

As the teacher began the lesson, Jungkook couldn’t stop himself from constantly glancing at you. It was so obvious that if you were doing a test, the teacher would have thought he was cheating.
But he couldn’t help himself. You were just so breathtaking.
He wrote down several notes, but soon got carried away as a profound thought of you came into his mind. He blinked away for a few seconds as he shook the thought off. You would never do something like that. Would you?

As class came to an end, Jungkook secretly wished that it didn’t, so that he would have time to talk to you more. But since he couldn’t have his way, he sadly walked back to his dorm.
When he got there, he was surprised to find the door open. He was for sure he locked it before he left. Had the guards from the castle finally caught him? Were they in there? No. They couldn’t be. Yoongi would have warned him.
But still, he braced himself as he slowly opened the door.

“Why won’t you fit?” Someone said from inside. He looked in wonder as he peeked around the corner, seeing a man trying to stuff things into a bookshelf. Jungkook calmed down, knowing that what the man was wearing, was certainly not what the guards wore at his castle.
“Hello?” Jungkook spoke. The man turned around and quickly realized his presence. His ruffled his hair back into place as he walked up to Jungkook, holding out his hand, “Hi” He smiled widely, “I’m your new roommate. My name is Taehyung” Jungkook shook his hand firmly, “I’m Jungkook”
“It’s nice to meet you. Sorry for coming in unnoticed. You weren’t here, so I thought I could just let myself in, given that this is my room as well” he laughed.
“Were you the one booked at the beginning of the semester?” Jungkook asked as Taehyung went back to unboxing all his stuff, “No. That guy that was supposed to be your roommate is long gone. I’m from another other building. I switched courses though, so they moved me closer to my class. Quite nice people, aren’t they?”
“Yeah. Well uh… cool…” Jungkook rested his bag on his desk and lied down on his bed, playing on his phone.
A sigh of satisfaction from Taehyung concluded that he finished unpacking. He dropped off all the boxes into the recycling outside before coming back into the room, clapping his hands together. Jungkook watched as he slowly walked around the room in circles, looking like he was thinking about something, “I’m hungry” he said as he stopped. Jungkook smiled, this guy was pretty chill. It helped Jungkook relax, knowing that his personality seemed to be close to his own.

“You wanna come with?” Taehyung asked. Jungkook shrugged as he got off the bed, “I have nothing better to do”
“Great! We can talk and get to know each other then” Taehyung smiled.

“Some people think I’m too open and that I talk too much. So tell me if it bothers you and I’ll quiet down” Taehyung said as the two of them walked towards the cafeteria.
“No no, it’s fine. I like talking. I didn’t do much of it back at home” Jungkook said
“Oh really? Why is that?”
“U-Uh… My parents never really had time for me. I always just talked to my brother Yoongi”
“Aw. I-I want to cry for you”
“Please Don’t” Jungkook laughed.

They approached the cafeteria and Jungkook followed Taehyung as he ordered what he wanted.
“Hi Jungkook~” A group of girls said as they passed by.
“H-Hi…” Jungkook replied, hearing small squeals coming from them. Jungkook watched as they walked away, smiling to himself that people wanted to talk to him.
“Popular with the ladies, huh?” Taehyung said, making Jungkook turn back to him.
“Really? You think so?”
“Bro… You… What…?” Taehyung said, astonished at the man in front of him.
“What?” Jungkook said in the simplest tone.
“That group of girls that passed by that were all like ‘Hi Jungkook~’” he mimicked, “dude… You could get laid with basically any girl that will call your name like that. It usually means that they like you”
“T-They like me?”
“Dude, have you been living under a rock your whole life?”
“Basically, yes” Jungkook said, Taehyung noticing that there was no sarcasm in his voice at all.

Jungkook and Taehyung sat down at a table after getting food, “You’re crazy dude.” He said as he slurped his noodles.
“It’s hard to explain” Jungkook said as he chomped on some fries.
“You can tell me, I won’t tell anyone. I promise.” Taehyung said as he raised his pinky. Jungkook hooked his pinky onto his, “Okay fine… But if you tell anyone, you’re dead meat.”

“YOU’RE A PRINCE?!” Taehyung yelled.
“SHhhH!!!! Dude!” He said as he slapped his arm.
“Sorry” he whispered, “You’re a prince?!” Jungkook nodded slowly.
“You best not be trippin me man” Taehyung said.
“I’m not.” Jungkook said, his face dead serious.
“Wow… that’s amazing! What’s it like being able to get anything you want?!”
“Pretty nice. But you realize that even if you get everything you want, it’s not enough.” Jungkook said as he looked down, fiddling with his thumbs.
“That’s some deep stuff… I’m sorry for all that stuff I said earlier, I thought you knew”
“No no! It’s fine, really” Jungkook smiled.
“Well… I’ll be your best friend, Jungkook” Taehyung smiled widely.
“Thanks” Jungkook laughed.

He heard a familiar giggle coming from behind him and he quickly turned. And there you were, standing with some of your friends. Jungkook watched as you walked around. When he turned back to Taehyung, he had a big grin on his face.
“Y/N Huh?” Taehyung said, wiggling his eyebrows.
“Huh? What? You know her?” Jungkook looked at him with wide eyes.
Oh Do I” Taehyung smirked, “HEY Y/N!” He yelled, waving you over. Jungkook’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets as he choked on his drink.
“Tae!” She said as she jogged over to the table, “Oh, Jungkook? We meet again” She smiled. Jungkook nodded nervously as he took several sips from his drink.
“Come come, sit with us” Taehyung said, “Or maybe sit beside Jungkook” He said with a wide smile, “It’s easier for me to talk to you while facing you”
“Okay” you said as you walked towards Jungkook, taking a seat beside him, your arms practically touching. Jungkook felt faint. You were so close to him. The smell of a fruity substance filled his nose as soon as you sat down.
“Where’s Jimin?” Taehyung asked you.
“Well… There’s two options. He’s either In Detention… again. Or he’s banging some chick to death” You and Taehyung both rolled your eyes.
“Jeez. Will that guy ever stop?” Taehyung said.
“I’m guessing no.” You laughed.

“Well, anyways. You seem to know Jungkook” Taehyung changed the topic as he glanced at the poor boy who looked like he was going to die.
“Yeah, we’re in the same class. I even sit beside him” You smiled before looking at him. You noticed he was staring at the ceiling and his face was red with a light shade of purple. Was he… breathing?
“Jungkook!” You said as you grabbed onto his arm, shaking him. As soon as you made contact with him, he took a big gasp of air as he caught his breath.
“Oh my god!” you smacked his arm, “You worried me!”
“I-I’m sorry” Jungkook breathed. Taehyung stood up, “Y/N, I think it’s about time we go” he laughed. You nodded as you quickly realized the time, “Oh! Yes of course! I’ll see you guys later! Bye Taehyung! Bye Jungkook!” You waved as you jogged off. Taehyung waved his arm in the air while Jungkook just raised his hand.

When Jungkook and Taehyung reached their room, that’s when Taehyung asked, “So, when did you start liking her?”
That rung a bell in Jungkook’s ears, a golden light flicking on in his brain. That was the explanation to this feeling he’s been having every time he saw you. He felt stupid for not recognizing it before, “W-What? Oh- I think… when I first saw her”
“Aww, that’s so cute! Love at first sight? It’s so picture perfect, and so cringe worthy” Taehyung smiled suggestively.

Love at first sight, huh?
Well. He was in for one hell of a ride.

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Five Years Later, I Still Love You

Notes: I got the idea for this post-breakup, angst fic after listening to a song off of Panic! at the Disco’s new album. (It doesn’t resemble that song anymore, but it did inspire me.) And once I started writing it, it kind of took off and here we are, a week and nearly 5k words later. There is a possibility for a sequel because I’m not a monster. Unbeta’d as always. Enjoy!

It was one of those chance meetings, that type of thing Connor never believed in. The type of chance that existed in movies and novels, not in real life. He counted the number of years in his mind and it seemed like it wasn’t possible. But it was. Five years passed since their breakup and he still remembered Oliver like the back of his hand. Or, his memories of Oliver. Of course, people changed over such a period of time, but his memories of Oliver remained the same. If everything remained constant, he could recite coffee preference, sleeping clothes preference, nervous ticks, so on and so forth.

“What brings you to the West Coast?” Connor mumbled, his lips pressed against the edge of his coffee mug.

“Business and pleasure.” Oliver replied coolly. Connor deserved that, honestly. But Oliver approached him. Oliver sat down in front of him. Hadn’t five years healed any of those wounds? From the looks of it, no. Oliver regarded him as a familiar stranger, how you would treat someone you had met once at a party. Not someone you had shared the most intimate moments with time and time again.

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Awkward U-KISS Fan Fiction Facts

- The reason that nobody writes porn fics that take place in Kevin’s room is because we have seen Kevin’s room. The decor in that particular location is the only reason we might believe Kevin is a virgin.

- Weirdly Monogamous Hoon. If someone else in the story is cheating on their significant other, Hoon will be monogamous. If nobody else is cheating, Hoon will be. 

- You know all of those really bad fics on AFF? The good authors read them. Frequently. And enjoy them. Quite a few enjoy sending excerpts back and forth in an attempt to one-up the awfulness of stories that other authors have discovered.

- People still read Kemaru fan fiction.

- People still read ElVin fan fiction.

- There’s a strange sub-genre of fics that involves one particular, oddly specific fetish: Eli in maid costumes. The costumes are usually too small, but he wears them anyway. 

-  U-KISS authors never have to try hard when coming up with a setting. We only have six. For canon stories, we have: dorm/hotel, apartment/house or concert venue. AU stories have access to coffee shop, hotel or college.

- The definition of trying too hard: Writing a story where AJ hooks people up with Kevin.

- AJ is most frequently paired with Kevin or Hoon. Want to know the creepy third place? Dongho. 

- People still ship 2Shin.

 - There exists a story in which UKISS are shape-shifting feline spaceship captains. No punctuation is missing from that sentence. 

- Most authors describe Kevin as a blonde. Not due to preference, but due to the fact that describing him as a brunet frequently confuses readers. 

- It’s been three months since Jun was introduced. People still aren’t regularly including him. 

- Koikoi’s fic Blonde Ambition, no longer available, is still a popular ElVin fan fiction search.

- Behind the Sex, despite having now-yearly updates and being a Kemaru fic, is also popular still.

- Most of the fan fics based directly on music videos older than Standing Still have been removed from online archives. 

- The oldest U-KISS story on AsianFanFics is a four chapter You fic. It was published in 2010. Here’s the summary:

So, BASICALLY, U-KISS live in Rainboworld. Ethan, the king of Rainboworld, sends the 7 members down to earth to fufill a mission: get back the key stolen in order to bring back colors in Rainboworld. But what if their enemy has a secret weapon? And they can’t help but fall under it?

- This is the summary for another story, published about a month later:

Dear Heavenly Father Thank You for This Day And Thank You For Your Love Bless My Soul And Deliver Me From This Evil I Want What I Can’t Have Take And Steal From The Weak My Heart Aches And Burns From Pure Lust Confused With Love I Have One Mind And One Thousand Fantasies Have Mercy On Me Oh Lord. I Am Consumed With Desire Yet Grief. Yet My Bones Are Vexed. My Soul…. Deliver My Soul Put Them In Fear Oh Lord

- ElVin is still the most popular pairing. Especially when vampires are involved.

- Strangely, I think there’re only two UKISS/Harry Potter crossovers.

- LittleLoveStories is one of the most prolific authors in the U-KISS fandom. Unfortunately, most people haven’t heard of her – she rarely, if ever, tags her stories as U-KISS. She writes VinSeop pretty much exclusively.

- And, to top it all off, most of these stories in this fandom are written about a bunch of seemingly mostly-gay guys by a bunch of girls who, well, mostly like girls.

anonymous asked:

Okay so a bit late maybe??? A day, but Tsuna is a former merperson who is now a permanent human. (Maybe it was an accident. Maybe he knew Reborn before hand and wanted to join him.) So, Reborn has to show him the ropes. Problem is, he's... Still kind of new to this whole human thing. He doesn't understand things like forks. ('So you eat it?' "No" 'Then why is it there?' "To eat with" 'Isn't that what hands are for???') Hilarity and Reborn's fond exasperation commence.

So normally I wouldn’t have considered this one, just because 90% of the time anything involved with mermaids always ends in tragedy and heartbreak. BUT there isn’t any in this prompt so enjoy anon!

Part of Your World

Fandom: Katekyou Hitman Reborn

Pairing: R27

Warnings: None link | ao3 link


Reborn woke up to the sound of Tsuna falling out of his bed… again. It was a common occurrence ever since Tsuna had come to live with Reborn.

Placing his shoulder on the door frame, leaning, Reborn peered into the room that Tsuna had claimed in the last six months. As expected, the brunet was on the ground, tangled in his blanket and limbs sticking out everywhere.

“Dame-Tsuna,” Reborn drawled. “When are you going remember that you no longer live underwater?”

“S-shut up!” Tsuna snapped, untangling himself. “It’s impossible to fall out of your bed when you live under the sea!”

The circumstances in which Tsuna had come to live with Reborn was by no means normal. To start, Tsuna was a merman turn human. A nice little tidbit Reborn had discovered two days after Tsuna showed up at his doorstep, looking for a place to stay. (It was actually a good thing that it came out when it did because Tsuna didn’t know what a fork was of all things and Reborn was ready to call the doctors who would have been much better equipped and more patience to deal with the boy that Reborn thought was previously a little slow.) When Reborn asked why, Tsuna simply shrugged and said he wanted to explore the human world and Reborn was the first person whom he saw.

Which was total bullshit because Reborn lived a mile from the shoreline in the middle of a forest, and didn’t make a habit of going near the water due to… a childhood trauma that was, in no way, crippling or even worth admitting. Colonnello was telling lies. Lies! The only reason Reborn had bought a house this close to the shoreline was definitely not an attempt to recover from a certain trauma that did not exist, but because it was peaceful and quiet and far away from people.

That was Reborn’s story and he was sticking to it.

Tsuna stood up, wobbling before losing his balance and falling forward. Reborn sighed and moved to catch him. “Balance, Dame-Tsuna. Balance.”

“It’s not as easy as it looks!” Tsuna cried, holding tight to Reborn’s arm.

“I am never going to understand why you wanted to be a human, when the basics of walking is beyond you,” Reborn mocked, guiding Tsuna carefully out of the room.

Tsuna pouted. “Because, because…” he trailed off, staring at the ground.

Reborn looked at him, inquisitively. However, Tsuna remained silence.

Taking pity on him, Reborn redirected Tsuna to the kitchen. “Go set the table. I’ll cook breakfast. And don’t forget the forks!”

“You’re never going to let me live that down are you?” Tsuna shouted back.

“Of course not.”

Tsuna grumbled under his breath. “Why do you even need forks? Isn’t that what hands are for?”

Reborn rolled his eyes and turned on the stove to cook some eggs. A quiet but conformable silence filled the room as they settle into their morning routine. Things were going so well, until Tsuna forgot about why stoves were dangerous and why one shouldn’t grab a hot pot by its sides without potholders.



Tsuna whimpered in pain, his hands a bright red and blistering. Reborn tugged Tsuna towards the sink, running water over the burn to soothe it. Tears prickled at the corner of Tsuna’s eyes, threatening to fall. Reborn left the water running to turn off the stove, remove the hot pot elsewhere. The food could be cleaned up later.

Soon, Reborn and Tsuna were sitting on the couch in the living room. The first aid kit laid on the table as Reborn gently applied burn cream to Tsuna’s hands and wrapping them loosely with bandages.

“Idiot,” Reborn scolded without any real heat.

“Sorry,” Tsuna mumbled, wincing in pain.

“Really though,” Reborn said. “How do you honestly expect to see the rest of the human world when you’re so clumsy?”

“I don’t care about the rest of the human world,” Tsuna said quietly. “I just want to stay with you.”

Reborn paused, looking straight at Tsuna. “Tsuna?”

Tsuna huffed, puffing out his cheeks and looked away. A faint red blush began to appear on his face. “I don’t expect you to remember, but you saved me once.”

Reborn felt his mouth go dry. No. That couldn’t be. Unbidden, a memory that Reborn spent most of his life trying to repress, floated forward in Reborn’s head. He was seven and at the docks for the first time in his young life. A group of unruly boys, throwing rocks and nets at something in the water and a cry for help that had Reborn intervening. A struggle that sent Reborn off the dock into the cold water, getting tangled and trapped under the nets.

The panic and fear and the growing realization that he was drowning. A half formed image of orange colored eyes and waking up on the cold sand, wet and coughing. A fear of water formed from the trauma and a promise to never go to the ocean again.

No. Way.

Eyes narrowed, Reborn scowled. “If I’m recalling correctly, you saved me.”

Tsuna’s eyes flickered orange briefly, tinted with amusement. “Well, yes. I couldn’t let you drown after you stopped those idiots from throwing rocks at me. After such a close call though, I should have gone home, but I wanted to see you again. But you never came back.”

After such a close call with death, Reborn wouldn’t be caught near the ocean. It was only after getting fed up with Colonnello’s teasing that Reborn decided to conquer that particular fear. “Then when I showed up at the shoreline years later, you decided to follow me home,” Reborn concluded.

“Y-yeah,” Tsuna said. “I just… I just wanted to be part of your world.”

“Idiot,” Reborn said. His tone was fond and warm. The light smile on his face, just the slight upward tilt of his lips, betrayed his feelings.

He supposed he could live with that.


Requested: disclaimer: some facts may be changed from the show to fit the plot ✌️

There he goes again, the only guy you had ever loved rushes by without even noticing you - as usual. You sighed still catching a whiff of his cologne. You faced the fact that you weren’t going to say more than two words to him and started walking to English class.
You made it and sat down in your assigned seat just as the bell rang. Your teacher started immediately, introducing a new project. The key was to pick an author and write a biography on them and act out a piece they wrote. It seemed simple enough until….
“I will be choosing the partners,” your teacher said, “now let’s see, Amber you’re with Danny, y/n…let’s put you with stiles….” Your worst nightmare had begun.
You got up to sit with Stiles after everyone was assigned and sighed, “Hi,” you both said awkwardly.
“So um, you wanna do…” You began.
“Shakespeare? He seems easy enough,” Stiles said, “I don’t really have time for a project, but why don’t we meet at my house after school?” You nodded just as the bell rang dismissing you to your next class. Your stomach was full of dread knowing this was going to be a lot harder than you thought.


You sauntered on over to Stiles’ house as soon as you gathered your books. It was a long walk as the breeze began to pick up swirling the leaves around your feet, but it helped you keep your nerves down. You walked up to his door and were about to knock when you noticed a note scribbled in Stiles handwriting: “Y/N sorry I had to go on an important errand, but I should be back soon, there’s a key under the door mat, feel free to anything in the fridge - Stiles”
You sighed and unlocked the door and walked into the unkept living room. You knew it was just Stiles and his dad so you weren’t surprised at the sight. You folded some clothes and put them aside, sitting down, pulling out your laptop and you began to research.
Writing down basic facts about his works and marriage, you heard something shatter from the back room.
You sat there, still, for a moment before working up the strength to go investigate. You walked down the lengthening hallway and opened the door to the room you believed it came from.
It was obviously Stile’s room. It reeked of cologne and old candy wrappers were scattered everywhere. You noticed the window was broken and glass scattered everywhere. You figured it was nothing to worry about, probably just some neighborhood kids. You turned around and let out a high pitched scream.
Stiles stood before you, eyes all red and blood shot, bags sagging down, a lustful smirk planted on his face. He was a mess.
“Stiles? Are you feeling ok?” You backed up as he walked towards you.
“Oh little dove, you see I’m not Stiles,” he reached you running a finger through your hair, causing goosebumps to appear, “you like that huh? Sorry I believe I haven’t caught your name.”
“It’s….” You stammered and Stiles waited for you, moving his head to urge you, “ um, it’s y/n”
“Well that’s a pretty name, but not as pretty as these beautiful eyes of yours,” he traced your jawline with his fingers.
Your phone buzzed, it was Stiles. How did he get my number?,you thought. You quickly scanned the scary message, “Y/N, RUN!”
Your eyes darted to meet the void Stiles’. His eyes flickered black, causing you to jump in your skin.
“No, stay here my beautiful rose,” he yanked your phone from your hands and tossed it over his shoulder pulling you into a deep kiss. Pulling away he read your mind, “I know you enjoyed that, don’t deny it. Now, you see all the things I can give you that he never could, just come on with me little dove, we can have it all.” He reached for your hand and pulled you along.
He ran outside with you only to meet Stiles and Scott.
“Y/N, don’t listen to him!” Stiles called out, on the verge of tears.
“Oh look at him pretending like he actually cares about you,” the void stiles’ words stung like acid, “he just wants to get rid of me. He knows I can give you the world. Poor, pitiful Stiles. Life just isn’t fair, is it?”
“Y/N, listen to me! That isn’t the real me! Don’t go with him!! Y/n….I love you.”
You sharply turned your head towards Stiles.
“LIES!” The other stiles shouted beside you. “You never loved her. Why did you ignore her? Why did you pretend like this precious creature never existed?!” He tugged at your grip.
“Be-because I knew that….that she’d never feel the same, I…I knew she was out of my league and would never fall for an annoying, rambunctious kid like me, not many do. She’s my universe but I know I’m not even a mere star in hers…”
“Damn right!!!” The void roared with laughter.
You looked down and shifted, slowly trying to break free from the void stiles. You finally slipped through and ran towards Stiles, jumping in his arms.
“NOT SO FAST, COME BACK HERE NOW!!!” The void screamed. You hugged on to Stiles for dear life as the Nogitsune ran after you, “I love you too,” you whispered.
Stiles squeezed you tight as Scott pounced on the Nogistune, only for him to vanish, causing Scott to crumple on the ground.
“Is he gone?” You pulled away and stared into Stiles watering eyes, wiping a tear for him.
“I don’t know, I don’t know,” he began running his fingers through your hair, his real touch feeling so sweet, “but I promise I’m going to do everything in my power to protect you, ok?” He squeezed you tight before helping Scott up.
“Now, let’s go write a kick ass report, Juliet,” he kissed your hand, leading you inside.

He thinks you look sexy in his t-shirt

So I am a horrible person who has been TERRIBLE about posting and doing request. I don’t have too much homework over the next couple days, but school has been beyond stressful. Also would like to apologize to all who haven’t gotten theirs done yet they will be soon. 

xx Kayleigh


It was a quiet day for you. You move over to your calendar hanging on the wall and cross off another day, “Only 10 more days” you whisper to yourself. 

See, having a boyfriend who is part of one of the biggest acts ever is all well and good, but it did come with the tiring schedule of not seeing him for many months out of the year. And it is even tougher when you have a lot of free time on your hands, like today. 

Usually you were a pretty busy person, having a career of your own to keep you occupied, but unfortunately for you today there was no work to be done and you were sitting at home, alone. 

“Well this place is a mess, I should probably clean it”. 

You didn’t change out of your pajamas from the night before, consisting of Niall’s t-shirt and a pair of comfy sweats. Knowing that you didn’t have to see people today is a comforting feeling, no obligations to get dressed or attempt to look nice was great and you plan to take full advantage of it. 

You bustle about, figuring out what you want to clean first. You see the bookcase shelving unit that was in the main room and remember how you had noticed there was quite a bit of dust covering everything. So you go find your dust rag and spray and start dusting. It’s more enjoyable than you thought it would be, dusting Niall’s awards and pretending to accept them. But it also makes you a little sad because you dust over the picture frames holding so many memories you and Niall made together. You’re so caught up staring at the frame in your hand, reliving the memory of you two at a private beach, that you don’t even hear the door open. 

Niall walks in the front door, very excited to surprise you. He sees you in the living room your back turned to him looking at the picture in your hand. He smiles seeing the picture you were looking at, but then he sees that you are wearing his t-shirt. His cheeks prickle with pink seeing it hang loosely off your body, the light streaking through the bits that were not occupied by your body. 

Wow, she looks incredible, is all that’s going through his head. He slowly walks to your place behind you and runs his hands down your forearms. You jump and turn around, shock overcoming your facial expressions. 

Upon realization of who was standing before you, you set the picture down on the bookshelf and fling your arms around Niall squealing in excitement 

“I can’t believe you are home! But you weren’t supposed to be home for 10 more days?”. 

He quickly quiets you with a kiss then chuckles and steps back to look at you. “May I just say you look hot.” His hand motioning specifically to his shirt you’re wearing. You tilt your head, giving him a look of slight confusion and amusement when he asks, “What? What’s wrong, did I say something?”

 All you can manage is a chuckle as you walk over to him, hands on his hips “You are just acting strange.” You reply back. 

He smiles slightly “I have just missed you that’s all.” 

You smile and kiss him mumbling, “I missed you too”.


You both were enjoying the hiatus, taking this precious time to catch up and be with each other. What better way to unplug and detox than St. Bart’s?

 You both were heading out to the private beach that day and you were rooting around the hotel room looking for your cover up. After finding it under a pile of laundry you decided against using it, for it was quite dirty after you basically lived in it down at the beach for a couple of days. Instead, you opted for one of Harry’s dazzlingly patterned button downs. 

You threw on your sun hat and put your sunglasses on while picking up your beach bag. Slipping on your sandals you sit on the couch waiting for Harry to finish getting ready. 

He finally walks in, seemingly looking around for his sunglasses when his eyes fall on you. He freezes in his place and stares at you, earning an odd look from you.

 “What’s wrong?” You ask. 

He blinks a couple times then speaks “Y/N, are you wearing my shirt?” 

You nod slowly crinkling your forehead in confusion “What? Does it look bad, Harry? Is there something wrong with it?”

His feet make fast work and stride over to your seat. “On the contrary, you look incredible.”

 You manage to smirk while rubbing your fingers over the corners of the shirt. He leans in to kiss your lips and you relent, giggling as he does. He pulls away confused and you reply “You are being such a teenager about this c'mon let’s go to the beach”. He lets you drag him by his hand, but not before he got in one more good kiss.


You both are getting ready for a party as you look around your flat to find a top to go with your outfit. You come across one of Louis’s white Adidas T-shirts and an idea sparks in your head.

You throw it over your head and tuck it into your black skinny jeans and you throw a leather jacket over it. You check yourself out in the mirror and smile when you hear a whistle behind you. 

You turn to see Louis standing there gliding his tongue over his bottom lip while he loops his fingers in your belt loops pulling you closer. His breath smells like mint and cigarette smoke (which you will chide him for later). 

He says, “Isn’t that mine love?”

You roll your lips and nod as you say, “Yeah whatcha gonna do about it, Tommo?”

He smirks slyly and captures your lips in an exhilarating kiss. “Nothing I think it suits you sweets you can wear it. It also labels you as mine so that makes everything better.”

Punching him in the shoulder, you roll your eyes. Before you can turn back to finish what you were doing, one of his hands grips your hip while the other cups your neck to bring you back to his lips. You drink in the moment and loath the moment when the cold outer air hits your lips. You pat his chest to signal you should get back to getting ready so you can leave soon, but he doesn’t let you go without a cheeky pinch on your bum and a grin.


It’s a Sunday morning, sun peeking through the blinds. You wake up to your boyfriend Liam fast asleep underneath the comforter. You smile and kiss his forehead in adoration. 

Climbing out of bed, you grab his stray sweater off the ground to go with your flannel bottoms and t-shirt, for it was freezing cold in the house. You padded down to the kitchen and put the tea kettle on the stove and started to make mix for pancakes. 

You had poured the first pancake when you heard rustling from the bedroom. You go back to the pancakes, finishing up as you feel a pair of muscular arms wrap around your waist and a scruffy kiss to the side of your neck. 

You smile as you hear the sleep in his voice when he says, “Just so you know you can wear my clothes any time, you look very sexy babe.”

You blush slightly and lightly smack his arm and flip the last pancake on the plate. He picks up the plate and leans in for a long kiss then sits down at the table with the plate as you bring over two mugs of tea and set one down in front of him. He reaches for your hand from across the table and guides you to his side of the table so you can sit on his lap. 

You both enjoy this intimate time together, loving how normal everything feels in the moment. You lean down to kiss him and he kisses you longer and harder until you had to leave the table. Let’s just say the tea was cold when you two finally ate breakfast.