back to attempting to study psych then


Title: 2:36

Pairing: Reader x Sam

Word Count: 674

Warnings: None

Request: Imagine trying to study for an exam and Sam finding you asleep at the table, and then it ends all sweet and cute at the end.



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You yawned and rolled your neck, then blearily looked back down at your Psychology textbook. Slowly reading the words to yourself, you compared them to the notes in your notebook. The clock on the wall above you read 11:59, and you watched as the second hand ticked closer towards midnight. Your eyes began to drift close, and you shook your head.

“No, you can’t fall asleep yet, Y/N,” you told yourself. Putting the book aside, you grabbed the colorful flashcards for your Latin class. The community college nearby the bunker was offering all sorts of classes that would be helpful in hunting, so you had decided to take them. Little did you know that college was a lot harder than you remember high school being. You flipped through the cards, quizzing yourself, and when you finished the thick stack you pulled back your Psych notes, ready for another round of studying.

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