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If you ever feel useless, just remember that Kirk Hammett has been doing back vocals for the past 36 years. Do you know what his singing voice sounds like? Neither do I. No one does.

Night Terrors (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Requested by Wattpad user Luna12334

Sweat rolled down your back as you thrashed back and forth on your bed. The night terrors had gotten worse ever since Newt had gotten home from his little talk with Graves. The fear of losing him was slowly destroying you. You had told him about these terrors once before, but he had just told you it wouldn’t and went back to work.

He made it free once.

But could he do it again.

Every night you had this dream, where they got Newt. They put him on trial and found him guilty, just like he had told you had happened. But instead of breaking free, they got him.

Never before in your dreams had you seen him actually…get killed. This one was different. The cries that came from his mouth as he was killed will forever haunt him you. The pain carved onto his face shattered your heart in tiny pieces.

Tears slipped down you tears as you cried out for someone to save him.

The door slammed open and a tired Newt walked into the room. Seeing you in such a distraught state he started to walk towards you slowly.

He reached you and started shaking your shoulders trying to wake you up.

“Love, please wake up. It’s on a nightmare, everything is okay.” Your eyes shot open, tears running down your cheeks in heavy streams.

“[Y/N], what’s wrong,” his voice was a calm balm to you. But sounds that you had heard during the terrors filled your ears causing you to sob even harder.  

You clung to his shirt, crying into his neck as you let out everything. Newt stroked your hair and rubbed soft circles on your lower back trying to calm you down.

“They had you and then…and then they.” You couldn’t finish that thought; instead you just buried your face into the crook of his neck.

“Shh, it’s okay love. I’m here and I’m safe.” He moved away from you but you pulled him back to you, snaking your arms around his neck to keep him in place.

“I’m not going to leave you, promise.” He cooed in your ear. His hand grasped yours and lifted it to his chest, resting it over his heartbeat.

“My heart beats steady, and for as long as you can feel it know I will not leave you.” Newt stared into your eyes, trying to ease you out of hysterics.

“They don’t have me, and they never will again. If there is anything I can do to help, please tell me.” He tucked your head back into his neck, cradling you into him. Your tears slipped down your cheek and onto his bare chest.

“Don’t leave. Please don’t ever leave. I couldn’t live without you,” you cried.

“I will never leave you [Y/N]. Not now, not in years to come. Now let’s see if you can get some peaceful sleep. I’ll be right beside you so there is no need to fear for me.” He kissed your forehead lovingly before laying down on the bed with you in his arms.

“I love you Newt,” you whispered, your voice hoarse from your crying.

“I love you too [Y/N], more than anything else.”

Lying with him washed your terrors away, and for the first night since he came home you slept peacefully.

oswald’s crying because he saw them kiss

oswald’s fuming because cray cray izzy didn’t take the hint and back off

oswald’s thrashing everything in his room and then flopping onto his bed while screaming into his pillow

oswald’s planning how to win the love of his life back

oswald’s scheming to get rid of cray cray izzy

oswald’s calling all his goons and putting them on standby

oswald’s bitching about izzy to whoever would listen to him

oswald’s heart is breaking because his one true love doesn’t love him back

Imagine the Nogitsune chaining you up

“What the hell Stiles?”

Stiles grins and steps back as you thrash against the chains wrapped around your body. Your hair whips around your face as you try to break free, and you angrily spit it out of your mouth.

When Stiles refuses to reply, you pause for a moment to inspect your surroundings. The land is deserted, save for you and Stiles. A pole of cold metal is pressing into your spine and it’s the only thing you can see.

“How are you doing?” Stiles asks, lifting up a handful of sand and letting it slip through his fingers. He watches the grains fall and then looks at you once they’ve been dusted off his hands.

When he sees your stormy expression, his grins grows wider and makes you angrier. With each passing moment, you have to try harder and harder to restrain yourself from lashing out. You knew that Stiles hadn’t been the same since he became possessed, and right now, that was your advantage.

Void Stiles didn’t know you. He didn’t know that the chains were no match for you, and that the distance you would have to cover to get home would be like a walk in the park.

And he didn’t have to know.

Once again, you flail against the binding, putting on a show for Stiles’ sake. “Let me go Stiles,” you say, a threatening tone to your voice.

“Or what?” Stiles teases.

“You don’t want to know,” you say back to him, sneering.

Stiles rolls his eyes and scoops up another handful of sand to sift through. “Why are you doing this?” you ask as you go limp against the metal links. They stop cutting into your skin and you sigh inwardly.

“I’ve got my reasons.”

“Reasons, my ass. I can hurt y-”

“You wouldn’t,” Stiles replies confidently.

He’s right, but you can’t show it.

“Watch me.”

A flicker of fear passes through Stiles’ eyes, but it disappears quickly. “Sure,” he says, stretching out the word.

A feeling of helplessness and rage washes over you and now more than ever, you want to hurt Stiles.

Too bad you loved his scrawny ass.

requested by anon :)

(There’s no real excuse for this. I told myself I’d write something tonight, and this seemed like a better idea that my Aristotle paper.)

Caligula took one look at Jehan and took off like a shot, running away under the bookshelf faster than Laigle had known he could move.

“Oh,” said Prouvaire, sounding a little wistful. Perhaps he’d come over wanting to see the kitten and was disappointed. Or perhaps he’d seen a butterfly on his walk and been reminded of the sweet brevity of life. It was hard to tell with Prouvaire.

“I don’t know what’s come over him,” said Joly, peering under the bookshelf. Caligula inched further back and thrashed his tail furiously. “Usually he’s very social.”

“So is Grantaire,” said Laigle, “but I’ve seen him hide under furniture from time to time as well.”

“Perhaps I knew him in a prior life,” said Prouvaire, perking up at the thought. “When he was a man, or I was a cat. Or both something else entirely. I’m sorry if I ever gave offense,” he told the bottom of the bookshelf. The bottom of the bookshelf gave a tiny hiss back.

“Do any of your books say if cats can see color?” Laigle asked Joly. They both took a moment to take in Prouvaire’s ensemble of yellows and purples and bright blue feathers.

“This might be evidence for the hypothesis,” admitted Joly. Turning back to Prouvaire, he invited him in and offered him a seat.

“I’m only stopping by quickly,” said Prouvaire, “I wanted to get your thoughts on wording for my pamphlet before I show it to –”

A flash of black and white dashed by and jumped, almost reaching Prouvaire’s knee. The kitten lost balance midway through the jump and fought furiously to right himself before landing awkwardly on his feet and scrambling to run behind the door. He settled down onto his paws and glared up at Prouvaire…or rather, up at his head.

Prouvaire made a little humming sound and pulled one of the feathers out of his hatband. He swished it between his fingers near the floor. Caligula’s head snapped back and forth as the feather moved, and after a few moments he ran out and swiped at it with all his tiny might. Prouvaire laughed and moved the feather around, letting Caligula chase it.

“So no encounters in a past life after all then,” said Laigle.

“Or evidence regarding feline optometry,” added Joly.

“We don’t know that,” said Prouvaire, “but if we held a séance–”

No.” Laigle and Joly said together in perfect unison.

(part one) (part two) (part three)

Alley troubles - John Laurens x reader

Originally posted by hamiltongifs

It was getting dark. You told John you would meet him and his friends at a local bar, so you were on your way there. But suddenly, you heard a voice from the shadows.

“Hey sweet thing, what’s up?” a man came out of an alley, he looked like a drunken mess. His hair was out of place and his clothes were wrinkled. You ignored his words and sped up slightly, you heard footsteps quickening their pace as you did. 

“Hey, don’t ignore me, babe.” He came up from behind you and snaked his arms around your waist. You thrashed back and forth, screaming for help. He threw a hand over your mouth and you bit down as hard as you could, a copper taste flooding into your mouth. He yelled in pain and threw you to the pavement, sliding against it and scraping yourself up.

“You dumb bitch!” He shouted and kicked you in the ribs, you felt a crunch and found it harder to breathe. You spat out blood, trying to crawl away from the man when he placed his shoe on the side of your head. He slowly pressed down and you were hit with excruciating pain until you heard a familiar voice out to you.

“Y/N!!!” John called out, running towards you with the rest of his friends. He ran up to the man and punched him square in the jaw, a sickening crack sounded from it. He got down to you as the others pounded the man.

“Y/N? Can you hear me? Dear god, please be ok, please!” He said, propping you up on him. You looked up into his hazel eyes, they started forming tears.

“John, I’ll be ok. He just bruised me up a bit, it’s only my rib and head……” You trailed off, wiping the stream of blood coming from your busted lip. He shook his head and looked up to see the man had run off and his friends had been standing there furiously.

“Guys, she needs a doctor!” He called out frantically. He picked you up, holding you gently. You heard the men talking and arguing on how they should go after him when you started to doze off in your love’s arms. As soon as you felt safe, you slowly nodded into sleep.

Your eyes fluttered open to see a room. How did you get here? You saw in the corner, John, who was sleeping in a chair close to you. You tried getting up but regretted it, groaning in pain as you slid back down. John slowly opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of you. He sat up and rushed to your side, planting kisses all over your face.

“You’re ok! Thank god, Y/N, you have no idea how worried I’ve been. I love you so much, I love you I love you I love you!” He said, holding you close. You smiled at him and met your lips with his. He crawled in the bed next to you, holding you close into his chest.

“I’m fine, John. I’m not going anywhere.” 

“Do you know how angry I was when I saw him there? I felt a rage I have never felt, it was like a blackout. After I knew you were safe and taken care of by the doctor, I found that guy.” He mumbled to you. You looked up at him in worry, wanting him to continue his story.

“What did you do?” 

“I challenged him to a duel and shot him in the side. Unfortunately, he survived.” He grumbled, kissing the top of your head. You chuckled at him, snuggling closer to his warm embrace.

“No one will ever hurt you again.” He spoke into your hair, running his hands through it.

“ John, I love you so much.”

“ I love you too. You are my world, Y/N. Nothing will ever change that.”