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Crowley: Rules are made to be broken.
Aziraphale: They were made to be followed. Nothing is made to be broken.
Crowley: Uh, piñatas.
Adam: Glow sticks.
Crowley: Karate boards.
Adam: Spaghetti when you have a small pot.
Crowley: Rules.

Lucidity | M

“Do I really deserve to be alone even though I want to be by your side?”

Précis; In which you’re best friends and one night accidentally brings you closer together.

Note: I was beyond anxious when this disappeared multiple times, but now that it’s here, I can breathe. | ft. slight Park Jimin (’:

Genre & Warnings: Angst & a splash of fluff. Light smut and mentions of alcohol. | Words ➳ 10.8k

The music reverberated throughout the large home, blasting and threatening to pierce his skin and seep into his veins. People were dancing, yelling along with the music and having the time of their lives; wanting nothing more than to get wasted and to just forget. Others who had the mind to think, just stood back while drinking small sips from their cups—examining the humans who were begging to drown deeper into their drunkenness, to swim to the shore to survive the night or to just fall deep into the waters; giving up and letting their subconscious mind take over. The house was surely trembling from the commotion within, wanting nothing more than to relieve it from the atrocious tension, to feel blissful like it once had and not all clogged up from the poison that was slowly building up.

Amidst the many partygoers under the twinkling lights scattered on the ceiling and the loud obnoxious immature chatter amongst many groups, Jungkook stood in front of the home bar, pointing to a bottle while the man on the other side happily grabbed it and handed it to him. Jungkook took a plastic cup from a stack and bit the lid off the bottle, fizz quickly slipping out while he poured it’s contents into his cup. He had no idea what was slowly taking over his body. He had no idea how he got to the party, or even why he came; but what he did know was this.

He wanted to see you.

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Arm Wrestles and Attitudes -Peter Parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: Y/N and Peter get caught up in a battle to determine who’s the stronger competitor. Let’s just say, both come out as a win.

Requested: yes (anon)

Warning: language

Word Count: 2098

Here’s a Peter request! Enjoy!!:) Bruce banner will go up tomorrow!!



It was Friday night and you were sitting with Peter, again, alone, again, in the base living room for the fourth night in a row.  Everyone around you was off doing their own thing and you were doing yours. That just so happened to be you sitting on your lazy ass and doing nothing for another consecutive night in a row. You were bored out of your mind and couldn’t figure out anything else to do. So, you dug through the box of old movies and picked one that seemed a little entertaining. Well, you were completely wrong.

Halfway through you wanting to stab yourself in the eye with your straw or falling four stories, Peter walked in and asked you what you were up to. You sighed heavily and explained to him the dreaded movie you were watching, warning him about the pain you were undoubtedly putting yourself through. He shrugged his shoulders and plopped down next to you on the couch.

“God this movie is horrible,” you interjected into the silence stirring around you and Peter as you sat quietly watching the boring movie.

Peter looked over at you in disbelief before sighing and standing up from his position on the couch, “Sadly, you’re right.”

You smile at him and get up as well, brushing the invisible dirt off your jeans before reaching over and grabbing the remote, switching the TV off. You clap your hands together loudly, turning to look at Peter in excitement, “So, what should we do instead?”

Peter shoved his calloused hands deep into his pockets and shrugs his broad shoulders, lips pursing in thought, “I have no idea.”

Your mouth turns down in a slight frown at his discerning thought and you fold your arms across your chest, pacing around the vacant room. There wasn’t much to do on this lonely night, due to the fact it was just you and Peter for the time being. And you could sense it was going to be like that for quite some time tonight. But you didn’t mind, being alone with him was something you wished would happen for months, it as like someone was sending you a sign, to try and make a move on hum before anyone else did.

As you paced, your eyes downcasted to the blue carpeted blue beneath your bare feet, your thoughts driving through the ideas of what could possibly entertain you at this moment in time. Your eyes moved up and across the room, looking vacantly at the surroundings while Peter’s back faced you and is figure wandered across the room as well in thought.

As your Y/E/C scaled over to his figure, you admired his slightly curled, messy brown hair that looked as if he’d bee playing with it all day. His blue sweater clung tightly to his figure underneath and your eyes wandered to the back muscles seen poking through the fabric of his sweater. You smiled to yourself in deep thought, eyes then casting down to his hand, which was balled into fist. Narrowing your orbs, you watched his fist clench and then un-clench in deep thought, taking the veins that popped up underneath the opening of his sweater into account.

Fuck, you never realized how strong and cut Peter could look in a damn sweater. Of course you knew how ripped he was when you ‘accidentally’ walked in on him lifting weights in the workout room last week. You were pretty sure your drool had become evident that day when Peter smirked at your obvious staring. You were pretty sure you weren’t that strong, and one of your powers was super strength. How strong is Peter compared to you? You both had a power of super-strength, but who was the more forceful? There’s no way he could-

That’s it.

As your mind ripped away from your wandering thoughts and sudden idea, you ran over and stepped your attention right on front of Peter. His head popped up from the floor to meet yours in a sudden trap, his brown eyes glazing with curiosity as his eyebrows raised.

Your hands placed themselves on your hips and you brightly smiled before letting out your risky idea, “Let’s arm wrestle,” the words rolled off your tongue in a daring way, eyebrows raising as well in favor of the idea.

Peter’s arms folded over his chest at your thought, pink lips turning up into a slight smirk as he noticed your confident and enlightened demeanor. He didn’t want to hurt you, okay? He knew one of your powers was super-strength, just like his, but he could lift a trailer with his bare hands. He didn’t want to sound cocky, but he was pretty sure you could lift the couch with yours. (lmao peter u asshole).

So, he sighed heavily and stared in your eyes with a snarky look before mumbling out some lame, overused, egotistical, excuse, “Look, Y/N,” he started, reaching over and laying his carved hand on top of your shoulder in a fragile way. Your pulse tightened with anger and your eyes narrowed in annoyance as your shot your head down to look at his hand on your shoulder.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” he continued, his head tilting to the side slightly in regret for you, which made something in your brain click, causing your body to heat up and your blood begin to boil.

Your body tightened underneath Peter’s ego filled figure, jaw tightening at his sappy way to tell you how much better he was than you, “And why’s that?” you forcefully shot back, your hand reaching up to quickly shove Peter’s off your shoulder. His head jolted back slightly at your actions and opened his mouth cockily, moving his jaw from side to side in complete shock at your overwhelming confidence about this.

Peter folded his arms back across his chest and and rolled back and forth on the balls of his New Balance adorned feet before speaking cockily, “You see, I can catch a forty-thousand pound bus with my bare hands, and you caught what the other day? A falling cat?” he reached up and tucked his hand behind his ear, signaling for you to speak up and clarify yourself.

“I saved a falling cat, okay? I caught that forty-thousand pound bus with you, jackass! Who do you think was on the other side?” you sassed back, throwing your hands up in the air as Peter knew he had ignited something in you that he loved seeing.

His demeanor flashed back to seriousness and he stuck his hand out in front of your, eyes sparkling as he was ready to take the challenge, “Deal. I’ll do it,” he said, his large hand vacant of yours for a few seconds.

Your competitiveness got the best of you before your smirked at him, eyes gleaming with anticipation as your reached to grasp his hand in a fair shake, “De-”

But before you could touch his hand in favor, he jerked back slightly and turned his head to the side and his lips curled into an evil smile, “But wait, let’s make a deal.”

You shrugged, mind wandering with thoughts on what he was going to say in favor of himself to win. Shrugging your shoulders in fairness, you urged him to go on. But, with the way his brown eyes gazed into yours, and his barely taller figure scaled yours at his seemingly inched closer to you, something in the pit of your stomach told you this wasn’t going to be good.

“If you win, you get to do whatever favor you desire, but if I win, you have to kiss me.”


As you anxiously across from Peter, your brain was giving off signals as to what you would do if he did win this. And honestly, you had no fucking idea. His bet was pretty solid, allowing you to do anything to him in favor of winning, but his side was a deal breaker. You didn’t know if your heart could stand the anticipation Peter would give you as his lips captured yours in a victory kiss.

“Ready?” Peter asked you, snapping you out of your losing thoughts back to reality. His right hand was up on the table in position, waiting for yours next to it.

Before you answered Peter, you scaled his muscled arms, your body pushing you to do so in a guilty, hormone-crazed way before beginning the match. His sleeve had been pushed up to his elbow, arms veins popping out in every direction as it stood still on the table. Your mouth watered at the drool-worthy veins as your arm subconsciously set itself next to his on the table.

You sighed deeply, eyes switching from regret to game mode as you locked a stare with him, both sets of mouths turned up as you muttered into his intent stare, “Ready as I’ll ever be,” the attempted cockiness dripping off your tongue like venom in the heated and nerve-wracking situation.

Your reached forward and clasped your right hand with his and instantly felt the heat and sparks ignite, dancing up and down your arm in a trembling way. You both attempted to push the ignited feeling to the back of your minds for the time being and clamped down on one another’s hands.

“Go!” you muttered quickly, arm instantly flexing at the sudden movement of strength between both your bodies. You felt the intense pressure on your hand and instinctively pushed back harder against Peter’s hand.

Your gazes never separated as soon as the match started, the deep, captivating brown hit against your glistening, intoxicating Y/E/C and two worlds became one in the intense situation. You could sense your strength slipping in the moment as Peter’s arm began to hang over yours slightly in a winning way.

Push, push, push, your brain yelled at you over and over again in the front of your mind. You felt your teeth grind against each other in a tight feeling, your jaw tightening at the perception of you losing this game.

Peter felt the sweat beads began to forms across the top of his forehead as the heated, sweaty feeling of your hands being pushed together at great strengths started to ignite. His mind only focused on the feeling of his your sweet, glorious lips being placed on his after his win. He didn’t care who was stronger, he just wanted to get a rise out of you. He could sense the heat flooding between your bodies once he got that kiss, your nervous energy radiating off him in a way he couldn’t explain, as he would gently grab your face in his hand and pull you towards him in a searing kiss.

Your mind focused on beating Peter, because you couldn’t take the obnoxiousness of his mouth blurting out every other victory word he could find in the dictionary. Your mind transferred to your hand, your strength growing as you felt your hand squeeze Peter’s harder, your arm becoming over his in defeat.

He sensed his arm limping on him as your face grew wider and wider with every second his strength began to fail, and yours began to blossom. Victory took over your demeanor as you witnessed Peter’s arms lay limp on the table underneath yours. His eyes looked down in misery as you leaped out of your chair and threw your hands up in the air.


Peter got up in defeat, his lips turning into a smile as your happy and glorious win took over your body in a leaping way. Your eyes turned back around to meet Peter’s a guilty yet snarky way as you let out a breath of air from your screaming.

Peter knocked his knuckles against the table and inched closer to you, spreading his across the air in front of you, “Congratulations, you won. What’s your favor of desire?” he questioned, a smirk displayed across his face.

A deep sigh emitted from your body as you inched closer to Peter’s figure, eyes scaling him as your brain wracked for options to plant on the boy in front of you. But, your mean, sneaky desires to cast on him were suddenly vanished as your original and heartfelt thoughts took over as you leaned over and whispered in Peter’s ear confidently, “My desire is for you to claim the win and your reward.”

Let’s just say, neither of you ended in a loss that night. (lol not smutty;) )

Black and White - Chapter 4

Characters: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Bad Boy AU // University AU // Fluff

Word Count: 4039 words

Plot: Baekhyun is the typical heartthrob that always gets what he wants.. until you came along.

Black and White: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

Baekhyun stepped into the lecture hall and spotted you taking a nap. He noted that the seat beside you was occupied by a guy who was chattering with different girl next to him.

Striding up to him, Baekhyun planted his books on the table and jutted his head to the side. Understanding what Baekhyun was trying to convey, the boy immediately packed up his things and left his seat to search for another. He tried to hide the subtle roll of his eyes directed at his intruder but Baekhyun saw and chose not to comment on it because after all, the boy wasn’t in the wrong.

He plopped down on the seat next to you. Unfortunately for Baekhyun, the girl that was initially speaking to the boy whom had been shooed off seemed to have misunderstood the situation. She probably thought the shifting of seats was Baekhyun’s method of getting his way with her because she started an act of seduction.

She casually tugged her tank top lower and bit her lip provocatively. “Hey oppa, are you going to the party this weekend?” she questioned flirtatiously.

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Undeniable Heat Chapter 54: Routine

Jensen Ackles X Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“It seems like forever since I’ve been here!” You exclaimed, tossing your purse in its little cubby hole before sitting down on the specialized make up seat.

“It has been!” Jeannie agreed. “That break seemed long, but I’m glad we’re back and rocking.”

It was nice to be back at work. Getting back on a schedule, falling back into your old routine. You had missed your little trailer, and your friend as well. “So, tell me all the juice. What’s been going on?”

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~ Make A Wish ~

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Request: Insomnia fluff with Bones -  @bkwrm523

Words: 2347

Warnings: //

Beta’d: No and I’m terribly sorry for that, but it took me so long to write this fic (I had way to many ideas and like three different stories I had to put into one) and I just finally wanted to upload it for you. I hope that there aren’t too many (or at least not really bad) mistakes.

A/N: I hope you enjoy! I never actually suffered from insomnia, so I don’t not if the methods I mention here would work for someone who does suffer from it, but it works for me when I’m not tired enough to go to bed.

Tags: //

Annoyed you huffed out as you turned onto your back again and stared at the ceiling. You’ve been laying there for a long time, trying to fall asleep but weren’t able to do so. You weren’t even able to close your eyes. You thought that they would’ve grown accustomed to the darkness by now, but you still couldn’t see your hands in front of your eyes. Even if they were, the table and the vase you thought you saw weren’t actually there. They couldn’t be.

The table and the vase belonged to the interior decor of your quarters on the Enterprise, but you were at home right now, on Earth, which was probably the reason for your insomnia. You missed the constant humming of the machinery on the Enterprise, the hushed voices that sometimes passed your quarters and you missed being able to open up your eyes and look out of the windows to see the stars so close and beautiful.

Something you didn’t miss, because you weren’t lacking it at that moment, was his warmth. On the Enterprise he had to sleep near the med bay in case of an emergency and you, as a bridge crew member, were stationed a few floors above him, so you rarely got to sleep together. Right then though, you were almost ready to kill him. You weren’t really sure as to why you never noticed it, but boy, that man snored! Pinching his nose or shaking him a little only caused him to scrunch up his face or move a little bit, but he stayed asleep and snored on.

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Prompt: ANONYMOUS: Request for hamilsquad x reader where one of them meets the reader at a coffee shop and kinda flirts with her asking her out and then tells her about the open relation ship a few weeks into there relationship and asked them if they would like to join them and the reader is really shy and has horrible social anxiety and is really worried about messing everything up (because this is aka me 24/7)
Pairing: Mostly John Laurens X Reader, but also Poly!Hamilsquad X Reader
TW: angst, drama, mild swearing, mentions of bigotry and intolerance, drama, self depreciating thoughts, social anxiety
A/N: Hey guys! I’m really excited about this piece! I’m sorry for any typos; I pulled an all nighter to write this, so my brain is a bit fuzzy. I really hope y'all enjoy this! I did my best! If you want me to tag anything, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! I love y'all so much!!!! Please enjoy!
Word Count: 10755

You liked to live by your aesthetics. You went to used book stores downtown, took polaroids of old buildings, went out of your way to a quaint little coffee shop for the feel of it. After you had gone to the bookshop, it was a habit of yours to go to the coffee shop, buy a warm drink, and read your book at a table near the window. You usually made the trip on a rainy day, for the aesthetic. You used old Polaroids as bookmarks and you wrote comments or thoughts in the margins of your book with a pink pen. The light chatter of background noise was soothing as you reread one of the Jane Austen’s. It was your first copy, therefore the most beaten up. You had always been a romantic, probably for the aesthetic. Which came first? Did your aesthetics extend from your romanticism, or did the romanticism stem from your aesthetics? It didn’t matter. All that mattered was that you loved the idea of love.
You were deeply engrossed in your book when you heard the sound of the chair across from you being pulled out. Someone sat down, but you buried your nose in the book. What would Elizabeth do? Would she accept Mr. Darcy’s love? Of course, you knew the answer, but you read the book each time like you had no idea. You just hoped that your guest would get the hint and leave you to read.
“Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re reading Pride and Prejudice,” a smooth voice commented, and you glanced up at the boy. Your breath caught when you saw how cute he was with his curls and freckles. You almost shoved your nose into the spine of the book in nervousness. You knew you should probably say something, but you didn’t wanna mess it up. What if you accidentally offended him?
“Um, Yeah?” You managed to squeak out, and the guy smiled. He leaned closer, as if to get a peak at your face, but you were quick to bring the book back up. You fiddled with one of your polaroids to calm yourself.
“I think Mr. Darcy is a pompous prick that nowhere near deserves someone as well thought and versed as Elizabeth,” the boy stated bravely, and your switch flipped. You didn’t know how to talk to strangers about the weather, but you knew how to talk books, especially if you were defending one of your favorite romances.

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Never Be Alone

shawn mendes x reader

prompt: After years of always being by each other’s side, Shawn and reader are finally separated. The only question is, how will they hold up?

Author’s note: I’ve had this in my drafts since December but I had extreme writer’s block.

“take a piece of my heart, and make it all your own, so when we are apart, you’ll never be alone”

I was awake in bed, like I had been for a few nights now. Everything was so perfect for so long. But now, all I feel is conflict deep inside my bones. Why couldn’t life just stay easy? Why does everything have to change? More importantly, how do I tell him. I gripped the envelope in my hand, the envelope that would change everything. I was excited, I couldn’t deny that, but I was also distraught, to say the least. I looked up at the ceiling of  my dimly lit room before turning my attention to the window; the calm, black sky was twinkling with stars. I smiled, trying to keep the image in my mind, as I would have to leave behind soon. I breathed hesitantly and reached for my phone. Just as I was dialing the number, I received a call, from him.  I smiled gently and touched the green button.

“Hey, I was just about to call you.” I laughed into the phone.

“Maybe it’s telepathy.” Shawn joked. I giggled through the phone.

“I need to talk to you about something.” I breathed, my tone became serious and the mood became heavy. Shawn noticed this and his breath hitched in his throat.

“I need to tell you something too, but not tonight. Meet me in the tree house tomorrow at 8PM.” Shawn addressed

“The tree house? You’re kidding? How do you know we’ll even fit in there anymore.” I teased.

“Just trust me, it’s important.” Shawn sighed. My face relaxed and I remained silent for a while.

“Alright, I’ll meet you there Shawn.” I spoke in an all-too neutral tone. We whispered our goodbyes and ended the call.

I gently placed the phone back on my nightstand. Staring out the window, I smiled as I remembered Shawn’s voice, so soft and velvety, speaking to me moments ago. A calm breeze before the storm that was to come.

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EXO Reaction to:

everyone finding out about him dating you

Xiumin: During interviews, if you were ever brought up, he would blush and grow shy, giving the impression that he was sweet and innocent. But if he was with his friends, away from the camera’s, he would smirk if any of the boys tried teasing him about you. He was flirty and hinted at some rather adult things you two had done together, while not giving away much detail. He was proud of your active and adventurous bedroom life but didn’t want to disrespect you or your relationship by talking too much about something so private.

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Luhan (ex-member): At first, he tried to keep the relationship a secret, to protect you from the harsh glare of the media. But one crazy sasaeng found out your details and posted it on weibo, with photos of you too. You received a lot of hate and while trying to take control of the situation, Luhan had to control his anger and speak as politely as possible in a weibo post of his own. He admitted to dating you and said that he hoped his true fans would support his love for you, and not call you demeaning names or say you were ugly. From then on, he was more open about dating you. He posted cute selcas of you together and even a few bad (but funny) pictures of you drooling in your sleep or pulling a derpy face.

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Kris (ex-member): He acted (outwardly) really chill about dating you. He was honest about the relationship, knowing that the scandal of it being found out would be worse than him just coming out with it. He would put up “cool” pictures of you together, maybe wearing low-key matching couple outfits or jewelry. But away from the cameras, he would get really clumsy and sometimes awkward around you, smiling a goofy smile at you when he thought you weren’t looking. He was a love sick puppy but tried to hide that behind a “cool” façade.

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Suho: It was a massive scandal, when your relationship was found out. Trying to take control of the situation, he did an interview about dating you, asking fans to understand that he was a person too and wanted to love and be loved. After that interview, you two became the “it” couple. Handsome and charming Joonmyeon would make the perfect husband and he looked at you as if you were the sun. After dating openly for only a few days, he was always asked through social media or tv appearances when he was going to propose, people always pointing out how beautiful the children would be. He would blush happily, very flattered that the public were rooting for your relationship.

Originally posted by irpsychotic

Lay: He hadn’t realized that your relationship was found out until one of the boys told him, showing him articles with pictures taken of him with you. He was in shock for a while, not really knowing what to do. His manager publicly announced the relationship but Yixing himself didn’t do anything until a couple of weeks later when, during a Chinese variety show, someone asked about you. He was speechless for a moment, mouth opening and closing before he decided then and there to simply pour his heart out. “Yes, I am dating that person. And I love her so much, just like I love my fans, and I hope that they can love her just as much as I do.” Somehow he ended up teary-eyed and from then on, no one could hate the fact that he was in a relationship, not even his most obsessed fans. You made him happy and no one could deny this precious cinnamon roll his happiness.

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Baekhyun: For a while, he tried ignoring the drama surrounding the finding out of his relationship, hoping it would simply die down. But when you just ended up receiving a lot of hate, he spoke about you during a radio interview. His tone was rather harsh at first, since he had so much pent up frustration and anger about the situation. “I’m human and I’m young. I wish people would just let me live my life and be happy. And people are attacking my girlfriend too, which is ridiculous. It’s not her fault she’s so loveable.” The more he spoke about you, the softer his tone became and then he was back to the fun, witty Baekhyun that everyone loved.

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Chen: There was no scandal and he didn’t even really have to come out about it – everyone figured it out quickly. You were an idol that he had always stated was his ideal type, he would post pictures on Instagram with you or celebrating your song becoming number one on “melon”, there were even photos circulating of you two on dates together. It had been a popular ship that became a reality and many fans were overjoyed. Jongdae would always laugh when he saw banners with your ship name on them and tended to mention you during concerts, interviews, shows, etc – “Ah, you think she’s pretty? You haven’t seen her in the morning!” or “Don’t be fooled into believing she’s nice! It’s all a lie and her breath smells!”

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D.O: He had been absolutely furious with the way your relationship was discovered. Chanyeol had accidentally leaked it, just as Kyungsoo was planning on coming out with it himself, in his own way. He had it all planned out and wanted to kill Chanyeol for just blurting it out like that. EXO were afraid to have those two in the same room together so D.O was given time off to cool down. After a couple of weeks, when he was level-headed again, the boys were able to look back and laugh at the situation. “Aish, I always knew you were an idiot,” Kyungsoo would tease, playfully shoving Chanyeol around.

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Tao (ex-member): He admitted to the relationship while the drama surrounding his departure from EXO was going on. He would always say, during interviews, that he was so thankful to have you there to lean on, that he didn’t think he could go through this without you, and so on. There were a few fans who tried to spread rumours that you were the real reason he left the group but most people were happy that Zitao had someone there for him while he was going through all this.

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Kai: It had been suspected for a while now. Many pictures circulated the web, speculating about similar bracelets you were wearing or “evidence” of him staring at you during various shows, the EXO boys giving him pointed looks whenever you passed by, etc. Eventually, he just came out about it. It wasn’t that big of a deal, really. It didn’t come as much of a shock to anyone. Most people were happy for him.

Originally posted by jonginssoo

Sehun: This little shit tried hiding your relationship for a while. If you two were on the same show together, he would tease or annoy you (tug your hair, cut you off, stand centre stage so that he could “grace people’s eyes with his beauty”, and so on.) And you were well able for him, sassing him back, putting up bad pictures you secretly took of him or pictures of him staring at you during your performances. On Instagram, you would caption it, “Sheesh, stop being so obsessed with me #weirdo #idontblameyouthough #imflawless.” And he would comment, “You wish. I’m way out of your league.” This teasing flirtation was glaringly obvious but you would both still deny the relationship (“I’m way out of their league, don’t insult me like that!”) until one of the EXO boys got sick of the denial and just admitted it for you two.

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Chanyeol: Like Chen, his fans had figured it out and many of them passionately shipped you two together. He was always caught staring at you and comedic interviewers always brought it up during EXO’s appearances. “Ah, Chanyeol, glad to see you made it! I thought you would be too busy staring at a certain someone (wink, wink).” You and him were always purposefully put on shows together, like “Running Man” or “We Got Married” until eventually you both just admitted you were dating.

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(A/N: I had to add Channie at the end because tumblr wouldn’t let me post a gif in the proper age order, after Jongdae  😕)

 PLEASE READ: Why do people in fan fictions always make Amy that  cries all the time and allow people to drag her, I would literally sit there like “Come on Amy slay everyone here, you don’t need them!” But instead she would be crying and Shadow or someone would cheer her up smh  I know they  do that so the story can be more romantic or whatever but I see this happening all the time constantly, Amy is a queen and yes I even write times when she gets broken but she picks herself back up because she has that confidence

When Amy sasses someone I don’t care how rude it is, I will most likely still be smiling because  I love it when they give Amy such a strong, confident personality and that’s why I love Sonic Boom so much because  she can speak for herself  and she’s a big grown woman…. not to mention she’s a total bad butt.

Being in the backseat with Bucky would include...

° ‘Can you move your seat up’

° ‘no’

° ‘it’s hot back here’

° ‘Are we there yet’

° ‘No’

° Bucky glaring at Sam the whole ride

° Bucky moving around constantly

°’Sit still’

°Staring at Bucky when there’s nothing else to look at

°’Stop staring at me’

°Becoming bros with Bucky

°Playing car games like I spy

°Bucky cheating


° ‘Shut up back there’

° cooling down on Bucky’s arm


° Jokes

°long talks

°falling asleep

°him humming songs in Russian

°screaming out the lyrics to the songs on the radio

°’I’m Bored’

°’Steve I’m hungry’

° Steve ending up having to buy Mcdonalds for the two of you

Exo Reaction~You being sassy during a fight

whitefoxgirl said:Exo’s reaction to you being like this when you fight: www(.)instagram(.)com/p/BSmaMaeDUc0/ Take out the () to see the vid Thank you~

This video made me laugh way too hard 


Would get offended and give you the silent treatment until you stopped.

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The type to pout until you stopped with the sassy attitude.

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“I know she just didn’t give me the attitude.”

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Would come back with a roast far worse than your sass could have ever come up with 


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Would get a little angry at your sass, but would come back at it with sarcastic comments.

“Fine I’ll remember that the next time you need something off of a shelf you can’t reach.”

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Would be another that I think would pout until you apologized for being sassy.

“I’ll stop pouting when you stop with the sass.”

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The master off sass, so your attitude wouldn’t be any match for the sassiness he would pull in response.

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“Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.”

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Would hit you with the silent treatment, only breaking the silence to give you the a pouty face and a “I’ll stop when you say sorry.”

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Banished - ChrisMD Drabble

Drabble Challenge #9 “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” - ChrisMD

From a list of prompts I reblogged, many more to come! Enjoy!

“Chris do we really have to watch Lord of the Rings again?” I asked as I laid back on his bed, watching as he put the disc into the DVD player.

“Did you really just say that to me?” He asked, in a very offended manner I might add.

“Yes. Considering we watched the entire series literally two days ago.” He sat at his chair, staring at me with a blank expression on his face, just blinking at me. “Well, say something.” I added.

“Sorry. Just waiting for you to actually get to a point.” He sassed back.

I sighed, fluffing up the pillows in the corner of the bed for Chris to lay against.

He grabbed the remote, shut the lights off and made himself comfortable in his spot, which included taking his shirt off and tossing it to the end of the bed.

I cuddled my back into his chest and he pressed play, starting the movie.

About half an hour in I began to tire. “Chris I’m so bored. I’ve watched these exact same scenes a hundred times over. It’s boring now.” He gasped and paused the movie, pushing on my back so I nearly fell off the bed.

“Chris! I almost fell off the bed!”

“That’s the point!”

“Hey! Not my fault. We need to find something new to watch.”

“No. Never. On the floor. I hereby banish you from my bed!” He said pushing me fully off the bed and onto the carpeted floor.

“You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” I retorted, getting back up and climbing back onto the bed.

“We’re no longer friends.” He crossed his arms across his chest and turned his head, not making eye contact.

“Fine. Just know if you’re going to give me attitude then you get absolutely no cuddles or hugs or kisses.”

“Wait no I changed my mind.” He said turning to me again.

“Nope too late you already made up your mind.” I stood up from his bed and went towards the couch.

He grabbed my arm quickly and pulled me towards him, his lips finding my cheeks and planting kisses all over my face. “Please baby. We can watch something else for a while. I promise we’ll take breaks between binging sessions from now on.”

I smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lips. “Thank you.”

“This is a dirty game you play.” He said smirking and slapping my butt playfully, getting up to switch the movie.

“All’s fair in love and war.”

“I think you mean ‘all’s fair in love and movie choices.’”


Tour Guide

New to your apartment in Brooklyn you go to explore only to get completely lost. Thankfully a charming gentleman with kind blue eyes was there to save the day.

Request: ‘The Knitter’ was so adorable! Can I please get added to your tag list? And may I request something as well? I recently moved to a new place and have this daydream about walking into Bucky accidentally and he offers to show the reader the city. Or they meet because she starts working for SHIELD and this is is how they meet and Bucky thinks she’s cute and offers to show her around, like Brooklyn and so on :) thank you! X


Warnings: Bucky’s pretty damn hot and sweet (I felt like this is a needed warning)

Word Count: 1820

Title: Tour Guide

Note: @gallifreyansass  I’m so sorry this has taken me so long to write this, I’ve been so busy with my holiday and organising my University. You’ve probably already settled in and know your way around the your new area now so I hope that all went well. Here’s some helpful Bucky for you anyway, thanks for the request doll, this was fun to write!

Stepping out of your brand new Brooklyn apartment you locked the door and headed down the stairs. Having just finished unpacking your moving boxes (most of which contained far too many books) your plan for the rest of the day was to get to know the area around your new home. You were more than ready to get out of your small apartment and so you excitedly jumping down the stairs you nearly ran smack bang into a rather well built blonde with blue eyes.

“Oh, sorry sir!” you called out as you narrowly avoided him.

“It’s no problem miss.” He called out and you smiled gratefully before continuing down the stairs slightly more carefully. The man you would later learn was Steve Rogers released a hearty chuckle and leant against the railing with crossed arms watching you descend the many flight of stairs.

When you reached the front door of the apartment block a very polite coloured man with a wicked smile held the door open for you.

“Thanks,” you said and he winked back giving you a dazzling smile in reply. Sam Wilson entered the building and closed the door waving up at Steve as you hit the street with a bounce in your step. You couldn’t be sure if you were nervous or excited but you were somewhere in that zone. Pulling your bag more securely on your shoulder you started off down the street taking note of where you had started off.

Much later you stood on the corner of one street and another staring intently at a map you were holding in your hands. It’d been two hours since you’d left the apartment and you had made it no more than a few blocks before getting completely lost. You tried to backtrack to your apartment but all the buildings looked the same and you just made yourself even more lost. You looked up again at the street signs above your head taking note once again of their names. Still being unable to locate either road on the map you released a sigh and stomped your foot in frustration.

You folded up your map placing it in your pocket and looked up to see a taxi cab hurtling down the road. You hadn’t noticed the puddle of water on the road and so flinched when the cab sent up a large spray. You scrunched your eyes in preparation to be soaked but you remained dry. Instead you felt a strong hand grab you and pull you out of the way. You opened your eyes to find a pair of sparkling blue ones staring back at you. Your saviour stepped back and cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Hi,” you whispered shyly unable to look away from his eyes.

“Hi.” He replied warmly his voice deep but firm. “Sorry about grabbing you like that but you already looked lost, I didn’t want to add wet to the mix.”

Well you’ve dramatically failed at that you thought to yourself taking in the hunk of a man before you.

“Thank you, it’s appreciated,” you replied instead and turned to start walking away, hoping he wouldn’t notice how blatantly you’d ogled him.

“Hey, wait!” the mystery brunette called out causing you to turn around, “Do you need a hand getting around. I meant what I said when you looked lost.”

“Oh,” you mumbled ducking your head and rubbing the back of your neck, trying to hide the redness of your cheeks. Inhaling a deep breath you pushed away your pride and risked a look at the man waiting nervously before you. “Um, yes. Please.” you added noting the beautiful smile that crossed his face as you said it.

“Brilliant,” he cheered in a gravely voice, “I’m James by the way.”

“y/n”, you replied, completely oblivious to the avenger who was standing in front of you. “Thanks for the help.”

“It’s no problem, really. You looking for anywhere in particular or….” James trailed off waiting for you to fill in the blanks for him.

“Oh, um, I’m, ah, actually new to the area, just moved in, and wanted to get to know the place but it’s not exactly going very well.” James laughed as you gestured to the scrunched up map in your pocket. He shook his head and smiled gently up at you sending your heart racing.

“Well then,” James added with a smile, “I guess you’ve just found yourself a tour guide.”


James was the best tour guide you could ask for. He showed you all the main sights and attractions of Brooklyn along with a few hidden jem’s. He showed you prospect park, Brooklyn bridge and the Brooklyn botanical gardens. He even pointed out where the museum and aquarium were. As you walked he spoke of the best diners, quiet places to sit in the parks and where you can get the perfect New York Cheese cake.

Walking around yet another corner James continued his enthusiastic ramblings about Brooklyn. It was beautiful to watch him speak so passionately about his home town and if you’d guessed his identity correctly, he wouldn’t have been this relaxed and at ease in a long time. He was so sweet and kind and the way his eyes lit up when he talked made you lose track of what he was saying more than you cared to admit.

“And here’s the old Corner Cinema. Well,” Bucky paused taking in the empty car park, “it, uh, was. It was a good place to go. Snuck out to watch films with my buddy St… my friend way too many times.” Bucky’s shoulders had dropped as he took in the empty car park his once cheery demeanour fading away rapidly. Wanting to lighten the mood you looked around and noticed a diner just across the street from you.

“Hey James, is there a good place to eat around here? I realise I haven’t eaten since breakfast and I’m quite hungry.” You asked innocently and you swore you saw his eyes shine with unshed tears.

“Yeah, just over here actually.” he replied stealthily wiping his eyes. “My friend and I always used to come here after the movies. They serve a mean bagel.” You smiled up at him and James led you across the road and held the door open for you. What a gentleman.

Sliding into a booth at the back you allowed James, or as you were fairly sure Bucky, to order for you. You were sure that the bagel you’d eaten was brilliant but you don’t actually remember what it tasted like, being too busy watching Bucky to notice the taste. You sat in the booth for a good two hours talking of this and that. He had a wicked sense of humour and the stories he told of his childhood set you both laughing.

“Thanks for today Bucky. I reckon I know my way around now.” you said smiling up at him not noticing your slip up. Bucky however had and his face fell when you called him by his nickname. He immediately became distant and moved to get up.

“Wait, sorry,” you said with a slight shrug, “I figured it out. If it makes you feel better it took me a while.”

Bucky nodded at your answer but his face was now guarded. You could see a war battling behind his eyes and you hoped you hadn’t scared him away.

“How did I give it away?” he asked eventually not looking at you and instead staring at his hands.

“Your glove was the first hint along with your stories and the fact we’re in Brooklyn. It was the cinema that was the give away. Oh and that.” You finished pointing at something behind him. Turning Bucky couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face or the laugh that escaped his lips as he looked at the photo-wall behind him. By his left ear was a black and white photo of him and a very scrawny Steve Rogers smiling giddily with sauce all over their faces. Shaking his head he turned to you and was surprised to see a smile on your face too.

“I guess that is a bit of a giveaway huh?” he joked his eyes much lighter than before.

“Just a bit,” you sassed back as you stood up and gestured towards the door. Bucky chuckled deeply and got out of the booth. You followed him over to the counter and watched gladly as he managed to persuade the waitress to allow him to take the photo home. Once out of the diner Bucky asked if you knew your way home and when you replied with an embarrassed no, you gave Bucky your address. Bucky confirmed your suspicions when he said he lived in the same apartment as you. You told him of your unknowing run in with Steve and Sam enticing another laugh from him.

When you made it back home Bucky paused before entering turning to look at you.

“Thank you. I really needed today.” he admitted awkwardly. You understood what he meant and so placed a hand reassuringly on his left arm. You couldn’t imagine what he’d experienced so you were happy to help. The fact that he was a stunningly handsome gentleman was completely beside the point.

Again trying to lighten the mood you replied “I’m fairly sure I should be thanking you shouldn’t I?”

“I was happy to help.” Bucky smiled in return before adding. “I mean it though, thank you giving me a chance.”

“It’s not everyday I meet a gentleman. I was more than happy to have my own personal tour guide” you sassed back

You brushed past Bucky and started up the stairs to your apartment leaving a smiling Bucky behind you. Bucky followed you up and stopped one floor below you to find his door already open and a smirking Steve Rogers leaning against the doorway. Easily able to read the emotions playing out in Bucky’s head Steve pointed towards the roof and the sound of you unlocking your door.

“y/n! Wait!” he called out sprinting up the stairs.

“Bucky? Everything alright?” you asked looking past him in confusion.

“I just, ah, remembered that, ah,” Bucky inhaled slowly regaining his courage before looking you straight in the eye. “I forgot to show you the best part of Brooklyn today and was wondering if you’d accompany me to Coney Island tomorrow night?”

You looked the now nervous super soldier up and down before smirking and asking, “James, are you asking me on a date?” When he didn’t reply you continued, “because if you were, I’d say yes.”

Bucky’s face lit up and you laughed when he replied, “yes doll, yes I am.”

“Then I guess I’ll be seeing you tomorrow then.”

One floor below you Steve slapped Sam on the back and you could have sworn you heard the coloured man mumble, “dammit Barnes, I was going to ask her.”

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