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i’m up to ep 9 of hxh now and i tried doodling kurapika on my phone heh,,

I really hope when Keith’s feelings for Shiro come to light, it’s done in the same way that Pidge revealed that she’s a girl and EVERYONE knows except for Keith, who hasnt realized it himself yet, and Lance makes fun of Keith like “dude you were always like -mushy voice- Shiro? Where’s Shiro? It’s good to have you back, Shiro! I loooove Shir–” and then one of them hits him


★Kitty portrait frame series★

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-Upper length(cm) M Approx.37cm /XL Approx.39cm
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-Shell Fabric: Polyester Jaquird 100%
-Iace: Polyester 100%

★Care Instruction★
Dry Cleaning please


Please send any inquiry/order to
※If there is a simultaneous inquiry or order, the email

inquiry/order takes the priority.
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Sora 158cm
Photo by LaLa
All produced by Lief, 2017

Shkoda and me are successfully escaped this mad house where I’ll never return in my fucking life. Police said they won’t do anything about my father (I didn’t expect any different) and I got my stuff loaded up in my mum’s car and I never gonna look back.

Now I know what “pack your whole life in a few bags” mean. Literally did it just now.

I don’t have any fucking clue on what to do with housing situation, but at least for now I’m safe. At least for now,I’m okay and not in danger.

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Hi! I just started sewing my own clothes and I wanted to try to make a long sleeved simple classical op for the colder seasons (since I will still have to improve my skills I'm trying to plan and make it a lot earlier than I will be able to wear it haha). Now my issue is that my weight often fluctuates a lot and all my jsks and skirts i made have shirring. I'm just wondering if i can make the op the same way by just adding a shirred panel in the back or if it won't work like that. Thanks :)

You can definitely use shirring for an OP! You could do something where just part of the back is shirred like this:

Or you could do something where the full back is shirred like this:

Or you could do full shirring all around:

Or an alternative to shirring could be something like this where the size of the waist is controlled by the drawstring but I feel like it gives a little less freedom of size than shirring.

Take a look at the search results for “shirring op” on lolibrary to get more ideas.

Mistakes Will Be Made

For @voltronwhumpweek2017!

Day Three: Near Death and/or Blood Loss

Summery: Keith just wants to make Shiro proud and be a good leader. He still needs to work on making sure everyone is on the same page.

Ship: Klance

Word Count: 1482

Extra Note: Season Three Spoilers

Sometimes, no matter how elite your team is, no matter how well you work together, and no matter how many times you drill each other for these exact moments, people can get lost in the chaos.

That’s just the nature of war.

So when Keith lost track of Lance as he fought his way through a group of Galra soldiers, he didn’t worry about it too much. Why would he? Lance had probably just gotten to higher ground to cover him, as he does on almost every mission they’ve ever been on. And besides, Keith had other things to focus on at the moment. Like getting back to Shir- back to his lion, and getting the fuck off this planet.

At some point Keith started tuning out the yelling of the other paladins over the com waves, something he does whenever he gets into the zone of combat. He tunes out the pointless grunts and chatter, yet his mind is always able to focus in on the important stuff. Which he knows he needs to get better at. He can’t zone in and out of focus on his teammates whenever he pleases.

Mistake number one.

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Lolita co-ord from this weekend! I am wearing my newest dress from Infanta- it is so nice! For whatever reason I keep going for the no shirring, no back bow-tie dresses. They are a pain to eat in because THERE’S NO STRETCH (so afternoon tea is always a struggle) but they’re always so nice???

Anyway, my eyes look weirdly the same colour as my dress in these photos, IDK why.

"I'll Never Let you go." - by Solifiedjaporeanist21 (Admin SCYO)

Rating: Explicit

Member: Chanyeol (Exo)

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (You)

Words: 3,308

Warnings: Explicit sexual content, Blow jobs, Dirty talk, Body worship, Slight orgasm denial, Multiple orgasms, Happy ending, Two shot.

Summary: Chanyeol like the good friend he was, confronts (Y/N) when he finds her crying in her room, but what they don’t expect is what happens next, and boy does it take them by surprise.

Part two to Make Up Sex (and then some). Requested by a lot of anticipated readers.

You tremble as your tears continue, depressing as it looked they wouldn’t stop, it didn’t matter how many times you willed yourself. Never before have you been this hurt and for that it just makes the despair of your reality unfavorable. You hug your knees harder to your chest, screaming out your pain. It was almost too much to bare alone, but that was all you had- yourself. You had Chanyeol of course, your best friend, your brother, your love, although you wouldn’t be able to bring yourself to tell him. How could you, especially in this state.

Suddenly your door swings opens, hitting the wall, knocking those thoughts right out the window. “(Y/N)! What’s wro-” You look up at the man before you, eyes red-rimmed with tears. Chanyeol visably winces at the look, brows knitted worriedly. “(Y/N)…” Your name off his tongue just sounded so perfect and it only made you cry harder.

“Chanyeol.” You whimper, pain lanced in the simple sentance.

In a heartbeat Chanyeol was by your side, reaching for you and you let him, you let him hold you, embrace you, if only this once. Because you knew deep down that this might be the last he ever touches you in this manner.

You wailed into his chest, fingers digging into his shirt. “(Y/N)?” Chanyeol murmurs, hugging you tightly, “What’s wrong? Did someone hurt you? Please tell me?” You shake your head, not being able to bring a fraction of the truth to something so stupid. And it was stupid. C'mon you were torn over a dream. A figment of cruel reality.

“I-I can’t.” You finally force out, voice shaken with tears. “I just… can’t. Believe me I want nothing more than to tell you the truth but…” you trailed off, not being able to say the words. Chanyeol just pulls you closer at your struggle, his arms seemingly protective around your back. You let out a shuttering breath, inhaling his strong scent, the smell of his musky colonge and soup. It intoxicates your senses beyond belief. You would honestly drown in this scent for eternity.

Something felt just so right about this, the way his arms felt like heaven wrapped around you, the way they were strong but gentle, protective yet defensive. If you didn’t know better you’d think he was holding you far more delicately than a normal friend would, it was somewhat possessive.

Chanyeol buries his head in your neck, his breath making the hairs at the back of your neck stand on edge. Your fingers dig into his shirt harder, it was taking everything in your power not to lean your head to the side and kiss him. To just come out and express what you’ve been so shattered over. But rejection was something you didn’t take likely nor could you live with the thought of him feeling disgusted by you for feeling that way about him, when he so clearly doesn’t. So in the end you threw your desire out and just held him.

Chanyeol pulls himself back, and you meet his gaze, the thought of your pain seemingly lessing. “(Y/N)…” You almost was surpised when he speaks your name, there was something in his tone, something foreign, something you wished you knew. He smiles, wiping the tears that endlessly fall with the pad of his thumb. It was all innocent enough but you honestly thought there was more to his actions then a friendly gesture.

You lean into his touch, your heart warming as your lingering dream of him touching you like this surfaces. However this time it didn’t hurt, there was no throb in your chest, maybe because he was here with you. Not as lover but as a friend. You hated to say but you knew you couldn’t keep leeching onto him, not because of him but because of you. Or maybe it wasn’t that at all, maybe it was just the tender of this moment that makes you say that.

You open your mouth, as to tell him but he stops you short, pressing his lips against yours in a gentle kiss. All in all it grabs you by surprise and you couldn’t catch the gasp of utter shock that erups from your throat. Nonetheless, you let your eyes fall shut, taking his invitation far too highly but that was alright, if this was a one time only thing, something that surfaced from the tender moment and will be regretted later then so be it. Cause right now you wanted to savor it for as long as it lets you.

However long ended up scarcely under a minute. Chanyeol pulls away slowly, the press of his lips against yours still lingering a tingling feeling. What you expected was him to lean in again, to tell you how much he wants you but what you got instead was his hastily aplogies. “Fuck I’m so sorry (Y/N), I-I don’t know what came over me. I really shouldn’t have done that, your hurting and I just took advantage of you. God I’m such a idiot!” You opened your mouth to tell him that that wasn’t it, that you liked it- liked him, but the words just wouldn’t come, they died the moment they landed on your tongue.

Chanyeol stands, infuriated by his unwelcomed behavior. He begins to walk away but you grabbed his hand, pulling him back. “Please don’t.” Your voice was so low and soft spoken you doubt he even heard you. Though when he glances at you, you began to think that maybe he had. You motion him to sit back down, and when he does you lean over towards him, returning the favor that he’d given you.

“Please shut up Chanyeol.” He doesn’t hesitate as he nods, you smile, pressing your lips back against his. You wanted to savor this moment one last time, only this once you didn’t care about the consequences later. Chanyeol passes his fingers through your hair, pressing his lips harder against yours, taking over. And you allowed it, you really let him. You desired that he do anything he wanted to you.

“You don’t believe how many times I’ve wanted this, dreamt this.” You relate to Chanyeol’s confession, panting as he slides his lips across your neck, tasting your need as your pulse races with everlasting joy. You turn your head, moaning aloud as he plants hickeys down your neck and shoulder, groaning at your sweetness.

Fuck, it felt so good, it clouded your head with overwhelming pleasure, your legs shaking from the adrenaline of excitement. You ask for more, begged for it, you dreamed he push you down and rightfully take what’s his. And after years of pent up frustration you knew he’d be delighted to.

You gasp softly, bitting your lip, running your hands through his hair, the other clawing at his shoulder as he works wonderful magic on your arousing body with his mouth. You moan his name, breathless. Only then does Chanyeol stop his actions. You look up at him when he pushes himself back, holding you by your shoulders. “(Y/N), I can’t,” He shakes his head. “-this is wrong, I’m taking advantage of you, this isn’t what you want.”

You couldn’t believe this, after everything he still was in denal of seeing your feelings. “But this is what I want, Chanyeol, for years I’ve wanted this, wanted you. I could never tell you because I couldn’t bear the thought of you rejecting me or worse thinking I’m disgusting. But don’t ever say I don’t want this, there is nothing in this world I crave more.” It was the truth, you really couldn’t. He looks at you perplexed but he doesn’t say anything so you take his silence to continue.

“I had a dream, a dream of us, we were fighting over something, something so ridiculous too and to make it up to you I went so far to show you just how much I cared,” It didn’t take a genius to figure out just what you had done and with the look on Chanyeol’s face you knew he caught your drift. “However, after we finished and I told you just how much I loved you, I woke up.” You sigh. “It didn’t hurt so much that it was a dream, but the fact that it felt so real. To be in your arms, to be kissed by you, to be touched by you, it was cruel, I couldn’t take the reality that it would never happen. That’s why I was down earlier, I can’t help my feelings for you Chanyeol, I can’t stop loving you, but most of all I can’t live with the thought of never having you to the extent I want. So no you’re not taking advantage of me, never will you take advantage of me, not with how long I chased this.”

Chanyeol cups your cheek, leaning in. He doesn’t say anything and that was fine by you because right now words don’t need to be spoken. All that needed to be heard was seen in his actions. Chanyeol holds you close, tasting your mouth as he slides his tongue past your parted lips, taking your breath right from under you. A moan erups from within, your mind glazing with unspeakable lust.

“Give me the pleasure to please you (Y/N), for real this time.” Chanyeol doesn’t even have to ask, he could demand for anything and you will follow along willingly. You nodded and Chanyeol smiles, leaning you down, towering above you, concurring your mouth as he takes dominance. You circle your arms around his neck, moving your lips along with his.

He curls his fingers around the curve of your back, scooting you up to the pillows at the head of the bed. Surprising your kiss didn’t break though when it does those lips that you love so much trace the line of your jaw, his hot pants of breath at the shell of your ear, driving you insane. Chanyeol slides a hand down your side, kneading your breast, your thighs, nibbling at your earlobe, enforcing blissful cries of his name to awake from within. And the way he was touching you now was far better than any dream, no imagination can come close to comparison to how good this really feels.

You trail your hands down Chanyeol’s back, underneath his shirt, your cold hands upon his bare warm chest sending shivers of sparking pleasure throughout his body, igniting his arousal below. Nails gently rake down his nipples to his abdomen, your fingertips tracing the constricting muscles that lie there. He groans throaty, relishing in the wake of your encouraging touch.

It was Chanyeol’s turn soon enough, as he lifts your shirt up, venturing his lips across your belly, kissing you in spots you didn’t know could be kissed. He interlocks his fingers with yours, holding them close to your side, using his teeth when he nibbles at your hips, delighted as you squirm beneath him. Your breath hitches when he drags his tongue across your sensitive skin, inside your navel, across your ribs, against your peaking breast. Your hands tighten around his own, eager for more.

He hums in your chest, scattering wet butterfly-kisses up across your neck, electing the beautiful sounds that leave your lips because of him. He meets them with his own soon enough, breathing in your gasps and whimpers.

Chanyeol guides you up, running his palms beneath your shirt, over your breast, before he’s rising it above your head, your kiss splitting instantly when he had. He tosses it across the bedroom half-heartly, landing his mouth upon the bareness of your shoulders, leading you back down on your back. He scurries his tongue over your breast, down your stomach. He plants love bites and wet kisses all across your body, until he reaches his destination.

With the button unpoped he reachs for the hem of your jeans, slowly ridding of them. You easily comply, lifting your butt, rocking your hips side to side as he completely removes them. Chanyeol smiles at your willingness. “Your so beautiful, (Y/N).” He compliments.

Getting up you graze your lips across his, smiling. “Not as much as you.” Slowly you proceed to his own, sliding your small hands underneath his shirt, lifting it over his head. He watches as you press you hands against his chest, your lips following suit behind.

Chanyeol gets off the bed when you motion him to, you following towards him on your knees, reaching for his pants. He allows you permission to undress him, to have your fun in taking time to explore what he’s never given you until now. With the button undone you slowly slide them down, leaving him in nothing but his boxers. You bite your lip at how hard he was, the curve of his cock inside his boxers tempting enough to touch. Which is what you do in earnest.

Reaching forward you palm him through. Chanyeol groans huskily, leaning his head back, eyes closed shut. “(Y/N), you have amazing hands.” You smile thankful, placing your lips against his waist, your hand squeezing him harder, not enough to hurt him but enough to bring greater pleasure. “You’re just as big as you were in my dream.” You moaned, closing your eyes as he combs his fingers through your hair.

“Must have been one vivid dream,” Chanyeol grins, not able to take the torture no more. He bends down, guiding your mouth to his, where he climbs on top of you once more. “How good did I fuck you, (Y/N)?” He whispers in your ear. There was absolutely no shame in his voice when he asked and you whimper only finding it more of a turn on. Your voice comes out in a low purr when you murmured. “Very, no words can excel. And you didn’t stop either, not until I forgot my own name, until I screamed yours in ecstasy, until I knew my place as your property.” Chanyeol growls gruffly, breathing deeply into your shoulder.

With hips against yours, Chanyeol greedily rocks his cock across your pussy, moaning loudly as he feels just how wet you’ve become from his simple presses. Your fingers claw at his back, head tossed back in pure bliss. “I’ll be sure to fuck you ten times better, baby.” Chanyeol promises, whispering deeply in your ear. You mewled hoarsly, moving your hips with his, relishing in the heat of that beautiful cock of his pressed up against you.

He makes you keen and wither in perfect rapture, his name so gorgeously slipping from your lips, as he continuously dry humps you, begging for more.

Chanyeol was easy to contribute with you, too eager to please. You let our a breathless sigh when he slowly begins to slide your soaked panties down your thighs, his own boxers following behind, thrown somewhere in the room carelessly.

You wrap your arms around his shoulders, biting your lip as he positions himself at your needy hole, rubbing his slick cockhead across your slippery-with-cum folds. This alone was torturous, bringing you to a even greater frustration. Chanyeol leans down to your lips, distracting you somewhat as he pushes himself deep inside you, both moaning into one another at the euphoric feeling of entry. The feel of being filled by this man is unexplainable, he fit so perfectly inside you, seemingly belonged.

To the base, Chanyeol stills breaking the kiss, to far gone with the tightness around him. He breathes harshly against your cheek. “God, (Y/N), you feel so fucking good, so fucking tight.” He moans huskily, his nails digging into your thigh, presumably to keep himself from moving before you’re fully ajusted to him. Only when you are does Chanyeol begin to move, pulling out to the tip before he slams back in, cherishing the blissful sigh that escapes your mouth when he had.

Seeing your pleasured state, he keeps up a distinct rhythm, moving his hips in deep slow thrust, hazing your mind in a mere second, driving your body to react to his touch without even trying too. It was official this was far better that anything you could imagine.

You bury your head in his neck, enveloping your senses with his scent, panting heavily as he speeds up, the bed creaking upon the heavy weight. “Ahh, Chanyeol…fuck.” He just grunts, focusing all his effort to please you, the obscene sounds of your love making heaven to your ears.

Chanyeol reaches behind you, swiftly pulling you up into his lap, holding you close as he greets your lips, your tongues dancing in a forceful swirl of passion. He tangles his hand through your hair, guiding it back when he trails his tongue down your neck, suckling at your flushed skin, creating bite marks at your shoulders. You moaned helplessly, rocking your hips against his pelvis, rubbing his cock nice and deep inside you, around your hot walls. Your hands dig into his broad shoulders, feeling his muscles flex and tighten with the force he was bringing below, slamming his cock in and out of you to the best of his ability. With this position it deemed a workout.

You open your eyes, capturing the beauty before you, his face contorted with intense pleasure, mouth agape to let out his heavy pants of breath. Lip between your teeth you lean forward, resting your face in the crook of his sweaty neck, your fingers combing through his damp hair. Chanyeol moans loudly when your bite him. You blame the incoming orgasm.

You cry out, nails raking his back, creating bruising red marks as your climax hits you, with your head tossed back, your body quakes in the overwhelming release. Chanyeol’s name rolls off your tongue when he strikes your g-spot, igniting your orgasm almost viciously. And he doesn’t stop either, he fucks you until there is nothing but white behind your eyelids, until your body spasms in the over simulation, until your coming again.

This time Chanyeol gasps, your walls unbearably tight around him, driving him nuts with lust. His back abused. It didn’t take him no time before that wonderful feeling before he’s coming along with you, saying your name under his breath. It was too late to pull himself out, so he just cums inside you, hugging you close to his numb form. You whimer, feeling his cum coating your constricting walls, his cock throbbing inside you, hitting spots that make you jerk in the overstimulation.

Chanyeol falls limp when he couldn’t come anymore, resting his head on your shoulder, panting heavily, his breath ghosting at your ear. “I love you, (Y/N),” Chanyeol blurts, voice ragged and hoarse. “-I should have told you this a long time ago. I should have held you by my side rather than ignorning you all this time, I should have seen the signs, your hesitant glances, your questioning touch, the pain and heartbreak that was written across your face when I kissed another women. But truth be told all I saw was you when I fucked them. That’s really how I knew I loved you, but I was stupid and didn’t awknowlage you. I was frightened.”

You feel tears welling up in your eyes, the truth only making you also feel stupid. All this time, all these years of hiding, keeping secrets, it was all for naught? You let out a shuttering breath. “Chanyeol it’s okay, you’re here now, you have my unconditional love, my heart, and my soul, nothing you say or do will make that change.”

Chanyeol holds you close, tightly and protective, yet this time he wasn’t letting go. You smile, overloading with sheer happiness, your tears falling. “I’ll never let you go, Chanyeol.”

“Nor will I.”


This is the last chapter of this fic, I know it sucks but there really isn’t any more I could do on it. (Unless someone wants to give me some. *wink wink*) I do hope it reaches expectations though and is as good as you all anticipated. I had tons of request and feedback which I greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank all my readers most of all, for reading and leaving your awesome comments and suggestions, I can’t express how happy it makes me. Not on this book either on all of them. As a writer this is all that I could ever I wish for, to have my books known, which you guys do greatly.


★Tulip gardening series★

*Reservation: 29th March 2017 ~ 15th April 2017
*Shipping: 18th May 2017 ~ 30th May 2017

★Shipping fee★
*USA&Europe&The other countries-30USD
(We are using EMS)

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★Ribbon ballerina shoes with pastel color
S(225) M(235) L(245) XL(255)
Color:Pink,Mint,Gold,Silver,Chocobrown,Navy,Black(7 colorways)
(No organdy ribbon ver.)


Tangerine / Grass green / Sky blue / Black

*Highwaist Onepiece size
M / XL size, 2 pockets
-Bust(cm) M(Approx.92cm) XL(Approx.104cm)
-Waist(cm) M(Approx.88cm) XL(Approx.99cm)
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-Upper length(cm) M Approx.33cm /XL Approx.34cm
-Shoulder-M (Approx.38cm) XL (Approx.40cm)
-Skirt length :Approx.63cm

*Back shirring jumperskirt
JSK SM / LXL size: Side zipper, 1 pocket
-Bust(cm) M(Approx.84cm~Approx.100cm) XL(Approx.100cm~Approx.116cm)
-Waist(cm) M(Approx.73cm~Approx.90cm) XL(Approx.90cm~Approx.105cm)
-Upper length(cm) M Approx.37cm /XL Approx.38cm
-Skirt length :M Approx.60cm

*Tulip skirt
-Right pocket
-Waist up to 100cm
-Length Approx.58cm

-Shell Fabric: Polyester 100%
-Iace: T/C 100%
-Dot tulle,lace-Polyester 100%

★Care Instruction★
Dry Cleaning,
Cold water


Please send any inquiry/order to
※If there is a simultaneous inquiry or order, the email inquiry/order takes the

———- Order Form ———-
** Please note we do not accept cancellations under any circumstances - all

orders are final**
1. Name
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I got some inquiries for Halloween theme dresses good for custom tailor. Here’s one:
😎Limited quantity for custom tailor 😍😍
-First 50 could arrive before Halloween, rest will take about 30-50 days for tailor.
✌️Special Price: $55.99 email: ✌️
S: bust 84cm; waist 68cm dress length 92cm
M: bust 88cm; waist 72cm dress length 93cm
L: bust 94cm; waist 76cm dress length 95cm
XL: bust 100cm; waist 80cm dress length 96cm
Slight high waist, the shirring at back could add about 10cm extra space.


It’s been long time since I got anything lolita related, but just noticed that I accidentally forgot this one order from last fall. Innocent World released Happy London-series that kind of reminded me of Teddy Bear Parade and one of the JSK had a sailor collar. Needless to say, that I wanted to get it simply because this JSK combined British themes and Sailor theme. And I got another pair of cute Lame Lace Up Ribbon OTks because you cannot have too many socks.

Happy London Sailor collar JSK is as it sounds like: cute sailor collar combined with cute Happy London border print. It’s a little bit different from my other JSKs because it has a full bodice instead of adjustable shoulder straps. Collar is attached to shoulders and back is fully shirred and its rather high cut. Because of this the bust fixed little higher than my normal JSKs and the waist line that is supposed to be empire line ends awkwardly on my chest. Luckily this can be fixed by using a belt to lover the waist close to high waist as it supposed to. Heart brooch in the collar can be moved as well as the back bow. Interesting thing about the collar is that the back part is scallop edged and it has tiny bow to add more detail.

Socks are standard Innocent World quality: stretchy and pretty as always.

anonymous asked:

can you suggest plus size nymphet tops? i looked through the tag, but a lot of them are discontinued or out of stock now

I do need to update my plus size section but here are some tops for now…

Dolly Halter Top in Red

Hankie Hem Tee by Taillissime


Inspire Red Elasticated Bandeau Top

Inspire Black Floral Print Gypsy Top

Pink Fine Knit Top With Silver Sequin Butterfly Design

Black And Cream Polka Dot Print Jersey Longline Top






Sweet Heart Crop Top


Good Girl

Naughty List 

Sequin Trapeze Tank Top

Bow Peplum Top

Ruffle Crop Top

Surplice Front Crop Top

Sequined Cold Shoulder Sweater

Dear Santa Cold Shoulder Top

Sequined Marilyn Sweater

Plaid Peplum Top

Striped Tee

Adorable top





Rose Ready Ruffle top or in white

Pink Trendy Top

Embroidered Smocked Babydoll Cami

Plus Size Eye Magnet Black Crop Top

Ruffled Top

Knit Barbie Tee

MLP Tee Heather Grey

Office to the Races Top in Plus Size

Seemingly Sew Top in Red

glam top

Mandarin Collar Ruffle Top

Dolls Graphic Tee

Kiss Print Sweater

Hello Kitty Raglan Tee

Hello Kitty V-Neck Tee

Hello Kitty White Red Graphic T-Shirt 

Crisscross Back Shirred Babydoll Top

Disney Minnie Mouse Collection Halter Peplum 

Heart Print V-Neck Top

Cable Knit Tunic

Polka Dot Blues Peplum Top

Daisy Duke Corset

Lace Sweetheart Top

Polka Dotted Babydoll Cami

Sequin Cami

Beyond White Top

Strappy Ruffle Top

Ivory Paradise Peasant top

Disney Winnie the Pooh Sweeter Than Honey

T-shirt, print Perfect, with long sleeves, Henley neck

White Lace Peasant Top

Fight Like a Girl “Fetsu Design Custom Tailor

Dreamy Sweet Sailor Top

Pastel Cute Baby Pink Sailor 

Sailor Moon Chibi Moon Pink Bow Cotton T-shirt 

Plus Size Chibi Moon Jumper

White Dots Chiffon Blouse 

Candy Color Micky Mouse T-Shirt

Zooey Top in White & in Pink

Peasant Top in White


CURVE Sweetheart Crop Top In Scuba

Lace T-Shirt In Floral Print

T-Shirt With Rainbow Cloud Print

Tunic With My Little Pony Print

Inspire Bardot Top

Off Shoulder Gypsy Long Tops

Arcadian Dreams Top

Lattice-Patterned Velveteen Top

Sheer Floral Crochet Top

Lace Chiffon Paneled Top

Cutout-Back Crop Top

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