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||September BPC: Just One Word|| 14. Cheap. A complimentary copy is about as cheap as they come.

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Hey Nimbus, what first got you into the angel dragon community? :3


Before I found out about them, I was trying really really hard to come up with a dragon of my own. TO be a fursuit and such. I really didn’t want a Lombax fursuit. 

The first of which being Charity. I loved him at first but I just didn’t..associate with him and was pretty distant so now he sits on the back shelf. 

(old photo is old)

I did come up with some better ones, but again always felt distanct.

THAN out of no where cipher-057 starting showing me this character called Telephone.

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“Its a thing called a Dutch Angel Dragon, apparently you can make-…”



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This was before the site was up and I THINK it might have been around when Ino was being harassed for the species so I found diddly squat on the species. But I began designing anyway! Eventually after a few weeks I discovered the facebook group and joined! 

TL;DR: Someone showed me Telephone and I fell in love. 

The backstory for the species is great too, After I read it, I just fell more in love~!

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