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So the gryphons are big, and boy are they gaudy

Their builds come in thick, thicker and thickest, with immense strength behind their limbs and a real scary bite to back it up. Typical distinctions to look for are the feathered ‘manes’ which range from a top half to full neck, fluff stopping at the heel/elbow, paw-claw hybrid feet, and the dual layer tail.

They are proud beasts, easily offended and quick to snap you for it. Not to say they can’t be diplomatic mind you, but really who’d risk it.



T'Challa wanting to cuddle 

••• Requested by Anon ••• 

 A kiss was left on your cheek before you even realized that T'Challa had entered the room. Jumping, you dropped the book you were reading and craned your neck back, watching him walk around the couch until he was standing right in front of you. He wore a bright smile, something that had become rare since he had taken up the mantle of King, but that didn’t mean you weren’t happy to see it. 

“Hey, your highness.” You greeted, poking him with your toe and returning his smile with one of your own. “What’re you doing here?" 

"Came to see what my girlfriend was up too.” He replied, jumping down upon the couch, carefully moving your legs before he sat down beside you. Grinning from ear to ear, you sat up and caught his lips with your own, giving him the kiss you knew he wanted. 

“Got any time to give me cuddles?" 

"As a matter of fact, I do.” He said before pulling you into his arms.

I better see some goddamn support for Black Panther on this site. I want 2017 to be all up in Black Panther’s ass and then in 2018 when that shit drops every one of you white people that speak on diversity better see that shit. I’m really sick of white people seeing diversity as a trendy topic. Only time they discuss it is when it builds up their own moral compasses. 

  • Propertarian: The founding fathers were willing to start a revolution over unjust taxation =) my heroes =) revolution is my jam =)
  • Socialist: Cool, here's more revolutionary potential in industrial unionism, community self-defense for marginalized groups, antifa, militant protests, strikes, etc. -- ya know, actions that will transform social relations for the better in the long run. That's revolution.
  • Propertarian: Wait no =/ not like that =\
Just You and Me (Part 1)

Summary: This is the first part of my Captain America: Civil War rewrite/reader insert. The reader is also a super-person, with shape-shifting powers. She and Bucky have been together since the end of Winter Soldier. Back story will be explained in later parts!

Pairing: Bucky x Shapeshifter!Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: language, angst, violence, imprisonment, reader injury/pain

A/N: this is my first Marvel story… so I’m kind of nervous. Let me know what you think.

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Friendly reminder that Spider-Man was the one who figured out how to take down Giant-Man.

And his team consisted of the man who invented the Iron Man suits, his best friend who has years of combat experience, a trained super spy, a king/warrior with the tactical & combat knowledge of a small army, and an android whose power is matched only by Wanda.

On a team that skilled, that powerful and that smart, the one who figured out how to take down Giant Man permanently by using his own weight against him was just a kid from Queens. And he knew because he learned it from Star Wars.

That’s why Spider-Man is the best superhero of all time.

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hahahahahhahahhahah just when I thought my depression couldn't get worse

who you tellin fam this show was on my ‘don’t kill myself yet’ list now it’s back to black panther and the incredibles 2