back pack strap

“Max?” David asked, perplexed at seeing the young boy. Max wasn’t looking at him, his head was casted downwards as he fidgeted with his back pack straps.
“Hey David.” He said, his voice was strained, he was shaking too. It was a big contrast to the rebelious and sacrastic young boy he had gotten to know each summer he spent at Camp Campbell.

He stepped aside, letting the boy enter the little forest shack, when David wasn’t consuling the camp he was working as the forest ranger. His private shack was located not that far from the camp, a bit closer to the town, he brifely remembered telling Max about it a long time ago, but he didn’t expect the boy to have payed attention if he was being honest.

Max sat down on one of the chairs at the wodden table in David’s kitchen space, he didn’t say anything as he held his bag close, the head of his teddy bear was poking out of it. David glanced at the scene, concern starting to spread. He knew this behavior, the trembling, avoiding eye contact, staying quiet.

He knew it way too well.

Oh god, how didn’t he notice anything before?

He went to the kitchen pantry, taking out a cup for the young boy to use. “Apple juice?” He asked, his word were cutting through the thick atmosphere like a knife. Max doesn’t answer.

David sighs, he purs a cup anyways and brought it over to the table. “Max.” He said in a gentle tone, “Can I see your face please?”
the boy tensed up, “Max please.” David said, gently reaching for the boy’s arms. Max let him, still trembling but not resisting.

David carefully took the backpack, placing it on the ground. What he saw on Max’s face was what he already suspected he would see. There was dried blood on his chin trailing down from his nose which looked bruised, there was also a nasty bruise on his eye. Despite knowing what was probably awaiting him David still felt somewhat shocked seeing the boy’s face in such a condition, “Fucking hell.” He breated out without really meaning to, he really didn’t have the nerves to keep his no cursing rule alive right now.
Max flinched, David met his eyes, the one that wasn’t bruised was blood shot and puffy, like he’s been crying for a very long time. God, what did these people do to him?

David gently reached for his face, Max flinched again, causing the man to pause. “Can I?” He asked, waiting for the boy to give him permission. Max nodded, still tense, still trembling as David gently touched around his nose, checking how bad the damage was. “You want to tell me who did this?” He asked, the nose didn’t feel broken, which was good he supposed.

There was silence, David sighs again as he lowered his hand from the young boy’s face, he reached for Max’s trembling little hands and gave them a firm squeeze.
“Listen,” he started, trying to meet the other’s eyes again, “When I was your age…my step dad used to hit me.”
That caused the boy to stare at him, David could understand why, it wasn’t often that he opened up and actually admitted how awful his childhood really was.
“Back then, I felt helpless. I didn’t feel like I could tell anybody, because I thought it wasn’t really abuse, because he was my father so…he had to love me, right? And…. because I didn’t think anybody really cares. But…I was wrong. There are people who care Max. I care.”

“He’s been drinking….again.” Max’s voice was small, scared, and David had a hard time to supress the boiling hatred he felt.
“He had said he would be better….promised to never do it again….and he did get better for a bit, he just ignored me, but he then did it again and I just…I didn’t know where else I could go.” His sentences came out in broken chunks, he was trying not to cry, David could tell.

“What about your mother?”

“I don’t know…she was passed out on the floor with a bottle of whisky….again.”

David heared enough. “Okay, first lets get your face cleaned up. I will get you some ice for that eye and the nose. We’ll go to the police afterwards.” He declared, rubbing gently circles into Max’s palm.
Max tensed up at the word police, David could understand why, Max was a smart kid, he probably knew just as well as David that the child protective service was anything but perfect.

“I promise you Max.” He said as he gently brushed over the boy’s head, “I will never let anybody hurt you again.” Max’s small hand was gipping his as if his life was depending on it and David could tell, this was the start of something big, for both of them.

Oh My, My, My - II (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: language

AUTHOR’S NOTE: sooooo….. this series might be longer than expected but that’s a good thing, right?
oh, and i am going to make the tag list for this story just 50 users since it does take while to tag. I currently have 32 spots left on my tag list for this series. If you want to be tagged, PLEASE let me know! .xx


“There he is!” Natasha swooned.

A new guy had just arrived to school and Natasha could not stop drooling over him. He was apparently scouted to be in the summer Olympics for archery and rumor had it, he was pretty close to perfect.

You looked away from the blond boy to find your favorite long haired brunet walking towards you with a baseball glove in his hand. He was a senior in high school and getting ready to graduate along with Steve and their new friend Sam.

You grinned at him and he winked at you before walking past you and meeting up with his other friends.

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Get a room

Hi ! Could I get number 7 with Monty De La Cruz please?- Anonymous

#7- “You’re nauseating” - “Nauseatingly beautiful”


It started off with Zach Dempsey, the two of you met freshmen year in your math class and neither one of you had any clue on what we were supposed to be learning, so you decided to be clueless together. After the two of you became friends he introduced you to the rest of his friends, most of whom you liked but one in specifically held a special place in your heart and his name was Montgomery De La Cruz. Most of the school knew him as a hot headed jock who thought he was better than everyone else, but he let you see the real him as he saw the real you. The two of you were best friends and a lot of your conversations were just sarcastic comments and suggestive jokes so it was nothing new when you felt his arm drape itself around your shoulders “Hey sexy, what class are we skippin today so we can go have some fun?”. Zach, who was standing across from you and was previously having a conversation with you smiled and hung his head as you glanced in Monty’s direction “Wow Monty why don’t you just say what you really wanna go do?” You mocked, your eyebrows raising. He tilted his head to the side and licked his lips “I mean I didn’t want to go into all the details with Zachie boy over here, just trying to be considerate babe”. Zach’s smile turned into a chuckle as he shook his head “Jesus Christ the two of you need to get a room” Zach stated with sarcasm as he waved you goodbye, leaving the two of you alone, his comment was one the two of you had heard thousands of times before and this conversation was the exact reason why. The two of you weren’t dating or anything but you sure as hell acted like it, and you couldn’t say you hated it, maybe you wouldn’t mind dating Monty. You moved the boy’s arm off your shoulders, turning to lean your back against the lockers behind you “You’re nauseating” you spoke, sarcasm lacing your voice as your lips curled into a smile. He scoffed, moving in front of you and placing his arm on the lockers besides your head “Nauseatingly beautiful” He defended himself, causing you to dramatically roll your eyes but you eventually met his gaze. This situation was one you found yourself in nearly daily with him, your faces close enough to kiss but neither one of you ready to act on it but this time seemed different, his eyes were filled with something you’ve never seen from him before, you weren’t sure how to react. Your response was mediocre at best as you settled for a scoff and a “Sure Monty” but he hadn’t moved and his eyes hadn’t left yours. The two of you stayed still for a few moments before Monty once again took advantage of the situation, his free hand snaking itself around your waist as his face leaned in even closer, if that was possible “You know, it sure seems like you’re comfortable, almost like you enjoy me being this close”. A sarcastic grin found its way onto your lips “Well, seeming as you’re the one who put us in this situation, and you are also the one whose hand is placed rather tightly around my waist… I would say if either one of us was enjoying this it would be you”. He stared at you for a few moments before backing off, shaking his head “Damn Y/N, just when I think you’ll finally admit how in love with me you are, you say that” he responded jokingly, his hand fixing his backpack strap. You shook your head in response, pushing yourself off the locker you had used as a resting place and turned to your side to face him “Maybe I’m waiting for you to do the same” you returned, the class bell ringing at that exact moment as you placed your hand on your hip. Monty glanced around at all the kids scurrying to make it to class on time, but your eyes never left him as you opened your mouth to speak “By the way, I was planning on skipping third…just so you know”. His smile transformed into a wide grin as he used both of his arms to grip each one of his back-pack straps “Guess I’ll meet you here then sexy” he responded with a dramatic wink. “Don’t push it Montgomery” you teased, turning and heading to your first period, already praying that time went by quickly.

The one thing I hate about Digimon Adventure Tri Kokuhaku

Why are they going to the Digital World in their school uniforms?

It’s not even the fact that they are their uniforms. It’s the fact that they are boring as hell to look at.

One of the things I loved about Tri over the original has been the constant clothing changes.

Mock TK and Izzy all you want but at least they wear different clothes now.

In Adventure, they always wore the same clothes throughout the entire show, even when they were at home. With them changing it help sell the fact that they were actual people and had an actual wardrobe.

Not to mention, besides TK’s hats and Izzy’s… everything, everyone clothing options looked great and fit them really well.

Now I got to watch them walking around like a geek squad army.

It’s not just the fact that they are wearing their uniforms. I would’ve been more ok with their winter uniforms as they at least have some color.

But no they have to walk around with white shirts, dark bottoms and ties.

I’ve heard that the directors didn’t want to design more outfits, which makes no sense to me.

Everyone gets at 2 new outfits in the first 8 minutes of the 13th episode that have never been shown before.

Tai even gets 3!

They could’ve easily left to the digital world looking like this.

But no…

They had to get into their school uniforms…

I know it’s not that important, but I’d rather not have to see them walking like this…

When almost everything they have worn up to this point looks better.

After Effects: 10k imagine

I didn’t find the group, I didn’t really want a group, but the group found me. Since day 1 I have been absolutely alone during this apocalypse. Traveling to where then were no Z’s, town to town. Sometimes there’s been times where I stayed at survival towns or traveling with a group. But it never lasts. People die, that’s just how it is now. There no point in making friends. 

Well that was what I thought until I met them. They willing brought me along with them, gave me food and water, provided safely for me.

I have been with them for a few weeks now, a month the most. They still seemed a little hesitant around me but who wouldn’t blame them. I could hardly trust them at first, but now I only see the good in them.

Addy has been the one how was the closest to me. The one who forced the group to keep me around, saying there’s power in numbers. Warren doesn’t mind me, only agrees that it’s better to have more manpower. 10k seemed to be on eggshells around me. He was shy, his awkward self but he always seemed to be more shy and more awkward around me.  The rest of the group didn’t seem to mind or care that I tagged along with them.

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Unfinished Business part 2


Genre: action, fluff, angst, strong language, +18 content, gang material 

Read to find out who the reader will end up with. There will be several chapters of this so I hope you’re ready to die and anticipate many things. <3 love youuuu (don’t hate me)

Word count: 1145

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 “when you love something, let it go. But if that something returns,

keep it.”

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The ABC’s of Pirating

A/N: Sorry, my fault, I totally forgot the time. :P

Words: 4969

On the first day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

A curse followed the bright flash of a spark, two fingers looking for comfort in your mouth. You really needed to work on the regulator or you’d be put into an early grave. However, you were too pressed with time to work on what the boss called “secondary matters”.

“Secondary matters my ass.” You muttered, tying off the two wires running from the mainframe.

The last jump had left the small but highly advanced piece of tech in awful conditions, the battery fried and the display screen cracked. Most of the internal structure would have to be rewired entirely, thanks to a few IT members from Abstergo. They’d hacked their way into the Assassin database and found every bit of information they could on the temporal device. Every second that you had to work on the machine at the moment was considered lucky, Abstergo no doubt already on your tail. If you were to be successful, you’d need to figure a way to rewire the entire device, and soon.

“Bloody hounds.” Shaun complained from his perch atop a nearby computer chair, his back hunched and his fingers typing away on his keyboard. “It’s the holidays, don’t they know to take a break?”

“They don’t have holidays, Shaun.” You interjected his rant, not even sparing him a second glance. Your eyes were focused on your work, deft fingers gliding in and out of color-coated wires. With each caress of a finger you could feel the energy pulsing beneath, your tongue barely sticking out of your mouth in concentration. “They’ve just got killing.”

“Oh, just great.” He growled, fingers moving ever faster.

“A recruit?” You questioned, only half interested in striking up a conversation. You’d been working on the device all week, only taking breaks when you’d pass out from exhaustion or lack of proper human needs. This week had definitely been taking its toll, but the repercussions of failure were too great to stop now.

“No, pack up, we need to leave.” He looked down to you, slamming the front of his laptop down and sliding it under an arm. “Now.”

Bewildered, you looked up to him, watching as he flew around the room, taking only the most important of documents. You couldn’t leave now, you needed to finish. You were close, so close, only a few more minutes and it’d be functional again.

“I’m too close to stop now. If I move, it’ll take days to get the device stable again.” You argued, looking back to the device. You moved with renewed vigor, your eyes and hands working in perfect sync to accomplish all your mind commanded.

“Abstergo is here.” He yelled over his shoulder, voice slightly muffled by the letter tucked between his teeth. “I don’t fancy dying today.”

“Then go,” you shouted, too immersed in your work to stop now. You could do it, you just needed a little more time.

“I can’t leave you.” He bit back, strapping a pack to his back and jingling keys between his fingers. “Now shift.”

“Go, Shaun.” You screamed back, not giving him a bit of attention. One wire to the left, one to the right. Green goes with blue, yellow with red.

“You can’t be serious.” His voice was distant, drowned by the overpowering thoughts running your mind.

“Shut up and leave.” Your words were calm and unwavering, a sense of finality in them.

You weren’t going. If he stayed here, he’d die. If he left, he wasn’t sure what would happen to you. You were putting him in a tough spot, one that had no particularly good choice, and for that you were sorry. But you were not about to throw away years of research because of his stubborn attitude.


The abrupt clank of a door being kicked in drew his attention away, his eyes darting between you and the wall separating Abstergo from the two of you. He swallowed, the beat in his chest echoing his steps as he walked back, a heavy weight resting upon his shoulders.


It was a simple command, one spoken evenly, despite the fear and worry settling in your heart. If he thought, even for a second, that you were unsure, he wouldn’t leave. He would stay, would try to fight Abstergo, and he’d lose. He would die. And you weren’t about to let that happen. The unwavering surety in your voice had him backing away, one last nod of his head before he disappeared out the back, the shouts of Templars echoing in the room in his absence. Concentrate.

Another left wire, another spark. The burn was nothing in the face of your adrenaline, your fingers accommodating to the new heat of the wire, interlocking it with another panel. A beep signalled a new source of power, the device pulsing to life beneath your palms. Before you could lock in the new mechanism, the door opened, the barrel of a gun pointed directly at you. Breathe, you reminded yourself, connecting the last wire.

“We found her, bringing her in now.”

The man spoke into a communicator, his gun still raised as he took cautious steps towards you. Each clomp of his boot against the ground sent a shock of worry through you. Focus. He was within reaching range of you, one hand steady on his semi-automatic while the other drifted out towards you, palms shaky with restrained rage. Your heart sped, eyes widening as the last piece clicked into place, a bright light enveloping your body.

You screamed, every cell in your body being twisted, torn, pulled, and contracted. You didn’t have enough time to right the regulator, the jump rougher than normal. A flash, a searing pain, a world falling, a sun expanding, and you were gone, the light snuffed out and the darkness reigning your mind. You knew no more.

A groan slipped from your lips, a result of fear and pain combined. The biting metal that had been pressed against your fingertips was replaced with hot, grainy sand, the strangest sensation of a sun beating down on you. Another sound of pain accompanied you as you tried to lift your head, your hands coming up to rub at your temples. There was a throbbing behind your eyes, your vision red with pain.

“I think there’s someone down there.” A voice spoke, somewhere distant and quietly.

The sound put you on edge. Was it Abstergo? But no, that didn’t make sense, did it? The jump worked, it had to. You’d been in New York in the beginning of winter, it was snowing, not warm. Then who was it? You tried to look up, to open your eyes, but the bright beam of the sun forced them close, your teeth gritting at the weak effort of your muscles. The jump had been harsh and forced, the after effects more painful than normal.

“There is.” Another voice said, the sound of sand sprinkling down as somebody made their way towards you.

The metal of your knife burned into you, reminding you of its presence. You could fight them and then you could find a way back home. The footsteps drew closer, nothing more than a crunch of sand beneath a boot. Nevertheless, you prepared yourself, squeezing your eyes tightly shut. Just a few more seconds and…

Your heart was beating in time with each step, the feet stopping before you. The crack of a bone sounded as the unknown person stooped down to your level, a hesitant hand reaching for your shoulder. You took the presented opportunity, pulling on the arm that reached out for you. Your other hand brought forth the blade, pressing it lightly into the skin of the newcomers neck.

“Don’t move.” You ground out, opening your eyes.

Your vision swam for a moment, the overly bright colors fading back into a more normal tone. It was a man, one that looked rather annoyed at his current predicament. His bright blue eyes were narrowed, subtly eying the glinting metal pushed against his throat. There was a gruffness to his features that put you on edge, his blonde hair in a messy ponytail and light stubble surrounding pink, chapped lips. His stunning eyes were rimmed with kohl, reminiscent of something you’d see in a movie.

“Please tell me I took a wrong turn and Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are going to walk out any minute.”

The stranger’s brows furrowed, his hand moving incredibly fast. He flipped your arm, dropping the blade from your hand and catching it in his own. His leg pulled at yours, forcing you to your knees so he could kneel behind you, your knife now against your throat.

“What the hell are you going on about?” He questioned, accent rough and grip tight.

A breath released from your lungs, the action causing the blade to push a little tighter against your throat. You didn’t flinch, sadly used to the looming threat of death.

“I’ll take that as a no.” You drawled boredly, your eyes rolling.

An elbow flung out, knocking him directly in the rib. The force caused him to stumble back, his grip on your knife loosening enough to rip it from his hands. You got to your feet, sheathing the knife back in the scabbard wrapped around your thigh, and crossing your arms. The man in front of you scowled, pushing himself up to tower over you.

“Save the shit,” you muttered when he opened his mouth, the threat on his tongue dying at your tone. “Where am I?”

A ghost of a smirk tugged at his lips, a brow raised to you.


“Well that’s a long way from New York.” You grumbled, sliding a palm down the front of your face. “Not this again.”

“New York?” The blonde man laughed, crossing his arms. “It seems you made a couple of wrong turns.”

“Yes, thank you, Sherlock.” You glared, shaking your head in annoyance.

“My name’s not Sherlock, lass.” His head cocked lightly to the side, shining hair moving with it. “You make a habit of waking in strange places?”

You were biting your lip, looking for the device. It couldn’t have gotten far from you and the sheek black casing would be easy to pick out in the white sand.

“Hmm?” You hummed noncommittally, not paying much attention to the man. “Oh, yeah, happens more than you’d think.”

You waved it off, eyes lighting up when you saw the familiar box. It looked quite simple on the outside, save the display screen, for obvious reasons. It wouldn’t help anyone if someone asked too many questions about it. You bent down, taking note that the man beside you seemed to tense at the action, and scooped the device into your hands, the metal casing warm in your palm.

“What’s that then?” He nodded towards the device, peering at it curiously.

“Are you normally this nosy? Or do you just keep that attitude for random women you find blacked out on the beach?” You questioned harshly, slipping the device into your coat pocket.

“Only for the ones who interest me.” He smirked, eyes rolling upwards at the yell of a voice.

“Everything okay down there, Kenway?”

It was the same person from earlier. You could barely make out dark hair and dark robes, the glint of metal shining off the unknown figure.

“Aye,” the man before you, Kenway, shouted back, his eyes still trained on you.

Kenway, why did that name sound familiar? You’d heard it before somewhere, you just couldn’t put your finger on it. It was important, wasn’t it? You could vaguely remember Shaun saying something about a Kenway, right? But that was during the Revolutionary War. Unless this is a different Kenway. He said something about another Kenway, didn’t he?

“Kenway?” You inquired, an eyebrow arched to the man in question.

He smiled deviously, the look all too attractive on his rugged features.

“So you’ve heard of me?” He asked, straightening his back a bit.

“Maybe,” you scrunched your nose, deep in thought. “What’s your first name?”

“It’s Edward, love, Edward Kenway.”

A lightbulb went off in your mind, the name striking a chord directly into your brain. Edward Kenway, esteemed pirate Assassin. The father of Haytham Kenway, the Templar Grandmaster of the Colonial Rite for some time. He was a captain of a ship, The Jackdaw, was it? As far as you were concerned, he might be a right ass, but he could be considered a friend.

“There should be a captain in there somewhere.” You teased, quoting, arguably, the best pirate movie of all time.

“But you have heard of me?”

You couldn’t stop the chuckle that bubbled up, his confusion only adding to the humor of the situation. He had, after all, unknowingly quoted an overdone, superfluous pirate played by the lovely Johnny Depp.

“As entertaining as you are, Mr. Kenway,” you bowed lightly, throwing him a wink for good fun, “I believe my services are needed elsewhere. Hopefully, somewhere there’s a nice bit of ale.”

“I can show you to the rum,” Edward smiled, white teeth gleaming in the sun. “All you had to do was ask, lass.”

“Aye, aye, captain.” You mock saluted, jerking your head to the open area ahead. “Lead the way. Savvy?”

“Savvy?” He questioned, eying you strangely. Despite his confusion, he began walking forward, the heat of day and grainy sand having no effect on his steps.

“Nothing.” You muttered, biting your lip to stop your laughter. This day just kept getting better and better, didn’t it?

A man was waiting at the top, his lips pulled in a wide grin. He was dressed in inky attire, his hair dark. Curious eyes looked to you, his arms spread in question.

“Who’s she?” He asked rather roughly, eying you up. Edward opened his mouth to answer, clicking it shut with a glare when you stepped in.

“I’m no one. Distant cousin of his aunt’s nephew twice removed. Lovely coat.” You smiled winningly, gesturing towards the open road. “Now, Edward, to the alcohol.”

At the man’s strange look to Edward, he shrugged, smiling nonetheless.

“You heard the lass, Vane, to the Old Avery.”

“Vane, huh?” You inquired, walking behind Edward, Vane to your right.

“And you are?” He shot back.

“(Y/N),” you said, scanning the waters behind you.

There were ships lined up, different sizes and colors, like logs on the ocean, bobbing and wading with each wave. The bright sun shone down on the crystalline waters, the scent of salt and alcohol thick in the air. Hardy laughter and boisterous shanties made up the sounds of the island, the merry nature occasionally interrupted by a fist or two of some drunken pirate. Edward and Vane led you to a rough looking building, the aged wood creaking beneath your feet as you entered the tavern.

It was surprisingly populated despite the sun still high in the sky, the patrons in various looks of intoxication. Some looked like they’ve been there for days, others looked to have just arrived. Most resembled a cliche pirate, kohl-rimmed eyes and dangling jewels. Others looked more tame, but strange to your modern eyes nonetheless.

“Best rum on all of Nassau.” Edward claimed with a large grin and a bottle.

You took it with a raised brow and a soft smile, seating yourself next to Edward. Vane sat across from the two of you, his eyes still too curious for your liking.

“Cheers, mate.” You winked, clanking your glass off Edward’s before chugging as much of the bitter rum as you could in three gulps.

It was potent, sliding down your throat like lava, but you savoured it anyways. Besides, you needed somewhat of a break, and this could potentially qualify.

“‘Tis the season.” You muttered to yourself, taking another throat burning swig.

“Easy lass,” Edward warned, lips curved in a smile.

“It’s been a rough couple of weeks,” you replied, grimacing at the amber liquid, “I’d say I earned it.”

“Rough couple of weeks, eh?” Vane asked, looking to you over the edge of his glass.

You smiled bitterly. ‘Rough’ was a bit of an understatement. Abstergo had been on your ass for weeks. If they’d been minutes sooner, you’d probably be dead.

“Damn Templars,” you growled, placing the bottle on the wooden table with a clink.

Edward perked up at your annoyed sigh, running his palm along his bracer.

“You know the Templars?”

“Know them?” You scoffed, crossing your arms and scowling down at the drink in front of you like it’d personally offended you. “They try to kill me all the damn time. I’d hope that I know them, otherwise I’d end up with a bullet in my brain.”

“They want you dead?” He prompted, leaning towards you. With him so close, you could see into his pristine blue eyes clearly, the orbs searching your mind for something. “Any reason, lass?”

“The same reason they usually want people dead.” You shrugged, smirking. “Because they’re assholes, the lot of them.”

Edward chuckled, a sound low and smooth that washed over you like the ocean waves. His head was tipped back, a hand wrapped around his bottle and the other on your shoulder. Two blue eyes shined lightly, the look taking years off his face.

“That they are.” He agreed, settling back into his original spot by your side and removing his hand.

“Do a lot of people want you dead?” Vane questioned.

He confused you. He didn’t seem untrusting, actually, he seemed to be quite friendly to you. But there was a genuine curiosity behind his gaze that seemed to unnerve you.

“Nah, only the Templars.” You paused in thought. “And maybe a few more people I managed to piss off along the way.” Another gesture of indifference passed through your limbs. “It’s always sides with these people. If you don’t take their side, they want you dead.”

“And who’s side are you on, lass?” Edward questioned, eying you up and down. There were no insignias to show whether your allegiance lie with the Templars or Assassins. Even though you shouldn’t, you really shouldn’t, you couldn’t help but tease him.

“At the moment?”

His brows raised up onto his head, not looking nearly as impressed as you were. Jack Sparrow was probably the worst person to be quoting right now, but you really, really couldn’t stop.

“Sorry, that was stupid,” you muttered, a silly grin still plastered onto your face. “You just… remind me of someone.”

“Someone good, I hope.” Edward chuckled, lightening the mood once more.

“Good ol’ Jack Sparrow.”

Your teeth trapped your lip, stopping any laughter that might tried to slip out. Edward thought Jack Sparrow was a genuine person, one that you’d met before. Sighing to yourself, you took another sip of your drink, closing your eyes against the harsh rays of light seeping in through the wood.

“Are you staying long?” Vane interrupted the silence, those eerily curious eyes on you once again. Although, the daunting nature of them were brightened by the toothy grin he wore.

“I shouldn’t think so.” You replied flippantly, running your tongue along the front of your teeth in thought.

“Too bad, lass,” Edward said, leaning in a little closer to you.

You arched a brow, looking to him from the corner of your eye.


“I’m sure we would,” he licked his lips, dragging his eyes down your figure, “get along well.”

“Are you in the mood for an adventure, Mr. Kenway?” You asked suddenly, meeting his cerulean stare.

“Sorry?” He had a little smirk on his face, eyebrows raised suggestively. The look alone was enough to make you scoff and shake your head.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Your chuckle was light and humorous as you leaned forward, resting your head on your closed fist.

“I’ve never been on a ship and,” you shrugged, smiling to him, “I think it’d be quite fun.”

He clicked his tongue in thought, the light splash of his drink sounding as he sloshed it around.

“I suppose a little adventure might do me some good.” He smiled deviously, something in the curve of his lips telling you that this might have been the best of ideas. Oh, but the thought was just too tempting. You were going to be on a ship with an actual pirate in the Golden Age of Piracy. What was not to love?

“Of course, Mr. Kenway.” You winked, downing the rest of your rum in a swift, burning gulp.

“Off to sea then, lass?” He placed his bottle down with a clink, expectantly waiting for you to stand as well.

“Wait a minute, Kenway, may-”

“Shut it, Vane.” He challenged, keeping eye contact with you. You were too enraptured by the clearness of his eyes to look away, your body working without thought as you stood up, leaning in closer to him than needed.

“I’m ju-”

“Piss off.” He muttered harshly, the tone contrasting greatly with the gentle, yet firm, push of his hand on the small of your back.

“What a great friend you are.” You drawled sarcastically, matching him step for step as he strode confidently out of the tavern and into the warm arms of the sun. The beams wrapped him in a brilliant light, his tanned skin and light hair shining. The look of him, gorgeous and bathed in light, had your smile turning into something more flirtatious, your body automatically responding to the god of a man before you despite your mind’s best efforts.

“Should I take offense, love? Or are you just trying to get a response from me?”

“A response from you?” You looked up to him, biting your lip. “Never.”

He shook his head, a relenting action, as he led you back to the docks, the wood groaning and creaking beneath your combined weight. The sound put you a little on edge, your eyes glancing down to remind yourself that yes, the wood is making a noise and no, you’re not going to fall. Edward didn’t seem affected in the least, his steps as confident as ever, the blue of his robes rubbing along the back of his legs.

“Welcome aboard.” His hands gestured to a ship, intricate in its design, the pride of a father in his eyes. It was sweet, in a strange sort of way.

“If I die, I’m going to kill you.” You murmured, taking a shaky, hesitant step onto the ship. You felt a wave of fear wash over you, your hand gripping painfully onto Edward’s arm.

“I thought you were made of stronger stuff.” Edward commented, amusement twinkling in his eyes.

“Ha-ha.” You sneered, refusing to drop his arm. He just smiled, leading you towards the ship’s wheel, The Jackdaw itself bobbing with the waves. Each movement caused your hand to squeeze tighter, your wide eyes watching the planks of wood like they were going to splinter up and impale you at any moment.

“Relax,” Edward whispered, his voice low. He was much closer than last time, your hair rustling with each of his exhales.

“The ground’s moving.” You bit out, supporting yourself on Edward’s body as he placed you in front of the wheel, lifting your arms and resting them on the smooth wood.

“It’s a boat, lass, it tends to do that.” He chuckled, the heat of him encasing you in a warm bubble.

“Well it needs to stop.” You scowled, Edward’s front plastered to your back, his soft hair brushing along the bare skin of your neck, and his calloused hands over yours. The scent of leather, gunpowder, and salt mixed in with the musty, masculine smell that seemed to follow him anyways, his hot breath ghosting along your cheek.

“You won’t notice it after a bit.”

A bit? You rolled your eyes, turning so you could face Edward, your back pressed against the sturdy wheel.

“Getting a bit cocky, don’t you think, Kenway?” You teased, bracing both arms behind your back as he leaned in just a little bit more. Edward was… interesting, in a very alluring way. It’s not like you were encouraging his advancements, but really, what was the harm in having just a weensy bit of fun?

“Aye,” he smirked, “And I’ve good reason to.”

“Oh, really?” You challenged, one hand hovering over his chest. “And why’s that?”

His eyes, as blue as the sky on a clear day, flicked behind you, the grin he was sporting fading into a neutral expression.

“Quiet,” he rasped, tugging you down to the floor so as to hide the both of you behind the wheel.

That’s when you heard it, the sound of footsteps barely audible above your combined breathing. With each splash of water against the side of the boat, a creak sounded. Whoever was on the ship wanted to be subtle. You could only guess why. Edward tried to move forward, your hand on his shoulder stopping him. You shook your head, a small, barely noticeable movement, but he’d seen it, the confusion in his eyes making that much clear.

“Don’t do anything stupid.” You mouthed, casting a wary glance his way. You cursed the feeling of actually needing to help him, your mind telling you that not only was it the right thing to do, but it was also what you wanted. He was, after all, a very charming man.

“I assure you lass, I’m more than capable,” he replied just as quietly, looking back to whoever he saw over your shoulder. You shook your head one more time, popping up with a curt, “Let me deal with it.”

“Who are you?” A rough, deep voice grumbled from behind you, your wide eyes taking in the much bigger, much stronger frame. There was another by his side. He was smaller, if only by a fraction.

“Me?” You feigned surprise, running your fingertips along the wood of the wheel. “I’m just a stranger looking to commandeer this ship.” You could practically feel Edward’s stare, your eyes almost hurting at your attempt to resist an eyeroll. “Nautical term.” You smirked, slow, solid steps bringing you closer to the stairs.

It was a daunting walk, one you were only able to perfect after years of training. Each click of your boots left a dark promise, the closer you got, the more menacing your eyes. The tenseness of your muscles mirrored a lion stalking its prey, your teeth outlined like fangs. The waves worked as background noise, their crashing sounding more ominous in the light of current events.

“We ain’t here for her.” The larger man said to the smaller, restraining his friend with a grip of his hand. “Now, little miss, if you wish for me to keep my friend here off of you, just show us to the captain and we’ll be on our way.”

“The captain?” You looked up as if you were mulling over your options, the clomp of your boots stopping a few feet from the rugged men. “Oh, you mean blondie? He’s about this tall,” you gestured a little above your own head, “blue eyes, and an ego big enough to rival this island?”

“That sounds like him.” The smaller one spat, his dark, near lifeless eyes beating into you. You waved a hand around flippantly, the curve of your lips sinister in the shadow cast by the sun.

“Yeah,” you said lowly, leaning in like you were about to reveal some giant secret. “He’s right behind you.” No sooner had you said the words before the smaller man’s eyes widened, Edward’s blade sticking into his neck.

“You little bitch!” The bigger one roared, running towards you and away from Edward with surprising speed. 

You were caught off guard by the impact, his weight sending you flying. Your hip connected painfully with something hard, the object in your pocket sparking beneath the weight. A startled shout left your lips, jolts of electricity moving up your body, creating a fire just beneath your skin. You were burning, a sun growing behind your eyes. The pain became unbearable, your eyes squeezing shut against the assault. Darkness took hold, sweeping through the light of day and blinding you. It was a moment in time, and yet, an eternity had passed before your mind succumbed to the shadows, a sense of peace washing over you.

The freezing cold beneath your fingers startled you, your fingertips numb from the cold. It jolted you from sleep, your eyes slamming open and your palms spreading wide. You were breathing heavily, your chest bobbing while you tried to make sense of what happened. There were lights all around, jolly tunes in the air, and the bright twinkle of stars above. None of it made any sense. You were just on the ship with Edward. You were just in a fight. And then he threw you to the ground and…

You fumbled to retrieve the device from your pocket, the sleek black machine sparking a little, but otherwise functional. You were sent back. Even though you should feel relieved, you felt a bit disappointed. Edward was fun. It’s not like you wanted to stay permanently, but a little more time would’ve been nice. It was the first break you’d gotten in weeks and you really had enjoyed it, but was it so wrong to wish for more?

You sighed heavily, the breath like smoke wisping away in the air. The laughter and jolliness of the season was mocking you, your eyes falling shut against the bright lights. Maybe you should stay here and go find Shaun. Maybe you should help the Assassins. Maybe you should go spend the rest of the holidays on a nice, long vacation. Then again… You looked down to the device, weighing your options. Who could a few more minutes really hurt?

A Scarred Heart // Chanyeol

Request:  Oh wait! I’d like to request,please >< Could I have a request in which Chanyeol’s girlfriend is boyish like she has tattoos (like cara delevingne) leather jacket and all. Make it angsty, with um fluff smut (if you don’t write smut just do fluff) I’ve read all you scenarios and I really like your writing style ㅇㅅㅇ

**Note she sent in a second request asking for the name to be Yumi. 

Author’s Note: So this scenario turned out being INCREDIBLY LONG. Sorry about that. It’s mainly due to the back story that builds up throughout it. Also, this is my first time writing a story with real smut in it. I feel like it came out nice, but sorry if it is disappointing.

Word Count: 4,724

Rating: Angst, Fluffy Smut

Scenario: Chanyeol x Yumi(Reader)

“Yumi!” Startled by the sudden shout of your name, you paused as your best friend Su-bin darted down the hall towards where you stood. Lunging herself at your back, she wrapped her arms around your neck and clung to you.

“Su-bin!” You started shaking frantically in hopes that she would let go. “You’re choking me! I can’t breathe! Let go!” She loosened her grip and dropped her feet to the floor.

“It’s not my fault you’re an amazon!” The two of you began to banter back and forth on the way to class. All eyes eventually ended glancing your way. It was practically unavoidable. Su-bin was right, you were an amazon. Being so tall and having a best friend that barely broke 5 feet, you looked like a comedy act. But, most people didn’t laugh. Instead, they just stared. They were probably thinking why someone as feminine as Su-bin hung out with someone as plain as you. Su-bin was the ideal girly-girl for any guy. And well, you weren’t. You walked around always hiding your face with your hair. To you, there wasn’t really a point in wearing frilly skirts or doing your hair to attract a guy. You were content with your jeans, t-shirts and leather jacket that you wore almost every day. I was your most prized possession and Su-bin had been the one to give it to you. She was the only person you had left that was never intimidated by you. She accepted you, flaws and all. She truly was your best friend. The only downside to her though, was her killer strength.

“Yumi, are you even listening to me?” You felt a small smack on the back of the head and it snapped you back into reality. You were sure she didn’t mean to hit you that hard, but there was definitely going to be a bump by the end of the day.

“Wh-what?” You grumbled as you gently rubbed the aching spot.

“Ya know, one of these days you’re going to space out at the wrong time and you’re really going to regret it.” Su-bin was giving you and exasperated look before shaking her head disapprovingly.

“Yeah, yeah whatever. If that happens, you’ll just come bug me back to reality.” You smirked slightly to yourself as you waited for a witty remark back from her. But, she wasn’t responding and it had become strangely quite behind you. As you glanced in her direction, you noticed her staring somewhere else. “Look who’s spacing out now.” Chuckles escaping your lips, you walked over to her and waved your hand in front of her face. She quickly slapped it away before raising her index finger and pointing.

“Yumi, who is THAT?” Your eyes followed the line led by her finger. It immediately became harder to breathe as each breath got caught in your throat. You lost the grip on your back pack strap and it fell to the floor. Your sudden actions were enough to snap Su-bin out of her trance as she turned and peered into your face. “Yumi? Yumi…are you okay? Do you know him?”

Su-bin was right next to you, but a voice like hers carried as she shouted. She had no trouble getting the attention of everyone in the classroom, including him. As he slowly turned his head, your eyes meet with his and your legs began to shake. A slight look of shock swept over his face, but was quickly replaced by a small smile.

“It’s been awhile, hasn’t it Yumi?” The sound of your name falling from his lips was enough to stun your heart and your eyes grew into saucers. Su-bin was still standing next to you and was shifting her head back and forth between you and him.

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Chapter 13                   Chapter 14: Team Meeting                 Chapter 15

You picked your bag up and (put it on however you wear your back packs). Clutching a strap with your (dominant side) hand, you watched a bit of the three-on-three match.

“Nice serve!” Hinata and Tanaka called to Kageyama as he stepped up to perform his power jump serve.

Daichi blew a whistle from his referee stand, and made the motion that the server had eight seconds to pass the ball over the net.

Kageyama put more power into it this time, knowing you were watching and wanting to show off a little.

The three on the other side of the net recognized this, and smirked in response. All thinking, then we’ll put in our all too!

Nishinoya yelled and got a perfect receive, high above the setter’s position to give Suga as much time to think about where to send the hitter as he wanted. Suga smiled into the ceiling as he gave a slight nod to his friend.

Asahi smirked at the motion. Going full fledge into a fast hit with all his power. He distinctly saw Hinata keeping up with him from the other side of the net, but the smirk displayed on the Ace’s face just morphed into a complete smile as he collected Suga and Daichi and his wills to not let the underclassmen impress you more than the third years.

The attack was so powerful, when it bounced off Hinata’s soft block it went straight to the upper platform and bounced on the other side of the bars. Trapping the game ball away from the players on the court and ensuring a point to the two third year’s team.

All three teammates smiled and high-fived each other. Hinata and Tanaka were screaming about how cool their play was. While Kageyama gave a mumbled compliment about Nishinoya’s perfect receive.

Daichi smiled down at his team before descending from the referee vantage point.

Seeing their captain ending the practice match so, Narita and Kinoshita left their line-guard positions as they walked towards the group congregating at the center of the court.

Yamaguchi and Hinnoshita also left their posts, even though the score was only five to three.

Tsukishima had just walked off the court so Asahi could play, so he was glad the match didn’t continue long after he was subbed out.

“Great practice today you guys!” Daichi explained, “Even without Coach Ukai here, we were able to accomplish quite a bit.”

You had walked to listen in on their players meeting, but were surprised when the captain turned his—and therefore the rest of the team’s—attention to you.

“And thank our wonderful Newspaper Club member for putting up with all of us, to hopefully get a great word out about the school volleyball team.”

The boys around you smiled, nodded their agreement, and/or said their thanks.

You stalled in accepting, but smiled in return, claiming, “No thank you all for being so willing to help me. I will make sure the article is worth the time you lost practicing a sport you all so obviously love.”

“Well, we appreciate the chance to have met you none the less.” He smiled, and called the player’s attention again. “Anyway, we went about half an hour longer today so make sure you cool down properly before cleanup. And, make sure you get a proper night’s sleep. We might not have morning practice tomorrow but in the afternoon, Nekoma is coming up for a joint night practice and we have practice matches with them and Fukurodani on Saturday. And, they both made it to National’s as well. So, this’ll be the last time we see these teams before then. If all of us even make it to play each other.”

Many team members nodded, and you made a mental note to look up information about the two teams. Thinking, Maybe I can try and come watch the practice games to get some more data to pull from for the article. You smiled at your thought, and decided to ask the academic advisor during school the next day.

Hinata just jumped, “Oya! Kenma is gunna be here! Kageyama, maybe you can learn some new things since he’s so much better than you!”

“Shut up, stupid.” Kageyama expressed, as he punched Hinata in the stomach.

“Ouch that hurt, Bakageyama!”

Daichi rolled his eyes, “Both of you stop, now.” The two first years immediately obeyed, to all the third years’ gratefulness. “So, go cool down!” The captain shouted to his team.

Boys took off in different directions, and you watched as some ran and others stretched.

Eventually the cool-down process ended and you wondered if you were over staying your welcome.

Since the team only had clean-up left and then were headed home, you decided to take your leave.

You wanted to drop by your club room anyway.

“(F/N)-chan!” You heard, right as you were about to reach for the door handle.

Turning, you saw Hisashi slow his pace, coming to a halt a foot in front of you. “Yes, Hisashi-chan?”

“Just wait a few more minutes and I’ll walk home with you, yea?”

You smiled at the offer, but shook your head, “I was going to run by the Newspaper Club room, and then I have to take care of something.”

“Then I’ll wait for you.” His smile was hard to turn down, but you remembered the captain saying they had stayed thirty minutes over their normal practice time, and you just knew it was your fault.

Shaking your head more firmly, you extended, “No, that’d make me feel bad (worse). It’s fine.” You supplied your own smile. “I have my phone on me in case anything happens.”

“That’s not good enough.” This time, the voice came from behind you.

Turning around you saw Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. “What?” You asked, trying to figure out if the statement was actually directed towards you.

“You’re a girl, in a new town. Scratch that, new prefecture. And it’s completely dark outside.” Tsukki adjusted his glasses before continuing, “Someone should be walking with you, and from what I’ve heard tonight, Kinoshita-san lives around you and has walked you home before.” The blonde smirked at his next thought, “But if it’s because it’s Kinoshita-san offering that you are turning it down, I’d be willing to put up with it to walk you home. But you’d have to listen to this new song I just got.” He gave you a challenging look.

You’re eyes bulged at the idea of being offended at Hisashi’s offer, and when you looked to the boy on your other side you saw he actually looked worried that he had offended you. “Hisashi-chan I promise I’m not turning down your offer just because it’s you. And Tsukki-san, that was just mean. And,” You smirked at the blonde, “why would I want someone mean walking me home?” You smiled at his dead-pan expression, before shaking your head once again. “I’m serious. I’m going to my club room and you are all pretty much set to go home. I’m not making anyone get home any later than I’m already making you all. Thanks so much again for today. I really truly appreciate it all.” You bowed to the center of the gym, and made your way out.

Walking along the corridors you thought about how’d you explain everything to your friend in the club. Aeteshima Michibiku was a second year, who just happened to be the person the office called when you asked if you could join the group despite being so late in the year. He always seemed to be around when you had questions, and was the first to congratulate you on your assignment. He had also told you he’d wait in the club room as long as he could so that you’d have someone to talk to about how the interviews went and how prepared you felt to get the article written within the week and a half timeline the editor gave you.

Although it was possible he was not there anymore, you wanted to make sure. You’d feel absolutely terrible if you left and he had still been waiting.

You reached the door and saw a note taped to its center. It read:

(F/N)-kun, the editor told me I had to leave. I’m so sorry I couldn’t

wait for you. But, I’m sure everything went well. You’re too talented

for it to not have done so. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing

all about your afternoon/night +wink-wink-nudge-nudge+, tomorrow.

Sleep well!

You scoffed at the letter.

Sitting on the floor you took a minute to enter all the numbers from your notebook into your phone as new contacts. Sending each one a simple ‘hello’ with your name so they wouldn’t be confused by the number. You slide the notebook, and letter from Michibiku into your bag and stood back up.

Ready to go home, you started making your way towards the school entrance.

After you left the gym, the entire team rushed through the rest of clean-up. Daichi didn’t scold anyone about how sloppy they were being. And Suga kept quiet at how if they didn’t slow down it was possible for someone to get hurt.

The third years were the first ones done with their jobs and practically sprinted back to their club room to get to their phones and hopefully meet you at the front gate.

Tsukishima, Kageyama, Kinoshita and Hinnoshita were next, following their seniors’ footsteps and leaving lockup to the players still working on their cleaning chore.

A minute hadn’t even passed before Tanaka and Nishinoya were scrambling over one another, having finished their jobs and wanting to leave as well.

In his rushing, Hinata almost dropped his end of the pole that he was helping Yamaguchi carry.

“Slow done, Hinata-kun.” Narita reprimanded. “It won’t do anyone any good if you were to get hurt.”

The red head nodded before disappearing into the storage room.

Once double checking that the gym was empty and having watched the last two first years run out of the gym screaming back to have a good night, Narita looked the storage room.

He half sprinted to the main doors, turned off the lights and locked up the gym behind himself. Following a little behind everyone on their way to the club room.

While boys were pulling on their sweatshirts and pants, changing out their shoes, and packing up their bags, the door would swing open and closed as more team members arrived to do the same.

Suga had just pulled his bag onto his shoulder as Narita made it into the cramped space. Calling, “Then I’m off first.”

The silver-haired third year smiled at the groan that escaped some of his teammates’ mouths.

“Hang on Suga,” Daichi called. The team captain pulled on his on bag, but stood firm as he addressed his team. “I’m happy to say that it seemed everyone followed our guidelines in how you interacted with (F/N). That being said, don’t screw it up now. I realize we all want to get to the front gate to wait for her and hopefully make sure someone—although we all hope it will be ourselves—will make sure she gets home safe. At least that’s what I’m assuming all this rushing is about.” He said, sending an intense gaze towards the three more excitable volleyball players. “So, just keep in mind that we aren’t going to pressure her, we aren’t going to make her uncomfortable in any way shape or form. Got it?”

“Ossu!” The boys answered their captain.

Smiling, Daichi concluded his little speech and walked out of the club room with Suga. He sent you a quick message asking if you made it to your clubroom alright, secretly excited his would be the first message you’d see.

Suga pulled his phone out, along with the slip of paper that had your phone number to send you a quick message along with his name.

The other three boy’s you’d given your number to sent their own messages. Yamaguchi sent his name with (your favorite) emoji attached, he didn’t know the emoji was your favorite—he sent it because it was his. Narita’s just stated, ‘Hi (F/N), just wanted to get my number to you in case we decided to continue the interview, or anything else.’ While, Hinnoshita messaged his name with a thanks for everything you had said to him.

As players changed, packed up, or headed towards the campus’ main entrance, their phones went off.

Hinata smiled and sent you back a picture of his smiling face.

Nishinoya and Tanaka both saved your number adding in some heart symbols to the contact name, then messaged their own ‘hellos’.

Kageyama sent a straightforward text back, informing you that he got the message intended for him.

Tsukishima immediately sent you the name of the song he had mentioned before you took off. Reminding himself how’d you call out his rudeness while somehow keeping a teasing manner, which made him smirk and wish he could keep bantering with you.

As soon as your message reached Kinoshita’s phone he jumped, then typed his reply. The other second years standing around him waiting at the gate gave him a look but said nothing.


You phone vibrated in your hand a few times as you got messages from all the players. Some in response to your own, some giving you the number of the players that had taken yours instead of giving you theirs.

Then Hisashi’s message came in, and you found yourself doubled over in laughter.


You straightened your posture and continued your way across the campus. Texting back that you had just left the Newspaper club room and would be just fine.

However, when you looked up from the ground and saw the entrance, your feet stopped moving and your jaw dropped.

On either side of the gate stood all twelve of the volleyball team members.

“Shit.” You said to yourself, thankful you were far enough back that they hadn’t noticed your presence yet. “Now what?”

a/n: filler chapters from here on for awhile until I figure out what to do, because I don’t want to just drop off and leave yall hanging. Plus, I’m still thoroughly enjoying writing this. Hope you’re enjoying it.

Drugs and Pom Poms RP (CLOSED)

Loki scratched at his arm. He was having a relapse, his skin turning over, so his skin itched like crazy. He was able to hide the needle marks with his sleeves, but that did not hide the itching. Frowning, he adjusted his back pack strap as he headed for class.

Closed RP +fluffybanner (High school AU)


Carter walked into Wilson High School with her head down and her hand gripping one of her back pack straps.
She hated being the new kid…she had a hard enough time making friends as it was, moving around constantly did t help.
Luckily, she got to her locker without much integration with anyone. Hers was locker 318, near to hehe end of the row.
She spun the combination and opening it, starting to unload her things when she saw a pair of boots next to her locker.
She looked up, bracing herself.
“C-can I h-help you? ” Damn her stutter….