back on track

April has come, and along with it comes the sun, blooming flowers and new opportunities. Although the start of a new month is just as good a time as any other to set goals and get back on track, there will always be something special about the first day of the month. It’s a clean slate, and you can put the defeats of the past behind you, and focus on your victories as you set out for more.

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Back on track || Kat&Caleb

Katherine was finally started to feel better and it seemed that with every day that was passing she was thinking less about the stupid man that tried to rape her . She really wanted to get over this stupid thing and be her old self again . She needed to overcome her worst fear and have sex with somebody . With somebody who wasn’t complicated at all and who didn’t know anything about her , Basically , she needed a one night stand . 

Finding Caleb that night point her to that idea , and she found the boy to be the perfect subject to her task . The fact that he was handsom was just an added bonus . After smoking together of her strongs joints , they ended up in his room . Katherine was resting her body on the wall next to the door , biting her lower lip and looking at the boy . “ Show me those badass abs ” She demanded on a sexy tone. 


Today is a new day!

My two days of eating the any food I wanted has ended and I am back on track! I like my emotions take their toll on me, and I am ready to let it go.

After leaving work full of trail mix yesterday, proceeded to eat an english muffin, 3 girl scout cookies, large hot and sour soup, whole order of hunan chicken, and a spring roll.

I woke up this morning feeling super bloated/fat (thank you chinese food- of course I know the effects of chinese food).

I decided to take some selfies to boost up my mood, and remind myself that I am a sexy lady! :D

So far my eating has been great, and I am determined to keep it that way!

I am aware that I will have a gain come Monday based on these two days, but I am not going to worry about it.

It’s like my co-worker/weight watchers friend Lynda said to me, “I’m not going to worry about you, because you have already lost so much and you know what you need to do when you are ready to get back on track.”

Also, thanks to fourgut, reconstructingthai, shrinko-de-thigh-o, sexyby30, and the anonymous who wrote me kind words yesterday.

No Candy October

In the spirit of kicking my ass back on track, I’ll be partaking in No Candy October. Who’s in with me?  Merle and I will also be fully tracking calories and trying to get moving more. So if you wanna be my Pal on the MyFItness Pal, hit me up (cullenchollett) and we’ll be pals.  October is the month to get moving.

Time to get back on track!

….and I feel soooo unmotivated.

Between celebrating an anniversary and V-day, the last couple of days have been filled with questionable lifestyle choices, to say the least.

I don’t feel too bad about anything, but I just feel pretty unmotivated to get myself back on track. I just feel like I’ll never have the self control I had this last summer so I can get back down to 127 pounds…

But I know that if I’m going to try to get my weight back down, I can’t focus on the negative. It’ll be hard for the next couple of days, but I know I can get myself back on track and on the way to 127!

So, the Savannah weight-gain results are in...

All my lovely eating over this short  vacation has lead me to a 6.4lbs weight gain. Holy molly! LoL

But then again, if you have been in Savannah and enjoyed the food they have to offer you would totally understand. :P

So, today starts back to getting back on track. I already have a nice healthy dinner in mind, and a good lunch. My biggest thing, will be to hold off the “hunger pains” until lunch time.

I ended up waking up late for work (of course, it was the day after vacation after all) and just threw a few things in my bag for lunch/snacks. I was planning on having a shrimp salad and soup, but no salad got made. So, now I ma having the soup, and walking across to the office cafe and getting salad. Didn’t want to spend more money, but problem solved either way. :).

Tonight’s dinner will be some Salmon, vegetables, and salad. I think I am going to rock this Tuesday!

*Please note how I am not letting my weight gain upset me.Why? Because I don’t see the point. I am motivated enough to know I can come back from this, and I enjoyed my weekend. I have to be in a very bad mood to let it bother me.