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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Interacting with other mothers… + The aftermath

Yuuri despises socializing with people he doesn’t know, but his unconventional family and marriage is one of the hottest gossip topics in town especially among the other mums. One day, he decides to just fuck it all…and sorely regrets it afterwards.

(Featuring OC kid Arisa, and later Yasha and Shura)

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

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I’ve always been stuck on this line since the episode premiered. Victor was so caught up in trying to be new and surprising that it hurt his own personal and career growth. He essentially threw away what happened the year before and started over. You need to be able to accept past experiences and build upon them to grow as a person. Yuuri was able to accept what had happened in Sochi and used the experience to improve himself and his abilities. This is expressed through a line he says, during JJ’s SP at the GPF, and it’s one of my favs from the entire series:

I. LOVE. THIS. This is Yuuri getting a new perspective on anxiety and past experiences. YOI has always been surreal to me in that I’m finally experiencing my own anxiety from an outside perspective. When Yuuri sees JJ skate at the GPF, he sees at least a version of himself and his anxiety. I say a version, because beforehand Yuuri does say this:

But it still applies to the idea that trying isn’t shameful. The two of them may express their anxieties a bit differently, but it’s generally the same issues.


Just like Yuuri, JJ isn’t giving up. He continues on and tries and tries, and Yuuri can now see that the two of them have nothing to be ashamed of for their efforts. Yuuri could’ve dropped competition after Sochi, but he didn’t. Yuuti powered through, just like JJ did here. 

One of my biggest struggles with anxiety is the idea that if I have to try multiple times, or I have to try very hard, it’s shameful. It’s kind of hard to explain; I know that there’s no shame in working differently than others but I feel the need to be perfect on the first try, or else every accomplishment I’ve made will be discarded. I’ve already talked a bit about Yuuri’s perfectionism here.

You will just about never be perfect doing anything on the first try. There will probably be some flukes, but for the most part, everything you do will take practice and multiple tries before you get to the point of satisfaction. And that’s ok. It’s impossible to be perfect, and you are not worth any less for it. Be proud of the effort you put into things. You don’t give up. You keep soldering on and getting better and better. You will reach your goals. Give it practice, give it time, and give it patience. You’ll get there.

I’m so happy YOI has portrayed these wonderful characters struggling realistically for us. Seeing someone else—even if fictional—say it’s not bad or shameful to make mistakes or take on difficulties is something I really needed. I’m sure someone else reading this needed it, too.  

YOI Fan Rec Friday


I got some amazing recs this week! Thank you!

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Rec’d by anonymous:
not gold like in your dreams by ebenroot, Teen, 39k (WIP)
In which Victor and Yuuri are roommates and Yuuri has a secret.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
in this home we built by otabek, Not Rated, 7.6k
Yuuri wakes up ten years too soon and Viktor has a laugh that makes the stars tremble.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Stamina and Endurance by scribblywobblytimeylimey, Explicit, 13k
Yuuri is long overdue a punishment for his bad behaviour against one Viktor Nikiforov – a punishment to be exacted by Viktor himself, in a sharp suit. Unfortunately, as soon as Yuuri sees him in the suit, his dick has other ideas.
Stamina should have been a verb by scribblywobblytimeylimey, Explicit, 12k
Yuuri spends several hours taking Viktor apart at the seams with round after round of rough sex.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Routine by thishasbeencary, Teen, 17k (WIP)
Viktor pushes himself too hard, he always has, he knows that. Coaching and returning to skating isn’t easy (especially since he expects himself to start back exactly where his career left off, despite being 28 and not having competitively skated for most of a season). And, really, he should have seen this coming.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Shape of You by ViktorBunny, Explicit, 43k (WIP)
Yuri is moving to St. Petersburg and Victor is far too excited to show him everything and spoil his Katsudon on his home turf.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Something Gold by thishasbeencary, Teen, 2.8k
A soulmate’s mark begins to grow the first time that they see their soulmate, and stops growing when they fall in love. Some grow faster than others, so by the time they’ve both fallen in love, the marks are the same.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Unexpected by AlexWSpark, Mature, 52k (WIP)
In which one impulsive midnight decision leads Victor Nikiforov to Yuuri Katsuki and, of course, everything changes.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
No Less Unthinkable by rageprufrock, Explicit, 79k
In which Katsuki Yuuri fights a losing battle with chronic anxiety, the quadruple Salchow, and his own judgment four drinks in — but wins the war.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
A Matter of Luck by stillmadaboutpetra, Gen, 33k
Victor, a Charm of Good Fortune, promises to give Yuuri the life he wants. The problem is: Yuuri hasn’t a clue what he wants.
a thread to weave a home by LiaoftheDawn, Gen, 1.9k
“Yuuri, would you mind making a quick stop at Ice Castle before heading back home?” Yuuri’s breathe catches when Victor says the word ‘home’, soft and easy, like it’s his own. Like he plans to make it his own.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Always My Soulmate by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Explicit, 53k (WIP)
Compilation of Yuuri/Victor Soulmate AU oneshots.
Yuri Plisetsky: Wingman Extraordinaire? by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 11k (WIP)
In which Yuri is the aggressive wingman Victor didn’t know he needed, and the friend that Yuuri never asked for but appreciated.
Way to Victory by crea_sei, Teen, 18k (WIP)
Defeated after his loss at the GPF 2015, Yuuri doesn’t expect anything more from the GPF. That is, until he wakes up on the 5th of December, five days before the GPF even begins.
Please Have Mercy On Me by all_those_big_ass_trees, Explicit, 85k
Viktor’s been living with Yuuri for a month now, but Yuuri is still not used to him. But Viktor is a good teacher, and Yuuri is a good student.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Beside the Dancing Sea by lily_winterwood, MapleTreeway, Explicit, 179k
New York Times-bestselling author Viktor Nikiforov arrives in the sleepy seaside town of Torvill Cove to cure his writer’s block. After encountering local wallflower Yuuri Katsuki at a party, he discovers that this mysterious dark-haired man has a couple secrets up his sleeve.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by @phoenixwaller​:
In Our Dreams by phoenixwaller, Explicit, 38k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov, the Junior World Figure Skating Gold Medalist, has a secret skill. He has the ability to dreamwalk; to visit the minds of others while his body sleeps.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous and anonymous:
Fanboy by arkhamcycle, Teen, 40k (WIP)
“Love!!! on Ice” is sure to be the greatest Wattpad-hosted love story of Viktor’s day. At its center are Viktor’s idol, world-renowned figure skating champion Yuuri Katsuki, and the silver-haired boy whose heart he steals–Vitaly Nikulichev.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
The Weight of Gold by barrelrider, Not Rated, 13k
Yuri’s big win at the Grand Prix final poses questions about the future that he hadn’t thought to ask before. And Viktor doesn’t seem interested in answering them.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by @ever-so-nice:
Shared Gravity by phoenixwaller, Explicit, 40k (WIP)
Yuri Katsuki doesn’t advertise his alpha status, in fact he’d rather it be relatively unknown. He feels that he’s never fit the stereotype, and is much happier blending into the background. However, much to his dismay, his alpha instincts are awakened one summer morning.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Walking Barefoot In The Snow by wingedcastielpie, Teen, 3.9k (WIP)
Millions of years before humanity has rooted itself firmly on the ground, two lovers of forbidden origin and passion were forced to live their lives in exile from the Seven Seas. Thousands of years later, they were back from where they started, with a bond more formidable than the oceans’ tides.
somewhere only we know by wingedcastielpie, Teen, 1k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri and Victor Nikiforov were orphans. They formed a bond when they were younger, and they were inseparable for four years. They only had each other. Until one day, Victor left, and Yuuri was left alone to his own devices, forever looking for him.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by @bathsoaps:
Come Out of Hiding (I’m Right Here Beside You) by osaki_nana_707, Not Rated, 61k (WIP)
After forgetting the words to his song during a vocal competition as a teenager, Yuuri Katsuki decided singing was not for him. Instead he went to NYU to study English. He never expected Viktor Nikiforov, Broadway star extraordinaire looking to direct his first production on the stage, would ever find his up-and-coming lead… in him.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
With the Aid of Gravity by notwisely, Teen, 5.3k
Yuuri had plastered his childhood bedroom with posters of Viktor—had grown up with Viktor’s irrepressible smile comforting him on the worst days, the promise of his silhouette against the endless blue of the sky behind him: that if Yuuri couldn’t defy gravity and physics and mortality, Viktor would do it for him.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Rec’d by anonymous:
Live, Laugh, Love by Lucien_King, Teen, 9.4k (WIP)
Something clicked within Yuuri and even though his manager told him that the project might ruin his reputation, he insisted. What could possibly go wrong? And then, he met the Viktor Nikiforov.

Thank you for all your recs! ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

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Снежная королева (The Snow Queen)

69 in x of animated feature film history
Release: 1957
Country: Soviet Union
Director: Lev Atamanov

“The Snow Queen is based on a story of the same name by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen, first published in 1844.

The story begins with a little man, who says he is ‘Old Dreamy’ (’Ole Lukøje’), telling the tale of the Snow Queen. He starts with two children, Kay and Gerda, planting roses together.

On a winter night following, Gerda’s grandmother tells the two children the legend of the Snow Queen. The Snow Queen’s proud and frowning face is seen in Gerda’s frosted window to Gerda’s exclamation, ‘It’s the Snow Queen!’ Kay jokes, ‘Let her come in here, and I’ll put her on a hot stove!’ This angers the Snow Queen, who is watching the children from her mirror, which she smashes with her scepter, telling the ice splinters of the shattered mirror to go into the eyes and hearts of those who have offended her. Back at Gerda’s home the window bursts open, letting in ice splinters that get into Kay’s eyes and heart. His personality changes: he is hostile toward Gerda. The next day, Kay ties his sled to the sleigh of the Snow Queen, which has suddenly appeared.

Gerda goes out to look for Kay. She faces many adventures; a sorceress attempts to steal her memories; she painstakingly finds a boy who turns out not to be Kay; she’s captured by thieves; and whisked far to the North to save Kay.

In 1959, the film was dubbed into English and released by Universal Pictures. This version is introduced by a six-minute live-action Christmas prologue featuring TV personality Art Linkletter. The American version also contained an entirely rewritten musical score and had three new songs in English, two of which replaced the Russian songs.

Hayao Miyazaki has stated that this film is one of his inspirations to work in animation. When he started his career, Miyazaki had a rough start and was thinking of leaving animation already. When he saw The Snow Queen, he admired it and continued working in anime. In September 2007, it was announced that Studio Ghibli will be distributing this film through their Ghibli Museum Library label, and it was released in December 2007 (in the original Russian audio with Japanese subtitles).”


UPDATED 2/18/17: The Snow Queen is available on YouTube, in both its original subtitled version and its American 1959 release.


Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: Period talk, fluff

A/N: I wasn’t sure if this was exactly a request, but I laughed at the ask and couldn’t resist writing a oneshot about it!

A sharp stabbing pain in your lower abdomen jerks you from sleep. Before you can let out a low groan of pain, a high pitched shriek pierces your ears, emanating from behind you. Snapping your head around, you see your boyfriend staring at your bed sheets in horror.

“Buck?” you say, wondering what was so horrifying it made him scream like a school child,

“Oh god, doll,” Bucky’s head snaps up and his eyes meet yours. In the blink of an eye he’s navigated his way around the bed and is kneeling in front of you, “Oh god, what happened?”

Your brows knit together in confusion as you watch him extend and retract his hand from your body, like he wanted to touch you but was scared to, “What’re you-?”

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Our Son

HIIII!!! Umm could I request a scenario where y/n has Jungkook’s child but he doesn’t want it and leaves y/n and y/n is all alone until Taehyung says he’ll take care of the y/n and the child and you fall in love with Taehyung and Jungkook Regrets it after the child is grown up… Its kinda long sorry!! BUT I LOVE YOUR BLOG❤❤💙💙💙❤💙

For anon

Here it is

Hope you like it


Originally posted by sugutie

Yet another test, another result. Unless they were all flawed, they were clearly saying that you were pregnant.
And it was a big deal. You were too young, you would have had to give up the University and mostly you did not know how your boyfriend would react.
Jungkook was as young as much as you are and you were always so careful. You could not figure out how it happened when memories of the night a few weeks before get into your mind.
You were so taken by the passion that you had given up the condom and that was the result; a completely unexpected pregnancy.
“Baby, you’re locked in the bathroom for nearly half an hour. Are you feeling okay?”
Jungkook’s voice jolted you and you quickly threw the tests in the trash near the sink, by covering them with a paper towel so as not to make them visible.
“Sorry, I was removing makeup. You know things for women, Kooks ” You apologized, coming out of the bathroom and smiling at him mildly; “What are you staring at?”
“You look pale. Are you sure you’re okay? ” He asked curiously, coming closer to you and brushed your cheek with your fingertips; “Don’t make me worry.”
“It’s okay, Kooks. Everything is fine. ”
And that was the first lie in a long line.

Your lies were getting too many and it was becoming increasingly hard to hide the truth to Jungkook.
After making up some courage you had decided that that night you’d have said everything, hoping that he would have taken it good and above all being happy.
After initial shock, you had begun to accept that pregnancy more and more until you felt happy to bring one creature in your womb. It was the fruit of your love and what could be wrong with something so pure and beautiful?
“Kooks… Do you have two minutes? I need to talk to you. ” You began, sitting on the bed beside him, busy playing a video game that you didn’t know.
“Sure baby, talk to me.” He smiled and hope kept increasing in you.
“A few weeks ago I discovered something. Of course at first, I was scared… but I mean this is an amazing thing, believe me. ”
“Don’t keep me in suspense, tell me what’s going on, Jagi” He encouraged you, slipping on the mattress as he approached you; “Have you found to be the best of your course? Is your brother getting married? Have you won a vacation? Teeeeeeell me. ”
“I’m pregnant.” Your emotion was palpable in the tone of your voice and your gaze was bright, but Jungkook’s look made you freeze completely.
His smile had vanished, his eyes were wide with shock and his look was totally blank.
You immediately took his hand, stroking the backs with the pad of your thumb, waiting for the news to make way into his mind and the happiness you felt became his own.
“Kooks.. I know we’re you–”
“No, I don’t want it.” He immediately stopped you and those few words were a stab to your heart. There was no happiness in his eyes, only anger and you could feel it on your skin as he stared at you. “What you wanted to tell me, huh? I don’t want that son, Y/N, and you should think about your future, how it will be ruined by this child. ”
“You can’t be serious!”
“Yes, I do. We’re nineteen, we are kids ourselves. How are you going to raise him? Huh? ”
“No, I’m sorry but… It’s not what I want. ” He almost screamed as he rose from the bed, jostling you away and reaching the wardrobe.
You looked right at him while he was taking a duffle bag and started to throw in his clothes, without bothering to fold them and place them.
He was leaving you and just because you were pregnant, the idea itself disgusted you incredibly much and hurt you so much to leave you speechless.
“I’m sorry Y/N; but this is not the life I want. ”
“So you don’t assume your responsibilities?”
“I… I can’t do that, I’m sorry. ” He whispered, turning to look at you. You could understand his fear, but not his actions. You looked into his eyes for a moment and after that little moment he turned back again, taking the bag and leaving the room.
The sound of a door closing, shortly after, made it clear that he was gone. Forever.


“Yah, Y/N … He’s a jerk, I’ve always said that. ” Taehyung said for the umpteenth time, while his arms welcomed you with joy and you were hiding among them.
It was in days you were in those conditions, struggling to eat, to sleep, that everything reminded you of him and it hurt you.
The only relief came from the presence of Taehyung, who tried in every way to help as best he could. He even volunteered to come with you to the check up that you had hoped to do with Jungkook, but all your hopes and dreams were completely blown away.
“How… How do I do it now? ”
“What does it mean? Do you want this baby? ”  
He asked earnestly, looking down at you and shifting a lock of your hair so he can see your eyes.
“Of course, Tae. ”
“All right, then fuck Jungkook. The only thing that you have to think about now is your health and the health of the baby ”
“I’m alone…”
“What am I? A Unicorn? ”
You heaved your face, upset by his attitude. He could not have really understood that if he wanted to help you during those months, he would have had to be close. It was too much to ask him and you did not want to ruin his life, it was the last thing that he deserved.
“Taehyung… I can’t ask you this. ”
“Listen, Y/N, you know me. I love children and you’re one of my dearest friends. Let me help you, I want to take care of both of you. ” He said, then giving you one of his brightest smiles. Tears pinched your eyes  (but not enough to make you cry, just smiling back.
He was there and for the first time in days, you did not feel alone anymore.


“WHAT WHAT?” Taehyung screamed, running out of the kitchen with a fork full of food in his hand, looking upset.
You, as a reply, threw against him the remote control while the umpteenth and violent contraction made you fold in two for the pain.
They had begun that morning but were mild and your gynecologist had made sure they were normal in calving.
“OKAY, OKAY… WE’RE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL, YOU … THE BAG, I GOT IT, ” Yet another scream as he ran to retrieve the bag, ready for days, for the hospital and came back to you. “ I HAVE TO TAKE YOU IN MY ARMS OR CAN YOU WALK? ”
You did not know what to expect, you were afraid that something could go wrong, that your little boy would be likely to hurt himself. A thousand thoughts invaded your mind but when Taehyung, without saying anything, took you into his arms and came running out of the house, all the negative thoughts vanished.
Your guardian angel was with you, nothing could go wrong.


It was the most difficult and painful twelve hours of your life, but in the end, the little Sooyoung had seen the light. He was perfect, with already a bushy little of hair, powerful and clear voice so as to make the nurses laugh when he started to cry.
You were too dazed to figure out anything and you accepted willingly the anesthetic in order to rest for at least a few hours without the slightest pain.

“Sooyoung, you look exactly like your mom. Yes… You’ll become a beautiful little man. How about I wake her up? ”
A deep and full of sweetness voice woke you up and opening your eyes you laid your gaze on Taehyung, sitting in a chair beside you, holding your child in his arms.
“Hey.. Look who’s here. ” He muttered with sweetness, getting up and approaching you. Gently, he put Sooyoung into your arms and a swirl of emotions made you break down and cry, while you kissed and caressed with your lips that perfect and small face.
“He’s beautiful.”
“As his mom… I’ll leave you alone, you need some time to get to know him. ” He rose from his chair but immediately you gripped his wrist, blocking him from leave you alone.
“But… I mean, I think you want to enjoy this time with your son. ”
“O-our son.” You faltered while he stared, caught off guard by your words. “Taehyung.. In these months you never left me alone and … I… Don’t go away. ”
“Why? Let me hear you say, Y/N ”.
“Because I fell in love with you, Tae.”


“Why is my champion screaming like that? What’s going on? ”

You were sitting on the couch, checking out some books to write the next chapter of your thesis, while Sooyoung kept running around the house chasing Taehyung. Their screaming did not bother you, indeed ,somehow, they helped you to stay more focused. After four years you were completely accustomed to their madness.

“Appa I want ice cream!”
“You have to ask mom.” Taehyung gave to you the “problem”, causing you to raise your eyes to heaven in a fake desperate way. Immediately the little Sooyoung jumped on the couch, holding onto your neck and stuffing your face with kisses.
He was a corruptor, just like his father.
“EOMMAAAAA, I WANT ICE CREAM” he screamed, pouting his lips as he always did Taehyung whenever he wanted to get something. “PLEAAAAAASE”.
“All right, let’s go get some ice cream.” You agreed, squeezing him softly in your arms and getting up off the couch completely ignoring your studies; “But when we finish the ice cream, we get back home.”
It was a day in June, the sun was high in the sky and the temperature was perfect. You were holding hands with Taehyung while Sooyoung was two steps ahead of you who hopped, unable to contain the enthusiasm that he was trying at that time.
“Sometimes I wonder if he’ll run out of his energies …” Taehyung whispered into your ear, making you smile and shake your head immediately; “But he’s so bea–”
His break concerned you right away, so your eyes returned to alight in front of you. And the reason why he had stopped was immediately clear to you.
Sooyoung was in front of Jungkook, the last person you wanted to see.  
Jungkook bowed to reach the cap that your son had lost and your looks have met.
“Your cap, kid.”
“Thank you! ” Sooyoung thanked him and you could see his toothless smile even though you were a few steps away from him.
“Sooyoung, come here. Let’s choose our ice cream, come ” Taehyung recalled the child without deigning to glance Jungkook. The little boy immediately turned and ran up taking his hand he was holding out.
They went into the ice-cream parlor, leaving you alone in front of your biggest regret and disappointment.
Jungkook came up to you, his hands in his jacket pocket, and a guilty look drew onto his face. He smiled but you did not smile back, remembering only at that moment how much pain he had inflicted on you.
“You’re looking good.”
“Thank you.” was your answer, totally icy.
“You and Taehyung, huh?”
“It’s none of your business.”
“Already… He… What’s his name? ”
“It’s none of your business, Jungkook.” His smile faded away to your answer, but you did not felt sadness at seeing that look on his face. “Now I’ll go back to my son and my husband if you don’t mind.”
“I regretted my choice every day for the past four years, Y/N”.
“Jungkook… I don’t regret instead. Because I found a person a thousand times better than you, who didn’t leave me. On second thought, I just have to say thank you for abandoning me. Thanks to you, now I know what it’s like to be really happy. ”

Originally posted by donewithjeon

Its finished now :D

It started with a projection of welcome to the madness!!!!! Everyone got crazy lol especially at Otabek coolness xD

Kubo and Yamamoto were lovelyyyyy and so passionate, I really enjoyed this conference ♡♡♡

I will write a summarize of the conference when I’ll come back but I can already talk about the live drawing. IT WAS TOO CUTE





Also we ended the conference in song and shouted “born to make history” with Kuboooo 😄😄

Babysitting Pt.2

You woke up to you pressed up against Zach and his little sister on top of both of your guys’ legs. You sat on the bed and carried her over onto the spot you were in, you headed over to the bathroom and showered. Once you were out Zach was no longer in the bed, you went into the kitchen seeing him on his phone eating cereal.

“Good morning.” You said walking over to the fridge taking out the orange juice.

“Good morning, hey is it alright if I invite my friends over?” He asked,

“Sure.” You nodded pouring juice into a cup, a couple seconds later his sister walking into the kitchen.

“Good morning princess, what do you want for breakfast?” You asked her,

“Lucky Charms!” She mumbled, she looked half asleep. You took out a plate and served her lucky charms,

“Here you go princess.” You said handing her, her bowl of cereal. The doorbell rang, those must be Zach’s friends. He got up and walked over to the door opening it,

“Hey Y/N this is, Justin, Bryce, Marcus, Alex, and Jessica, Justin’s girlfriend.” He said pointing at each of them while saying their names, you just waved.

“She’s hot,” you heard Bryce whisper,

“She has a hickey, so I think she has a boyfriend.” One of the whispered, you blushed remembering how that got there, Zach just looked at you and smirked.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Marcus asked, you shook your head.

“Then how did that end up on your neck?” They asked some of them looking at Zach nudging him,

“It’s a bee sting!” Zach’s sister blurred out, you laughed remembering at the lie you had told her. The rest of the guys laughing as well,

“Y/N and Zach were playing dentist and she was on top of him yesterday. It looked like they were kis—”

“Okay princess that enough, lets go change you.” You said picking her up and running out of the kitchen with her.

“Dempsey’s getting some!” They all cheered and teased Zach. You took his sister into her room and let her choose her outfit. You two walked back out into the living room where everyone was just sitting there quietly, they all looked at Zach smirking.

“Dentist huh?” Bryce stated,

“I want to play that with you,” he added on while smirking. Zach threw a pillow at him,

“Little Zach’s getting overprotective of his girl.”

“She’s not my girl,” Zach added on,

“So then just a one night stand?” Marcus asked, Zach throwing another pillow at him this time.
Everyone burst out laughing,

“Y/N can we go to the park?” His sister asked, you nodded.

“Cmon lets go put on our shoes,” you said walking upstairs. You both walked downstairs once you were done,

“Were going to the park,” You both waved walking to the door.

“Were coming,” The whole group stood up walking towards the door as well. The whole walk to the park was just everyone pushing Zach towards you which made you laugh. You guys arrived and you and his sister ran to the swing.

“Zach can you push me?” She asked, Zach nodded walking over to you guys. He pushed you guys for a couple of minutes until you guys got bored. You guys got off and went to go walk, you Zach and his little sister at the back and the rest of the group in front. Bryce walked to the back and walked beside you, he placed his arm around you. Every couple of seconds he would lower it until he had reached your butt. He squeezed it while smirking at you,

“What the fuck!” You exclaimed pushing him off, Zach quickly looking over.

“What’s wrong?” He asked worriedly,

“He’s fucking touching me!” You said in disgust looking at Bryce, Zach let go of his little sisters hand,

“Continue walking,” he told you guys, you nodded and told her not to worry. A couple minutes later he jogged back to you guys, his knuckles crimson red.

“What did you do?” You asked,

“Taught him a lesson, don’t worry he won’t be bothering you anymore.” He said reconnecting his hand with his sister. You decided to let it go and you guys continued your walk, the rest of the group had left so now it was just you three.

“Y/N I want ice cream!” His sister exclaimed,

“Then lets go get ice cream!” You told her, her face lighting up with joy as soon as those words left your mouth. You guys walked to the ice cream shop and her rushing to line as soon as you guys stepped in.

“What ice cream do you want princess?” You asked her,

“Chocolate with lots of sprinkles!” You told the girl at the cash register, she seemed like she was checking out Zach. She rolled her eyes and looked over at you,

“Can we get a chocolate ice cream cone with lots of sprinkles, a strawberry ice cream and—”

“A mint chocolate chip ice cream for me.” Zach said interrupting you. You took out your wallet and took out some money, Zach took your wallet away and handed the girl his money. You rolled your eyes looking at him, he handed you back your wallet. You guys got your ice cream and sat down on a booth. You and Zach on one side and his sister on the other,

“Are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?” She randomly asked licking her ice cream, you and Zach both shook your head.

“Y/N’s too pretty for you.” She stated once again, you heard the girl at the cash register scoff while looking at you. You ignored her and thanked his sister.

“Do you think she’s pretty?” She asked Zach, he nodded while looking over at you. You blushed and smiled at him. You guys finished your ice cream and walked back home.

“Princess, your parents will be here any minute now.” You frowned you didn’t want to leave,

“I don’t want you to leave,” she ran to you giving you the biggest hug ever. You hugged her back and put your hands through her hair,

“Whenever you miss me just tell your mom or Zach to call me over,” you told her,

“I don’t have your number,” Zach said,

“Give me your phone,” he proceeded to hand you his phone and you put your number in. You set the contact as “Totally Playing Dentist😅😉” which made him laugh.

“There now when you miss me you can tell Zach to call me over or we can always be on FaceTime,” you smiled. Mrs. Dempsey walked into the house,

“I’ve missed you!” She said running to her daughter you just smiled. She looked up to see Zach and she gasped,

“Y/N I’m so sorry you were probably so confused to see Zach, I forgot to mention him! It’s just because he’s never home,” She said hugging him,

“It’s fine, he startled me at first but we got to know each other,” You told her,

“Seems like you two got a little bit too friendly,” she pointed to your neck. You looked at Zach and both of you blushed while laughing.

“Mommy what are you talking about? That’s a bee sting!” The little girl exclaimed,

“Oh is it now?” She asked her, she nodded,

“Yeah, her and Zach were playing denti—”

“I think that’s enough.” Zach said covering his sisters mouth. You two just laughed nervously.

“Y/N it’s quite late, would you want me to drive you home?” She asked,

“Mom I can take her if you want,” she looked over at Zach and nodded,

“Yes if it’s okay,” you told him. He nodded and got his car keys, you grabbed all of your belongings.

“Bye princess!” You hugged his sister, she handed you a crown,

“A princess always needs her crown,” she said and you smiled while placing it at the top of your head. You waved goodbye to everyone else and went with Zach to his car. He’s hot, he’s nice, he’s caring, he’s good at basketball and he has a nice car! What’s next? You got in and gave him your address and he began driving.

“I had fun babysitting your sister,” you told him ending the silence.

“Pretty sure that’s not all you enjoyed,” he looked over at you and smirked,

“What else then?” You asked,

“Obviously playing dentist duh,” he said which made both of you laugh.

“We should play that another time,” you smirked and winked at him.

“Just call me when,” he smirked back. You two arrived at your house and you got out, he walked you to your door.

“Hey um do you want to hang out sometime? Obviously with my little sister knowing how much she’s going to miss you.” He said scratching the back of his neck.

“Sure but I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one who’s gonna miss me,” you smirked while giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Jason Todd/ Red Hood X Reader- Stalker From Another Universe (Part 6)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Here it is!!!!!!!  Again I apologize for not posting fics for so long!

Warning: Blood, mentions of death, description of death, a little bit of angst (What else is new?)

Tagging: @cheyennethefangirl, @its-scarletwitch-bitch, @polaresus

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dinner for three

*requested —> Anonymous said: Will you write a ty fic where you either get set up on a blind date with him by your bro and it goes super terribly but it’s okay because it’s ty and you like each other OR you take ty to meet your family and your bro is all =_= because he doesn’t like any guy around you let alone this fucking silver headed edgy mcedgelord guy who won’t stop holding your hand but at the end of the night he has to admit that ty isn’t so bad (and then ty tries kissing you on the doorstep and your bro interrupts-

-like go home Lee taeyong I said you could date my sister not make out with her under our parents roof =_= even though you’re outside (Also bro is doyoung duh like who else) 👀👀👀

Originally posted by dailynctgifs

author’s note: 1,429 words. doyoung needs to #chill.

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No Vacancy pt.2

Part 1

Despite making friends with the neighbors, Will still felt like something was missing. Of course, it wasn’t a something; it was a someone. The days without his mom were becoming duller and duller. His father had buried himself in work to the point where Will often had to remind him to eat. If he wasn’t with the neighbors, the house was big and lonely and far too quiet.

Although Nico had assured him that there was no deadline for him to feel normal again, he couldn’t help but feel that there was. People got tired of people who were always sad. Teachers stopped extending homework. Counselors ran out of counseling.

He was sitting outside, drawing his mother again, trying to keep her image fresh in his mind. He never wanted to forget. As he drew the laugh lines, he heard someone come up to him. Their shadow covered him and his sketchbook.

“Your talent never ceases to leave me breathless,” Nico murmured before sitting down.

“Dad says I need to stop drawing her. Says it doesn’t help me get over her death.” He sighed and shut the sketchbook. “I don’t think I want to get over it, Nico. I miss her. And missing her is my way of being sure she was real, she was here. It’d feel wrong to be okay if she’s dead.”

“This is your grieving method,” he said. “Your dad’s is apparently to push away all memories. Yours is to hold them close.” Nico leaned in closer. “You have every right to miss her.”

A few moments of silence later, with Nico’s head resting on Will’s shoulder lightly, he asked, “How is it you haven’t gotten tired of me?”

Nico sat up and tilted his head, though Will couldn’t bring himself to look at him. “That’s a stupid question,” he said. “You’re my friend. And my sisters and I care about you. Death….” He shook his head. “It’s inevitable. It happens. But that doesn’t make it easier to deal with. She’s your mom, Will. I’m not going to get tired of you just because you’re mourning.” Will clenched his jaw and stared at the pavement, tears welling in his eyes.

“I’m scared,” he whispered. Nico shifted, and from the corner of his eyes, Will could see the confusion and concern on his face. “Being home… it feels like I’m all alone. My dad’s like a zombie. I don’t have friends except for you and your sisters because everyone’s freaked out by me and how sad I get…. Sometimes, I….” He stopped and clenched his jaw, staring at the pavement.

“You what, Will?” Nico asked, wariness clear in his voice. Will looked at him with tears in his eyes, certain that his fear and guilt were clear in his face. “Will.”

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what about Zelda Link and Ganondorf deciding to start living together? like the triforce bros they never got to be!

have a bunch of idiotic headcanons! (I could consider drawing some of them if you ask me to lol)

  • Zelda runs on alcohol. Both Link and Ganondorf think it’s super scary;
  • Ganondorf is the one who spends hours in the bathroom to fix his hair;
  • Link is the shorter and younger than the other two. Also the most spoiled;
  • Link likes to eat. Too bad Zelda and Ganondorf are both bad at cooking. He had to learn doing it by himself in order not to eat prepackaged food for the rest of his life. Zelda and Ganny are really proud of their personal chef;When Ganondorf or Zelda have to works long hours Link stops by to bring them homemade dinner. Both are really grateful (especially Ganondorf since his job requires a lot of physical effort. Zelda is happy to eat something warm too of course); 
  • Ganondorf is Link’s pillow;
  • Link is very ticklish;
  • Ganondorf is a pro in houseworks;
  • Zelda is a genius of domestic economy. The Triforce of Wisdom provides her the power to save enough money to pay all of the bills and also rent. Link isn’t allowed to go shopping by himself because he’s too much of a spendthrift;
  • Link is a pizza delivery boy;
  • Zelda is employed in a famous business company (major degree in statistics and economy? idk);
  • Ganondorf is a construction worker;
  • They go jogging together on their free days;
  • Link is a cat-magnet. He feeds a stray cat whom he had named Gan. Ganondorf is not amused;
  • Zelda and Ganondorf both have a driving licence but Ganny prefers to travel by bicycle. Link rides a motorbike (wich he mostly uses for deliveries). When they’re travelling together Ganondorf is usually the one who drives because Zelda is busy revising her work presentations. Link gets to sit on the front passenger seat and spends the time being annoying to Ganondorf;
  • Link plays guitar and Zelda plays cello. Ganny has a fine singing voice and they sometimes play something together;
  • they’re so happy together, even if Link and Ganondorf sometimes bicker on silly stuff. The real problems are quarrels between Zelda and Ganondorf. It’s just scary and Link always goes taking a walk, buys an ice cream tub and comes back home so they can eat together and make peace. Link still hasn’t got that Zelda and Ganny calm down more because of Link’s puppy eyes than because of ice cream but whatever;
  • When Zelda is out on business trips Link and Ganondorf order chinese takeaway and play video games lazying around in their underwear;
  • Sometimes Ganny has big works and has to spend the night out of town. Link and Zelda watch old photos together and play board games (Zelda always loses);
  • When Link goes out with his friends Zelda and Ganondorf just feel lonely and melancholic and just start drinking together till they fall asleep on the kitchen table. Link always finds them like this and brings them blankets;
  • Link can’t hold his alcohol and dislikes coffee. His favourite drink is “LON LON strawberry milkshake”;
  • Ganondorf loves red wine;
  • Zelda is a whiskey person;
  • Link once got drunk while at home alone with Ganny. Zelda was so angry at them;i wrote too many things ok. I just love this idea lol
Crystal Dynamics

You are doing something wrong when…

this girl:

this girl:

and even this girl:

are more badass than your “Lara Croft”:

or whatever that is….