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Hands up who thinks Sam and Dean should attempt this technique (Jaxcon 2017)


Happy Smut Appreciation Day!

Summary: It all starts as a way to piss off Dean…

warnings: Cas x Reader, unprotected sex, grace!kink, oral sex (male receiving)

word count: ~2500

The four of you had just finished a hunt and decided to celebrate by going out to the local bar, have a few beers, and play some pool.

That was all well and good, until your two on two (you and Sam vs Dean and Castiel) game of pool had been interrupted by some blonde skank catching Dean’s eye.  You were now perched at a high top table, nursing a beer and seething.

So what?  You didn’t necessarily like Dean that way, but it still pissed you off when he ditched you and the boys for no good reason.  The feeling of jealousy and anger came from the fact that at the end of the day, these boys were yours. Dean, Sam, Cas – they were all you had, and you never wanted anyone to take that away from you.

Yeah, you could be a selfish bitch, but whatever.

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Escape: Epilogue

SPN FanFic

~Y/N and Dean are abducted after a night at the bar and thrown into a maze of horrors. Can Sam track down his brother and girlfriend in time? Can they even hold on that long?~

Sam x Reader, Dean

1,036 Words

Series Warnings: Angst. Show level violence. Graphic gore and blood. Extreme situations that may cause anxiety and fear. Character injury and trauma. (Extra Warnings in the tags)

A/N: Thank you again to each and every one of you for reading and for your wonderful feedback. I’ve seen it all, and I love it all so much. Thank you. This time it’s really the end. Hope you enjoy.

~Feedback is the crack that keeps the Writing coming back~

ESCAPE Masterlist ~  My Masterlist  

Epilogue: Heaven Can Wait -

The Bunker was quiet.

Sam sat in his arm chair in the Library, a book open but forgotten in his lap. He ran a hand through his hair and took a breath, trying to calm the nervous twitch that was working its way up his spine.

It had been three months since their stint in Hell, and yet, Sam could not let it go. Any time the room was still, any time his mind was at rest, waves of guilt and panic slowly washed over him.

The silence was a jab to his heart; a reminder of his failings.

The empty room a slap in the face.

He knew he had done all that he could, but his best hadn’t been good enough. He hadn’t been fast enough to save them from the horrors that were forced upon them. He had been so sure the attackers had taken them out of town that he never even picked up on the clues right under his own nose. For four days, Dean and Y/N had fought and bled and suffered just yards from his motel room. While he slept in warmth and comfort, they had huddled together in a blood drenched cell, broken and hopeless, waiting to die.

There was no excuse he could make, no way to apologize; nothing could make it all right.

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Imagine Lucifer being connected to you because you are Sams soulmate and the only one who can keep Lucifer at Bay.

You stood your ground in front of Sam finally revealing to him and Dean how connected you and Lucifer were. “Leave….him…..alone.” you growled. Lucifer stood tall watching you, his features softening just a little. “Y/N……you cant honestly chose him over me….over what we have…” he said stepping toward you. “I can. and I am. Back off and leave Sam alone.” You said pulling out an angel blade. 

Lucifer laughed loudly. “You gonna kill me baby?” he asked turning fully toward you. “If thats what it takes” you snapped as Sam’s hand landed on your wrist not holding the blade. “You’d do anything to save him, and he’d do anything to save you. That’s your fucking downfall! That’s what held him back from me all these years! AND I CANT KILL YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!” Lucifer shouted angrily pointing at you. 

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Now that I’m older and gayer I see that Frodo and Sam were like 100% in love who tf even is Rosie? Idk…No thx

Silences That Should’ve Been

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1509

Pairing: DeanxReader

Summary: You and Dean have been together for years. You’re the woman everyone knows he’s going to marry. But during a huge fight, Dean says some things he never thought he would say, causing you to leave. Can he fight to win you back?

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Pairing: Sam X Reader

Word count: 1200-ish

Warning: FLUFF (like just too much of it)

Summary: A smitten reader finds herself with drunk Sam. Alone.

A/N: I suck y’all. I know, lately I’ve been only writing Sam, but y’all are just feeding my Sam crises. I’m not naming you, but you know who you are. This fic is a result of just that. @kas-not-cas thought it might be a good idea to distract poor Ana with this GIF. So, my wifey is the reason you’re getting this. Blame her, not me!

Also, there was an anon request a while back, asking for a tall reader paired opposite Sam. Here it is Nonnie ;)

Feedback is really appreciated!

“Dean,” you called, looking over at Sam. Something was obviously out of place with him. “DEAN?” You all but yelled, when the older Winchester didn’t reply. Why, oh why did you decide to step into the motel room without Dean? 

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Blargh so I’ve been talking about it here and there and everywhere and actually in some detail in some cases, but there’s some other stuff I only covered in my watching notes while suffering The Worst Migraine, so I mostly just want a thing that I can find in my My Stuff or tables tag to actually just find and look at :P

So 1st gif: Jack in the library aka the Family Room of the Bunker, learning to be a hunter, and getting very enthusiastic about the job. Notice Sam hovers by the door while Dean moves right in to the head of the table immediately. Jack resurrected Cas and he doesn’t even know yet, but Sam and Dean have their Opinions on that, and Sam’s is to be uncertain about how Jack did that and why (and, I think, especially later in the episode it’s clearer when he asks Dean about how happy he is, perhaps a bit peeved that despite all his effort with Jack he brought back Cas instead of Mary), while it has already caused the entire like remaining 75% of Dean’s flip on his view of Jack, which will be expressed at the end of the episode in the conflict there.

2: Cas waits for dramatic effect while Sam and Dean warm Jack up to getting surprised, and emerges from the other room. Generally framing things from Library to War Room is bad if you’re coming out of the library and good if you’re coming into it, as Cas does. The War Room represents the nebulous idea of conflict and Jack’s had tons of that, pretty much all of it caused because he didn’t get born and immediately have Cas there to guide and protect him, as per the ideal scenario he modelled and attempted to set up from the womb. Cas himself is coming from turmoil and conflict and rejoining the little family that they made while he was gone, but of course we see it from Jack’s POV because it’s about his reaction and in the bigger picture of course it happened for Jack in the sense he’s the one who did it.

3: The infamous hug where Dean lurks in the background, overseeing this reunion and being emotionally linked to it in a powerful way where it’s clear he has a stake in it too because why include him like this. Sam hanging back to the side for other reasons also contributes to him not being a part of this, while Dean gets to observe this reunion; I have a lot of feelings about the reason Jack reached out for Cas and the connection between Dean and Cas that Jack accidentally facilitated, so in a way the 3 of them are connected about Cas’s return in a weird way where all 3 had a part in it. I wrote already about Dean being in the heart of the family and head of the table, and of course the fact this is the family room being used for the meeting. If they’d met in the War Room the entire tone and meaning would have been different.

4: On the other hand Dean’s not involved except off to the side of the foreground, observing, as Jack demonstrates his powers. @mittensmorgul has written quite a lot all over the place about how Jack completely brushes off his powers bringing back Cas, which he didn’t realise he’d done, to focus on the little magic trick he had learned and the minuscule amount of control he does have. Sam’s purpose in this framing is now revealed as he’s been worried and curious about how Cas came back from the moment they start talking in the episode, and finding out Jack did it has been making him more and more worried. His expression when Jack moves the pencil is surprise and at the end of the episode he’s the one who reacts strongest to seem scared of Jack, by raising his hands and backing off. Cas and Sam are the ones connected to being concerned about Jack’s powers, the ones invested in his arc for these reasons, and when Dean makes the decision to send Jack home with them of course it’s them in the car as the most judgement free people imaginable after you accidentally kill someone with your magic powers you can’t control. This framing shows in the opening moments what’s basically the set up for the conclusion and getting some important emotional moments out of Sam and Cas when trying to comfort Jack about what he’d done. Specifically, Cas and Sam are shown with Jack about his powers, Cas and Dean are shown with Jack about family.

5: On the other side of the episode we return to Jack in the Bunker where he’s in the same seat but feeling like absolute crap. The room is darker, and he’s no longer engaged with anything, just sitting sadly staring into space. Now we get a sense of him being watched; he’s returned to this room because it HAD good associations but it is different, colder, less welcoming now. The one doing the watching is, of course, Sam (and Cas) because of the thing about Sam observing Jack earlier in the season - I mean Cas would be doing it too, but Sam has thematic history with this, and he and Cas are essentially placed to stare at Jack while Jack sits away from them. In the motel room as well, TFW1.0 cluster into a nook of the room to talk in low voices about Jack while Jack sits on the bed, also silent, and probably able to hear them, and there’s similar framing of him sitting being talking about or stared at.

6 & 7: some of the best shots this episode are the ones looking from the Library into the War Room, as Jack has to give up the comfort of the home the Bunker offered to him and move in to face the conflict. Here we have Dean returning and the camera going from his arrival at the top of the Bunker to Jack lurking in the Library still. Dean joins Cas’s side and he and Cas are again literally aligned on top of Jack, while Sam is still off to the side. Again, Jack and Dean are linked just because we go from Dean’s entrance to Jack lurking, listening from the other room. They know he’s here this time at least. His isolation from the family group is obvious, especially compared with the start of the episode where he was in the heart of the family and Dean’s arrival sort of flanked him into being in the middle of them all.

8 & 9: Jack gets up from the no longer welcoming Library and crosses through into the War Room, where of course there’s that prison imagery lighting on the floor that he walks into the middle of - he feels trapped here, he has to fly the nest, and he’s facing the consequences. He comes down the stairs demanding to know details about the guard, and to get into the conflict. From here, of course, everything goes down around the War Room table, because that’s where you have fights :P

10 (bonus off topic but last space in the gifset): the dark Library and its lights work excellently to give Jack wing imagery, right before he stretches his wings and flies. Previous shots in this discussion took him from just off to the side, I guess mimicking that Sam or Cas n Dean were looking at him. He also has wings with the sparks but I don’t like giffing flashing things, because migraine.

“Forbidden” Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2,858

Dean Winchester x Reader

Request from Anon: Could you do a Witch!reader x Dean where they always flirt and eventually sleep together, but then the reader discovers she is pregnant? So she tries to escape during the night (because she knows her child will be born with magic and thinks Dean will hate/hunt them) and when Dean notices she’s missing, he goes looking for her?

Warnings: Implied smut, swearing, fluff

Originally posted by holy-fucking-damn-shit

Dean stood there, watching you flip through your spell book as you tried to find a specific spell that would help them on their hunt. They had called you a few days ago, asking for some help in trying to figure out if what they were hunting was a witch.

They call you their “good witch”, as you always helped them with whatever they needed, but that didn’t fool you. You were still a witch, and they still hated your kind. Not that you have an option since you were born with it, but most hunters don’t care about that. You felt like Sam and Dean only kept you alive because they needed you.

“What did you say the victims were experiencing? Carvings in their chest?” You asked, not taking your eyes off of the book because you knew Dean was staring at you. You didn’t mind, not really- he is a very attractive man. There had always been sexual tension between the two of you, but nobody acted on anything. The two of you knew that you couldn’t take things that far. You were a witch.

“Uh, yeah. Carvings.” He was snapped into reality by your voice, shaking his head.

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Television for the Children

You could hear a familiar, homey banter from inside the offices. Sometimes you wondered if that office space was in fact a space for work rather than a shelter for artists to come together and enjoy a safe space to deliver themselves not only as the industry’s top ranking artists but also as normal people who enjoy the company of family.

When you walked in you could see the source of the warmth, Kiseok had brought with him Hwa Young, his 3-year-old daughter. You smiled to yourself seeing the AOMG boys turn to mush at the sight of the baby. She was wearing a Bape camo crewneck with a black tutu and Chucks, and everyone was taking turns in taking photos of the little girl who looked annoyed already.

Hwa Young looked up at you and ran to your feet.

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Gabriel and Wings

Originally posted by ashiewesker

Pairing: Gabriel x Winchester!Reader (ft. Dean and Sam)

Content/Warnings: fluff

Words: 1241

A/N: To kick off the one word drabbles, I have Gabriel and Wings with you, requested by @theycallmequeenie! I may have gotten a little carried away with this one, but I hardly ever get to write with Gabriel…

“What are we in town for, again?” You asked your brothers.

Dean glanced back at you through the rearview mirror. “Not sure. Probably a trickster this time - an actual trickster, not Gabriel.”

“Ah,” You hummed thoughtfully. You had never been able to meet Gabriel. You were either injured, with Bobby, or staying behind to do research on the apocalypse whenever Gabriel got involved. Dean and Sam had told you all about him, and from their descriptions he didn’t seem that bad. He just wanted to get his brothers to stop fighting. Quite often, you felt the same way.

The Impala’s engine went off, shaking you out of your thoughts, and you climbed out of the back seat, following the boys in to get a room for yourself. If you didn’t, Dean would get one room out of habit, and you’d have to go back in to get a second one for yourself. Sam and Dean didn’t particularly like you getting a room to yourself, where they weren’t able to look after them, but you were a grown woman who needed her privacy.

After the three of you got rooms, you grabbed your bag from the Impala and tossed it into your designated motel room before joining the boys in theirs. “Alright, so what have we got on this possible trickster?”

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So I think we can all agree that Steve “refuses to bleed on anyone” Rogers would have to be basically dragged kicking and screaming into therapy and would spend at least the first six months insisting that he was totally and completely fine would you please get off his back and let him get back to work, for fuck’s sake.

BUT! imagine with me, if you will, a version of Steve Rogers who’s a little further down the road, who has come to recognize the value of therapy and has developed some healthy coping mechanisms (jumping off things without a parachute is not healthy, Steve) and is now the most aggressively passionate advocate for mental health care you’ve ever seen. Like, crossfit level advocacy. Selling essential oils on facebook level advocacy

Every interview he gives somehow becomes a conversation about mental health. He carries cards with hotline numbers in one of the pouches of his uniform and hands them out after every mission - to both civilians and whoever they were fighting. He gets so obnoxious that when Sam tries to vent to him about something, he eventually has to be like, if you ask me if I’ve considered talking to a professional about this one more time, I’m gonna leave your ass. 

(Steve backs off and Sam can’t even really stay annoyed with him because Steve’s so fucking happy now that he’s got his shit worked out and he just wants Sam to be happy, too, and really, it’s made him the best boyfriend Sam’s ever had.)

Just, happy and healthy Steve Rogers who just wants everyone to be as happy as he is.



u: starts out pre-series; Sam tells Dean he loves him, but Dean worries that he’s corrupting his brother, so he tells him he doesn’t love him back. Sam runs off, resulting in an accident. Dean never heals, never stops feeling guilty, so he escapes to college in hope that his past will fade away. It all becomes too much though, and Dean can’t ignore his feelings for Sam, no matter how hard he tries. They find each other again. Just like always.

Finally finished it!

Come With Me.

Originally posted by mishasaurus

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader with Sam Winchester and Castiel

Prompt: “Hiya I got a dean x daughter!reader request I hear you’ve been looking for these :) So like maybe Dean doesn’t know he has a daughter but she’s in potential or immediate danger (maybe with one of his former enemies) and Cas knows about her and is like dean she’s destined for great thing you have to save her blah blah blah and maybe she’s a resident surgeon and has goals of creating a hunter hospital so she’ll save lots of lives in the future or something? Thank you so much I appreciate it😘 “

Warnings: Little bit of blood and gore from a bullet injury and some demon killing.

Extra: I changed this up a little bit so it would make a tiny bit more sense. Reader is a college student that is majoring in Human Surgeries and has a small hunter hospital in the basement of her home. Some monsters find out and Castiel tells Dean that he needs to save her. Reader is also 19 years old.

P.S: There may be a part two? I’m not entirely sure yet. But I will write one if you guys are interested!

“What do you mean I have a kid?” Dean said sternly, staring at Castiel. Cas slightly shed back, trying to stand his ground, but failing miserably. Nineteen years ago, Dean Winchester had gone on a single case without his father, John Winchester, by his side. He had one hookup, and thought nothing would happen from it. But, alas, here he is, speaking to his angel pal about how he has a daughter, and she’s about to be in danger. 

“I think it’s pretty clear what he meant, Dean.” Sam said, just as shocked as Dean was. Castiel didn’t exactly break the news calmly-he blurted it out right when he stepped foot through the door of the bunker. 

“But why are you telling us this now?!” Dean yelled, resisting the urge to slam his hand on the table. Castiel let out a puff of air and looked at Dean. 

“Because,” Cas started, staring blankly at Dean, “I thought that if you knew about your child, it would distract you from saving the world all the times that you have. I’ve been keeping an eye on her since she was born. It was something that God had supposedly told Joshua to do before he left. I’m telling you now because she’s in trouble and needs protecting.” 

“So you’re telling me you’ve known about my nineteen year old daughter since the day she was born and haven’t even told me?” Dean asked with sass in his voice. Sam resisted the urge to roll his eyes at Dean’s childishness, but Sam’s eyes went wide at Castiel’s words. 

“Wait, she’s in trouble?” Sam asked, causing Dean’s face to go from angry to concerned. 

“If you would stop arguing with me and listen I can tell you how!” Castiel snapped. “Her name in (Y/N) (L/N). She lives in South Dakota near your friend Jody, but still far out. She runs a miniature hospital for injured hunters in her basement. Some demons found out and have teamed up to ‘take her out.’” 

“How does she even know about hunting?” Dean asked, suddenly confused. 

“Her mother died when she was a few years old.” Castiel explained. “She went into foster care, then suddenly disappeared from the system. A married couple that were hunters came and grabbed her before she got shipped out of state.” Dean felt a pang in his heart. His daughter had already been through hell and back and he hadn’t even been there to help her. 

“Dean.” Sam said calmly, causing his brother to look at him. “Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault.” 

“I could’ve looked harder.” Dean said, shoving his face in his hands and taking a few paces around the library. He wanted to say ‘Cas could’ve told me,’ but he didn’t.

“What you can do is make up for it now.” Sam continued, walking over to Dean and setting a hand on his shoulder. “So let’s go find your kid.” Dean removed the hand from his face and glanced at Sam, then Cas, then back at Sam.

“Yeah.” Dean mumbled, letting a tiny, crooked smile escape his lips. “Let’s find my kid.” 

“I’m almost finished!” You said to the man on the table, his girlfriend holding his hand as you held open the bullet wound in his arm with your fingers. Your free hand was using a pair of tweezers to dig around in the muscle of the man’s bicep, trying to find the silver bullet that was shot into him. “Just hold on a little longer!” 

You finally felt your tweezers hit something solid and you fumbled around a bit more, ignoring the man’s groans as you grabbed the bullet, pulling it out and taking your blood covered hands away from the man. He almost screamed in relief as you turned around and set the bullet and tweezers on a table, grabbing your needle and thread and hurrying to stitch the man up and bandage his wound. 

You were finished in a matter of minutes, glad that your college class covered stitching a few weeks prior so you knew what you were doing. You quickly bandaged the wound and gave the man a few pain killers, then sending him and his wife out the cellar door and away from your home. You knew the wound was fresh, but you didn’t want to be around if that vampire pack had followed the couple. 

You let out a sigh and turned to the wall of your muggy basement, turning on the sink and running your bloody hands under the cold water. That man was your sixth patient of the day, and your head was pounding and your body felt limp. College was wearing you out, and running a secret hunter hospital was even more tiring. 

There was suddenly a creaking sound above your head, and you froze, looking up. The creak sounded again, this time closer to the stairs of your basement door. You quickly turned the water off and turned to one of your many tables, grabbing a pistol and unclipping the magazine, making sure it was loaded, then clipping it back. You crouched down behind the table that you had just performed surgery on, hearing the basement door slam open and footsteps pound their way down the stairs. You took a chance, remembering your ‘training,’ and looking over the table. There were four females and a man looking around the room, and one of the females spotted you and her eyes flashed black. 

You gasped and grabbed your knife out of your boot, knowing the Latin symbols on it by heart. You lunged at one of the females and quickly stabbed her, not bothering to watch as she fell lifeless to the ground. You quickly took out the other two females and the man with little trouble, only using your gun at a few points. 

One of the females had been hiding behind a table and you didn’t notice as she lunged out, her knife skimming your cheek as you dodged her swing. She backed you up against the wall, knife held at your throat. You suddenly felt terrified. You had never been this close t a monster before, even if you had been trained to fight them. You squinted your eyes shut as the cool metal of the knife pressed harder against your throat, fully prepared for your death. 

Then suddenly, the pressure was gone, and the body fell to the floor. 

You opened your eyes ad saw three men standing in front of you, and you tried to back yourself further against the wall in fear. The one in the trench coat simply looked at you while the tallest one glanced around the room awkwardly. The other man was looking at you with wide eyes and a concerned face, and you lazily cocked an eyebrow at him.  

“Are you okay?” the one that was staring at you in admiration asked. 

“Y-yeah.” You stuttered, looking at three. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sam.” the taller one said, lightly gesturing to himself. “That’s Castiel,” he pointed at the one in the trench coat, “and that’s my brother, Dean.” 

“Wait, Sam and Dean?” You asked in shock, knowing who they were. The Winchesters were here in your home, and nevertheless, you were scared. They were known as the most psychotic, crazy, and B.A hunters in the world. 

“Are you (Y/N) (L/N)?” Dean asked, still staring at you. You felt yourself shy away slightly. Were they here to kill you? 

“Um, yeah.” You squeaked, hand opening and closing by your side, itching to grab your knife from the ground. 

“We’re not here to hurt you.” Dean reassured, holding out his hand slightly. “I’m, uh…” Dean trailed off, looking back at Sam then back at you. 

“I’m your father, and I need you to come with me.” 


… As long as the door on it’s removed.

It’s fine if it doesn’t feel, uh. Too cagey. You know?

It’s Your Little Sister Dean

Request- Sister imagine where Dean’s possessed by a demon and they can’t seem to kill him the usual way so Sam and her tie him up and she tries to scream at him things that they all did together as kids to set him free. He almost kills her but almost at the last minute he snaps back and he hugs her and Sam makes sure he’s still him and when he does there’s a giant group hug filled with tears and smiles and omg someone hold me… 

Word count-926

Master list          Prompt list

Tag- @evyiione @girl-with-a-fandom-fettish

A/n- This is not demon Dean from season 10!

“What do you mean get the dungeon ready?” You asked running to the dungeon and switching the light on.

It’s Dean (Y/n). He’s possessed.” Sam says driving at full speed trying to get back to the bunker. You completely froze. Your eldest brother Dean was possessed. “(Y/n)? (Y/n) you still there? Get the chair and rope ready we are gonna have to tie him down.” Sam said, while you could hear Dean struggling against what you assumed was handcuffs with devil traps on.

“Yeah yeah okay Sammy.” You whispered sliding your hand through your hair. Once you hung up you dragged the chair in to the middle of the devil trap and got ready with the rope.

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