back off my boyfriend

You had your chance. You broke their heart and they moved on to someone who treated them ten times better than you ever did. Don’t be upset because ‘things could have worked out’. You chose to hurt them, over and over. They’re happy now. Leave them be. Don’t ruin their relationship because you’re now realizing how shitty of a person you were to them.

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Tyler Seguin is trashy hot (objectively speaking) but he looks like he's trying to steal my boyfriend at all times? Like, back off my man, Tyler! I don't even have a boyfriend right now but I'm still paranoid about Seggy offering him a blowjob in the McDonalds bathroom or something...

this is at once the most oddly specific and yet also the most intensely relatable ask i have ever been sent

Reaction to Your First Time Not Being Consensual. . .

!! WARNING !!    This Indicates themes of rape, so please DO NOT READ FURTHER if you are UNCOMFORTABLE with topics such as these. Sending love, protection and happiness <3

Anonymous said: hi, so i really liked the past violent relationship reaction taht you wrote, and i was wondering if you could do something similar, but instead your first time (with sex) not being consensual. my past boyfriend too my virginity without my consent, and i would really love it if you could do a bts reaction pls. if not i understand after all it is a sensitive topic. i will still love you and continue to follow you. :)

Reaction to Your First Time Not Being Consensual…

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A/N again, please only read if you are comfortable with reading on. Much love <3



This would be brought up when you two had those late nights where you were just talking in bed, holding one another in your arms. You would have been wanting to tell him for a while, but never really knew how to bring up such a difficult topic. So eventually you just decided to go for it, and spilled out those dreaded five words ‘My first time wasn’t consensual.’ He would tense up, you could feel it underneath you, but you wanted to get the story out, so you continued talking about that horrible night when your boyfriend took your innocents. He would be an exceptional listener. He wouldn’t interrupt you, and would tighten his hold on you at those key moments where he could only imagine how terrified you were. Afterwards he would kiss your forehead and remind you that none of it was your fault and that he loved you regardless. The rest of the night his hold on you would be strong and firm as you both fell into a comforting sleep listening to one another’s heartbeat.

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You would be sharing your deepest secrets with one another while cuddling on the couch while eating a snack that he had made for you both. You would be leaning your head on his shoulder, playing with your fingers when you spoke about your worst and most feared secret. He would wrap an arm around you, becoming concerned for you. He would listen intently, but at the end he would ask necessary questions, not wanting to pry, but wanting to make sure that you are safe and cared for. But he would be incredibly proud that you had made it out of something like that and are still the bright and caring person he fell in love with today.

Jin: “Did you tell the police?”

Jin: “Did you lose contact with him?”

Jin: “You haven’t heard from him since then, right?”

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You would both be out when you saw your ex in a book store. You would find Yoongi who was looking through books and would ask him quietly if you could leave. Sensing your discomfort and urgency he would follow you out the door of the book store without question. After finding a nice park, you two would sit down on a bench and he would ask what happened. You would hesitate, but eventually explain to him how your ex took your first time without consent. This would be one of those rare moments where Yoongi would show you skinship. He wasn’t one to show much affection, and so his hugs and hand holds meant a lot to you. He would feel there is a deeper connection with you knowing you had a broken past, slightly like his own. He would feel horrible though, that such a bright person like you had to go through that, and he would become much more tender towards you. It wouldn’t be noticeable to you or others, but he would find himself doing things towards you with much more love and affection and meaning than he did before. Like holding your hand under the table when out to a business dinner, or even in the smallest things, like you would say you need some water during movie night, and Yoongi would stand and say he needed some too, so he would get it for you, when in actuality he didn’t need water. It hurt him to know what you had been through, and therefore he would make it his mission to give you the exact opposite of what your previous relationship had been.

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You would be sitting on your bed looking through an old photo album with J-Hope. He had asked to see what you were like in middle school and younger. However, there were pictures of your early high school days, and that was when you were with your now ex boyfriend. J-Hope pointed to the picture of you, your friends and your ex that was sitting next to you with his arm around your shoulders. J-Hope decided to joke about it and smiled, and asked, “Ah, who’s that? Your high school crush?” He laughed, looking to you with a huge smile. You tried to smile back and simply shrug it off, simply saying, “No, that was my boyfriend.” You would close the photo album, deciding that you wanted to end that conversation. However, J-Hope would sense your change in mood and gently hold onto your wrist and pull you back down next to him when you tried to walk away. “Hey, what’s going on? You okay? Did I say something?” You would hesitate, and so J-Hope would speak up again. “Talk to me Jagi.” You would give in when you saw the love and concern shining in his eyes. You would explain the horrid thing your ex had done, and for the first time, J-Hope wouldn’t have anything to say. His bright smile fading and his heart aching at what he was hearing. He wouldn’t know what to say, not wanting to bring back your memories, worried it would hurt you more, and also not wanting to say anything that might be wrong or mistaken as insensitive. He would simply pull you in for a big warm hug while he strokes the back of your head, whispering sweet and comforting words.

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You would be play fighting with Jimin on the couch, he wanted to watch something, but you wanted to watch a different show, so in attempt to get the remote, a play fight had broken loose. He would have his hand on your hip while pinning you to the couch underneath him while you stretched your hand above your head while holding the remote and Jimin tried to reach it while leaning over you. His hand would have accidentally pushed up your shirt, right where you had a scar from your ex when he was forcefully taking your innocents on the horrid day. He wouldn’t have noticed but you would have, and would be distracted with trying to push your shirt back down, and with that Jimin got the remote. “Ah, sorry about your shirt…” He would blush and reach down to pull it back down for you, but in the process seeing the two inch long scar along your hip. “Where’d that come from?” He’d ask, thinking it was something innocent like falling off a bike, not what you were about to explain. You would decide that sooner or later he would need to know, so, taking the chance, you spoke about it. After hearing what you had gone through Jimin would pull you in for a hug, to show you that despite your dark past, he still loved you with every inch of his heart. But he would also pull you in for a hug because he wouldn’t want you to see the anger that was etched into his facial features. He was generally a happy and kind person, but hearing what you had gone through he would have pure red-hot anger and hatred for your ex. He would spend the rest of the day keeping you by his side and tending to your every need, filled with the sudden need for you to know how much he loves you.

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You would be playing a truth game with Tae, before bed, this being a routine that he had come up with, wanting to know everything about you down to the most random things, that was how much he loved and cherished you. He would have asked about your relationship with your first boyfriend, and a dark silence would have followed. “Y/N?” He would have called out, turning to look at you, thinking you might have fallen asleep, but seeing as you hadn’t he would ask what was wrong. You would admit that your ex had hurt you, and so it was a painful memory. “I’m sorry Y/N. You don’t need to tell me… If you don’t want to. I’ll understand-” “No Tae, you told me about your past, I want you to know mine… But it’s not the pettiest.” You admit. Tae would give you a reassuring smile. “None of us have clean cut pasts, that’s the beauty of humans.” He replies, and you know right then, you fall even more in love with him. You open your mouth, and the words tumble out. You start with the beginning of that nightmare of a day, all the way until the next morning when you left your ex’s house crying your eyes out. When you’re done, you finally raise your eyes to see Tae watching you with a blank expression. “Is he in jail?” He would ask, monotone, a voice that sends chills down your spine. “N-no… He’s not. I’ve never told anyone the story until now.” “Tomorrow, I want to take you to the police station and you’ll tell them. He needs to be locked up.” You shake your head. “Tae, that was years ago, I don’t even know where he lives.” “I don’t care, I’m not gonna stop until he’s found, I’ll even use the fans for help if I need to. You know what they’re capable of? I bet in two hours if I were to ask them to find your ex they would have found him. With Army out there looking for him, he wouldn’t be safe.” He speaks giving you a devious smirk. You don’t know whether to be appreciative or worried. But all you do know is that you’re glad he was the first one to know and accept your past. “Let’s start with the police okay? We don’t need a man hunt all over Korea. That’ll just get your fans in trouble.”

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You would be baking with Kookie when suddenly something reminds you of your ex. You freeze in while in the motion of stirring the cookie dough. You wouldn’t know how many seconds would pass until Kookie comes up next to you, placing a hand on your shoulder. “Y/N?” You would snap out of your daydream and continue stirring, telling him it’s nothing. However, though you two haven’t been together long, he would know something was up. He would take the bowl and spoon from your hands gentle, asking you to tell him what happened. You wouldn’t want to scare him away, but you knew how stubborn he was, especially when it came to you holding things back from him. So you would open your mouth and explain to him your recent past, considering you were a year younger than him, and were dating your ex just last year. After you explain to him of your memories, Kookie would simply stand there in silence before smiling softly at you and brushing a stand of hair from your face. “I’m sorry you went through that Y/N, but I’m really thankful you told me.” He would explain how he’s nothing like your ex, and would then take precautions when around you. He would make sure that his movements and actions towards you, whether physically or emotionally, wouldn’t remind you of your ex, wanting you to feel safe around him.

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She's A Bitch C.H

Summary: Basically, Calum’s girlfriend is a bitch and can’t stand you and vise versa, so you and the boys set out to try and make him realize how cruel she is.



Words: 2,000+

“Calum!” His annoying girlfriend called out to him as soon as she barged into his house on our friend group’s annual movie night. Calum his my best friend, and in our group is Michael, Ashton, and Luke. They are literally my only friends, and I love them dearly, but I hate, hate Calum’s girlfriend. She hates me too.

Whenever Calum turns his back, or isn’t around, she a straight up bitch to me, and sometimes to the other boys too. Yet, Calum doesn’t know, and one time I tried to tell him, he yelled at me and we didn’t talk for days. It sucks honestly, but what can you do? Calum is oblivious.

When she came and sat down on his lap, I groaned and rolled my eyes. Michael chuckled and Luke tried to hid his smirk. Ashton just smiled and shook his head. “Oh, you’re here.” I said with a distaste in my mouth. The boys -all except for Calum- chuckled. Calum sighed, “Y/n just leave Molly alone, we’ve been over this, we’re a couple.” I sighed and let out a half-hearted laugh.

 "Ok Cal, whatever. You can go back to sucking your girlfriend’s dick now.“ I said as I walked out of the living room and into the kitchen. In the background, I heard the boys howling with laughter.

I turned around to look at the person who was standing in the doorway, and what do you know? It’s the bitch herself. "Listen to me Y/n, I don’t understand what you’re doing, but you really need to back the fuck off of Calum, he’s my boyfriend, and you’re nothing but a loser piece of shit who can’t get her pathetic life together.” She spit out and turned away and left before I could attack her.

I growled and stormed back into the living room, “Cal, can I talk to you?” I asked as he nodded and walked into the kitchen with me. “What’s up Y/n?” He asked as I sighed, “Listen Cal, I’m going to say this straight out, and I’ve tried to tell you before, but Molly is a total bitch ok? She literally just said how pathetic I was and how I’m such a piece of shit and can never do anything right!” I shouted as I started to grow angrier and angrier.

Calum sighed, “Listen Y/n, I don’t mean to offend you or anything,” oh no, he isn’t, “But, maybe she’s right. You are kind of reluctant on leaning towards my fame and wealth to leach off of me.” He said as my jaw dropped.

“How the fuck can you say that, when all I do is buy everything when we go out, spend the most money on you guys, take care of you guys, buy everything we ever need to have parties and movie marathons, and do everything I fucking can to help and support you!” I fumed at him. “All she does is make you buy her things, and call me names, and make fun of the boys, and all of that shit that you must think is so amazing. Right Calum?”

He rolled his eyes and stalked back into the living room with everyone else. I was fuming, and I was so fucking fed up with her putting things into Calum’s head like that. I waked back into the living room as calmly as I could and spoke loudly. “Hey Luke? Can you come into the kitchen with me, I have a problem and I need a real friend to help me.” I said glaring at Calum the whole time.

Luke looked around at me and then to Calum and widened his eyes while getting up quickly and rushing into the kitchen with me. “Listen Luke, Calum was just all like how I leach off of him and do all of this shit, and how Molly never says anything to me, or you guys for that matter, so I have a plan. I’m telling you first, because you’d be my seconds best friend, after that dickhead I call a best friend, and I really need your help to get Molly on tape, to talk about what she always says to us.” I spoke in a quiet hushed tone.

Luke grew a huge smile on his face and nodded his head enthusiastically, “I’m totally in, I hate that bitch just as much as you do.” He said with a chuckle. I laughed along as we walked back into the living room. “Hey guys, I was thinking we should go back to my place. We could play video games and I have beer.” I suggested facing Ashton and Michael.

They both looked at each other in confusion and I faced my back towards Calum and Molly. I directed my eyes to the side Calum was on and slowly shook my head so they could -hopefully- see that we needed to get away from Calum and Molly.

Ashton seemed to catch on and nodded his head for him and Michael. “Yeah, me and Mike will come with you guys, it sounds like a lot of fun.” He said with a smile as they both got up. They said goodbye to Calum, as did Luke -yet no one said goodbye to Molly. I didn’t say goodbye to either of them, and right before we left I heard Calum call out to us, “Wait, guys, can we come with you?” He asked with a look of doubt on his face.

I laughed sarcastically, “Of course not Calum, you’ve been a dick to me, and I really just want to hang out with my best friends without someone who finds it ok -and apparently loves- when my self esteem gets lowered.” I said with a glare as I turned and motioned the boys to leave so I could go to. The last thing I heard when we left was Calum sigh and Molly laugh.

We arrived back to my house and I gathered everyone in the living room. “Ok, listen up, I say, Luke, you get Calum out of the house while us three set up some cameras and everything all around his house. When everything is finished, we’ll call Calum and have a get together to ‘apologize’ and all that.” I said as we started to make the plan.

Ashton chimed in next, “We need to also somehow get Y/n and Molly in the same room alone so Molly says all of those things to her again. This time, it will all be on tape so Calum will be forced to see how awful she is.” I smiled and nodded along to what he was saying.

“Great!” Luke said, “But why do I have to distract him?” He questioned as I sighed, “Listen Luke, you always know how to force Calum to do things he doesn’t want to do. Have him out of the house and do something until we tell you we’re done ok? That’s the most important part of the mission so don’t fuck it up. Ok?” I asked as he nodded with a small smile.

“Ok, let’s get this started,” Michael said with a smile, “I have a friend who works at a tech store and can get us some really good cameras. I’ll bring them here tomorrow so Luke, call Calum up and tell him you want to do something tomorrow.” He instructed as he went to call his friend about the cameras.

This is going to be so good.

Everything was going according to plan, Luke was out with Calum, and Michael had brought the cameras. Me, Ash, and Mike were at Calum’s house setting everything up. We had three cameras out in the kitchen, four in the living room, and two in the hallway. We didn’t want to do the bedrooms or the bathrooms just incase something we weren’t supposed to see happened.

When everything was finally finished, we left Cal’s and called him to have an 'apology’ get together for Molly and Cal. He bought the whole thing.

When the 'party’ actually started, the boys had somehow figured out a way to get them into the kitchen while me and Molly were both sitting in the living room across from each other.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?” Was the first thin Molly started off with in her spiral of insults. I smirked as she kept going. “I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back.

Calum sat next to Molly on one couch, and the rest of us sat piled on top of each other in the tiny couch. “Ow Luke you punched me in the face.” Michael complained as I laughed at him, my laughter was then cut short as Luke was pushed onto me and crushed me. “Ow Luke.” I whined out.

“Maybe we should head out and do something.” Ashton suggested, “Is everyone game?” He asked everyone, including Calum and Molly. Calum looked over to Molly and she nodded with an eye roll. Calum smiled, “Yeah, we’re in, let’s go,” Everyone stood up. “Actually, I think I’m going to go home, I’ve some things to do today, so I can’t really hang out.” I lied as I looked at Michael knowingly.

Michael gasped, “Oh shit, I just forgot I had something to do as well. Looks like it’s just you guys going.” He said as everyone left Calum’s house. While they all went in a car somewhere, me and Michael drove around the block so Calum wouldn’t get suspicious, and walked back inside his home.

“Alright, lets get these cameras down and into a dvd to show Cal her bratty attitude once and for all.” I said with a small smile on my face as we started getting to work. When it was all finished, I took the tape to my uncle’s to get it changed into a dvd to show Calum. “By this time tomorrow Mikey, this should all be over.” I sighed with a smile as Michael pulled me into a side hug and rubbed my shoulders.

When the next day hit, the boys and I walked up to Calum’s door and knocked so we could get in. The dvd in my hands was starting to get sweaty because of my palms. The door opened and Calum showed up and looked confused, “Hey guys, what’re you doing here?” I ignored him and walked inside with the boys following behind me. “Is Molly here?” I asked as I looked around the room.

Calum shook his head, “No she’s not here.” I smiled, “Good, the boys and I have something to show you.” I had Calum sit down on the couch as I put the dvd in.

“Wow, Y/n did you gain weight?" The Molly that was on the screen said. I smirked as she kept going. "I mean, you certainly look fatter, but that must just because you never get off your ass and do anything productive with yourself. You know? I really think you should get a job or something.” You laughed, “Molly, I’m off of college for the summer, I cant get a decent job without a college degree.”

She sighed, “Well I was going to say you could go into modeling, but you’re too fucking ugly for that. Plus, they wouldn’t want a worthless lowlife like you there anyways.” As she finished saying that, the boys all came back, and she put a large smile on her face.

The video cut out and we all looked at Calum. Ashton was the first to speak, “Listen man, she’s been saying things like this for the whole amount of time you’ve been dating her. It’s also not just Y/n she says these things to, she says things to all of us, we just got this part on tape to show you.” Ashton sighed as we all looked to Cal to see his reaction.

He sighed and walked out with his phone in hand. We all looked defeated as he walked out to the kitchen. We were all silent for a while until he came back with a bright smile on his face. “I broke up with her, thanks for showing me that guys, and I’m really sorry for not believing you guys. Can you forgive me?” He asked while not looking at any of us.

I shrugged and walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him. “Of course Cal. We forgive you. At least you broke up with her right?” I asked with a laugh as he hugged me back. “Group hug!” Luke yelled and everyone was suddenly engulfed in a hug.

At the end of the day, we are all the five best of friends, and nothing, not even a demon from hell can stop us from being together in the end.

13 Reasons Why Headcanons:

Fluffy Clony:

-It’s no secret that Tony and Clay love to cuddle, both sets of their parents having enough photographic proof to last a lifetime. After a particularly bad day, it’s become custom for them to pop a movie in and settle on the settee together and cuddle, holding on tight and soaking up the other’s comfort- Tony being the big spoon and peppering Clay’s head in kisses every so often. There’s no place safer that Clay feels than in Tony’s arms.   

-Clay loves tracing Tony’s tattoo’s with his hands; the way the painted skin feels beneath his fingertips and how Tony shivers at his touch when he gets to a particularly ticklish part- especially after they’ve just had sex and the older boy’s still sensitive to his touch. Half the time he doesn’t realise he’s doing it, the movement becoming a subconscious habit that brings him comfort and allows his brain to fall into a lull of content.  

-They have a shared enthusiasm for kissing the other- whether it’s just a peck on the lips or a full blown make out session, they love the way the other feels against their mouth. Tony likes to kiss Clay wherever he can, on his mouth, on his cheek, on his neck (often with the results of numerous hickeys) while Clay likes to keep the kissing to Tony’s lips- not that he minds when Tony gets a bit more adventurous.

-Tony has a habit of holding Clay’s hand whenever they’re out together- not in a possessive ‘this is my boyfriend, back off’ kind of way, but to remind himself that the younger boy’s there and safe; he also secretly loves the way that his hand wraps around Clay’s, the younger boy’s fitting perfectly in his own.

-Most of the time, after school, they’ll spend their time together at each other’s houses. One of Clay’s favourite things to do is to watch Tony work on his car while he’s supposed to be doing homework; he’s loves the way that Tony gets all sweaty and greasy, his shirt sticking to him and how his hair gets all messy- it gives his body a increasingly, frustrating tingly feeling on the inside until he has to call the older boy over just to steal a kiss.

Birthday Jealousy- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so this one gets steamy, but not smutty. I’m having a hard time writing smut lately so I wanted to be sure to give you quality. If you want a smut, Jessyca, let me know though. I can write one! Anyway… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy guys!

Warning: steam, cussing

Anon Request: Would you please make me an Andre Burakovsky imagine? My name is Jessyca and could it be for my 21st birthday (and he gets jealous or something like that?) & it be fluffy/smutty, if you don’t mind. Thank you so much!


              This wasn’t exactly how you had planned your 21st birthday to go.

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i get slightly jealous whenever someone says they love will herondale


- request:  Can you write for kian where you get jealous of him hanging out with the girls so you are more clingy than normal and he notices

- reader x kian lawley

- word count: 576 

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I rolled my eyes and watched as Kian and Jc messed around with some girls. Kian and I have been dating for about a year now and now that he’s becoming more wild I guess you could say, he’s being more reckless with who he hangs out with. I really didn’t even feel like barging in on them and pull Kian from the girls because I know he’ll get pissed and say it’s all for Youtube. I mean, the girls here are crazy beautiful and I’m just average. I mean, they have these gorgeous bodies and my body is just, there.

I sighed and walked into the kitchen grabbing my drink from the fridge. I walked back into the living room where everyone was hanging out and sat down beside Kian. 

“Hey baby.” He kissed my head which made me blush.

“Hey.” I mumbled tossing my legs across his lap. 

Kian and I made small talk but the girls for some reason kept trying to talk to Kian about how cute his hair was and it was really pissing me off. 

“Kian you should really style it like that more often.” The brunette girl said running her finger through his bangs.

“Okay!” I shouted pushing her hand off of his hair. “Kian is my boyfriend so please back off!” 

“Woah baby.” I looked back and Kian was laughing at me.

“What’s so funny Kian? Are you actually going to sit there and let them mess around with your hair in front of me? That’s pathetic!”

I stormed off and heard Kian laughing with some friends about me. I walked into our shared bedroom and slammed the door shut, tears starting to fall down my face.

“What a fucking dick head.” I mumbled running my fingers through my hair. 

“(y/n)?” I looked back and saw Kian giving me a light smile.

“What? Did they girls stop messing with you?” I huffed and crossed my arms.

He let a out a sigh sitting beside me. “Baby, you know it’s not like that. They just have their opinions but I’ve noticed here lately that when they’re around, you tend to be more…clingy.”

“Because Kian! You hang out with these fucking models every other night and I’m here with not even that type of body and you’re over here letting them touch you and constantly be around you knowing that i’m fucking insecure about them!” 

He ran his long fingers through his hair and stood up, gently pushing me back onto the bed. Kian started placing kisses all over my face. He began traveling down, pushing my shirt up and leaving kisses all over my stomach and chest, then proceeded down to my legs, pushing them open and leaving little kisses inside my thigh. 

“Kian.” I mumbled rubbing his face. 

He came back up and left a kiss on my forehead. 

“Baby, you’re the most wonderful girl in my life. I don’t want to lose you and end up with those girls. You’re smart, beautiful, creative, fucking sexy,” you let out a little laugh and gave him a peck on his lips, “and all in all, you’re my wonderful girlfriend. I wouldn’t trade you for the world.” 

I smiled and brought his face closer to mine bringing his lips on mine. Kian bit down on my bottom lip, pulling it back winking at me. I blushed and ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled back and left a kiss on my forehead.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too.”

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Checkout girl here. 75 year old man would come in every Sunday. He liked me. A lot. 'If I were twenty years younger...' 'I'd jump over the counter to get you' 'I'm old enough to be your grandfather but I'd still let you climb on my lap and give you a cuddle'. I'm 19, look about 17. Seemed to back off after me and my boyfriend, who also works with me, saw him in town. Apparently he called my boyfriend a twat another time after that.

definitely not doing this series based off my old bias list
•okay first of all, protec this sunshine
•alth he was a lil too r00d in Cherry Bomb
•lets actually get started shall we
•okay so everyone knows how much he loves roasting everybody
talking about roasting i want roasted chicken
•donghyuck wld 173829482727/10 tease/insult you to death
•however, as much as he does it very frequently, he definitely knows his limitations
•if he knew that his insults hurt you in any way, i think he wldnt ever forgive himself for it cuz yall know he wldnt actually mean it but he’d blame himself for not knowing the sensitive spots in you heart
•also you kno how he can cook right
im getting hungrier but its 10.15 pm over here as im typing this out
•lets say donghyuck brought you to the dorms after school or smth and tae or dy isnt at the dorms and theres no food
•he wld tell you to sit at the sofa and wait for him to finish cooking for the both of you
•and youre just sitting there looking at him like
•my!! boyfriend!! is!! so!! talented!!
•also i think he wld give VERY GOOD HIGH QUALITY CUDDLES MHM YES
•dont fight with me on this
•clingy people usually give the best hugs
thats what my friend said about me the other time i was rlly emo and started clinging on everyone
•like yall are probably just hanging around the dorms watching a movie or just enjoying each others presence on the sofa cuz the bedroom is a no-no from eomma taebreeze
•and then you feel his arms snaking behind ur back and across ur arms n body
•and then hed rest his chin on ur shoulder and nuzzle his nose into ur shoulder every. ow and then just to smell that perfume he bought for you on ur birthday
•no matter how many times this happens it wld always shock you that donghyuck has this rlly soft side for you
•and i mean very soft esp when in private
•and youd just sit there hoping that the both of you cld stay like this forever in the comfort of each other’s arms
•also i forgot to mention that he wld get you to prank his memebers along with him as well :)
•"babe help me search up for some rlly good predebut photos of johnny hyung i need to take revenge on him bcuz of that time he called me a bird"
•"go boil some instant ramen soup for me i need to put it in mark hyung’s shampoo bottle"
•"what why"
•"cuz ramen hair ;) “
•the members wld definitely the both of you are cute but they wld very frequently complain of them getting headaches of how noisy he is naturally ard you and beg you to quieten him down a little
•also a the two moms of nct
•i think tae and dy wld sponsor ur restaurant dates
•"i just want to see the both of my kids smiling so i’d try to help them smile with ease :”) “ ~ty track
•in general haechan is a good boyfriend
•still not ove r how hes my ideal type and finding people liek him is hard for me :”)
•also did you guys hear that
•its the sound of my bias list shattering
•yeah Haechan Lee Donghyuck is definitely a rlly good boyfie in general :“)
•i hope you guys have a gr8 day/night/afternoon after seeing this post :”) ❤️
I Thought I Was The Mean One.(Sebastian Smythe/Glee Imagine)

Request: Can you do a Sebastian Smythe one where girls are all over him after a performance and you grab his hand and kiss him in front of all of them because you get jealous and you you look at the girls and say he’s my boyfriend back off fem reader thank you sorry if it’s so long

I’ve never done a Glee imagine before, so this is very new. Tell me if you enjoy it!

REQUESTS ARE OPEN! (If you are unsure about what imagines I do, you can ask)

I hope you enjoy!

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Your relationship with Sebastian was complicated. You were part of the New Directions while he was a well known and an “extremely evil” Warbler. But nevertheless, through your complications and his complications, you loved each other. 

He wasn’t a pleasant guy when he was around your friends at school, but around you he was completely different. You were sweet and kind while he was the devil in a blazer. But when you two were alone, he mirrored your kind personality and you absolutely loved it. 

After your New Directions win at your sectionals, you were waiting on news if Sebastian won his. But he recently told you the date for the Warblers’ sectionals and he really wanted you to go. 

“I hope Sebastian falls on his face. You know that’ll be a show stopper.” Kurt remarked as he sat down in his seat in between you and Blaine. The two had said that you shouldn’t go to enemy territory alone and offered to come with you. Blaine nudged his boyfriend and Kurt apologized. 

“He won’t fall. He’s too good of a dancer.” You said, confidently. 

The show started and it took a while for the Warblers to take stage for they were the third act to perform. You fiddled with your thumbs during the other two groups but when they announced the Dalton Academy Warblers. The curtains drew open and there was your boyfriend standing center stage. 

His eyes wandered around the crowd while there was a silence that spread through the auditorium. Many other girls thought that Sebastian was eyeing them, but you knew where his eyes wanted to meet. He suddenly saw you and his smile widened. Then he began singing.

The crowd went wild as the Warblers finished singing. You stood up and cheered. The judges went to discuss the winner and you slipped to the rooms where the Warblers were staying in for the competition. 

When you arrived, there were a huge group of girls surrounding a certain member. Your certain member. He didn’t look up to meet your gaze so he wasn’t able to see the jealous rage forming in your eyes. He was too caught up in being the star of the Warblers. 

The crowd seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, you started to look like that girl that’s forced to go to a get together with her family. You huffed before diving into the crowd. Instead of being a normal person and trying to move through any open spaces in the crowd, you just pulled each girl out of the crowd to make room for you to slide through.

“Your eyes are so gorgeous.” You heard a girl squeal at Sebastian. “They’re like blue.”

“And you’re like an idiot.” You snapped as you shoved the girl aside and grabbed onto your boyfriend’s arm. “You sure do like attention.” 

He shot you a smirk as his eyebrows went up. “And is that bothering you, sweetheart?” 

“You’re so cute. Oh my god, you and I should totally meet up. Here have my num-” You rolled your eyes and turned towards the girl you just shoved aside. She gave a small shriek as she was pushed back into the crowd of girls. 

You grabbed his hand and pulled him down to a passionate kiss. The lip lock had lasted at least a couple minutes and you two only pulled away for air. Sebastian had an amused smile on his face as you turned to the crowd of girls. “He’s my boyfriend. Back off.” You snapped.

Sebastian laughed, “I Thought I Was The Mean One, (Y/N).” 

Proposal Headcanon (malec)

-It’s been three years since the gang got back from Edom. Simon has recently returned to the Shadow World and slowly gaining his memories back. Since nobody likes to remember Edom, Magnus, Jace, Alec, Izzy, Clary and Simon head to Mundie bars to loose themselves (because it’s nice to escape the Shadows once in a while, too).

-So Alec, the lightweight, gets tipsy. A couple girls come over to Jace and him, and they start mercilessly hitting on Alec. Jace sits there amused, and Magnus sees and wonders how Alec would deal with the situation. Alec, however, slowly gets red and embarrased and pleads with his eyes to Jace to get the mundie girls off him. Magnus does that by yelling, “Somebody’s hitting on Magnus Bane!” Alec immediately goes into jealous mode and tells the girls, “I gotta gay.. I mean go. Someone’s flirting with my boyfriend.” The girls, angry, eventually back off.

-The bar starts to do karaoke. To everyone’s amazement, Alec finds himself on the stage. He says over the mic, “Could Magnus Bane come up here please?” So Magnus, genuinely confused, goes upstage. And to add to everyone’s surprise, Alec starts to sing Adore You by Miley Cyrus to Magnus (who thinks singing Alec is hotter than regular Alec.) And imagine, Alec just staring Magnus dead in the eye as he sings when you say you love me/know I love you more/ when you say you need me/know I need you more/ boy I adore you. Magnus, for once is speechless.

-After this, Alec drops the mic and goes down on one knee, pulls out a velvet box and because he’s Alec he just says to Magnus, “Will you marry me?” Magnus, of course, says yes and everyone starts to awwe and clap and cheer, even video taping the whole scene.

-So one of the girls who were hitting on Alec makes a rude comment and Clary Fairchild happens to over hear it. Now, Clary has a temper that is as short as her height. And nobody messes with her family, especially Alec. Alec and Magnus are torn from their personal bubble when they hear someone yell, “say that to my face. I dare you.”

-They both turn to see a short red-head being held back by Jace and Simon, both boys reassuring her that Alec can take care of himself, but Isabelle yells, “Nobody insults Malec and lives!” Clary breaks free of their grip and Alec winces when he sees Clary’s fist collide with the girl’s nose. A huge brawl breaks out in the bar.

-The next day, everyone is nursing hangovers and injuries. Alec, who almost always remembers what happened when he was drunk, remembers that they got kicked out and banned from the club. He remembers Clary and Izzy defending him, and Magnus telling the club owner to “untwist his knickers,” but he can’t remember anything from before. Jace wakes up and asks Alec where he got yesterday’s confidence. Alec is confused and Jace has to explain to Alec how he proposed to Magnus.

-Finally Magnus comes into the room and sees Alec on the balcony, where Alec was beating himself up over screwing up his proposal. Magnus however had other ideas. He told Alec, “That’s okay. I want to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You’ve ruined me for anyone else, Alec.” And then, Alec kisses Magnus and they both hold hands on the balcony, enjoying the silence.

Alex Summers x Reader - Braids

Prompt: 42. “You braided his hair?”
Requested By: anon
Word Count: 478
Rating: G
Warnings: fluffity fluff

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“Alex, please!” You begged. Alex sighed and set down his magazine. The two of you were sitting in Charles’ office, waiting for him to come up from the basement. You had been waiting for a half an hour, because Charles insisted he had to watch this training session between Jean and Ororo.

“Babe, why? Why do you want to play with my hair?” Alex chuckled, pulling you towards him. You placed your legs in his lap and rested your head on his shoulder, his arm wrapped around your shoulders.

“Because it’s fun!” You insisted. Alex let out a light laugh and pressed a kiss to the top of your head. When Alex told you he was letting his hair grow out, you were hesitant. You had never really been a fan of guys with long hair, but now that he had it, you were obsessed with it.

“Fine. Just this once!” Alex sighed. You clapped your hands together and hopped off his lap. He turned around so you could have access to his hair.

“Pigtails or braids, Summers?” You asked.

“Braids? I guess?” He responded. You nodded and began to work on his hair. It wasn’t long enough to do two full braids, but you could do two short ones.

“Doll, you’re giving me chills.” Alex laughed as you ran your hands through his hair.

“Good.” You whispered in his ear. You heard Alex chuckle as you began to braid his hair. After 5 minutes, you were finally finished.

“Done!” You squealed.

“Get me a mirror, I want to see.” Alex said. You nodded with a smile and went to grab the pocket mirror in your purse. Suddenly, the door open and Charles entered the room.

“(Y/N)! Good to see you and Al-” Charles paused as he saw Alex’s hair. He turned back to you with a laugh.

“You braided his hair?” Charles laughed.

“Shut up, Charles.” Alex said, rolling his eyes.

“I like playing with his hair, so why not!” You replied to Charles, walking over and handing Alex the mirror.

“You two are too much.” Charles smiled, shaking his head.

“I think you’re just jealous of how cute we are.” Alex argued.

“And I think you look like a 5 year old little girl with braids in. Clearly, we disagree.” Charles said. You laughed at the two’s playful banter.

“Charles, if you had hair, I would offer to braid it. Sadly, you’re a bald, old man so back off my boyfriend.” You commented. Charles nodded with a laugh.

“I do miss my old hair.” You rolled your eyes. Anytime someone brought up him being bald, he delivered the same long speech about how he missed his hair.

“Charles, no. No long speech about your hair today.” Alex spoke before Charles could.

“Fine. But if ever grows back, (Y/N), will you give me braids?”


(Jealous Kol)

You and Kol had left to the baseball stadium earlier so you can practice making home runs.

“Do we really have to be here?” “Yes Kol, you promised me you’d help teach me how to make the perfect home run.” I said with a chuckle. “But you’re a vampire, can’t you just use your strength and that’s it. You don’t need to practice.” You sighed at his response, “I know but I would really enjoy if I got to spend time with my boyfriend, because quite frankly all you do is try to kill Jeremy since he killed you that one time.” You frowned as you heard him let out a big sigh, “Well sorry if I don’t forgive the Gilbert punk for killing me! I mean who cares right, all it means is that I wouldn’t see you again.” “Look Kol, I’m sorry and I understand but let’s just practice okay? I don’t want to get into a fight with you here in public.” Kol simply nodded and you both walked over to grab a bat. You guys got two cages that were right next to each other which made it easier for him to teach you. After a while he sighed and smiled, “You know I don’t know how to hit a perfect home run right?” “Yeah Kol, I know. It’s just nice actually doing couple things though so I could care less if you really do know how.” He nodded and you both continued with the occasional chit chat. Soon you guys finished and headed out, till you saw Damon and Jeremy. You grabbed Kol’s hand and whispered in his ear, “Stay calm okay? I don’t want you hurting him in public.” Kol smiled, “Don’t worry it’s okay.” Their eyes locked on the both of you, “So what’s the power couple doing here?” Damon muttered to Kol as both pairs stopped in its track. “Well Damon, I mean Kol can’t even kill a hunter like me so he probably just wants to make himself feel better about hitting a ball. Plus we all know he doesn’t deserve that boyfriend of his, (y/n) is way too good for him. Hey (y/n) why don’t you get yourself a real man and be with me?” Jeremy said with a smirk as he eyed Kol out of the corner of his eye. Kol growled lowly as heard the retort, “Now Gilbert, I think you should back off of my boyfriend before I knock your head off your neck.” Damon laughed to that and smiled, “Oh please, I didn’t know that Kol of all people would be a jealous mess.” “Shut up Damon and you too Jeremy, come on Kol lets go.” You says as you tugged on his hand to leave however, he sped over to get a bat and came back. “I gave you a warning.” Kol muttered before he strikes at Jeremy who was saved by Damon although the blow still stuck with him. Kol dropped the bat and grabbed your hand, you both headed over to the parking lot in silence. “You know Kol, I like it when you’re jealous.” You said with a small laugh, “Well I just don’t like people hitting on my boyfriend.” “So instead you hit them?” You laughed