back of your hand

carnival ride

pairing: reader x jimin

◦ rating: m

◦ word count: 2.7k

m a s t e r l i s t

The golden light of the sunset spilled over in the distance, vanishing somewhere between the neon lights of carnival rides and the flickering tides of the ocean. Few stars poked out of the darkness that was beginning to cloak the sky overhead, and from this high up, you felt you could almost touch them. With a smile growing at the corners of your lips, you reached your hand out over your head, your fingers raking over the stars, as though you could gather them into a pool in the palm of your hand and release them on command.

Your hand fell back to your lap, eyes still fixed on the sky above as the sun continued to sink into the horizon that was now behind you. “Wow…” you breathed, leaning on the shoulder beside you. The weight of his head rested upon yours now as he let you wrap into his arm.

Jimin smiled, pleased at the decision to drive an hour and a half out of the city to see the fair by the ocean. “Beautiful, huh?” He said quietly, placing a gentle kiss atop your head. You shifted to lean into him more comfortably, moving his arm to hang behind your neck and cradle your head as you kicked a leg out. The pale cream color of your dress whispered up your thigh, baring more of it to Jimin’s hungry eyes. He knew this was a romantic moment, and that you were enjoying the view of the twinkly stars and la da da, but honestly, Jimin had been eyeing your legs in that thin sundress all evening– not that you noticed, of course– and now, he had finally gotten you to sit beside him, completely still.

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THE FESTIVAL BLURB WTF BABES but can I also add this bc I love the photo kink: The final picture that Harry snaps is of you settled between his bare legs, pink lips wrapped around this cock, wide eyes looking up at him and his hand rested on the back of your head to keep the flower crown in its place.

FUCK oh my god YES and maybe Harry’s like a legit photographer like that’s what he does so that’s why he was obsessed w taking pictures of you the whole time???? But he really hasn’t done anything with the pictures since he got home earlier that week, so when you go over to his flat to spend the weekend with him, the pictures are just sitting haphazardly on his bedside table (which isn’t a big deal, because he lives alone and he’s got the more scandalous photos at the bottom of the stack). The raunchier photos aren’t even what catch your attention, you’re just looking through the ones he’s got of you and of the two of you doing the most innocent of things while you’re curled up against his chest – one of his band t-shirts and a pair of panties being the only things you’ve got left on, and he’s running his fingers through your hair as he looks at the photos over your shoulder.

“‘S one f’my favorites,” he says, pointing to one of you wearing one of his hoodies as a dress and dancing around towards the back of the crowd at one of the later sets, lights shining and bodies moving all behind you, but you’re twirling and laughing, and looking at him, and if Harry didn’t think it was completely insane, he’d say he was head over heels in love with you already (he does think it, he just doesn’t say it – it’s been a week). You grin up at him, pressing a kiss to his chest before you’re flicking to the next photo and you feel your entire body flush, and he moves his hand down to your hip to slip his fingers beneath the waistband of your panties, just letting his fingertips drag against your side.

“Love that one,” he whispers, and it sends chills all over your body, and you can feel where you dampen between your legs at his touch, at his words, at the fucking photo – because it’s you with your lips stretched around his cock, your eyes wide as you look up at him, tears brimming them, and the flower crown in your hair adds a certain sort of innocence to it all, still, but it’s fucking filthy, because you see where his hand is at the back of your head, guiding you a bit as his hips rocked up into your mouth. You remember how he’d told you that you were being ‘such a good girl,’ the way he’d tugged your hair and called you ‘angel’ all at the same time, and you press your thighs together at the thought of it all.

Harry must notice when you do, because he drags his hand so that he can cup your cunt, the tips of his fingers dragging around your folds, and you gasp in response. You’ve been laying between his outstretched legs for god only knows how long, and you whine and let your head fall back against his shoulder, your legs spreading wider when he presses calloused fingers against your clit. “Can’t even tease y’for gettin’ wet lookin’ at that,” he murmurs, rubbing against your button in tight, slow circles. “Got hard when I first looked at it, too – had t’get m’self off,” he whispers, and his lips are right up against your ear, and you grab his free hand by his wrist, bringing it up to cup one of your breasts, and he squeezes just once before he slips the same hand beneath the cotton of the shirt, thumbing over your nipple. “Harry, please,” you breathe, and you feel his smirk against your neck as you finally set the pile of pictures off to the side.

“Think y’should lemme’ take a few ‘f ya’ when ‘m fuckin’ y’proper, yeah? Make y’ a proper model f’me,” he whispers, and you let out a soft moan when he presses two fingers against your entrance, fucking them into you slowly while pressing wet kisses along your neck and jaw, behind your ear. “Look so pretty when y’cum, too. ‘Ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you, love, I swear it,” he continues, and you can feel where he’s hard against you himself, and you clench around his fingers at the realization, and he hums in your ear. “So tight, too. Feel so good on m’cock – gonna’ be the fuckin’ death ‘f me,” he murmurs, and he presses his thumb against your clit, rubbing in quick patterns while he fucks you with his skilled fingers, and it only takes a few moments more of that combined with a bit more dirty talk (even though it’s really not dirty talk, per se, despite how filthy it is – Harry means every bit of it and isn’t just saying it to get you off) before you’re cumming around him.

He makes sure that he gets a photo of you licking his fingers clean before he fucks you into his mattress (and it’s definitely too hard and desperate for either of you to be focusing on taking a picture).

Imagine...Lucifer Helping With A Nightmare

Request: Pleasee do a Luci one where you have nightmares about parents troubles and he wakes you up and calms you. Please baby 

Pairing: Lucifer x reader

When you woke up, you already felt the cold chill on your arm, on the top of your head. You panted as you blinked up, blue eyes looking back with a worried smile.

“Nightmare again?” asked Lucifer, your head nodding under his touch, curling into his body. “Monster chasing you?”

“Parents,” you mumbled, Lucifer humming and tucking you up against him. You were glad he always turned the heat up so his body temperature was soothing to you. “You know what that’s like.”

“Yes, yes I do,” said Lucifer, chuckling and rubbing his hand up and down your back. He continued the motion for a while until he felt your heart rate calm back to normal, until you felt sleepy again. “Go ahead, I’ll be here, make sure nothing gets you.”

“Thanks Luci,” you said. You were close to sleep again when you tapped him. “Can you…”

“Want me to pop in that head of yours with you?” he asked. You smiled and he pressed a kiss to your forehead. “Go to sleep honey and I’ll be there.”

You relaxed again and true to his word, you saw him pop up a few minutes later in your dream in a park. He didn’t do it often, come inside like this unless he really thought you needed it but those were always some of your best dreams.

“So, what do you have planned for us tonight, Y/N?”

Bite Me (Ignis x Reader Drabble)

In light of the teaser trailer for episode ignis, I felt the need to write a bandaid fluff.
Also @xnoctits and I noticed what nice teeth Ignis has (dem canines 👌👌💯👀)

“You’ll strain your eyes if you continue reading in the dark” Ignis commented when his hand reached the light switch only to notice it was off.

You gave a sigh and rolled your eyes, continuing to scan through the reports before you at the kitchen table.

He spoke as if he himself had never become too engrossed in work to take care of himself.

Even if his eyesight was something he no longer had to worry about, your beloved still had a rather dependant relationship with Ebony that allowed him to power through all-nighters with the vigor of a teenager.

He groped his way around the table and settled his hands on the back of your chair.

“Are you listening to me Y/N?” He murmured into the back of your neck with a lingering kiss.

“Oh bite me” you huffed, rolling your shoulders in a half-hearted attempt to shoo him away.

“With pleasure.”

His lips parted against the side of your neck, teeth grazing your jugular.

Your skin prickled. Seductive man knew exactly what to do to make you stop working.

“I didn’t mean that literally.” You groaned as his canines dragged down your neck, letting out a surprised squeal when he nipped at your shoulder.

He chuckled and kissed the bite endearingly.

“So tempting a suggestion, I could hardly resist.” He planted another kiss.

You wondered belatedly, as you read the same line for the tenth time, if he intended on kissing and biting all your clothes away.

Especially with the way he was tugging the bows of your shirt straps undone with his teeth, it seemed entirely likely.


Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: you bump into peter and he asks who you are

Warning: fluff?


you sat at your desk staring at the empty paper in front of you.
The teacher was talking and talking yet the words sounded funny and unearthly. The math signs becoming dragons, becoming fire, becoming ash. you stared out of the window longingly with pitiful wonder at the rain, completely free of trigonmetrric solutions. the students and atmosphere was buzzing, low and consistent. finally the bell rang and your dignity was restored. you literally skipped out of the classroom but before you completely got out the door you crashed headfirst into a body on a skateboard.

Your math papers went flying as the body stumbled upright grabbing his skateboard. You immediately bent over and and started grabbing the mess back into your hands.

“I’m so sorry” a voice sounded from above you. The skater boy was standing there, looking at you. You faintly recognized his face from passings in the hallways. Peter was it? Peter something. His brown hair was a mess and his eyes were sparkling.

“it’s fine” you mumbled, an uncontainable smile spread to your face as you took in his disheveled white shirt and jeans and heartbreaking smile. He grinned and stuck out a hand to help you up. you took his hand and soon you were equal height with him, well almost, he was tall.

“hi, I’m Peter, um Parker, I mean Peter Parker sorry.”
“well hello peter parker who ran into me with a skateboard” you said smiling. He laughed and you died a little inside.
“Sorry again about that-“
“really its fine” the conversation lulled for a second as he cocked his head against the doorframe and stared at you.
“and you are?” he asked, not taking his eyes off of you. God, how could anyone look like that?
“I guess you’ll have to find out” you said shrugging your shoulders and turning around. Leaving him laughing behind you.
And he would. He would find you.

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RFA+V reacting to an MC who has hair extensions, and one of them accidentally pulls the hair extensions out? Love your blog c:


☁ was casually playing with your hair, as he does 

☁ accidentally tugged on your hair a little too hard 

☁ pulled out one of your extensions 

☁ “the heck is this" 

☁ thinks he pulled out your real hair 

☁ apologizes profusely when you tell him it’s an extension 


ツ came up behind to to scare you 

ツ tugged on your hair 

ツ has a mini-heart attack when he sees your extension in his hand 

ツ tries to hide it back in your hair 

ツ “luciel. bby. that’s not how this works." 

ツ keeps trying anyway bc it makes you laugh 


✍ she like knows you wear extensions bc your hair got long overnight 

✍ so she doesn’t really freak out when she accidentally pulls one out 

✍ "oops im rlly sorry babe lemme fix it”

✍ gently fixes your hair back  

✍ makes sure to never do that again lol 

✍ does it again two seconds later


★ gets your super long hair caught in a motorcycle helmet 

★ panics and rips your extension out (don’t worry your head is fine)

★ screams like a girl in a horror movie bc he thinks he fucked up your hair 

★ takes him a few minutes to calm down 

★ intense and polite apologies 

★ kisses your forehead a bunch to make sure he didn’t hurt you 


☼ the two of you were taking a walk in the park 

☼ he accidentally trips w you in front and tries to grab onto something 

☼ pulls out an extension on the way down 

☼ has a mini-panic attack bc he thinks he hurt you 

☼ takes awhile to calm down like zen 

☼ feels better after you give him kisses on the nose 


☂ can’t really tell what he’s doing anyway 

☂ tries to reach out for you and grabs onto your extension 

☂ pulls it out and is kinda confused 

☂ “? what’s this babe?" 

☂ "my extension. don’t worry i’ll fix it." 

☂ super confused about it pls help him

sorry this took so long, but i hope you enjoy!

-mod jumin

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Can you please do 14, 19, and 25 with Bucky?

19. “I promised I’d protect you, but we can all see how that worked out.”- Bucky Barnes

Waking up to the sound of a hospital monitor was never a good sign, especially when your whole body felt like it had been hit by a truck. Groaning as you tried to push yourself up, you were quickly pushed back down by two hands. Looking uo, expecting to see your boyfriend, you instead saw the blue eyes of Steve.

“Steve?” you croaked, immediatly being handed a bottle of water, “Where’s Bucky?”

“Bucky… he’s in his room… hasn’t left since you were brought in.” he sighed, flopping down into the seat next to you.

“Oh.” you murmured, not being able to control the tears that sprung to your eyes as you let your head drop back against your pillow.

2 days later…

After you were finally discharged from the med bay, with a cast on your leg and strict instructions to rest and not put any strain on your ribs, there was only one place you could think to go.

Knocking on the door, you felt your heart leap up to your throat as your bedraggled looking boyfriend opened it.

“Y/N?” he said, voice slightly shaky as his eyes scanned your beaten up form.

“Why weren’t you there?” you asked, not being able to stop yourself from asking, “Why didn’t you come see me in the med bay?”

Sighing, Bucky just opened the door more, ushering you inside.

“I’m sorry.” he murmured, taking a seat next to you on the edge of his bed, “I just… couldn’t see you all hooked up to wires and shit, you looked so frail and it was all my fault.”

“What? Bucky, none of us knew the bomb was in that building, there was nothing anyone could do, most of all you.” you said, hand reaching up to stroke his cheekbone.

“I promised I’d protect you, but we can all see how that worked out.” he said, eyes refusing to meet yours.

“Bucky! It wasn’t your fault.” you said, hand moving to the back of his neck, pulling his lips down to yours.

“I’m so sorry Y/N.” he whispered against your lips, bringing you as close as possible to his chest.

Prompt requests are closed!


Characters: Darkiplier x Reader

Summary/Prompt: Inspired by the song High by SIVIK.

Warning: smutty

Notes: I am nervous posting this, but hopefully it came out decent lol I originally was writing this gender neutral, but I sorta got carried away and yeah…I’m sorry! ^^

Requests are open and very welcomed! :)

Originally posted by alienboyinblue

“Once you got it going, so addicted oh, got me trippin oh, high off of you..”

Your body trembled, hands clutching the sheet beneath you. The euphoric feeling building up deep in the pit of your stomach as you lay on your back, chest raising fast to the rythm of your labord breaths. 

A cry sounding much like a whimper and a whine left your lips, your back arching just a bit. The large hands on your upper thighs tightens their grip while pulling you down closer to their owner’s face. 

The pressure in your stomach kept getting stronger and stronger. The sounds that leaves your lips became much more frequent, and one of your hands found it’s way into his dark, thick hair that was already messy.

A load moan echoes around the room followed by a cry of his name.” Dark!” And then your drowning in such pleasure that made your toes curl in and white stars to show when you squeezed your eyes shut. 

He didn’t stop, letting you ride through your orgasm and continuing even after as whimpers left your kiss swollen lips at the overstimulation. His hands hold you there when you wiggle your hips in a weak attempt to move your lower half from his much too desiring face.

But it was pointless, Dark continued with his ministrations with his mouth that build you up so many times before. Once again that feeling returned, much faster than the last time and it blindsided you as to came for the third time that night. 

You laid there, breathing heavily. Dark, like a predator hunting his prey, slowly crawled upwards until he was hovering above you - his member dangerously close to your aching core. 

He leans down, breath ghosting over your lips until his own are finally on them. Kissing you with such a hunger that made you moan wantonly into his mouth. The need for him rushing back like a tidal wave. Like it actually ever left though; because it didn’t.

You tried to wrap your arms around him, but in a blink of an eye, they were being pressed to the bed and held there by the dark, void energy Dark usually uses in a fight.

And then you feel him. At your entrance, pushing in and making your walk stretch around him. He didn’t wait for you to accommodate to his size, it wasn’t needed and he was too impatient to even consider that at the moment. His hips moved towards your own at an almost painful pace, and you try your best to keep up with him.

Your hands curl into a fist, your mouth refusing to close due to the noses that left it. Sweat coats both your bodies, and the sight of Dark covered in it and his muscles moving underneath his skin due to what he was doing to you turned you on more than you already were.

You wanted to touch him, so you half heartedly start to struggle against the restraints you won’t ever break unless he allows you to. Dark took notice of what you wanted, and the restraints disappeared, though the second that the did, the feel of him inside you disappeared and your were put onto you your hands and knees. 

Your desire dripping down your legs, as his hands rub up your outer thighs. One goins straight to gripping your hip in a grip you were sure will be leaving bruises once this is all over. His other hand, ghosted over the curve of your ass and -

A scream leaves your lips when his hand comes in contact with your cheek, his palm leaving the stinging sensation behind. Dark does that twice more before he once again becomes impatent and his back inside you. 

Trusting to his heart’s desires, one hand getting a hold of your hair and pulling back enough that it was both pleasurable and painful. And then he’s talking, and oh… the words that are being whispered into your ear are sinful and you love it.

His voice, his scent, his touch, him inside of you - his whole being drives you crazy to where you feel intoxicated. And you love it. 

But you had this same effect on him. Dark won’t ever say it, he isn’t that type, but he won’t hesitate to show you. Your soft skin under his rough hands, those beautiful, lust filled sounds that he causes to come out of you and the way you scream his name as he thrusts into you, hitting that certain spot every time. 

You drive him crazy with that little smile you always give him. The smell of you fresh out of a shower, and the scent of your arousal - the taste of you, he can never get enough. 

One of his hands sneaks down between your legs, rubbing fast as his hips start to stutter a bit. And then he’s whispering in your ear, “Say my name.” So you do, over and over, as loud as he asks for.

A low, hot growl leaves his throat.

And your falling, falling. 

Both of your highs slowly come down, and you couldn’t help the whimper that left you when he slipped out. Dark helps clean you, then drops down on the bed beside you. He wasn’t a cuddling man, but he usually always did for you after these moments. 

He can’t deny the fact that he likes it too. 

You’re the first one to fall asleep, exhausted from the night’s activities. And Dark stays up just a bit, holding you to him and thinking. He leaves a soft kiss on your hair, before a rare natural smile lifts his lips. 

#90- You can tell me anything- Yoongi

100 ways to say I love you

#90- You can tell me anything- Min Yoongi
Best friends- unrequited love
Words: 897

It had just passed eleven when Yoongi heard three small knocks on his door. He knew it was you. Just by the way you knocked ever so gently as if the door was made of paper then your muted shuffling on the other side. Another knock followed when he didn’t answer. Smiling to himself, he crawled across his bed leaving his laptop and headphones behind to get to the door and pull it open. You stood in the hallway, dressed in your summer pyjamas despite the temperate being in the single digits, hair pulled back with a cat-eared headband and skin clear of makeup. In your hand, you held your phone. Screen lighting up with message after message but you were ignoring it. Yoongi’s gaze flickered back to your eyes, trying to find the answer to his question of why you were here when you told him you would be out with your boyfriend.

“Can I come in?” you asked in a tiny voice, something that was unusual for you which sent Yoongi’s stomach stirring with something unpleasant.

“Sure” he stepped out of the doorway, making room for you to come in. “Is everything okay?”

Once inside, Yoongi closed the door cloaking the room in near darkness thanks to the small Pac-man ghost lamp he had in the corner. A gift from you three Christmas ago, he still used it despite giving you shit about it every chance he got. You turned to face him, side of your face illuminated pink with the glare of the lamp and eyes glowing with something he didn’t understand. Taking a tentative step towards you, he slipped his hand into his back pocket worried that he would try something if he got too close.

“What’s going on?” Yoongi was worried now, the panic feeling sinking deeper in.

You responded with a shake of your head and then you were closing the gap between you. Grabbing onto his neck, you pulled him into a kiss. Lips crashing into his hard and fast, you desperately pressed yourself against him and hoped he would respond accordingly. Yoongi froze, his entire body tensing up with the sudden action. This was something he had wanted for a while, something he thought of way too often but never like this. Not in his room while you were in a state where you couldn’t think straight. Yoongi’s hands reached up to your face, pulling you away with enough force to move you but not enough that he gave the wrong impression.

“What are you doing? That’s not… what?” He stumbled to words, trying to make sense of what was happening in this situation. The phone that was now on his bed was still lighting up with texts and calls, all from the same number.

“Honey, what’s going on? You can tell me anything” Yoongi ran his thumbs over you cheeks, feeling them heat up under his skin. He cursed himself for using that pet name, telling himself that he should stop calling you that but he couldn’t help it.

“He…we….” You couldn’t make a sentence, instead, you just blurted out syllables and bounced on your toes. Eyes looking everywhere except Yoongi, you tried to come up with anything that would make sense but somehow Yoongi understood. Nodding, he moved closer to you. He could smell your perfume now. See the eyeliner that was smudged under your eyes, the faint glitter from your blush, all the details that he shouldn’t be noticing. He shouldn’t be this close.

“Just…” you started, fingernails dragging lightly across his neck. “Kiss me please”

Yoongi chewed on his bottom lip, trying to make a rational decision but his mind was made up from his when you pressed your mouth to his again. Lips pressed up into his, falling open under his own as breathed him in. You tasted like the mint toothpaste you shared, the taste so familiar to Yoongi that if he didn’t get to kiss you again he would have to buy a new toothpaste because it would only remind him of this moment. His hands moved from your face to your waist, holding you close hoping you wouldn’t snap and change your mind. but it didn’t seem like you were changing yours. Hands making their way down his chest, your fingers found the hem of his shirt and slipped underneath it. Goosebumps broke over Yoongi’s skin at the feel of your hands on his body. Your lips against his own, whining and sighing into his mouth, desperately grabbing at him to claim him as your own.

“Yoongi” you words muffled against his mouth. “I love you”

Yoongi felt his body jolt awake. Panting and gripping the sheets, his eyes flew open to his dark room. The laptop still on his lap, playing his latest track. His heart was racing in his chest, pulsing going a thousand miles and hour and skin sweaty under his winter layers. He lay there for a few seconds, hand over his pounding heart trying to calm down when there were three raps against his door followed by your small voice.

“Good night Yoongi, I love you”

and then your footsteps down the hall to your bedroom. I love you. Words that should not be shared between friends.

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Prompt 90 & 155 with Peter Parker pretty please :)

ya sure <3


“Is this a diary?” You hold up the brown leather notebook in your hand with a wide grin and a ‘catch me if you can!’ look in your eyes. His eyes widen before stumbling out of his chair and in your direction. A giggle escapes your lips before you hop onto his bed and hold the book higher, above your head. He holds his hands together, the way one would when they beg for mercy and looks up at you with his perfected puppy eyes that he knows wins you over every time. 

“I-It’s not a diary. It’s a journal.” His hands rest on his duvet and he looks up at you, his eyes widening as your hand moves to peel back the front cover. “It isn’t what it looks like!“ He exclaims and your eyes narrow and he chews on the inside of his cheek. “Okay.. maybe it is…”

“I knew it! I knew it was a diary!” He repeatedly mutters that it isn’t a diary but you ignore this. “What do you write about?” You plop down off the bed and he sits by your side. He shrugs before you place the book into his hands. 

“Just stuff that’s in my mind. Things that have been bothering me.” 

“So like algebraic equations and chemical formulas?” You grin at him and he smiles back before running his hand over the rough leather. Nudging him with your elbow, he looks at you before pinching your arm and moving back to his desk to tinker with one of his new pieces of tech. 

“What the hell was that for?” 

“You called my journal a diary.” He places his hand on his chest in a mocking gesture of hurt. ”That’s low and mean.” 

Always - Alec x reader

You and Alec were lying down in your shared bed, head on his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around you. You liked it.

Alec’s sister Izzy was your Parabatai, your other half. She was out in a mission with your sister Cynthia in Idris to investigate massacres apparently carried out by greater demons.

“You think they’ll be ok?” you looked up at your dark haired boyfriend.

“Yes. They’ll be back anytime now.” Alec assured you, his hand missing up your hair.

You wanted to believe him but somehow you couldn’t shake the feeling that something had gone terribly wrong.

*6 hours later*

You heard footsteps approaching the door of your bedroom. Izzy appeared a few seconds later. You rushed to get up give her a hug.

Izzy’s face lit up as soon as she saw you.

“You made it! How was the mission? Everything went fine?” you asked her, pestering for details.

Izzy’s expression visibly darkened as she placed her hands in your shoulders.

“On our way back from Idris, we were ambushed by a greater demon named Azazel. I made it out just in time but your sister.. she didn’t make it.”

You tried to take in Izzy’s words but you couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. She was all you had left. Your parents were killed on a mission 7 years ago.

Alec walked in the room and saw you crying next to Izzy.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” Alec asked, sitting down beside you and pulling you closer to him.

You didn’t have the energy to get the words out so Izzy told her brother what had happened and excused herself to return the weapons she took from the weapons room.

“Hey, I know Cynthia was the only family member you had left but I want you to know that you’re not alone. I love you so much, baby and I’ll always be there for you. Your fights are my fights, remember? ” Alec looked at you before starting to kiss you.

You couldn’t help but smile. His hands roamed your body, lifting your shirt over your head. His touch sent warm tingly sensations throughout your body.

“You’re my entire world, y/n. I’ll always try to make you happy. I’d do anything for you. You know that, right?” Alec said. You could feel his hot breath down your neck.

‘God I love this boy’ you thought to yourself.

“You’re my everything, y/n. My everything.”

anonymous asked:

Could you please do McCree and Pharah catching their s/o stare at them while working out? I'm a sucker for toned bodies and my friend flexed and I choked on soda



Catching you glancing at him every chance you got was nothing new. He was aware how interested you were in him, especially his body, while he worked his muscles. It was always interesting to see what you did whenever he glanced back; sometimes you looked away and whistled, sometimes you turned in the other direction, sometimes you pretended you were reading.. and he never called you out on it, even though he knew.

It was like this for a while, his workout regime simplistic but definitely made to show off for you. He wanted to tease you, after all.

His arms coated in sweat, he ran a hand through his hair, glancing back in your direction; as he expected, you snapped your attention elsewhere.

“Y’know, darlin’, actin’ like I don’t see what you’re doin’ is mighty insultin’,” he drawled out, stretching his arms above his head and smirking in your direction, slowly moving his way over to you.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you insisted, trying to deny though your blush stating otherwise.

McCree couldn’t help but give a low chuckle, his arms wrapping around you and pulling you close. “Can’t fool me, baby. I know you too well.”


There were so many things rushing through Fareeha’s mind as she pushed her body to do more and more each day, and she never really seemed to notice your eyes burning into her back while she did her thing.

You were thankful, but you knew that one day your luck would run out. You hoped it wouldn’t be any time soon, but you had no control over it.. aside from not staring, of course, but that was almost impossible. Your girlfriend had a body that you absolutely couldn’t look away from.

While you were entranced with not only her body but your thoughts, Fareeha had, of course, caught your gaze.

“(Y/N)? Why do you look like you’ve been out in the sun?” she asked, her hands holding a towel as she dabbed it across her forehead. 

As she said this, you couldn’t help but only blush more.. you hadn’t realized you were to begin with, but now it’s only gotten worse.

“Oh, well, er,” you stammered, trying to think of a good excuse, but before you could think of anything to say, Fareeha had taken a seat beside you and swung an arm around your shoulders.

“I’m toying with you- I know,” she admitted, a soft smile planted on her face now. “I just had no idea you were so interested in watching. I’ll definitely put on a show for you next time.”

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Can you do 179 with Pete dunne? I love your writing btw!

Aww thank you so much love !

“ First one t’ make a noise, loses” Pete says kissing the side of your neck before his fingers trace lightly down your stomach to your core sending tingles down your spine.You arched your back holding a moan in before sitting up as your hand goes to grip his cock, swirling your thumb around his tip. 

He opens his mouth and throws his head back trying his best to hold a moan in. One of his fingers plunges inside of you, your other hand grips on his bicep trying to be quite. 

“ I know yeh want t’ moan and scream for me luv. Do it” you shake your head, as your hand pumps his cock. A whimper escapes his throat, “ I win” you say. 

He groans removing his fingers from your pussy before he takes out handcuffs from the bedside table letting you cuff him since you won. 

clairvoyant. (m) part four.

oh look there’s actually a plot thrown in with a lot of banter ok awesome yay sorry for lagging oops

word count: 9.5k+

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chapter one, chapter two, chapter three

The white ceramic mug filled with hot chocolate felt warm in your hand as you brought it back and forth from your knee to your lips in an almost robotic motion. You had your roommates knitted blanket balled around your waist, covering your legs as you sat criss crossed and hunched over your laptop on your bed.

The both of you were in preparation mode, neither of you bothering to turn on the lights in your dorm or open the blinds and instead choosing to have your faces lit up by the blue cast coming from your laptop screens. She was busy typing away, finishing up a 17 page essay on god knows what, her hair was sticking up in different directions from the countless times she ran her fingers through it in frustration, she had a stained grey hoodie on and her purple duvet covering her bottom half. It all screamed stressed college student.

“It’s times like this that I regret being so into history when I was in highschool. Why? Why did you let me do this Y/N?” She shouted out at you, deciding to chuck one of the countless pillows on her side right at you, successfully smacking into the left side of your face, causing your hair to muss up and your teeth to clank against the ceramic mug as you tried to take a drink.

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how terrifying, to be aging and girl. at 18 i was told by men that i was “the perfect age,” and i still thought it was a compliment. is it because at 20 i figured out how sharp those words were. i felt old at 21, felt like if grey hairs came and my spine cracked i was done for. how scary. i am reminded constantly by “realistic” ideas in fantasy novels that i should have five kids.

my life feels short. like it is squeezed into my twenties. like at 30 i become ghost, just another mother or hard worker or both, just another background character. like if i am not settled and making a difference by 27 i should just give up already. is this something men feel? like a clock is painted on their back, one hand warning: your beauty is something you are valued for and it is something you cannot get back.

and why was i only beautiful, i wonder, at 18 on a riverbank. i’m told often my childish face is a blessing. that i shouldn’t want to look older. one told me i was a trap falling: “you look young but you’re not” he said to me, “it kind of led me on”. am i not young? 

maybe i am wrong. maybe it’s just how we all feel, getting old, like time is slipping from us. maybe men do worry that they will be alone forever if they don’t settle by thirty, maybe it’s even because they think they’ll turn ugly. maybe we all squish our lives into that incredibly young decade. what do i know. i’m still learning.