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BTS Reaction - when they’re the sub (Hyung line)


The softest sigh of pleasure escapes Jin’s lips as you trail yours along the slope of his neck,  caressing his skin with every lingering kiss.  He’s never one to be particularly noisy, but you can tell from the way his hands are kneading into your fleshy curves that he’s enjoying all of the attention he’s being lavished with, quiet or not.

“Jinnie,” you murmur against his shoulder, rolling your hips to grind against the bulge in his pants and delighting in the way his breath hitches.   Nothing gives you more pleasure than making Jin fall apart under your touch, and it takes little more than the feel of his abdominals shuddering under your fingertips to make your core start to throb with want.  “Remember what we talked about a couple weeks ago, Jinnie?”  

“Hmm?” he murmurs half-heartedly, flopping his head to the side to allow you even greater access to his throat as you continue to pepper kisses along it.  

“About spicing things up a little bit?”  Suddenly you have his full attention, turning back to face you with opened eyes, his hands stilling on your hips.  You watch as the smallest of creases appear between Jin’s eyebrows and the way he pauses to lick his lips before speaking, seemingly hesitant.  

“I don’t really like the idea of being rough with you, Jagi…” His eyes flick between yours, trying to gauge whether his rebuttal of your previous request is making you upset.  “I don’t want to call you names or… or hurt you.”  Honestly, you’d been expecting him to say this anyway.  The first time you’d mentioned him taking a more dominant position in the bedroom he’d seemed less than keen on the idea, and even though he’d promised to think about it, you knew his answer would still be no the next time you asked.  That’s why you’ve come armed with another suggestion this time, the thought of which intrigues you just as much as the last.  

You lean down on your elbows either side of Jin’s head, looking down into his deep brown eyes with small smile.  

“What about if I take the lead instead?”  you propose quietly.  You don’t wait to witness Jin’s reaction, leaning down to kiss him leisurely instead, giving him time to mull it over.

“You?”  he murmurs against your lips, his hands slipping down from your hips to your behind, giving you a squeeze.    

“Me,” you confirm, pulling away and sitting up, looking down from where you’re sat astride his lips.  It’s difficult to read Jin’s expression or thoughts about the idea - but at least he doesn’t look so immediately negative as he did last time.  “Do you trust me?”  

“Of course.”  His answer is automatic, without even a hint of doubt; a reminder of just how much Jin loves you and how lucky you are to have him.  

You strip yourself of your blouse under Jin’s watchful eyes, smiling at the way his Adam’s apple bobs in his throat as his gaze shamelessly drifts over the swell of your breasts.  As soon as it’s off of your body you fold it into a makeshift blindfold, and though Jin initially looks a little confused, he soon realises what you’re intending to do as you lean forward and lay it gently across his eyes.  

His natural reaction is to pull away, twisting his face away, but when you utter a soft ‘trust me’ Jin suddenly stills, letting you apply the blindfold and secure it tightly behind his head.  The quickening of his breath is almost instantaneous, though you don’t pass comment on it.  

“Can you see me?”  you ask quietly, climbing off of his hips to kneel between his open legs, slipping your hands down his naked chest and watching with satisfaction at the way all his muscles jump at your touch.  

“No,” he answers huskily, and after that you remain completely silent, letting Jin’s panting breaths fill the room.  You undo his belt and pants deftly, pulling them off along with his boxers, and Jin’s hips instinctively thrust up into nothing as the cold air hits his cock.  It’s already weeping with anticipation,  laying thick and heavy against his stomach, and although every instinct is telling you to climb back on top of him and put it to good use, you force yourself to focus solely on his pleasure instead, dipping your head to start licking and kissing your way up the inside of his thighs.  

Not being able to see you seems to be heightening Jin’s sense of touch, and when you blow gently against one of the wet marks you just sucked onto his thigh, he lets out a sound you’ve never heard from him before.  It’s a whimper, a mewl; a sound that shoots straight to your core and has you rubbing your thighs together to ease your arousal.  Slowly, you work your way up towards his cock, taking your sweet time, greedily trying to drag more and more noises of pleasure from his lips.  

Jin starts grabbing at the sheets when you start to plant kisses along the length of his cock, travelling upward and kitten licking at the head when you get there, blowing on it when you pull away.  

“S-shit…” he curses under his breath, and just that one word is telling of how much this is affecting him - Jin never swears in front of you.  You tease him relentlessly after that, giving him just the slightest of touches of your lips or teeth or tongue but never actually letting him slip inside the heat of your mouth, and within minutes Jin is losing his composure, his hips twisting restlessly underneath you, gasps and whimpers and sinful moans pouring out of him with abandon.  

“Aa-ah!” Jin cries out when you flick your tongue against his frenulum, smirking as you look up at him from between his legs, knowing he can’t see you.  “Please… Jagi…”

“What’s wrong Jinnie?”  You can see Jin struggling between his need for release and his own pride as he purses his lips together for a moment, turning his face to the side.  “You need something?”  

“You.”  He lets out another strangled moan when you lick up the bead of pre-cum leaking from his slit and nothing more.  “You, please!”

“What would you like me to do, hmm?”  Again he pauses, breathing raggedly, broad chest heaving up and down as his cheeks turn a deep shade of pink when he finally relents, voice breaking as he begs,

“Put your mouth around me, please, Jagi.  Let me cum down your throat.”  

And he does, mere seconds after you take him between your lips, smiling like the cat that got the cream.   


“M-mommy…”  You’re watching Yoongi like a predator watches their prey, eyes fixed on him as you wet your lips and tilt your head, closely noting the way his muscles tick as you push him closer to his orgasm.

He’s quite the sight to see tonight; covered in a fine sheen of sweat, hair sticking to his forehead, hands grasping the sheets helplessly.  You love having Yoongi like this beneath you, trussed up and whimpering.  He’s never more beautiful than when he’s begging for release, which is why you’ve been making him do just that for the last thirty minutes, relishing in every broken sound he makes.  

“You’re doing so well, baby boy,” you coo, dragging your palm up and down his cock, squeezing on the upstroke.  It’s impossible to keep the smirk that appears on your face at bay at the way he responds; his hips jerking up from the bed, throwing his head back into the pillow.  It’s criminal, really, how much pleasure you derive in watching him suffer.   “Just a little longer.”

“Too much,” he whimpers, his head craning so far to the side like it’s he’s trying to hide, eyes screwing up tight as you quicken the pace of your hand,  “‘s too much.”  

“I thought you liked it when mommy played with your little dick?”   Yoongi mewls again as you run your thumb over his slit, spreading what little pre-cum there still remains after so long over the swollen, sensitive head.  His cock is anything if small, actually - especially now, when it’s so hard and angry and red - but you know how much he likes being made to feel little, and you’re more than happy to indulge his various kinks and fantasies.   “Maybe I should stop, hmm?”  

“No!”  he quickly disagrees, eyes opening up wide as he picks his head up from the pillow to stare down at you, a panicked look on his face.   “Just… feels so good - I can’t-”  

“You can,” you insist, speeding up after that all too brief reprieve, eager to watch Yoongi fall apart.  He lets out a strangled moan, his hips rocking from side to side as you work him roughly, cupping his balls in your other hand and giving them the lightest squeeze, knowing that it’ll push him closer to the edge.  

Yoongi bites his lips, tipping his head back as you feel his length start to swell in your hand, his testicles drawing up tight, and just as he’s about to reach his high you abruptly stop your ministrations, grabbing the base of his cock and squeezing it tight to stop the orgasm in its tracks.   Yoongi’s beside himself when he realises; shaking his head from side to side at your continuing denial of his pleasure, his whole body trembling.  

“No, no, no, please!” he sobs, lifting his clasped hands from his stomach and drawing them up to his face, using the heel of his palms to stop the tears that are threatening to spill.   He passed the point of being ashamed of his desperation approximately four near-orgasms ago, his cock is throbbing and pulsing but spilling not a drop, and with every dry heave of Yoongi’s chest you feel your own arousal growing, dripping onto the sheets underneath you.  “Please let me cum, mommy.  P-please!”  

The poor boy, it must feel like agony.  

Once again, you begin gently fondling Yoongi’s cock, wondering to yourself just how long you can keep this up without him having to resort to using his safe word.  He’s never used it yet, but by the way his bottom lip is shaking, bitten to ribbons and bleeding, you think it must not be far off.  Perhaps it’s time to take pity on him - before it goes that far.  

“You’ve been a very, very good boy,” you tell him softly, “So good for your mommy.”  He looks back at you with beseeching eyes, holding his breath as he waits for your next words, clearly hoping that you’re going to show him some mercy.  “You know what good boys get, baby?”  Finally releasing him, you sink back on your heels and spread your legs a little wider, letting both your hands reach between them seek out your core and allowing yourself the slightest groan when you discover just how wet you are.  

Apparently Yoongi isn’t the only one who’s been suffering.  

Yoongi gives the slightest shake of his head, hair falling into his eyes.  

“Good boys get to cum inside.”  You hear his breath hitch as he watches you play with yourself, sending him a salacious smile and looking up at him from under your lashes.  “Would you like that?  Cumming inside mommy’s hot, tight cunt?”  He nods frantically, scrambling up onto his knees, cock bobbing against his stomach as he moves.

Slowly, you turn yourself on the spot and put yourself on all fours on the mattress, presenting yourself to him by sinking down onto your elbows and arching your back invitingly, and Yoongi wastes no time at all taking his place behind you.  He places his hand on your lower back, so slow and gentle that it almost seems reverential, but you can feel the way he’s shaking as he lines up his length with your entrance, waiting for your permission.  

“Mommy?” he whispers, and you look back over your shoulder at him with an adoring smile, pushing back a little to slip just the tip of his cock between your folds.  It’s a struggle to not show how much it affects you; you’re almost as desperate for this as he is, your pussy aching with the need to be filled and satisfied.  

“Go ahead.”  Your soft words of encouragement are all Yoongi needs to hear to finally push inside you, slipping in down to the very hilt with how warm and wet you are, and as you feel him stretch out your walls you bite your lip to stop yourself from moaning, wanting to hear the groans he makes over any of your own.  He’s throbbing inside you already as he starts thrusting in and out of your at a slow, steady pace, holding onto your hips and breathing harder than you’d expect for only just having gotten started - if you hadn’t have been edging him for so long, that is.  

“I’m not-”  He cuts himself off with a whimper and a falter of his hips, and it takes a second for Yoongi to collect himself enough to speak again.  “I’m g-gonna cum so fast, m-m-, I’m s-sorry.”  He can barely get his words out, his fingertips digging into your hips, and you can tell from the way he’s pushing into you so shallowly that he’s desperately trying to hold on for just a little bit longer.  “Can I, mommy, c-can I?  Please?”  

“Go on, baby,” you groan, rocking yourself backwards onto him, forcing him deeper.  You really don’t want him to cum yet - you’re nowhere near your own high - but you know it’d be both unfair and unrealistic to expect him not to after teasing him for so long.  “Let me hear you.”  He picks up speed, bending over you so his chest pressed against your back as he drills into you, exhaling heavily with every thrust.  

Within seconds  Yoongi’s pace is faltering, sloppy and uncoordinated, and as he starts to cum a shout of ecstasy leaves his lip, his body tensing behind you as his cock pulses inside.  It seems to go on forever, like he’s having every orgasm you deprived him of all at once, grabbing at your hips and crying and whimpering against the space between your shoulder blades as it finally begins to fade.  You feel so full.  Full, and satisfied.  

“Thank you, thank you,” Yoongi mumbles mindlessly against your skin, his hands caressing up and down your waist.  He slips out of you, and even without you shifting position you can feel his cum starting to dribble out, far too much to be able to keep inside.  You turn your head to, resting your cheek on the mattress and closing your eyes as you enjoy the feel of Yoongi pressing loving kisses all the way down your spine.  He gradually works his way downward, finally pressing a kiss against the back of your thigh.  “I’ll make you feel good, mommy, promise.”  

As his tongue starts to lap against your entrance, licking up his own cum and your arousal with a happy hum, you’ve no doubt he will.  


“Hobi, I’m home!” you call as you shut the apartment door behind yourself, dropping your bag on the hallway floor.  There’s no reply from the next room, or from down the hall, which even on a normal day would seem a little strange.  Hoseok would usually be tackling you into a hug by now, and with the text messages you’d been exchanging earlier… well, he’d seemed so needy that you’d half expected him to be waiting naked by the door from the moment you got back.  

He’s not in the living room, the kitchen, or your shared bedroom, but as you re-enter the hall you suddenly hear the sound of running water coming from the bathroom.  You smile to yourself as you push open the door, trying to be as quiet as possible so you can retain the element of surprise, but as the steam from the piping hot water starts to clear and you get a glimpse of your boyfriend through the misty shower screen, that smile quickly fades.  

Hobi’s stood under the running water with his head flopped forward, chest rising and falling heavily with breaths you can’t quite hear as his hand runs slowly up and down his hardened cock.  He’s got his eyes closed, lips parted, lost in the pleasure he’d so sweetly promised he’d save for when you got home.  

So much for that, hm?  

You strip yourself of your clothes and then silently climb into the tub behind him, watching the way the muscles in his shoulders are flexing and rippling as he touches himself, quietly groaning your name.  

“I thought I told you to wait.”  Hobi practically jumps out of his skin as he hears your voice and feels your arms wrap around his hips, abruptly letting go of himself and twisting his head to try and look at you over his shoulder, flushing guiltily.  

“I wasn’t going to make myself cum, promise,” he says quickly, placing his hands on top of yours and squeezing them,  “I just wanted to be nice and clean for when you got home…. but then I started thinking about you again and it just… it felt really good…”

“I’m sure it did,” you tut, pressing featherlight kisses against his back, wetting your lips with the water that’s still raining down on the two of you, “But I told you to wait, Hobi.”  You feel a tremor run through him when you pull your hands out from under his and take a step back, admiring his pert behind and strong legs with hungry eyes.  

Yes, you’re annoyed that he started without you, but you can’t deny how the sight of it has turned you on.  

You push on Hobi’s lower back, forcing him to bend forward and brace himself on the edge of the tub with his ass in the air.  He’d easily be able to resist you if he wanted to, but then that’s the point; Hobi wants to submit.  He knew he’d get punished if he was caught, and yet he chose to do it anyway.  

“You know what happens when you don’t listen,” you purr, reaching out and taking his buttocks in both hands, squeezing and kneading the wet, slippery flesh.  “Don’t you?”  You see him nod, his eyes closed and biting his lip, waiting for the slap he knows is coming.  “Answer me, Hoseok.”  

“I-I know,” he confirms thickly, rocking back on his heels to push his ass further into your hands.  Through his parted legs you can see his cock dangling toward the the bottom of the tub, still rock hard, a string of clear, sticky fluid seeping from the tip that has you licking your lips at the sight of it.  God, you can’t wait to have him inside you.  

Hobi is soundless the first time your palm slaps harshly against his buttock, the sound of it echoing around the room, but he’s gritting his teeth, his forehead pressed against the bathroom tiles, clearly feeling it’s effects.  He inhales sharply with the second, hissing through his teeth by the third, and with the fourth and fifth he lets out long, wavering moans of pleasure and pain, his back arching when you cup his ass in your hands again.  You watch as his skin reddens beautifully, running your fingertips over the outlines of your multiple handprints and smiling at the way he trembles and whimpers at your touch.  

“You still owe me an apology,” you remind him as you let your hands drop.  Hobi straightens up, turning to face you with a heaving chest.  His cheeks are gorgeously flushed, wet hair plastered to his head.  He reaches for you and you allow him to take you into his arms, pulling you close under the water, his erection digging into your stomach as he presses kisses to the top of your head, murmuring a heartfelt sorry.  “Make it up to me.”  

Hobi pulls away slightly, looking down at you, a bead of water hanging off the end of his nose that’s brushed away when he leans down to kiss you.  He takes your face in his hands, and as his mouth moves keenly against yours you let out a soft moan, dragging your fingernails down his washboard stomach.   

As you’d hoped, it soon escalates into more.  Without breaking your kiss Hobi effortlessly picks you up, holding your ass in his hands as you wrap your legs around his waist and tangle your fingers in his wet hair, pressing your back against the cold bathroom tiles to steady you both.  Part of you realises what a bad idea this is - if he loses his footing even for a moment you could both end up with broken arms or legs or worse - but as you feel his cock brush against your folds you just can’t seem to care.  

“Fuck me,” you demand, pausing only to speak before crashing your lips together again, delving your tongue into Hobi’s mouth as he obediently shoves you in one hard, sharp thrust.  Without any foreplay you can’t deny that it hurts, but as he starts to move, forcefully rutting into you, that pain dissolves into a pleasure that has you clawing at his scalp.  “Harder.  Fuck, harder, Hobi.”  He moans into your shoulder, snapping his hips against you, the bones digging the soft flesh of the inside of your thighs.  “Yes, baby, yes, don’t stop.”  

He kisses you again, so hard that your head bangs back against the tiles, and you answer his assault with a harsh bite of his bottom lip, tugging on it so hard that he yelps from the pain.  You can’t have him thinking he’s in charge, not even for a second; the only reason he’s fucking you now is because you allowed it.  If he hadn’t have spent all day turning you on with his needy texts and call you would’ve just spanked him and left.  

“Make me cum.  God, Hobi, I’m so close, make me cum on your cock.”  For once, your boyfriend listens, altering the angle of his thrusts to somehow get even deeper than before.  That’s all it takes to push you over the edge, white hot pleasure blossoming deep in your core and then spreading all over your body, hitting you in wave after wave, your walls contracting around him as he continues his thrusts, his eyes fixed on the look of bliss on your face.  

As soon as it starts to fade and you regain some clarity, you start to wriggle in his grasp, forcing Hobi to pull out and put you down for fear of dropping you, his brows knitting in confusion.  

“Honey?” he murmurs, reaching for your hand as you turn your back on him, climbing out of the tub without a word.   You grab a towel from the heater and wrap it around yourself before finally turning back to him with a smirk, throwing your wet hair over your shoulder.

“You should’ve listened, Hobi.”  You see him swallow, wetting his lips nervously as he tries to guage whether or not you’re just joking.  He should know you well enough by now to know you’re not.  “You aren’t cumming till I say so.” 


You’ve had the worst of days.  Your boss has been riding you all day over something that wasn’t even your fault, and the office bitch has been… well, a total bitch, as usual.  All day you’ve been counting the down minutes until you can leave, till you can go home to Namjoon, and now that you’re stood outside your apartment you can already feel some of the stress starting to melt away already.  

You can’t hear a single sound from inside the apartment but instinctively you know that Namjoon will be there, waiting for you, and sure enough when you push open the door his slender form is the first thing your eyes see.  Pushing the door closed behind you, you let the smallest of smiles grow across your face, exhaling a happy sigh.  

Namjoon’s kneeling in his usual spot, his eyes on the floor and hands folded neatly in his lap, wearing nothing more than a pair of black jeans and a thick, matching collar around his neck.  You’d almost think he hadn’t even realised you’d come in, so well-controlled is his reaction save the slight increase his breathing rate which gives him away.  

“You’re a welcome sight to come home to,” you tell him softly, and as soon as Namjoon hears you address him directly he picks his eyes up off the floor to look up at you, his plushy pink lips slightly parted.  “Come here, boy.”   You beckon with your finger and Namjoon crawls forward to kneel by your feet, tilting his head to the side when you lovingly run your fingers your his soft, fine hair.   “Talk to me.”   

“Was it a long day, mistress?” he asks you quietly, his voice coming out slightly croaky at first.  

“The worst,” you sigh, continuing to push his hair back from his forehead.  He really is the most handsome of toys you’ve ever owned.  “But I feel much better now I’m home with you.”  You cup his chin in your palm, smiling down at him and feeling your heart flutter when he smiles sweetly back up at you, those perfect dimples of his making an all too fleeting appearance.  

“I’m glad, mistress.  I missed you.”  

“I missed you too.”  You open up your purse and pull out Namjoon’s leash, deftly attaching it to the ring on his collar.  He hums happily when you give it a little tug, shifting his weight from one knee to another, and then reaches out towards your shoes before stopping himself short, looking up at you.

“Can I?”   You nod, lifting up your foot for him to slip off your heels for you one by one.  

“So good to me, aren’t you?”  

“I only want to please you, mistress,” he tells you, looking up at you from under his dark lashes.  

“And you do, boy.”   You thumb his cheek gently before letting go and padding your way over to the sofa with leash in hand, crawling obediently behind you, and when you flop down onto it he kneels himself at your feet again, waiting for your command.  

“Are you hungry, mistress?  

“No,” you sigh, letting yourself slump to the side, your head on the arm of the sofa.  Honestly, all you want is unwind in his company after such a horrible day.  “Just… help me relax.”  Namjoon blinks back at you for just a moment, clearly expecting more instruction.

“What would you like me to do, mistress?”  he asks, and you know that a good dom would tell him exactly what they want and exactly how to do it, but right now your brain is so frazzled that even you don’t know what you want.  

“Just… anything you want.”  His eyes widen slightly, his head tilting to the side in confusion.  This isn’t how things normally go between the two of you - not at all.   “You’ve been so well behaved just lately; my gorgeous little boy is long overdue a real treat.”  

“Thank you, mistress,” Namjoon says solemnly, dropping his gaze to the floor and wetting his lips, and when he looks up again you notice that his the black of his irises have expanded.  He looks darker all of a sudden, seductive.  

Slowly, he repositions himself so he’s kneeling directly between your legs and picks up one of your feet, placing it on his thigh.  He starts to massage your foot through your stockings, kneading the sore pads of your toes, and once he’s satisfied there he slides his hands up and starts to work the muscle in your calf, too.  Namjoon’s eyes are locked on yours throughout, and by the time he’s moved onto your second leg something that had started out quite innocently has got you breathing heavily and throbbing under your skirt.  

“Undress me,” you command suddenly, sitting up and shifting forward so your bottom is on the edge of the sofa.  Namjoon’s whole face lights up.

“Yes…”  He strips you of your stockings one by one, trailing his fingertips down the length of your legs, and then rises up onto his knees to start unbuttoning your blouse.   As his fingers work you let your eyes drift over his body, admiring his dark caramel skin, pinched waist and toned stomach, and as your gaze travels lower you’re pleased to see that all that light touching had affected him just as it had you.  Namjoon’s rock hard beneath his jeans, the large bulge in the centre of his crotch causing the buttons to gape.  

As soon as your blouse is undone you shrug it off your shoulders, eager to shed anything and everything you can, so flushed with arousal that your blood feels like it’s burning under your skin.  Namjoon reaches for your bra but you shake your head briskly, wrapping his leash around your knuckles as you hitch up your skirt to expose the black lace panties you underneath.  

“Take them off,” you tell him, voice pitched low and husky.  His eyes fix on your core, pressing his lips together as he hooks his thumbs into the waistband of your panties and then pulls them down, his cheeks starting to flush with excitement.  Once they’re off you pick your feet up from the floor to plant your heels on the edge of the sofa, spreading yourself wide open and tugging on his leash to pull him towards you, guiding his mouth towards your dripping heat, biting your lip with excitement.  As soon as Namjoon is within reach you’re grabbing onto him, using your grip on his hair and his leash to yank him in the rest of the way, pushing him greedily into your pussy and moaning when he slips his tongue straight inside, evidently eager to taste you too.   

“Fuck, yes,” you groan, flexing your hips to push his tongue in deeper, his nose brushing against your clitoris.   “How does my pussy taste, boy?  Does it taste good?”   Namjoon groans into your folds and the pleasure that comes from the feel of the vibration shoots straight up your spine, your head flopping back into the cushions.   

He pleasures you that evening for as long as you require him to, making you cum with his fingers and tongue until you feel like there are no bones left in your body, and as he finishes himself off standing over you, spurting his cum all over your swollen pussy, you let out a happy, contented sigh.  

He really is your best, most favourite boy. 

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I Just Need You (NSFW)

Summary: When you have a nightmare, Steve calms you down with a long session of gentle sex.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Counting: 1.3k
Warnings: Smut, gentle sex, parent Steve Rogers, you and Steve haven’t been intimate in months, post-civil war, fluff.

Mrs Captain - Masterlist

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

You let out a short scream when your eyes opened wide, finding Steve’s face right above yours.

“Hey.” He muttered. “It’s okay. It was just a dream.”

You breathed deep, trying to relax. Looking at your side, you could clearly see the room had been disrupted by your powers, and you used them to put the furniture and dropped objects back in their places.

“You were dead.” You muttered. “I was at your funeral and…”

Steve immediately pulled you his arms, feeling as your body started to shake again.

“It’s okay.” He held you tightly, running his hands over your back and hair. “I’m here, I’m alive. I’m here with you.”

You close your eyes inhaling his husky smell and feeling his strong fingers massaging your back and scalp, calming you down.

“It was terrifying.” You confessed.

“I know.” He breathed under you. “The thought of losing you terrifies me too.”

You raised your head and looked into his eyes, the light from the windows only enough for you to focus on his blue gaze and leant down, joining your lips.

“I love you.” You murmured into the kiss. “Love you so much.”

His hands flew to your waist when you moved your leg to his hip.

“Y/N.” He exclaimed when you pulled away from the kiss. “Are you sure?”

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Summary: AU. Reader is used to living on her own terms, so when she’s suddenly jammed back in with her family for Thanksgiving, things get a little crazy. Will a stranger she met at the bar be the perfect one to help her through the holiday?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x fem!reader

Word Count: 4,931

Warnings: language, drinking, creeper at a bar being a creeper, the creeper hits on reader so if that makes you uncomfortable avoid, fighting, fake dating, fluff, awkwardness, family arguments, things get steamy, no smut

A/N: This is a re-post of a fic I attempted for a holiday challenge back in 2016. It was posted in three parts on a different blog, but I smushed them together here. Sorry for the bad writing lol.

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Title: Handsome Headache
Character: Steve Harrington
A/n: Hi, I’m not dead. This isn’t that great because I still haven’t watched season two but i miss writing for ST.

Your brows scrunched together as you were abruptly pulled out of your sleep by the loud clap of thunder rolling about outside. Your eyes slowly fluttered open, squinting ever so at the newfound light that surrounded you until you gathered were you were. Your chin was proped up in your hand, and you realized you must have fallen asleep while drawing.

Pencils and watercolor tubes were littered around your bed, and your drawing pad was still placed carefully on your lap.

You didn’t realize how tired you were until a deep yawn emitted from you and the gentle patter of the harsh rain seemed to lull you back into sleep.

Or so you would’ve, had you not heard the district rhythmic tapping on your window. You turned towards the sound, and all but screamed when you saw a hooded figure peering into your room.

You were fully prepared to start gathering various heavy objects to chuck at the intruder, when the person lifted their hood and you saw the alarmed look that was Steve Harrington.

The familiar face did nothing to soothe your pounding heartrate, but let out a long sigh and pushed back your hair with your hands before walking over to the window to unlatch it.

Steve watched your hands as they pushed up the window and aggressively yanked him inside, grateful for the heated air that hit his chilly skin.

You flinched slightly as the rain instantly began to infiltrate your face and room, quickly slamming the window shut when your friend was tucked away inside.

You slowly turned back to him and landed a painful punch to his arm.

“Jesus!” Steve cried, hand instantly coming up to cradle the pulsing pain in his arm. “What the hell was that!”

“Don’t give me that!” You glared, even though a small smirk was slowly forming in your face. “What kind of reaction were you expecting when you just decided to stroll up to my bedroom window in the middle of the night dressed like some axe murderer!”

Steve looked down at his attire and realized that it might have looked a bit terrifying, considering you were asleep when he first saw you.

“Yeah, that’s fair,” He groaned, letting out a puff of air as his arm began to throb. “Where the hell did you learn to hit like that?”

You shook your head and laughed. “That’s for me to know and you to hopefully never be on the end of again.”

“I’ll say.” Steve commented, going to sit down on your bed before your hands rushed out to stop him.

“Don’t do that! You’re soaked!” You scolded, trying not to laugh at the way his usually poofy hair clung to his head. “What are you even doing here?” You quickly began to pull the coat away from his body, not wanting the water to seep into his clothes and make him get sick.

Steve took full notice to this, but just willingly complied to make your task easier.

You sighed, coming to the realization that the rain had soaked through his coat and into his clothes, leaving them damp and the skin cool
in their wake.

“Well, that’s not going to do, is it.” You said to yourself, lifting up the coat with a frown.

“What isn’t it?” He asked, not knowing how to read the expression on your face.

You tossed it onto a chair, turning back to him. “You’re lucky I love you, Steve Harrington.”

A dorky grin broke out on his face as he leaned closer to you, wrapping his arms around you. “Really? Do you mean that?” He cooed into your ear.

You elbowed him gently once you remembered his clothes were wet. “No, but stay here till I find something for to change into. My brother will hardly notice a shirt go missing,” You said, turning back to him before leaving the room. “Stay put, don’t set anything on fire.”

You heard Steve’s boisterous chuckle as you stepped into the hallway.

It didn’t take long for you to return with a stack of clothes swaddled together, but when you came back into the room, Steve was just about to poke around in your drawing book.

You quickly walked up to him, shoving the clothes into his chest and snatching the book from his grasp in one, graceful movement. “Who said you could snoop around my things?”

Steve’s eyes lit up at the newfound challenge, and he slowly walked towards you. “Why so secretive? What is it?”

“None of your business, that’s what it is.” You said, bringing it close to your chest.

Steve was a lot stronger than a lot of people might initially think when looking at him, in an instant, his arms were around your waist and he hoisted you into the air.

“Steve!” You shouted, letting the sketchbook fall out of your grasp and onto the ground in your shock.

“Aha!” He shouted triumphantly, carefully dropping you on your bed before diving after it.

What happened next was a series of you kicking the book farther away from him and Steve doing everything in his power to steal it back from you.

This went on until you suddenly dropped onto your side, panting heavily as you shot a glare into his direction. “You are such a pain in the ass.” You mumbled once he finally had it in his hands.

“Aw come on, don’t be like that just because I won.” He cooed, though his face dropped slightly when you simply turned away from him, refusing to give anymore of your attention.

And because Steve is an absolute child, this didn’t sit well with him.

“(Y/n)! Don’t be mad at me!” He cried as he draped himself across you.

You weren’t that mad, but it was nice to mess with him, so you remained ever silent.

Steve looked down at your book and meekly reached over your shoulder to place it in your eyesight, then he pressed a short kiss into the sleeve of your shirt. “I’m sorry.”

That was it, you broke into a fit of deep chuckles before running one hand through his stil wet hair. “Get over here.”

Steve carefully crawled over and brought you closer to him the instant his back hit your carpet.

“It’s just a stupid sketchbook.” You explained, flipping back the front of the cover and holding it up in the air so you could both gaze upon the pages.

And so, you two spent some time looking over what pages you had finished, giving brief descriptions at what you were looking at and when you had made it.

Steve’s head was tilted onto yours, and his arms still held you tightly as the rain continued to pour outside.

“Why didn’t you want me to see before? These are really good.” He said quietly, not wanting to disrupt the peace.

“I dunno, I always feel weird about it.”

“Well, I think they’re great.”

You looked up at him and smiled tenderly. “Thanks, Steve.”

He returned the smile, and leant down to kiss your forehead, letting his lips linger on your warm skin before finally drawing you closer still, and closing his eyes.

The sudden fatigue from you earlier fight and the rhythmic rain pattering quickly lulled you both into a deep sleep for the night.

ride me | oneshot.

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: Smut

Author’s Note: There was far too much suggestive Jaebum on my dash this morning. This is more of a drabble than a proper oneshot but I hope you enjoy reading nonetheless. Thanks a lot! [Currently unedited because I don’t have anyone to beta for me rn]

Music Recommendation

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Thankful | Bill Skarsgård

Quick lil blurb for the day just because. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American babes!

Description: being cute and giving his thanks for you~

Warnings: just some cute fluff, allusions to sex

You’d hit the snooze button at least 5 times already that morning, continuously rolling over under the covers, finding comfort in the warmth of the body laying next to you. With your phone’s 6th attempt to wake you from your slumber, you finally gave in and grabbed the device to turn the alarm off. You turned once again to face Bill, an arm snaking over his chest in an attempt to gently pull him from his state of sleep. You felt him stir and watched as he lifted a hand to rub his face, fighting the lull that was trying to pull him back into a dream state.

“Come on, baby. We have to get up - there’s Thanksgiving dishes to be made,” you said, thinking about how you’ve already lost valuable cooking time. This was the second time Bill would be spending this holiday with you and your family, and the two of you had been given the important tasks of making the sweet potatoes and stuffing. He rolled towards you, snaking a hand around your waist and running it down your body until his fingers found the curve of your butt, squeezing the soft flesh. “You know what I’m thankful for? This ass,” he rasped out, voice laced with sleep, a lazy smile on his face. You huffed out a laugh, and buried your face in his chest, pressing a kiss to his collar bone. “You’re dumb. Seriously, we have to get up. We slept through 5 alarms, Bill.”

He hummed quietly and moved to gently push you onto your back, hands roaming to your bare chest. “Mmthankful for these-“ he said peppering kisses across the swell of your breasts before moving down to your stomach “-and this, and this, this…” You could feel the huge smile plastered on your face, giggling at your lover as he moved around your body, pressing kisses to various places and giving his thanks. As he moved lower you could feel the desire start to build in your body, but you knew there was no time for playing around today, and so you reluctantly brought a hand to his face to grab his attention. You looked at him, eyebrow raised suggestively, “Come on, if you get up and help me make this food, you can show me just how thankful you really are tonight when we get home.”

That Four Letter Word (Steve Harrington)

Steve Harrington x Reader

Not a request, I’m just trash

Hi hi hi everybody, this is a thing that I wrote throughout the day and thought it was cute. I hope you enjoy!!!


To the outside world you and Steve were a match made in heaven. You were always holding hands, smiling at each other, with stolen kisses at dull moments. Being with Steve made you forget how damaged you both were sometimes. For both you and Steve, no matter how much it was true, saying that four letter word was always the most difficult. For him it was the Nancy situation that happened last Halloween and his serial romantic tendencies that he had harbored before. And for you it was your witness in the implosion of your parents marriage. You had a firm belief that love was dead. Yes, you thought you loved Steve, but you had been conditioned to think that anything you love will leave. You’d been working on it, you were happy, but everything changed when Steve slipped.

You were walking down the all at the end of the day. It was Friday and there was a party at Tina’s house tonight for some arbitrary reason for people to get together and blackout. You really didn’t drink much, losing total control was not fun for you, but you did enjoy maybe a couple drinks and some dancing with Steve and all your friends.

When you arrived at your locker you saw that their was a note taped to it with messy scrawl scribbled on the paper. It read, “meet me at my car after school, -steve”.

You plucked the note off and opened your locker, now smiling like a lunatic. You may have been with Steve for a while, but these little cute things still got you flustered. You dropped all your books into your locker, locked it, and made your way towards the parking lot. As soon as you got out the door you saw him. Running his hand through his perfect hair, wearing black sunglasses, and leaning on the hood of his car like some model. You were dating a model and did not have any problems with that. You made you way over and as soon as he caught your gaze he lifted his sunglasses off and opened his arms. You made you way into his arms, and leaned your forehead against his. “Hey princess, how’s my favorite girl?” He said devilishly. At this you could only giggle as you brought your lips to meet his and pushing your hands back into his soft hair.

When you came up for air, you both started laughing. That’s how most kisses ended, it was almost as if neither of you could believe how you had ended up with each other. “So, wanna go get ice cream?” Steve proposed. You nodded quickly and raced over to the passenger side door. Steve laughed and walked around the car to the driver’s side. Once he started going his hand never left its place on your thigh.

After you got ice cream Steve dropped you off at your house because you insisted that you had to get ready for Tina’s party, no matter how many times he told you that you looked fine, because you didn’t want to look just “fine”, you wanted to look fiiiine.

You rushed inside and practically ran to your room. You stared into your closet searching for inspiration until you spotted what would be your perfect outfit. You decided that leaving your jeans would be the best call, but you changed your comfy sweater for a tight red tank top and bomber jacket combo. You let your hair down out of its usual ponytail and put on the best makeup you could. You were actually quite good at makeup despite popular belief as you wore minimal to none to school. You looked at your clock and noticed that you had only 10 more minutes until you were off to the party.

You rolled up to the party with Steve and it was already in full swing. There were kids roaming in and out of the front door, red cups in hand, and music blaring. You got out of the car and walked hand in hand with Steve to the front door. When you walked in you spotted a your friends dancing to the music in a huge mass of people, you waved but immediately went to the drink table. You grabbed a red cup, filled it with a mysterious red liquid, and went to meet your friends, Steve in tow.

You were dancing in the night away, careful to pace yourself with your drink until something happened. You weren’t sure how to react because it was so sudden, so unexpected, so true, but why. Steve said the four letter word, in that four word sentence that every girl but you seems to dream about. The moment after he said it, he regretted it. You didn’t even in answer, just knocked back you drink, whispered, “I’ll be right back” and made you way to the drink table.

You bobbed and weaved through the crowed a lot faster than Steve could, especially in his current state. When you got to the table, a solid 30 seconds before Steve made it to you, you already had your cup refilled with the liquid, and were basically chugging it. Once he got there the cup was empty again and you were refilling once again.

“I’m sorry, I just, I don’t know, I slipped, but it doesn’t make it any less true,” He slurred.

Tears began to burn your cheeks and you dashed out of the house. He chased you down and found you sitting on the porch, drink no where to be seen. “Steveie, I’m scared,” you said, as Steve sat down next to you, placing his arm around you.

“I know I’m scared too,” he agreed.

“Anything I’ve ever loved has left, or exploded, and I’m afraid that if I said it, you would leave.”

“Me too, Y/N, me too,” He said sadly.

You hugged him, as tight as you could, and in the crook of his neck, you whispered that four letter word, in that 4 word sentence, you could tell by the hitch in his breath that he heard it.


I HOPE YOU ENJOYED, and if you want to read some of my other stuff you can find my masterlist in my description as well as a link to where you cam request. And there is a request coming probably tomorrow that is another ship so something new(!!!) and yeah have a good day and stuff!

Mornings With Dacre

Okay so as you know, this is a Harry blog but since this is my only blog I would like to expand it. Anyways I’m like obsessed with Dacre Montgomery. He’s gorgeous so I’ve decided to start writing about him. Enjoy! Please send Dacre requests because I could write about him alllllll day haha.

Warnings: None just super fluffy


You woke up to the sound of thunder. You tiredly opened your eyes to a almost dark bedroom. Turning to your bed side clock, it read 7:24 A.M. Still a little early for a Sunday morning but at least you got to wake up on your own and not be awoken by a alarm clock. You stretch and look over to your still sleeping boyfriend Dacre. He was on his stomach with the blanket pushed all the way down to his hips exposing his bare back. No matter how cold it was, he always claimed it was hot, all the while you were the complete opposite being always cold.

You smiled to yourself looking at his sleeping form. His face was always a little puffy which was different from his usual manly chizzes face. It made him look unbelievably cute and very kissable. You quickly leave a light peck on his cheek before you get up and quickly open the blinds. The world outside was dull and grey. But days like these were your favorite. You quickly rushed back in bed.

Once you had got comfy again under the sheets you turn towards Dacre and scoot as close as possible wishing he would hurry and wake up so that he can warm your freezing body. After what felt like 30 minuets but couldn’t have been more than 5, you grow too impatient. You start to leave kisses all over his shoulder moving across his back. Finally he starts to stir and lets out a groan.

“What time is it?” He mumbles with out opening his eyes. Looking at your clock you say -

“7:32.” You move impossibly closer and begin to kiss his cheek down to his jaw. He finally grew his beard back out and you loved it. Of course you loved his face clean shaven but when he had hair on his face, he was just so much sexier.

“It’s too early babe.” Dacre replies turning to face you. Still with out opening his eyes he puts his arms around you and pulls you into his chest. Quickly you wrap your arm around him and start to lightly scratch his back.

“Feels nice.” He says quietly letting out a content sigh. You smile to yourself a peck his chest. Soon you were out again.


All too soon you were awoken by Dacre kissing up and down you jaw. You groan and try to turn around but he scooted closer and holds you in place.

“Baby it’s time to wake up.” He whispers into your ear lightly biting at it. You bring your hands up to your eyes and rub the sleepies out of them. Then you stretch, finally you open your eyes to see dacre looking at you with a smile on his face.

“Good morning love.” He says leaning forward for a kiss. You bring your hand up to his face and kiss him back. After you both pull away you leave your hand on his cheek and run your thumb over his eyebrow. Randomly tracing his face.

“Good morning bub.” You reply. You turn to see the clock reads 9:19.

Suddenly you feel Dacre get out of bed so you quickly turn back to him.

“Where’re you going?” You ask puffing out your bottom lip. Hey you liked your morning cuddles okay? Dacre lets out a small laugh and hold out his hand.

“I’m going to take a shower, care to join me?” He asks with a wink. You laugh but quickly grab his hand and follow him to the bathroom.


Hey hope you guys enjoyed! Requests are open so please send some in!


Hedylogos~ Winged God of sweet-talk and flattery

Genre- Exo as Greek Gods
Warnings- Smut, mentions of death
Length- 9.4k

With soft, gentle movements, you rub off the ink on your fingers, letting the black fluid dissolve as you sigh deeply. It swirls in unnatural movements, before slowly mixing with the warm water. When you look up, you catch your reflection from the other side of the room. A young woman, bent over the white stone bowl, hair falling forward to hide most of your face. There’s streaks of black on your face as well, most likely from where you brushed the backs of your hands across your cheeks before. 

Your eyes flutter a bit, struggling to keep open after the hours of hard work and the dim lighting of the candle next to you. Shaking yourself, you straighten up, pulling your hands from the grey tinted liquid and dry them on the soft towel next to you. You quickly pick up a rag and dip it in the water, before walking over to the mirror in silence. You wipe off the stains on your cheeks and neck haphazardly, before walking out into the next room with the candle in hand, plunging it into a gold glow. You could wash up properly in the morning. 

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Love at First Bite - Meetings (Kyungsoo, Pt. 1) [CHRONICLES OF THE WOLF SERIES]

Guess which handsome wolf just came to town! :3 Enjoy, sweets ♥


You tucked the final covered dish into the third of the large baskets with a proud sigh. Finally, everything was ready. Three big baskets full of food to feed a pack of hungry… werewolves.

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The Prince Of Slytherin Part III


A/n–Part 3! Happy thanksgiving! I hope I tagged everyone who asked

Warning- none

Pairing- Bucky x reader

Title– The Prince Of Slytherin: Part III

“-and then Wanda had a vision that Helmut Zemo was going to come here. To Hogwarts. And we need to prepare, to- to learn how to defend ourselves. And I need your help, Bucky. You’re the best there is.”

After Bucky pinned you to the wall, it took a few minutes for your heart to stop racing. He invited you into the nearly deserted common room to talk. (The password was silver serpent. You were close) You were now sitting in a pair of arm chairs, hidden in the shadows.

“No.” He says flatly running his hands through his hair. The tousled locks touched his forehead. It distracted you for a moment.

“Wait what? No? Just no?” You half shouted. Bucky reached out his arm to cover your mouth. Jerking you head away, you controlled your volume.

“Give me a reason. You can’t just say no.”

“I- I don’t want to mess with Zemo.” He rubbed his head, as if a sudden headache had burdened him.

“Why? I know he’s a bad guy, but Bucky we could really use your help.”

“He’s more than a bad guy, y/n. He- never mind. I just really…” He trailed off.

“I understand.” You sighed. He wouldn’t meet your eye. “I should probably go.”

You begin to stand when you feel his hand on your thigh, pushing you back down. You look at him wide eyed.

He closed his eyes and sighed.

“How many is a few people?” He asks after a few moments of silence.

“Um, I don’t have a for sure number, but i’m guessing around ten?” You say biting your lip.

“You think 10 people knowing a few spells will save a school?”

“It’s better than none.” You say defensively. “I said it’s fine. I can do this without you.”

“No…no. I’ll help.” He frowned.

“Really? You don’t seem so sure.”

“Yes. I want to help you.” He nodded, seeming more sure of himself.

“So where are we meeting?” He asked.

“The Room of Requirement.” You were ready for his questions.

“The what?” He asked.

“The Room of Requirement. It’s.. I’ll show you sometime.” You say.

“Can you show me now?” He asked.

You blushed. It wasn’t a good idea to go to a place where it gave you everything you needed, when all you wanted was Bucky.

“Why are you blushing, Doll?” He asked you.

“Um, no reason.” You put the back of your hand on your burning cheeks.

“And hey don’t call me Doll.” You said, even though you secretly liked it.

“Sorry I just can’t help myself. You’ve got such a pretty face.” He looks at you through his lashes.

“Thanks.” You said flatly, even though your heart was leaping.

“So how are we going to communicate with the people in the group?” He asks while taking off his tie and unbuttoning a few buttons on his shirt.

“I-um-I can enchant jewelry to set the time and date of our meetings. I can make them vibrate until you look at the so no one will ever miss a meeting.”

“So we have a meeting place and a way to communicate. What are you going to teach them?”

“What do you mean ‘you’” You ask. “You are going to help me. You’re as much a part of this than I am.”

He gives you a look. “Alright… But I don’t guarantee that I’ll like everyone.”

“That’s fair.” You chuckle.

“Can I ask you something?” He says.

“Of course.”

“Why me?”

You played with the buttons on your cardigan before answering. “You are the smartest person in our year. That wind funnel you almost killed me with? I have no idea how to do that. It was pretty cool. And you are just… different. I thought you hated me. God- I… I spend hours wondering what I did to you to make you dislike me that much. But you just aren’t a people person. And I just- I want to figure you out. And I thought we could help each other out, you know? Everyone needs a friend.”

He looked at you with such a blazing look in his eyes, it made your entire body warm.

“I don’t hate you. I never had. Well maybe in second year when you beat me in exams.” He laughed and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “And I’m sorry about that wind tunnel. I wouldn’t have let it kill you. And yeah, I could use a friend.” He smiled at you. “I think we could help eachother out.”

The grandfather clock in the corner jarred both of you out of your thoughts. You look and saw it was midnight.

“I should probably get going.” You said, wishing you could stay.

“Do you want me to walk you back to your tower?” He asks.

Yes. “No I’ll be okay. I don’t want you to get caught.”

He walked with you through the deserted common room.

“Thank you.” You say. “For everything.”

“Anything for you.” He smiles. You couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

“Goodnight.” You say.

He looks at you with an intense expression. He reaches out to touch your cheek, his thumb sliding down to brush against your bottom lip.

“Goodnight.” He says in a low voice.

Your head was still spinning by the time you crawled into bed.

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Massage || jhs

Imagine this.. Hoseok has been struggling for over a month with insomnia, he couldn’t even eat properly with all the stress and the schedule he has. He has to wake up every morning tired and sleepy. You tell him he can come tonight and sleep with you if he wants to. He decides to come to your house and spend the night since they have nothing planned for tomorrow. Hoseok is thrilled to see you but mostly because he sees that you have cooked his favourite meal. You see how stressed Hoseok is and ask to massage him, he refuses but offers to give you a massage instead. He tells you to lay on the couch on your back, to relax while he is on top of you, his thighs aside yours. Hoseok is making you feel so relaxed but the moment his hands travel on your lower back, you cannot help but get a little turned on. His strong hands travel lower and lower until they grab your bottom. A soft moan slips from your lips, Hoseok’s hard length is more than obvious now that he moves his hips and his cock between your cheeks. Hoseok growls, he tells you in a deep voice how bad he wants to take you from behind and make you cum all over his cock. Your moan is the answer to his prayers and without hesitation he tears your underwear off. You can’t see his face but it is to your favour when Hoseok starts spanking you. It hurts you so much but it feels too good to deny the pleasure. He keeps going until your cheeks feel like burning. Hoseok brushes his fingers against your folds; you can feel how wet you are and so does he.. Hoseok easily pushes his cock inside you as one of his hands wraps around the back of your neck. From the start he fucks you roughly against the couch and you cannot help but moan loudly.

“Moan louder, baby. I want everyone to hear you, I want everyone to know how good I make you feel when I fuck you”

anonymous asked:

11, 15, 16 please!?!?!

11. it’s okay to leave a bruise
15. make sure you leave a mark
16. take me now. take me rough

prompt list

He was always gentle. Soft kisses, careful fingers dancing across goosebump covered flesh, never rough of demanding. 

A lot of times, that was what you desired. For him to treat you like the treasure you were. But tonight, you didn’t want to be handled like china. You wanted him to break you, you needed it after the day you had. You were wound as tight as the steel coils within the mattress you were currently sprawled across. 

“Bill…” You whispered, hardly able to find your voice in your throat. He was on top of you, mouth trailing over every bit of exposed skin, hot and wet. 

“Yes, my love?”

Your eyes found his, and you settled your fingers in his hair. “It’s…it’s okay to leave a bruise.” You wanted his teeth against your skin. 

“Where do you want me?” He breathed out, touching his mouth to your own, nimble fingers finding their way between your legs, brushing over your silken core. 

You looked into his eyes. “Anywhere. Sink your teeth into me, make sure you leave a mark. I want to be reminded that I am yours.”

The green in his eyes was darker. His breath kissed your face, warm and rushed, and you watched as he nodded his head. He could practically feel the desire radiating from your body. This was different than any other encounter you’d shared. 

He lowered himself, mouthing your collarbone before he sucked the warm skin into his mouth, teeth scraping at the skin. You mewled at the sensation, arching against him as a sudden throb vibrated through you. 

When he pulled back, there was already a mark where he’d been, and he ran cool fingers over it, knowing that it would turn into a noticeable bruise. You looked pretty with his mark, he decided. 

You hardly gave him enough time to admire it before you were grasping his shoulders and pulling him even closer, capturing his swollen lips in a rough, unforgiving kiss. Your desire had only increased tenfold. 

With a tug of his hair and a satisfying grunt, you spoke. “Take me now. Take me rough.” 

And with a final nod, he obliged, pushing into you without hesitation, filling you so deliciously that it had your eyes rolling back in your head. His hands gripped your hips hard enough to hurt, and you felt so alive.

He gave you all you longed for, fucking you so good, it hurt in the most wonderful ways imaginable. He had you shouting his name into the night, surely waking up your neighbors. But neither of you could be bothered to care. The release that followed was earth shattering, and you were rendered speechless, unable to do anything but kiss the side of his head repeatedly, thanking him the only way you knew how.

He held you as you calmed down from the intensity, and the last words you heard before succumbing to the sleep that weighed heavy on your eyes, were “I love you, sweet girl.”

The Interrogation

You sat in the back of an unmarked cop car, hands cuffed behind your back whining to the officers in the front seat. They had caught you standing on the docks waiting for a friend and arrested you for trespassing. It wasn’t the first time you had been there, and you knew some of the people that worked there but it was late and it did look suspicious.

“Can’t I just get a warning?” You requested as the car pulled into a parking garage.

They didn’t answer you though, didn’t look at one another, did say anything past what they were legally supposed to. When they got out the taller officer pulled open your door, gripped your arm roughly and pulled you out causing you to stumble a little before he yanked you to your feet.

“Walk.” Officer Jeon ordered and you sighed following the other cop, officer Min.

As you walked you looked around trying to figure out where they had taken you. It wasn’t the station-you had been there before and it wasn’t the courthouse either. Your stomach twisted as you walked beginning to realize you were in real trouble now. Looking over your shoulder at Officer Jeon you noticed his badge, there wasn’t a number punched in it. It was a cheap knockoff. 

Heart pounding you looked forward again seeing the elevator growing nearer. Without thinking any further you veered to the right and than quickly back to the left throwing off the man behind you. It took Officer Min only seconds to grab you though and throw you roughly to the ground. Holding you down with his knee he grabbed your hair and told you how stupid you were.

“Run again and I’ll pull you the rest of the way by your hair.” He growled before pushing himself off you. “Jungkook.” Officer Min called. “Get her to the elevator.”

Jungkook lifted you with easy off the ground and pulled you with them to the elevator. You were brought to the bottom floor and drug down a pale blue lit hall. They pulled you into a cold grey room and Jungkook shoved you down in front of a metal table. You looked around at the one-way windows and felt your chest burning with anxiety. Who was on the other side of those windows?

“Miss y/n, we don’t plan on keeping you long. I’m Yoongi, and this is my partner Jungkook.” Yoongi’s voice sounded rather calm, not a trace of aggression, making you feel a little more at ease. “We just need you to answer some questions and you can leave. Easy as that.”

Jungkook and Yoongi sat across from you, Jungkook’s hand laced together, leaning him closer to you while Yoongi leaned back watching you closely.

“Why were you at the docks?” Yoongi asked clearly.

You shook your head. “I was just waiting for a friend. We were going to go to a party, and that’s just where we have been meeting lately.”

Yoongi glared at you. “Really? Because that is the very spot where our shipment was supposed to be stolen tonight.” Your chest caught fire. “I think you’re a lying little bitch. Who told you to wait there?”

You shook your head again and pulled at the cuffs behind you. “No one. I swear. I was just waiting for a friend. If you would have let me go back to get my phone I’d be able to prove it.”

Yoongi scoffed. “Or you would have just allowed your little gang to track you. How many times have you fucked with our shipments?”

“I haven’t!” You yelled knowing good and well just what he was talking about. “I promise I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why are you so sure it was me?! I’m just one person!”

“I fucking know it was you! It only takes one skank to send a message that the shipment arrived!” Yoongi yelled his body lifting from his chair making you pull away a little fearing what he might do. “You think I’m stupid?!”

Jungkook tapped Yoongi’s arm. “Chill out. You get more bees with honey than vinegar.”

Yoongi gritted his teeth and walked around the table. He towered over you and gripped your chin tightly. “We have ways of making you talk princess.” His lips pulled into a wicked grin. “And I personally think all those ways are much sweeter than honey.”

Yoongi looked at his comrade and gave him an order to go retrieve “the headsman.” When Jungkook stepped out of the room Yoongi released one of your hands from the cuffs and cuffed it to his own. He smiled down at you with foggy calm eyes. 

Another man with dark hair entered the room behind Jungkook wearing a black leather jacket that he casually tugged at before closing the door. In Jungkook’s hand, there was a case that he placed on the metal table before removing his own cuffs from his belt. He yanked your hand to him and cuffed your wrists together as the other man sat down pulling the case towards him.

“It’s nice to finally meet you y/n.” His low voice rang around the room with the sound of the snapping from the case . “My name is Hoseok.” He gave you a wide grin and tossed the case open to display what was inside.

You had expected to see a knife, guns, ropes even. Instead, you saw sex toys, dildos, a hitachi, vibrators, floggers, and other things you could end see under the leather straps of the flogger.

You laughed a little nervously and looked at the men around you. “You’re going to fuck me?”

Hoseok’s smile spread and he gestured for the two to make you stand. “We’re going to make you want us to fuck you.” He paused for a moment as he pulled the flogger out of the case grabbing a small black bottle at the same time. “Unless you just want to tell us who your working for, but I have a feeling you’re a little slut that wants this. Isn’t that right?”

You gritted your teeth and scoffed. “I don’t know anything you have the wrong person.”

Calmly Hoseok moved the case aside and pointed to the table. The men you were cuffed to both put their hands on your shoulders and slammed your chest onto the table. When Hoseok’s body walked around stopping behind you your knees bent trying to pull you away from the table. With a loud smack, the flogger hit your ass and you yelped loudly. “Stand up straight,” Hoseok demanded and you whined keeping your knees bent. Again he hit you, this time across your lower back and you quickly straightened your legs.

Yoongi’s hand slipped over your shoulder to your neck and Hoseok worked to remove your pants. Yoongi pressed his thumb onto your pulse and smiled wickedly. You struggled to move away from Hoseok but froze when your eyes caught Yoongi’s

“I hope you never break so I can hurt you all night long.”

You growled and snapped at his hand but to your surprise he let you bite his fingers. He hooked his fingers behind your teeth squeezing you chin and watched you closely. With your ass bare now Jungkook’s hand swung, roughly landing on you asscheek and squeezed it. Though you didn’t want to admit it, it felt good. You bit harder on Yoongi’s fingers and he hissed in said between his teeth. Hoseok opened the small black bottle and dripped the liquid onto his fingers. He rubbed the warm liquid on your clit forcing it to heat up and making you almost instantly wet.

A sting washed over you when Hoseok whipped you with the flogger again and you released Yoongi’s fingers letting a scream escape you. Again he hit you, harder now on your fresh skin. His hand touched your skin softly and you could feel now how hot your lower region was becoming from the liquid he had used.

“Just give us a name princess.” Hoseok hummed massaging your stimulated flesh.

Your adrenaline pumped through your veins giving you more fight and you wiggled under Jungkook and Yoongi’s hands. “Fuck you! I’m not telling you shit!”

“Tsk tsk tsk.” Jungkook sounded. “I guess you were right Hoseok, she doesn’t want this.”

You growled and fought harder earning another whipping from the flogger. Refusing to give in you tried to lift yourself but over and over again Hoseok put his weight into your whippings. The flesh on your rump and backs of your thighs were covered with welts before Hoseok set the flogger down. His hand touched your tender flesh and the men all looked at your face seeing the tears that had begun to form in your eyes.

“Name.” Yoongi cooed and your face scrunched.

“Fuck off.” You growled and Jungkook’s chest rumbled with an animalistic growl.

Jungkook grabbed a vibrator from the case on the table and handed it to Hoseok. “I want to watch you beg us to let you cum.” The words he growled made your insides clench and burnt with your wet pussy. You were getting more pleasure out of this than you cared to admit, but you weren’t about to sell out your friends.

Hoseok’s chuckle filled the air around you as he took the toy from his friend covering it in the warming liquid he used earlier. He ran it between your fold and you bit your lip roughly. You turned your forehead down onto the metal desk and Yoongi’s hand gripped your hair pulling your head back, forcing you to look at the one-way mirror. In the glass, you could see Hoseok’s evil smile as he stared down at your wet cunt. He slipped the vibrator inside of you and looked up at the glass meeting your eyes. All three of the men watched in anticipation and Hoseok turned on the toy. Your body jerked and they smiled. Your core was overstimulated from heat, and the vibrations wrecked your whole body.

“I’ll keep that right there for you my pretty little slut so long as you tell me a name.” Hoseok offered as he began to massage the pad of his fingers on your clit.

Again you denied them and Yoongi leaned back looking at your exposed womanhood. “Let’s see how many times it takes before she breaks.” His cool fingers slipped between you folds with the vibrator stretching you. Yoongi smirked as he watched your reaction in the window. “Dirty little girl, you’re so wet.”

You squirmed trying to break free again and Jungkook’s hand slipped under your exposed throat, squeezing it gently. “Keep fighting, I just know it will just make you dripping wet mess for us.”

Hoseok began to pump the vibrator in and out of you making your stomach tighten and your thighs shake. As they watched the muscles under your skin flex their lust began to show through their snarls and tightening grips. Yoongi’s fingers pulled roughly at you stretching you more as he pulled your hair tighter. Jungkook pulled your cuffs tighter bruising your skin and dug his fingertips into your throat. Hoseok pushed the toy deeper inside you and painfully grasped a handful of your butt. Your body began to bow and you groaned your climax threatening you.

“You want to cum little slut?” Hoseok asked pushing the vibrator deeper inside you holding it roughly in place on the jumble of nerves that tortured you.

You screamed, your body in an overwhelmingly tight state. The men chuckled and pulled everything away from your sensitive pussy leaving you with an excruciatingly empty feeling. A tear dripped from your eye as you groaned, every inch of you shaking.

“Ready to talk?” Yoongi asked turning your head to look at him.

Your brows pulled together and you spit on him. He pushed your face onto the table roughly and released your hair. You gripped his wrist and pulled his arm earning a painful squeeze from Jungkook’s hand around your throat that made you become weak and see stars.

“Hand me the hitachi.” Hoseok requested and Jungkook handed him the next device.

Yoongi and Jungkook pulled you off the table and turned you to face Hoseok, crossing your arms over your neck before slamming you back down. Hoseok pulled a knife from this back pocket and cut your shirt and bra.

“My second favorite part,” Yoongi growled uncovering one of your breasts to bite your nipple

You groaned and tried to move away from his teeth. Jungkook smiled and took your other nipple into his mouth at the same time as Hoseok pressed the hitachi between your slick folds. Every fiber of you pulled and you lifted you legs to kick at Hoseok. Jungkook and Yoongi grabbed your legs and opening you up wider for Hoseok to tease your burning pussy. Tears poured from your eyes as the hitachi tortured your sensitive pearl. Your nails scratched at your neck desperate for you to be relived.

“Are you ready to talk now princess?” Hoseok asked watching your legs trembling and hips wriggling. “Do you want to cum?”

You let out a sound between a groan and a scream as your nails drug down your neck. “Yes please!”

Jungkook hooked your leg around him and began to massage your breast, twisting the nipple as he did. “That didn’t take much to break her, did it? Tell us a name babygirl and we’ll let you cum.”

“Jackson!” You screamed and Hoseok filled your cunt with his fingers wiggling them deep inside you.

“Good girl.” Yoongi cooed and placed your leg on him and took the hitachi from Hoseok’s hand pressing it harder to you while drawing circles.

Your muscles were washed with a warm surge of pleasure as your cunt began to pulse around the fingers inside you. You moaned arching your back off the table pressing your legs hard against the waist of the men that held you in your place. Hoseok’s fingers continued to move even when the hitachi was removed from you burning clit and you moaned at the glorious feeling of still being filled.

“One more question.” Hoseok’s raspy voice said and he removed his fingers causing you to let out a complaining groan.

“Don’t worry I want to taste you, princess. Make sure you answer alright.” Jungkook’s venomous tone made your body burn.

His lips wrapped around your sore clit and you tried not to scream. Yoongi growled and dug his nails into your inner thigh making you release the scream you held.

“What is he doing with the shipments?” Hoseok asked walking around the table to stare down at you.

You shook your head, curling your lips inward fighting the moans that built inside you from Jungkook’s talented tongue work. “I can’t… I can’t tell you please.” Your thighs shook and Hoseok sighed letting his head fall back.

“Slide her head over the edge.” He directed and Jungkook pulled his lips away working with Yoongi to slid you up the table till you head slipped off the edge. “Don’t want to use your throat, then I will let…” Hoseok paused and smirked. “Yoongi. I think he’ll be just rough enough to open you back up.”

The two men traded places and you closed your mouth tightly. Jungkook’s fingers gripped your jaw tightly opening it as Yoongi removed his hard member from his pants. You growled but it was muffled when your mouth was filled with his long dick. It hit the back of your throat and you gagged squeezing his head with your throat. He gripped your hair and pumped himself three rough times before pulling away allowing you to breathe properly.

“What is he doing with the shipment?” Hoseok asked again and you screamed behind your teeth.

Jungkook twisted your nipples roughly and you released the scream. When your mouth opened Yoongi thrust back into your mouth and began to fuck your face roughly. Your moans vibrated his member and he groaned. Your clit burnt, and core ached.

“You’re throat feels so good.” Yoongi praised and stopped again giving you the chance to answer the question one more time.

When you refused a second-time Yoongi thrust painfully into the back of the throat making it feel bruised. The mental torment worsened when you heard the hitachi vibrating again and Jungkook placed it on your clit. You felt empty as your cunt pulsed for something to be inside and you cried around Yoongi. He stopped pulling out again to give you yet another chance to answer.

“Please!” You cried. “Fuck me and I’ll tell you.”

Jungkook chuckled. “Princess that isn’t how it works. You tell us and then we’ll fuck you.” He rubbed the hitachi in a circle and you cried. “And the longer we have to wait to fuck that hot little cunt of yours the worse it’s going to be for you.”

Your body trembled, working up to another orgasm, and Jungkook pulled the toy away making your empty feeling worse. Yoongi pushed himself back into your mouth and fucked your throat aggressively. When he stopped once again Jungkook replaced the vibrating toy and you screamed.

“Okay fuck!” You broke. “He’s giving it to the Chinese Mafia!”

Yoongi put his member back into his pants and sighed. “I told you it was the god damn Chinese.” He growled before walked around you taking his place by your side once again.

Jungkook pulled the hitachi away from your clit as Hoseok slid in front of you. “Well then let’s give this good little slut a treat why don’t we?” Hoseok grinned as he unzipped his pants.

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Me. Motonari, when will you be taking me back to Azuchi?

“Do you have to be reminded every time? Never. I’m not taking you back into enemy territory just because you’re feeling nostalgic.”

The corners of his lips turned into a condescending smile, watching your expression darken before him. He seemed to enjoy it.

“I’ll bring down your precious Azuchi and its awful excuses for warlords, and you will be part of the audience that watches.”

It’s His Nature [8]: Human - Bucky x Reader

Originally posted by gentlemanuniverse

Summary: You learned through moments after meeting Bucky what his “animal” side was like. [Aka. Using metaphorical animal stereotypes to describe pieces of Bucky ]

in this chapter: Bucky is an enigma waiting to be seen. Despite his thoughts on being a monster, you know the truth. You know that he is human.

Series Warnings/Themes: I’ll always be cussin’ please close ur ears, kids. Slowburn. Angst. Fluff. Innuendos/Dirty Talk.

Author’s Note: This is the end of the line in this series, folks c: I hope those that read it have enjoyed it! I’m thanking you with heaps of fluff in this one <3

Here’s to many more upcoming series and one-shots!

Y/N = Your Name

Human: Complex

It’s been quite some time since the incident had occurred. Things were steadily going back to how they should be. 

Your hands slowly come up to put on the ruby earrings. You’d have to thank Nat for letting you borrow them. They were absolutely perfect for your dress. 

You grin in excitement, turning in front of the mirror for a better look. The grey and silver piece fits you like a glove, accentuating your curves in all the right places. Once again, a wolf-whistle calls from your bed and you turn to greet your red-headed friend. “You chose those colors on purpose, didn’t ya? You look stunning, babe.” You scoff, shrugging your shoulders in mock innocence. “I’m getting a sense of deja vu, here.” Natasha smirks, looping her arm around yours as she guides you to the elevator. “Only this time, you might actually get laid. He’s only one-hundred, right?” You smack her playfully on the arm, grumbling in annoyance. “Oh, shut up.” She merely shoots you a Cheshire-like grin. 

The elevator opens to the lounge, which had been decorated like a fancy venue. You were suddenly aware of the overwhelming amount of guests at the event, dressed to the nines and mingling naturally. Although most were snobby rich people, there were some that looked out of place. Not that you were judging or anything.

Tony insisted that you go. It wasn’t one of his eccentric parties (he’s just as disappointed as you are), but he thought it would be a nice break. 

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i think harry calling you angel is a dream. whether it's when you're just being domestic and washing dishes or grocery shopping or when you're just in a moment with him where the love is so evident i feel like he would call you angel all the time. AND him waking you up with kisses and calling you angel or baby or love and kitten is just too cute (!!) . i'm such a sucker for names like that (almost forgot when he calls you that to be sexy )


At first, it slips at the most random moments. You’ll be gently stirring the dinner on the stove and he’d absentmindedly brush past you as he’d enter the kitchen, a hand on your lower back, mumbling, “Sorry angel, jus’ gotta let me through.” Or you’ll be setting the laundry down on the bed to begin working on and he’s scrambling to remove his laptop from your space, saying, “Need help with tha’, angel?” Even at the grocery store where you’re reading through the labels of an item and he’d press a kiss to your temple, peering over your shoulder with you. “What are y’lookin’ for, kitten?”

In the beginning months, it’s just a form of endearment, however as your relationship progresses, he rarely ever uses your name. It’s like you’re labeled “Angel” or “My love” for him. He uses your name only when he’s angry at you, which isn’t very often, so you get used to the pet names. You quite like them because Harry doesn’t call anybody but you those names. It’s his way of telling you he loves you without spelling it out.

And people around him notice too. When you’re out for lunch one day with Gemma and Harry, he orders his regular salad and while perusing the menu still, he says, “And what about you, my love?”

Gemma doesn’t know who he’s talking to until you speak up. She doesn’t say anything, she really doesn’t want to embarrass him, but it’s warming to know her little brother had found such a significant person who’s affected him so wonderfully. She’ll mention it later to you and you’ll brush it off with heated cheeks, saying he always calls you that. 

You’ve gotten used to it. You’ve gotten used to his tender kisses on your neck in the mornings, murmuring, “Wake-y wake-y, my kitten.” You’re usually grumpy in the morning but when you wake up with the love of your life kissing up your cheeks, your day has been made automatically. 

You like hearing the names come from him. It warms you and you feel so loved every time.

Aww, of course, ^^

MC faints after Jumin proposes

Warning: slightly Jumin’s route spoiler

  • You miss him
  • After Jumin finished his speech, your heart’s beating furiously in your chest and you felt like it going to explore when he looks at your direction with a smile.
  • He stood in front of you, you heard V said: “I feel like Jumin’s going to do something crazy soon…”
  • You were in a daze, Jumin’s voice pulled you back to reality: “MC… You wore the dress I gave you” He smiles, your heart’s racing again
  • But that is nothing compared to how furiously your heart is pounding when you saw him kneel down in front of you, kissing the back of your hand. “MC…”
  • “Yes…” You murmur, enough for Jumin to heard what you said
  • “MC… you open a new chapter of my life. I love you so much. And I want you to always be with me forever.” Your body temperature is heating up, and you could tell that your legs are numb
  • “Will you let me… to be your life companion?… My love.”
  • “Jumin…” Looking at him with loving eyes, you give him the best smile you’ve ever done “I…”
  • But before you could say anything else, the emotions you’ve keep inside had taken over you. You feel dizzy… before everything turns black, you saw Jumin’s eyes widen as you fall into his arms.
  • The whole party, now a chaos, is filled with Jumin repeatedly calling for you, Zen from across the room ran over and help Jumin carry you into one of Jumin’s car. Jaehee and Yoosung are helping V to get to some quiet place due to his poor eyesight. Luciel just stood there, his hand clench into a fist.
  • On the ambulance, Jumin holds on to your hand while speaking to Zen “Zen… I… have I done something wrong? MC…” He’s trying to pull himself together, but still can’t keep his voice steady. The actor looks at him in disbelief, Jumin surely had changed
  • “Dude, calm down, she’s going to be alright, we’re almost at the hospital.” He said, patting Jumin’s shoulder
  • They arrived after sometimes felt like forever
  • “Let’s go, you will be alright, my dear…” Jumin say, still holding your hand
  • The doctors told both Zen and Jumin to stay outside while they’re examining what’s wrong with you
  • “Hey… you want me to stay? Or I’m heading home right now…” Zen turns to Jumin, feeling guilty for leaving him, but he had the feeling that he should leave Jumin and you some space.
  • “No, I’ll be fine by myself, have a goodnight Zen… thanks” “Then… goodbye.”
  • Zen leaves, now there is only Jumin. He begins to pray, hoping that you are going to be safe and sound
  • The door that leads to where you are open and he jumps out of his seat
  • “She’s awake.” The doctor said, “You may come in now.”
  • Jumin, thank the doctor before storms into the room. “MC!” He shouted
  • “Ah, Jumin… I’m sorry, I get a bit too emotional and-” You were cut off by Jumin pulled you into his embrace, you could feel his body shaking and so his voice
  • “Please… you don’t have to sorry, just- don’t leave me.” He says, almost sounded like demanding
  • “I won’t,” you place your hands on his back, hugged him “… silly, shall we continue where we left off?” You giggle
  • He looks at you with a confuse face, but quickly catches what you mean.
  • Jumin smirked, lean back, Jumin hold your hand and kneel down in front of you “My love, would you marry me?”
  • “Yes…!” You laugh and jump at him, shower his face with kisses. Jumin catches you before you landed on the ground and burst out laughing as well.
  • “Be careful, Ms.Han, I wouldn’t want my dear wife to get hurt” he knuckle playfully “Shall we go home now, love?”