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BTS reaction to their S/O wanting to go stargazing at the beach


Jin would be so excited to go. He loves the beach and he loves looking at the stars with you. He’d pack a few warm blankets and of course some snacks. Jin would lay on the blanket, put his arm around you and sigh happily. “The sound of the ocean, the bright stars, and the prettiest girl in the world bunny side. How could it get any better?”

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Yoongi would be happy that you asked. Looking at the stars helps clear his head and being with you made him happier than he’s ever been before. He’d lean back happily on the sand with you, his hand intertwined with yours. Yoongi would have a content smile on his face. “You come up with the best ideas.”

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He would be kinda tired after such a long day but he could never say no to you. He’d make sure you wore some warm clothes and he’d bring some drinks just in case. He wouldn’t really be paying attention to the sky though. Not even the roaring ocean could get his eyes taken off you. He just stared, taking in the way the moonlight shone on your face. “Ahhhh…. you’re just like a beautiful angel…”

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Namjoon would watch the stars alone before you got together. He never asked you to come along because he wasn’t sure if you’d like it, so when you suggested it, he had a wide smile on his face. He would hurry quickly to get things ready, get a little book, and a small telescope. As you sat and watched, he’d be pointing up to the sky. “And of course you can’t forget the Big Dipper!”

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Like Hobi, Jimin would be pretty tired at the end of the day when he got home. He may take a little persuading, but eventually he’d agree to go with you. He’d bundle you in his jacket as you sat on the sand, cold ocean breeze blowing by. “So, do you know any of the star names?” He’d ask. Jimin would slowly start to fall asleep to the sound of your voice, the cool sea wind and the sound of waves.

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He would happily go with you. As you were sitting on the sand watching, he had an idea. Tae would take your hand, and pull you closer to the waves. You both got in to where the water was up to your ankles. Laughing and slashing around, he would pull you into a kiss under the starlit sky. “I love you, sweetie…”

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Kookie would happily go, packing a little bag as soon as you asked about going. He laid a blanket down on the sand. He wanted for you to sit down, then laid his head on your lap, looking straight up. “Do you know a lot about the stars? Or do you just like looking at them?” He’d ask. You two would just walk for hours, him asking a million questions while he hung on to every word.

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Dating Mark would include

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Mark Tuan

- oh man oh man oh man
- the perfect sweetest boyfriend
- hand holding
- like the kind you only hear about in books and movies
- cute park dates
- hand holding
- back hugs
- pouty kisses
- playing with your hair
- watch out for Jinyoung
- that’s his baby
- it’ll be a battle for Mark’s attention
- like legit you’ll be waiting for him at practice and Mark’s being all cute and winking at you and shiiiiiii
- suddenly Jinyoung starts getting all buddy buddy w/ yo man
- making kissy faces at him
- “are you jealous, Y/N?”
- “I’m more of a Markson fan”
- You’re also in a relationship with Jackson
- “Y/N I got you somethi-”
- “N-No no this is for Y/N-”
- “Jackson no that’s-”
- Honestly let’s face it, it’ll be you against the rest of GOT7 in a fight for Prince Charming’s heart
- I mean Mark
- same thing
- anyway
- you’re close w/ Papa Tuan and he h a t e s i t
- he’ll get back at you tho
- “hey Y/N you look so cute in this ladybug outfit”
- “what are you- gIVE IT TO ME WHERE DID YOU GET THAT”
- his laugh is the purest thing
- he can totally get away with calling you babe/baby
- especially in the morning
- when he’s spooning you and you’re trying to get up
- deep sleepy voice
- “baaaaabe stayyy”
- “I gotta gooo”
- “just 5 more minutes”
- his smile could bring world peace
- you’ll be in the audience supporting ur boy
- and he’ll see you
- bring you upstage and you’ll go along w/ it pretending to be a fan
- and he’ll kiss your cheek
- BAM everyone on earth envies you
- expect lots of videos
- of him just doing stupid and cute things
- when you’re sad he’ll just listen and be there
- and two minutes later just smother you in kisses and hugs
- he’ll make you feel so wanted and you’ll never feel alone
- speaking of being alone
- Mark + you being the cutest person in the world in his eyes
- american boi knows how to move
- have you seen his floor grinds
- you’re the floor now
- w i n k
- ehEH
- honestly a relationship with this boy would be so
-p e r f e c t
- playing with your hair
- resting his chin on your shoulder
- trying different kinds of food
- you’re his princess
- he’s your prince
- he just loves you s o much
- sometimes you’ll have your days, and other times he’ll have his days
- but you know how to make each other happy and honestly I think that’s what makes you two so perfect

Say My Name

//Smut// {also dramatic build up}
word count: 2218

You’re there, across from him. You can see that he wants you, as he bites his lip and slowly moves his hand up your thigh. He gets closer and closer, slipping his hand up your skirt.. your head rolls back and you wake up, sitting in bed.

“Shit, time for school again.” you groan as you wiped the sleep from your eyes.

For the past few days you’ve been going to school flustered from the crazy dreams you’ve been having and it’s all because of him, your classmate crush. You haven’t known him long but from the moment you met him, he’s all you can think about. He ended up transferring to your school a month after classes started, and its been hell- for you at least. He always gives you these looks that just kind of shoots right through you and makes you ache all over.

“Hey, Y/N snap out of it.” said your friend Sky

“don’t tell me you’re thinking of him again…” she said with a serious look on her face.

“SHHHH someone might here you… and no… I was just… thinking. Ya know?” you say hesitantly.

“I swear its the same thing every day. And besides almost everyone knows you like him, Y/N you should probably tell him or just give up” she said as she got up from her seat on the bus

“You and I both know I can’t tell him, my body lights on fire just being around him. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like me.” you say as you make your way off the bus with a blush on your face.

“Well you never know unless you take the chance of telling him, who knows maybe he thinks you’re sexy haha” sky shouts as she runs to her first period class.

“Shes crazy” you thought as you go to class

Your first period class was the easiest part of the day because your crush didn’t have that class so it always went by quickly and you could stay focus unless you fell asleep. On your way to second period Sky ran up next to you.

“Hey so guess what.” she said with a huge smile on her face

“Oh god, what is it this time..” you say

“We’re going to a party tonight with Jungkook and Yugyeom.” she said calmly as if she knew you would be ok with it.

“Really, do I have to go?” you questioned.

“Yes Y/N, you have to keep Yugyeom company while I make my move on Jungkook. for me pleeaaassee”  Sky said with puppy dog eyes. “And besides I heard a certain someone might be there.”

“Fine, I’ll go… only for you not him” you say blushing.

Sky and you both walk into class together and see everyone was standing on one side of the room.

“Ok class, everyone is getting new assigned seats since everyone constantly talks during lecture” your reading teacher Ms. Jets says

You start freaking out “shit shIT SHIT!!” you thought.. considering this was one of the classes you had with him ’…

“Sky and Jungkook” Ms. Jet says as she starts to place people together.

Name after name and finally she calls you “Y/N and Ki-”

Wait what did she just say? Your mind starts spinning and you could feel your knees get weak. You walk over towards your seat, which was in the back of the class, he was eyeing you the whole time. When you sat down all you could think of was how good he smelled, you could feel your body heat increase and you suddenly felt flustered.

“Y/N are you ok?” he said with a slight grin on his face

Damn his voice was so fucking deep. “Uh, yeah I’m fine.” you replied  

The whole time in class you felt as if you where being watched by him. He was so close that every time his skin slightly touched you it sent shivers down your spine. Half way throw lecture you look over to him and you couldn’t help but stare for a moment, as he was licking his lips, he sees you staring and smirks. You look away with embarrassment. Suddenly the fire alarm goes off through the school. Ms. Jet leaves the class and everyone follows her but as soon as you went to walk through the door someone grabs a hold of you and slams you agents the wall shutting the door quickly.

“You know you get me flustered every time I see that pretty little face of yours.” a deep voice said

You look up to see that it was him, your crush was standing right in-front of you but before you could say anything his lips crash onto yours, you didn’t fight him because his lips tasted like heaven and they were the softest things you have ever felt. Before you realized it your fingers were tangled there his hair, you could feel his tongue begging for entrance against your top lip so you gave him what he wanted. One of his hands slipped up your shirt and squeezed your right boob so tightly but damn it felt good. The other hand was slowly making its way from your hip to the button of your pants, as he unbutton your pants all you could think was how you hope this wasn’t a dream.. finally his hand slips in your pants and starts to play with your entrance.

At this point “Thank god this class doesn’t have any cameras” was the only thing you could think of.

“Damn babe, your so fucking wet. You must have been thinking about me.” he says playfully

He slips his fingers in and starts thrusting them back and forth. “Fuck you’re so tight around my fingers” he hissed “I wonder how you would feel around my cock” he whispered in your ear.

The alarm stopped and so did he.“ I guess we’ll just have to finish what we started another time baby doll he said faintly.

"What about tonight at the party?” you asked sweetly.

“Damn you might really want it haha. Ok come look for me tonight.” he said

Through out the day he kept teasing you in the other classes you had with him. He would lick his lips while staring at you, he would brush up against you every time he walked by you, and he just did little things to get you more flustered then what you were. By the end of the day you were ready to burst.

“Here try this on, I think you’ll look good in it.” Sky said as you both were getting ready for the party. “We have to hurry because Yugyeom and Jungkook are on the way and you know it doesn’t take long for them to get here” she said.

“Okay, I’m ready whenever you are.” you say with a big smile on your face.

“Uh, ok.” she said with a confused look “your quite happy, did something happen at school today?”

“What? No nothing really happened haha..” you replied

“Are you sure? Because i didn’t see you outside when the fire alarm went off, oh and i didn’t see your little crush either” she said

You blushed and as you were going to explain, the door bell rung. Thank god it was Jungkook and Yugyeom.

After arriving to the party Sky and Jungkook left you and Yugyeom alone, so you to talked for a while. The conversation was going good and then you two started talking about relationships.

“So are you seeing anyone?” you asked

“Yeah, I have been for a while. and we plan on getting married after high school” Yugyeom replied “She’s actually on her way here. But what about you?” he asked

“Oh that’s awesome, but uh I guess you could say I’m seeing someone in a way.” you said.

After that Yugyeom met up with his girlfriend and they were gone so you decided to go look around. Going up the steps of the huge house you were in, you came to a hallway filled with doors. You wanted to find a quiet room to release some of the tension you had built up earlier in the day. Every room or bathroom you checked so far seemed to have been occupied and you almost gave up, until you came cross what seem to have been an empty room. You went in forgetting to close the door behind you. As you walked over to the edge of the bed you heard the door close,you spun around seeing that it was ‘him’.

“I knew you’d find me, but you made me wait for such a long time so I’m not going easy on you” He said as he walked over towards you. He pushed you on the bed and crawled on top of you, while holding your hands above your head.

“I know that you want me, but don’t worry babygirl I’ve wanted you to.” He said as he reaches down to kiss your neck.

As he leave little kisses and bite all over your neck he begins to unbutton your shorts, after that he starts to trail down your body touching you everywhere and leaving kiss all over. He finally gets down to your shorts, basically ripping them off you He begins to eat you out

“Fuck, you taste so sweet baby.” He hissed

you arched your back as he continued, and you tried to hold back from moaning. As you were restraining yourself he noticed. “Say my name” He said.

you shook your head no so he gripped your thigh and jolted you cross the bed

“I said say my name.” He said an slight anger

“Ah… Ki- Kim Taehyung” you said loud and clear.

“That’s right babygirl don’t stop saying it.” He said giving you a strong look. Then he started to work on you begin, slipping his tongue in and out of your folds, glossing them them his saliva. As he was working on your clit, he stuck to fingers in and started to trust harder then what he did in the classroom, curling them up and hitting your g-spot instantly. He kept doing it, trusting faster and faster, at one point you felt as if you were going to burst all over him but then he stopped.

“Oh you think its going to be that easy to get off?” he smirked “Get on your knees now.”

You hesitated, but he jolted you off the bed and slung you on your knees. When you looked up you were surprised to see the huge bulge in his pants.

“You know what to do right babygirl, or does daddy need to teach you?” he said looking down at you.

You thought “Ok I can play along to his game.” So you scudded up close to him, unbuttoning his pants and pulling his zipper with your mouth, setting his pants around his ankles. You start to gently stroke his cock through his boxers, while looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

“I guess you weren’t going to be as good as i thought.” he stated

That’s when you smirked at him and he was shocked. You pull out his member and took it all in at once leaving him breathless. Bobbing you head up and down you noticed Kim Taehyung rolled his head back and bite his lip in pleasure, but you wanted to hear him, so you decided to change things up, you bring your hands up to his hips and begin to slightly scratch him while curling your tongue up around his dick while you were moving back and forth.

“Ah, Fuck… baby… god damn.” was all that he could spit out as he trust his hips and twitch in your mouth.

Before you could get him to cum, he moved, picking you up off the ground and standing you up. He stripped you of everything except the choker and stockings you had on.

“Your so fucking hot, and its all for me.” he said as he crawled over you once again. “I wanna hear you scream my name for what I’m about to do to you.” he said as he gripped your neck.

He was biting you you hard and gripping your hip with his other hand. You arched your back so high, and in that moment he slammed into you, stretching you nicely. You practically screamed loud enough for the whole party to hear, but nothing was stopping you or him. He was trusting in and out of you and you swore you never felt something so wonderful, and you didn’t want this pleasure to stop. While he was moving back and forth his grip on your neck got tighter and tighter, you swore you were seeing colors. He sped up and you could feel him twitch inside of you.

“Cum for me baby.” he said “And say my name.”

Just a few more trust and you release all over him shouting his name. He release shortly after you. After that he gently placed a cover the to of you and began to cuddle you.

“You know this means your mine now… And I don’t ever wanna hear you stop saying my name.” he said as he pushed his face in your neck.

The End

There Will Be History

Lin x Reader

Word Count- 1,405

Warnings- Nothing really, just a suggestive moment at the end.

A/N- I finally managed to write something that was less than 3,00 words! There’s a possibility that I will revisit this and make a part 2, so let me know if that’s something you’d want me to do!
My conversations with @plamspringsdancingontables about my love for Teacher Lin were the inspiration for this, and as always, she helped me out so much! Hope you all enjoy!

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☮ for seven please! Thanks Mama peño!!! Love and live for your writing!

☮   - What do they like to talk to their s/o about late at night when they both can’t sleep?

  • He LOVES to future plan 
  • He gets gushy and lovey at night 
  • Holds your hand and kisses the back of your palm 
  • Talks about dreams and goals 
  • Makes random exhaustion-induced jokes 
  • He blabs about his job tbh 
  • “I’m working on __X__ tomorrow and then I hope Y and Z will pan out because then—” 
  • And on and on and on 
  • He doesn’t wanna keep anything from you anymore 
  • Even if you don’t want to hear it 
  • And he makes you spill the same beans
  • While he listens intently 

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Is the requests open? Can I request Kyoya from ouran highschool host club kissing/making out with his SO and Tamaki ruins it?

On the rare occasion, you and Kyoya had alone time, you spent it well.

Kind of like now.

You sat in his lap, balancing yourself from leaning out of the chair and leaning into him. Your hands held his face while his hands ran down your sides. Kyoya’s glasses sat on the stand next to you, his tie loosened from your itchy hands. When you pulled back, you were graced with his flushed features and sharp eyes. His hair was disheveled around his face, creating an alluring look to him. “What?” he sighed leaning in to return to kissing.

“It’s just…you look so handsome,” you said in between kisses. You heard him chuckle before he pulled away and nuzzled into your neck. “I don’t need you inflating my ego” he replied with a smile. His arms snaked around your waist and brought you closer. “But I can’t help it,” you said bashfully. Kyoya pulled back and began kissing you again. His tongue ran across your lips and slipped into your mouth.

You moaned into the kiss and felt yourself go weak against him. You couldn’t resist him and he took control of the kiss. Your arms went around his neck and you were practically pressed against him. “Kyoya…” you sighed against his lips. He only replied with a low growl, a primal one. This sent a shiver through your body.

“Kyoya! I need you to-”

Both of you jumped at the sound of Tamaki’s voice. A groan escaped Kyoya as he turned to the door, which was now open. You also turned with an annoyed look, shooting down the blonde with a silly grin.

“Sorry to interrupt your couples retreat, just remember protection first!” he yelled running out of the room.

The whole mood had evaporated the room, leaving you both with an unsatisfied feeling.

“We kill him later”


Fluffy, Submitted by @myfand0msandm0re —- I can see why you chose fluffy for this!

You were out and about with the boys for an afternoon of shopping. The clear skies and warm sunshine was beckoning you outdoors as it beckoned Sam to the farmer’s market in town. Dean only tagged along because you were going to interview a witness later. 

You perused the tents and makeshift displays full of veggies and fruits, handmade soaps, chocolates, and amish popcorn. Everything smelled fresh and the selection was mouth watering. Sam picked up a shiny, red apple and tossed you one, then took one for himself. You bit into it and the juice ran down your chin. You swiped it off with the back of your hand and Sam laughed, watching the mess get worse.

Meanwhile Dean stood there, staring at you both like you were a couple of crazies. 

“You two have some sort of fruit fetish,” he said. 

“No, we like to eat more than burgers and beer,” Sam countered, taking a bite of his own apple, “Besides, its organic. It’s good for you.”

You took another bite of your apple and chewed on it while you watched the banter continue. Then you swallowed. “You think your hair is organic, Sam?”

They both stopped and looked at you. “What?”

“Your hair, you think it’s organic? I mean, you wash it with that fancy shampoo and its so fluffy and shiny.” 

You reached up to tousle his hair, but he dodged your sticky hand. 

“She’s got a point, man. I think that mane might be super organic. Especially with all that organic food you eat,” Dean said. 

You laughed along with Dean, but Sam wasn’t having any of it. He rolled his eyes and walked away, leaving you and Dean to wonder about the organic-ness of Sam’s hair on your own. 

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how would be giving oral to monsta x? (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Giving oral to Monsta X


  • Frown on his face and head tipped back.
  • Hands softly gliding trough your hair.
  • He would occasionally guide you by softly pushing your head up and down.
  • Tensed thighs.
  • Praises.


  • Would thrust into your mouth.
  • Goes rather rough.
  • Would tug at your hair.
  • Loud moans.
  • Bites his lip.


  • Loves it when you tease him.
  • Long moans and groans.
  • Loves it when you let him come on your face.
  • Would want you to hold his thighs.


  • Groans.
  • Head tipped back and sweat on his forehead.
  • Tries not to thrust up but fails.
  • Hands tugging at your hair.
  • “You’re making me feel so good.”


  • Occasional praises.
  • Loves it when you’re on your knees in front of him while he’s sitting down.
  • Touches you while you’re giving him oral.
  • Deep groans and heavy breaths.
  • Wants to come on your chest.


  • Praises, a lot.
  • Moans a lot.
  • They’re high pitched.
  • Deny him a little bit, he will go crazy.
  • Eyes closed tightly.


  • I can see him being rather quiet.
  • Unless it’s praising you.
  • Likes it when you go slow.
  • Likes it sloppy.
  • Kisses you after it while you still have the taste of come in your mouth.

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putting your hands on someones back is pretty normal?

Mmhmm. So is close-talking, invading personal space, and staring at one another’s mouths. Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night, Mulder.

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53 with pre apocalypse Daryl pleaseeee

At first, you can’t help but think the worse. The first loud thump from your living room was undeniably the sound of someone’s body hitting the ground. The second, the window slamming shut behind them. You knew you had little self-defence skills, and it was unlikely you’d be able to fight off an intruder. 

Through the open doorway, you could see a shadowy figure moving to the walls. You found yourself getting out of bed, despite the voice in your head screaming for you to stay still and pray you’ll get out of this alive. 

Your eyes never leave the figure. Instead, you search with your hands along your side table for something useful to use. Something cold hits your fingertips, spreading a tingle down the back of your hand. You glance to it, momentarily, to find a glass of ice cold water. 

It’ll do. You thought, grasping the glass in your shaky hands. Carefully, you sneak closer to the living room. At this point, you’re in the doorway. You ignore the liquid inside, raising the glass up to the same level as your face. Some splashes on the ground, but barely makes a noise. 

Yet the figure snaps it’s head to you, staring your way. 

“(Y/N)?” It asks. You recognize the voice almost instantly.

You sigh, pulling the cord on your lamp to illuminate the room. He stands there, dark clothing, dirty boots and all. You mumble a curse to yourself, setting the glass on the table beside you. 

“What the fuck, Daryl? Ever heard of knocking – or just calling?” 

He chuckles, which usually would’ve made your heart flutter, but at the moment it was recovering. “Sorry, (Y/N). Didn’t mean to frighten ya.” 

Daryl walked closer to you, “Just wanted to know if you wanted to..” He shrugs, looking up at you. You can see in the dim lighting, his eyes growing as he fumbles to say the words on his tongue. He looks nervous, and his voice sounds like it as he finishes, “I don’t know.. get some ice cream?” 

A smile starts tugging on your lips, and the small part of you that was annoyed by his actions had dissipated into nothing. You stare at him, the smile curing your chapping lips. A soft nod washes him over with relief. 

“Okay, sure. Just let me get dressed.” You mumble, turning to enter your room again. But before you close the door, you look back at the Dixon boy standing in your living room, his hands tucked in his jean pockets. “But Daryl,” You chuckle, Who crawls through someone’s window at 4am to go for ice cream?”

#1 Boyfriend

You were sitting on your couch reading a book when your phone lit up. 

Cisco: hey gurrlll, what you up too?

You smiled to yourself, putting your book down so you could use both hands to text your boyfriend back.

(Y/n): nm, after today i just want sleep and never move again

It only took a moment for him to text back.

Cisco: I hear you Cariño. Buuuuutt, here’s what i was thinking. You, me, a pineapple pizza and some Jaws. 

(Y/n): Ugh! That sounds amazing.

Cisco: Good, cause i’m right outside.

You scrunched your eyebrows together in confusion. “What?” Your head shot up as your door bell rang. You dropped your phone on the coffee table and walked over the couch to get to the door behind it.

Standing at the door of your apartment was your boyfriend Cisco Ramon, with a pineapple pizza in one hand and a copy of Jaws in the other. 

“Cisco!” You exclaimed a wide smile on your face. 

“Today was a rough day for everyone,” Cisco shrugged like him showing up was no big deal. “I know you said you wanted to be alone after today, but what kind of boyfriend would i be if i let you be miserable alone.” He walked past you into your apartment and set the pizza and the movie down on the coffee table. “So i thought, let’s be miserable together.”

“Oh Cisco,” you cooed, he was so amazing, you had no idea what you did to deserve someone as special as him. You wrapped your arms around his middle and pulled him close. “Thank you.” You pulled away just far enough so your noses touched. You stared into his kind, warm, brown eyes. The you moved close to give a small, but sweet kiss. “You are the best boyfriend in the multiverse.” You told him as you pulled away.

Cisco thought to himself for a moment. “That i am (Y/n), that i am.” 

You laughed as he pulled you in for another kiss, tonight was going to be a great night. 

A/n: i should have called this Cisco being a good boyfriend like… but i couldt resist the meme especially with the gif. 

To my knowledge Cariño means my sweetheart in Spanish.

This is new, me giving Cisco some love instead of Harry. I kinda like it, who knows maybe i’ll branch out do other characters, maybe. 

also can someone let me know if the gif is working, cause its frozen on my end….

Chapter 6 (NSFW and loads of other Triggerwarnings)

You had your eyes closed and laid motionless on the bed in the hospital.

“I don’t understand what’s going on. You should be better by now.” Kai used the back of his hand to touch your forehead. “All your bones are healed. I gave you food. I gave you water.” He grabbed your shoulders and started shaking you as if you were a broken doll that needed to be repaired. “Why aren’t you working?” He hissed between his teeth, but you didn’t answer until you sensed that he stepped back.

“I’m working perfectly fine.” You lifted your hand up and used your magic to pinn Kai to the white wall behind him. “I just wanted to be sure you were on the receiving end of the pain this time.” You climbed out of the bed and with a grin on your face you moved his body through the air and threw him flat on his back on the bed you had grown tired of already.

“Ah, there is the girl I like.” Kai smiled, but when he wanted to use his hand to fight back you ordered four thick vervain ropes to tie up his wrists and ankles. “I see you developed an interest in BDSM.” He stared at the ropes around his arms and he bit his lip to prevent himself from screaming.

“I didn’t want to disappoint you again.” You cocked your head and stared at the boy on the bed. His skin started to redden already, but the smile on his face was still there. “So, are you into BDSM?” You crawled on the bed, your knees pressed to his hips and your hands on his chest.

“I don’t have that much experience with it, but I’m not against trying new things out.” Kai tried to push himself up, but you shook your head and curled your fingers around his neck while you forced him to lay perfectly still.

“My game. My rules.” You raised your eyebrows and you grabbed his shirt to rip it apart. “No safeword. No begging.” You took his nipple between your thumb and finger and squeezed as hard as you could.

“Sounds perfect to me, boss.” Kai hissed between his teeth while he threw his head in his neck.

“We will see about that.” You spoke softly and you bent forward to take his other nipple between your teeth. “You are allowed to scream, if you want.” You looked up at him before you bit him and Kai’s screech sounded like music to your ears. “Let’s see what other parts I can sink my teeth in.” You straightened your back and crawled backwards while you fingers opened the button of his jeans. “Oew, it seems that something here wants to be bitten.” You placed a hand on his growing bulge for a short moment before you pulled down his pants and boxershort.

Kai wanted to open his mouth, but he seemed to realise in the last moment that whatever he was planning on saying went against your rules because he closed his mouth again.

“What’s wrong, love? Are you afraid of what my teeth can do?” You raised your eyebrows and smiled before you took him in your mouth. “If not…” Your teeth touched his sensitive skin. “You should be.” You hissed before you bit and a certain kind of happiness and joy spread through your veins while Kai opened his mouth to scream like he had never done before.

Uncredited Photographer     Dr. Hunter S. Thompson During His Campaign for Sheriff, Aspen, Colorado     1970

“These are harsh words for a man only recently canonized by President Clinton and my old friend George McGovern — but I have written worse things about Nixon, many times, and the record will show that I kicked him repeatedly long before he went down. I beat him like a mad dog with mange every time I got a chance, and I am proud of it. He was scum… He could shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time… If the right people had been in charge of Nixon’s funeral, his casket would have been launched into one of those open-sewage canals that empty into the ocean just south of Los Angeles. He was a swine of a man and a jabbering dupe of a president. Nixon was so crooked that he needed servants to help him screw his pants on every morning. Even his funeral was illegal… His body should have been burned in a trash bin… Nixon will be remembered as a classic case of a smart man shitting in his own nest. But he also shit in our nests, and that was the crime that history will burn on his memory like a brand. By disgracing and degrading the Presidency of the United States, by fleeing the White House like a diseased cur, Richard Nixon broke the heart of the American Dream.” Hunter S. Thompson, “He Was A Crook: Obituary on Richard Nixon, Rolling Stone  16 June 1994


I wonder what the good doctor would have made of Trump, since he was so mercilessly accurate in his many descriptions of the slimy Nixon, who now seems an honest and upright citizen in comparison to the utterly corrupt, venal, boorish monster who now sits at the same desk.


Ibis came back to where his friends were.

“You left your phone.” Kayne mentioned and handed him the device.

“Ah yeah.” Ibis decided to check his notifications, ending up on the recent text. “Oh nice!”

“So…” Kale stepped in. “Who’s Kiki?”

“You saw the pic.” He chuckled. “She’s a friend.”

“Ehh…I don’t know about you but my friends don’t send me nudes.”

“I think he means a friend with benefits.” Kale told his brother.

“I guess you can call it that.” Ibis told them while he answered the text, letting her know what had happened.

“Wait, this is normal between you two?” Kayne asked.

Ibis only smiled.

First time with Eric

- “Are you sure”
“Yes babe”
“Well… Okay”

- Slow and sensual kisses at first. It would be very passionate.

- The kisses will start getting rough and messy while the soft touches turn into desperate grabbing and squeezing.

- His cold hand will reach inside your shirt against your hot skin. He will stop kissing you and start biting your neck.

- He will desperately try to take off your shirt and struggle with your bra.

- “Why wont this fucking shit come off”

- You’ll laugh a bit and remove his hands from the back of your bra. Blushing you’ll take off your bra and throw it in his face laughing.

- “So you think thats funny huh”

- He push you back into the bed and cup your breast

- “Holy fuck y/n”
“What’s wrong…”
“You’re beautiful and hot”

- Blushing like crazy you’ll pull him into a kiss to hide your face.

- He will start kissing down your body and stop of your pants and start pulling them down. He will go back up to you and kiss you while rubbing you from your panties.

- He will look at you a few times to make sure you are fine before putting his fingers inside. He will be messy at first but will figure out what to do.

- “Are you ready”

- Pulling your panties down and pushing his jeans down.

-Kissing your stomach before lining himself up to you.

- Going in slow and looking straight at you to see if you want him too stop.

- Freezing up when he hears you grimace in pain.

- “It’s fine babe. Please keep going”
“You sure?”
“ Yes”

- Going slow again but gradually started building speed.

- “Oh fuck y/n”

- Biting your neck to keep from moaning to loud and squeezing your boob so hard it started to hurt a bit but feel good at the same time.

- Pulling out of you quick but not quick enough so his cum won’t land on you.

- “Oh fuck. Shit. Uh… Hold on. Shit. Fuck.”

- Frantically searching for anything to clean you off. Finds a random shirt, cleans you off. Turns out to be your shirt.

- “Fucking hell”

- You pulling him back into bed while laughing and letting him rest on your chest.

(This was going to be serious but it kinda helped me by putting a bit of comedy in there. Hope that’s okay)

anonymous asked:

Male!Reader coming in Mercy's room in the middle of the night because he is scared of lightning?

  • She’s shocked awake when the thunder shakes the base
    • She was confused when you burst into the room
    • You barely thought about it just running to the nearest room
  • She asks whats wrong and you just start crying with fear
    • She opens her arms and you throw yourself in them
    • Body shaking with fear and she gently coos at you
    • You holding her close
  • With each flash of thunder, you shake
    • Her hand gently rubbing your back.

anonymous asked:

can i possibly get a scenario of yuri p with a gender neutral s/o with autism that deals with sensory overload? ;; btw I love this blog so much! keep up the good work!!!!

Of course you can! I’m so glad you like my blog :3 I had to do a bit of research about the link between autism and sensory overload, so I hope I got the details correct! If not, I apologize if I’m inaccurate/don’t do justice to your situation. I hope you like this, though! Thank you for the request!

You do your best to focus on the sound of Yuri’s voice, which is somewhat peaceful in your ears despite the ringing that’s going on in your brain. You jump when he places a hand on your back, but the sensation is familiar and calming.

This isn’t the first time you and your boyfriend have been in a situation like this; it happens a bit more often that you’d like, in fact. To make a long story short, you’re autistic. It’s not a big deal, really. You and Yuri have figured out what works and what doesn’t, how you can communicate in the most effective way, and you’ve grown to understand each other over time. Your relationship works without a hitch. However, there is a certain baggage that comes with being autistic, and that is your sensory overload.

Loud noises, intense light, anything that is too busy can push you over the edge. You just tend to withdraw and try to seclude yourself. You do anything you can to distance yourself from what torments you. Yuri understands your needs and what to do in those situations, but he wishes he had the power to turn the world off so it’s just you and him, peaceful. The world, however, is not so easily ignored.

Yuri insisted on going shopping with you today, and you agreed. Unfortunately, whilst you were at the store, there was a large number of people there as well. The mall was loud and somewhat crowded. You reminded yourself to take deep breaths and held onto Yuri’s hand, focusing on the feeling of his hand in order to drown out the noise. You feel yourself needing to withdraw and be alone, but you push it down. You just want to spend time with Yuri. But you’re exiting a store when someone passing brushes up against your shoulder, and you can’t take it anymore.

“Let go of me,” you mutter, letting go of Yuri’s hand and pushing him away. You hug yourself and look around. Every little noise is hitting your eardrum with such intensity that your head spins. The bright lights practically burn your eyeballs; it physically hurts.

“(Y/N), hold on, what is it?” Yuri moves to be in front of you. He resists the urge to hold your hand again, be he already has an idea of what’s going on; he doesn’t want to irritate your symptoms any further. “Baby, is it your sensory overload?” He whispers, but the pained expression on your face makes him feel guilty for speaking. You look away, obviously avoiding eye contact.

“Shut up,” you mumble, moving your hands to cover your ears, anything to block out the sounds rattling your skull. “You’re too loud!” Yuri sighs, whispering sweet nothings into your ears with a hand tentatively placed on your back. You squeeze your eyes shut and try to push everything away.

“Come on, it’s okay.” Yuri shushes you before lightly touching your hand, testing the waters a bit. When you don’t really react, he takes your hand in his once more and pulls you to the exit of the mall, entering the small family bathroom by the entrance. Yuri locks the door and turns off the lights, allowing darkness and silence fall over both of you.

You immediately begin to feel the tension leaving your body, your eyes relaxing and your mind quieting. You’re startled when you feel hands begin to massage your shoulders, but soon relax into Yuri’s touch. The stimulation of your muscles helps you to relax, and it isn’t long before you’re back to a calm state.

“Thank you, Yuri,” you mumble, reaching out and trying to find him in the dark; your eyes haven’t quite adjusted yet. “I feel better.”

“Are you sure?” Yuri asks, finding your hands and holding them in his. He turns on the lights, and you nod. “I think we should go home. You need to rest up, I think; just in case. I was really worried for a minute there, (Y/N).”

“Okay,” you say, squeezing his hands and offering a small smile. “I’m okay now, Yuri. Thank you.”

“No problem, sweetheart.” Yuri leans in and presses a tentative and soft kiss to your cheek before leading you out of the bathroom. “This mall is too busy, anyway. I’d rather be alone with you so no assholes can bother us.” You giggle, grateful to have someone so supportive by your side. He loves you, and you couldn’t ask for more.