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So, about my fic "Complicated Little Emotions"

*HEAVY SIGH* Ok here’s the thing, I’m overthinking this fic WAY too much lol. It is coming but lemme tell you I have made myself question everything endlessly. My brain is being a big pain in the butt! So I don’t want to make any more promises about timing at this point. Because the whole thing is literally written and beta read and was ready in AO3 (and it’s LONG) and yet I cannot make myself hit post because I have other thoughts now about how to rework it. I’m usually not so much of a perfectionist, but in this case I think the weightiness of the ILY scene has built things up in my head way too much and I’m not going to want to share something I’m anything less than thrilled with.

Trust me, I’m annoyed with my own self. XD

affictitious replied to your post “It’s heartwarming to see Alec so nervous around Magnus and about their…”

Don’t pretend he’s not gonna fuck it up immediately

when you’re 100% alec trash but somehow i am the one defending him

but also you’re not wrong i highly anticipate alec will do something like try on a new scarf that magnus picked for him and accidentally trip over it in the process, probably because he got distracted staring at magnus instead

Muslim NYPD Chaplain On Faith, Fear And Getting Stopped By Airport Security

Khalid Latif is one of the people profiled in The Secret Life of Muslims, a digital series about Islamophobia. He is also the first Muslim chaplain at New York University.

Listen to this interview.

“I think a lot of Muslims are very scared, and I think they’re valid in that fear. The reality, unfortunately, is such that even leading into the elections we saw a gross increase in anti-Muslim bias and incidents. In New York City, where I live, leading into the elections, just in a matter of weeks you had two imams – religious leaders of a Muslim community in Queens – who were shot in the back of their head and passed away subsequently. Following afternoon prayers, a 60-year-old woman of Bengali descent was walking home one evening in Queens as well with her husband who is asthmatic, and she had moved a few blocks ahead of him to get home quicker to get dinner ready. And he said later at a press conference that I was at that he heard her screaming and came upon her and found her stabbed and had eventually succumbed to the wounds just a couple of blocks away from their home. There was two mothers strolling their babies in Brooklyn who had been assaulted. A woman wearing a headscarf in Midtown Manhattan had been set on fire. These were all things that happened prior to the election.

Post the election, you know, I think what hit me hard, being at New York University, we have various prayer rooms that Muslim students use on our campus. And the day after the election in our school of engineering in Brooklyn, Muslim students walked into their prayer room to find the entrance with the word Trump written across it and an exclamation point. About a week later, there was Jewish students who on their dorm room door found swastikas, the words ‘make America great again,’ 'white pride,’ 'make America white again’ on their doorways. And these were realities that I think evoked a lot of different emotions understandably.”

Noise (Part 1)

Summary: (Chris Evans x Reader for now) you’re moving into an apartment on your own, ready to start fresh in someplace new. However, your new neighbor upstairs seemingly isn’t the quietest person in the world.
Warnings: none
Word count: 1444
A/N: As I was spending Christmas Day moving into an apartment and I heard my neighbor upstairs make some ruckus, a fic idea came to mind. Original, I know. 

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Lostcauses Fic: As you were

Head canon that for all his fuck off attitude and unapproachable façade, Levi is a tactile soul. Erwin sees it in the way he handles his subordinates; a touch on an arm here, a readjustment of a belt there, a hand offered to haul a mortified trainee off their ass. Words may often elude him, but Levi communicates eloquently through touch.

Unable or unwilling to express his irritation, his agitation, his need for solace through words, he seeks reassurance through contact. Sometimes it’s imperceptible as the brush of a shoulder in passing, or a foot pressed against the side of Erwin’s boot under the table. Other times it’s subtle as a brick. He’ll barge into Erwin’s office cursing about brats and idiots. Erwin pauses, pen in hand, as the captain stomps round behind him. He waits for a moment, for the soft heavy thud of Levi’s head against the back of his shoulder, feels the long exhalation of breath, warm against the back of his neck.  Neither of them speak, there’s no need for words. Sometimes Levi’s hands snake around from behind, to clasp around his middle.  That’s when Erwin lays down his pen and grips the wrist that lies against his belly, squeezing until he feels the bone under his fingers. Another long sigh and he feels Levi’s wrist slacken in his grasp, tension ebbing away.

Erwin remains seated, and waits.  These moments are precious, a gift to be treasured.

And then Levi’s moving again. Pulling away, brisk and business like.

“Right,” he mutters.

He claps Erwin once on the shoulder and marches out of the office without a backward glance. Erwin shakes his head and snorts a short laugh.

“As you were Captain.”

oh my god. okay

so I just ran to the post office to mail some things before it closed and there’s a guy behind me who just had to pick up a thing so i was like, ‘yo go ahead’. he gets his thing and there’s a lady behind me who has to mail one letter and the clerk is like ‘can she go too?’ and i was like ‘yeah sure’. But the lady is all ‘no no its fine you’re first’ and the cashier is like ‘you sure, she’s mailing things?’ and she’s like, ‘yeah it’s fine’. 

So the clerk starts entering the info and is halfway through the first and the lady is like ‘how long is this gunna take?’ and im like ‘I donno, I have a bunch of shit to mail’ I point to my packages on the counter.

And the lady is like ‘WHAT. that many!? how long is that going to take? i didn’t know you were mailing more than one thing!’ 

Me: ..really ??? we offered to let you go first 

Lady: Well i didn’t know!? and now im going to have to wait and it’s freezing rain out and my car is gunna be frozen and im not even supposed to be out today but this is important and overdue, and im gunna be late, why didn’t you tell me, and blah blah’ 

And I’m just.. ‘I really don’t know what you want me to do about it…’ 

And so then she stomps off into another part of the store, angry and confused at the audacity of people using the post office to mail shit.

 and idk man. but casual reminder people are a fuckin trip lmao

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But what do Elain and Azriel do/talk when they walk through fields of wildflowers? (Please include piggyback rides.) 🤔

Oh my GOOOODDDDD. Elain does almost all of the talking in the early stages of their relationship, but Azriel doesn’t mind. Her voice makes his shadows calm. Whenever they go through fields with her on his back she whispers in his ear what shapes the clouds make, the names of all the plants they pass, and “Be careful Az! You almost stepped on that peony!” Other times they just lay on their backs and stare up at the sky. Azriel thought for the longest time that Elain wouldn’t like his shadows because she’s literal sunshine in the flesh but she loves them. He’ll lay on his back with his arms under his head while she leans into his chest and runs her fingers through the shadows and ties them into the flowers she weaves in his hair. As they grow closer he begins to talk more often and he’ll tell her stories about the beautiful places he’s seen and the ridiculous antics he’s gotten up to with Rhys and Cassian and she’s one of the first people who makes him remember the good times more than the blood and carnage and death and secrets and war. They talk about serious things too - Elain is very intuitive and perceptive about politics which makes her a wonderful High Lady of the Spring Court. They talk about ways to bring equality between lesser and high fae, intercourt politics, etc. Whenever they disagree on something political that’s really minor Azriel will just kiss her to get her to quit rambling in her high pitched frustrated voice and she just sighs and is like “whatever this is better than bickering about court zoning laws anyways” and WOW this got long sorry

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(Oral fixation anon) YES! Robbie chews on his lips when Sport flirts with him and when they finally get into bed Sport lets Robbie pin him down and mark him up until Robbie is satisfied, then lets him suck him off. Robbie goes nuts when Sport puts his fingers in Robbie's mouth and presses against his palette or lets Robbie just suck on them

robbie likes it when sportacus fucks him from behind and forces him to keep his mouth open with his fingers so he can hear his pretty moans and see robbie drooling and rolling his eyes back into his head from the mirror in front of them

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

“Ready, love?” Joe asks, glancing over at Y/N, who grimaces.

“To have tape through my hair? Always.”

“It’ll be fine.” He smiles, leaning over to peck her on the cheek. He nods toward Oli, who starts the recording.

“Hello everybody!” The couple wave at the camera before Joe gestures towards Y/N, “Today I am joined by the lovely Y/N for a very fun video.”

“Where I get all my hair pulled out by my soon to be ex boyfriend.” She grins.

“I thought we agreed you wouldn’t break up with me because of this…”

“We’ll see how much hair I have left. Unless you go easy.”

“Probably not.”

“Just, explain the video.” She sighs, shaking her head lightly.

Laughing, Joe focuses back on the camera. “Pretty simple. I’ve done it before, and you all have probably seen this across YouTube. It’s the try not to laugh challenge!”

“With tape.”

“It usually is, love.”

“Oh shush.”

“Anyways, Oli has happily gathered some videos for us—” Joe says before he’s interrupted by Oli.

“Happily?! You bloody forced me!”

“Quiet you. And now Oli will play the videos. Whoever laughs, the other gets to put tape on their face.” Joe finishes.

“I like how you say face,” Y/N turns to look at him, “But you really mean anywhere on our head.”

“It’ll be fun! Oli, first video!” Joe waves his hand towards Oli, who exchanges a look with Y/N before hitting play.

The first one is pretty simple, a video the two have seen multiple times, so there’s no laughing.

“I remember you falling over with laughter the first time you watched that.” Y/N says to Joe, her lips lifting at the memory.

“It was funny!”

“Apparently not anymore…” She nods towards Oli who clicks over to the second video. That time, Joe does let out a small laugh, but it’s enough to earn him a piece of tape.

“Go easy on me.” He eyes up the long piece of tape she has in her hands.

“Not a chance.” She grins evilly before laying it diagonally across his face.

The next video results in Y/N getting tape on her face, and Joe does honestly try to be nice, but not very hard, resulting in her having one eye partially closed.

As the game continues, the couple starts to laugh more at each other than the video, but they still count it and soon enough they have tape all over themselves.

“This is going to be so painful to take off.” She comments, lifting a hand to her hair.

“I think so, yeah.” Joe goes to move the hair of out his eye, but it doesn’t move, because of the tape.

“You two look great!” Oli laughs, pulling out his phone to snapchat the moment.

“Cheers.” Joe nods.

“Come on, Oli! I must look better than Joe.” Y/N teases, turning to face Joe, who looks at her and burst out laughing. Her hair is sticking in certain areas because of the tape, one, of her eyes is closed, and her cheeks are squished together.

“You look beautiful, love.” Joe tells her in between laughter.

“You ain’t half bad looking either. I’d wink, but I don’t think I can.” She says, attempting to wink.

Joe’s hair is plastered against his face, with his nose pushed upwards, and his cheeks have been given a slight life. Together, they are quite the site.

“Alright you two,” Oli grins, “Give the camera a kiss. The viewers need to know you are both still happy in love.”

“Yeah, if you can kiss me while I look like this,” Y/N points at herself, “I know you mean it.”

“I’d kiss you no matter how you look.” Joe tells her, cupping her cheek as he leans in to kiss her. He pulls back a moment later, laughing. “But this is like kissing a fish!”

“Hey!” She exclaims, smacking his arm, but she’s giggling as well.

“Okay, I think it’s time to call this video. If you liked it, give it a big thumbs up. Comment, subscribe, all that fun stuff. Go subscribe to Oli as well. And I’ll see you all next week!” Joe tells the camera.

“Bye guys!” Y/N waves.

“Now, we are off to go take this all off…”

“I hope your neighbours don’t call the cops if we start screaming…”

Curious Princess (Part 2) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: Can I please request a part 2 for the peasant Barry thing, like maybe he and the reader become friends and say the reader always sneaks out to see Barry but one day she sneaks Barry into the castle or something, idk if that makes sense but thanks😘 your an amazing writer btw

a/n: peasant Barry ahhhh

Part 1

Joe isn’t sure if Barry’s in love or just plain dumb. This is the fourth time his foster son has gone into town, claiming to be getting food. He never comes back with food though, just a sad look. He was expecting someone to show up, Joe could tell. Call it a fatherly instinct, if you will.

Rocking back and forth on his muddy brown boots, Barry tilts his head to the side, eyes surveying the market place. The same people, doing the same things. No princess. He sighs, arms dropping to his sides, letting the oversized white tunic fall off one shoulder.

And then something grabs him. Like, literally, grabs the back of his tunic and yanks him. When he goes to scream, a familiar hand clamps on his mouth. “-rincess?!” he beams, voice muffled. “I’vebeenwaitingforyouallweek!” he says in one breath, smiling underneath your palm.

“Pardon?” you crinkle your eyebrows, pulling your hand away. Blushing, Barry shrugs it off, scoffing. “Can you help me? I discovered an…well, I do not know what it is.” you pause for a moment, peering up at the clouds, “I need you to tell me what it is. Come, I will show you at the castle!” you exclaim, yanking on the peasant’s arm and beginning to walk.

Except, Barry doesn’t go to move; you stumble backwards, confused. “Erm, I would - it would be my honor, Your Highness. But, I cannot enter the castle.” he mumbles, giggling at you when you cock your head. Is he banned? “I am a peasant. I will never get past the gates.” he says solemnly, light brown hair bouncing when he shakes his head.

Pursing your lips together, you collect your lavender dress in your hands, showing your matching flats. He furrows his eyebrows but allows you to pull him into the forest. “I have knowledge of a secret passage.” you giggle, hopping over a big gray rock.

Barry eyes widen, arms flying out in case you fall. Your flats continue to skip forward, until you get to a small stream. Leaning down, you start to slip off your shoes. “Princess, I- oh…” Suddenly your flats are pressed to his chest. “Princess!” His eyes widen, watching your feet splash in the rampant water. “Oh, please do not fall apart…” he mumbles to his boots as he follows you through the stream.

When your feet connects with the ground, you turn, noticing Barry take giant steps, almost out of the water. You beam, retrieving your flats from him. “We are almost there! Come along!” You wave your hand, jumping over a stray log, castle only a few feet away.  

He scowls, shaking his leg of the water. His mossy green eyes grow an inch, noticing how far you are. “Princess!” he hollers, feet swishing in his boots as he walks. Oh, his poor shoes…his only pair… “You know, Princess, you are quite adventurous.” he smirks at his brown boots, hands on his hips. “Do you do this often-”

When he looks up, your gone. Quickly, he peers from side to side. Great, he lost you. “I like to go on quests sometimes.” you shrug, leaning on the windowsill.

“How did you-” he gawks, pointing up.

“The rope.” you roll your eyes, gesturing to the long yellow rope on the side of the wall.

Right… Barry gulps, hands grabbing the wire rope. “I didn’t suppose you have a lift?” he calls up, eyes filled with hope; you shake your head, blinking at him. “Very well…” he mumbles, sighing as he places his hands higher. With a heavy grunt, he attempts to pull himself up, managing to get about a foot off the ground. You huff, watching him fall. This is gonna take a while…


Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 271} 
                      —Eyes At The Back Of Her Head—

Beatrice: “ Nothings out there. [sigh] I must be getting paranoid in my old age.”
Mama Voodoo: “ Old age? Well me dear I’m a few centuries over your little lifespan [cackle] and I wouldn’t sit back an’ relax with on of ya cup of teas now, Beatrice. What If a little somethings hiding out there under a cloak of invisibility? ”
Bianca suddenly began to suspect the newest witch in the room. What If this student witch and new sister ‘Beverley’ isn’t so innocent as everyone assumes. Righty related and confirmed by mother but still
Bianca [thoughts]: ( I feel like I trust this Beverley girl as our new sister but It’s just too good to be true, nothing this good happens to us! With all the strange vibes right now I can’t help but suspect something. The darkness could be emiting from many things like this demon baby growing inside me… But maybe I’m just being bitchy. No, It literally is life or death right now. )
Beverley began to wander about the manor and Bianca watched with eyes at the back of her head, peeled to her every move.
Beatrice stood gazing out the window comepletley puzzled by her witch senses which are always right although this time her instincts were wrong.

Beatrice: “ I don’t like this! I’m going to outside and check things out. ”
Mama Voodoo: “ No! You are most likley the target Beatrice! Not to mention you died yesterday! I’ll go, I’m not from this time so my life vessel in the 18th century will remain alive If something out there is to kill me. ” 
Deedee: “ Hold up! I’m not letting you investigate alone. I’ll come too, nothing ever wants to kill me. I’m blessed [hair flip]. ” 
Bianca watched as they early left the manor.
Bianca: “ Guys! Becareful out there ok. I don’t want to have to Moonlight Falls graveyard for the rest of the year. ”

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Alec picking Magnus up with his angel strength and kissing him against a door tho

no but please

  • alec is so fucking tall and magnus is so fkn thirsty for him
  • they were stuck at meetings all day and running around and fighting with demons and shit and all they want is alone time like come on
  • and the two finally make it to magnus apartment and alec cant even wait bc lets face it hes just as thirtsy as magnus
  • he pushes magnus up against the wall and magnus cant help but smile because god this is what they have been waiting for 
  • alec attacks his neck, biting down gently and god when magnus lets out a whimper alec just goes crazy and his hands grip magnus’ ass and lifts him up against the door. 
  • magnus tries to breathe but cant find his breath as alec captures his mouth and is surprisingly handsy and their bodies are pressed so tightly against one another
  • alec like, rubs their groins together and magnus tugs back his head by pulling on his hair and his teeth scrap alec’s bottom lip
  • theyre a mess and a hot mess and its amazing
Lonely mind of mine

I searched for sollitude,
in these abandoned lands.
Where the trees form a proud forest,
where a mountain mighty stands.

I threw my head back, weary
and gasping for air.
While my lonely mind turned mad,
looking for comfort everywhere.

These hands of mine, I found them
clawing for the earth.
My palms they felt its breathing,
as they held onto the dirt.

A blazing fire appeared steady,
growing fast in size.
And while its heath was truly calming,
its smoke blinded my eyes.

So I threw my head back once again,
and I had never been so satisfied.
For the poisonous fire had been replaced,
by pure and forgiving starlight.

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Let's make it as awkward as possible: Kierianne, Finjamin, Madame Muerte

Spending an afternoon together, Marcelieve and Finjamin visited the Golden Keg to idly chat over a small cup of coffee. 

An unknown face approached the two roommates, claiming a seat next to the half elven woman to propose the question with a mischievous grin.

An inquisitive brow lifted over Marcelieve’s features, humming thoughtfully with her head canted back before answering, “Well… I’d have to say I’d marry Madame Muerte– She’s a woman who can handle herself well and has already said she would take very good care of me, in the future.

Kierianne would most definitely be the one I’d sleep with– she’s feisty. I like that in a woman, almost as much as my men.

So! That’s just leaves my poor, poor, poor Finnyboo…” flicking her gaze over to the ginger as her lips pulled back to flash an innocent smile. “I’d definitely have to kill him– because I promised myself I’d never sleep with him– let alone marry the idiot. — These questions are actually fun, do you have more?

{ Mentions: @finjaminchandler ~ @rarivsha ~ @kierianne }